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KMC-2018 b) Between 0.25 and 0.

c) Between 0.7 and 1.5
1. The portion of brick without a
d) Greater than 1.5
triangular corner equal to half the
width and half the length is called
7. Triaxial compression test is used to
a) Bevelled closer
find ____________ of soil-
b) Queen closer
a) Compressive strength
c) King closer
b) permeability
d) Mitred closer
c) Specific gravity
2. Lime mortar is generally made with
d) Shear strength
a) Quick lime
8. _________ apparatus is used to
b) Fat lime
test liquid limit of a soil
c) Hydraulic lime
a) Mohr
d) White lime
b) Casagrande
3. The main ingredients of Portland
c) Otio
Cement are
d) Terzaghi
a) Lime and silica
9. The shape of the bending moment
b) Lime and alumina
diagram over the length of a beam
c) Silica and alumina
carrying a uniformly distributed
d) Lime and iron
load is always-
4. Le Chatelier’s device is used for
a) Linear
determining the
b) Parabolic
a) Setting time of cement
c) Cubical
b) Soundness of cement
d) Circular
c) Tensile strength of cement
10. Prestressing can eliminate
d) Compressive strength of
a) Compresive stress
b) Tensile stress
5. The most commonly used retarder
c) Bearing stress
in cement is
d) Shear stress
a) Gypsum
11. The permissible total losses in pre-
b) Calcium chloride
tensoining system is-
c) Calcium carbonate
a) 12%
d) None of the above
b) 15%
6. The percentage of carbon content
c) 18%
in mild steel is
d) 21%
a) Less than 0.25
12. The number of stages involved in a (B) Two time activity
construction project is- (C) Three time activity
a) 2 (D) None of above
b) 4 17. The minimum depth of foundation
c) 6 As per latest l.S. Code of practice-
d) 8 (A) 500 mm
13. Minimum diameter of tunnel shaft (B) 600 mm
is (C) 900 mm
a) 2.3 m (D) 1200 mm
b) 3.3 m 18. In standard consistency test of
c) 4.3 m cement, the gauging time shall be
d) 5.3 m kept between
14. The coasts as per 1991 notification (A) 3 to 5 minutes
have been divided into- (B) 6 to 9 minutes
a) 4 zones (C) 10 to 13 minutes
b) 3 zones (D) 1 to 2 minutes
c) 2 zones 19. A cantilever beam rectangular in
d) None of the above cross section is subjected to an
15. From a PERT Network analysis two isolated load at its free end. If the
information is available as width of the beam is doubled, the
1. Expexted duration of the project deflection of the free end will be
‘T’e=36 days changed in the ratio of-
2. Standard deviation ST =5.48 days (A) 8
The construction agency would find (B) 8
out the Target duration 1
(C) 2
corresponding 95% probability to
complete the project. The Target (D) 2
duration in days is- 20. Stress in members of statically
(A) approximately 45 days determinate simple frames can be
(B) approximately 41 days determined by-
(C) approximately 42 days (A) Method of joints
(D) None of above (B) Method of sections
(C) Graphical solution
16. CPM network is – (D) All the above
(A) One time activity 21. PVC stands for-
(A) Polythene vinyl carbon 28. According to code practice of Indian
(B) Polythene vinyl chloride Road Congress. The depth of Foundation
(C) Polythene vanadium carbide should be at least-
(D) None of the above
(A) 11⁄3 times the scour depth below
22. If the modulus of elasticity E of a
material is twice the modulus of
(B) 11⁄2 times the scour depth below
rigidity G, then the bulk modulus K
will be-
2 (C) 11⁄4 times the scour depth below
(A) 3 G H.F.L
(B) 3 G (D) None of above
(C) 2G
29 . A steel member carring
(D) G compressive load resulting from dead
23. Given that the density of earth is w, loads and imposed loads. The maximum
the angle of repose is ∅ and h is the value of effective slenderness ratio is-
height of the wall and the earth
retained is level, the active earth (A) 250
pressure (P) on the retaining wall is (B) 180
given- (C) 300
𝑤ℎ2 1−𝑠𝑖𝑛∅ (D) 350
(A) x 1+𝑠𝑖𝑛∅
𝑤ℎ2 1−𝑠𝑖𝑛∅ 30. The load on a floor beam is as
(B) x 1+𝑠𝑖𝑛∅
2 follows- Dead load =6 KN/𝑚2 , Live
𝑤ℎ2 1+𝑠𝑖𝑛∅
(C) x 1−𝑠𝑖𝑛∅ Load = 4 KN/𝑚2 ,Floor linish =1 KN/𝑚2 ,

1+𝑠𝑖𝑛∅ As per IS- 800-2007, the design
3 1−𝑠𝑖𝑛∅
Factored load is-
27.Highly plastic clays exhibits
shearing Strength from- (A) 18 KN/𝑚2
(A) Resistance due to inter (B) 10 KN/𝑚2
locking of Soil particles (C) 11 KN/𝑚2
(B) Frictional resistance between (D) 16.5 KN/𝑚2
the Individual soil grains 31. For 20 mm dia bolt of property
(C) Addhesion between soil fub =1040 MPa. and = 254 𝑚𝑚2
particles For fasteness in clearance holes
(D) All the above Kn = 1.For double cover but joint
η𝑐 =2.slip fctor µ𝑟 =0.25.
Minimum bolt tension at installation is- 36. Side reinforcement provide in
(A) 71.34 KN beam to prevent-
(B) 81.07 KN (A) Tensile force
(B) Shear force
(C) 127.40 KN
(C) Cracks
(D) 178.36 KN (D) All these above
37. The nominal cover to meet
32. The probable cause of industrial durability requirements in severe
sickness in small scale industry(SSI) exposure shall not less than-
is- (A) 20 mm
(B) 30 mm
(A) Internal causes (C) 45 mm
(B) External causes (D) 50 mm
(C) Both Internal and External 38. The height of the sink of wash
cause basin above floor level is kept-
(D) None of above (A) 50 cm to 60 cm
(B) 70 cm
33. The output of bulldozer is 37.9 (C) 75 cm to 80 cm
m3/hr. The output of angle dozer is (D) 130 cm to150 cm
(A) 33.84 m3/hr 39. The minimum percentage of
(B) 37.90 m3/hr longitudinal steel in column as per
(C) 41.69 m3/hr IS 456 is –
(D) 45.48 m3/hr (A) 0.8%
Ans:- Multiplying = 1.1 (B) 1%
34. In limit state of design the (C) 0.6%
maximum strain in concrete at the (D) 6%
outermost compression fibre is 40. Back bearing of a line is equal
taken as – in bending to-
(A) 0.2 (A) Fore bearing ± 90°
(B) 0.0035 (B) Fore bearing ± 180°
(C) 0.067 (C) 360° − Fore bearing
(D) 0.002 (D) Fore bearing + 90°
35. A simple supported beam shall 41.Turbidity of water is expressed in
be deemed to be a deep beam terms of-
when the ratio of effective span to (A) Silica scale
overall 𝐷 is- (B) Platinum cobalt scale
(A) Greater than 2.0 (C) Both (A) and (B)
(B) Less than 2.50 (D) None of these
(C) Less than 2.0 42.Finer grinding of cement
(D) Greater than 2.5
(A) Affects only the early (B) Power
development of strength (C) Momentum
(B) Affects only the ultimate (D) Impulse
strength 48. The sag correction for a chain
(C) Both (A) and (B) will be when ‘W’ is the weight of the
(D) None of the above chain’L’ is the span and ‘P’ is the
43.If the resultant of two equal measurement pull-
forces has the same magnitude as 𝑤2𝐿
either of the force then the angle 24𝑃2
𝑤 2 𝐿2
between the two force is- (B) 24𝑃2
(A) 30° 𝑤2𝐿
(B) 45° 24𝑃
𝑤 2 𝐿2
(C) 60° (D) 24𝑃
(D) 120° 49. The angle of inclination in
44. The angle between two forces between the longitudinal axis of a
two make their resultant minimum magnetic needle and the horizontal
and maximum respectively are- plane at any place is-
(A) 0° and 90° (A) Magnetic declination
(B) 180° and 90° (B) Dip
(C) 90° and 180° (C) Magnetic bearing
(D) 180° and 0° (D) Azimuth
45. The proportion of second 50. Magnetic declination at a point
moment of area about the (A) Does not change with at time
centroidal axis to second moment of (B) Remains constant
area about the base of a rectangle (C) Varies with time
will be- (D) All the above
(A) 1/4 51. A temporary rigid structure having
(B) 1/2 platforms to enable masons to work
(C) 2 at different stages of a building is
(D) 3
known as-
46. If the gravitational acceleration
at any place is doubled, the weight (A) Scaffolding
of the body will be- (B) Dead shore
(A) Reduced to half (C) Raking shore
(B) Doubled (D) Under pinning
(C) Unaffected 52. The number of treads in a flight is
(D) None of these
equal to-
47. The product of mass and
(A) Risers in the flight
velocity of a moving body is called
(A) Moment (B) Risers plus one
(C) Risers minus one
(D) None of these (D) Calcarious rock
53. An R.C.C. roof slab is designed as a 57. The minimum compressive strength
two way slab if- of 1 st class bricks should be-
(A) It supports live loads in both (A) 75 kg/cm2
directions (B) 90 kg/cm2
(B) The ratio of longer span to (C) 100 kg/cm2
shorter span is less than 2 (D) 120 kg/cm2
(C) The slab is continuous over 58. Four verticals columns of the same
two supports material, height and weight and
(D) The slab is discontinuous at have the same end conditions. The
edges buckling load will be the largest for
54. Spacing of stirrups in a rectangular a column having a cross section of-
beam is- (A) Solid square
(A) Kept constant throughout the (B) Solid circular
length (C) Hollow circular
(B) Decreased towards the centre (D) I section
of the beam 59. The correction for error due to
(C) Increased at the ends refraction in metre is-
(D) Increased at the centre of the (A) 0.01122 d2
beam (B) 0.00112 d2
55. A simply supported beam carries (C) 0.0673 d2
two concentrated loads W at the (D) 0.0785 d2
distance L/3 from either support. 60. The main object of running a tie line
The value of maximum bending is-
moment anywhere in the section (A) To check accuracy of work
will be- (B) To take details of nearby
WL object
(A) 2
WL (C) To take offsets for detailed
(B) 4 surveying
(C) (D) None of these
WL 61. The true bearing of a line is 269°30’,
(D) 3
then azimuth of the line is-
56. Quartzite is-
(A) 0°30’
(A) Silicious rock
(B) 89°30’
(B) Argillaceous rock
(C) 90°30’
(C) Metamorphic rock
(D) 269°30’ (D) 0.003
62. If the distance between the
67. A soil sample is having a specific
instrument point and point of
gravity of 2.6 and a void ratio of 0.78. The
observation is d then error due to
water content in percentage required to
curvature of earth is proportional to
fully saturated the soil at that void ratio
(A) D
1 would be
(C) D2 (A) 10
1 (B) 30
(D) d2
(C) 50
63.An ideal transition curve is known as a (D) 70

(A) Clthoid curve 68. A person standing on the floor of the

(B) Cubical curve moving lift, the apparent weight of person
(C) Parabolic curve will be increased when-
(D) Lemniscates curve (A) Lifts moves downward with
64. By using an anallatic lens acceleration
(B) Lifts moves upward with uniform
(A) The multiplying constant is made velocity
100 (C) Lifts moves upward with uniform
(B) The multiplying constant is made 0 acceleration
(C) The additive constant is made 100 (D) None of the above
(D) The additive constant is made 0
69. As per municipal building rule the
65. For shooting flow the froude number maximum horizontal of projection of
is- chajja-
(A) Zero (A) Upto 450 mm
(B) Less than one (B) Upto 500 mm
(C) One (C) Upto 600 mm
(D) Greater than one (D) Upto 750 mm
66. Poisson’s ratio of structural steel is- 70. As per municipal building rules low and
(A) 0.1 medium voltage line including service
(B) 0.3 11,000 volts the vertical clearance is-
(C) 0.03 (A) 2.5 m
(B) 3.70 m 75. As per IS 456-2000 silica fume is
(C) 4.00 m usually used in the proportion of-
(D) 4.30 m
(A) 2 to 5 percent of cement content of
71. As per municipal building rule, the a mix
maximum permissible Floor Area ratio (B) 5 to 10 percent of cement content
when width of Mean of access above 3.5 of a mix
m to 7.00 m (C) 10 to 15 percent of cement content
of a mix
(A) 1.25
(D) 15 to 20 percent of cement content
(B) 1.75
of a mix
(C) 2.0
(D) 2.25 76. Cracks starts appearing in normal
concrete under uniaxial compression
72. As per municipal building rules, the
when it is subjected-
ground coverage for building for
residential building having plot size upto (A) To about 40% of the ultimate load
200 sq.m- (B) To about 90% of the ultimate load
(C) To about 70% of the ultimate load
(A) 60%
(D) To about 50% of the ultimate load
(B) 50%
(C) 40% 77. Pick up the correct statement-
(D) 75%
(A) The cement grains become bigger as
73. Minimum horizontal clear distance for the reaction proceeds
two pipes in hume pipe culvert is- (B) The cement grains become smaller
as the reaction proceeds
(A) 100 mm
(C) The cement grains become
(B) 150 mm
unchanged as the reaction proceeds
(C) 300 mm
(D) None of the above
(D) 600mm
78. For soundness test of cement with the
74. The height of bath room shall not be
help of Le Chatelier’s apparatus, cement
less than-
paste has been prepared by adding water-
(A) 2.40 m
(A) Required for normal consistency
(B) 2.20 m
(C) 2.0 m
(B) 0.85 times the amount of water
(D) 1.8 m
required for normal consistency test
(C) 0.78 times the amount of water (C) Fair/medium
required for normal consistency test (D) Poor
(D) None of the above
83. A list of sound absorbing co-efficient is
79. M25 grade of concrete has been give below based on sound absorbing co-
prepared by using same materials and by efficient. Pick up the one which exhibits
practicing the same quality control except the best sound absorbing material-
using different water cement ratio as
(A) 0.60
given below-
(B) 0.40
(A) 0.40 (C) 0.50
(B) 0.70 (D) 0.20
(C) 0.50
84. For pretensioned system, the
(D) 0.60
minimum grade of concrete is
80.Which acitivity in connection with recommended-
construction takes maximum time-
(A) M30
(A) Earth work (B) M40
(B) Rebaring (C) M50
(C) Formwork (D) M60
(D) Plastering
85. Bottom most component of a flexible
81. Ralated to concrete block masonry pavement is-
pick the incorrect statement-
(A) Subgrade
(A) Rapid construction (B) Sub-base
(B) Strength of mortar shall be less than (C) Base course
the strength of concrete (D) Wearing course
(C) Concrete block shall be use of as
86.When the property is tenanted and
masonry kept immersed in water
where the tenant enjoys protection under
before put to work
rent control laws against eviction,
(D) All of the above
enhancement of rent etc. The most
82. Ultrasonic pulse velocity of a concrete appropriate method of valuation is-
4 km/s the quality grade of concrete is-
(A) Income capitalished method
(A) Excellent (B) Land and building method
(B) Good (C) Book value
(D) Replacement value method 91.The bending moment of a cantilever
beam of length l and carrying a gradually
87. A concentrate load 10 KN acts on the
varying load from zero at free end and w
surface of soil using Boussinesq analysis
per unit length at the fixed end is
the vertical stress at point 3m below the
the fixed end
surface on the axis of loading is-
(A) Wl/2
(A) 5.53 KN/m2
(B) Wl
(B) 5.31 KN/m2
(C) Wl2/2
(C) 0.531 KN/m2
(D) Wl2/6
(D) 0.553 KN/m2
91.Maximum quantity of water needed
Stress= 0.4775 Q= load, Z = depth per 50 kg of cement for M 15 grade of
concrete is
88. The length of projection (known as
feet) of a sheep foot roller is 20 cm. The (A) 28 litres
thickness of layer compacted is kept- (B) 30 litres
(C) 32 litres
(A) 15 cm
(D) 34 litres
(B) 20 cm
(C) 25 cm 92.A propped cantilever of span ‘l’ carries
(D) 30 cm a uniformly distributed load of ‘w’ per unit
run over its entire span. The value of prop
89. When consistency index (Ic) is negative
reaction to keep the beam horizontal is
the soil mass will be in-
(A) Liquid state (A) 3
(B) Solid state (B) 8 wl
(C) Semi solid state 𝑤𝑙
(D) All he above 2
(D) 8 wl
90. Maximum bending moment in a beam
occurs where 93. The deflection at the free end of a
cantilever subjected to a couple M at its
(A) Deflection is zero
free end and having a uniform flexural
(B) Shear force is maximum
rigidity EI throughout its length ‘L’ is equal
(C) Shear force is minimum
(D) Shear force change sign
(A) 2𝐸𝐼
(B) 2𝐸𝐼
(C) 2𝐸𝐼
(D) 2𝐸𝐼

94.Strain energy stored in a member is

given by

(A) 0.5 x stress x volume

(B) 0.5 x strain x volume
(C) 0.5 x stress x strain x volume
(D) 0.5 x stress x strain

95. Fixed end moment in a fixed beam

(A) 8
(C) 4
(D) 2