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Student Response and Assessment Tools

Lesson Idea Name: Kahoot!, Social Studies Review Game

Content Area: Social Studies
Grade Level(s): 3rd
Content Standard Addressed:
SS3CG1 Describe the elements of representative democracy/republic in the United States. a. Describe the
three branches of national government
Technology Standard Addressed:
3- knowledge Constructor
Selected Technology Tool:
☐ Socrative ☐ iRespond ☐ Quizlet ☐ Plickers ☒ Kahoot! ☐ Office365 Forms
☐ Other:
URL(s) to support the lesson (if applicable):

Technology that student will use to respond to questions/prompts:

☐ Computer ☐ Hand-held student response system (like iRespond) ☐ Phone ☒ Tablet (such as iPad)
☐ Other wireless device (such as iPod Touch)
Type of session:
☒ Teacher-Paced ☐ Student-Paced
Bloom’s Taxonomy Level(s):
☒ Remembering ☒ Understanding ☐ Applying ☒ Analyzing ☒ Evaluating ☐ Creating

Universal Design for Learning (UDL):

Students will display UDL principles but allowing engagement within the students to be able to interact with
technology while learning. The students will all be supported by the software allowing them to see correct
answers for correction of mistake. The students could also translate them in different languages if needed to
for support of ELL students. Students will engage by talking to other classmates about coming up with
solutions to the questions that are presented, and which will be the correct answer.

Describe the instructional activities that will occur PRIOR to the SRT activity and how you will introduce
the SRT activity.

Before the students begin the activity, the teacher would teach and go over some key things about the
concept of the Three Branches of Government and can answer some misconceptions they may have.
Students will also get into groups to begin the activity. After the students choose groups, the teacher will
explain how to work Kahoot! And they will begin the game.

Describe the purpose of the SRT activity (check all that apply):
☒ Assess prior knowledge ☐ Anticipatory set (Create interest in a topic) ☒ To illuminate common
misconceptions ☒ Formative assessment of content knowledge (for purpose of differentiation and
mastery for ALL students) ☒ Summative assessment of content knowledge ☒ Test preparation
☐ Survey/Poll ☒ Discussion starter ☐ “Homework” collection ☒ Other (please explain): brain

Briefly describe what will happen DURING the SRT activity:

Spring 2018_SJB
Student Response and Assessment Tools
During this activity, the students will use the IPads to play Kahoot! When playing students w3ill spilt into
teams and each person will answer the questions by clicking the correct color and corresponding shape. The
teacher will read out the questions out loud as they are displayed. Students will get finale score at the end of
the game to see which group of students did better.
Type of questions/prompts used in this activity (check all that apply):
☒ Multiple choice ☐ Multiple select ☒ True/False ☐ Yes/No
☐ Short open-ended response or fill-in the blank ☐ Longer open-ended response

If you are unable to provide a working sample of your questions, please list them below (8-10):
1. What is the job of the Executive Branch?
2. What is the job of the Judicial Branch?
3. What is the job of the Legislative Branch?
4. Which branch holds the highest amount of power?
5. What position is an example of the Executive Branch?
6. In GA, the Governor will be considered apart of which branch?
7. The House of Representatives is a part of what Branch?
8. Why is power split between branches?
Right/Wrong answers: Will there be right/wrong answers to these questions?
☒ Yes ☐ No
☐ Mixed (Some will have correct answers, other will not.)
Immediate corrective feedback: Will you pre-select correct answers to some of all of the questions and
display correct response to the class after the SRT activity?
☒ Yes
☐ No
Why or why not?
Yes, this will be so students can gain insight in what the correct answer was to know the accurate
information and reasoning behind the question content.
Describe what will happen AFTER the SRT activity?

Students will ask questions and try to get classification on the different questions that were presented during
the activity. Students could also do a ticket out the door that involves writing out three things they learned
during the Kahoot! Activity.
How will the data be used?
Some data that could be collected from the students are how many students are meeting the standards and
objectives that are presented in the lesson. Another way data could be used would be through, the audience
will be able to view students’ observations and facts about the content that was learned. Teachers will be
able to assist children who many have missed many questions or be able to tell which information should be
reviewed while the activity is being presented.

Describe your personal learning goal for this activity.

From this activity, I want for my students to be able to enjoy engaging and collaboration throughout the
activity by learning teamwork and be able to find common ideas for the solution. I would also like this so that
the students can understand the content and learn it in a way for them to interact with answering questions.
I want to get the students out their comfort box and allow them to enjoy the learning experience, while
learning new content through challenging questions.

Reflective Practice:

Spring 2018_SJB
Student Response and Assessment Tools
This activity can help impact student learning by allowing for the students to understand and remember
information. This also is a great way for the teacher to gain insight on student’s progress on the
comprehension of the content. To further this activity to higher thinking, students can create a Kahoot!
activity with other students in the classroom to complete. The students can create different sets of questions
and settings that would allow further thinking. Students can be also asked to apply thinking and analyzing
skills through free response questions and more.

Spring 2018_SJB