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Professional Practice 3
Student Name: Kenta Arai
Name of Strand Attended: Blaxland High School Tutoring Program
DATES: from: 21/05/2018 to: 19/06/2018 Total No of Hours: 61 hours
Day Date Time Duties: eg. lessons taught, lessons observed, tasks
performed, other duties, sport, etc
1 21/5 On: 9:30 Off: 2:00 Brief overview of ALARM and CLACEL writing
styles. Went around Year 11 and 12
classrooms to explain about tutoring program.
Booked in one student session.
2 22/5 On: 9:30 Off: 3:30 Met with HSIE head teacher, and other HSIE
teachers. Discussed some issues with two
concerning Students. Started to plan for first
student booking on Modern History.
3 25/5 On: 8:30 Off: 12:30 Meeting with Modern History teacher to
discuss a student’s progression in his studies.
First tutoring session with Erik (student) for
one hour was introductory. Tried to find out
his strengths and weaknesses. Erik is behind
on all content and has an assessment
overdue. Have printed main chapter text for
him to read and take notes.
4 28/5 On: 8:30 Off: 3:30 2 bookings for the day. First booking with
Isabella to cover material for Work studies.
Second booking to cover modern history
material for Erik. Made bookings for
tomorrow and allocated home work.
5 29/5 On: 9:30 Off: 2:45 2 bookings for the day – same as yesterday.
First booking with Isabella, covering further
material on career goals and life choices.
Second booking with Erik, continued to go
though the text and started brainstorming
6 1/6 On: 9:20 Off: 12:20 Booking with Isabella. Today we went through
her homework responses and continued to
work on the next workbook. Allocated her
some more homework for next week.
7 4/6 On: 9:20 Off: 3:30 Booking with Isabella. Covered Part 4&5 of
Work Studies booklet.
8 5/6 On: 9:20 Off: 3:30 Session with Harper, teaching Japanese
speaking. Also had a booking session with
Aprelle to assist with Year 12 business studies
assessment. In the afternoon, I observed
Ruth’s Year 10 history class.
9 8/6 On: 9:20 Off: 12:20 Session with Erik to continue working on his
history assessment. Had a last-minute booking
with Riley to go over time management skills.
And during period 3, I had a chance to be in a
Year 7 English class marking their individual
10 12/6 On: 9:15 Off: 3:30 I had an opportunity to join Luke Dominici’s
Year 12 Business Studies classroom where
they covered financial management during
period 2. Then I had a session with Erik during
period 3 where we covered some time
management skills. Later in the day, we had a
catch-up session with Sharon about our
progress so far in this unit.
11 15/6 On: 9:00. Off: 12:20 Had a session with Harper to go through
Japanese speaking and writing skills.
12 18/6 On: 9:00. Off: 3:30 Assisted Faelan with going through her
mathematics assessment. Identified strengths
and weaknesses. Attended a Year 9
Commerce class in the afternoon.
54.5 hours until 15/6

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