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Connecting With Christ

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Listen, you may or may not be an

This Week @ campus hill

American, but is it any different any-
where else?.

Pray FOR ONE ANOTHER As we look into the life of Abraham,

there’s one thing we need to get Volume 1. Issue 14 July 20 I 2019
PRAISE GOD! straight — he knew God’s voice.
• For answered prayer! My major Whether God called Abraham to
surgery went well!
leave his homeland and go on a road Church Family, Prayer Promise
• For healing, a friend’s cancer is in trip without a destination in sight,
George Barna, church researcher,
remission! or God was calling him to sacrifice
wrote “The State of the Church” in “Many are the
his son, Isaac, Abraham knew God’s
• Our VBS Leader, Miss Susi, and all 2002. Barna conducted a survey of
her staff! It was a great ministry for voice. self-pronounced Christians and here’s
afflictions of the righ-
all involved, especially the young
children! Abraham didn’t always listen to God’s
what he found about their knowledge
of the Bible.
teous; but the Lord
• Our home sale fell through last
voice and he didn’t always ask God
Now, remember these are Christians... delivers him out of
week, but God brought a buyer to lead. In this way Abraham showed
the very next day with a cash offer! his humanity and was very much like - 48% could not name the four Gos- them all.” — Ps. 34:19
— Pastor Mark and Susi many of us. When God spoke, howev- pels.
er, Abraham listened and responded Each week we will have a Prayer Prom-
PRAY FOR: - 52% cannot identify more than two
• The New Believers Class in faith. How is your faith? If God or three of Jesus’ disciples. ise in “This Week.” We are hoping all
called you, would you recognize His from young to old will memorize each
• My finger to heal without needing voice? - 60% of American Christians can’t verse and pray daily for every member
surgery — Pastor Mark name even five of the 10 Command- to realize the promise in a practical way.
• Our church to be a place of love If you have the faith Abraham had,
and acceptance you are one of Abraham’s descen- - When asking graduating high school
dants and the promises God made to “born again Christians” over 50% of
• Me as I take care of my aging them thought Sodom and Gomorrah
parents. him are made to you!
were husband and wife.
• A friend with a spinal cord injury Romans 10:17 says faith comes by - 61% of American Christians think the
hearing and hearing by the word of Sermon on the Mount was preached
• My husband to find a job.
God. When you get to know God and by Billy Graham.
• Unspoken but God knows... His word, you’ll know when you hear - 71% of American Christians think To read the Bible through in a year,
His voice. God will not ask you to do “God helps those who help them- keep up with this schedule!
• The unchurched who don’t know something inconsistent with His previ-
Jesus to seek Him with all their selves” is a Bible verse. July 21 - 1 Samuel 15-16
hearts. ous testimony. We have much to learn July 22 - 1 Samuel 17-18
from biblical characters like Abraham! No wonder George Barna said,
July 23 - 1 Samuel 19-21
• A friend’s mother diagnosed with “Americans revere the Bible but, by
July 24 - 1 Samuel 22-24
breast cancer and large they don’t know what it
May God give us a “closer walk” as July 25 - 1 Samuel 25-27
says. And because they don’t know it,
we continue in this series of sermons! July 26 - 1 Samuel 28-31
they have become a nation of Biblical
To have a special praise or prayer request illiterates.” (contd. back page)
July 27 - 2 Samuel 1-3
placed in our weekly prayer box, mark your
Blue Card and place it in offering or email
it to a weekl y comm u n i cati o n fo r C am pu s H i l l fam i l y an d fri e n ds
incredible blessing this year! Here is High Sabbath : July 20
our 2019 ROAR VBS by the numbers: School 8:30a - Choir Practice
9:30a - Sabbath Schools
217 - Kona Shave Ice Served Ministry 10:55a - Worship — Pastor Mark
161 - Children 12:45p - Student/Visitor Luncheon
62 - Volunteers NEXT FRIDAY EVENING Pastor Mark,
High School students, and High School 1:30p - VBS Follow-up Meeting
58 - Campus Hill Kids Ministry leaders will be meeting in the
57 - Unknown Membership Kids Wednesday : July 24
Etchell’s home at 6:30. All High School 6:30p - Prayer Meeting
36 - Other Adventist Church Kids students are encouraged to come as
21- Set-up/Takedown Volunteers this will be a time to vision, plan, and in- Thursday : July 25
16 - Crew Guides teract, setting the tone for the upcom- 6:00p - Finance Committee
ing year. Food will be provided, bring
8 - Other Christian Church Kids
your favorite drinks, as well as your Friday : July 26
7 - Group Leaders wonderful ideas...AND your friends!
6 - Wild African Animals Visit 6:00p - Youth Vespers — Pastor Mark
5 - Safety Crew Members JR HI and HIGH SCHOOL SABBATH Sabbath : July 27
5 - Evening Dinners Served SCHOOL MEETING. 5-8 graders, 8:30a - Choir Practice
2 - Bible Study Interests their parents, High School students, 9:30a - Sabbath Schools
2 - Videographers and teachers will be meeting next Sab- 10:55a - Worship — Pastor Mark
bath at the conclusion of the luncheon. 12:45p - Student/Visitor Luncheon
1 - Drone Shot
We’ll spend time together looking at 1:30p - Jr. High, High School
1 – Visit from Pharoah the challenges faced by both parents Students & Parents Meeting
1 – Thankful Children | Youth | Family and young people and share ways we
Ministry Director 6:00p - Church Board
can work together to have a dynamic
ministry in our community. Please plan
$2,652 Raised for Mission Project to attend if you have children in grades COMING SOON
“Strength In Sisters” 5-8 and High School. Sept. 7 — High School Ministry Kickoff
Sept. 27 — Communion
Oct. 6 — Women’s Ministries Tea Talk
Fall Week of Prayer, Dates TBA

Grace Notes
“But grace reminds us
of the brokenness
we share...If you can
find a soul not
STEVE CAMPBELL was baptized 2
absolutely saved by
weeks ago after 60 years of running grace, then you have
way from God. Give him a warm
welcome and don’t forget to give found the rarest form of
him a card, a note, a small gift to re-
mind him he is part of God’s family!
human life.”
There is a gift bag in the foyer. — Pastor Bill Knott

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