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Search for and install the Free Zoiper App from your Android Play Store

2. Open the application, and click on Agree & Continue

3. Click on Create Account

4. Click Yes on the next prompt

5. Click Yes on the next prompt

6. Type in your hostname and click next (domain name provided by support).

7. Click on Use anyway on the next prompt

8. Select the box, and type in the authentication username and Outbound proxy. This is part of
the SIP credentials provided by your support agent. Click Next when finished.

9. Click on SIP UPD and click on Finish

10. Zoiper will have several prompts asking for permissions to access your phone to manage
phone calls, contacts, audio, and other features offered by the Zoiper App. Please click on Allow
and OK to proceed on all prompts.

11. Then click on the menu/settings button to enable additional settings

12. Click on Settings

13. Click on Accounts

14. Click on the SIP domain name created which should be in red.

15. The following information are your SIP credentials. Click on each section below and enter
the information provided by your support agent (image below).

- Account Name: should be @yourdomainamehere (this information is provided by support)
- Host: should be your domain name (this information is provided by support)
- Username: This should be the device name (this information is provided by support)
- Password: This should be your provisioning password (this information is provided by support)
- Authentication User: same as username above
- Outbound Proxy: This is the preferred server your domain is using based on your location (this
information is provided by support).
- Caller ID: Type in your outgoing caller ID here
- Voicemail Extension: Type in 5001

16. Once you’ve entered all the Sip Credentials mentioned on step 15, click on the back arrow
of the screen.

17. Your account should be ready to use and you will confirm if the domain name is green and
with a check mark next to it.

18. Keep hitting the back arrows on the screen until you are in the main screen. You should see
your favorite contacts if enabled, your call history button, contacts button, and a messenger
option provided by Zoiper (not supported by ActivePBX). On the bottom, you should also see a
dialer button. You may click there to start using your application.

19. Type in a number you wish to dial and click on the phone button to start the call.