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Describe a piece of clothing that you like wearing.

You should say

- what the item of clothing is
- where and when you bought it
- when you wear it
- and explain why you like wearing it.
Here's my sample answer, using the vocabulary from last week's lesson:
 I’m going to describe a coat that I often wear at the moment. The coat is dark blue in
colour, and it’s made out of a lightweight, waterproof material, which makes it
perfect for wearing at this time of year here in the UK. It also has a detachable
hood, which I used yesterday when it was raining, and various pockets on the
outside and on the inside.
 I bought the coat last year at the beginning of autumn when the weather started to
get colder. It was easy to buy because I had had the exact same coat before; my
old coat was starting to look a bit worn out, so I decided to buy a new version. As I
knew which size I needed, I simply went online and found the best offer; I bought it
through a shopping website, and it was delivered to my house a few days later.
 As I said, I’m wearing this coat a lot at the moment. It’s my everyday coat for going
to work or for when I go out shopping or for any other reason.
 The reason why I like this coat is that it’s so practical and functional. It’s waterproof
and it keeps me warm, but it also comes in handy for carrying things like my
phone, wallet, loose change, a pen, and even a notebook; I tend to fill my pockets
with whatever I can. It even folds up small enough to fit in my bag when I don’t
need it.

Đề bài: Describe your favorite piece of clothing.

You should say:

 Where you got it
 Do you often dress it
 When you wear it
 And explain why it is your favorite clothing.

I would like to tell you about a piece of clothing that I prefer to wear in a
period of time in the past/ one valuable present I received which is a
beautiful dress.
This is a dress in yellow and white colours. It is made of light
fabrics which totally suits an energetic girl like me. When I was a little girl,
my family was poor and my parents couldn’t afford to buy new clothes for
me, so the dress was a hand – me- down as a birthday gift from my sister. I
can say that it absolutely goes out of fashion and is quite old now with
several tears in the front. It was a dress that I only wore on some special
occasions when I needed to get dressed up such as Tet holiday or the
beginning day at school and I usually mixed it with sandals. However, if I
wear it now, I cannot be a fashion icon at all that’s for sure.
You know, I have been really into this dress because it was my first dress
I’ve ever received on my birthday, and it was more special because it came
from my sister who I always had sibling rivalry, which surprised me most.
Honestly, even it is an old dress now but at that time, it was really still
a fashionable item and I have to say that my sister had an eye for
fashion for her choice. I still like it but I need to put it in my wardrobe as a
memory because it is too tie and worn out now.
All in all, I believe that this dress has effects on my fashion
gout about mixing and matching outfits.

 Light fabrics: Vải thoáng/nhẹ

 Hand – me – down: Quần áo cũ của anh chị để lại cho em
 Go out of fashion= Old fashion: Lỗi mốt
 Fashion icon: Biểu tượng thời trang
 Get dressed up: Ăn mặc chỉn chu
 Fashionable item: Món đồ thời trang
 Have an eye for fashion: Có con mắt thời trang
 Fashion gout: Gu thời trang
 Mix and match: Phối đồ