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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Poonams Day out

1. Poonam looked up. She saw many animals on the tree. Which animals can you
spot on the tree in the picture? Write down their names.

Ans. Pigeon, Squirrel, Crow, Monkey, Butterflies, Ants, Parrots, Cuckoo.

2. Which animals did Poonam see at the pond? Look at the picture and write their

Ans. Goat, Tortoise, Crane, Frog, Bufffalo, Stork.

3. Can you act like the animals seen in the pond? Which animal makes what kind
of sounds and movement? Try to make similar sounds.
Ans. Teacher can help the students to act like animals seen in the pond.
Given below are the sounds produced by some of the animals.

(1) Dog: Bow-Bow

(2) Cat: Mew-Mew

(3) Lion: Gurr-Gurr

(4) Frog: Croak-Croak

(5) Goat: Mein-Mein

(6) Crow: Caw-Caw

(7) Cuckoo: Koo-Koo

4. You must have seen many animals too write which of them.
Ans. Can fly: Butterfly, Pigeon, Parrot
Can crawl: Lizard, Snake, Tortoise

Can walk: Cow, Buffalo, Ox

Can hop: Frog, Kangaroo, Hare

Can wings: Pigeon, Cuckoo, Sparrow

Have feet: Cow, Goat, Bear

Have a tail: Monkey, Cow, Bufffalo

5. Find my name in the crossword and put a oval shape around it. One example
has been given.
(i) Banana is what I love eating,
I spend my time jumping and leaping.
Ans. Monkey.
(ii) On the walls, webs I weave
Where insects stick and cannot leave.
Ans. Spider.
(iii) I remain awake the whole night,
And go to sleep in board daylight.
Ans. Owl.
(iv) Croak, croak, croak is my sound.
In water or on land I am found.
Ans. Frog.
(v) I appear after rainfall,
Have no feet so I crawl.
Ans. Snail.
(vi) Slow and steady so I crawl.
I always win when there is a race.
Ans. Tortoise.

6. Spend some time under a tree. Observe the animals carefully. Name the
animals which can be seen
Ans. On the branches: Parrot, Crow, Monkey
On the leaves: Beetle, Caterpillar, Grasshopper

On the trunk: Squirrel, Ant, Termite

On the ground: Rat, Snake, Rabbit

Around the ground: Cow, Dog, Cat

7. Now arrange the animals in the order of their size – smallest being the first.
Ans. Termite, Ant, Beetle, Caterpillar, Grasshopper, Rat, Parrot, Crow, Squirrel, Snake,
Rabbit, Cat, Dog, Monkey, Crow.

CHAPTER -2 Class 3 EVS The plant fairy

1. Can you name a plant in which Didi was sitting?
Ans. Yes, Didi was sitting on the grass (plant).
2. Have you seen a tree with a trunk as thick as the one shown in the picture?

Ans. Yes, the trunk of the banyan tree is a thick as the one in the picture.
3. Do all the leaves have similar colours, shapes and margins?
Ans. NO.
4. Collect a few leaves of plants like lemon, neem, basil (tulsi), Mint (pudina) and
coriander (dhaniya). Crush the leaves and smell them. Do they all smell alike. Can
you identify the leaves just by their smell?
Ans. No, all leaves do not smell alike. Yes, we can identify the leaves just by their smell.
5. Look at the picture and name the things which have pattern of leaves and
flowers on them.

Ans. (1) On the bedsheet (2) On the wall painting (3) On the pillows (4) On the book
(5) On the pant of the girl (6) On the carpet.
6. You must have seen many plants and trees. How many of them can you name.
Write their names.
Ans. Neem, Banyan, Mango, Guava, Blackberry, Ashok, Rose, Basil.
7. Are there any plants that you have heard of but never seen.
Ans. Oak, Acacia, Pines, Chestnut, Marijuana, Spruce, Fir, Almond.

CHAPTER -3 Class 3 EVS Water O Water

1. Which are the planes mentioned in the poem where we find the water?
Ans. (a) River, (b) Waterfall, (c) Lakes, (d) Springs.
2. Name any four activities which
(a) You can do without water.
Ans. (a) Speaking, Walking, Reading, Playing.
(b) You cannot do without water.
Ans. (b) Eating food, Washing utensils, Bathing, Washing clothes.
3. Arrange the following on the basis of the amount of water that is needed for
each of the activities. Begin with the activity that needs the most water.
Activities: To bathe, to drink, to clean the house, to water the fields, to knead the
Ans. To water the fields, To clean the house, To bathe, To knead the dough, To drink.
4. Have you seen hot water coming out of the ground? Where?
Ans. Yes, In Suraj Kund (Haryana).
5. Does any river flow through your village or city? If yes, write its name.
Ans. The river Yamuna passed through Delhi.
6. Do you know the names of any rivers? Write their names.
Ans. Yamuna, Ganga, Godavri, Satluj, Chenab, Saraswati, Mahanadi, Brahmaputra etc.
7. At home, where do you get drinking water from?
Ans. At home, water comes from pipe line.
8. Do you have to go far to get water? How much time does it take to bring the
Ans. No, In towns, water is supplied to home, but in villages, water is to be brought
from distant places.
9. Do you neighbours bring water from the same place?
Ans. Yes.
10. Are there certain people who are not allowed to take water from there?
Ans. No.
11. Why do we need to store water?
Ans. Water is stored so that it can be used in water supply is not available.

12. Who fetches and stores water in your house?

Ans. Parents.
13. Take a look at the picture. If we fill them with water –

(a) Which will contain the least water?

Ans. Tumbler.
(b) Which will contain the most water?
Ans. Bucket.
(c) How could you tell?
Ans. Tumbler is smaller in size than bucket therefore contains the least water.
14. What do you feel? Did Chhutki’s glass tumbler have less panna?
Ans. No, Chhutki’s glass tumbler did not have less panna.

Class 3 EVS Water O Water

15. Given in the grid are some places where water is found. Find seven of them
and put a circle around each. One has already been done for you.

16. In every row put a circle around one that is different from the other. Also tell
how it is different.
(i) River, mountain, lake, pond, spring.
Ans. Mountain is not a source of water.
(ii) Bathing, washing, clothes, swimming, combing hair, kneading dough.
Ans. Combing hair does not require water.
(iii) Fish, duck, monkey, crocodile
Ans. Monkey lives on tree.
(iv) Car, boat, bus, train, bicycle.
Ans. Boat runs in water.
CHAPTER -4 Class 3 EVS Our First School
1. Who are there in your family? Write the names and how they are related to
Name Relation with you

Anish Father

Simran Mother

Kapil Brother

Ramchandra Grandfather

2. Write the relationship between any two members of your family – such as
husband- wife, brother-sister, mother-daughter…
Name of the two members of your family Their relationship

Anish Simran Husband-Wife

Ramchandra Kapil Grandson-Grandfather

Anish Kapil Father-Son

3. Look at the picture carefully. Two persons in the picture resemble each other.
How do you think they are related?

Ans. Two young girls in the picture resemble each other. They are sisters.
4. Is there any similarity between you and any other member of your family – in
the way you talk, walk, smile or even in your looks? With whom and how?
Ans. (i) My walking resembles with my father since, I walk in small steps just like him.
(ii) My voice resembles with my grandfather, I talk soft voice like him.

5. Think and write:

(i) When I am sad, I go to my …….
Ans. Mother.
(ii) When I went to know about the past, I go to my ……
Ans. Grandmother.
(iii) When I want to share my secrets, I go to my ……
Ans. Sister.
(iv) When I do something wrong, I go to my…..
Ans. Father.
CHAPTER -5 Class 3 EVS Chhotus House
1. Study the picture carefully and answer the following questions:

(a) What did Chotu think when he looked at the pipe?

Ans.(a) When he looked at the pipe, Chhotu thought that pipe is the safest place to
live. Pipe can save him from strong winds, rain and cold.
(b) How did Chhout use the pipe?
Ans. (b) Chhotu used the pipe to sleep.
(c) Into which parts did Chhotu divide the pipe and its surrounding area?
Ans. (c) Chhotu divided the pipe and its surrounding area into:
(i) A part used to sleep or sleeping portion.

(ii) A part used to cook food or cooking portion.

(iii) A part for drying clothes.

(iv) A part used for storing water.

(v) A part where guests can sit or guest room.

(d) In which part of this house will Chhotu like to spend most of his time?
Ans. (d) Chhotu would like to spend most of his time at the part where guests can
come and sit.
(e) Why do you think Chhotu invited Monu to live with him in the pipe?
Ans. (e) Chhotu invited Monu to live with him in the pipe because
(i) Monu has no place to live.

(ii) Monu can live easily in the pipe.

(iii) Chhotu was living alone in the pipe. He used to get bored. Monu can talk and play
with him.

2. Who all live with you in your house?

Ans. My family members live with me in my house.
Suggestions: Mother, Father, Sister
Brother, Grandfather, Grandmother.

3. How much time in a day do you spend in each part of your house?
Ans. Reading room – 4 hours
Bedroom – 8 hours

Drawing room – 1 hour

Kitchen – 1 hour

4. Is there any part of your house where one particular member of your family
spends more time?
Ans. Yes, mother spends more time in kitchen.
5. Is there any part of your house where a particular family member never goes
or goes for a short time?
Ans. Yes, father goes in the kitchen only for a short time.
6. Draw picture of any two animals that live in our house uninvited. Write.

7. How do you keep our house clean?

Ans. (i) By dusting the objects kept in our house.
(ii) By cleaning house with the help of broomsticks.

(iii) By keeping all the objects at their respective place.

8. Who all help to keep your house clean?

Ans. Mother, sister and brother help to keep the house clean.
9. Where do you throw the garbage of your house?
Ans. We throw the garbage in the dustbin.
Class 3 EVS Chhotus House

10. Is the area around your house clean?

Ans. Yes, the area around our house is clean.
11. Is there any special way in which you decorate your house? When and how?
Ans. Yes, we decorate our house in Diwali. We decorate our house with lights, candles,
flowers etc.
12. Name the things with which you decorate you house.
Ans. We decorate our house with flowers, painting flowerpots and caricatures.