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Cat Reman Cylinder Heads

and Valves

Built to meet your engine’s demands

and lower your costs through
Cylinder heads and valves play vital roles inside your engine. They seal in the pressures
of combustion, circulate coolant to maintain proper operating temperatures, and provide
superior compression resistance.
When you need repairs, Cat® Reman Cylinder Heads will get you back to work quickly,
reliably, and affordably. Completely remanufactured using the latest technology and updated
to include critical design improvements, they provide same-as-new performance and long
life. To prove it, Caterpillar backs Reman Cylinder Heads with a same-as-new parts warranty.
Good for Customers. Good for Business. Good for the Environment.
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Cat® Reman Cylinder Heads and Valves

Comprehensive service
and support
When your engine needs service, our
professional technicians have the
training and tools to get you back to
work quickly. We can provide off-the-
Strict remanufacturing processes UTN cylinder heads:
shelf component availability backed
• Reman Cylinder Heads are 100% • Include Reman components within
magnafluxed to detect cracks, by the Caterpillar worldwide parts
the cylinder head group but will
erosion or other damage, and are always use a new head casting. network.
updated to include critical
engineering changes. • Have a unique UTN Reman part Give us a call or drop by our parts
number. counter. We’ll show you how we can
• The bottom deck is resurfaced to
ensure a tight seal and to help • Are priced higher than Reman heads. help lower your costs with the
prevent combustion gas and coolant • Allow partial core credit when used highest quality engine parts, a wide
leaks. to replace competitive heads. range of Exchange parts —including
• All critical wear and sealing Cat Reman components —and the
components are replaced with new With excellent quality, multiple options most comprehensive service and
Cat parts. to choose from, and off-the-shelf
availability, Cat Reman cylinder heads support available.
• Cat Reman Cylinder Heads are
pressure tested for leaks before minimize your turnaround time and
they leave the factory erosion or help you control your costs making
other damage, and are updated to them an excellent alternative to
include critical engineering rebuilding or buying new.
Generous core acceptance policy
Product Options: Our simple core acceptance criteria
Certain applications sometimes allow a quick determination of core
require heads with a new casting so credit. We visually inspect the core
Reman may offer both a Reman on the spot, providing an immediate
cylinder head or a Upgrade-to-New decision on core condition and
(UTN) cylinder head. credit.

Cat ® Dealers define world-

class product support.
We offer you the right parts and service

solutions, when and where you need them.

The Cat Dealer network of highly trained

experts can help you maximize your equipment



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