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The New Handbook for the The Life and Times of Henry
Coming New Age: Finding Love, Plummer:
Peace and Hope Through the 7 Historians have devoted much time and
Stations of Enlightenment: effort investigating Henry Plummer, the
sheriff of Bannack, Montana, who was
Enlightenment! Enlightenment! hanged by vigilantes on a bitter, cold
Enlightenment! I want enlightenment! January night in 1864. Henry’s life tells the
Buddhism’s Nirvana failed to stop the fires tale of a lawless West and the untamed,
of wickedness in my world! violent mining towns of the 1800s where
shootouts and duals rule and life is worth
only a handful of gold.

For All You Know: Possible Resurrection of Gracie

Reasons You May Still Be Macdougal:
Unhappy On The Path To
Abi MacDougal lives on a cattle ranch
Teral Evelyn Champion was born in in a pristine mountain valley in western
Washington, D.C. where she learned Montana. While she and her family are at
Transcendental Meditation. She has been her brother’s funeral, someone steals her
practicing this technique since 1975. Teral baby sister, Gracie. They spend the next
earned a Bachelor of Science degree in seven years searching for her, praying
Psychology from Edgewood College in for her return. Without fail, they receive
Madison, Wisconsin. Gracie’s picture every Christmas.

These Prophets: A The Price of Copper:

Comprehensive Study in Biblical
A compelling story about love, hope, and
Prophecy Interfaced with
sacrifice... Our story begins in 1909 with
International Developments:
Nellie O’Rourke, a young Irish-American
The material contained in These Prophets whose faith and enduring belief in the
will prove to be enlightenment for the good side of human nature carry her
reader whether or not they have had through her difficult coming-of-age years.
extensive exposure to the Scriptural Her values and ambitions compel her
accounts of the prophets. to become a suffragette and a college

Confessions of a Thug and a Andrew Jackson and Major

Gentleman: Ridge:
Did you know that Andrew Jackson fought
We’re taught in the hood to never tell. From in and survived the Revolutionary War,
rape to beatings to killings to drugs-you spending time as a British prisoner? Did
never tell or you’re considered a snitch. you know he lost his entire family? Did you
This is not a tell-all book but my story, know Europeans introduced the practice
my journey. I’ve changed most names in of scalping in America? Did you know that,
this book to protect people’s identity. I feel for a time, the British offered generous
everyone should tell their story; it heals! payments in silver for Native American

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URLink Print & Media @ Miami Book Fair 2018

A Dancer in Depth - Paragraphs Mommy, I Can’t Sleep!:

from a Theatre Life:
Joey was a young boy who was always
Not a biography told in chronological thinking of the most fascinating things,
order nor a business missive, this book especially at bedtime. He would lie awake
takes you to a journey of reminiscences at night, unable to fall asleep because he
of Stanley Howard Mazin’s life. It recounts had amazing ideas throughout the night.
the enthralling tales of a man with His lack of sleep was catching up to him
extraordinary positive energy and one and he needed help from his parents, and
who is lucky enough to make a living doing fast! His parents helped develop a sleep
what he loves in the theatrical field. contract that helped him get to sleep.

Walt’s Vanity License Plate: A Powerful Life Lesson!:

The book has 100 puzzles. Each puzzle Who would ever think that a baby named
has twenty vanity license plate clues listed Brad could teach people such a powerful
below the puzzle. License plates can have life lesson? Baby Brad’s family learned
no more than seven characters (letters the true meaning of tolerance, love, and
and numbers) on the place, but can have understanding through such a young
less. person.

Better Than Nice!: The Lodestone Saga: Book

Two the Tiara of Thann:
This story is dedicated to her mother and
father, and written just for you. It comes
This is the story of Varla, who, as a baby
from the heart of some of her most
princess, is saved from death at the hands
cherished childhood memories, in the
of her evil aunt who wants to become
village and fish camp, where she lived
the queen of Thann. Varla is saved by a
with her maternal grandparents, Mischa
mysterious wizard.
and Louisa.

Finding Unconditional Love: A The Lodestone Saga: Book

Little Peace at a Time: One the Sword of Valor:
With gentle humor, raw honesty,
Leon had grown up without parents.
fascinating stories, and powerfully
He had seen all that he knew and loved
insightful reflections, Sanner paints
destroyed by the wild warriors that sailed
her story in vivid color. It is a significant
in from the North on their boats with the
journey from despair to unconditional love
heads of mythical dragons on the prows.
which inspires and guides the reader to
But he had a gift that even he didn’t know
see ways to conquer the challenges life
he had.
can bring their way.

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URLink Print & Media @ Miami Book Fair 2018

Fun Back In the Day: Uncommon: A Black Man’s

New York City 1980. Harlem, a community
As the title suggest, Mel King has had
just north of Central Park in Manhattan,
many “uncommon” experiences and
that was populated primarily by people
this book only begins to document the
of color. Afro-American’s from all over
beginning of them. In high school, he held
the country, called Harlem home in this
an elected office, made the honor roll,
sprawling city of great diversity. The
lettered in sports, and wrote for the school
eighties were a volatile time of racial
newspaper--all while having a part time job
expression, opportunity and increased
and contributing to the family household.
usage of drugs.

I Gave Up My Life to Find It: Come Fill Up My Cup:

In her book, I Gave Up My Life to Find IT,
Gaige shares her journey to wholeness On a trip to Scotland, Robin Lindsay,
and her realization of our true potential a 45-year-old Canadian widow, meets
for abundance, harmony, peace, and James Maclachlan, a Scottish widower.
joy. Written for anyone that commits to James is haunted by his poor relationship
overcome illness, relationship discord, with his wife, who died under mysterious
discontent, addiction or lack/financial circumstances nearly 10 years ago,
unrest, I Gave Up My Life to Find IT leaving a daughter and infant son.
expresses a greater life purpose.

Happily Hippie: Meet a Modern I’ll Remember April:

Twenty year old Lulu Ferris visits, her
Happily Hippie: Meet a Modern Ethnicity
grandmother, Louise, to discuss her
rethinks “hippies.” Hippiedom didn’t die;
love life--Lulu, already engaged to be
rather, as with other outgroups, it became
married, has suddenly fallen in love with
socially invisible. Happily Hippie argues
a man some years older than she. Louise
that the Counterculture is a 50-year-
contemplates the problem by reflecting on
old ethnicity and explains Hippiedom’s
her own past and the two loves she

Beginner’s Mind: Adventures of a Country Boy in

the City: A Memoir:
There comes a time in life when one is
The author tells the story of how he
under the distinct impression that she
converted opportunities to bring about
knows everything there is to learn. I am
positive changes in his life. When one
fortunate that my learning process began
road seems closed, and one shudders at
at a young age, and at this very moment, I
the rational of the breath-taking risk the
continue to evolve – to learn.
author has just taken, a God-sent Guiding
Angel takes the author out of whatever

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URLink Print & Media @ Miami Book Fair 2018

Sex, Drugs, Death in Beverly New Kid in Town:

Hills: Legal Nuthouses:
This book focuses on the life, adventures, This book is an account of a boy’s life from
tragedies and the plight of one teenager three years of age to twenty-two as his
growing up in Beverly Hills during the parents moved from one area to another
early 70’s drug atmosphere and lifestyle. of British Columbia’s coast. In between
Book I, is about one teenager’s courage moves a visit to a small northern town was
and willpower to overcome enormous a place of peace and quiet.World War II
obstacles in her life, amongst a death makes a big impact on his perceptions.
sentence from the fledgling Neurological
profession in that era.

Hard to Say I’m Sorry: Mama Lupita’s Puree Olé

A romance for all ages. A young mercenary Anything can become somewhat boring
seeks repentance for the wrongs he when done too often. However, an
committed. In the process, he discovers alternate presentation may make all the
the meaning of repentance, romance, and difference. Find out what action a loving
a renewed life. grandmother takes when she is faced with
solving just such a problem as in Mama
Lupita’s Puree Olé.

The Widow’s Web Unwoven: The Electromagnetic Energy of the

Mitchells’ Mystery: Human Mind: Physics of the
Originally, “The Whispering Woods”
started out as a single work. However, Medical science has long been able to
friends encouraged me to continue it explain the formation of the human body
as a series. What started out as one from the moment of conception onward.
work quickly became a trilogy. It was my How the mind and soul form within the
intention to write each piece independent womb has never been explained—until
of one another. now.

I Existed: Physics of God, Universe,

Humankind, and Peace in
“I Existed” is a very compelling story, lots Family:
of plot twists and waves of emotions...
suicide, incest, teenage pregnancy, rage, Science has never been able to explain
love, hate, forgiveness...The author pretty why we can’t see God with our physical
much covered it all! It is an easy read but eyes, even though He-or some mysterious
I have to be honest, I’m not sure I like the power-created the universe, is maintaining
ending I understand the point the author the universe, and someday may destroy
made, but it left me with no closure. the universe.

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URLink Print & Media @ Miami Book Fair 2018

Ubiquitous: Variety: Threshold:

King Edward Moranvale needed away to
The author’s prose is filled with vibrant gain more power in the land of Pixima. He
descriptions, rich imagery, and a deep turned to the royal Oracle which lead to the
sense of conviction and truth. Each line is Demon Wars. Tobias Threshold, the last of
written with a pop of lyricism, making the the lion race, watched his family murdered
words sing off the page and sear into the in front of him. At the celebration after
reader’s mind and heart. the war was over, Threshold confronts
Moranvale and is arrested by Salles and
Badgon and thrown in the dungeon.

Graywullf: Book One of the The Listening Child: What Can

Dragonspawn Trilogy: Go Wrong: Second Edition:

The Dark Wizard Lynch had lived several Dr. Stephen V Prescod’s background
ages of men being loyal only to himself. includes an Assistantship at the State
But when he was accidentally rescued University of New York, an Associate
from certain death by the Warrior Lorn Professorship at Andrews University in
Graywullf, he found himself in the Michigan and King Saud University, Saudi
unfamiliar position of being indebted to Arabia.

Dr. Herb’s Solutions to the Root The Mysterious Paths of

Causes of Stress: Versailles: An Investigation of a
Psychical Journey Back in Time:
This book explores the root causes of
stress and offers solutions and alternatives On August 10, 1901, two English ladies
to resorting to medications. It discusses spending part of their summer together
multi-faceted aspects of stress: physical, in France decided to visit the Palace of
emotional, and spiritual. Versailles for what was anticipated to be
an ordinary day of sightseeing.

God Knoweth How to Deliver the Hamrammr: Book One:

Godly Out of Temptation:
Thane Wulf is a Hamrammr and beta of
This book is about the presidential race a wolf pack that guards and protects the
between Mr. Donald J Trump and Mrs. town called Refuge. He is on his way
Hillary Clinton in 2016. It will let you know home after a long year away when he
the spiritual reasons why no woman has suffers an accident on the road and is left
been able to make it to the White House. comatose in a small town hospital. When
The first woman who tried for this position he wakes, he finds that the town is overrun
was in 1872. by creatures that make the night seem like
an unpleasant place to dwell.

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URLink Print & Media @ Miami Book Fair 2018

Beyond Forgiveness:

Pastor A. T. Samuel, in this book, captured

very well one of the major problems
ravaging Christian homes, societies, and
churches throughout the world today.
Those problems are related to the lack
of the spirit of forgiveness in the daily
interaction among people.

A Convergence of Two Minds:

Origins of Self-awareness and

100,000 years ago, the two sides of our

brain began to deliberate, marking our
emergence as human. This is the story
of how that ancestral male and female
convergence has shaped the modern

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Paul C. Markland
Paul C. Markland has written several novels.
He couples his personal experiences with
educational and professional experiences.
Though the majority of his writings are
considered fictional, they are based on fact.
Through romance, drama, and faith, readers
are drawn into the story. That is, they, the
readers, relate to the story told.

Jean Murray Munden

I am a 76-year-old widow who has been
engaged in storytelling in one form or another
since I was a child. I grew up in a small town,
moved to the city at 16, and then trained as
a nurse in a large city hospital after I finished
high school. I practiced my profession for only
a short time before marrying a widower with
three lively children.

Mark Smith
MARK SMITH was born and raised on a
dairy farm in Virginia. He was called to the
ministry at the age of 24 in 1975. Mark served
as an assistant pastor at the Church of God
at Williamsburg Virginia for five years. He
started driving a school bus and went to
trucking school.

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