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Information for Water Supply Connection to Industries

through Investment Facilitation Portal

All applicants are requested to apply online on following url:
Essential requirements for applicant –
Checklist & Timeline for Application for Water Connection
Time line:
Final reply to the applicant shall be given within 60 days from the date of application
Pre-requisites for providing water connection:
The applicant must have, and attach, following while applying for water connection.

1. Approval from Industries Commissioner

2. Documents supporting water requirement as per industrial process
3. Document mentioning approved quantity of the present source
4. Small plan of the key location
5. Documents, if permission of water for the present project was taken before
- If industry has got permission with other name
- If the permission is cancelled, then give details
- If any court case filed with SSNNL/GWIL/Water Resources Dept. or other
authority regarding recovery of water charges
Processing fee applicable: (for Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board)
Application processing
Sr Daily Requirement of Water ( in Liter)
charges Rs.
1 Up to 50,000 liter Rs. 5,000/-
2 50,001 to 75,000 liter Rs. 7,500/-
3 75,001 to 1,00,000 liter Rs.10,000/-
4 More than 1,00,000 liter Rs.15,000/-

Further water charges and necessary other charges to be paid when informed.

Process Flow:

Applicant fills the

Applicant selects
Applicant applies for application form, uploads
the water source
a new water the required documents
from among the 8
connection on IFP and pays the prescribed

All the The concerned officer will The application will go to the
communication to upload the status to the designated officer of
the applicant will be IFP which will be relayed the respective department to be
via the IFP to the applicant processed manually