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“Millennial.” You may have seen it in social media or heard it on TV. You’re puzzled, clueless as
to what this word means. In the Philippines, Filipino millennials or “Fillennials” is now a thing. Let
me tell you who “millennials” are, why they are different from other generation , and why they
are called as such.
Millennials are different from other generation (Generation Z) in terms of technology. In the generation
Z people only communicate through telegrama and letters they wait for a long hours to receive a
message while nowadays communication is very easy in just a minute people can easily send and receive
a message and can easily communicate with their family,friends and relatives in and out of the country.
And also in Generation Z they only use typewriter in work but now in our daily lives people cant live
without a computer because it is the every day use for individuals of every age, and it is essential in
almost all the business dealings that are made nowadays.

Millennials are described as those who are social media-dependent and also, the “selfie” generation.
Many things describe what a millennial is. According to The Week, millennials are usually waster of
money. Millennials are known to usually spend for luxury goods which leave their bank accounts
shaken—the reason why they are also described as “broke.” Millennials are also described as self-
obsessed making them known as the “Me, Me, Me Generation.” However, there are also good attitudes
which millennials possess: being politically and socially-engaged. In other generations, millennials have
their say about issues and are more involved with politics.

When it comes to entertainment, millennials in the are usually seen spending time online, watching
YouTube videos. Millennials usually have the latest apps, watch the latest TV series, and are into the
latest hits. According to a Philippine Star article, millennials do not usually read newspapers. Instead,
they have Google for information or Waze for road directions.

Aside from the age difference, millennials have their own personalities. According to
Time, millennials have a mantra of “Challenge convention.” This means that millennials
seek to find better ways of doing things. When millennials were babies, technology was
already available. millennials are usually the ones to try new technology, making them a
target of many businesses for their products.

They’re also known to be career-shifters, jumping from one field to another, seeing
making career as “self-discovery.”

Millennials is the label to the latest generation wherein they are more engage to technologies due to the
exposure on this. Millennials are pressured to improved as they adapt the advancement of technology.