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I. Executive Summary 2
Company 3
Products & Services 3
Market Analysis 3
Strategy & Implementation 6
Management 6
Financial Plan 8
Sources & Use of Funds 8

II. Company 9
Legal Entity & Ownership 9
Facilities 10

III. Products & Services 10

Features & Benefits 10
Competition 11
Competitive Advantage 13
Development 13

IV. Market Analysis 14

Target Customer 14
Market Size 15
SWOT Analysis 16

V. Strategy & Implementation 17

Collection Timeline 17
Production Strategy 18
Marketing Strategy 21
Sales Strategy 23
After Sales Strategy 23
Goals 25
Exit Strategy 26
Inventory Management 27

VII. Financial Plan 28

Requirements 28
Use of Funds 28
Income Statement Projections 28
Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Projections 30

VIII. Supporting Documents 31

Articles of Partnership 32
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Collection Template 32
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I. Executive Summary
A. Company

“Be true to yourself and dare to be different”

Truth and Dare is a retail company in the Philippines. It was founded in

2017 by Jax Murata and Quennie Ramirez. Truth and dare clothing line offers
unique style every season that is still in line with latest trends.

B. Products & Services

Truth and dare plans to release its collection every three months due to
limited manpower and the process of production. Each collection varies, it
follows trends of the target market and it also follows big players in the fashion
industry. Truth and dare offers ready-to-wear clothes that are casual or semi-
formal. The designs are not some typical clothing you wear everyday, it is sexy,
bold, unique and trendy.

Fabrics used came from a market that sells different kind of fabrics that
are low in price or wholesale price. Truth and dare follows a seasonal pattern
in the philippines specifically manila when it comes to determining the next
fabric to use, for example it determines based on the weather or holiday. The
colors are determined by its popularity, the trending colors for the year or for
the season. Truth and dare usually pick 2 to 3 colors that blend well together.

C. Market Analysis
People nowadays are tech-savvy, specifically users in the Philippines
spend an average of 8 hours online. The population in the Philippines is said to
increase to 13% by 2021, that is good opportunity for businesses to sell more
products, and that goes for e-commerce businesses as well. There was study
that said 9 out of 10 filipino consumers shop online. These are 3 top reasons
why they shop apparel online: (1) Convenience (2) finding best or better prices
(3) brands or specific items are not available at the mall.

Even if there is a huge percent of women buying apparel online, there

are barriers on their shopping, (1) The item that they want is out of their
budget (2) unsure if the size is right (3) they don’t like the brands that are
currently featured (4) doesn’t have paypal or credit card.

When it comes to buying items online, there are different modes of

payment. Here are the top 3 modes in the Philippines (in order): (1) Credit
cards (2) Paypal (3) Cash on delivery. According to the statistics, credit cards
are mostly used that means that people who buys online have an income/job
already. Even if that’s the case, there are a lot of sites that their customer
prefers cash on delivery. But for the long run and for the efficiency of the
company, it’s better to just have the mode of credit card because despite the
bank charge, the company doesn’t have to worry about handling, collecting
and reconciling cash orders.
In this chart, It’s clear that most items bought fall under categories of:
bags, Accessories and apparel which is fashion, aside from the biggest which is
the eco-friendly, which are products use for sustainability or health use. Also
according to statistics, each customer buys almost 2 products per transaction.

On the average spending habit of a person online buying fashion

products, each person spends 3,900 php per transaction, this masks the range
of purchases. For instance, the highest single order on the site was worth
129,000 php for a luxury bag and the highest spending customer has spent 306,
000 php over a one year period.

For the acting behavior of a person shopping online, statistics shows that
thursday and friday orders are above average while weekends are below
average. With that said, people are most likely shopping online for them to use
on weekends. The mostly order online on weekdays especially thursdays and
fridays, most probably is because they have this urge to buy something as stress
reliever, but there are other explanations why.

Common belief is that people tend to shop during payday but statistics
shows that payday doesn’t significantly give impact sales. Several reasons for
this are people most probably spends it to some other leisures like restaurants
and movies, especially in filipino culture. So having a payday promotion will be
just an unnecessary cost. It will also be better to have a marketing on
weekdays than spending on advertisements on weekends when the shopping
behavior is low.

D. Strategy & Implementation

The strategy of truth and dare is to meet all goals within one year, with
putting all the effort at their marketing plan. Truth and dare will have an
effective and manageable supply chain so the process of everything will go
smoothly. Also, the company will carefully list down all costs to avoid any
miscalculations and to use the money wisely. The inventory management of
the company will be handled by a specific person to to avoid confusion and to
examine the quality properly. As for the different departments inside the
company, each should stick with their department for direct and proper

E. Management

*This is the current organizational chart*

Jax Murata Quennie

Marketing Finance Sales and

Jax Murata Quennie production
Ramirez Jax & Quennie

*This will be the future organizational chart*

Jax Murata Quennie

Marketing Finance Operations

department department department

Advertisin accountin Quality

Sales Materials

Customer shipping

1. CEO - will be responsible for day-to-day decisions for the each department in
the company, leading employees, doing research and product development, set
strategy and direction, form contract partnerships, set up work ethics and
culture and allocating capital to the company’s priorities.

2. Marketing - it’s responsible for managing the brand, keep track of sales,
managing customer feedbacks, keep the advertising on flow, create content for
website and social medias, serves as media liaison (who speaks for the
company), conducts customer and market research.

3. Finance - monitors day-to-day operational costs, in charge for the

organizational cash flow, create a budget plan, seek out methods to minimize
financial risk, keeps track of transactions
4. Operations - Manage operations, manage effective management of labor,
quality control and safety measures as established, contact suppliers, manage
the customer life cycle, hires employees.

F. Financial Plan

Our company will earn revenue from our customers’ purchases of our
products. Booming Boutique’s first-year income statement illustrates a profit
margin of at least fifty-two percent, with a net income of $44,075 per month –
after taxes. Finally, we have determined our break-even point will equal no
less than $15,500 in total monthly sales. We project our annual profits to reach
$380,000 by year three.

Our company will generate revenue from the retail sale of clothing and
other merchandise. First year sales are projected to be $285,000, and we
expect sales to surpass $525,000 by the end of year three. We will achieve
month-to-month profitability within the first year.

G. Sources & Use of Funds

Truth and dare is a startup business, requirements or expenses will be

implemented in order for the company to successfully grow. With the starting
capital of 200,000 php, here are the uses:
● Fabric & Accessories for the designed outfit - These are the very base of the
products of the company. Each design have specific measurements on how
much yard to use. Each fabric prices varies. Accessories are needed if buttons
or zippers, etc are included on the design.

● Sample making & Mass production - Before doing the clothes that the
company will sell, Having samples is a must. This is for cases of adjustments on
the design. Prices of the sample making is negotiable between the seamstress
and the company. Mass production is the making of the products that will be
sold, price of the labor is cheaper since its mass.

● Marketing implementation - The fund is needed here for the company’s brand
awareness. There are media channels that the company uses that are free but
huge channels have charges. Building a website, posting ads on social media
and some efforts that are listed at the marketing strategy are uses of funds.

● Staff - Soon enough the company will hire a website master for detailed
platform of the company’s website. So far, employees are not yet needed in
truth and dare.

● Registration of business - There are several fees registering the business.

● Savings - This is just for emergency use of the company.

II. Company

A. Legal Entity & Ownership

Truth & Dare is a General Partnership business founded in the

Philippines. Ms. Quennie Ramirez and Ms. Jax Murata are the company’s
principal owners.
Both individuals stated have agreed to contribute money, labor, and
skills to the business. Ms. Quennie and Ms. Jax will share all profits, losses, and
management. Both are personally and equally liable for debts, also hold equal
shares of ownership in the business.

B. Facilities

The business plans to enter the online platform first, to gain loyal
customers, and then hopefully move into a bricks-and-mortar store in the
future. Truth & Dare can be found in the following social media platforms:
Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and also our very own website.

Instagram will serve as the temporary sales venue and will also feature
the design portfolios. Youtube will be used to spread more awareness about the
brand, to inspire people, and to share additional fashion content like styling
and ootds. Facebook is where the brand will be sharing all contents from
Instagram and Youtube. It will be used more for marketing.

Meanwhile, the business website is still being developed. This is to

place a more authentic feel to the brand, bring all the brand contents in one
medium, and to provide a more customer friendly experience.

Detailed information about each online platform is provided in the

attached Online Platform Documents.

III. Products & Services

A. Features & Benefits

Truth & Dare believes in the individual beauty and personality of each
person. The business tagline, “Be true to yourself and dare to be different”
remains true even with the collection designs. The primary concern is to
provide the market with clothes that will give them the ability to express
themselves. Truth & Dare will provide designs that will help women be
confident with who they really are. Clothes can be personally styled by them
according to what they are feeling at the moment or based on the event that
they're going to.

For now, the business will be offering sizes from XS to XL. But Truth &
Dare will try to expand the categories once we’ve settled in the market. In
addition to this, the business will always be ready to entertain fashion inquiries
and advices from our customers. These are things such as styling, color
coordinations, event appropriations, etc.

B. Competition

In the Philippines, there are different types of competitors based on the

medium that the business is in. Since Truth & Dare is starting online via
Instagram and Facebook, with intentions of having a Website as well, the
competitive analysis chart indicated below considers competitors that are
visible in the three mediums as well.

Also considered in choosing competitors were the price ranges of their

products. Truth & Dare offers products that ranges from 800 - 2000 php, so only
brands that also offers the same price range are included in the chart.

Suzy Clothing 990 2250 1620

Huna Official 1050 1950 1500

Bonita The Label 900 2000 1450

Truth & Dare 800 2000 1400

In terms of affordability: Truth & Dare offers the most affordable pricing
among the four contenders, while Suzy Clothing is more costly. Bonita The
Label and Huna Official offers mid price designs.
In terms of uniqueness of designs: Truth & Dare offers the most unique
pieces with Suzy Clothing as a runner up. Bonita The Label and Huna Official
are more on trendy pieces that are offered in various fabrics.

C. Competitive Advantage

Truth & Dare believes that providing unique clothing designs that are
more affordable compared to competitors is their primary competitive
advantage in the market.

The business provides trendy designs for each season and can adapt to
individual styling. So much value is also placed in product quality and customer
service. This would help us be the first choice of 20-25 years old working
women when they want unique, fashionable, and affordable designs.

Both partners, Quennie & Jax, have an entrepreneurship education

background so this would ensure all operations of the business. Continuous
learning about fashion and the clothing line plus harnessing of skills is applied
in order to make sure that the business does not become stagnant.

Our manufacturer relationship and exclusive unique designs offers will

prevent future competitors from entering the market as a competitor. It also
takes financial capability to open up a clothing line due to the amount of
capital needed. Also, even if other clothing lines are put up, it takes dedication
and skills to keep the business going.

D. Development

As Truth & Dare grows and the business gets to attract a hefty amount of
loyal followers, and a positive financial report. The business plans to expand
sizes options to cater to a wider variety of body shapes. In addition to this,
Truth & Dare also plans to expand product lines to swimwear, sportswear,
lingerie, accessories, and more.

Once the financials are applicable for expansion, Truth & Dare plans to
open up bricks-and-mortar stores in various locations in the Philippines. Both
partners are also open to expanding internationally once the opportunity
presents itself.

IV. Market Analysis

A. Target Customer

Location : Philippines, Manila

Age: 20 - 25 years old
Gender: Women
Socio - class: Classes A to upper B
Career status: Working, well paid career
Interests: Shops online, fashion
Behavior: outgoing, goes to party, follows trends, credit card user

Truth and Dare targets women ages 20 - 30 years old, in this age some
are starting to be more independent from their parents, some still lives and
getting budget from their parents and some actually have a career already and
living independently that has actual savings and earnings already.

The company is focusing to women that has no much problem on

spending their money on clothes. Women that cares about what they wear and
how they look. Women goes online shopping once or twice a week, because in
that case it’s easier to determine their loyalty to the brand, to study their
buying habits more and also it means that they are somewhat committed to
online shopping.

Women that are outgoing has a motive to buy something for the event or
simply something new to show to the people like friends or family, unlike
women that are not really outgoing and would rather stay inside doesn’t really
need to buy some clothes, and their buying habit when it comes to buying
clothes online is rarely. Truth and dare also targets a market that follows a
trend or who cares what has been happening to the world especially when it
comes to style trends, since the company have the proposition of offering
designs that are in and updated.

B. Market Size

26,000,000 total population in manila

12,000,000 women
in manila

20-25 yrs old
Interested in online

Data gathered from facebook

*Still needs to narrow down to Classes A and upper B

C. SWOT Analysis

1. Strengths
a. Experience and understanding of the fashion industry
b. Fast research about fashion trends international and national
c. Online store which means lesser costs than having a physical store
d. Large and growing consumer base
e. Owners have knowledge about running a business
f. Have connections to international models
g. Buys fabric at a market that offers low prices
h. Growing followers on facebook and instagrams
i. Online store is open 24 hours, 7 days
j. Have the customer experience a personal care from owners when
purchasing a product
k. Have a return/exchange policy
l. Have limited designs and quantity (easier to track inventory)

2. Weaknesses
a. Haven’t registered the business yet
b. Not enough capital yet
c. Haven’t registered the website yet
d. Haven’t found a contracted seamstress for the company
e. Competitors can easily copy designs

3. Opportunities
a. Rapidly growing of e-commerce in the Philippines
b. Some companies can use truth and dare as their advantage to sell
their products
c. Strong business to business networking

4. Threats
a. Low barrier
b. Easy to copy designs online and sell it at a lower price
c. Have established big clothing store websites

V. Strategy & Implementation

A. Collection Timeline

There are 3 seasons in the Philippines, namely:

a.) Rainy Season (June - October) 6 - 8 Designs

b.) Cool Dry Season (November - February) 4 - 6 Designs

c.) Hot Dry Season (March - May) 2 - 4 Designs

For every season, there are assigned tasks that must be completed.


1st Month Trends Research

Design Sketching
Clothing Label & Tags Production
Sample Making: Procurement
Sample Making: Production

2nd Month Mass Production: Procurement

Packaging Production
Mass Production of Designs
Marketing Preparations: Gather Marketing Team
Marketing Preparations: Inform Marketing Team

3rd Month Marketing Preparation: Shoots

Marketing Preparations: Editing
Post Release of Collection Teasers
Prepare Release of Collection Materials

4th Month Prepare Stunts

1st Marketing Stunt
Collection Release

5th Month 2nd Marketing Stunt

Sell (Can last for 3 months depending on the season)

6th Month Prepare Sale Materials

End of Collection Sale

Note: Kindly check Supporting Documents for the Collection Timeline

***Add: Marketing Schedule for fb. instagram. facebook. youtube and layout.

B. Production Strategy

1. Trend Report

Designers shall present a trend report before beginning to design for

each collection. This would ensure that each piece of product to be made, will
be in line with the season where the collection will be released.

A summarized final trend report shall be completed after a trend report

meeting. It will be used as the designer's guide for creating the product
designs. After a product design meeting is done, and the final products to be
made for each collection is decided, the designers will move on to creating the
tech pack.
2. Collection Tech Pack

In order to ensure proper documentation, a per collection tech pack

requirements must be fulfilled. A tech pack is a compilation of informative
sheets that will include all necessary components needed to construct each
piece of design for each collection. The tech pack will also be used to present
each collection to the clothing manufacturers or production team.

This will include the following:

2.1 Sketch/Picture: Front & Back Sketch of Design

2.2 Materials: Materials to be used & Sketches must indicate where each
material is used

2.3 Grading Rules: Essential Standard Clothing Measurements: Waist,

Chest, Bust, Neck, Hips, Dress Length, Shoulder Point, Bicep, Arm
Length, & Hips)

2.4 Stitching & Lining: Indicate specialized stitches and lining


3. Suppliers & Manufacturers

All suppliers and manufacturers shall be recorded in the “S&M Tracker”.

Businesses that supplies the following to Truth & Dare must be included:

3.1 Fabric and Accessories (Clothing Label, Tags, Ribbons, Zippers,

Buttons, and the like)
3.2 Packaging (Box, Fabric, Cushions, Support, Label, and the like)

3.3 Samples and Product Supply

4. Standard Sizing Specification

5. Full customer life cycle

First - Reach customers thru instagram, facebook ad, marketing implementation

Second - Design a website that is simple for the customer to operate, provide media
content, show some discounts or package, size charts, model dimension
Third - (for future) Ask a feedback about the service so far, the company can have
live chat
Fourth - Payment thru paypal, credit card or Cash on delivery. The customers will
receive confirmation and when they will receive the product.
Fifth - Delivery of the product by chosen delivery transpo.
Sixth - Check on customer and ask for feedback. Share the awareness of the
C. Marketing Strategy

- Have a calendar on what to post on instagram

1. Interview videos
The goal of this is to show to the audience that truth and dare is
building and supporting some awareness, also to promote their brand
tagline: “Be true to yourself and dare to be different”. Here are the
topics that needs to be done:
- Body shaming, insecurities, having confidence
- What is fashion for you?

● This needs to have a detailed plan consists of script, models,

location, props, equipment

2. Partners
Truth and dare will look into sub partners that have products like
accessories, shoes, any many more brands. The goal is to promote each
other, to gain more viewers and to increase brand awareness.

● Need to have a list of potential partners, and contact them.

3. Giveaway
Have some personalized product or any products that is somewhat
connected the company, and conduct a giveaway post on facebook,
twitter and instagram. The goal here is to promote the brand because
people will share and tag just to get the chance of winning the

● Have some list of possible giveaways, prepare a post, have some

set aside budget for it

4. Video
- Have a runway on the spot wearing truth and dare clothes. This
will grab attention will be a talk of people.
- How-to wear the truth and dare clothes. How-to style it video
- Video about the owners of truth and dare, their story on how did
they come up with the brand, what is the goal etc.
- Interview video for awareness
- Showcasing each design
5. Bloggers
- Find starting filipina fashion bloggers
- Share the mission vision
- What do you love about the designs
- Share social medias
- Share websites
- *attach list of fashion bloggers

6. Find retail shops (high end) (backup plan)

- Pitch designs, why is it perfect for their stores
- Have a share
- *attach the possible shops

7. Newsletter
Email marketing is most trusted form of communication with 77%
of consumers choosing email over other online channels. There have
been claims that email marketing is not effective anymore yet 80% of
marketers report email as the strongest performing media buy.
● Connect email newsletter to website

8. Runway Events
- Tease the season collection
- Squad collection
- Summer collection

9. Influencers
Work with influencers like fashion vloggers and bloggers that has a
strong follower base already. Ask to review, tag or wear the truth and
dare merchandise. Having influencers will get new audience and if the
chosen influencer is correct, then the company will gain new customers
and the blogger will create content for you. Depending on the
collaboration, they will share custom content on their blog, social
channels, and you (the brand) may also get the opportunity to use the
content they produce.
● Have a list of potential fashion bloggers and youtubers

10. Interaction
Get the company’s market to join and build a community together.
Encourage your audience to share content based on your brand values to
foster engagement and reinforce those values. For example, the
company can run a contest on facebook like “submit and post a picture
of yourself looking confident” and have a fixed hashtag and they can win
● Have a list of contests and prizes

11. Birthday
Remember the customer’s birthday to gain loyalty and brand

12. Have some ex-deals

Propose some sponsorship deals with media organizations. Lend
some truth and dare products to television show, magazine, theatre
production. The company should check the credibility of the media.

D. Sales Strategy

Sales channel is: direct to customer

1. End of collection discount

2. Holiday discounts
Christmas: “12 days of discounts”, each day for 12 days, discount can be
put per product, per day per product. Give email subscribers, instagram
followers, facebook followers a reason to share the discount promo to
their friends.

New year: “New year, New you” share a post on how to style yourself for
the new year. Have a discount

E. After Sales Strategy

Being able to complete a sale transaction is a good thing, but in order to

increase sales, develop long term relationships and gain loyal customers, Truth
& Dare wants to provide a high quality after sales service. The goal is for the
current customers to refer the business to possible future customers.

This would start by asking for an after sales feedback regarding the
service quality; what the business is already good at and what needs

Customers wearing Truth & Dare products (with their approval) will also
be shared to our online platforms. This would encourage them to be proud of
the products that they have, and would make them share to their contacts that
they have been featured by a business.
In line with this, Truth & Dare also has a membership or loyalty card
where customers get to receive a special gift, after a number of pieces

Refund/Return policy will be of 3 days from the delivery of the product.

Meanwhile, Exchange policy is 6 days from the delivery of the product. A
shorter refund/return policy day duration would help the business ensure that
the products are in good condition.

F. Goals

These are the goals of the company within the year 2018.

1. Implement and execute all marketing strategies - it should be carefully

planned and study the best time to do it. This is under the control of
marketing department and final decisions will be made by marketing
2. Register the business - Have the articles of partnership. Register the
business at Securities and Exchange Commission and DTI. Pay the filing
fee and legal research fee.
- Business permit, Barangay clearance, business TIN (BIR),
registration of your business as an employer (SSS)
3. Have at least 1 to 2 runway show(s)
4. Penetrate and raise awareness of the company
5. Achieve a specific percent of profit
6. Establish a website - Hire a website master.
7. Clarify an agreement with investors of the business - when and how
much the company will pay back. Clarify if the investors will create
control on the business.

G. Exit Strategy

Here are the top options that the company can do for everything they
own in the future.

● The liquidation - A feasible method that the owners can do. To sell
assets, equipment and for the owners to split equity. Either sell assets to
customers, competitors and suppliers or in an auction.
Advantage: A simple and clear solution.

Disadvantage: will not get anywhere near the full value of the
company. Buyers know that the company needs to sell quickly, it
will be hard to get good prices of the assets.

● Sell it to a friendly buyer - Truth and dare can sell to one of their
existing managers or a group of employees.
Advantage: It can be a great continuity of the business. These
people knows the company well that they can pursue some
strategy on how to promote the business.

Disadvantage: It will take them a lot of time to buy out,

especially if the company has a high value. They might first take
out a huge loan.

● The acquisition - This option involves selling to another company,

perhaps competitors or a larger firm looking to acquire a subsidiary in
the fashion industry.
Advantage: Can be an efficient way of getting the best price for
Truth and Dare.

Disadvantage: The buyer can not continue the values and goals of
the company. The employees in the company for so long could be
laid off.

H. Inventory Management

Keeping the inventory organized especially in a retail business is

important. First When the finished products have arrived, the person in charge
with inventory should iron and fold/hang the clothes by its sizes and
categories. To ensure the quantity and quality of the product, it should be
physically counted and checked if there are any missing parts on the clothes.
Lastly, is to have a spreadsheet of the in and out of the products from the
company, after the total calculation, it should be physically counted.
VII. Financial Plan

A. Requirements

Truth & Dare will be starting off with a 200, 000 php capital. Both co-
owners, Quennie Ramirez and Jax Murata, have agreed to invest 100, 000 php
each into Truth & Dare.

B. Use of Funds

The capital will be used for fabric, manufacturer, and accessories

research. Sample making and mass production would also take a huge part of
the capital, together with the fabric and accessories expense. Marketing
expenses such as website development, online advertisements, and brand
ambassador materials will also be of great cost, but would be beneficial for the

C. Income Statement Projections

Assumptions for the Rainy Season Collection:

There are 8 dress designs for the rainy season collection which runs from
June to October yearly. Each design would have three available sizes (Small,
Medium, Large) with a total quantity of 9 pieces. Meaning, there would be a
total of 72 pieces made for the Rainy Season Collection. Included in each dress
design computation are the following costs:

A 100% profit increase is assigned, which is why Price doubles the Cost
amount. For a total quantity of 72 pcs. for the Rainy Season Collection, the
Revenue would be 72,000 pesos.
Sample Making Expense and Marketing Expenses are the only ones under
Expenses since other expenses are already included in the product cost. With
72,000 as Sales Revenue and Total Expenses as 20000, this would lead us to a
Net Income of 52,000 pesos. This would mean positive outcomes for our Income
Statement, if Profit Percentage is higher than 50%.

This type of computation is similar to the two other seasons which are
the Cool Dry Season and the Hot Dry Season. One can refer to the Financial
Projections Excel attached in the Supporting Documents to gain access to all
three projections.

D. Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Projections

The business will collect immediate payment from customers. There will
be no installments basis and all payments to suppliers and manufacturers will
also be made in cash. The cash flow statement is substantially similar to the
income statement of the business. Both Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
Projections can be accessed through the Financial Projections Excel under the
Supporting Documents.
VIII. Supporting Documents

A. Articles of Partnership

B. Collection Timeline

C. Collection Template

D. Design Template

E. Online Platform

F. Financial Projections