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Why there is a need of an easy to use DIY event ticketing


You have been organising events for long and you want to sell your tickets
online. Why? Because it helps you to get confirmations much prior to the event
and keeps you motivated to sell more.

How do you do that right currently?

Either you still don’t know how to sell tickets online or you do lot of requests to
a ticketing website to list your event on their website for ticketing or maybe
your event is not big enough to be listed on that website. You lose a lot in all the

What if there’s a platform for you to setup your event ticketing page and
manage registrations within a minute on your own?

Yes, you need not to call anyone to request him for publishing your ticketing
page on his website. There is a platform called which is
completely a do it yourself event ticketing platform especially made for the
people who organise events, why you should use it?

Everything’s in your control:

No need of waiting for the website to list your ticketing page, no follow up, no

On Townscript, everything’s in your control. You setup your ticketing page on

your own by adding event description, types of tickets, ticket price, ticket start
and end date. You only add everything on this platform which you can change
anytime and update. Yup! you need not to call anyone!

Managing your registrations:

Say your event gets listed on that website. Cool! Now you can sell tickets
online. But what about the data of the people who registered for your event?
Either in most of the cases you don’t get it from the website or even if you do
they use your hard earned database for their own!
In Townscript, you own the data of attendees. You can ask as many questions as
you wish to know more about your attendees. You get real notifications with the
details of the registered attendees which you can download any time in excel
sheet. That data is yours and you can re-use for your next event.

Sell directly on your website:

You can embed ticket widget on your website and sell tickets for your event
directly on your website. You get an html link on your event dashboard which
you can copy and paste that code on your website’ event page. Next time, you
can ask your attendees to pay you directly on your website.

Money clearance:

You organise an event with lot of investment and you need to cover it up. You
want money to support your work. In townscript, your money gets cleared on
daily basis automatically. You just need to enter bank account details in the
platform and you will keep on receiving money as soon as your registrations

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