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Lesson Plan in Science for Grade IV

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson, the pupils are expected to:

 Describe the stages of Human development.

 Express the importance of life.
 Distinguish the stages of Human Life Cycle: (Birth, Infancy, Childhood,
Adolescences and Adulthood)

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Life Cycle of Humans
Reference: Science Learner’s Material IV; Chapter 4, Lesson 32 pages
146 to 148.
Science Teacher’s Guide IV; Chapter 4, Lesson 38 pages
176 to 180
Materials: Pictures, plastic jar, cartolina and a pentelpen.

III. Methodology
Prior Knowledge (Priming)
Teacher’s Activity Pupil’s Activity

Let’s all stand up and let us pray. ……. Amen.

Good morning class! Good morning ma’am!

Okay before you sit down, kindly pick up

the pieces of papers first and arrange your
chairs properly.

Alright, you may now take your seats.

How many are absent for today class? There are 3 absent today ma’am.

Learning Task I – Review

What are the life cycle of a butterfly “Egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, pupa, butterfly
again class? ma’am”

Learning Task II – Motivation

As you can see class, I’ve post 5

puzzles on the board, right? Now,
who wants to come in front and do the
first puzzle?

Just raise your right hand if you want Yes, ma’am!

to answer, refrain yourselves from
shouting ma’am. Am I understood?

Alright let’s start.

First puzzle: Picture of a Baby

Second Puzzle: Picture of an Infant
Third Puzzle: Picture of a Child
Fourth Puzzle: Picture of an (Answers may vary)
Fifth Puzzle: Picture of an Adult

What do you think is the first puzzle? It’s a Baby ma’am!

The second one? Infant

Third? Child

Fourth? Adolescent

Fifth? Adult

Very good class!

Learning Task III – Activity

Class, I have here a plastic jar, and

there are words inside of it. I want you
to come in front and pick one word
and read it in front of the class then
choose if what is the right puzzle/
picture that you think will suit the word
that you had picked. Okay ma’am!
Learning Task IV – Analysis

The Human Life Cycle Stages

Birth – The start of human life cycle begins

after the baby is delivered out by its
mother to the world.

Infancy – is categorized as lasting from

birth through the first year of life. The infant
is completely dependent upon its parents
or caretakers for survival.

Childhood – Takes place between ages 1

to 10.

Adolescences – Takes place between 12

and 18.

Adulthood – Lasts from 18 through out old


Learning Task V – Abstraction

What are the four stages of human life Birth, Infancy, Childhood,
cycle again class? Adolescence and Adulthood ma’am!

Now, who can define the four stages of

human life cycle and differentiate it from
one another?

Do you think life is important?

How can you say so? How will you able to

show your gratitude for having the kind of
life that your experiencing now?

From whom do you think we owe our lives

Learning Task VI – Application

I will tell just a bit of information about any

of the stages of human life cycle and all
you have to do is to choose among the
pictures that I have given you and raise it,
if you think it fits with what I have said.

1. He cannot eat alone. He needs the

help of his parents.
2. He learns to walk, talk and be more
3. The start of human cycle.
4. Boy’s voices change and girls get
their menstruation.
5. Human beings are fully grown and
must provide entirely for

IV. Evaluation

Read the sentences below carefully. Write your answer on the lines before
each number. Choose your answer above.



1. Lasts from age 18 throughout the old age.

2. Takes place between 12 and 18 and is a critical turning point.
3. Completely dependent to its parents or caretakers for survival.
4. In this stage, humans should provide entirely for themselves.
5. It is the stage where the mother delivers the baby to the world.

V. Assignment
Print a picture showing the human life cycle and paste it on a ¼ illustration
board then cover it with plastic. To be passed on Monday.