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NAME: _____________________________________________ SECTION: __________________
I. African Literature: Read the statements below. Write True if the statement is correct and False if the
statement is incorrect. (10 pts)
1. Africa is called the “Dark Continent” because of the inhabitants’ black features.
2. Oral traditions have a strong influence on modern African literature.
3. Most African stories depict the themes such as love, friendship, and loyalty.
4. A tale passed down to a group of people to teach social behavior and usually based on superstition is called
5. A saying that uses things from everyday life to teach a lesson or give advice is called proverbs.
6. The short story, Hands of the Blacks manifests fairness.
7. Griots are politicians who pass down oral traditions within their tribe.
8. Written Literature in Africa is presented by travel logs.
9. The most famous travel log is the Rihlah by Ibn Battuta.
10. We can show appreciation of African Literature by keeping their stories to ourselves.

II. Sentence Structure and Conjunction: Identify the structure of each sentence and write the
conjunction/s used. (10 pts)
1. Do you want to go swimming tomorrow, or would you prefer to play tennis?
Structure: ________________ Conjunction/s: ____________________
2. I've brought my umbrella with me in case it rains.
Structure: ________________ Conjunction/s: ____________________
3. I don't know why he did that.
Structure: ________________ Conjunction/s: ____________________
4. My family came to Japan when I was in grade 5, but I never learned to speak Japanese very well.
Structure: ________________ Conjunction/s: ____________________
5. I'm so pleased that you can come to my party.
Structure: ________________ Conjunction/s: ____________________

III. Logical Connector: Supply the appropriate connector to complete the sentence. (5 pts)
1. My father is 60 years old now. __________, he maintains his interest in political matters.
2. __________, I had great difficulty with grammar, but now I improved.
3. Harry Potter is my favorite book. __________, I have completed the seven novels.
4. I can play quite a few musical instruments, __________, the flute, the guitar, and the piano.
5. I read the morning papers for a while. __________, I took a shower.
IV. Elements of Spoken Language: Choose the letter of the correct answer. (5 pts)
1. Which of the sentences has a rising intonation?
A. Is she your science teacher? C. Who is your English Teacher?
B. What is your science teacher’s name? D. I like ML, PubG, and Grand Theft Auto.
2. Which of the sentences has a rise-fall intonation?
A. I plan to enroll in advanced grammar class. C. What a wonderful idea!
B. Do you like Facebook or Instagram? D. Were you able to attend our first period class?
3. Jenny is a convert of Buddhism just recently. What syllable should be stressed in the underlined word?
A. all syllables C. second syllables
B. first syllables D. no stress
4. How did the student produce that kind of performance? What syllable should be stressed in the underlined
A. all syllables C. second syllables
B. first syllables D. no stress
5. Which of the following words has an /e/ sound?
A. dead C. great
B. deed D. dried