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Songbook © Tom Jobian PROD Lidell PALAU Melanie gal LY P11 1 [amb ff love. affair is over she’s gone away And I'm alone With a totM tL Poms fos 1/t1 1 fh CMP T/T] 1 | comme] / | memory of her last look Vague and drawn and sad 1 see it sil an” her FeTGR) J -/ 7 BoM) / ff BmT// / EE 4/7 fae ftit s 77 6m heart—break in that last look she must have asked could T just turn JL 1 emt] (7 BMT ff ff] ry EE he COLI of Te and stare in icy silence What was 1” to do What can you EOcaa / F#TbI3) fff BmT f/f] ff do When a love affair is o—ver see RAT/AS Amé Dia. Abe GM mS Copyright by JOBIM MUSIC. Rus Visconde de Peni, 438 /eaa - Foqe:(021)521 2071 (USI}S01-6549- Pas. (021}267-993 ‘Rio de Janeiro - Bras. Todo ot dritoe reservados, ‘Copytight by TONGA EDITORA MUSICAL LTDA ‘Av, Rebouess, 170, con). 3- Sio Paulo - Bal. Toros dictos reservar. (Copyright by DUCHESS MUSIC, MCA. 1755 BROADWAY, New York, New York 10019 “Todos os direitos reservados, - AM rights reserved