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Mata Pelajaram : Bahasa Inggris Program : IPA/IPS
Kelas : XI (Sebelas) Hari/ Tanggal : , Desember 2018
The following text is for questions 1 dan 2

1. What is the text about?

A. Cost of the trip C. Location of the trip E. School’s trip schedule
B. Activity in the trip D. Holiday planning
2. Which of the following activities are not mentioned?
A. Having lunch at the B. Walking along the beach D. Playing vollyball
restaurant C. Seeing the boat festival E. Swimming
The following text is for questions 3 and 4

To : All Students
From : Mr. Ahmad
This Thursday, February 25, 2016 is the registration deadline to follow the selection of OSIS
Leader. Complete your registration form in the administrative office near the principal room. The
hours from 8.30 A M to 4.30 P M. The students who are late to register will not be accepted.

3. What is the message about?

A. The information of the registration deadline of following OSIS Leader
B. Completing the registration form of OSIS Leader selection
C. The schedule of following the selection of OSIS Leader
D. The competition of OSIS Leader selection
E. The selection of OSIS Leader
4. How many hours do the students have for completing the registration form?
A. 13 hours C. 10 hours E. 4 hours
B. 12 hours D. 8 hours

Alex : You look unhealthy, Boy.

Bryan : Yes, I get a headache and a stomachache.
Alex : You should go to a doctor. Come on, I will accompany you.
Bryan : Ok.
5. The underlined words show ....
a. Agreement c. Advice e. Plan
b. Disagreement d. Necessity
6. You should ............... to past the test.
a. Study hard c. Studying hard e. Studied hard
b. Studying d. Studied
7. Ariana :”...”
Putri :”Yes, I do. I think that’s a good idea.”
The best answer to complete the dialog above is ...
a. Are you up for some dinner d. What can I get for you?
b. I’d love to get some e. Do you fancy going out for dinner?
c. Do you have any dessert?
8. Andi : I have a bad headache.
Budi : You’d better ......................
Complete the dialogue above ....
a. Taking an aspirin c. Take an aspirin e. Took an aspirin
b. An aspirin d. To take an aspirin
9. Amir : I am not good at English.
Budi : ..........................
Complete the dialogue above with an advice .....
a. I should practise English every day c. Do you like English ?
b. Why don’t you take an English course and d. I must take an English course
practise every day? e. You must sleep often
10. Mary failed again in the test. She ....................... harder.
a. Had better study c. Better study e. Studied
b. Need to study d. Study
11. Mia:”I’ve got a bad toothache.”
Audi : “...”
Mia: “Yes, I have. I’ll go there at ten o’clock.”
What is the best answer to complete the conversation above?
a. You’d better brush your teeth regularly
b. You should avoid eating sweets too much
c. Why don’t you go to the dentist?
d. Have you thought about seeing a dentist?
e. It might be a good idea to brush your teeth on a reguler basis.
12. Wulan : “I am bad at English. I think I should do something about it.”
Rangga : “...”
What is the best answer to complete the conversation above?
a. That’s a good idea d. Do you have any advice?
b. Maybe you’re right e. You’d better consider taking an English training
c. What would you suggest? course.
13. I miss my grandparents. What ........................ I do now ?
a. Better c. Should e. Do
b. Had better d. Did
14. Hey Siti, ____________________ go star gazing tonight.
a. are you c. shall them e. let’s
b. how about d. would you like to
15. Sam: “Would you like to go watch a movie this weekend? “
Carly: “I can't, I am low on cash right now.” ____________________ stay at home and watch TV instead.
a. How about c. What about e. I would
b. Let's d. I think
16. What shall we do today?____________________ we go to the library.
a. Shall I c. Why don't e. I think
b. Let's d. Would you
17. ____________________ like a cup of coffee?
a. Can I c. Would you e. Are you
b. I'll do d. Should I
18. ____________________ the washing , if you like.
a. Can I c. I'll do e. Could you
b. Would you d. Let's
19. Edo: “I have a lot of work to finish; I don't know how I will manage. “
Sam: ____________________ half of it if you want.
a. Would you c. Why don't e. I would you
b. I think d. I will help you with
20. Carly: “I submitted my essay to the teacher few days ago, but I haven't received any response from her.”
Edo:____________________ go and ask her?
a. Shall us c. Why don't you e. Could you
b. I'll do d. I propose
21. ____________________ get you a drink?
a. Would you c. Can I e. Are you
b. Why don't you d. I'll do
22. Aisya: “ I am so thirsty.”
Annie: ____________________ get you something to drink?
a. How about c. Why don't e. Let’s
b. What about d. Can I
23. ____________________ like me to clean your car?
a. How about c. Would you e. Why don’t
b. Let's d. I think
24. Bambang : “Want some cookies?”
Hanifa : “Sure, Thanks, Bambang.”
Bambang : “You’re welcome.”
The italicized sentence is an expression of ...
a. Asking for advice c. Asking for opinion e. Offering something
b. Giving for advice d. Paying attention

Carlos Sanuri
PT Karya Putra Bangsa
Jalan Halmahera No. 29
Jakarta, 10th may 2013
To: Mr. Bramantyo
Bunga Pitu Hotel general Manager
Jalan hanoman No. 120H

Dear Mr. Bramantiyo,

Let me tell you that over the years I have experienced many pleasurable stays at your hotel. However, my
last visit on 6th May 2013 was terrible. This made me delete your hotel’s name from my list.
Here’s the story. I had booked a suite room from 6th-8th May 2013 on 10th April 2013. It means I gave your
hotel a month’s notice. However, on 6th May your front desk clerk said that I couldn’t have the room I had booked.
She told me that all suites were fully booked and asked me why I didn’t book the suite earlier. I tried to explain but
she wouldn’t accept it. Then, I asked to see the hotel manager, but he couldn’t give any solutions. So, I left your
hotel, annoyed.
Finally, I stayed at Megah Hotel. The clerk served me very well. They also gave me good facilities. Your
bad service had given me opportunity to find a better hotel.
I hope my bad experience will never happen to other guests.

Yours Sincerely,

Carlos Sanuri
25. Why did Mr. Carlos Sanuri fell lucky when he booked a room at Megah Hotel?
A. He knows Mr. Bramantyo well
B. He didn’t need to stay in another hotel
C. He enjoyed his stay at Bunga Pitu Hotel
D. He had used Bunga Pitu Hotel’s services for years
E. He stayed in a hotel which gave him better services and facilities

This text for number 1- 5.
454 West Village Way Suite 950
New York 10040-5284
July 25, 2013
Dear Lucy,
It feels like such a long time since the last time i saw you. I know it’s only been several weeks since I saw you. So
far my summer has been great!
On the weekdays, I work. I drive an ice cream truck around and sell ice cream to kids. It’s very awesome because
this job is a combination of two things I love the most, ice cream and kids. The pay isn’t too great but I love this job so
I spend all of my weekends at the beach. I’m getting tanned, and you cannot say I’m paler than you anymore. I have
regularly been playing volleyball, surfing, and building a nice collection of sea shells. Just this past weekend, I took second
place in a sandcastle building contest.
I hope the summer’s been going well for you too. There’s only a month and a half for this summer vacation, and
after that we’re back to school. Would you like to meet up sometime before school starts?
Best wishes,
1. What is David’s address?
2. When did David write the letter?
3. Who received the letter?
4. What does David do on his weekdays?
5. How does David’s skin become tanned during the summer?

This text for number 6-10.

Jl. Flamboyan No.20
West Jakarta 17843
August 10, 2013
Hallo Dewi,
How are you?. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from you. I hope you will be fine and enjoying your vacation.
How is your study going at Gajah Mada University?
I’m love, and my study in Jakarta is going well too. I’m very excited to tell you about my study at the University of
Indonesia. I love studying English here. I’ve experienced great lectures from great professors that help me to improve my
knowledge and skills. By the way, there was a bazaar held here a few days ago. I found Arabian Cuisine, such as wheat, rice,
lamb, and many more. I tried eating all of them untill I was full. I wish you were here with me, eating the foods together.
Hopefully you will read and replay my letter as soon as possible. Don’t forget to tell me about your activities in
Yogyakarta. I really miss you. I am thinking of visiting you on August 16, 2013


6. Who is Wanda?
7. What does the letter tell about?
8. When did Wanda write the letter?
9. What is the summary of the letter?
10. What is the closing of the letter?