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Suggested topics for VSTEP speaking skills

No Topics Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

1 Transportation Answer some questions about transportation. There are 3 means of transport: The importance of air travel
train, car, motorbike. In your - promote international trade
opinion, what is the best choice? - facilitate international tourism
- [Your own ideas]

2 Technology Answer some questions about technological There are 3 choices: advances in The drawbacks of technology
advances. healthcare, the development of air - Make people lazy
travel and space exploration. What - Kill people’s leisure time
is your vote? Why? - [Your own ideas]

3 Vacation Answer some questions about your holidays. Between going to the beach,
mountain hiking and visiting Reasons for travelling
hometown, which one might be the - Relaxation
best choice? - Discovery
- [Your own ideas]

4 Technological Answer some questions about mobile phones. There are 3 things: a dishwasher, Common uses of mobile phones
items mobile phone or a laptop. What do - Communication
you think you will buy? Why? - Entertainment
- [Your own ideas]

5 TV Answer some questions about TV program. Between watching a sports Benefits of watching TV
program, a short movie and a games - Widen our knowledge
show, which one might your best - Update information
choice? - [Your own ideas]

6 Keeping fit Answer some questions about sport. Between doing aerobics, skiing and Advantages of regular exercise
playing football, which one might - Good health
be the best choice to keep fit? - Be in shape
- [Your own ideas]

7 movies Answer some questions about films. Between a comedy, a horror movie Reasons for watching movies in the cinema
and a love story, which one is the - More real feelings
best choice? - Hot movies
- [Your own ideas]

8 Presents/ gifts Answer some questions about presents/gifts. Which gift you are going to bring: The difficulties of choosing presents
some fruit, a bunch of flowers or - Take lots of time
cakes? - Hard to choose a suitable one
- [Your own ideas]

9 Tourist Answer some questions about travelling? You have three choices: a big and Relationships between tourists accommodation and
accommodatio expensive hotel, a small but tourism
n comfortable hotel and a home-stay. - Tourism helps develops tourists
Which one might be the best choice accommodation
for you? Why? - Tourist accommodation promotes tourism
- [Your own ideas]

10 cities Answer some questions about a famous place/ New York, Ho Chi Minh city and Changes of your hometown
city. Tokyo, which one might be your - Environment
best choice? - Transportation
- [Your own ideas]
11 jobs Answer some questions about your job in the Between becoming a doctor, a Factors that affect people’s choice of job
future. teacher and an engineer, which one - Personalities
will you choose? Why? - Hobbies
- Money-earning
- [Your own ideas]
12 Charities Answer some questions about what to do to help Between an organization that Benefits of doing charities
activities people. rescues wildlife animals, a charity - Feel better about ourselves
that helps the people with HIV, and - Help people
a charity that helps street children, - [Your own ideas]
which one would you like to work
13 Family Answer some questions about your family. Which one would be your best Advantages of nuclear family
choice: a large family with many - For children
children, a small family in which - For parents
you are the only child, and a small - [Your own ideas]
family with 2 children?
14 Famous Answer some questions about famous people. There are 3 persons: a famous Problems of being famous
people singer like Dan Truong, a movie - Lack of privacy
star like Ngo Thanh Van or a - Lots of pressure
famous sports person like Nguyen - [Your own ideas]
Anh Vien, who would you like to
become, why?
15 Hobbies Answer some questions about free time and Which one is your best choice – Reasons for taking up a hobby
hobbies. collecting stamps, fishing or - To build confidence
listening to music? - To fight stress
- [Your own ideas]

Part 1: Social Interaction (2 – 3 minutes)

- Setting: the examiner asks 2-4 questions, the test-taker answers the questions.

- Topics: 2 different topics of common interest and popularity.

- Description: 4 questions are designed (2 questions per topic). The questions should be in the form of “wh-” questions. Each rhetorical
question should be followed by a “wh-” question.

Part 2: Solution Discussion (2 – 3 minutes)

- Setting: the examiner and test-taker discuss three given options of a case and select the best alternative.

- Topic: 1 topic which is different from the topics selected for the Part 1 of the test.

- Description: the task is designed in a form of a short paragraph which consists of one or two sentences describing the background
information of the case/ situation and one issue, one sentence and/or question is used to suggest the three options to solve the issue raised
and to elicit the test-taker’s ideas.

Part 3: Topic Development (3 - 4 minutes)

- Setting: the test-taker develops a topic using a given outline.

- Topic: the theme of the topics is different from the themes of the topics in part 1 and part 2.

- Description: the topic is designed in the form of a statement. The supporting details and the topic are displayed in a mind-map. Each
supporting detail and the topic should be given in the form of a noun, or noun phrase, a verb or a verb phrase.