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Super Size Me Movie Review

Blances M. Sanchez

“Super Size Me” by Morgan Spurlock documentary film is an eye-opener to its

viewers. Lawyers file a lawsuit against America’s Favorite food, Golden Arches, for
blaming them for their obesity and illnesses. They’re stating that the health of
teenagers was caused by McDiet. It was filed on behalf of two teenage girls who are
obese. Lawyers for McDonald's called the suit “frivolous”, as it states that
consumption of fast food does not make you obese. The judge stated to the lawyers
for the teen that they can state their claim if they were able to prove that everyday
consumption of Golden Arches products is the cause in obesity.

To find out if the lawsuit is true, Morgan Spurlock did an experiment using himself
as test subject. They used the Quasi-Experimental method for this experiment, for the
reason that they were existing studies about the experiment and the subject were not
in control. The experiment was eating McDonald's three times a day, in thirty days. He
must eat every item on McDonald’s menu, all food that is not McDonald's are not
allowed, and he will accept super size meals if asked. McDonald's were used in the
experiment because its establishments are everywhere in America, Wal-Marts,
airports, rest stops, gas stations, train stations, shopping malls, department stores,
amusement parks, even hospital.

One problem pointed in the film is the impact of fast food in society. The research
design they used was Quantitative Research Design, they had an interview with David
Satcher, MD Former U.S. Surgeon General, he was the first surgeon who drew
attention to the obesity and stated an international epidemic. He said that for the last
20-25 years, they were experiencing a doubling count of overweight and obese
children and adolescents. By gaining more weight, it has been linked to countless
health problems such as Hypertension, Stroke, Colon Cancer, and etc. According to
Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, at least
17 million Americans now have Type II diabetes.

According to William Klish, MD Head of Dept. of Medicine, Texas Children's

Hospital, if you have diabetes on the age of 15, you will lose somewhere 17 and 27
years of life span. Obesity is not only happening to adults but also to teenagers like
Caitlin. According to Caitlin, 16 years old, that it is hard for teenagers like her to see
other girls on her age that has a small waist, thin, beautiful and asks “Am I supposed
to live like that?”. The research method was used was Descriptive Method, under
non-experimental which was done by interview. The data were gathered by
interviewing people who are related to the issue, and by compiling all the video clips
related to it.

They also used Historical Method by an interview with the heir of Baskin-Robbins
ice cream, John Robbins, wondering if eating ice cream has a connection with the
death of his Burt Baskin, who died from a heart attack at age of 51. His father, Irv
Robbins, the co-founder of Baskin-Robbins, said that Burt Baskin was tired so he
stopped working. John Robbins said that his father also has diabetes and saying that
this fact cannot be denied. On day 5, Morgan gained weight of about 10 pounds,
which is 5% of body weight. They also did a survey on random people questioning
them if how often do they go to a fast-food restaurant, what do they order in
McDonald's and if they are doing exercise. People who were interviewed mostly say
they go to fast-food restaurants once a week, and they do not exercise because they
do not have time.

In the lawsuit filed against them, McDonald's stated in their own defense, “A
matter of common knowledge that any processing that its foods undergo serve to
make them more harmful than unprocessed foods”, which is totally hypocrite as they
make McNuggets. Judge Robert Sweet called it, “A Mcfrankenstein creation of
various elements not utilized by the home cook”. Here they gathered data based on
the lawsuit which Archival Research was used. On day 7, Morgan Spurlock is now
experiencing chest pressure as he continues eating the food of McDonald's. He only
took nine days trying to eat every item on the menu.

Another impact happened is the addiction of eating this food, as Don Gorske, the
Big Mac Enthusiast, has the record of eating 19,853 big mac. In his first day, he ate 9
big mac which tempts him to eat again. They did Interview Method with Don Gorske,
in which solely 90% of his diet is by eating Big Macs. “American’s been
McDonaldized”, according to Ron English, an artistic genius, because nowadays what
we can see now are buildings, billboards, advertisements of the various commercial
product instead of nature scenery. The children see more advertisements every day
as they are more recognized with the famous fast-food restaurants rather than the
Presidents of the United States.

Dr. Marion Nestle, Chair of Nutrition and Food Studies, said that food marketing is
now ubiquitous. McDonald's has the amenities of indoor and outdoor slides, toys,
coupon, t-shirt, giveaways which attract more families and children to go and visit it.
They have done True Experimental of showing various pictures to kids, examining
them if they are more familiar with the Presidents of the United States or fast-food
icons. The results were most children failed to recognize the Presidents and were
able to identify McDonald's, Wendys and such. John F. Banzhaf III, Law Professor,
George Washington University, said that it’s a strategy of companies for children. For
example, a tobacco company creates a tobacco candy which will make the children
play-smoke so that when they grow older, they would recognize the brand they used
to play with.

They will have a comfortable feeling because they recognized it. Most of the
research method on this section was done by interviewing people for data gathering
such as fact, opinions, happenings, statistics, which is under Quantitative Research
Design. Nutrition doctors recommend to not eat fast-food item, as its bad effects are
not good in our body. At the end of this documentary film, Morgan Spurlock gained
weight, his doctors were scared because of its effect on his body especially on his
liver. After the release of the documentary film, McDonald’s removed “supersize”
option from the menu. McDonald’s began to to offer healthy food for its consumers.