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II{E Philippine Based oo its Artietes of and former communica-
Ollmpic Committe€ lncorporation frled beforr '.]vlr. ( Cojuangco with the PSC and sev-
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(POC) reiteraled tle securities aDd Ex- well as members of phis-
wa$ ousted io Februarv- eral private gpiiisors,
theD they iocorDorateh Theri:. :,*ere , alsir,
goc chainnan Alan peter
fr'#,rT{r$,f Cay€tano,s iiner circle in
Ramdn Suzara. Monica
Pbisgoc in July-q1 1r.,
ye{r. We ody found out its
quditions about itsr'
transactions with the
led Philippine H+q*tftf',.:"xu
organize Oe beoniat
neei ADrc Mitra, Donaldo CaF
existeDce itr Marcb. So
mean$ that from Julv tast
it catering, &ccommoda.
SOUtheaSt ASian as well as otfier iDrerna. ingal and D€xt€r Estacio. year to March this;err-
tion, transportation,
-f"TT'*1",1: Aside from them. nei- apparel and ottrer suD-
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they have been operitine pliers that promptid
ther of the pOC board without board approva'i
members nor philippioe PresideDt Duterti to
goc) Foundation. tr also aimed to rcceiv€, sports coDomi{siotrers
from the POC executive put it out of the SEA
tnc.t a pfivate bOdv manage and disburse .were part of the couneil-" Games equatioD and
core "Tbaa's why whetr we
that airned to orsa'- !-d: -odes and pruper- group of Phiseoc. some. asked Mr. Vargas about iL
delegate the role back
thiog that was igainst the to the governmeDt, sDe.
a.ll he did was to tetrder hi; ciffca[y the PSC. -
gfi":;i}}:,'ffi ffi#'*.ft-".tr prenous agreemeDt thai
C-ayetaro will be the orga.
trrzitrg committee cheir-
irrevocable resignation.
Ee didot 6hed lisha on his
Itr statem€r? bv
Presidetrtial spokes'.
involv€Deot Wetrc still in person Salvador pane-
man while PSC chairmao the dart as to the activi.
Wiliam .tsutch" Ramir€z ties atrd past dealines of
lo, the Chi€f Executive
and Vargas will be his co- also vanted to launch
Phisgoc an fuvestigation on the
chairmen. Reports have it that
Romasadta said they private body sitrce
Jtn"-,i..ptic11,l.l;:: trIf.T *.9 be rcspomi_
wer€ trol infofDed of the
mw set up atrd everythitrs
Phisgoc is operating with
a heftv war chest -
massive governmeDt
uoDey amouDtitrq to
Itr fact, it al.€adv ad-
b*"d;iil; iil;#: brertor ib disbursoneDts. that Pbisgoc did doesn;i vanced Pl8 millirin
P6 bilioD is itrvolvad.
have any board r€solution the PSC, P200 million "He (MR Duterte)

,ffi*#jg,ffi"ry; #ffi-Hmffi '?hisgoc has been exist-

iog without ttre recosni.
from tbe philippioe
said: 'There's so much
corruptioD there with

f*T#;;'; ;' ;oc

Amu$eDeDa aod Gamiag the private grouD. It
tion of the FOC,.' said-Ra
fr?fl""'i'o" |""JJ"T""$ npqnnt& rn old hstrd in
uo4roratiotr and atr Dndis- disrupts the rork of
closed amount from the


thers.'That's t{hy he wants government m-embers an itrvitatioD to discuss the mataer
to do it ,, pan. Layeratro and.tbrEer pOC chairmar
Abraham To_
a matter ofslandard procedure. ifthere is cor_ leotiDo. but.the .""tiog crucisl a
.-('As POC general assembly sal "oio"id;-*ith
today at the Manils Golf
i}rffi,"*il:ffi:1il Club.
lxn *it;
Malacaiang has given the pOC etecutive
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