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A. Choose A, B, C or D for the correct answer!

Complete the dialog below!

Siti : This park is shady and the flowers are colorful. I .... this park. (1)
Lina : I do, too. This is a .... park. (2)
Edo : Look! There are butterflies.
Dayu : They are ... (3)
Beni : There are garbage cans too. We can keep this park .... (4)
Udin : I like studying here. The weather is nice. The park is beautiful. And, it’s a …. day.(5)

1. A. Want to go to
B. Hate
C. Like
D. Feel
2. A. Ugly
B. Dirty
C. City
D. Wonderful
3. A. Flying
B. Boring
C. Pretty
D. Dirty
4. A. Dirty
B. Clean
C. Ugly
D. Wonderful
5. A. Terrible
B. Horrible
C. Beautiful
D. Pretty
The following dialog is for question number 6 to 8.
Siti : Look at the giraffes. They have curly eyelashes.
Lina : Yes, they do. Their eyelashes are adorable.
Beni : Look at the zebras. They have black and white stripes on their bodies.
Udin : Guys, do you know that each zebra ha a different pattern?
Edo : They do? That’s very interesting!
Dayu : Look at the elephants. They are huge!
Udin : Yes, they are. Look at the tigers. They have sharp teeth.
Siti : They also have powerful legs.
6. Where does the dialog take place?
A. At a School
B. At a Park
C. At a Zoo
D. At a Beach

7. Sayu says, “They are huge!”. What is the antonym of “Huge”?

A. Tiny
B. Cruel
C. Rare
D. Giant
8. What do Siti and her friends feel when seeing the animals?
A. Amazed
B. Upset
C. So-so
D. Cheerful

9. Lina : Who is that boy?

Nino : He.............. my new classmate, Reihan. He just moved here from Padang.
A. Is
B. Am
C. Be
D. Are

10. My friend Luna has two cats. They ................ cute and tame.
A. Is
B. Are
C. Am
D. Be

11. Mirna : Do you have any pet?

Rita : Yes, I do. I have a cat.
Mirna : That is very nice. What ……….?
Rita : My cat is bigger than other cats in the neighborhood. It is a Persian cat. It has grey
fur and big eyes.
What is the correct expression to complete Mirna’s question?
A. Does it look like?
B. Does they look like?
C. Do it looks like?
D. Do they look like?
The following dialog is for questions number 12-14.
Rosa : Neti, may I see your new USB stick? I intend to buy one too.
Neti : Sorry, I left it at home.
Rosa : What is it like?
Neti : It’s small and looks like a ball. It’s black and white. The outer part is made of rubber.
Rosa : Wow. It is unique.

12. What will Rosa do?

A. She will buy a USB stick
B. She will go to Nita’s house
C. She will borrow Nita’s USB stick
D. She will save her assigment in a USB stick

13. The following are the descriptions of Neti’s USB stick, except.....
A. Huge
B. Round
C. Unique
D. Black and White

14. Which of the following statement is True?

A. Rosa has a new USB stick
B. Rosa like Neti’s USB stick
C. Neti keeps her USB stick in her bag
D. Neti gives her old USB stick to Rosa
15. Erlin : What does your mother do?
Harry : She is a ............... She specifically examines sick people.
A. Doctor
B. Teacher
C. Driver
D. Farmer

16. Gea : What does your father do?

Leo : He is a teacher.
Gea : Where does he works?
Leo : He works at a...........
A. Bank
B. Hotel
C. School
D. Hospital

The following dialog is for questions number 17 – 19.

Dayu : Edo, who is the man talking with your mother?
Edo : He is my uncle Anwar. He just came today.
Dayu : I see. May I know what he does?
Edo : He is a dentist and he works at a big dental clinic in Bandung.
Dayu : Wow, great! He must be a famous dentist.
Edo : I guess so. One thing for sure. He has a very good reputation. I never hear about complains
from his patients.
Dayu : Well, when I notice how is he talking with your mother, I think he is friendly and
Edo : He is.

17. Where does the dialog take place?

A. At school
B. At Dayu’s house
C. At Mr. Anwar’s house
D. At Edo’s house

18. What are the speakers talking about?

A. Dayu’s uncle
B. Anwar’s uncle
C. Edo’s uncle
D. Edo’s mother

19. What is Mr. Anwar like?

A. He is kind-hearted
B. He is lazy
C. He is arrogant
D. He is friendly

The following dialog is for questions number 20 – 22

Siti : Lisa, let’s jog tomorrow morning.
Lisa : What time?
Siti : At 6 a.m
Lisa : O.K. Do you jog every weekend?
Siti : Not only at weekends. I usually jog three times a week
Lisa : That’s why you always look very fit.
Siti : Thank you. O.K. I’ll be in your house at 6 a.m tomorrow. See you.
Lisa : See you, Siti.
20. What activity does Lisa like to do?
A. Cycling
B. Jogging
C. Cooking
D. Walking

21. How many times does Siti do the activity in a month?

A. Three times
B. Six times
C. Twelve times
D. Twenty times

22. How does Lisa respond to Siti’s invitation?

A. She accepts it
B. She declines it
C. She doesn’t know
D. She disagrees with it

23. Usually – a bus – Ariana – school – takes – to

1 2 3 4 5 6
The correct arrangement of the word is......
A. 3 – 1 – 5 – 2 – 6 – 4
B. 3 – 1 – 2 – 4 – 5 – 6
C. 3 – 2 – 1 – 6 – 5 – 4
D. 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 1 – 2

Complete the dialog with a correct sentence.

Dewa : Where does your father work, Tika?
Tika : He works in constuction company.
Dewa : (25)...............................?
Tika : He designs buildings and offices.
Dewa : So, he is (26) ......................, isn’t he?
Tika : You’re right.

24. A. What is he doing?

B. Where does he works?
C. What is his job?
D. What is he like?

25. A. An aucitioneer
B. An architect
C. A bricklayer
D. A machinery operator

B. Read the dialog and answer the following question below!

Miss Alia : Good morning, class.
Students : Good morning, Miss Alia.
Miss Alia : Today, we are going to learn about job and profession. Arya, what does your
father do?
Aria : He plants and grows rice plants, Miss. My father is a farmer.
Miss Alia : That’s great! How about you, Yeni? What is your father’s profession?
Yeni : He is a teacher, Miss. He teaches Mathematics in Junior High School.
Miss Alia : That is wonderful! Lisa, how about your mother? What does she do?
Lisa : She’s a housewife. She takes a good care of us and our house.
Miss Alia : Excellent! What does you mother do, Vino?
Vino : She’s a surgeon. She performs operation on her patients.
Miss Alia : Superb! How about you, Egi? What do you do?
Egi : I am a student, Miss.
Miss Alia : That’s good. Now, do you want to know what your other friends’ parents do?
The students : Yes, we do.
Miss Alia : All right then. Please go around the class and ask your friends about their
parents’ profession and then make a list. Ask as manu friends as you can until I
tell you to stop. Remember to speak in English. You can start now.
1. Where is the dialog take place?
2. What is Miss Alia’s profession?
3. What are they talking about?
4. What does a surgeon do?
5. What does Miss Alia tell the students to do in the end of the dialog?

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