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Shopfloor poster

Management of Unusual situations

In case anything "unusual" happens
3) detailed instructions below

Unusual situation Operator Supervisor Support team Help phone

Power shortage
Cover good parts
Countersign start-up
Empty machine to scrap.
Restart machine with
Help restart machine
start-up checksheet
Machine breakdown or Make sure good
Cover good parts Maintenance : scrap part
unexpected stop production is covered;
container and cover in machine, repair or
Mark parts in machine
component containers. restart machine
STOP Report incident on
Call maintenance.
After operation, make
segregate all parts used 2011
production log for testing, leave clear
sure no test parts are
call supervisor environnment
Missing equipment (jig) Call quality to work
Do not start production /
under deviation if
call supervisor if Quality : confirm
? production already
If started, block batch
deviation with customer 3456
and control
3 NC parts among 5
consecutive parts Setter if needed;
Stop production and call Make start-up
Conduct 5M/5W analysis
checksheet again if 3333
settings change

Fallen part - fallen container

- damaged package

Logistics : In case of
In case of a container,
Segregate parts and container, make sure
count them as "fallen"
make sure it is sent to
quarantine area
parts will not be 2222
missingfor delivery

Unidentified part or jig,

Missing label
Replace with red label call quality, send parts to Have parts inspected
sying "missing label" call firewall - extra control again - find traceability
? supervisor area again before release

Operator injury 1) Make sure worker is

1) Call safety team
being taken care of HSE : 5Whys + secure
2) Help worker
3) Stop production and
2) Deal as unexpected
stop and sort 10mn
area before restart
according to checklist
block batch
before injury
Any other unusual
If problem not solved New unusual situation to
Call supervisor
? ? ? If not coming within 5mn,
within 10mn, call
shopfloor supervisor
be adressed in Top
Management meeting
call shopfloor supervisor
1) Unusual situations must be recorded on shopfloor logsheet
2) QC story must be realised for top3 shofloor uusual situations (top3 will be defined next day in quality meting)