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1. Topic : Diarrhea
2. Target :
a. Program : Mother’s An. B
b. Extension : The family An. B by the number of family members is 1
3. The purpose :
a. General : Mother's. B able to find out the causes of the incidence of
diarrhea and applying management of diarrhea in children.
b. Special :
1) Mother’s is capable of knowing and mention the causes of diarrhea
2) Mother’s was able to explain how the management of diarrhea
4. Material : the attached description
a. Causes of diarrhea in children
b. How the management of diarrhea in children
5. Method :
a. Lecture on the causes and ways of management of diarrhea in children
b. Faqs
6. Media : Leaflet causes and way of management of diarrhea in children
7. Time :
Day/date: Saturday/April 26, 2019
Time: 14.00 WIB – 14.30 WIB
No Activity Time
1 The opening 1 minute
- Teraupetik greeting
2 The introducing 4 minute
- Introduce members of extension officers
- Reports the purpose of the meeting
- Deliver outreach topics
3 - Deliver the contract time 3 minute
- Describes the contract time
4 The implementation 20 minute
- -Explains the causes of diarrhea in children
- Describes how the management of diarrhea in
5 The evaluation 10 minute
- Ask the families repeat some of the information that
has been given
- Summing up the results of the implementation of the
6 Cover 2 minute
- Ending the meeting and answer greetings

8. Place : Children's ward

The setting of the place :

9. Evaluation :
Realm Time Method Instrument Evaluatif
Cognitive time Faqs list of questions extension
extension officers
Affective time Observation observation extension
extension sheet officers
Psychomotor 2 days of Observation observation extension
illuminating sheet officers

Sleman, April 25, 2019

After being given guidance about diarrhea, expected family (Mother's. B) is able
to answer the question:
RALM NO Question Score
cognitive 1 Mention the cause of diarrhea in children! 50
Explain again how management of diarrhoea in
2 50

50 X 2 = 100

Diarrhea is the passage loose or watery stools at least 3 times in a 24-hour period.
a. Causes of Diarrhea :
1. Virus, parasitic, and bacterial infection: some types of viruses are like
cytomegalo virus, hepatitis, and the virus rota. Parasitic and bacterial can
enter the human body through food and drinks that are less healthy or
cooking utensils are not clean.
2. Antibiotics: antibiotic Usage that does not fit can also trigger diarrhea.
Side effects of antibiotics, would cause interference with bacterial
balance that works for the gut.
3. Milk Allergy: this is caused due to digestive organs can not digest the
lactose or sugars found in milk.
4. The consumption of foods with artificial sweeteners and preservatives:
preservatives and Sweeteners will make the digestive organs provide
specific reaction as mild or severe diarrhea.
b. Management of diarrhea in children :
1. Drink water. Increase the consumption of white water, on average 1 liter
every two hours.
2. Avoid the consumption of foods that are spicy, fruit and coffee for 3
days or longer if the symptoms of diarrhea is not better.
3. Consumption of snack foods that are convenient to the stomach and
avoid many kinds of foods that trigger stomach gas production
4. Don't drink milk for a few days until the condition of the stomach have
5. If exposed to diarrhea because antibiotic drugs, then a light yogurt
consumption after taking the medicine
6. Compress the abdomen with warm water.
7. The consumption of foods containing carbohydrates such as rice, cereals
and potatoes. Better if packed with fewer amount so that the stomach
feels more comfortable
8. Solution of salt and water or oral rehydration therapy. One of the other
drugs are very popular is a solution of salt and water. Combine 3
tablespoons of salt with one glass of warm water, stir and let stand until
the salt dissolves.

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23, 2019 - hours 22:31).