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Reflect on this:
After learning from this lesson, how would you prepare yourself to become a
teacher, using the three (3) approaches to curriculum? Send me your answer.

Curriculum as a content or body of knowledge is the first given approach to

curriculum. As I prepare myself on becoming a teacher, the first thing that I would
consider is the content of knowledge which is very essential not only to myself, but
to the students. These will be the “what” which will be acquired by the students or
the learners. I have believed that every student needs to be fed by new sets of
information that the teacher would provide day by day. So much so, a teacher should
always see to it that the curriculum to be utilized would focus on the content.
Keeping in mind that the body of knowledge needs to be prepared at first, of course,
the best way for me to transmit to the learners would be in a topical approach.
Theoretical knowledge are always there especially for the teachers. It could be
learned by anyone else who wants to acquire, and this is good enough to be imparted
to the students. We cannot but deny that knowledge is really significant or essential,
but if we would fuse knowledge in the mind with knowledge gained through
experiences, I have the faith that the presentation of the content is not just an ordinary
one, but a knowledge which are integrated. Regarding to the criteria of selecting the
content, it would be very beneficial in the present times if I would be emphasizing
first “significance” as my basis or criterion in the body of knowledge. I would always
look to the cultural context of the learners so I can able to adjust and adapt their way
of living to what will I give to them. The curriculum will remain as per se but having
consideration to the cultural setting of the students. In my opinion, they could easily
imbibe the curriculum which will be presented in this kind of preparation to them.
As we have built and established the curriculum as content or the main bulk of the
preparation of becoming a teacher, it is right to think and prepare the next approach,
the curriculum as a process. This focuses on how to teach the content. There are lots
of strategies and ways on how to deliver the knowledge and to execute it very
effectively. It is a good thing to know how I will deliver the curriculum to better
apprehend by the students. In my preparation, I always look forward to the
implementation of the content of the curriculum in a way that students will learn or
take the knowledge as how I prepare the content. In the strategies or methods to be
used, the assurance of learning is very vital to determine the percentage on how far
and how well do the students learn. Perhaps, one factor of the success of their
learning is the strategy I used since it should be well-executed for an easier and well-
transmitted information.
And lastly, there are certain outcomes or results that students wanted to achieve in
the process of their learning. It is also but an important thing to consider the
assessment that truly, students have understood the lesson. Still, in the preparation
of the content, I am foreseeing the goal of what I am preparing in the beginning. I
see first the goal or end that I wanted to achieve, but without forgetting that it should
be started with the approaches of curriculum, as my means, to make these happen
into a big and successful reality. In the end, what is important is that I have targeted
the desired result of my students’ learning. It is also my way of evaluating myself
on how good I am in preparing curriculum as I ready myself to become a teacher.