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Write a mail to invite Alumni for footprint 2019?

Dear Alumni,

The time to relive the nostalgia has come. The journey of IIM Indore that bestowed you with the
best of experiences and memories are indeed always cherish worthy. The ephemeral nostalgia you
get thinking about those IIM memories can bring you the smile even on the toughest day. May be at
times you might ask yourself a question- What would I not give to return back and live those two
years yet again, every moment of it. And for this, it brings us immense pleasure to invite our alumni
to provide them that ‘back to school’ experience once again, along with bigger objectives to emerge
as one of the strongest alumni networks.

Footprint 2019 awaits you! We are so excited to have you join us for the IIM Indore annual alumni
meet which will be held in IIM Indore from 16- 19 November 2019

So what do we have in store for you? Plenty! Read on!

The vision:

Footprint 2019 comes with the content for our overall vision to ‘find purpose, generate value and
innovate excellence’ for the event. The purpose of footprint lies in bringing together our alumni into
an ambience with myriad of new learning experiences, new networks, and inspiration; to channel
synergies and enhance the strength of the alumni community. The 3-day event comes up with
multiple formats of sessions- keynotes, panel discussions, tedx talks, relive the nostalgia, networking
and entertainments tracks are all planned around the vision.

IIM Indore community with 12000+ alumni around the world, comprises entrepreneurs, corporate
leaders, academicians, decision makers, social sector innovators, artists, authors, and so on have
immense potential as a community to impact and this led us to host the 2019 FOOTPRINT along the
vision that can appeal the intellectual curiosity.

Our keynote panellists and speakers are globally recognized individuals who will be covering talks on
myriads of interesting topics. Besides we have planned to organize various workshops related to
entrepreneurship that aim to ignite the entrepreneurship obscured ideas within us.

We have attached the agenda in form of itinerary. We will soon get back to you with the final list of
speakers and panellists along with the topics soon.

We are sure that you will certainly mark these 3 days in your calendar to walk down the memory
lanes and make it available to be with your adorable professors, mentors, the current students and
not the least, your bosom friends and colleagues.

With the objectives of our alumni community ‘to maximize the potential of alumni and IIM Indore,
enhancing their lives and society they further impact, and giving back to alma mater’ we invite you
for the footprint.

Anticipating positive and enthusiastic response from you. With best wishes to you and your family
members. For any further details please contact Coordinator, IIM Indore Alumni Committee and
kindly confirm your participation through email latest by -- .

Best Regards,


IIM Indore Alumni Committee. Email: - --


Time Process LOCATION

Day 1 7 am – 1 pm Registration
DAY 1 930 am – 1 pm Alumni welcome/ New Audi
inauguration, professor
briefing and chief guest
keynote, other keynotes
DAY 1 1 pm – 2pm Lunch
DAY 1 2 pm – 4 pm Revisit and RELIVE THE Old audi,
NOSTALGIA of those times( classroom
Networking aim) OR
concurrently: Mentor
Mentee(alumni prof
session)/ Panel Discussions/
DAY 1 4 pm – 7 pm Alumni—students meetup Old Audi
one on one/ Concurrently
we can have Workshop or
TEDX talks or Relive the
DAY 1 930 pm – 1130 Dinner gala /Cultural night New audi
Day 1 1200 am- :)) DJ
Day 2 9 am – 10 am Keynote (optional)
Day 2 10 am – 1 pm Entrepreneurship bootup( New Audi
aimed to highlight alumni
incubations, and sharing of
similar ideas in support with
distinguished guests from
DAY 2 2 – 6 pm Workshop- Startup
Or Outbound activity 2- 6 pm
(fun events) and
concurrently PANEL
Day 2 8-11 pm Grand exquisite sumptuous Some
Dinner good
Day 3 9- 1 Outbound or fun activity or
networking or TEDX OR
PANEL discussion or
Workshop on social impact
Day 3 2-5 pm Institute – Alumni session on
future prospects + Award /
Recognoition Ceremony
Day 3 5 pm – 7 pm The photography and final


2) One alum is upset not able to shortlist through our job postings,, pacify him

Dear XYZ,

It feels very apologetic to write this email to you. We appreciate that you have been
persistently trying the jobs in the domain ABC, but it must be necessary now to understand and self-
evaluate yourself on what exact reasons are you lagging behind. Being the part of alumni committee
we want to assuage your failures by strengthening you, and we can do all our best so that you don’t
feel upset.

We would like to connect you with the alumni who also similarly were struggling in getting job
convert from same domain, who is also working in the last company that rejected you. We hope that
this communication may help you in realizing the precise requirements and recommendations on
how to work around the things that you might be lacking behind.

And also we would like to extend the help of our vast alumni network who can suggest specific
skillsets through which you can get the edge for your future job prospects. We would like to have
more open conversation so that we understand the shortcomings and I am very positive that our
very strong alumni network can further help you up with.

This email is not written with only purpose that we are just guiding you, but we must also make you
acquainted with the potential of you being an IIM Indore alumni that can impact the world
positively through many ways. May be after you follow up with the above ways and realize that you
can do much better in other domains, then that can open again the gateway of job prospects for you
which you may definitely get succeed into it.

We hope that this email will bring the optimism inside you and we aim at not leaving any alumni
behind. So we will try our best efforts to bring you more opportunities as our true value is the value
of IIM Indore network with more than 20000+ alums to help and rescue the needy who are in
trouble. We wish you all the best and feel free to write to us for any further assistance

Attaching the contacts of our respected alumni who can happy to assist you. Please schedule the
meeting on --- with their consent

Best Regards,


Alumni comm


1) ABC, JP Morgan, ---

2) VGH, …
Alumni are not filling db update forms, persuasive mail

Dear Alumni,

Being the current students of IIM Indore, when we started to pull together lists of IIM Indore
alumni, we were astonished at how many successful entrepreneurs were from this alma mater.
Yet there seems lack of networking for knowledge sharing of entrepreneurship on campus or for
alums to figure out entrepreneurship.

Not just that, but there is so much untapped alumni network who are already in high corporate
leadership roles, social leaders, social entrepreneurs, academicians, authors, artists and so on
which can benefit the whole IIM Indore community if they become part of our online platforms.
And besides we can also benefit each other with exploration of various job referral prospects
from myriads of domains.

With the mission to "Maximize the potential of alumni and IIM Indore". Our alumni in process to
emerge as one of the strongest alumni networks with more than 11000+ already connected
each other on platforms like: Linkedin, almaconnect and fb group. We are currently aiming at the
become one of best and most well networked alumni community in the world and positively
enhance your professional and personal lives and further return back to IIM Indore to strengthen
the infrastructure, student exposure and education quality. We are also aiming to build up
network that supports for each other and look forward to impact the social lives of people as well
through voluntary fund raising and fostering non-profit social works.

With this it brings us regret to send repetitive annoying mails of submitting the form that seeks
your current details. But we request you to understand that these pettish mails are the request and
contribution that we require from you in order to make the very strong alumni community. We
request to kindly evaluate our efforts which can make our objectives feasible.

We hope that we get your response soon and we ensure you that your small contribution by
submitting the valuable information about your current work status can enhance the database and
can further make the whole objectives of emerging as one of the strongest alumni community

Thanking you in anticipation,

Warm Regards,



IIM Indore