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​Burnley-Moran Elementary School  


Volume 7 FIrst Grade NEws 4-11-19

What’s Happening in First Grade?

WELCOME BACK!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful and restful Spring Break! 
It is hard to believe this is the beginning of the 4th quarter.  
Don’t Forget!   
Upcoming Events 
● April 15th → F​ ield Trip to the Paramount
● April 19th → ​Spring Fling
● April 26th → ​School Wide Morning Meeting (led by Pre-K)
oneBME Spirit Day
● May 1st → ​Spirit Day- Mismatched Day

In our classroom…

READING​:​ We are continuing our unit on poetry! Students are learning about different types of
poetry (haiku, concrete or shape poems, object poems, acrostic, and free verse). We will also
discuss different elements used in poetry (rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, and onomatopoeia).
Students will have the opportunity to listen to and read poetry written by various authors. We
will use poetry to help us practice reading fluently (finding a just right speed) and with
expression (thinking about the mood and feeling).

WRITING​:​ Students really enjoyed sharing their opinions during our review unit. I enjoyed
learning about books, games, and movies recommended by students. We will be spending
some time working on writing different types of poetry and incorporating different elements
into our writing. Our next unit will be realistic fiction!

MATH​:​ Our current math unit is graphing! We are discussing different types of graphs (bar, pie,
and pictographs). Students are developing questions and surveying their classmates. They
will be choosing how to represent that data and share it with the class. We are learning how to
read graphs and compare data using these words: greater than, less than, more, and fewer.
An ongoing unit is number combinations to help students continue to develop fluency with
addition facts. Students will also continue to practice telling time to the hour and half hour and
counting groups of like coins. Our next unit is place value!

CONTENT​:​ Students learned about some influential and important women to celebrate
Women’s History Month in March. Our field trip to the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Museum
gave students the chance to revisit our study of life long ago. Students were able to dress up
and play games, visit a school room, and learn about family life long ago. We were excited to
welcome spring and to start our study of plants! Students will learn what plants need to grow,
the different parts of a plant, and the function that each part serves. All of the first grade
classes will be planting seeds and observing their growth. Then, we will be transplanting them
into BME’s garden! Coming next is our study of maps.
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