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Assessment 2 – Site visit to Red Hands Cave

102085 Aboriginal & Culturally Responsive Pedagogies

Live Website Link:

Team Logbook:

Date Time Attended Discussed

Alison Dunning
14th 7:00 Alison  The site to be visited
179683326 August pm Allen  All 4 suggested following site visit options
KLA contributed: Kenta 1. Kuringai Walk
3. Blue Mountains Region
Tanya Tanusha 4. Basin Track Engraving Site, Kuringai National Park
18295333  The site to be visited will be decided by next week
KLA contributed:  Decided to build a website versus a poster
 The KLAs are
English Geography/History, Languages, Japanese, EALD and English
 Need to visit the site before the 3rd September as one of the members is
Xiaoyan Ji travelling
(Allen)  By next week, more site options are expected to be suggested
KLA contributed:
 The site visit has been decided as the Red Hands Cave Rock in the Blue
21st Alison Mountain region
Kenta Arai Allen  The visit date is the 31st August
August 7:00
19173476 pm Kenta  Email and phone call to be done to the office to arrange for a guide/Elder to meet
KLA contributed: Tanya us at the location
 We will meet at the site by 10 to ensure that we can get there early and finish off
22nd August 11 am Tanya  Email sent to the Red Cave Rock Officials for pre-arrangement for the site visit
 Made phone calls to the office but was unsuccessful
 Other team members requested to follow up with the phone call

23rd August 10.30 am Tanya Details from this site can be used for our website as well

FOR GEOGRAPHY: : Aboriginal Astronomy

23rd August 1.08pm Alison Called the Blue mountains Aboriginal and Cultural Resource Centre. 02 4782 6569
Given Email for Aunty M. Williams
Sent email regarding visit and protocols involved
Also requested if possible for an elder to accompany us.

29th August 2:00pm - Kenta Started to build up the Weebly website for the rest of the team to contribute their material. Invitations for
6:30pm all members to edit has been sent via email.

31st August 9:30am - Alison, Tanya, Site visit to Red Hands Cave
12:30pm Kenta & Allen

10th 6:00am - Kenta Continues to build Weebly website for team to edit
September 11:00am

11th 8:04 pm Alison, Kenta, Talk on the visit with Paul (Professor)
September Tanya  She suggested to keep emailing the Red Hands Cave Authorities to get answers on protocols,
more idea on the history


(Can be used for the website)

12th 12.30pm- Alison Worked on website.

September 2.30pm
14th 4pm- 6pm Alison Worked on website.

18th 3pm-5pm Alison Worked on website.


7pm -8pm Alison, Kenta & Group discussion of website


24th 11.00 am to Tanya  Uploaded photos of the Cave on the shared google drive to be tentatively used for the
September 11.45 am website being created
 Send an email again to Miriam Ostenberg of Blue Mountains site incase she could get the
tour guide Chris to share some protocols with us.

24th 15:00-16:30 Allen  Upload photos of visit to Red Hand Cave and share some with Kenta who wanted to put
September them on our front page
 Work on my part of the website
 Sort out ideas and understandings to apply the experience to teaching EALD students

26th of 13:00-14:30 Allen Collects information and data about the website; organise thoughts around the application of my
September teaching area

29th 11:00-12:00 Alison Added ideas for use of the site for history and geography.
Resent email to Aunty M. Williams regarding site protocols.
30th 20:00-22:00 Allen Put more ideas and understanding on my section.

2nd 11:00am- Allen Work on integration of situational language interpretation and cultural presentation,
October 1:00pm second language learning approaches suitable for the trip.

4th 9:00 am to 12 Tanya Worked on uploading all the collated information on the weebly
October pm
Completely finished, edited and checked my section of the KLA.
9pm to 1am

4th 12:00pm- Allen Further polish before filing up for overall examination.
October 1:00pm

4th october 7:00pm - Kenta Edited and polished whole website and published website. Created document with live website link and group
9:30pm activity logbook.