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Guidelines for Veda Pathashalas

In order to run the Veda Pathashalas in an organized manner giving importance to the traditional system of Vedic learning by uccharan (the utterance of teacher for Upadesha) and anuchaaran (uttering two times by disciples following the way of the preceptor) MSRVVP has formulated guidelines. These rules will be made effective from new session i.e. from July 2012. Concerned institutions should follow the guidelines shown below:

1. Guidelines for selection of teachers

i) In Pathashalas, an eligible Veda teacher will be appointed whose age will

be minimum 21 years and holds the degree of Veda Vibhushan or equivalent, recognized by the Pratishthan. Priority would be provided by the Pratishthan to those scholars who

bears more experience.

ii) The superannuation age for teachers of Veda, Sanskrit and modern

subjects would be 65 years. Remuneration benefit for teaching work would be payable to them till the continuity of services normally extendable till the end of the academic session i.e. March 31st.

2. Guidelines for Sanskrit and Modern Subject Teachers

i) Management of Veda Pathashalas should advertise for the posts of

Sanskrit, Mathematics, English and Social Science teachers in the local newspapers calling applications within prescribed date. Once applications are received by the patashala they should send the list of applicants subject wise with the summery along with the list of local qualified subject experts, mentioning their address and phone no. to the Pratishthan through fax/email/courier at least 30 days before the date of interview desired to be arranged.

ii) The age of modern subject teachers must be minimum 25 and should not

exceed 40 years.

iii) Minimum qualification expected for above-mentioned subject Teachers is

M.A. and B.Ed., with minimum 55% of mark. Equivalent degree holders should attach

the Government Order (GO) to prove the equivalence of the degree.



Management Committee or existing staff is strictly prohibited.











3. Examination of the students of Veda-Pathashalas

Examination Forms should be received from the office of the Pratishthan by 30 th September to appear in corresponding academic year. Delay in receipt of examination forms will not be accepted and concerned institute will be held responsible for the loss of

the year of the student. Supplementary examination for detained students will be held in the last week of June every year. The students that are declared as detained can appear in the above mentioned supplementary examination. Students not applied in proper time may also appear in this supplementary examination. Release of stipend is only possible then, if he gets promoted in the supplementary examination; however the honorarium of the teacher will not be affected thereby unless the whole students studying under him are declared detained. Pathashalas are required to forward list of pass / fail / absent students along with the eligible student’s list of final stipend to be paid in March to the Pratishthan. If the detained students are willing to appear for supplementary examination then their supplementary examination forms should be sent so as to reach by 30 th April positively to the Pratishthan. In case a student remains absent in the regular examination, due to ill- health he is required to produce medical certificate duly certified by M.B.B.S. doctor to the Pratishthan, to qualify him to appear in the supplementary examination.

4. Guidelines for admission of fresh students in Pathashalas and their First Year Examination

In the pathashalas having more than 50 students, every year doubled no. of out- going students can be given admission (for example if 5 successfully gets through the final examination 10 students can be newly admitted). In the perspective of extraordinary circumstances, permission for admission of more students will have to be sought from the Pratishthan. In every year, the institutions are required to complete admissions of students during the period from 1 st April to July. The examination of first year students will be conducted during the period from 1 st December to 15 th January. In first year 50% of the syllabus will be kept for evaluation and the remaining 50% syllabus will be included in the succeeding year. This is only to make the new students familiar with Vedic pronunciation. This must not become a practice in every year.

5. Guidelines



Pathashala Yojana







The grants-in-aid amount, to incur the expenses under the following heads would be acceptable:

1. Building repairing and maintenance expenses

20 per cent

2. Diet and arrangements in charge (Meal, Hostel and Students Security)

20 per cent

3. Clerical and office expenses

10 per cent

4. Electricity and water expenses

10 per cent

5. Postage, Telephone, Internet, Fax, Stationery expenses

10 per cent

6. Students dress, furniture and medical expenses

20 per cent

7. Other relevant expenses

10 per cent

Details of clothes, furniture and medical expenses provided to the students:-


To provide every year to each student, two Dhotis two stitched kurtas and one woolen shawl / bed-sheet, one winter cloth (woolen sweater or inner), as per seasonal requirement.


To provide one box or partition with lock for keeping clothes and other necessary items.


To provide a study wooden desk having 24’x15’ (length width) with the height of 10’.


To provide a wooden bed / seti along with box and this can be paid by single installment under grants-in-aid amount.


To provide medical expenses.


To provide cost of Vedic books purchased by students.


all above-mentioned heads bills are to be submitted to the Pratishthan without

which the amount will not be sanctioned. While purchasing them three quotations

are to be invited and the lowest is to be given order for delivery.

6. Guidelines for selection of Institutes under Pathashala Yojana

A unit of Veda for learning-teaching should have 5 rooms of minimum size of 10

x 14 ft. If two Vedas are being taught then 8 rooms and apart from this for each Veda, two additional rooms should be provided.

On the main entrance gate of each Pathashala / School, a board of minimum size

5’ x 3’, should be displayed on which Maharishi Sandipani Rashtriya Veda Vidya

Pratishthan, Ujjain, affiliated by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India should be mentioned. Fixed Deposit Receipt should be kept with concerned institute.

If Pathashala is running under any Trust, Mutt, Temple, then a lease deed agreement for lease of 30/50/99 years by Pathashala building should be executed along with an agreement for fixed deposit of Rs. 1,00,000/- for one Veda and beyond this for each Veda Rs. 50,000/- should be made compulsorily with the Pratishthan.

The Units running for the last three years and abide by the rules of the Pratishthan and fulfils the syllabus of the Pratishthan, may be included under Pathashala Yojana.

If any institute has an excellent educational system, extremely good teaching and

favorable results, fulfils its basic infrastructure with good management and fulfills

prescribed standards of the Pratishthan, it may avail time limit under Pathashala Yojana. After inspection of pathashala and teachers assessment, a proposal to include it under Pathashala Yojana before the Grants-in-Aid Committee may be placed for approval.


Leave facility to Teachers

In ved pathshalas for teachers except gazetted leave every year prescribed by the Government of India, the following leave may be availed :

1. Weekly Leave - Each Ashtami and Pratipada

2. Casual Leave – For teachers 12 days casual leave in a year. (Not more than three days leave would be sanctioned at a single time.)

3. Special Leave – Teachers may avail 12 days special academic leave, which includes academic activities e.g. veda seminars, veda sammelan etc. but to participate in examination, interview will be considered working day on letter by Pratishthan.

4. Medical Leave – After completion of service for three years, one month medical leave may be granted to teachers with an intimation to the Pratishthan.

5. After assigning charge by any veda teacher to other veda teacher in pathashala to avail leave for three days or more days, leave may be granted by the Head of Institution.

6. Chairman / Secretary of the institute during the calendar year in view of seasons requirement, may grant leave to the students-teachers upto 30 days but to ensure alternative teaching arrangements by the Head of Institution.

7. Head of each institution at his level would be empowered to grant 5 days special leave, on the day holiday declared by local authority / state government.

8. In any pathashala / school in each calendar year, the head of institution would not grant leave for more than 30 days, which includes sanctioned gazetted holidays Deepawali, Dashahra, Holi etc. by the Government of India.

9. Head of Institution of pathashala would not grant leave to more than one teacher / modern subject teacher at a time.


Maharshi Sandipani Rashtriya Vedavidya Pratishthan, Ujjain

Application for providing Financial Assistance under the scheme to the Voluntary Organizations for dissemination of Vedas

1. Name of Institute, Complete Address for communication with Pin Code and nearest railway station

Telephone and Mobile No.

Email Address :


Recognition of Dist. Education Department :

User I.D. No.

2. Year of Establishment

3. Date of Registration, if registered. (Attach copy of certificate of registration.)

4. Management Body Committee (If yes)?

5. Name and Designation







6. Examining Body to which the institute is affiliated.


Number of students in each class in previous academic session.

9. During current academic session, number of registered students in each class

10. Number of students living in Pathashala.


Previous Year


Current Academic Year

11. Whether Land and Builiding available ?

12. Expenses in following heads during last three years.


Salary to Teachers


Salary to Establishment Staff


Hostel / Students Maintenance




Miscellaneous and Contingent Expenses

13. Financial Assistance obtained from various sources during last three years e.g. State Govt., Local Body, Trust, Govt. of India, MSRVVP etc.

14. If acquired assets from Govt. of India or MSRVVP, furnish details.

15. Produce each copy of the following documents :


Annual Report of activities of previous year

of the institute.


Audited Accounts of institute for previous year. which should include the following :

1. Income and Expenditure

2. Receipts and Payments

3. Balance Sheet

4. Utilisation Certificate

16. Whether under this scheme, in previous two years grants-in-aid received from Govt. of India / Pratishthan,

audited accounts or utilisation certificate submidtted ?

17. Details of Grant for Salary / Education :

No. of Teachers in each category, existing remuneration

Class of Teacher / Subject



Remuneration Monthly Emolument







Whether existing application for financial assistance for salary and scholarship is in addition to the State Govt. /Any other Govt. sources ?


If yes, please indicate :


State Govt. /Any other Govt. sources by which receiving grant for salary of teachers and scholarship (Mention Rate, Amount and Duration), and


Details of those Veda Teachers and number of students who are not getting payment of salary and scholarship by State Govt. / Any other Govt. grant.



Details of receipt of grant in previous three years under following heads from Central Government / Pratishthan








Details of grant received so far from Govt. of India / Pratishthan for construction of builiding to establishment of institution


Name of Bank with Branch


Account Number

For remitting grant Bank’s IFSC Code / RTGS

Signature of Head of Institution / Secretary / Principal with Office Seal

Date :

Place :


Particulars of Other Subjects Teacher except Veda (Proforma of Sanskrit Language and Modern Subjects)

1. Name

2. Father /Husband’s Name

3. Date of Birth

4. Address :




Present Address

with Mobile No

Paste a recent passport size photo of Sanskrit & Modern Subject Teacher

5. Particulars of Academic Qualification







High School / Purva Madhyama



Intermediate / Uttara Madhyama



Graduate / Shastri



Post Graduate / Acharya



Others /


6. Name of last academic institution

7. Particulars of Teaching Experience

8. As a Teacher, number of students being taught

(b) Name of Institution / Pathashala, where serving

10. Date of employment

11. As a fulltime teacher, how many hours teaching

12. Existing Salary and other Allowances

13. Source of receipt of salary (Government and others)

Date :

Name with Signature of Veda Teacher

Signature of Office Bearer of Institution / Pathashala with Seal

Note : Please specify name of the existing post in column No. 9. In the case of modern subject’s teacher mention his/her designation, and the subjects taught by him/her (e.g. Mathematics, English or Social Science etc.).