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1PG Rules/Character Sheet

For the Referee
Scenario #1:
Scenario #2:
Scenario #3:
Scenario #4:
Scenario #5:

1PG System Design Additional Testing & Support
Thanks, everybody!
Beer & Pretzels

Agent S.E.V.E.N. is published by Deep7
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All rights reserved worldwide. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution or commercial use of this product in its electronic or hardcopy form is expressly
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Deep7 1PG™ Beer & Pretzel RPGs assume
the players and ref already have some rudi-
NAME: mentary experience with roleplaying
OCCUP ATION: games. All Deep7 1PG™ Beer & Pretzel
games are played with 6-sided dice. Deep7
CASH: assumes no liability for mental instability
Height: Weight: Gender: on the part of players, refs or their families.
FITNESS Eyes: Hair: Age:
Drinking Hit 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pistol 8
Fighting Location Head Torso R.Arm L.Arm R.Leg L.Leg Rifle 12
Pilot AP
Club 3
Grenade 20
Shooting Small Knife 3
Swimming Item Damage Truncheon 5
Bayonette 4
LOOKS Sword 5
Attire Army Knife 4
Axe 6
Pose Mortar (-1 Shooting) 20
Seduction Machine Gun (1D6 hits) 10ea
Hvy. Mach. Gun (1D6 hits) 12ea
Con THE GAME: Agent S.E.V.E.N.™ is a simple-to-learn roleplaying game where players take on the roles of suave, sexy secret
Gambling agents in a flashy, action-packed espionage movie. It assumes the players and ref already have some rudimentary experience
with roleplaying. It is meant to be played in the vein of ‘60s television series like The Man from U.N.C.L.E., It Takes a Thief,
Dodge The Avengers, Mission: Impossible, The Saint, and films like Remo Williams, Fathom, Our Man Flint, and of course the long-
Repair running series of exploits by the master spy, James Bond.
Thievery THE RULES: Good evening, agent. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to roll 1D3 for each attribute (bold head-
ings). Then roll 1D6 for the total number of points to distribute into your skills (under the bold headings). Every skill starts at 0.
BRAINS No skill can be higher than 3. If you need extra points, you can take them from other skills, leaving them at -1 for each point
Gen. Knowledge taken. But since you add your attribute and skill together for rolling a skill check, no attribute/skill combination can be less than
1. If you don’t see a skill you really want your character to have (Advanced Underwater Basketweaving or whatever), just scrawl
Languages it in the margin.
Roll 2D6+5 and write the number in Blood. This is how much Blood you have. Every time you take damage, you will lose
Blood. When you have lost all your Blood, you are dead.

BLOOD Everyone starts with some Guts. Roll 1D6 and put the number there. At any time you have a traumatic experience in the game
(like facing down an entire squad of enemy commandos, or getting wounded), you may make a “Guts Check”, where you get to
GUTS try to roll below your Guts number. The more Guts you have, the easier it is to keep your Wits about you.
Next, roll 1D6. Write the result in Wits. Wits tells you how long you can hold out against the mental pressure of espionage. If
FATE you make your “Guts Check”, you keep your Wits. If you don’t make it, your Wits are reduced by 1. If you completely lose your
CHAR PTS Wits, you are reduced to a shadow of your former self, a traumatized, jibbering idiot. You are unfit for service and will be re-
tired. You may always put Character Points into Wits.

Background Table (1D6) Fate is important when you need to see if that bullet you just took really had your name on it (explained below, read on). Every-
1 CIVIL SERVANT: +1 Languages, one’s Fate starts at 0. Everyone may try to roll 1D6 and get the same or under his Fitness, Looks, Finesse and Brains attributes
Con, Gen. Knowledge, Oratory. (but you may only try once for each, at the beginning of the game). Add 1 to your Fate for each successful check. If you need to
2 PROFESSIONAL: +1 Gen. Knowl- make a Fate roll, see below.
edge, Wits, Languages, +1D6 x $10.
3 ATHLETE: +1 Dodge, Swimming, Everyone should also roll on the Background & Status Tables, to get some spy movie affectations. And 2D6 x $1000 in cash.
Pose, +3 Blood.
4 EX-SOLDIER: +1 Fighting, Pilot, SKILL ROLLS: This 1PG will self destruct in 5 seconds... when you want to do something, figure out what skill/attribute
Shooting, Dodge. combo will get it done. Add your attribute and skill together to get your Target Number and roll 1D6 equal to or below it.
5 DILLETANTE: +1 Seduction, Lan- Rolling a 1 is always a success, and rolling a 6 is always a failure. The GM may add to or subtract from the target number
guages, Drinking, +1D6 x $Mil. based on environmental factors (motion, weather, or plain difficulty), so having a target of 6 isn’t useless — it allows you to ef-
6 CRIMINAL: +1 Pose, Con, Thiev- fectively absorb a -1 to your target number without having to worry too much. If you are fighting, use the Fighting skill for at-
ery, Gadgetry. tack, and Dodge for evasion. Two combatants will roll their Shooting or Fighting skill at the same time. The higher margin of
success is a successful hit. If someone is attacking and someone is evading, do the same thing: if the combat margin is bigger,
Status Table (1D6) the hit was good. If the evasion margin was bigger, the attacker missed. Always add your Fitness to hand-to-hand weapon dam-
1 BATTLE-HARDENED: +1 Guts. age. Because Agent S.E.V.E.N.™ characters are less-expendable than those in Shriek™ or Battleforce Bravo™, before taking
2 JET-SET: +1 Drinking or Gam- damage, roll equal to or under your Fate. If successful, the hit didn’t connect. If not, you take the damage as normal.
3 SHARPSHOOTER: +1 Shooting. OTHER STUFF: Wearing stuff gives you Armor Points. Denim gives you 1 AP, Leather gives you 2. A flak jacket provides 4.
4 SPECIALIST: +1 to any Skill. A motorcycle helmet or ballistics vest each give you 10 AP. When you take damage, subtract your AP in the appropriate location
5 EXTRA-FIT: +3 Blood from the damage you are dealt. If you survive a whole scenario, you get 1 Character Point for every person at the table. Put these
points into Attributes, Skills, Blood, Guts, or Wits. But don’t worry about surviving. These characters are meant to get double-
crossed, lasered, blown up or eviscerated by the Evil Mastermind. Just roll up a new one.
The agent with the highest Fate will Notes:
usually be the team leader (in team
kay, so you drew the short straw. It’s really not all that bad. You get to have your Evil Masterminds and
Soviet Warlords laugh maniacally as they try to take over the world (and perhaps take out a few of your
friends while they’re at it)! Whether you’re a novice or a pro, here are some helpful hints for running a suc-
cessful game of AGENT S.E.V.E.N.

CUT TO THE CHASE: That means keep the adventure short and to the point. Think of it in terms of a
ITEM DAMAGE movie. Get into the meat of the story as soon as possible. Remember, you don’t have to plan a campaign.
Hammer 3 Each scenario is meant to be played within a single evening, or 2-3 hours each. If you want to bring back
Holdout Pistol 5 surviving characters and play another scenario, go for it! The movies are full of successful (and unsuc-
Submachine Gun 8ea. cessful) super-spy franchises, and Agent S.E.V.E.N. characters are a bit more durable than, say, those in
(1D6 hits) Shriek or Battleforce Bravo (though still more disposable than traditional RPG characters).
Machine Gun 10ea
(1D6 hits) MAKE THEM RELAX: For many experienced players used to competitive campaign-style roleplaying,
Pistol 8 the idea of disposable agents might be a bit foreign. Tell them to chill. You may have to remind your
Club 4 players that they are the James Bonds, Emma Peels and Simon Templars in an action-packed espionage
Machete 4 movie. Reference spy classics like Fathom, Our Man Flint, Remo Williams, or any James Bond movie,
Knife 3 heist films such as Entrapment, The Great Train Robbery, The Thomas Crown Affair, and TV series like
Bottle 2 The Avengers, Mission: Impossible and The Saint.
Bayonette 4 SET THE MOOD: Put on some appropriate soundtrack music (any adventurous film score will do - we
Bullwhip 2 highly recommend the classic James Bond movie soundtracks, or more modern techno fare if you are play-
Spear 5 ing in a contemporary setting). Remind them of their motivations. Is one a demolitions expert? Do two
Rifle 12 of them have a continuing professional rivalry? Is one a suicidal maniac taking unnecessary risks all the
Mortar 20 time in the name of freedom and democracy? Tell a visual story. “The Soviet thug turns just in time to
(-1 Shooting) see you reach for your cigarette lighter garrote. Time seems to slow to a crawl as he in turn goes for his
Hook 3 sidearm. You dive for the thug’s throat before he can raise an alarm. There is the brief pop of a silenced
Garrotte 4 pistol, and the thug drops to the side, blood welling from the wound in his neck. You land, turning to face
Axe 6 the source of the shot and discover your mysterious, alluring contact... ”
Razor Blade 2
Hvy.Machine 12ea. THE BAD GUYS: A good rule of thumb when creating a villain or villains is to make them durable
Gun (1D6 hits) enough to be a challenge, but vulnerable enough to make the players believe they have a chance. Heh heh.
Sword 6 If you have a case of Commies (hmmm, sounds serious... have you seen a doctor?) give them 15 Blood. A
Shard of Glass 2 lone Evil Mastermind or other main character might have 20 or more (balance the challenge).
Punch 0
IMPORTANT: Bad guys seldom kill the entire cast in a spy movie, although you can certainly lose a
Kick 1 bunch in assorted action sequences. Usually a couple characters survive. Even if the first string gets
Human Bite 2 blown away, make sure at least one character survives to make contact with the agents who come in to re-
Snake Bite (per hr) 3 place them. A well-run game will either slowly whittle away one set of characters, or completely blast
Shark Bite 6 them so the players will get a chance to play a second one. These characters are so one-dimensional, it is
Horse Kick 6 even possible to play two at the same time!
Branding Iron (hot) 4
Truncheon 5 FUDGE ON THE DICE: It is your prerogative as the referee to tell the story as you see fit. Never be
afraid to say, “because I said so...” If you need a decision made, roll a die for it. If you need to figure out
Car 20
how many Red Army soldiers are stationed at the garrison, roll a die for it. If the task is really easy, give
Grenade 20
‘em a +1 or +2 on their target number. If the task is super difficult, give ‘em a -1 (remember rolling a 1 is
Rocket Launcher 30
always a success and a 6 is always a failure).

THE STORIES INCLUDED: There are five scenarios included with this game that can be played either in sequence or in whichever
order you see fit. Feel free to design your own, and keep checking for free scenarios to download!
#1 - GHOST MISSION: A CIA team goes on Eastern Bloc intrigue in a Cold War spy adventure.
#2 - OPERATION: SWITCHBACK: Will the real nuclear physicist please stand up?
#3 - ICE, ICE BABY: Retro heist action in this jewel of a thriller.
#4 - DIAMOND EYE: An Evil Mastermind is out to rule the world from his volcanic island lair.
#5 - OPERATION MAELSTROM: Diamond Eye is back, kidnapping prominent beauties to sell on the black market.
By Eric Mead and Bill Movish

Disclaimer: DEEP 7 and its personnel in no any way endorse the practice of assassination, alcoholism and unprotected sex. Do not attempt international espionage
at home. It is our opinion that any teen or adult with half a brain SHOULD be able to tell the difference between reality and fiction, tribute and parody.

THE PREMISE: It’s 1984, the height of Cold War intrigue in the Eastern Bloc. A microchip containing vital Soviet nuclear
secrets has been stolen, and your agency, the CIA, has a chance to receive it from a mysterious double agent in Czechoslovakia.
THE SETUP: The PCs are a crack team of CIA agents à la Mission: Impossible, each with a specialty. They are stationed in West
Berlin, but will be travelling throughout Europe. The agents are suave and sophisticated and should be able to blend with the locals in
any situation. Their mission is this: a mysterious East German Army Major known only as “the Ghost” has been passing secrets to the
west via encoded messages. He has promised a microchip which would severely compromise Soviet nuclear research, but has said that
the agency will have to come get it. They are to attend a party at Castle Smrtelný in Czechoslovakia, where the microchip is kept.
There they will receive it. However, the Ghost wasn’t able to secure invitations, so the PC’s first task is to meet and gain the trust of
the Castle’s eccentric owner, and get invited to the party.
MONTE CARLO: The Castle’s owner is a fat, corrupt East German industrialist by the name of Hans Graumann. He only cares
about three things: poker, beautiful women, and medieval weapons. He is on vacation in Monte Carlo and spends every evening at the
Casino DeLuxe playing grotesquely high-stakes poker. The PC’s are given a suitcase containing one million francs, false ID’s, and
assorted spy gadgetry. They’re to pose as jet-setters and befriend the odious Herr Graumann. There are three good ways to do this:
know a lot about medieval weapons (or better yet sell them), be a beautiful woman, or lose a lot of money in one of his poker games
(if you can gain access to them). Each member of the team might use a different method. If not all of the team gets invited, those who
are can bring those who aren’t as dates, or the non-invited can simply sneak around and crawl through air ducts and stuff. The party is
in one week, and is a plane ride away to the mountains of Czechoslovakia.
SMRTELNÝ HRAD: The Castle dates from 1400, and is situated in the mountains of Northern Bohemia. It’s surrounded by
barbed wire and about a zillion guards. All of the latter-day Warsaw pact’s elite have come to this party to hob-knob, drink, and
gamble. The PC’s instructions are to dress one of their number in a tuxedo with a purple carnation in the lapel. The Ghost will contact
them with the code phrase “I have not seen a purple carnation since my brother's funeral.” The correct response is “That’s because
your brother died in June.” Needless to say, the characters should not be armed at this party. The PC’s arrive late, and aren’t there very
long before they realize that the party is also attended by their old nemesis, Colonel Wojtek Stepanowicz, who they’ve thwarted many
times in the past. They must therefore make contact with their agent and not be noticed by the Colonel. Luckily, the Colonel has been
drinking heavily, and will run into one of the characters and say “Haven’t we met?” Whichever character is wearing the carnation will
be contacted by the Ghost in a very visceral way: a raven-haired femme fatale (they were expecting a military man) runs up and kisses
him deeply, then whispers in his ear the code phrase. Upon receiving the response, she tells him that he should meet her in the West
Wing hallway in 20 minutes. When the PC’s arrive in the hallway, she emerges from the shadows. There are guards patrolling, so
emphasize the urgency of getting the chip quickly. The Ghost issues her ultimatum: she wants to defect, and is the only one who
knows the encryption codes in the chip. The PC’s must take her if they want the chip. Whatever discussion they have about this will
be enough to attract a guard. They must then hurriedly disable the guard, enter the room and steal the chip from the safe (the Ghost
knows the combination). Unarmed, they must use the medieval weapons covering the walls until they can secure guns. Commie
thugs: FITNESS 2/Fighting 2/Shooting 2.
ESCAPE: Another guard finds the unconscious or dead guard and sounds a general alarm. The PC’s only have one way out: they
must fight their way to the dock, steal a boat, and race down the river that the Castle overlooks. They will, of course, be pursued by
guards in boats of their own, the most successful of which will actually pull beside the PC’s boat and jump on, engaging in close
combat. At this point, the PC’s discover that the Ghost is also a crack shot. When the PC’s escape, the Ghost, whose real name is Ilse
Kätzchen, suggests that they go to a village nearby where she knows a doctor who can treat their wounds, and also where they can
contact their superiors and get a truck. The village is idyllic and peaceful, and the benevolent doctor, Ilse’s uncle, helps them. When
they contact base, they’re instructed to go to East Berlin and meet a chopper there. Little do the characters know that the transmission
has been intercepted...
OVER THE WALL: After borrowing a truck and driving for many hours to reach East Berlin, the PC’s arrive at the meeting
point. Unfortunately, the East German Polizei have beaten them there. When the chopper begins to land, it’s destroyed utterly by
rocket propelled grenades. Once again, the characters are in a shootout. Their only hope is to blast their way to the Berlin Wall and
then through the checkpoint. This should involve commandeered Volkswagens, crowded marketplaces, and a German tank. If the
PC’s are in trouble, they will be aided by off-duty US Army soldiers on the other side of the wall, who will punch out the guards at the
checkpoint. As soon as the characters cross over to West Berlin, the East Germans are powerless to pursue them and throw down their
rifles in disgust. Ilse lives the rest of her life as a free woman in the West.
By Eric Mead and Bill Movish

Disclaimer: DEEP 7 and its personnel in no any way endorse the practice of assassination, alcoholism and unprotected sex. Do not attempt international espionage
at home. It is our opinion that any teen or adult with half a brain SHOULD be able to tell the difference between reality and fiction, tribute and parody.

THE PREMISE: The characters are a field operations cell for Her Majesty’s Secret Service in Moscow. They’re sent to do a
routine pickup from two of their agents who have kidnapped a prominent Russian scientist, Dr. Ivan Denisov. All the characters need
to do is pick up the scientist and hand him over to the CIA at a Moscow safehouse. Pretty simple, but something has gone horribly

THE SETUP: Any spy team will work for this adventure. If the players want, they can choose specialties for their characters. All
the characters speak fluent Russian and have false civilian identities, as they’ve been living in Russia for a long time. Their initial
mission briefing simply states that two British agents have captured a brilliant scientist as a favor to the CIA, and the PCs should meet
them at the hotel, pick up the scientist, and deliver him in 3 hours before the KGB tracks them down.

THE HOTEL: When they arrive at the hotel, everything seems fine until they get to the room. It’s a mess. The agents they’re
supposed to meet, Agent Albatross and Agent Foxhound, are in a state of panic. There are two dead bodies in their bathtub (the
scientist’s driver and bodyguard) and Albatross has been shot in the gut (has 5 Blood left). To make matters worse, the characters soon
realize that the man tied to a chair, wearing a lab coat and swearing in Russian is the wrong man. His name is Denis Ivanov. Foxhound
and the PCs will probably have an argument at this point; they need to get rid of the bodies, get Albatross to a doctor, and somehow
get rid of this scientist without letting him know what is going on. When that’s all taken care of, they need to find the correct scientist
and get him to the Americans in about 2 hours.

THE ROUGH STREETS OF MOSCOW: A maid overheard all the commotion and noticed blood on the carpet in the
lobby and has phoned the police. They arrive at the hotel while the characters are still there, and begin a noisy room-to-room search.
The PCs are parked in the garage under the hotel. They presumably carry the bodies and the wounded agent down there and load up
their van. When they try to leave, they’re stopped at a police checkpoint. This should be a tense situation that the PCs try to bluff their
way out of, but at a key moment, they’re given away by Albatross coughing up blood. Alternately, the police could search the back of
the van. Things quickly degenerate into a car chase and shootout in the streets of Moscow. When the PCs escape, they need to get to a
doctor. Fortunately, they know one, Dr. Dobroi. They leave Albatross there, and if they think of it, Dr. Dobroi can help them get rid of
bodies. Of course, he expects to be paid in blue jeans. The PCs may have to trade pants with him, and his are too large. They can fall
down at a dramatically appropriate moment later. The doctor dresses their wounds (heals all damage), but they don’t have time for
much else. It’s time to ditch the wrong scientist and get the right one. The PCs can devise their own scheme for getting rid of Dr.
Ivanov, but must catch the well-guarded and secured Dr. Denisov themselves before they’re supposed to meet the Americans.

STALLING THE CIA: There are two problems at this point: The first is that Dr. Denisov (blissfully unaware of the plot) is
supposed to be on a train back to his Siberian lab in three hours, and they’re supposed to make the handoff to the CIA in one hour.
They have no way of finding the doctor until he gets on the train. The CIA isn’t going to wait around if the PCs are three or four hours
late, so they have to be stalled. The PCs should devise a bluff and contact the CIA on their secret transmitter. They could even send
Albatross and Foxhound to blow the cover of the safe house so that the meeting has to be rescheduled.

THE TRAIN: No matter how quickly they deal with this problem and arrive at the station, they are just in time to get to see Dr.
Denisov get on the train. They have no choice but to board the Trans-Siberian Express. Denisov has a private car with two guards at
each door. However, as the PCs move about the train, they’re spotted by KGB guards protecting the doctor. KGB agents are typical
bad guys with FITNESS 2/Fighting 2/Shooting 2. You may want to make one of them a brute with FITNESS 3/Fighting 3 (just for a
challenge). The KGB doesn’t want to cause a panic, and neither do the characters (hopefully) so any action should be quiet. At some
point, things break down and a firefight takes place. The PCs realize that they need to get off the train before the next station or the
KGB will swarm the train. The only way to do this is to heroically get the doctor, herd everybody out of the back car, and detach it.
They can then leave the train and run to a nearby safehouse in the countryside, content in the knowledge that they’ve struck a blow to
the worldwide spectre of communism.
By Ron Dugdale

Disclaimer: DEEP 7 and its personnel in no way endorse nor do we engage in the practice of espionage, and we certainly wouldn’t tell you if we did. We do,
however, think that anyone with an unlimited bank account, connections with an international spy ring and/or the moxie to run headlong into a hail of bullets and
actually believe he/she will not be cut to ribbons should certainly give it a shot. We also believe that in this, the post Cold War world, everyone is our friend and no
one is really out there that wants to take over the world. Not even for…ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Uh huh… It is our opinion that any teen or adult with half a
brain SHOULD be able to tell the difference between reality and fiction, tribute and parody.

THE PREMISE: A group of professionals are hired to steal a king’s ransom in diamonds and other precious gems. All they have
to do is take it off a speeding train heading for Kiev. This is the classic heist/spy adventure in the vein of The Great Train Robbery,
Entrapment, The Thomas Crowne Affair and any of a number of Mission: Impossible episodes.

THE SETUP: The game is simple. It is 1969, and the Russians are moving a large shipment of precious gems via train from
Moscow to Kiev. The team should include the following types. The Enforcer, the Driver, the Fixer, the Face, the Brain, the Tech. If
you need more parts, double up the Enforcer and Tech. They will all meet in Paris after getting a plane ticket and $10,000.00 as an
initial payment. Each will know the others by reputation, as well as a grudging amount of respect balanced with suspicion. Here is
the twist: One of the players is a NATO spy after secret ciphers that are also being carried aboard the train. Called the Phantom
Cipher by the West, this new Russian code is currently unbreakable and very important to the West to stem the tide of Communist
expansion. The player must steal the cipher cards and take pictures of the machine, leaving everything intact with no trace of the theft.
Either choose or randomly select the spy. Take each player into another room and give him or her the information about the heist and
his or her role as described above. Give the secret spy the briefing above about the Phantom Cipher but make sure that no one in the
group knows. Now for the Plan...

THE PLAN: Our heroes can take any means they wish to get on the train. Leave it totally up to the players to devise a plan.
Helicopters, disguises, bribes, whatever it takes. The adventure at this point should come off without a hitch. Let all the players get
into position and allow the spy the chance to slip away. At this point have everyone roll a D6. This is to find out how well the spy
does on the cipher theft. Take only the spy’s roll and refer to the chart below. From here the game diverges depending on the
outcome of the spy’s die roll. 1-3: Success, but someone in the group catches the spy. Go to Spies ‘R’ Us. 4 -6: The Russians catch
the spy in the act. Go to Captured!

CAPTURED!: The spy is caught red handed. The Russians get the drop on the spy and give the spy two choices: surrender or die.
If the spy makes a move, the Russians start shooting. Russian guards: FITNESS 2/Fighting 2/Shooting 2. Hopefully the spy will have
a good Fate rating to help him or her get out of the way, but now the Russians will turn the train upside down looking for the spy and
will make the heist twice as difficult. Double the guards on the shipment and, once the spy has found a place to hide, let him hear the
Cipher is to be taken off the train by helicopter within the hour. This time will synchronize with the timing of the robbery. His only
avenue of escape is with the robbery team. He is going to have to confide in the team. Go to The Cipher.

SPIES ‘R’ US: Someone in the team (you decide) sees the spy either stashing the Cipher or returning with it. Will he turn in the
spy or can the spy convince the others the Cipher is necessary for the welfare of the Free World? Let the interplay between the PCs
and the spy play out. Either way time is running short as the timetable for the heist continues to more forward. Remember that this is
a group of international thieves. What will they decide? If they turn over the spy their cover is blown. Their best bet is to go on with
the heist. Go to The Cipher.

THE CIPHER: The players’ plan should go off like a Mission: Impossible episode. Disguises, lock picks, seductions, ruse and
misdirection, whatever they came up with will work. The group will have more problems if the spy was caught in Captured! but this
should just increase either the time required or the planning needed. The Cipher is now being kept with the diamonds due to the
increased risk to its security, however, only the spy will recognize it for what it is. If you are feeling somewhat “Bondian”, have them
commandeer the helicopter at the last minute and fly away. Mission successful.
By Todd & Samantha Downing

Disclaimer: DEEP 7 and its personnel in no way endorse international espionage, submersible gunfights or blowing up small Pacific islands. It is our opinion that
any teen or adult with half a brain SHOULD be able to tell the difference between reality and fiction, tribute and parody.

THE PREMISE: An Evil Mastermind known as Diamond Eye is threatening to take over the world. Will the team be able to
sneak into his secret underground volcano lair in time to save the people of earth? It’s time to find out in this harrowing adventure a la
James Bond. As a comedic alternative, you may choose to run this in an Austin Powers vein.

THE SETUP: The team is made up of members of S.E.V.E.N., The Secret Espionage Vindication Enforcement Network, a
multinational intelligence organization sworn to rid the world of threats to global security. The story begins as every TV or radio
within range of the team begins receiving a message – Diamond Eye, the notorious Evil Mastermind himself, insists that the world
hand over absolute leadership to him or he will release the worst biological weapon known to man. Depending on the type of game
you have chosen, this weapon could be something as simple as Anthrax or as silly as a gas that would turn people into crazed
nymphomaniacs. However you choose to run it, make sure it’s something that your team can’t possibly condone. The UN has one
week to decide: Abdication or Armageddon. Diamond Eye is a slender bald man with a diamond on his eyepatch. Even given his
physical shortcomings, Diamond Eye is extremely charismatic and leads a small army of well-trained thugs (which he has financed
through the theft of precious metals/gems and objects d’art). His underlings follow him with almost religious zeal. This won’t be

GAINING GROUND: Using the latest in surveillance technology, the communications experts at S.E.V.E.N. headquarters trace
the pirate TV/radio signal to a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It now falls to the characters to figure out how to
infiltrate and destroy the base. There should be a science-type among the group, someone who can neutralize the biohazard once it is
discovered. The island is encircled with shoals and consists of a mammoth volcanic mountain jutting from the ocean. There is a ring
of beach and jungle surrounding the sheer volcano, but no obvious entry point is visible save for the smoldering crater. If the group
chooses the crater as their entry point, have them roll up new characters immediately, informing them that with the senseless loss of
the last team, S.E.V.E.N. is now depending on them to save the world. That should drive home the point: DON’T GO IN THROUGH
THE CRATER!!! The team can embark for the Solomon Islands at any time to set up their infiltration/assault.

ISLAND PARTY: Diamond Eye’s fortress lies thirty miles from the closest island, so prolonged surveillance won’t be possible.
The group will have to take submersible craft and either hit the beach or scout for an underwater entry (or both). When in Espiritu
Santo, the characters are met by Lani Pulao, their local contact. She is an intoxicating island girl and an accomplished marine
biologist. She has a small, experimental sub ready for use (Treat as having 50 Blood). It is maneuverable but carries no weapon
systems. If there is no qualified pilot amongst the team, she can drive the sub (Lani: FITNESS 2/Pilot 2). The sub fits three
(including pilot) and the rest can hang on for the ride. Everyone is outfitted with SCUBA gear and a speargun (Damage 6). They can
stow a reasonable amount of personal gear in small, waterproof waist-packs.

THE DEEP BLUE SEA: Of course, as they near Diamond Eye’s lair, the team encounters a patrol of two mini subs, each
sporting a rack of six mini-torpedoes (Damage 20). Diamond Eye’s craft are as maneuverable as Lani’s sub, but the pilots are only
fair (STURDINESS 2/Pilot 1). Because the characters’ sub is unarmed, it will be a wild ride, and the divers on the outside of the craft
may want to let go and split up to reach the island. The undersea chase can culminate in any way you desire, from Lani lining the
baddies up in a crossfire so they blast each other, to a prolonged cat and mouse affair (depending on how much time you have). One
option is to let Lani’s sub become disabled, forcing the agents to board and commandeer one of the enemy subs (Enemy SCUBA
Thugs: FITNESS 2/Shooting 2/Fighting 2). Any blood in the water will obviously attract sharks, which can be used to dispose of
baddies or urge the agents on their way once they have located the opening.

THE “COMPLEX” ENDING: If the characters choose a ground infiltration they will have just enough time to remove their
SCUBA gear before encountering a patrol of thugs (all Enemy Thugs: STURDINESS 2/Shooting 2/Fighting 2). This will lead them
to the above-water entry. If everything is handled underwater, they will make their entry through an undersea tunnel, which opens
into a large docking pool. If the characters have stolen an enemy sub, they’ll have the element of surprise and can begin the assault
immediately (but will be subdued by any means necessary). If they are still in Lani’s sub, they’ll be taken into custody by Diamond
Eye, who will hold them pending his Deadline for Domination (which is just over 24 hours away!). In either case, the team should be
locked in a holding cell deep in the compound. Any fatalities occurring during the initial fight can be replaced by double agents
masquerading as guards or technicians. Word can be relayed to the team on the location of the bio-weapon, and a couple of small
pistols can be smuggled to them. At the earliest opportunity, the team should be able to break out, neutralize the bio-weapon and set
the complex reactor to meltdown. They can escape in a boat or sub, and Diamond Eye should blast off in some kind of futuristic jet-
pack just as the island explodes in a dazzling fireball. Although Diamond Eye has survived to plot another scheme, his plans for now
have been foiled. Good work, agents!
By Todd & Samantha Downing

Disclaimer: DEEP 7 and its personnel in no way endorse international espionage, speedboat chases or keeping beautiful girls in giant steel cages (unless it’s
consenting). It is our opinion that any teen or adult with half a brain SHOULD be able to tell the difference between reality and fiction, tribute and parody.

THE PREMISE: Diamond Eye is back in this follow up to his self-titled debut. The One-Eyed Megalomaniac has to rebuild his
once-mighty empire and is kidnapping the foremost beautiful women from around the world and selling them to third-world warlords
in exchange for gold or diamonds to refinance his operations. Among those taken is the heiress to a great German industrial fortune.
The agents of S.E.V.E.N. must retrieve the women and thwart Diamond Eye a second time. Again, this scenario can be played in a
slightly campy James Bond style, or a completely over-the-top Austin Powers style.

THE SETUP: The team is made up of members of S.E.V.E.N., The Secret Espionage Vindication Enforcement Network, a
multinational intelligence organization sworn to rid the world of threats to global security. The story begins in a mission briefing at
S.E.V.E.N. headquarters. The last transmission from an agent code-named Panther said that Diamond Eye would hold the first
auction in Algiers in 2 days. Panther has not been heard from in over 24 hours. The team has just 24 hours left to get into that

AUCTION BLOCK: The team should be fairly well-rounded, including disguise experts and so forth. Using some Algerian
contacts, fake papers and makeup, some (if not all) of the team members should be able to get themselves into this modern slave
auction. Once there, the characters will be led down several flights of stone stairs to a torch-lit chamber where a giant-screen TV
awaits. The team will be disappointed to discover the auction is being held via teleconference. If the team has any communications
experts, they should be able to trace the signal to a waterfront apartment at the harbor. At this point, you may want to spice up the
story by having one of the team discovered as an imposter. A nasty brawl can break out with sinister arms dealers and drug runners
(STURDINESS 2/Fighting 2/Shooting 2) all vying for a shot at the secret agents. If you choose the brawl option, be prepared to let
your agents escape by the skin of their teeth.

ALGIERS WATERFRONT: The team will arrive at the source of the TV transmission, a small but upscale apartment
overlooking the harbor. Upon entry, the agents will find a small transmitter on the floor. The window is open. A beautiful blonde
woman sits tied to a chair, gagged, wired to explode. A Gen. Knowledge roll will determine that this woman is the German heiress,
Ivana Mann. A successful Thievery roll (at a –1 difficulty) will ensure the bomb will not go off. If the roll is not successful,
KABOOM! Fate rolls are allowed, but the girl will be toast. Since the apartment window is open, the agents can easily see the twin
speedboats making their way out of the harbor, carrying a half dozen passengers, including one slender, bald Evil Mastermind! If the
agents hurry dockside, they can commandeer a speedboat (complete with the angry owner waving his fist and shouting Algerian
obscenities) and take off after Diamond Eye. Of course, Ivana Mann is an accomplished kickboxer and Olympic triathelete, and she
wants revenge…

SPEED KILLS: Here is the requisite Mediterranean boat chase. The agent with the best Pilot skill should be at the wheel, and the
others can take up marksman positions. The boats have an effective Blood of 35, but bullets will not do much good. If an agent rolls
a natural 1 on a shot however, the fuel tank ruptures, causing a 20 Damage blast (which the agents’ boat will have to jump through, of
course, -1 to the Pilot roll). It should also be clear that should 1 of the boats explode, that boat should by no means be the one
containing Diamond Eye. With one of the boats taken out and the agents in hot pursuit of the second, Diamond Eye orders the three
thugs in his boat to board the agents’ boat. The first two are standard thugs (STURDINESS 2/Fighting 2/Shooting 2). The third is
Diamond Eye’s chief enforcer, Razorback. Razorback is a huge Slavic slab of evil (STURDINESS 3/Fighting 3/Shooting 1) and
wields razor-sharp claw-knives (Damage 4 + STURDINESS). When he lands on the boat, it should visibly dunk a good foot under his
weight. However the agents dispatch him is fine, but play down the actual finality of his death, allowing Razorback to come back in a
subsequent adventure. The characters then trail Diamond Eye to a small Mediterranean island grotto, where he has made his new

THE END OF DIAMOND EYE?: The characters find Diamond Eye at the top of a natural rock shelf in the grotto. All of the
women he has kidnapped are suspended in 4 giant steel cages from the grotto roof. The Evil Mastermind arrogantly holds a
detonating device in his hand, and threatens to blow out the grotto ceiling, dropping the cages into the lagoon, drowning all the girls.
Have him say some famous last words like, “Goodbye, agents of S.E.V.E.N.” At this point a character with excellent marksmanship
can shoot the detonator from his hands, which will fall to the rock floor below (in slow motion), detonating the ceiling. If the shot
misses or the characters choose another tactic, figure out a way to make him detonate the charge. KABOOM! The rock ceiling
explodes, sending big chunks of rock below (and dropping the cages)! The characters MUST rescue the girls. A successful Thievery
roll on each cage will jimmy the lock and release the girls so they can swim to safety. One of the agents may catch a glimpse of
Diamond Eye as he his hit by a falling rock and plummets down the crevasse behind the grotto. The agents have succeeded in saving
the women and it seems that Diamond Eye is gone for good… Or is he?



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