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Time Allowed: Three Hours Maximum Marks: 250


1. Immediately After The Commencement Of The Examination, You Should

Check That This Booklet Does Not Have Any Unprinted Or Turn Or
Missing Pages Or Items, Etc. If so, Get It Replaced By A Complete Test

2. You have to enter your name, date, batch in the Box provided alongside.
Do NOT write anything else on the Test Booklet.

3. You have to mark all your responses ONLY on the separate Answer Sheet

4. There are TWENTY questions printed in this booklet.

5. All questions are compulsory.

6. Keep the word limit indicated in the questions in mind.

7. Any page or portion of the page left blank in the Question-cum-Answer

Booklet must be clearly struck off.



1. Discuss the significance of the Home Rule Movement in India’s

freedom struggle. Why was it more successful than some of the other
movements of the time? (10 Marks 150 Words)
2. The early peasant and tribal uprisings in colonial India cannot strictly
be called nationalist movements. Do you agree? (10 Marks 150 Words)
3. “The greatest tragedy of the British rule was that the Industrial
Revolution never occurred in India”. Comment. (10 Marks 150 Words)
4. The form of Nataraja — the supreme dancer — has been hailed as the
highest concept of art. Analyze. (10 Marks 150 Words)
5. The impact of Jainism on composite culture of Indian Society, can be
seen in ideals of national Movement and constitution making. Illustrate
with examples. (10 Marks 150 Words)
6. The Dravidian style of art and architecture reached its perfection under
the Cholas. Elaborate. (10 Marks 150 Words)
7. Evolution of the technique of bronze casting has been a continuous
process. Discuss. (10 Marks 150 Words)
8. How far do the Regulations for Civil Use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft
System adequately address the concerns of privacy, security and
productive use? (10 Marks, 150 Words)
9. The theme for World Environment Day 2018 was “Beat Plastic
pollution”. What is microplastics? Discuss what roles can the
individual, State and non-State actors play in curbing plastic pollution.
(10 marks 150 Words)
10. “Artificial Intelligence presents opportunities to complement and
supplement human intelligence and enrich the way people live and
work.” Discuss. Also, highlight some of the major concerns that it may
bring along. (10Marks, 150Words)



11. Analyse the role and contribution of the Working Class to the national
movement for Independence (15 marks)
12. “The socio-religious movements provided the firm foundation for
staging anti-ideological and anti-hegemonic struggle against the
Britishers.” Examine. (15 Marks)
13. Emergence of Mahatma Gandhi re-directed the course of nationalist
movement which was dormant since days of Bengal partition. Discuss.
(15 marks)
14. The two streams of Indian music, Hindustani and Carnatic music have
some similarities but several differences. Discuss. (15 marks)
15. Examine the view that though the rediscovery of India’s past created an
entirely new picture of India’s past glory and greatness, yet it was a
mixed blessing for India. (15 marks)
16. In spite of the obvious Saracenic, Persian and Turkish influences, Indo-
Islamic structures were heavily influenced by prevailing sensibilities of
Indian architectural and decorative forms. Comment. (15 marks)
17. Indian culture got a fresh impetus from Buddhism in the intellectual,
literary, artistic and architectural sphere. Comment. (15 marks)
18. While India takes pride as IT and a digital superpower, sustainable
management of e- waste is a herculean challenge. Discuss, suggesting
suitable solutions for the same. (15 marks)
19. What do you mean by Intelligent Transportation Systems? What are its
benefits in comparison to traditional transportation systems? (15 marks)
20. What do you understand by stem cell technology and what are the
potential applications of it in medicine. How the stem cell research
guidelines will help in improving its applicability in India? (15 marks)