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STD : XII Time: 1h 15m
I. Answer all the questions 8X1=8
1. Lysozyme, one of the constituent of the saliva of human being act like?
a) Antibacterial agent b) zymogen
c) amylase d) lipase
2. Match the two column and selected the right one among option given
Column I Column II
A. Salivary amylase I. Protein
B. Bile salts II. Milk Proteins
C. Renin III. Starch
D. Pepsin IV. Lipids
a) A-II, B-IV, C-I, D-III
b) A-IV, B-III, C-II, D- I
c) A-III, B-IV, C-II, D-I
d) A-II, B-IV, C-I, D-II

3. Akash and Meera were having dinner together in a hotel. Meera suddenly started
coughing, while swallowing some food. This coughing would have been due to
improper movememt of

a) diaphragm b) tongue c) neck d) epiglottis

4. Identify the A, B, C, D and E in the given diagram of human respiratory system.

a) A – Epiglottis, B- Trachea, C- Glottis, D- Diaphragm, E - Bronchiole

b) A – Glottis, B- Trachea, C- Bronchus, D- Diaphragm, E - Bronchiole
c) A – Adams apple, B- Trachea, C- Bronchus, D- Diaphragm, E - Bronchiole
d) A – Epiglottis, B- trachea, C- Bronchus, D- Diaphragm, E - Bronchiole
5. In an ECG, the depolarization of atria is indicated by
a) P wave b) Q wave
c) R wave d) S wave
6. “Heart of heart” is

a) SA – Nod b) AV node c) Bundle of His d) Purkinjie fibres

7. The solubility of CO2 in blood is

a) 10-15 times higher than that of O2 b) 20-25 times higher than that of O2

b) Slightly higher than that of O2 d) Slightly lower than that of O2

8. The innermost layer of human gut forms irregular folds in the stomach which are
known as

a) lumen b) villi

b) rugae d) Both (b) and (c)


Answer all the questions: 4X2=8

9. What is lacteal?

10. Which carbohydrate serves as roughage in the gut ?

11. Where is the pneumotaxic centre located in humans ? what is its significance in

12. What is vital capacity in regard to breathing?

13. How does polycythemia helps on high altitude.


Write any three of the following in which Question No. 18 is compulsory


14. What is partial pressure? How does it help in gaseous exchange during
15. What are three major types of cells found in the gastric glands? Name their

16. Explain functional significance of Lymphatic system.

17. Someone’s finger get cut accidentally while chopping vegetables and starts
bleeding. The bleeding stops after a few minutes. What are the steps that leads to
stoppage of bleeding?


Answer all the questions: 2 X 5 = 10

18. A) Explain different types of blood groups and donor compatibility by making

B) Explain the mechanism of breathing with neat labeled sketches.

19. A) A person had chicken biriyani for his lunch. Trace the changes in those
during its passage through the alimentary canal.


b) How are respiratory gases transported by blood in man?