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Saham WI Charity Walk

On the morning of Sunday 19 May six members of Associated Country Women of the World.
Saham Women’s Institute plus two husbands met at the The weather could not have been kinder and we were
Wells Cole Community Centre Saham Toney before able to take our time, enjoy nature and admire gardens
embarking on a walk around the village. along the way. We finished with coffee at The Old Bell
This was to raise funds for the 2019 Walking the World public House.
Your Way challenge for sustainable water, sanitation and Members who were unable to join the walk were able to
energy projects across the world supported by the make a financial contribution at the monthly meeting.

restoration work. They will be available to answer questions

Forthcoming Events and explain about the work that has been carried out. Now
is your opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. Do call
at Threxton Church in, this will be very informal and tea and biscuits will be
On Friday August 9th you are invited to join us for a Hard Sunday 11th Aug. we will be serving Afternoon Teas, from
Hat Day. We will be at the Church between 10.30 a.m. and 4p.m. The ideal place to call in on a Sunday
3 p.m. along with the architect who has been overseeing the afternoon, relax and enjoy some homemade cakes and a cup
of tea. Meet up with your friends
and make some new friends.
Cakes will be on sale to take home
along with craft, bric -a-brac and
many books.

Table Top
Yard Sale
at BRAMBLETYE Watton road
Stow Bedon NR17 1DP. Come
and browse, enjoy the stalls,
home-made Refreshments, filled
rolls, cream teas home-made
cakes and more.
Ample parking signed.Proceeds
of Sale for Stow Bedon Church,
final refurbishment for Kitchen
and Toilet facilities. All
Stella Leonard PCC Secretary.
The Wayland News July 2019 Page 3
the banks of the Mississippi River.
How far does Built in 1991, the pyramid plays on the city's
namesake in Egypt, known for its ancient
The Wayland pyramids. It is 321 feet (98 m) (about 32
stories) tall and has base sides of 591 feet
News reach? (180 m); it is claimed by some to be the tenth
-tallest pyramid in the world.
The July issue of The Wayland News was If you are off somewhere exciting this
recently spotted in Memphis, Tennessee summer – take a copy with you and send me
close to the banks of the River Mississippi by a picture.
WREG News Channel 3 reporter, Luke
To be fair, Luke took a copy of The Wayland
News home with him after a recent visit to THE WAYLAND
Norfolk and sent me this picture of the paper NEWS WHEN
with the Memphis Pyramid and the
Mississippi in the shot to prove it! SHOPPING WITH
The Memphis Pyramid, initially known as
the Great American Pyramid, was originally OUR ADVERTISERS
built as an arena located in
downtown Memphis, in the
U.S. state of Tennessee, at

And she remained unbeaten for three one is reached, then prospective
A Quick Look matches, suggesting that she may be flyers should have to either join a
a champion of the future. waiting list for vacant seats or go
Round Away from sport, the most
depressing news is that the free TV
elsewhere. (If a theatre is fully
booked, they don’t keep building
By Orbiter
license for oldies is to be with- new auditoria). Already first-time air
Here we go again, looking back at drawn. Very sad, but as my mother travellers arriving at London
the month of June, which ended in a would have said, you have to take the Heathrow must think they have been
hotch-potch of weather, bringing rough with the smooth - my mum conned, when they discover, after
drought conditions and floods, hot had an adage, simile, or motto to check-out, that they are still nowhere
spells and frosty mornings, before cover nearly everything we ever near the capital.
settling into heavy rains again, which discussed, from counting un-hatched Locally we can welcome the opening
were no surprise as a World Cup chickens,, crossing un-reached of a new Co-op store and motor
cricket tournament was about to bridges, judging books by covers, service station, together with a Costa
begin. facing gift horses, calling kettles coffee shop at Necton, on the A47,
Limited overs cricket seems to have black, and so on. But she was right, handy for some of our readers,
really taken over these days, and no we have had the benefit of a long although, of course, not for everyone.
wonder when we are treated to smooth, but at least, in my case, the The Co-op is one of the small,
displays of aggressive batting, such rough can be offset by my family no compact versions of the group’s units
as was displayed by one chap who longer having to rack their brains that are beginning to appear around
sprinkled his innings with no less whenever it is time to buy me a the county, which is a good sign,
than seventeen sixes. Yes, 102 runs present, brains that in the past may since only a few years ago closures
off a handful of balls. Usually a first have produced Daniel O’Donnell were being mooted, mainly of the
class match as we knew it, might, on boxed sets, Churchill’s War-Time older, larger shops.
a good day, produce one six, but Speeches, trips on the Flying The service station is equipped with
even that would have been frowned Scotsman, a visit to the Beamish Old several charging bays for the electric
upon by the purists, who regarded Time Museum, or a flight in a Tiger cars, that are heralded as the main
any ball in the air could, if only Moth, with a chance to operate the vehicles of the future, and the Costa
slightly mis-timed, see the striker controls. No, they can buy me a building will, no doubt, be put to
caught on the boundary. But the new year’s TV license, and that can cover good use by drivers who have at least
swashbuckling style of batting seems Birthday. Father’s Day and two hours to pass, while their cars
to have become popular with thee Christmas, all in one present. are being re-charged.
sporting public, so cricket appears to Problem solved. Of course it is wise for such stations
have received a well overdue shot in Actually, now that I have seen why to look to the future, although few
the arm. the B.B.C. have found the need for electric cars are on the roads as yet.
Another World Cup competition held our licence money, I am not quite so But it is a two-way thing – few
in the last few weeks, was that of the sure I want to help them out. It electric cars will be bought until
Women’s soccer search to find their appears that astronomically high more charging points are made
champions, and the talents on display sums are paid out to such people as available, and charging points will be
show that the ladies, while still presenters of programmes like Match few until more e-cars are on the road,
behind the men, are catching up fast. of the Day. Nothing against the for they take up valuable space, and
Alas the English team were unable to individuals, it’s just the money each has a long use requirement,
come better than fourth this time, but involved that is ridiculous. My offer unlike the normal fuel pump, which
there are signs that they are not far to present that show for half the fee can cater for several cars each hour.
from greater success in the future. seems to have fallen on deaf ears! The motor trade tries to persuade us
A surprise to most of us was that the Looking around elsewhere, I was that electric is the future, but until
U.S.A. ladies confirmed their appalled to read that the much prices come down, and battery
reputation as champions, by debated extra run-way at Heathrow technology catches up with the
successfully defending their title. has now been approved, and will wishful thinking of the
And America is not reckoned to be a actually extend over the M25 Orbital manufacturers, surely petrol vehicles
soccer nation! motorway. will still be with us for years yet.
Ladies were soon in the news again, This is unlikely to affect me But technical breakthroughs can be
with the coming of Wimbledon and personally, but it is disturbing to sudden, and suddenly we may find
the debut of a fifteen- year old. I'm realise that the western fringes of that all the problems are solved, and
sure we all expected to see a shy London are being pushed further and electric becomes king. Then our
little school-girl, probably carrying a further out, under yet more acres of power stations may not be able to
satchel, but instead we found a tall, concrete, simply to allow more and cope with the demand ! Yes, always
strapping girl, equipped with more holiday makers to fly into and look on the bright side, I say!
powerful shoulders that enabled her out of the country. Yes, of course we Good afternoon.
to deliver serves of up to 114 mph. need airports, but if the capacity of
The Wayland News July 2019 Page 4
deadline in mid-July so all these effort and cash. At least there is a the lawn. Don’t try to cut the
In Your Garden horrors came much earlier than choice. grass short at this stage as there Boo & Hiss
With Lotta Potts usual. Hey ho maybe that’s it, all The good part of August is that will be some well-developed tall
After all that biblical rain we got at once and done with. not a lot really needs to be done. stems so if you cut short you will are Tempting
a wonderful spurt of growth, just The growth after the rain has Traditionally it is hot and dry so end up with a field of stubble.
in time for the heatwave. Then meant some plants have crops are ripening and harvesting Gradually reduce the height of the Fête
Monty Don showed some fungal outstripped others which are fruit and veg you’ve struggled to blades to encourage the grass to Rehearsals are well under way
disease on his greenhouse currently rather buried and raise is very rewarding. As well behave normally. Of course you here at Boo & Hiss HQ. This will
tomatoes so at least I was able to overwhelmed by shrubs. The as harvesting fruit some of them have to do all this while looking be our 14th production – our first
identify it. First time I've had that forsythia, for instance, was will need pruning. Summer at going back to work (always a one, ‘Allo ‘Allo, was way back in
problem. Then it got hot and pruned as usual after flowering raspberries are on a two-year joy after a holiday) and getting all 2006! In some ways it seems so
humid (there’s nothing pleasant and was nice and tidy. It now cycle – the canes grow one year the holiday wardrobe through the long ago and yet in other ways it
about these twins) and so to resembles a very large unmade and fruit the next when they have washing process. Gardeners seems like only yesterday. We’ve
blight on the spuds. I have had bed. Nothing to be done about to be pruned. These should be should go on holiday in come a long way in terms of
this problem before but not so the hemerocallis that sits between cut down to the ground November! budget and set design, and we’ve
early. A lot of foliage went in the the forsythia and another (identifiable by the remains of the Although it is only August now is seen many members come and go
brown bin so there are potatoes overgrown bush as it is now fruit tops) then the new canes tied the time to buy and plant prepared over the years. But we still have a
that have to be dug fairly soon as totally overshadowed by both and in to supporting wires. Any that hyacinths for Christmas few founding members, several
they will not develop any more. I won’t flower this year. We still are growing in the path should be flowering. What a depressing people who have joined us since,
have others in a different part of haven’t identified the neighbour removed and can be planted in sentence that is. However, if you and one or two newcomers, and
the garden and am closely so unless it does something soon any gaps where the existing canes want the delicious scent on our ethos always remains the
watching for blight. I hasten to it will be going. Just about are weak or missing. I still Christmas Day now’s the time to same – to take the show seriously
add that I wrote the above at the everything has grown, bloomed, maintain that autumn fruiting organise it. These bulbs can be but not to take ourselves too
set seed and generally ones are easier. They usually planted any time up to the middle seriously. We have an awful lot
got going. The catmint start to ripen well before the of September but the sooner you of fun at our relaxed weekly
had a bit of a Chelsea summer ones have finished so can get them the more choice and rehearsals and we put in a lot of
Chop at the end of May you don’t feel deprived and then better quality there will be. I time and effort at the Queens Hall
but not enough was there’s no messing about to sort chanced on a suggestion by Mr T as it gets nearer to the show dates.
chopped from enough out the fruited or the new canes and think this is worth a thought. Each show is very much a team
plant (they recommend just chop the lot to 6” in winter. Plant the bulbs individually in effort, from Producer, Director,
a third off a third of the Job done. Gooseberries and small pots just big enough to take cast, backstage crew to Front of
plant as a rough guide). redcurrants both grow on short them with some compost. All House. To say we’re like a well-
The unforeseen stems about 6-8” high which should go into a cool dark place oiled machine might be pushing it
advantage of the rapid should be clean of any sideshoots (check regularly to water if but we come together like a little
growth has been the and cut back sideshoots in the rest necessary) until the flowers start family and that, I believe, is at the
number of bumble bees. of the bush by a third. to appear. Then take out the ones heart of our continued success.
The disadvantage is not Blackcurrants are different as that are exactly at the same level This year’s production, Tempting
having the heart to cut they grow as bushes right from and transfer to a bowl or other Fête, is proving to be our biggest
any more back to the ground. A new way of container that will take them. challenge to date. What initially
deprive the bees. The pruning is to remove whole Cover in moss and stand back looked like a very simple set has
next thing that hot and fruited branches to pick the while everyone wonders how you turned out to be quite complicated
humid can throw at us is berries indoors in comfort so grew them to flower at the same technically, and the plot relies
mildew. This used to be doing two jobs in one. If you time. heavily on its many props. I can’t
mainly for August so be prefer to ‘prune properly’ then Other bulbs to plant are autumn say more than that without giving
aware but it started early wait until the fruit has all been crocuses, colchicums and the game away; suffice to say it
because of h and h. picked and remove two or three sternbergias. These should be in will call for immaculate timing
This makes leaves (and old stems to the ground. It’s still garden centres this month for from the cast and from our sound
can affect stems and simple. immediate planting in the ground engineer! It’s a comedy farce,
flowers if really bad) The lawn shouldn’t need a lot of as they flower in autumn. They similar in style to the much-loved
look as though they mowing. Unless it is a new one all need well-drained soil in sun Carry On films, so everything has
have been dusted with don’t water and certainly don’t although colchicums will tolerate to go to plan to make sure that
flour or talcum powder. feed any lawns at all. This will dappled shade between shrubs. ‘nothing goes to plan’.
Either way it’s a pest encourage more browning of the These bulbs will also flower if It’s a relatively new script, and
that can severely grass and may be fatal. What a kept on a windowsill indoors, no not based on a tv show, which
weaken a plant. It is waste! Established lawns will compost, no water. This is a meant that we had nothing to
usually caused by dry recover from even severe draught lovely curiosity but must be compare it to and that we could
conditions at the roots. so watering is another waste. planted out as soon as the flowers create our own versions of the
Roses and honeysuckles However, should there be some are over. I remember seeing a characters. This was great fun and
are martyrs to it. The rain the grass will have to be cut patch of these under a tree during some of us experimented a little
best thing is to remove but leave it a bit longer than you a late holiday one year and as this bit before we ‘found’ our
the affected leaves from would normally so that should was a bright pink variety it lit up character’s personality. During
the plant and ground there be more hot and dry weather the area in a dismal place. It was rehearsals, when people were
beneath. Then water it won’t suffer so much. raining as well so this was a away and others stood in for
well and mulch. Do this August is traditionally a holiday welcome sight. them, we saw some hilarious
again in spring and month – try going to a town or As a began by suggesting there adaptations.
hopefully the problem city in France! If you took all the isn’t a great deal to do this month Audiences who have watched us
will be solved. usual precautions such as locking one good thing is to take stock of from the beginning have come to
Avoidance is better. up tools (especially ladders) and what went well and what didn’t expect a certain type of
For example gates to the back garden, as sometimes at this time the entertainment – adult comedy
honeysuckle grows persuading a friend or neighbour garden looks a bit bedraggled and cocktails with colourful
better in the ground than to water containers and take any worn out so a good plan is to characters, a measure of intrigue,
in a container so if you fruit and veg, when you come organise some later-flowering a splash of naughtiness and a
have a tub that needs a back you may find that we had a plants to fill gaps by annuals that pinch of salt. This is just such a
Dance-Away at climber get a clematis. deluge while you were away and are past their best and sow some cocktail and, if we get it right, it
If mildew is a repeat you suddenly have a jungle. early varieties of veg such as peas will not disappoint. Having said
The Queens Hall performer on
particular rose it might
a Whilst it’s necessary to catch up
as soon as possible the best plan
and carrots to mature quickly. If
there’s room that is. However,
that, sometimes it’s just as funny
when we get it wrong!
Saturday July 6th, August 3rd be better to invest in a is to have a walk round and while all this planning is going on Stacy Wilkinson, Director.
& September 7th more resistant variety. remove as many weeds as have a wander round with a glass The show dates are 26th 27th and
Saves time and effort. possible, just remove the heads is of something nice. It does 28th September, at The Queens
7.30pm - 10.30pm Of course, there are quick and catch the rest later. wonders for the morale. While Hall, Watton, and tickets are
Ballroom, Latin & Sequence sprays but application Remove as much ripe fruit and you’re at it have a trug or bucket available to buy now at
needs to be done quite veg that the watering friend may in the other hand so you can keep Mullenger & Co. in the High
Bar - Raffle frequently costing time, have missed and trim the edges of weeding. Street.
The Wayland News July 2019 Page 5
space to go into here, so if you want to Thursday October 17th AGM and
Saham Toney know more and weren’t at the village Plant Swap with wine and
event, please look on our website or refreshments
Neighbourhood contact Chris Blow on 01953 880915 Look out for our updates on Facebook
or at at Bradenham Community Hub
Plan Update Also, if you have any comments or Barbara Steward Chairman
Shaping the future of Saham Toney! questions on anything else to do with
Almost all our attention remains on the the Neighbourhood Plan, if you would Laurene Henderson Publicity Officer
site allocations process. At the time of like a more personal visit to a local 01362 821164 / 07942 820590
writing, we are putting the finishing group, or if you' would like to be added
touches to a village event on that to our mailing list, please get in touch.
subject on 14 July. If you were unable As usual, if you have any comments or Breckland show
to attend the event you can find the questions on any of this, or anything
presentation and display material on else to do with the Neighbourhood to portray 60
our web site - Plan, or if you'd like to be added to our
In parallel with preparing the mailing list, please get in touch movies in 60
presentation, our discussions with the Over recent weeks both our new
site owners are continuing, with the district councillors have attended our minutes
aim of them being in agreement with weekly meetings, and it’s been Breckland residents are being invited
our draft site policies before we make encouraging to have both their support to see their favourite films like they’ve
recommendations to the Parish Council and their perspectives on the plan. never seen them before, as a series of
on which sites to allocate and publish affordable daytime performances
the plan for a formal public return to the district.
consultation. Bradenham and As part of Breckland Council’s The
At this stage it is not possible to give a Silver Social Project, contemporary
date when the consultation will start, District dance company Spiltmilk Dance will
but if things go well with the village be bringing their Desert Island Flicks
event and the site owner discussions Horticultural show to Breckland villages throughout
conclude satisfactorily, we hope to August, incorporating 60 of the most
make our recommendations to the Society memorable movie moments of all time
Parish Council at its August meeting The warm July weather, following the in just 60 minutes.
and ,subject to its approval, publish the wet June, sent lawns shooting up, fruit Audiences can expect to see
Plan for Consultation shortly after that. setting on trees and bushes in blockbusters, adventure stories and
abundance and a burst of flowers in the rom-coms rolled into one, with special - Harling Old School Village Hall, Wednesday, 7 August -
When we do have a certain date, we Attleborough Town Hall, Thursday, 8 August - Shipdham All
will publish details of the consultation summer borders. Our July 18th Mini effects re-imagined, soundtracks
Saints Church, Friday, 9 August - Necton Community Centre
on our website as well as informing Show of roses and sweet peas reflected switched, and just two performers
Tickets are £5 each which can be paid on the door, however
those on our mailing list, posting the excellent growing conditions! playing all the parts! From timeless
people are advised to reserve their place in advance via
notices on our Facebook page and on At the height of summer gardeners are classics to modern day marvels, the
nonetheless thinking ahead to the show celebrates how iconic characters or by calling 01362 656870.
Nextdoor, and putting posters up
around the village. autumn, which made our talk, and thrilling plot twists have captured
We will try and keep response forms as Hedgehogs in the Garden, particularly imaginations the world over, bringing
simple as possible, but if you have any relevant in view of their hibernation people together to laugh, cry, and cheer
suggestions on how you think we habits. A shocking fact is that the along in a room full of strangers.
should engage with villagers during the hedgehog population has fallen by Last year, Spiltmilk Dance performed
consultation, please get in touch. 30% in the last 10 years. Creating their show ‘The Little Love Cabaret’ at
We understand that site allocations small gaps under fences, to make a various community venues, which
may be the most contentious part of the hedgehog highway, avoiding slug audiences called “fun” and
consultation. That’s understandable as pellets and pesticides, and providing “entertaining”, as part of The Silver
development can be an emotional safe exit ramps from garden ponds Social.
issue, but all the same we would ask (many hedgehogs drown) are just some The programme of daytime touring arts
you to understand the plan cannot be of the simple actions we can all take to workshops and performances is aimed
influenced by emotion alone, and that Help the Hog. Check those autumn at older people but open to all and held
objective comments, based on the bonfire piles before lighting, as well! in community venues across
facts, are the ones that will carry August 15th sees a first for our society: Breckland. The project, which is run
weight. We have what we think is a an open garden safari. Some of our by Breckland Council and funded by
rigorous process for deciding which members are opening their gardens to Arts Council England, Breckland
sites to allocate and we would like you members and non-members alike. The Council and Norfolk County Council
to concentrate on that process when gardens range from “wow” for all the Public Health, was created to give
making comments on the sites right reasons, to “wow, you`ve got a lot people a chance to socialise and
selected. Our logic is that if the process of work to do here!” (mine). Tea, engage in different forms of art, which
is a good one and we have applied it biscuits and a warm welcome can help tackle issues such as isolation
correctly, the results tell us which sites promised. Contact Laurene Henderson and loneliness in rural communities.
should be allocated and for how many for a map and details. Cllr Mark Robinson, Breckland
houses, rather than any artificial limit Our Autumn Show on September 7th Council’s Executive Member for
set by planners. is fast approaching, with more Community, Leisure and Culture,
Very briefly the process involves the categories for non-members than commented: “This show has
following main steps: before, so please join us and have a go! something for everybody as it draws
Review and, where possible, You can enter: white and coloured on films and stories that people will be
mitigation of the constraints identified potatoes (4 of each), longest runner familiar with and is full with laughs
by the independent site assessments; bean, tomatoes, a trug of mixed and opportunities to get involved. Our
Definition of which policy criteria vegetables, dessert apples (4), previous Silver Social events have
from the Local and Neighbourhood homemade grapefruit marmalade, proven very popular, with many being
Plans are appropriate for rating each rhubarb and ginger jam, handmade fully booked, so I urge people to
site against the others; jewellery, a collage (max 36cmx36cm) reserve their place as soon as possible
Deciding the relative importance of and, for children, a miniature garden to avoid missing out. Our events
each criteria and applying a weighting 60x50cm. provide a great opportunity to try
to each; and Future dates (all free to members & something new and meet new friends,
Rating the sites against each £2.00 to non-members unless stated): so we look forward to welcoming
criterion on a five-step sliding scale, Thursday August 15th Open Garden some familiar faces to the show as well
with each step objectively described. Safari with Members Barbeque at as some new ones.”
The results are then added together to Highfields Leys Farm The performance will be running from
give an overall total for each site. Saturday September 7th Autumn Show August 5-9 (2-3.30pm) at:
There are many other details and Thursday September 19th Members Monday, 5 August - Ashill
nuances to the process that there is not Only Dinner to thank our Show judges Community Centre, Tuesday, 6 August
The Wayland News July 2019 Page 6

The Ovington Watton Rotary Roundup

By Boy Sid
Well thas tha time o the munth agin, dun’t thet cum
rownd pretty smart.
Har yew orl gittin along then, keepin away from tha
ole sawbones I hoop.
We still hent hed a lotta rearn yit, jist enuff tew git sum
o tha weggies growin, we’re hed teartas carrots an
peas tha wik, wi a few runners chucked in fer a bitta
treat. Torkin of teartas cor blarst sum onnem hev cum
up big enuff ter beark orl reddy, thas jist tha arleys.
Tha leart ones hev got a rare lotta top onnem, jist hoop
thar hent orl top and nuffin unda ‘em.
I’m gooin ter hefta hev words with tha ole cowncil
chairmawtha agin. Now they hev allus hed tha cowncil
meetins arly in tha munth, an thas bin on tha nootis
bord thet wos gooin ter be in tha fust wik o this
munth fer aerges. Horry an me hev bin torkin oova
a pint or three wot we wos gooin ter bring up at tha
nex meetin, cos we hent tew happy wi sum o tha 1st July saw the start of our new “Rotary Year” for the box,
stuff wos gooin on. with Peter Cowling accepting the symbols of which although
Now she tells me thas bin put back tew learta, cos she office as Club President from Dr Mike Harvey empty, is none
wonta hev it arta tha boy Julians deadline fer gittin the previous Thursday, and Michael Haythorpe the less bulky!
stuff in his pearpa, jist so’se I ownt be able tew gi har a installed as Vice President (see pic). Her aim is to
bad reevew. She say thet by tha time o tha nex meetin Apologies to Nicky Ginger for misnaming her arrive in Watton
in September I shell hev disremembered orl wot was ‘Vicky’ in last months piece. I will try to do on Market Day,
sed. Cor blarst I wos gooin ter giv har a bit stick but better with Ivan Chubbock and Sue Dent (no, Wednesday 7th
Horry he say “Dew yew leeve it till tha meeting Sid, nothing to do with Countdown!). At our first August at about
Ire gotta few hoom trewths tew put tew tha whool meeting of the Rotary “New Year” on 4th July, 11am coming up
gang onnem” I shell hefta teark noots I rekkun. member Ivan gave us an illustrated talk about the High Street
Cos were got sum new cownsillers now so thet’ll be his years as a vehicle recovery operator during and finishing at
intrestin ter see how thar git on wi har leardyships which time he modified a number of vehicles to the Wayland
woodin hammer bangin arownd thar knuckles. undertake specialised heavy-lift tasks. On 11th Hall.
Missus R hev sed thars gooin ter be a tearble top sale July Sue Dent, who was engaged jointly by She will, of
up tha Horl learta in tha munth, I say tew har I say Watton Town Council and Swaffham Town course, have a
“Wot yew gooin ter dew wi tha rest o tha tearbles artea Council a year ago as a Promotions, Events and support team,
yew hev sold orl tha tops?” Projects Support Officer, told us about her past and anyone
Blarst she giv me a look thet wood hev curdled milk duties in environmental support and community interested in
afor gittin on har bike an tore orf down tha Street like engagement work and how she came to be taken helping should contact Rotarian Paul Weatherill
har backside wos afire. on by the above mentioned 2 town councils to (tel 01953 884213 or email
Ower darts team did well larst wik, we beat tha team raise their profiles to the general public. She Otherwise spectators
from the Hoss and Cart wos bin top o tha league fer will be more than pleased to hear from any can witness her arrival and finish, and sponsor
sum time, cor thar wos suffin raw, speshly when Horry individual or organisation with ideas for, or her by making a donation to ShelterBox via any
got dubble top wi nearly evry dart he hulled down, assistance with, town and community Rotarian, or Rotary collecting boxes on the day,
mind yewe he’d hed a few so probly coont even see promotional events. Sue can be contacted on or at any time on line through the ShelterBox
tha board harf tha time, he now play betta arta a few or through website or Charlie’s JustGiving page:
speshuls wot tha landlord keep ahind tha bar jist fer Watton Town Council.
ower team, I din’t dew tew bad, I beat thar best player Charlie’s ShelterBox Walk. Watton based houlder-moat
on wun or tew legs. I dunt know how heeze thar best Charlie Houlder-Moat, a seasoned walker and Another date for diaries is Watton Rotary
player, cos heeze only got wun eye an a woodin leg fundraiser, has been captivated by the Club’s 25th biannual Jazz at the Queens Hall on
tew, but he can chuck ‘em down tidy like. ShelterBox charity and is planning to walk from Friday 4th October. Featuring DixieMix, East
We hev bin gittin tha ole combine orl tricolearted up, Hunstanton to Watton via the Peddars Way over Anglia’s leading jazz sextet for the 22nd time,
wi new belts an loods of grease on orl tha bearins, cos a 24 hour period 6th -7th August, carrying a tickets at £12.50 (incl light supper) will be
tha winta barley hent far orf bein reddy. ShelterBox on her back (see pic). She has available in Adcocks from 1st September.
Cos ole farmer ha allus say “Wen thet look reddy Sid, designed a specially modified backpack harness Martin Anscombe
best tew goo on holday fer a week” heeze yewshully
rite. Hev yew nootised thas getting leart arlier now?
Fare ye well tergitha an dew yew kip a troshin . . .
Watton Lodge Donation to School
Loch Neaton Short
Mat Bowls Club at
Watton Sports Centre
Following the interest received from our
introduction last month I am pleased to announce
that we will be opening up on the 1st of August at
Watton Sports Centre, opening times for the
balance of the summer period will be from:
Thursday 1st August 7pm to 9pm (evening session)
and then Tuesday 6th August 9am to 12pm,
thereafter it will be every Tuesday from 9am to 12,
and Thursday evenings 7pm to 9pm.
A winter program will be announced at a later date,
when we will play in the heated Badminton Hall.
New members always welcome if you have not
played before dont worry there are experienced
players on hand to assist, if you dont have any
Bowls we have some available for you to use, flat
soled shoes, slippers or just socks are ok to play in,
If you are a first time player it will be free, no
charge will be made, Tea and Coffee is available,
once we have become established we will also be
having some social evenings and events. for further
information please contact Kathleen on; Following a successful Ladies Night in April, Watton Masonic Lodge [7107] has been able to make
07748245496 or e mail; a donation of £1500 to Chapel Green School at Old Buckingham. Pictured are Brother Harry Mayhew and his wife Edna, Headteacher Karin Heap and Worshipful
Just turn up on the evening if you wish and we look Master Kevin Janney and his wife Carol. The money was very much appreciated by Headteacher
forward to seeing you, Thank You Karin and will be used to make a horticultural and small animal section within the school grounds.
The Wayland News July 2019 Page 7

The Wayland Players 70th Anniversary Saham Toney Village Hall

(The Wells Cole Community Centre)
We are busy working on our next event which will take
place on September 28th when we will be holding our
Harvest Fun day – there will be a horticultural section,
tractors, competitions, games, and our reinstated “Welly
Wanging” competition – a trophy is up for grabs in our
Senior and junior sections.
At the same event we shall be hosting St George’s Church
“Rubbish Event” where the idea is to recycle items, a great
way to get creative and help cut down on waste. If you
would like to join in please get in touch.
We are also looking for craft stalls to attend on the day, if
you would like to attend please email for further details.
Dates of events can be found on our website:
Or look us up on our Facebook page.
Our hall is available to hire, if you are looking to hold a
function or club event we may be able to help, please send
your enquiries to

The Wayland Players celebrated their 70th anniversary with a tea party following the matinee performance of their latest
production 'Wife After Death'. Two senior past Chairmen, John Reed and Ted Hinds cut the cake to mark the occasion.

The RAF Radar Joyce Woods

Museum has become
yesterday’s news…
wrapping chips!
In a novel marketing ploy, the RAF Radar museum has
produced its own newspaper so that fish and chips can
we wrapped up in it.
In collaboration with Ken’s Fish and Chip shop in
Wroxham in the Broads, the museum is providing the
printed newsprint wrappers for the takeaway service.
The Newspaper includes a range of museum news and
carries a voucher for a £1 off admission for visitors
bringing the voucher with them to the Museum.
Museum Manager, Lynn Kerslake, advised that "we
have really seen an improvement in our visitor
numbers by undertaking this novel way of advertising
to visitors to the Broads.
Ken's Fish and Chip shop Manager, Michael, advised:
“We thought this was a great idea and offers our
customers something a bit different and we are teaming
up with a great local visitor attraction so it’s a win win Joyce Woods from Ovington died on 28th May in the
for us both! The look of surprise on peoples' faces Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Her funeral
when they see their order with the outer "news print" service and cremation took place at the Breckland
wrapping is priceless!!! Customers have even come Crematorium on 1st July. This service was the first one
into the shop just to get a wrapper to read!!” on this new and somewhat controversial site.
The “newspaper” chip paper has been designed and She was very much part of the Ovington community,
printed by Century Printers in Stalham. belonging to many of its social groups, as well as the
Lynn Kerslake continued: "The Museum is celebrating Allotment Association. She was also an active member
being open for 25 years this year and a Celebration of the Cottage Garden Society. The Village rallied round
Day is being organised for September to mark the to help with her Memorial Service in Ovington Church,
occasion. We are continually working on developing which as attended by 150 people, and the social
our collection, and our Tornado cockpit will soon be gathering afterwards. She will be greatly missed.
available for visitors to actually sit in for the first
The Museum is a great place to visit for a day out in
Norfolk and is fun for all the family. There are over 25 PLEASE MENTION
exhibition rooms as well as outdoor exhibits and over
10,000 items to view. THE WAYLAND NEWS
All entry tickets are valid for 12 months as many
visitors arrive not realising how much there is to see WHEN SHOPPING WITH
and do here, let alone sampling our home-made treats
and eats from our onsite cafe, Crumbs". OUR ADVERTISERS
The Wayland News July 2019 Page 8
down as founder chairman of WMS, it
Rotary was not an easy decision to make as I Watton Collectables and Antiques Street Market
have enjoyed my 3 years at the helm
Umbrella but thats life and we move on. My
place has been taken up by our social
Festival secretary Malcolm Trayhorn one of
our hardest working members who
has helped to make WMS a success I
14-15 September wish him well and will assist him as
As previously announced Watton and where I can.
Rotary Club are again holding a Saturday 6th July was our long
Rotary Umbrella Festival on Saturday awaited Garden Opening and BBQ,
-Sunday 14-15 September at the its been a long time coming but it was
Watton Christian Community Centre worth it in the end, the garden was
( WCCC ). looking its best thanks to Malcolm
Last year we collected almost £1,000 Taylor and some helpers, some 60
which was split 50/50 between members and guests turned up for the
Prostate Cancer UK and Rotary BBQ, sadly the rain tried its best to
Charities, this year we are supporting ruin the day but with our hall at hand
Nelson’s Journey, a local charity who we used that to our advantage during
support children and families the showers, It was nice to have our
following a family bereavement, and Mayor Pat Warwick attend with Keith
Rotary Charities, again to be split & Rita Gilbert (Town Council) Martin
50/50. We are hoping to raise a Anscombe (Rotary) and Jerry Foster
similar amount as last year. vicar of St Marys Church, Watton and
Plain white umbrellas are available our thanks goes to all those members
for £10 each from the below stockists and wives who helped out on the day.
or any Watton Rotary Club member, A new face in our midst is John Rush,
please purchase one and decorate it John is a qualified carpenter and has
however you wish and bring it along agreed to take on the task as
to the Watton Christian Community supervisor of our workshop, and has
Centre from 10.00am on Saturday 14 set about knocking it into organised
September, where it will be judged by shape and from what I have seen he
the public. has not wasted any time. Watton High Street was sparkling and to bring more visitors into Watton to warehouse, weekly auction and of
UMBRELLA STOCKISTS Our up and coming events: Friday 9th buzzing on Sunday 7th July, as the sun see what the town has to offer. We’ve course Museum 4 Watton. We’ve had
Ivan Chubbock Garage Services, August, Quiz & Chips evening, starts shone on the first Collectables & been busy all day & will definitely take such a great day that I’m sure we’ll be
Shipdham IP25 7RR Mon-Fri at 6.30pm. Thursday 15th August, a Antiques Street Market to be held in the part again next year”. back next year - bigger and better.”
08.30am – 5.30pm Tel 01362 820416. visit and tour at St Georges Distillery, town. The High Street was closed for Another hub was Watton café Babaco The event was organised by Watton
Bowles Walker, Breckland Business East Harling. Sunday 22nd August the day and was busy with stalls selling where Pete manned the BBQ to Town Council and Watsons Antique
Park, Watton IP25 6UP Mon-Thurs Visit to Duxford, Battle of Britain Air everything from knick-knacks and produce very welcome bacon Fairs who run the regular Antique Fairs
08.30am-5.30pm Fri 08.30am- Show. small collectables to silver, furniture sandwiches followed by their famous in the Queens Hall. Organiser John
12.30pm Tel 01953 885294. Well thats all for now if you are and pictures. hog roast at lunch time. There was also Watson said “this has been an amazing
The umbrellas entered will be paraded interested in joining us on one of our Visitors were keen to browse over 25 a first for Watton events with Hunger day, everyone has been so enthusiastic
in the Watton Carnival Parade on outings call into our hall in church stalls along the High Street with Hut offering burgers & buns with a and it’s fantastic to see so many
Sunday 15 September for everyone to walk and ask for Malcolm Trayhorn another 20 plus in the Queens Hall. definite Portuguese flavour which were visitors. We are definitely making the
see and admire. or just call in for a cuppa the kettle is Local businesses joined in with very popular. first Sunday in July a regular date for
If you are wondering what theme to always on, Enquiries, Tel 01953 antiques & clocks specialist Draper & Mayor Pat Warwick said “It’s been a the diary.”
use to decorate your umbrella, the 88104 or e mail; Humphries, JC Books and Alexanders fantastic day, the stalls have been busy If you would like more information
Watton Carnival Theme this year is all open on the day. Also open all day & it’s great to see happy shoppers please contact Sue Dent details below.
‘Festival of Colours’ which hopefully Cheers For Now, Richard. was Museum 4 Watton which had their heading home with a bargain or having Sue Dent, Events & Projects Support
may give you some ideas and
busiest days ever with over 480 visitors. found that something special. This Officer. Swaffham and Watton Town
inspiration for your decoration.
Keyworker Vacancy Museum Chairman Chris Hutchings event really complements the town with Council. 07776 507658,
We hope to see you on the 14-15
said “It’s great to have events like this it’s existing antique shops, vintage
September and very much appreciate PART-TIME
your anticipated support.
‘FAMILIES Requirement for the FMK to be a an agent of hope in this community. The Church Office is open
Christian, who is active in their ( Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
Wayland MATTER faith, this post unequivocally Twitter@StMarysWatton). 9.00am – 12noon and the
KEYWORKER’ combines church and community. It An application pack can be applied answerphone is always available to
Mens Shed, POST
brings together, along with Partner
agencies working with families, all
for from the Parish Administrator,
through the Church Office at St
leave messages. Completed
applications should be emailed to
At St Mary’s Parish Church, in
Social Group partnership within the community of
the dimensions of emotional,
intellectual, physical and spiritual
Any queries, please contact the
the Church Office.
Closing date for applications: 2nd
The Old School House, Church Walk, Watton, Norfolk care for wellbeing. With the clergy Church Office by email or telephone August 2019.
Watton. This is an exciting, new and and a great team of volunteers, the the Parish Administrator Tel: 01953 All applicants will be notified
Well they say what a difference a few pioneering, part-time (18 hours per FMK will take a confident lead from 881252, when she, if necessary, will whether or not they have been
weeks can make, little did I know that week) post with a difference! While the springboard of current direct your enquiry to the Vicar, invited for Interview.
for couple reasons I was soon to stand there is a Genuine Occupational engagement at St Mary’s Watton, as Revd Gerry (Geraldine) Foster.
The Wayland News July 2019 Page 9
The Wayland News July 2019 Page 10

Rain, Rain,
Go Away!
When an event is planned for
outdoors in the summer the
weather plays such an important
part and we all both hope and even
pray that it will be fine.
On Tuesday, June 18th it rained,
on Wednesday it was cloudy and
then very wet and then on
Thursday, June 20th thank
goodness, the weather cleared and
the sun came out!
This meant that we were able to
again welcome visitors to enjoy the
garden at 30 Thetford Road for our
annual Strawberry Tea, this year
being the 20th, on a warm and
sunny afternoon.
People were able to enjoy the
splendid collection of cakes and
shortbreads, all made by members,
plus some wonderfully sweet
strawberries and cream as well, of
course, endless cups of tea. It was a
pleasant afternoon to wander round
the garden and to partake in the
various competitions and buy from
the stalls.
We thank everyone who came and
made this such a happy occasion.
The event is our main one each
year to raise funds for an overseas
charity which this year was
G.Gambia A. Action T.Through
E.Education and we are pleased to
say the £763 raised was sent off to
the charity the very next day .
We were pleased to welcome both
the Watton Mayor, Councillor Pat
Warwick and Mrs Linda Clover a
representative of the charity to the Pictured: From left to right, Stella Leonard, Jenny Simons, Jill Beech and Pauline Baldry.
Thinking of gardens reminded me hospital ward and was directed to assist
that a number of our members had Watton with shaving. 'Tricky' lathered the face
joined their Rotary partners on of some unsuspecting man until the ward
Monday, June 17th which had
been another hot and sunny day at
Evening WI sister reprimanded him with a "not
there!" Her eyes moved downwards on
Peter Beales Garden Centre to The July meeting began with the usual this fellow who was awaiting the
enjoy their wonderful show rose business side of things. Leigh gave her removal of his appendix. The resulting
garden where their beautiful and report on the Bournemouth Conference shave was an experience for both men!
amazingly varied roses were and the wide variety of our groups 'Tricky' moved into various other
displaying their full glory. were noted. attachments including scenes of crime, a
Ten members had also been to our The crocheted Christmas tree, with missing woman, whose body was never
District Meeting and AGM at 'skeleton' help from the Men's shed found. Traffic, venturing onto the
Brome not far from Diss. On this was mentioned------watch out for this motorway in cars that for many of us
occasion we were to act as the nearer the Winter Season. were a trip down memory lane.
hosts making sure everyone was It was time for 'Tricky' Trayhorn to take In 1970 he joined the Police Force
welcomed and that all the the floor. It should have been a talk on proper, having served his time as a
arrangements ran smoothly. We the History of Fans and we wish the cadet. 'Tricky' was sent to Hoddesdon
are very pleased that our member expected speaker improved health. Police Station where he became social
Heather Hewson has been elected 'Tricky' may have sounded like one of secretary, the duties of which
as the District Treasurer for a the criminal fraternity but...…..well we apparently included setting the Station
second time and we all wish her shall see as we were in for a treat. on fire, no real harm but not popular
well in this important job. It turned out that 'Tricky' Trayhorn with senior officers. The pride of
After all the activity and (we never did find out how he earned wearing a helmet was tempered
excitement in June we have a that name), was turned down by the somewhat when, having removed it to
quieter July to look forward to, Metropolitan Police Force on grounds chat to a colleague in a car, replaced
with just our first club meeting at of height restrictions. The the helmet and could not understand
new President Carole's home and Hertfordshire force had the good sense the mirth of the general public. He
then an excursion to Bawdeswell to realise that size wasn't everything discovered then, that the badge needs
Garden Centre to celebrate and enlisted this young Cadet into a to be at the front of the helmet.
Norfolk Day. military style training establishment There were so many entertaining stories.
We always welcome enquiries where he learned a variety of skills, no The loss of the rooftop Police sign and
from anyone thinking they might doubt some useful and others blue light, as the car sped through a very
like to join Inner Wheel or enjoyable. low tunnel whilst chasing a criminal.
wanting more information about A slightly less than sporty fellow, There were many, many more. Some
any of our activities. 'Tricky' took part in many things. sad, many amusing.
Please ring either me, Brenda, on Success came in a walking race, This talk gave us an excellent insight into
01953881792 or our secretary somewhat reluctantly entered but came the many aspects of Police life until
Pam on 01953 884090 in at record speed and earned praise. His 'Tricky's' retirement. He certainly earned
first attachment as a Cadet was in a it. The packed room thought so too.
The Wayland News July 2019 Page 11
MBE for her services to youth and to the
Jan Godfrey community. In recent years her lack of mobility
frustrated her because it stopped her doing even

MBE more. When she first became seriously ill, she

told me that she ‘had all her marbles but
couldn’t do anything with them’ and was
A personal tribute continuing to share ideas for the future work of
by the Editor the Partnership from her hospital bed. She will
As this copy of the Wayland News was being be very much missed. RIP Jan
prepared for press, I received the sad news that
Jan has passed away. I would like to pay a small
personal tribute to Jan who was a friend and
colleague for so many years.
Ashill and Holme
Jan was my form teacher for my first year at
Watton Secondary Modern School, when I was
Hale Garden Club
just 11. Website:
She did her best to drum into my thick skull a eMail:
smattering of understanding of English. It is no ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW: June is a busy month
reflection on her teaching abilities that to this for the garden club, in addition to its regular monthly
day, I do not have my English O Level! meeting we also hold our annual flower show. The
In 1996 when I approached her with a plan to show was supported by a large number of members
start a newspaper, she willingly joined me in the who submitted their exhibits across a wide range of
effort and together we spent the next 4 or so classes from single flowers, plants, flower
years as joint Editors of the Wayland News. arrangements, crafts, home baking and
Together we also spent some years planning, photography.There were nearly 200 entries in total
scheming and cajoling a wide range of people and the judges for each category were impressed at
and organisations into supporting a project to the high standard. As always, the general public had
fund a Wayland Feasibility Study, a document free entry to view all exhibits in the afternoon and
which led to the founding of the Wayland purchase plants.
Development Partnership, an organisation The winners of each category are listed in the table
which she has headed and run ever since. below. In addition to the winner of each category, the
Jan was always the person to whom I went judges determined which exhibit, across all
when I needed editorial advice or when I needed categories, was Best in
to let off steam about one subject or another. Show.
(she would be impressed at the use of ‘whom’ This year the prize went to
correctly . . . I think correctly!). Lynn McBrien for her
She was always a calming voice and influence Wedding Table Floral
and invariably gave me good advice. I shall arrangement (right). Its
miss her and her gentle guidance, as, I am sure, just a shame it was not
will many, many others. edible! However, there
were excellent edible
A tribute from cakes, donated by
members for our
Bronwen Tyler refreshment stall. There
The following is very much based on my was also brisk trade at the
memories of conversations with Jan and my Plant sales stall and the
own personal memories. I apologise for any tombola, with lots of
inaccuracies and omissions. members and the general
Janice Mary Godfrey was born in Carbrooke at at the secondary modern school in Watton, now school population, my sons found it quite public leaving with great
White Hall Farm on January 12th 1939. Her Wayland Academy. Little did she know then strange to have to call her Mrs Godfrey and not value plants and
parents were Harry and Mary Addison. The that an awful lot of local children would be Jan. interesting tombola prizes.
Addison family were among those who farmed taught by her, even down to the grandchildren In amongst all this Jan supported ken in the 1. Vase of 5 Different Flower Stems, Richard
in what is now the Stanta battle training area at of some. memorialisation of the American forces that Leighton; 2. One Single Headed Rose, Rosemary
Mousehall Farm, moving there in about 1891. It was a source of amusement in the Wayland were stationed at Watton from 1943 to 1945. Beckett; 3. One Single Stem Multi-Headed Rose,
Jan was really interested in her family history Partnership office that, even though many years Together they planned and hosted many Wendy Churchill; 4. 3 Stems Same Variety of
and asked me to help her do some research. We had passed and she was long retired, there were reunions and visited America on a number of Flower, E (Tolly). Lane; 5. Indoor Pot Plant, Christine
discovered that her father had been born at a great many who could never call her anything occasions. Warren; 6. Pot of Fuchias, Christine Warren; 7. Floral
Little Lodge Farm at Santon Downham and the but Mrs Godfrey. The look of horror on some Jan took early retirement from teaching after a Wedding Table Arrangement, Lynn McBrien; 8.
present owners were only too pleased to faces if she suggested they call her Jan was very period as Acting head but she wasn’t planning Cactus or Succulent, Jeanne Flynn; 9. Outdoor
welcome her to the farm and show her the house funny. She was an active member of staff, to be idle; she threw herself into community Container, Jeanne Flynn; 10. Foliage Arrangment,
in which her father was born, which delighted taking pupils to Stratford to experience activity. Between 1994 and 1998 she, Julian Jeanne Flynn; 11. Any Variety of Begonias, Janet
her. Jan’s father served in the veterinary corps Shakespeare or on trips to France for example, Horn and Marilyn Scrymgeour developed the Ewins; 12. Handmade Craft Item, Wendy Rice; 13.
in WWI from 1916, a distressing experience. He all of which she very much enjoyed. idea of the Wayland Partnership as a means of Home Baking, Gordon Roberts; 14. Photography,
was invalided out within a year with malaria Jan married Ken Godfrey in 1963 – her ‘lovely obtaining support and newly available funding Pam Rutty; 15. Overall Best in Show, Lynn McBrien
and returned to Mousehall. Ken’ as she always called him. They lived their for the area, for which statutory bodies like Monthly Meeting Report: Our monthly meeting in
The following is a piece she wrote for me at the married life in Carbrooke and built a bungalow town and parish councils were barred from June was titled “How to make great compost” and
time: My father was certainly in the veterinary on land owned by Ken’s family. They both applying. In November 1999 the Wayland given by Mary Sykes. Mary is part of Norfolk’s very
corps looking after the horses – he didn’t talk became very involved in village life. They had Partnership Development Trust was born with own network of composting experts who share their
about it much but when he was in his 90’s and no children of their own but fully enjoyed their Jan as its Chair. Ten years later we had obtained knowledge with local organisations.
living with us he opened up a bit to tell me how family life with three nieces and a nephew next sufficient funding to buy the former police The scheme is supported by Norfolk County Council
gut wrenching it was to see those beautiful and door and have always been a close family unit. station. and the charity Garden Organic. Mary gave a very
innocent creatures mown down. He would have Their home was open to many, including French Jan was so proud of all the community has informative presentation of how to do home
been interested in the play about this which has exchange children who became close friends. achieved with the support of the Partnership and composting including what containers to keep your
been on stage here and in the States recently. (I Jan became Head of English, and I first met her she worked tirelessly on the behalf of everyone. compost in and what to put in your compost. Mary
assume this is War Horse) He was invalided out after I gained a part time job as school librarian. And the Partnership was not all she was was definite that home made compost is vastly
with Malaria, from which he eventually Jan would have been only 30 years old at the involved in! She was chair of Creative Arts superior to anything you can buy in the garden
recovered while he was being treated for TB in time. I was very new to the area as a very young East, she was a Lay Canon and very proud of centres and much better for your plants and
the 1950’s. He went into hospital in late 1950 RAF wife but Jan and Ken befriended us, her connections with the life and work of the vegetables. Mary brought a number of information
and came out in the summer of 1955, mother despite a bit of an age difference. We shared cathedral and diocese. She greatly valued the leaflets on how to compost and how composting
died of cancer aged 57 in 1959 and he lived on many outings to air shows, and visits to each friendship of Bishop Graham James, and works. Below are some of the DO’s and DONT’s for
until 1988. He was still receiving a war pension other after we left Watton. If anyone has ever especially the support he gave to the composting materials:
of a few pounds a week when he died - for 71 noticed a small scar on Jan’s chin then my son Partnership. She was an active part of Wayland DO’s: Uncooked fruit & veg; grass cuttings; animal
years in total!! is to blame for that. He was only about three Stitching for Pleasure and loved creative work. manure with straw; hedge clippings; urine (good
Jan often reminisced about minding sheep when years old and she was holding him up to see The Dragonfly Gallery was very much her idea activator); annual weeds; cardboard, glossy paper
only a small child when they were in better when a Phantom flew low and largely as a way in which all that wonderful local talent from magazines;
Carbrooke. Sadly, when her father developed unheard from behind us before turning on full could be supported and also as a way of giving DONT’s: Meat and fish scraps; bread; dairy produce;
TB the family had to leave White Hall and went power. Startled, my son jerked his head back local people access to arts without having to tins; plastics; citrus peel; raw onion.
to live in Stow Bedon. into her face. He got teased a lot about that in travel long distances. She spent a lot of her time Our next meeting is on August 22nd at 2.30pm at
When she completed her school education, Jan later years. trying to provide more for the youth of the area Holme Hale Pavilion and will include our Annual
gained a place at University in Hull to study It was due to Jan and Ken that we moved back and was frustrated when she couldn’t achieve Fruit & Vegetable show as well as an entertaining
English. She once said that she had every to Norfolk and she never forgot house hunting all she would have liked for them. There is so version of ‘Gardener’s Question Time’. So come
intention of leaving Norfolk to experience the with us when we found our cottage at much more and plenty that I am not aware of. along with your questions and join us for an afternoon
world outside but she returned due to her Thompson. By this time, she was deputy head at However, the community recognised her of horticultural enjoyment.
mother’s ill health and obtained a teaching post the High School and, unlike the rest of the contribution and in 2009 she was awarded an New members always welcome.
The Wayland News July 2019 Page 12

Royal British Legion Watton

and District Branch
Over the last few years we have heard a as I’m sure in about 50 years she will
great deal about war, our countries part treasure it as a link to her part in global
in them and the many men and women history. Sid also met up with two senior
who went off to preserve the freedoms army officers who had been sent to
we all enjoy today. This month we lost organise security at the events around
a true hero in Larry Larard who was the Normandy commemorations. They
one of the very few remaining “Bomber had been assured of meeting many
Boys” having survived a full tour of veterans, but were grateful that they met
operations as a rear gunner on Lancaster up with Sid on the way home, the only
bombers. WE will remember them! veteran they met. They sat and had a
We have a variety of members who good long chat with our own local
have served all over the world in nearly grown hero, both officers were pleased
all the conflicts, from World War 2 to to have met Sid;
the Falklands, Northern Ireland up to On a more mundane note June also saw
more modern deployments in the the seminar for Norfolk branch
Middle East. All have made sacrifices Chairmen, which this year was held in
in their own way for the nation. The Barn Ruche. Several chairmen
At our last meeting it was the turn of including myself gathered to hear an
our Normandy veteran Sid, who has introduction from our new county Chair
been mentioned here before recently, to Hugh King with his vision for the way
regale us with stories of D-Day and ahead in the county. There were also
beyond. Sid recently returned from the contributions from the County Training Houston, we have a paper . . !! Judi sent us this picture of the Wayland News on its travels around the world. It was taken
75th anniversary commemorations Officer and County Recruiting Officer outside of the Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas, USA. I wonder how much further we can go (that’s a challenge!)
which he attended with his daughter. the latter expressing that our
We all settled in with a picnic supplied membership is aging and the need for 2018. There is something for about the tattoo that endears you to a
by the members mostly Ron and Gary, recruiting younger members. Indeed Norfolk Wildlife everyone - fabulous vegetable lover, or some more expressive symbol
to hear of his exploits. Sid actually one Norfolk branch has all its members gardens, wildlife gardens, arty that means only something to the
turned up on day 6 after D-Day with the over 80, the county position is not to Trust Breckland gardens, plant lovers gardens, rusty wearer.
beaches still in turmoil with a cargo in close branches as the standards
his 10 ton truck vital to the war effort. parading on remembrance Sunday is
Local Group old tools and gardens with a view.
Passports are available from the
Some New Zealanders with indigenous
Maori heritage wear tattoos on their
His and 3 other trucks arrived with a quite often the only reminder that there It was a quiet, cool evening after the Rocklands Village Hall from which face or arms that represent their
consignment of Irish stew. I hear a few is still a Legion presence in the town or rain on the 6th July, when we set out teas and luscious cakes will be genealogy and are culturally sacred.
sniggers, but if you have ever been in village. Thankfully here in Watton we on our evening walk at NWT East available and 'fruit cup' at one of the But uniform rules at the national carrier
combat you’ll know that there isn’t too have a good proportion of our members Wretham Reserve. Not a lot was gardens if the sun is shining. If this is restrict them from applying for roles
much time to prepare meals when under 60 but would like many more, as stirring because of the cool not enough, we have the world such as flight attendant.
somebody is shooting at you. This we also have a significant number over temperature, but then, right at the famous author and illustrator and ex Many culture and rights advocates said
would have been a very welcome sight 80. end, when we were heading back to (just) Children's laureate Chris the policy was discriminatory and noted
to many who had landed a few days We celebrated Armed Forces Day with the car park and the moth trap which Riddell, doing quick pencil portraits that Air New Zealand draws on the
previous and had been surviving on the Royal Air Force families at the had been set up earlier, there it was-.. of children and grown-ups for only £5 Maori language in its marketing
ration packs. Sid came ashore on Gold Blenheim Centre on Tedder close. The the distinctive chirring of a nightjar. each in the garden room of Rocklands campaigns and uses a fern-like symbol
beach and operated out of the depot at weather was kind and everyone enjoyed We were lucky as they went on quite Manor. known as a "koru" in its logo and on the
Arromanches, his job with the Army the sunshine and fun. It seemed an a while and also treated us to a couple Walnut Tree Garden Nursery - part of tail of its planes.
Service Corps was to keep the advance appropriate place to hold an event at the of flights. Magic. the Norfolk Nursery Network will Air New Zealand chief executive
supplied with whatever it needed, and meeting place of the current service Our next event on Sunday 11th have plants for sale and proceeds of Christopher Luxon said the policy was
he drove back and forth almost daily community and veterans alike. These August 10am to 12 noon, is a walk the open gardens will go towards the being dropped and non-offensive
until ports opened up in the Low events are always made better for the guided by Dr Anne Edwards around upkeep of Rocklands two ancient tattoos would be allowed.
Countries late in 1944, when the involvement of young people and it was Ashwellthorpe Wood. Anne is very churches and the village playground. The tattoos, known as "Ta Moko", are a
Canadians liberated Antwerp. Up until pleasing to see some of our affiliated knowledgeable, amusing and deeply sacred expression of cultural
then his journeys to the front were not youth groups in attendance as well as enthusiastic and has worked to help identity. Ta moko, often referred to as
always definitely within allied lines and the service families and local conserve this ancient wood for many
New Zealand's Maori tattoo, is the traditional
encountered the enemy more than once. townspeople too. permanent marking of the body and
On a more up to date note Sid attended If this all sounds like you are missing
years. Booking is essential: 01953
717227 Venue: Meet at NWT Lower
Maori Culture face by Maori. But Ta moko is distinct
services at Arromanches and Bayeux as out, you are, so look up our branch Letter from Australia
Wood, Ashwellthorpe, NR16 1HB from tattoo in that the skin is carved by
well as visiting several war cemeteries details on or By Chris O'Connor
Please leave dogs at home. Cost: uhi (chisels) instead of being punctured
and museums. Wherever he went he via the national website. Failing that Members £2, Non-members £3 On a recent trip to New Zealand my with needles. This leaves the skin with
was mobbed by grateful locals as can be give the secretary Helen Daly a call on On September 8th we are hosting a son was offered some local lamb for textured grooves, rather than the
seen from the accompanying picture. 01953 885124 for more information, or BBQ, Moth and Bat evening at lunch. Now James is a lover of fine smooth surface of a normal tattoo.
He received many gifts from various better still come along to our awareness Weeting Heath, IP26 4NQ from 6pm. food and he tucked in to the meal with Ta moko is a core component of Maori
people notably a commemorative plate event on the 20th August 7PM at The Cost is as above, BBQ extra details gusto proclaiming it the best lamb he’s culture and an outward expression of
made by the local children as seen. Blenheim Centre and get the facts over on booking, as above which as usual ever eaten. commitment and respect. In the past
Unfortunately we don’t have a name for a beer and a burger. is essential. There are around 30 million sheep two decades there has been a significant
the little girl, whose mum just asked if Pictured below: Sid Barnes with un- If you would like to find out about grazing on the rich pastures of New resurgence in the practice of ta moko as
she could have a photo on Sids knee; named French admirer presenting our events earlier than this Zealand compared with a human a sign of cultural identity. It is
but I hope she has a copy of the picture his commemorative plate. publication, you can find details on population of just over four million. The customary for men to wear moko on Pacific nation is rich in food and culture their faces, buttocks, thighs and arms,
whats-on/interests/local-groups/ and if you find yourself on an Air New whereas women usually wear a moko
breckland-local-group Zealand flight in the future you may on the chin and lips.
or contact Fiona on come face to face with Maori culture. Ta moko is performed by a tohunga ta to be NZ is just over 1300 miles moko (tattoo expert) and
included on our email listing. from Australia and we love the practice is considered a
Better still why not join NWT! to joke about our friends tapu (sacred) ritual. The
who live across the ‘ditch’, design of each moko is
in other words the Pacific unique to the wearer and
Rocklands Ocean but one thing you conveys information about
learn after a trip to this the wearer, such as their
Garden nation is the deep felt genealogy, tribal
Maori culture. All children affiliations, status, and
Gadabout now learn Maori in school, achievements. It is
Rocklands Garden Gadabout is on they grow up learning the important to distinguish
Sunday 18th August 11 – 5 p.m. traditional Hakka which if moko from kiri tuhi, tattoos
£4.00 and under 17’s free. The you have ever seen the All that are not regarded as
gardens range from a splendid manor Blacks play you will be having the cultural
garden down to a more modestly- more than familiar with and always significance attributed to moko.
sized newly designed garden within sends a shiver down my spine. Next time you see a New Zealander
the village itself. One of the gardens Air New Zealand says it is ending a take a close look. You may find a
has been featured in The Norfolk longstanding ban on staff having visible symbol of tradition that goes back
Magazine, the EDP and Amateur tattoos after facing criticism that the century after century.
Gardening and opened for the NGS policy discriminated against Maori Or as Maori might say Kia Oro, or
before suffering major fire damage in employees. Now we are not talking greetings.
The Wayland News July 2019 Page 13
hedgehog hideaway and the many wild
Watton Churches Together - August St George's flowers growing in the grass and along the
St. Mary’s Church, Watton rows. Follow us @StMarysWatton Alternative You can make the day special just by being
If I can be of help to you please do not hesitate to contact me, there (if wet, it will be held in the pavilion)
on 01953 881439, I can then Flower Festival and supporting this delightful village project.
email or telephone you back or arrange to meet up with you. Diary Date Alert: Our next function will
Thank you: Your Vicar, Revd Gerry Foster. September 14th be a village quiz in the main hall at the
1st, 3rd & 4th Wednesday at 9.30am Holy Communion You are invited to take part in St George's Wells Cole Community Centre on Friday,
2nd Wednesday Morning Worship Church Alternative Flower Festival on the 11th October.
Thursdays 7.30-8.00am, 5.00pm - 5.30pm Parish Prayers 14th September and/or the Up-Cycling Paul Quant on behalf of the Orchard
Saturdays 9.30am - 10.00am Parish Prayers Event on 28th September when we will be Steering Group
5.00pm - 6.00pm Prayer & Praise supporting the Wells Cole Community
Sundays 10.00am-11.30am ADventure-free for 0-16 yr Centre, Harvest Event.
term time only Your entry can be colossal or a miniature The Wayland
Breakfast - Crafts - Games - Faith in Jesus Teaching but please put on your thinking caps, get
Church Office opens Tues, Wed & Thurs 9am-12 noon together or singly, and have fun producing Players latest
Tel: 01953 881252 email: an entry for others to see. You missed it, we that attended, had fine
The Church will be open Wed 10.30-3.00pm & Thurs 10- Using material that you would normally entertainment while those that stayed away
12.00 noon. You are welcome to come into church to enjoy throw in the re-cycling bin please have ago (watched the telly) shame on you, The most
the peace and tranquillity, say a prayer & light a candle, or at making a model, for example our local recent production by the Wayland Players
just to look round. Church members will welcome you and school had a wonderful igloo made by a did not quite sell out to a full house but that
serve refreshments. member of the community. They have also did not deter them for putting on another
Sun 4th 8.00am Holy Communion BCP produced a 2.13m (7 foot) recycled Angel excellent show. Wife After Death-a black
10.00am Holy Communion which was shown at Norwich Cathedral. comedy, perhaps from a writer some of us
Sun 11th 8.00am Holy Communion BCP Fountain of Life Church A CD dragon from St George’s will be know very little about, Eric Chappell, but
10.00am Informal Holy Communion 4th August 10:00 11th August 10:00
making an appearance and for more ideas that doesn’t stop it from being a first class
12 noon Holy Baptism 18th August 10:00 25th August 10:00
look online at Pinterest which has many fun sketch and of course the Wayland Players
Sun 18th 8.00am Holy Communion BCP ideas. If we can galvanise enough being able to carry off a first class
10.00am Holy Communion sponsorship then more than one prize will be performance.
Sun 25th 8.00am Holy Communion BCP
10.00am 4th Sunday at 10
Thought for the awarded.
We hope to have enough large models to
Harvey and Vi Barrett are about to attend
Dave’s, funeral. Harvey being a friend and
12 noon Holy Baptism
Month place around the Harvest Event so that
people can see and judge them. There will
writer for Dave. The funeral is also to be
attended by Dave’s wife Laura and Dave’s
Watton Methodist Church By Rev Gerry Foster, Vicar of St Mary's, be a prize for the best entry. agent, but then an alleged earlier wife pops
Watton up-without malice but she does want some
Every Wednesday the Church is open for quiet reflection and Please parents, carer's, grandparents could
Amongst many other exciting developments ‘maintenance’, within the ensuing miss-
prayer between 10.15am & 11.30am. It’s your quiet place. the children paint and decorate a tin, plastic
in Watton, the advertisement for a part-time demeanours, it turns out there was more
At 10.30am there is a half-hour Midweek Service in the Large container, (beans, peas, drinks etc) no bigger
‘Families Matter Keyworker’ for the shenanigans in the stationary cupboard with
Vestry led by the Minister or a Church Member. than 11cms high and 7cms wide with
community is now live! Please contact St another young filly.
Sun 4th 10.30am Mrs S Mann whatever they fancy then plant it with real
Mary’s Church Office A huge part of the show was on Harvey’s
3.00pm At Swaffham plants. The most attractive will win a £5 for an application shoulders with extensive dialogue, expertly
Sun 11th 10.30am Mr D Summers prizes at the Harvest Event.
pack or look on the St Mary’s Website for orated by one of the newest members of the
6.30pm Revd B Winner We want the flowers to be made from re-
details Thank you so Wayland Players, in fact he is a newbie in
Sun 18th 10.30am Team Ministers cycled material any size, shape, colour or
much for your continuing support. Watton.
6.30pm Local Arrangement (Circuit Service) material its whatever you want to work with.
Through partnership with schools, nurseries, For his identity and that of the rest of the
Sun 25th 10.30am Mrs E Wright Last year we had poppies made by a
local organisations and charities, together we cast you will have to enquire further with the
6.30pm Local Arrangement member of the community for
hope to make a difference with this strategic Wayland Players who are celebrating their
Remembrance from plastic bottle bases, and
Roman Catholic Community post for all ages. But, most urgently, for the 70th year of productions. In fact to ensure
they were superb, so have a go and let’s see
Each Sat 5.00pm Mass at Watton Methodist Church wellbeing of young families, as we look ahead that you do not miss any further productions
what wonderful ideas you can all come up
to the closure of the Children’s Centre in you can join the Wayland Players as ’A
St. Nicholas’ Church, Ashill with. Unravel an old jumper and knit
September 2019. Friend’. Details and costings please see their
Sun 4th 10.00am Lay Led Sunday Funday flowers, cut up card from cereal boxes and
More than ever before we are stronger when we website:
Sun 11th 9.30am Family Holy Communion shape into flowers and paint. But what ever
stand and work together, drawing on the Alan Osborn
Sun 18th 9.30am Morning Worship you do remember to have fun then bring it to
community’s spirit and harnessing energy, as we
Sun 25th 9.30am Holy Communion the church on Friday 13th between 10am
go forwards.
St. George’s Church, Saham Toney You may know the story Jesus Christ told about
and pm to set it up. Adults and Children are
invited to enter.
What’s on at St
Sun 4th 11.00am Holy Communion The Good Samaritan (in the Gospel of Luke
Sun 11th 11.00am Family Holy Communion chapter 10). A man asked “Who is my
We are also seeking Sponsorship for the
competitions and if you feel you could help
Mary’s Church,
Sun 18th 11.00am Morning Worship neighbour?”. The answer is Everyone. We are
with this please contact me on the contact
Sun 25th 11.00am Holy Communion called to show kindness, love and understanding,
details below.
with an openness and acceptance to those Coffee and Chat. Thursday 1st 10.00am –
S.S. Peter & Paul’s Church, Carbrooke Please contact Mrs B Harrold
around us. Yet, while being supportive, with 12noon. A social coffee morning at St
Sun 4th 10.30am Holy Communion 01953 883394
different skills to contribute, we must also be Mary’s Church, all welcome.
Sun 11th 10.30am All Age Worship wise to signpost on to those with greater Saturday Coffee Morning. Saturday 17th
Sun 18th
Sun 25th
10.30am Holy Communion
10.30am Ley Led
experience and knowledge. Saham Toney August 10.00am – 12noon A social coffee
Wishing you all a continuing lovely Summer, as morning at
St John the Evangelist Church, Ovington
Teachers and Children and students enjoy a well Community St Mary’s Church on the 3rd Saturday of
deserved break. Revd Gerry Foster each month. All welcome.
Sun 4th 9.30am Holy Communion
Sun 18th 10.30am All Age Worship Orchard Summer Monday 19th August 10.30am-12.30pm
Messy Church at St Mary’s Church, Watton
The Holst Singers Picnic Monday Fun, Friendship, Food, Crafts and
All Saints Church, Threxton are coming to Bring your family, friends, a chair or blanket
and a picnic to the Community Orchard at
Games, children please bring an adult with
you to enjoy together!
Our next service at All Saints Church Threxton the Pages Lane playing field for a friendly Watton Community Cinema. Friday 23rd
Great Ellingham social event on Saturday, 31st August at August 2.15pm, at St Mary’s Church “Mary
will be on Sunday 4th August at 10.30 a.m. August 3rd sees an opportunity to hear an 2.30 p.m. Enjoy the special village summer Poppins Returns”. Refreshment Café opens
A warm welcome to all. internationally famous choir, the Holst Singers, picnic and so much more… one hour prior to screening. Tickets £5
at 1pm in St James Church Great Ellingham. Sparkling Apple Juice Reception: You will available at the box office on the day (drink
The choir is conducted by Stephen Layton who be welcomed by a free sparkling/still apple and cake included in the price.)
Watton Society is Director of Music at Trinity College
Cambridge who himself has a world-wide
juice reception at 2.30 p.m.
Decorated Hat Competition: Decorate a
Sat 24th August 9.00am BOOT FAIR on St
Mary’s Church Green. Do you have
Watton Society had its first summer outing to Dale Farm at reputation as a musician and conductor. summer hat with an orchard theme, model it unwanted household items, clothing or
Dereham. The inclement weather reduced the numbers of The Holst Singers are one of Britain’s foremost and enter our decorated hat competition! anything else that needs a new home? This
members somewhat, but didn't mar the visit. A very choirs, described by the BBC as a leading chorus Entries will be judged during the afternoon is your chance, come along and sell to
enjoyable walk around this magnificent garden well worth a on the international stage. Following one of their and prizes will be given. others. Pitches prebooked £5, on the day £6
visit when it is open for the NGS. The afternoon was finished performances, one reviewer wrote, “the Holst Guided Tours: You might wish to go on the (if any available) set up from 7.00am. For
with tea and delicious cakes followed by purchasing singers sang with a spellbinding sense of guided tour of the orchard during the further details and to book, please speak to
numerous plants. atmosphere and crystal clear texture.” afternoon to learn more about the Linda Benton 01953 884385
No meeting in August, but our next meeting is on Wednesday This concert is FREE and will last community orchard project and our future
18th September at 7.45pm at the Watton Christian approximately one hour. Do come along; you ambitions and plans. The July Winners of the 150 draw 1st prize
Community Centre, when the speaker will be Roger Jones will be delighted to hear some favourite English Enjoy the Orchard Atmosphere and Music: £50 ticket number 12 Linda Benton, 2nd
from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust speaking about "Roadside music sung with excellence. We hope to fill the Have a look at the fruit now growing on the prize £25 ticket number 23 - Sandra Culling.
Nature Reserves" church for this important local event. trees, the bird boxes, the bug home, the
The Wayland News July 2019 Page 14
nerve. There was a slight shower in
The Plantation the morning, but by the afternoon it
had improved to cloudy and bright,
Garden at Norwich and by three, there were even shadows
Great Hockham Gardening Club on the ground.
We were unable to reschedule our visit to The three-acre Plantation Garden is
Shropham Vicarage Garden, cancelled due to located in the heart of the city, near
rain, but by a close monitoring of the forecasts the Norwich Roman Catholic
we were able to organise a drop-of-the-hat get- Cathedral. It is within an old quarry
together at a the garden of one of our members. from which were mined flints for the
As well as a (very short) look around the garden famous facades of the Norwich
we had tea and cakes, all home made by that buildings and chalk to make lime for
nice Mister Sainsbury. Let’s face it; tea and the mortar. The garden was originally
cakes are the main draw for most of our constructed about 140 years ago by
members. the Norwich upholsterer and
For many years my wife has been talking about cabinetmaker, Henry Trevor, (1819 –
going to The Plantation Garden in Norwich. As 1897). The garden originally had a
it is with these things, there always seems palm house built in 1871 by the
something else going on to stop us; we could go Norwich company of Boulton and
after a shopping trip, but mustn’t leave the dogs Paul, but it fell into disrepair and,
too long, and so on. So when our programme from the evidence of old photographs,
secretary booked it as one of our outside had been demolished by about 1910.
activities it was the prompt we needed. The entire garden was abandoned and
However, for the third time this year, again, forgotten after the Second World War,
judging by the weather forecasts, it looked as but was rescued in 1980 when a
though we might be rained off. But we held our preservation trust was set up, now
headed by Roger
Connah. Volunteers carry fact new purchases from the Gunton Brothers A quarry may seem an unusual place to have a
out nearly all the brickworks at Costessey. There is a gothic garden until you remember that The Eden
maintenance and the fountain and a zigzag Italian terrace from the Project in Cornwall is located in an old clay pit.
garden is now a Grade II flat, lower area to a higher-level path. The path In fact quarry locations are surprisingly
registered site. then runs around the east rim of the quarry from numerous around the world: Belsay Hall near
The garden is in the stile of where you get an almost aerial view of the Morpeth, Northumberland; Quarry End,
the Gothic Revival, very garden. As well as being a quarry, mining was Walworth, Darlington, County Durham; The
popular at the time. The carried out in the form of tunneling. This is Butchart Gardens, Vancouver, Canada;
retaining walls and other revealed from time to time by sinkholes Whangarei Quarry Gardens, New Zealand; and
features appear to have appearing where the tunnels have collapsed. In the people across the road from where I live.
come from ruined churches 1988 a double-decker bus was partly swallowed Yes, really.
and the like, but were in by one such sinkhole in the Earlham Road. Edward Szczepanowski.

enjoyed by all Chris Jacobs will be hosting

Breckland Cats another on the 17th October with the lovely
Julia Edge, the “charity” will be a local one,
Protection details will be posted at a later date. Look
forward to seeing you then, all welcome.
Sometimes adult cats spend a lot of time in
our care waiting for their forever home.
They are on our website and facebook Grand Second
page, but no interest has been shown in
these two cats. Whilst they are happy to be Hand Book Sale
in our care, we would love to see them in Despite a damp and desultory start, the
their forever home, before they think they recent sale raised just over £1,620. A
are there already. massive thank you to all who took part; by
It is the kitten season which means that our giving, buying, setting up, manning stalls,
adult cats get overlooked as most people packing away, and generally bring there.
want a kitten. But adult cats can make Trinity (above) is a beautiful black girl, We could not achieve this without you all.
lovely companions too and they won't about 18 months old She came into our care The next sale is on Saturday 14th
climb up your curtains! They just want a because the children of the house were September, with the usual NEW selection
comfortable bed, maybe to sit on your lap, giving her a hard time. She was very thin of hundreds of books for you to browse.
regular food and a wander outside in the and distressed when she first arrived, but Plus refreshments, cakes & bakes, a
sunshine. with lots of TLC she has turned into the tombola, and other stalls.
most adorable girl. She has a feisty ALL donations will be gratefully received.
character and knows her own mind. She Items can be left at Thompson Community
loves to play with her toys and adores being Hall or with us in Griston. Collection can be
stroked. She may even be cuddled when she arranged by giving us a call or via TCH on
gets to know you. She is not keen on other Entry is
cats, so we are looking for a home where free, so you are warmly invited to come
she will be an only cat with maybe older along to Thompson Community Hall
children. Trinity is neutered, vaccinated and between 10am and 4pm. Many thanks,
had flea and worm treatment. Keith & Caroline 880153.
All our cats come with 4 weeks free pet
insurance with Pet Plan. Their adoption fee
is £60 which helps pay towards their vet Diabetes UK
Harry (above) is one such cat. He is a black bills. If you are interested in Harry on Our July meeting was an extremely fun and
and white boy and he is blind in one eye. Trinity, please call Ann on 01953 681092. relaxed event. We usually use our "Coffee
He is a very sweet natured cat but can be a For help and advice or if you need & Chat" meetings to discuss any issues that
bit shy at first around new people. With a assistance with the cost of neutering, please may have occured between meetings, how
bit of patience and TLC, his true call us on 01842 810018. members are getting on and if we have any
personality comes out. He is very curious Rita Thompson events happening into the near future. This
and playful, once he gains your trust. And time we had very informative discussions
wants no end of fuss and cuddles. Harry about several things, including future
would be best suited to a quiet home with Thank You speakers, ideas for visits and members
no other animals or children, maybe A demonstration of clairvoyance, held at personal adventures! It was definitely a fun
someone who works from home or is Barn Ruche on the 20th June raised £180 meeting, with a lot of laughter and it was so
around the majority of the time to give him with the raffle and donations for crisis in nice for us all to chat informally.
all the love and attention he deserves. need for the homeless. Our next meeting will be on Monday 12
Harry's previous owner died and that is why On behalf of Chris Jacobs and Sally Ann August, 10.15am, at the Pentecostal
he is up for adoption. We don't know how Barnes we would like to thank all those that Church, Watton, who we thank for the
he came to be blind in one eye. He is came along and helped to raise this money generous use of their facilities. Our speaker
neutered, vaccinated and has had flea and which has been very much appreciated by will be Hannah Burton, Dietician.
worm treatment. He is a lovely sweet boy the charity. Also all those involved at Barn If you would like any further information
who needs a second chance with people Ruche that made everything run so about the group, please phone Helen, 01953
who can care for him, love him again and smoothly through out the evening. 884713 and leave a message, or email
give him a forever home. As it was well received and hopefully
The Wayland News July 2019 Page 15

Dereham Indoor and indoor ball games are half price. Bring the
family down for an active weekend!
Richmond Park Golf Club Ladies
Bowls Club
Wayland Chamber
of Commerce
In Wayland there is sometimes the tendency to
emphasise the negative about where we live and
work, and while this is partly due to our self-
deprecating humour, it does mean we occasionally
forget about all those positive things that make
Wayland a great place to be. One of our roles
within the Chamber is to identify the opportunities
that exist for building business within the area, and
in order to do this, it helps to have an
understanding of our existing strengths in order to
better promote these. We recently reviewed the
reasons why businesses might want to relocate to
Wayland and I thought it worth sharing the key
points with you here.
Firstly, it may not be that obvious, unless you
happen to wander around our five business parks
(Threxton Road, Neaton, New Green, Breckland
and Thetford Road), that Watton is already a great
hub for business and industry. The town can
rightly boast of engineering companies who excel Winners of the the Combination Cup, with Jean Barrall on the left and Hilary Sutton on the right.
in precision engineering of metals, plastics and
The 2019 Summer Season of golf got off to a very MacCormack with a score of 185. In second place
wood; our more well known premier food
soggy start for the Ladies of Richmond Park, was Julie Ellis with a score of 188, well done
processing, packaging and delivery businesses and
resulting in the postponement of their first trophy ladies.
in addition, the commerce generated by our
event, The Curtis Cup. This trophy was presented On Monday 24th the Diana Davies trophy, also a
established traditional family businesses in Metal
to the Ladies Section by Mabel Curtis, a former scratch competition, played over 18 holes for ladies
Foundry, Stone Masonry and Woodcraft. Our
Lady Captain, and is played over 18 holes in the with handicaps of 23 to 36, was won by Margaret
High Street, with its characteristic extra-ordinary
Stableford format. Lockwood with a very creditable score of 107.
width, (something many towns would die for), has
However, the following week, on Monday 17th The 18 hole Handicap Trophy was also won by our
a mix of the essential shops for our whole
June, with much better weather, although rather Champion, Sandy MacCormack.
community, as well as specialist retail in antiques,
blustery conditions, the ladies took to the fairways On Monday 1st July the ladies contested the
clocks, books and jewellery. This is all
to contest this prestigious event. The winner, with a Combination Cup, played in the format of 6
Congratulations to Jack Naughton and Mia complemented by our historic bustling weekly
score of 34 points, was Julie Ellis, in second place holes Foursomes, 6 holes Greensomes and 6
Waddell who contested the final of the singles market.
was Ann Bayes with 33 points and in third place holes Betterball. The winners with a great score
final with Jack coming out on top. Losing semi But of course business is not just restricted to
was Chris Bailey with 29 points. of 72 were Jean Barrall and Hilary Sutton. In
finalists were Daniel Lonsdale and Alex Dobson. Watton, we have underpinning services covering
The following week was the Ladies Championship, second place on countback were Elaine
This bodes well for the club to have such talented architecture, law, finance, accountancy,
a scratch competition played on Sunday and Aberdeen and Margaret Middleton, and in third
youngsters. technology and business management throughout
Monday over 36 holes. Our champion for the place on countback were Ann Achilles and
Coaching for youngsters is Fridays at 4 pm to 6 the whole of Wayland. We perhaps also take for
fourth year running, and well deserved winner of Margaret Broadbent.
pm.all welcome. Roll ups continue every Monday granted the backdrop of the Breckland countryside
the Alison Sheard Trophy, was Sandy
evening at 7pm Tues and Thurs at 9.15am and and the prime agricultural land that is home to our
wed at 2pm. Adult coaching and family coaching local farming industry and the historical sites that
by national approved Coaches is every Saturday at bring in tourists to use our Wayland hotels, pubs,
10am. Interested parties just turn up restaurants and shops. For business, Wayland is a
pretty good place to be, and while locally we may
complain about traffic and transport,
August at the commercially, being at the cross-roads of the
North-South A1075 and the East-West A1108
Sporty with easy access to the A11 and the rest of the
This month at Watton Sports Centre we are Cambridge - Norwich Tech Corridor, as well as
kicking it off with a groovy ‘n’ boozy, hippy rail links to Cambridge and London from nearby
themed karaoke night on Saturday 10th at 8pm, Thetford and Brandon, we are actually well
with our huge variety of gins we are sure to get positioned as a business centre for Breckland. A
you up and singing in no time. If you would 30 min drive to the Norwich Research Park and
rather be dancing in those flares, don’t forget to the University of East Anglia is also a major
book your tickets for our ABBA tribute night on positive for business involved in agri-technology.
Saturday 24th on 01953881281. For a Chamber of Commerce we consider
If you aren’t into partying this summer try out ourselves pretty lucky to have all of this to talk
our sporty Saturdays with Park Run first thing about and we can genuinely take pride in
then Rounders with BBQ at 2pm. Also we are promoting Wayland business interests with all our
continuing our Sunday deal, all racket sports Members of Saham WI went walking with alpacas in Thetford Forest recently. Picture shows
great strengths and advantages.
(L/R) Jenny Haines with Flame, Terry Bowman with Puno and Tracy Buffin with Teddy
The Wayland News July 2019 Page 16

Saracen Martial Arts Grading Sucesses

Chief Instructor of Saracen Martial Arts, Ian Soame with some of the class of 2019 who have trained at Watton
Saracen Martial arts Tae Kwon do has been After 1st Dan Black belt, a candidate may Jodie Hughes; Samuel Merritt
teaching Tae Kwon do since 1985, when be eligible to grade for 2nd dan after 2 5th Dan Michelle Titmarsh
the chief Instructor Ian Soame started his years, and 3rd Dan after 3 years and so on. Due to the successes the Watton club is
Watton class at RAF Watton. The Watton The ‘class of 2019’ had 8 Nr 1st Dan looking for new members to begin their
club is still going strong after all these years candidates, 5 Nr 2nd Dan, 4 Nr 3rd Dan and journey in Taekwondo.
and now trains out of the Watton Youth 1 Nr 5th Dan Candidates. The classes run all the way through school
Centre on Harvey Street. Due to the selection and training processes holidays at the Watton Youth Centre on
Black belt gradings are a culmination of beforehand, all candidates were successful. Wednesday and Friday nights, starting at
many years training and before a candidate 1st Dan :- James Howarth; Jake Linney; 7.00pm. New members receive at least one
can grade they have to be ‘sponsored’ by Sally Williams; Pedro De Sousa; Dina De calendar month’s training free.
their club instructor. The lead – in to the Sousa; Jasmine Luckett; Sarah Cook; Lewis For more Information on Tae Kwon Do
grading starts a year before the grading, Burrell. classes in Watton and the surrounding area
with many pre assessments, endurance tests 2nd Dan :- Tony Hughes; Debbie Hughes; please call Ian Soame (7th Dan Black belt
and intensive training sessions specially for Michael Barrett; Owen Barrett; James Swan Master) on 07739 589253
the black belt team, to be completed. 3rd Dan :- Mark Reeve; Kaela Hughes;

(Loch Neaton)
Bowls Club
The annual Nowak Trophy charity bowls
match was held at the Watton Sports
Centre on Sunday 14th July with teams
entered from Mundford, Swaffham,
Connaught(Attleborough) and Watton.
The match lasted all day with 48 bowlers
taking part and a ploughman’s lunch
being provided in the clubroom. Harvey Day (Day & Nowak) after the war located in the building opposite the
Mundford Bowls Club, led by Adrian with premises located approximately Thetford Rd car park.
Malster, won the trophy for the 7th time . where the Watton doctors surgery stands The cup was presented to the winners by
The competition was started by Joe today. The company built houses in Joe’s daughter Lynn, and the day’s
Nowak the Vice President of the Watton Watton for 33 years including the Charles proceeds of approximately £400 will be
Bowls Club back in 1986 . Joe came to Avenue, Churchill Close and Nelson donated to The Daisy Programme charity.
England from Poland at the start of the Court developments. He is also Pictured - Joe Nowak’s daughter Lynn
Second World War and settled in Watton. remembered for his hardware and general presenting the trophy to the Mundford
He established a building firm with store (J.P.N. & Co Ltd) which was Bowls Club team.
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