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Category: Student Poster for the 10th RAKMHSU Students Scientific Conference

Students Names Marah Yasser 1, Karam Khaled 1, Razan

Ayman 1 and Shorok Ashraf 1
1 Third Year students, RAK College of
Students Affiliation
Pharmaceutical Sciences, RAK Medical and
Health Sciences University, Ras Al Khaimah.
Phone Number 00971-567123860/501879100
Email address:
Name of Supervising Faculty, Dr. Areeg Anwer Ali2
Designation & Institutional affiliation 2Associate Professor, Department of Clinical

Pharmacy and Pharmacology, RAK College

of Pharmaceutical Sciences, RAK Medical
and Health Sciences University, Ras Al
TITLE OF THE STUDY Dementia- a Public Health Concern
INTRODUCTION Dementia is a syndrome that affects memory,
thinking, behavior and ability to perform
everyday activities. It is not a normal part of
The number of people living with dementia
worldwide is currently estimated at 35.6
million. This number will double by 2030 and
more than triple by 2050.
There is lack of awareness and understanding
of dementia in most countries, resulting in
stigmatization, barriers to diagnosis and care.
AIMS/OBJECTIVES This study was conducted to highlight
dementia as a public health priority in the
modern era.
MATERIALS/METHODS Our study is a five months systematic literature
review in which information was identified and
collected from different medical literature
databases such as PubMed, ProQuest,
MEDLINE, WHO and FDA websites and
Google scholar using terminologies such as
Dementia, Alzheimer Disease, Types, Stages,
Factors, Management, Impact on families and
caretakers and Recent advances. All articles
which met our inclusion criteria regardless of
characteristics of the study population, sample
size, setting, were included in this study.
FINDINGS/ DISCUSSION Little information on prevalence of dementia in
Middle East, North Africa and UAE were
available, indicating considerable awareness
deficit in this region.
Alzheimer's disease accounts for 60 to 80
percent of dementia cases followed by
vascular dementia.

Dementia is linked with aged individuals,

usually beyond 65 years of age. Only 0.9% of
the UAE population is over 65 years of age
with similar pictures in Qatar, Saudi Arabia
and other Gulf countries.
CONCLUSION Our study highlights several challenges that
need to be addressed in order to provide
adequate and effective care for people with
dementia as they near the end of their life.


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