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Air Travel Vocabulary

Here are twenty words and terms often used in air travel.

n. corridor in aeroplane between the seats [there are usually one or

1 aisle
n. place where passengers go to find their luggage (cases etc) at the
2 baggage claim
end of a flight
3 board v. to get on or enter an aeroplane - on board adv.
n. special ticket showing that passenger has checked in and may
4 boarding pass
board plane
v. to register for a flight, inc. checking of tickets, passports, luggage
5 check in
etc - also n.
n. passenger's telephone validation of return reservation;
6 confirmation
n. large display in airport showing times, destinations etc of
7 departures board
departing flights
adj. national, not international [a domestic flight is entirely within
8 domestic
one country]
adj. [of products: cigarettes, perfume etc] not taxable; exempt from
9 duty free
customs taxes
10 excess baggage n. luggage that is more than the permitted or allowed weight
11 flight n. an aeroplane scheduled to fly a certain route at a certain time
n. the point in an airport at which a particular flight arrives and
12 gate
n. light bags, briefcases etc that may be carried on board by
13 hand luggage
14 IATA abbr. International Air Transport Association
immigration n. government official responsible for checking passengers'
officer passports
n. extreme tiredness etc after a long flight between extreme time
16 jet lag
17 runway n. the strip on which planes land and take off
18 stopover n. a break for a day or two on an international flight
n. receipt for transportation etc. An air ticket has one coupon for
19 ticket
each journey
n. A transit passenger is one stopping at an airport that is not his
20 transit
Airline Vocabulary

meaning example sentence
part of speech
airfare The cost of your meal is covered in
cost of a plane ticket
noun your airfare.
aisle the long empty space that you Please keep your bags out of the aisle
noun walk down so that nobody trips.
aisle seat I'll give you an aisle seat in case you
the seat that is next to the aisle
noun need to walk around with the baby.
assist Please wait until everyone is off the
verb plane so that we can assist you.
baggage the bags and suitcases that I'm afraid your baggage got on the
noun travellers put their belongings in wrong airplane.
baggage, luggage
place where you pick up your The announcement will direct you to
baggage after arrival the correct baggage claim.
blanket If you feel cold I can get you a
warm covering
noun blanket.
part of the ticket that you give
boarding pass Your must present your boarding
to the crew as you step onto the
noun pass at the gate.
bumpy, rough up and down movement of the It might be a bumpy ride because we
adj aircraft are flying through a storm.
cabin There is no smoking allowed inside
interior of the aircraft
noun the cabin.
call light a button passengers can press to If you need anything, just press the
noun get a crew member's attention call light.
captain the person who is in charge of Would the kids like to go and meet
noun the plane the captain?
charter If you take a charter it will cost you
discount airline
noun half as much.
We aren't doing any more tours of the
cockpit the part of the plane where the
cockpit because it's almost time to
noun captain and his co-pilots sit
Because you have long legs you
comfortable feel good physically, able to
might be more comfortable in an
adjective relax
aisle seat.
complimentary We offer complimentary coffee or
free of charge
adjective tea, but you have to pay for alcohol.
co-pilot person who helps the captain fly If the captain gets sick the co-pilot
noun the plane can take over.
You should be at the airport two
within the same country hours ahead of time for domestic
emergency exit section of the plane that opens Are you comfortable sitting next to
noun in the case of an accident the emergency exit?
You will need to present your
airfare purchased on the internet identification along with your e-
You can either pay for your excess
excess baggage heavier/more bags than you are
baggage or leave one of your bags
noun allowed
first-class more expensive seating, with When you sit in first-class you get a
noun/adj better services better meal to eat.
gate place where passengers go to Gate 3B is down this hall and to your
noun wait to board a plane right.
device that allows
headset, earphones We will be coming around to
passengers to listen to music
noun sell headsets for five dollars.
or a movie
international For international departures,
adj go up one level.
I'm used to travelling now. My
jet lag tiredness due to travelling
body doesn't suffer from jet lag
noun through different time zones
land returning to the ground after We will be landing in Tokyo
verb being in the air in approximately ten minutes.
a blow-up device that you
life vest, life jacket Please take a moment to locate
put on in an emergency over
noun the life vest under your seat.
a bad feeling in the stomach There is a paper bag in front of
motion sickness
that passengers get during a you in case you experience
rough ride motion sickness.
The flight is overbooked. Four
overbooked more passengers than
of our passengers will have to
adj available seats
wait for the next flight.
overhead You'll have to put your bag
place above the seats for
bin/compartment under your seat because all of
storing luggage
noun the overhead bins are full.
Infant car seats and sporting
over-sized baggage items that do not fit in equipment can be picked up at
adj suitcases the over-sized baggage
a device that goes over a
Put your oxygen mask on first
oxygen mask person's face, provides air in
before putting one on your
noun case of cabin air pressure
document that proves a
passport Please have your passport out
person's identification and
noun when you go through security.
pilot the person who drives the The pilot is circling over the
noun plane airport until it is safe to land.
It's a short flight, so we will be
drinks and snacks serving refreshments but not a
row a number of seats beside
You are in seat B of row nine.
noun each other
the strip of land that an The plane almost missed the
airplane takes-off and lands runway because it was such a
on bad storm.
seatbelt device that holds passengers Please remain in your seats
noun in their seats while the seatbelt light is on.
steward (male), stewardess
man or woman who
(female), flight attendant, Ask one of the stewardesses
provides service for
air host for a pillow if you're tired.
passengers during a flight
It's not a direct flight. We're
stopover touching down at more than
making one stopover in
noun one airport during a flight
take off when the plane leaves the We are next in line to take off
noun/verb ground on this runway.
driving an airplane to the
taxi in, out Please remain in your seats
correct place for taking off
verb until we taxi in to the gate.
or deboarding
touch down when the aircraft wheels That was a very smooth touch
verb, noun land on the ground down.
turbulence This turbulence should only
rough flight
noun last a few minutes.
wheelchair a seat for pushing elderly, A steward will take you to the
noun disabled, or injured people gate with a wheelchair.
seat next to the window If your child wants a window
window seat
where passengers can look seat I can move you back a
out row.

Phrases and Expressions

Check-in Assistant

 Can I see your ticket, please?

 Do you have your passport with you?
 I'm afraid your passport has expired.
 Do you have a second piece of identification?
 I'll need to see your child's birth certificate.
 How many bags are you checking?
 Will you be bringing a carry-on bag?
 I'm afraid that bag exceeds the size restrictions.
 Did you pack your bags yourself?
 Would you like an aisle or a window seat?
 Would you like a wheelchair?
 You'll board at Gate 7.
 Please be at the gate thirty minutes before your scheduled flight.
 Did you need any tags for your luggage?
 Your flight is expected to take off on time.
 Your flight has been delayed by one hour.
 Flight 87B to Toronto has been canceled.
 I'm afraid you're too late to check-in.
 Your flight is overbooked. Would you be interested in giving up your seat?
 Enjoy your flight.


 I'm not sure which of these papers is my ticket.

 Is it possible to get an aisle seat?
 I requested a vegetarian meal. Can you check to confirm?
 Can I take my child through security?
 Is the flight on time?
 Will they be serving a meal today?
 Will they be showing an inflight movie?
 Where can I get a luggage cart?
 Can I use my laptop on board?

Sample Conversation
Check-in Assistant: Hello. Are you flying to St. Martin today?

Passenger: Yes, I have my ticket here.

Check-in: Great. I'll need to see your passport as well.

Passenger: I have an e-ticket. this the part you need?

Check-in: Actually I just need your name and I can find you on the computer.

Passenger: Oh okay. It's Bates. Frank Bates.

Check-in: Great. Here we are. Oh, you're travelling with an infant today.

Passenger: Yes, my daughter Mia. She's 14 months.

Check-in: Okay. I'll need to see your daughter's birth certificate to prove that she is under
two years of age.

Passenger: Here you are. Say, would we be able to get an aisle seat? I may have to walk
her around if she gets fussy.

Check-in: Sure. I'll put you near the washroom too.

Passenger: Thanks. Can I take my stroller to the gate?

Check-in: Yes, we'll check it in the over-sized luggage after you board. Are you just
checking these two bags today?

Passenger: Yes, I'll take my knapsack as my carry-on.

Check-in: Did you pack these bags yourself?

Passenger: Yes.

Check-in: Okay. Here is your boarding pass. Be at the gate one hour prior to boarding
time. You will be able to preboard because you are traveling with an infant. Our flight crew
will have some special instructions for take-off and landing.