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Café Coffee Day Outlet :

Marketing Strategy
Group 2
Marketing for Public Services

Café Coffee Day • AMITOSH GAUTAM 1913006

JP Nagar, Saraikki, •


Part 1 : Segmentation, Target and

Table of Contents
Part 1 – Segmentation, Target and Positioning
1. Executive Summary 02
1.1. History of Café Coffee Day 02
1.2. Marketing Mix 02
2. Market Segmentation
2.1. Market Situation 04
2.2. Segmentation 05
2.2.1. Geographic & Demographics 05
2.2.2. Social and Education 06
2.2.3. Psychographic 06
2.2.4. Behavioral and Usage 06
3. Market Targeting 07
4. Market Positioning 08
4.1. Positioning based on Competitors 09
4.2. Positioning based on Use Situation 09
5. SWOT Analysis 11

Part 2 – Marketing Mix : Analysis and Recommendations

6. Marketing Strategy 13
6.1. Marketing Research and Analysis 13
6.2. Marketing Mix – Recommendations 16
6.2.1. Product 16
6.2.2. Price 18
6.2.3. Place 19
6.2.4. Promotion 19
6.2.5. Process 20
6.2.6. People 22
6.2.7. Physical Evidence 23

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Marketing Plan : Café Coffee Day
1. Executive Summary
1.1. History of Café Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day is a Coffee Chain which has its business based in Chikkamagaluru District,
Karnataka, India. The Company has over 20000 Acres of its own estates and is one of major
producer of Arabica beans in Asia with chief exports to Middle East, Europe and Japan.
Founded in 1996 with its first outlet in Bengaluru, Karnataka, the company has rapidly
expanded across various states/cities in India adding more stores with more than 1000
cafés open across the nation by 2011. Currently, it has the largest footprint in India in the
Coffee Chain in 245 Cities. The Gross Revenue was Rs. 4331 Cr. In 2017-18 registering a
growth of 21.93 % over last year.

With a quirky and refreshing tagline that says 'A lot can happen over coffee', Café Coffee
Day touched the hearts of the Indian youth, assuring them that all they need is a cup of
coffee and a peppy place to talk it all out! It is the largest coffee chain in India with 1722
Outlets, 47,747 Coffee Vending Machines, 532 Express Kiosks. The entire Coffee
Consumption Basket includes the following Divisions:

 Café Coffee Day Outlets  Coffee Day Beverages

 The Square  Coffee Day Exports
 Café Coffee Day Value Express  International Cafes
 Coffee Day Fresh and Ground

The Mission Statement is:“ To be the best Café Chain by offering a World Class Coffee
Experience at affordable prices”

The Outlet at JP Nagar, Saraikki Bangalore opened in Jul 2015 and is one of the main outlets
serving JP Nagar. This Marketing Plan has been envisaged to analyze the performance of
the outlet, expand and enhance its services and sales.

1.2 Marketing Mix

Café Coffee Day Outlet at JP Nagar, Saraiki offers a variety of Coffee Drinks, Non-Coffee
Drinks, Snacks, Desserts and Accompaniments. The outlet has a good range of products
with variety which attracts coffee lovers. The outlet having competition from its rival
Starbucks Outlet just 500m away has embarked an image in the minds of the consumer as
an outlet offering a good range of Products, Price, Place and Promotion best suited to the
taste and preferences of Indians.

a. Products:

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The Outlet’s Product Mix offers a wide range of beverages (coffee, tea, shakes,
nutritional drinks etc;), food items (burgers, pizzas, rolls, wraps, snacks, munchies,
cookies etc;), desserts (cakes, pastries) that appeal primarily to Young crowd.
Most of the eatables have been adopted to meet the Indian taste which the outlet
has combined with classic coffee to make a sumptuous meal/snack.

b. Price:

The Price of the products (including services) are fairly priced for the upper and
upper middle young individuals/families/corporates where the chain has largely
benchmarked itself. This outlet is a retail outlet and is premium priced providing a
competitive price. The Outlet has a Value based Pricing for by offering the items
in different quantities like small, medium and large. Also by adding extra
ingredients like chocolate sauce or extra cream CCD prices beverages at premium
range. So the pricing strategies are not rigid and through its flexible and varied
prices it caters to the customers in different segments like students and corporate

c. Place:

The Lounge is for niche/ corporate and young professional segments. This
premium outlet is aimed at the coffee connoisseurs who love to pay premium for
a great cup of coffee. It also has wide menu of food items of different cuisines. This
outlet also has Wi-Fi, High Tables, Comfort Sofas attracting corporates. This outlet
also has vivid décor with indoor and outdoor sofa/wooden chair seating for the
young crowd. The Place has glass walls for an inviting ambience with soft
illumination and extremely vivid menu style.

d. Promotion:

Café Coffee Day does promotions in wide variety of ways both ATL and BTL. This
outlet has special feature of digital display and glows. It also does sales promotions
like happy hours, combo deals and coupons.

e. People:

The Outlet has staff well conversant with the products and endure uniforms
specially designed for them. Staff is courteous while taking Orders, Serving or
Taking the bill and also customize orders as per needs/demands. There is no
system of greeting the customer when they enter and leave the premises. They
are trained to improve people skills and communication skills. Most of the
employees speak English language along with the regional language of that region
the operate.

f. Process:

The outlet has replicated the traditional processes of Café Coffee Day in place as
it is a leading service brand. And done in an orderly fashion. The outlet has no

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process of order taking at the table so as to enhance customer satisfaction. There
is no valet parking service. Process needs to be revisited and separately designed
and integrated for great user experience. Mostly the outlet operates as a self-
service counter.

g. Physical Evidence:

The Outlet creates a very appealing and beautiful ambience at its restaurants and
uses different combinations of décor, colour and lighting at different places. The
stores uses violet and red in its interiors with wooden panels and exclusive
papering. Its logo has been prominently displayed at several places. It conveys its
positioning as a place to sit and have a conversation with loved ones. It also sells
mugs and cups with its name written on it and also have its merchandise.

2.0 Market Segmentation

2.1 Market Situation

Coffee Chain in India is growing at a face past rate and specially in South India where
the distribution is large compared to the other regions of India.

Café Coffee Day is the largest coffee retail chain in the nation with as many as 08
outlets in JP Nagar, Bangalore Area.

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2.2 Segmentation
2.2.1 Geographic & Demographics

The CCD outlet is located in JP Nagar Main stream area whose Population is 28508
(Male : 14747, Female : 13761) in an area of 1.79 The location is one of the
prime segment creators as it is on the main road (Near Dollars Colony) and provides
good connectivity. The outlet competes with top quality café outlets such as Starbucks
in its vicinity apart from 07 other Café Coffee Day Outlets in the vicinity. Some 07 other
restaurants are also serving coffee along with snack items and are also in the vicinity
posing a tough competition to this outlet.

This CCD Outlet has

segmented coffee and
other than coffee lovers in
age group of 20-50. The
consumers are male and
female with the age profile
dominating in 20-50.
Largely the segment
consumers are corporates
and salaried belonging to
the Upper and Upper
Middle Class.

The consumer density

profile is urban who like to visit the outlet with an average group size of 3-4. Young
Couples and Working Professionals also are a regular consumer of the outlet. This
region has a cool climate very suited to the needs of coffee and with large no. of office
conglomerates in the vicinity, the outlet is apt for suiting to the needs of the area.

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2.2.2 Social and Education

The Outlet has Upper and Upper Middle

Class segmented consumers who can afford
the beverages and food and the average
spent Per Person, Per Visit is Rs. 200-300.
The Working Salaried Class, College
Students, Corporates are the major

The Outlet has a large proposition of its

consumers from Graduate and above
background having rich value proposition
for get-together and business over Coffee.
The Outlet is has also segmented a place for Smokers and Modern outlook
consumers- Millennials with outdoor seating area. The Outlet is well segmented for
all religious groups with attractive décor and comfort seating.

2.2.3 Psychographic

The Outlet believes in segmenting Outdoor Oriented Lifestyle segments enjoying

get-togethers and work over gatherings.
Coffee augments their lifestyle with
comfort ambience for work and
discussions. The segment has includes
liberal lifestyle consumers as it has smoking
areas as well.

The VALS framework applies to the outlet

with mostly “Thinkers” (Reading Corner),
“Achievers” and “Experiencers” as the
segmented consumers who have work and
discussions over coffee and also those who
have fun and enjoyment and enjoy
cultivating warm relationships over coffee.
Casual solitary/ private drinkers are also a
small segment as the outlet caters to the same through its high table seating.

2.2.4 Behavioral and Usage

The outlet has people who savor Coffee as benefit for their get together times and
business hours. Various benefits are associated with the class/segments who are
patronizing the outlet

 Sense of Freedom  Uplift your Creativity

 Uplift your community  Share great coffee and
 Socialize passion

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 Celebrate personal success  Build a lasting Business
and achievement
Other than above, certain specific benefits like Wi-Fi and Mobile Charging facility are
functional usage benefits. Mode of Payments such as Paytm and other e-wallets
provide a flexibility to the young/technology oriented consumers.

3.0 Market Targeting

After Identifying the Segments, an important aspect of marketing is to decide how and which
ones to be targeted. This is basically identifying/aggregating a smaller and more defined
target groups.
Target : Youth,
specifically in the age
range of 16 to 39 who
are students,
Entrepreneurs and
working professionals

Coffee lovers of age

group above 50 who Coffee lovers of age
are Young at Heart group between 40 to
50 preferably

There are about 07 CCD outlets in JP Nagar, Bangalore and within 500 metre distance there
is one Star Bucks Coffee Outlet. Having Star Bucks nearby which is a main competitor for CCD
this outlet has to be more strategic in attracting the target group.
JP Nagar is one of the most happening place in Bangalore bordered by Jayanagara,
Banashankari, Banneraghatta road and BTM Layout. It has transformed itself into an
upmarket residential and commercial locality.
From hotels, super speciality hospitals, commercial offices, art galleries, to cultural hubs and
shopping, the area is padded with a lot of things. This CCD outlet like other CCD’s mainly
targets youth in the middle and higher income groups like Students, working proffessionals
and entrepreneurs.
This outlet has provided a smoking space, Library, mobile and laptop charging point which
clearly indicates that the target group is Youths, that is between the age group of 15 to 39.

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4.0 Market Positioning

The Bulls Eye Diagram for explaining the positioning of Café Coffee Day Outlet is as


Caring Thoughtful

No specific wait time,

people can read
Exclusive 24x7 CCD Healthy novels, charging
lounges / Value Express snacks/ ports for
smoking room juice options laptops/mobiles
Responsible, Fairly
involved with
local ethics CCD
Relaxing, Mantra Fresh, high-
Rich and rewarding
rewarding Coffee experience quality coffee
Glass walls, moments
Totally Friendly & RO Purified Official
customer can see Rich sensory Varied, exotic
integrated convenient Water merchandise
through the consumption coffee drinks
system service counter
availability of experience
space / festive
decorations, etc

Attractive Logo
Vibrant and

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Marketing Memo

Coffee Lovers Takeaway Consumer Needs

Café Coffee Day gives the richest Desire for better coffee, better
possible sensory and ambience consumption experience and a
experience for drinking coffee. wholesome satisfying snacking.

Consumer Insights Competitive Product Set

Coffee and the drinking experience is Local cuisine cafes, fast food chains and
often unsatisfying. convenience shops

4.1 Positioning based on competitors

CCD positions itself to fill the price gap between a local store and a five star hotel.
The store’s price range is such that its products could be afforded by young people who just
want to hangout from the nearby areas.

4.2 Positioning based on use situation

EXPRESS Outlet positions CCD as an efficient coffee outlet catering to people on the go and
are in a hurry. It serves piping hot coffee that lets you perk up, when you need a zing to life.

Its brand positioning is such that it caters to efficient and energetic customers.

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Perceptual Maps

Determining Competitor Positioning: Starbucks, Barista Lavazza

Market Capture with respect to competitors: Starbucks, Barista

Lavazza, Local Cafes

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5.0 SWOT Analysis

 Excellent Brand
Communication  Untrained/Weak
 Well Connected Location Communication Staff
 Vibrant Décor & Comfort  Missing Coffee Aroma in
Seating – Youth Oriented Ambience
Brand  High Service Preparation Time
 Extra Usage and Functional  Less Sophistication
Areas for all Segment target  Losing charm due to nearby
groups Starbucks
 Medium Priced - Affordable
 Creative Vivid Menu Card
(Beverages and Food)

 Become a leader in the area for

“Informal Gathering Point”  Direct and Indirect
 One Stop Solution WiFi and Competition from Starbucks
Mobile Charging added and Local Restaurants
benefits  Loss of Customers due to
 New Segment Target : Budget health reasons
Menu for Students and Older  Cannibalising Brand due to
People and Young at heart. proximity
 Health Conscious Segment –
Snacks and Juices

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Café Coffee Day Outlet :
Marketing Strategy
Group 2
Marketing for Public

JP Nagar, Saraikki,

Part 2 : Marketing Mix- Analysis and


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6.0 Marketing Strategy

6.1 Marketing Research and Analysis

The Café Coffee Day, JP Nagar Outlet is blessed with fortune of located in a prime
connected area. It shall be able to leverage this opportune by offering various products
on the other two segments as well besides loading heavily in the prime target segment of
youth. In order to quantify or pin-point the areas of improvement, a survey research was
conducted so as to ascertain the Consumer Buying Behaviour and identify the areas of
improvement/change which are required for the Marketing Strategy of Café Coffee Day
Outlet. The survey also undertakes the issues/ differences which are there with the
Starbucks Outlet in JP Nagar so as to mitigate the threats posed by the competitor and
also eat away on their almost similar target segment. The results of the research are as

a. Visiting frequency : This

shows that majority of
the consumers visit the
Coffee Chains Monthly
or even more than that.
Hence, the no. of
opportunities to
capture customer
attention, value and
loyalty are minimal and
hence, needs to be
accounted in the
b. Preference
for Coffee Shop :
This shows that
majority of the
consumers visit the
coffee shop to
experience the
Quality/Taste of
Coffee and
thereafter due to

convenience/accessibility. Price and Ambience are less popular factors which

require to be looked into in the strategy.

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c. Money Spent : It can be
interpreted from the survey that
most of visitors actually spent
Rs.100 – 200 per person per visit.
Therefore, the Pricing strategy
needs to take the same into
account while formulation so that
the combination of products are in
the range / near the range. The
menu needs to be designed in a
similar fashion.

d. Reason for
Visit : Get-Together
and Refreshments
are the primary
motives of the
customers who use
the services of a
Coffee Shop.
Therefore, the
Place, Price and
Process needs to be
customized to cater
to such requirements.

e. Products
of Café Coffee
Day Outlet : The
research shows
that Coffee has an
excellent/ good
However, the
outlets products
of Other Drinks,
Eatables and
Desserts need to
be enhanced
provided the fact that the customers only visit for a specific period.

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f. Value for Money, Service, Ambience : These issues which are related to Café Coffee
Day Outlet and its Marketing Mix and should be considered for incorporation in the
Marketing Strategy. The performance of the outlet on various attributes are as follows:

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The above analysis shows that none of the products (Coffee, Other Drinks, Eatables and
Desserts) are in the Excellent Category for the Value for Money. However, majority of the
consumers believe that the Value for Money is Good or Average. Thereby, there is some scope
for reduction in Price or if this is difficult the outlet may increase quantity / quality marginally
to improve the concept of Value for Money in the perception of the Consumers. Perception
theory of Selective Attention, Selective Distortion and Selective Retention needs to be
Consumer behavior may be adopted for improving the Marketing Mix.
The Service Issues are largely near to Excellent or Very Good ( 5 or 4) indicating that the outlet
is functioning well on this attribute. Some Minimal changes in the Process Marketing Mix shall
be very productive to enhance the service function of the outlet.
The Ambience of the outlet has been graded on 04 factors of Comfort Seating, Colour and
Lighting, Fragrance and Entertainment. It is observed that apart from Comfort Seating, all
other factors have been graded in 2-4 and that too in a very densely population South India
where the no. of coffee lovers are huge and a low score is an indication of shortfalls which
need to be addressed through the 7Ps.

6.2 Marketing Mix - Recommendations:

The Café Coffee Day Outlet needs to address large no. of issues on the 07 P’s and incorporate
the same in its Marketing Strategy Plan. There are various methods/ manners/ ideas which
can be implemented in the Short and the Long Run so as to achieve the Mission Statement of
Café Coffee Day and purely live up to the expectations of its Brand Mantra : ‘Experience,
Socialize and Enjoy Quality Coffee’.

6.2.1 Product

Café Coffee Day is all about

Coffee and the other drinks,
snacks and eatables, desserts
are the part of the product mix
so as to complement its main
offering of Coffee.

 It is seen from the

Menu that the
Beverages segment has
been divided into large nos. of sub-menus such as All Time Classics, Selections Cocoa
Indulgences, Cold Coffee Delight, Refreshing Teas, Swanky Smoothies, Fresh Wave,
Wellness Range, Infusion and Milkshakes.

 This requires overhauling as the specific product with which the Target Segment
connects is not coming through. The Outlet needs to reframe the Beverage Menu and

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Specify the Major heads of Coffee (Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Americano, Expresso)
and thereafter list the other ranges in various categories. Further, the outlet needs to
seasonalize the offering instead of running the entire and very exhaustive beverage
menu through the entire year. This would help in having a direct impact on the
consumers who would be able to associate the Brand Positioning and their
connectivity with the Brand : i.e. Intense Coffee Lovers.

Expected Product
Customized versions of the
Augmented Coffee
(Very Specialized)

Augmented Product :
Coffee with Frills
Coffee with add-onns such as Cream,
IcreCream, Cookies, Choco Chips etc;

Basic Expected Product: Coffee

(Freshly Brewed Hot Coffee or Freshly Mixed Cold
Coffee) - Along with its Variants

 The Other Products are in Snacks : The Snacks which have been offered are varying
from Indian Versions of Biryanis, Samosas and Cutlets to European Versions of
Sandwiches, Pies and Cakes. To the American versions of the Burger. This has created
a wide array of products which has not dwelled in the minds of the consumers.
Further, the outlet has no facility of cooking or preparing these items. All the items
are made available to the outlet which in turn heats and offers to the consumer. The
space available with the outlet is insufficient so as to keep all he products and the
unavailability of the product shall hurt the Form, Reliability and Performance Quality
of the Product thereby tarnishing the image of this coffee based outlet. Therefore,
the outlet needs to revamp and bring together the allover the place menu with
limited and high quality items at par with its competitors. Reducing the SKUs shall
help in improvising differentiation of the snacks, quality, form and reliability in the
perception of the consumer.

 The Outlet can also launch Combos which shall suit the preferences of the consumer
and shall be in line with the standard offering of Café Coffee Day such as Cappuccino
+ Cookies, Café Latte + Cake, Tea + Samosa etc; The value perceived by the consumer
shall be high and shall also be a change: welcome initiative of the outlet.

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6.2.2 Price

Café Coffee Day has priced its products largely in the stream of the market which has already
been entailed. However, majority of the consumers have placed the same outside the value
for money : Excellent Pricing. This means that either there are products in the product mix
which are not comparable to the quantity and price ratio in the market or the entire product
mix is overpriced. In order to address the pricing strategy, the outlet needs a combination of
the Plans :


Product Product
Line Bundling
Pricing Pricing

In the Product Line Pricing, the Product Mix Width and Product Line Length should be priced
and should also be presented in a similar fashion in the menu so that the consumer may
choose the product as per his budget and needs. As we have seen that majority

Product Mix Width

Coffee Other Beverages Savory Snacks Sweet Snacks

High End Coffee Milkshakes Burgers/Sandwiches Cakes
Budget Medium End Coffee Smoothies Wraps/Rolls Pastries
Low End Coffee Teas Samosa/Cutlet Cookies

of the consumers are the ones which would like to spend 100-200 per person per visit in a
coffee shop, the pricing needs to conform. The Outlet needs to stretch two ways to convey
its pricing to the consumer in a simple and lucid manner.

The Optional Pricing Strategy needs to be adopted for the Add-Onns which are actually
complementing the main products. Pricing is a sticky option and therefore it is important as
to what to include in the standard price and what needs to be added separately. Therefore,
Choco Chips, Cream, Caramel, Ice-Cream in Coffee and various other beverages needs to be
charged separately so that the burden of extra items is not felt.

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Product Bundling Pricing needs to be adopted for the Combos where the Outlet can offer the
products as bundles and the incentive can be less price for the bundle by cutting on the price
margin on any one product.

6.2.3 Place

The Outlet has an extremely good location where the connectivity with major places of
interest is available and also acts like a landmark location. Hence, this is a very strong area.
This can only be augmented by placing Sign Boards such as “300m Away Café Coffee Day”
Apart from this, the place has inherent benefits of a separate smoking place, separate working
area, sofa lounge area. The Décor is attractive however, lighting needs to be improved with
subtle/diffused lighting instead of direct lighting. The Fragrance is a worry area in the outlet.
Hence, the aroma of Coffee needs to be augmented in the outlet premises so that the target
segment is connected with the brand. Coffee Diffusers can be used to accomplish the same.
The Color Combinations are very apt to the brand/outlet as Red symbolizes excitement,
energy, passion and being bold whereas Purple symbolizes wealth, nobility and wisdom. It
combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. There should be some connotations of
Green in the Décor/ Furniture so that the sense of freshness and growth is built in the brand.

6.2.4 Promotion
The promotion approach of the outlet heavily weighs on in-store promotions, and largely lags
in digital promotional strategy with respect to its counterparts. Consumer engagements is
another thing that Café Coffee Day/Outlet has not able to leverage, and has never resorted
to mass media advertising. However, the brand have done the promotion through cobranding
strategies and through participation in activities like ‘Latte Art Festival’, special offers
on Women’s Day, ‘Flash Cappuccino Party’ or its recently introduced home delivery service .
These activities are standalone ones and are not able to attract the intended broader

Digital Media Promotions in the marketing plan is also not very robust, the Brand Mobile
Application is ranked 46th in the Lifestyle category of Apple Application store with an average
rating of 2.2 out of 5 and poor peer reviews similarly in Google play store as well.
The reward point system in the official website is also not attractive for the youth e.g. The
customer will get 1 Bean for every Rs. 10 spent on food and/or beverages. On redemption,
the value of 1 Bean = Rs.1, which is meagre and Beans are earned on the base price of the
item after discount and before tax. This needs to be made attractive by having greater
benefits on lean days/ hours and for also attracting other subsidiary target segments for
increasing their usage. The referral program is moderately encouraging as on referral the
referee will earn 25 Beans (equivalent to Rs 25) from each referral if referred person signs up
and makes a transaction using the Mobile application. The maximum referral that can be done

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is just 2. Also the Mobile Application is not customised as per the store location and it shows
the Menu with limited-period products and other select items from across the country, which
misleads the customer and leaves with a feeling of dissatisfaction on menu item not being
available in the store.
Hence, in order to maintain its dominant position in the market, Café Coffee Day/ Outlet
needs to adopt aggressive promotion and marketing strategies to enhance its Digital/ Social
media image and to increase customer footfall by the following ways;
1. Promoting Social Media Pages and Good Experiences with the Customers for
enhancing brand loyalty and customer experience on its social media pages and
consistently engaging customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube through
promotional videos and campaign.
2. The CCD/Outlet ordering App needs to be customised as per the location and store
menu offerings to enhance customer experience.
3. The referral program , reward point system and coupon offers in complimentary
websites needs to be strengthened with better promotional and attractive offers to
gain the market share.
4. Also CCD is giving its store branding space to others to advertise their products as an
external revenue earning measure, this strategy can be better utilized to promote
complementary products which can be bundled and sold through the stores for
further improving the store revenue.

6.2.5 Process
The Process needs to be overhauled by incorporation Human Touch/Personal Care of
Customers, Gratitude for Availing service, Feedback and Outlet Diary.




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CE &
O n
O a

External Marketing: According to the market survey, the outlet’s staff received only an
average rating for their behaviour and service. Café Coffee Day needs to work hard at this
aspect, especially considering they are a service sector organization that is looking at large

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Internal marketing : Café Coffee Day should look into its current recruitment selection and
most importantly, its current training policies. Combination of ample bonuses and health
benefits with strong emphasis on worker self improvement through training. Special wellness
seminar and get-to-know-you events outside work help create a caring atmosphere.

Interactive marketing : Describes the employees skill in serving the client. Clients judge
services not only by its technical quality(was the product good?) but also by its functional
quality(Did employees show concern and care in doing the service). Delegating autonomy to
frontline staff promotes closer employee cooperation and hence increases the customer
satisfaction and retention.

6.2.6 People
People are considered one of the most important assets of Café Coffee Day. The whole
company is successful through a huge chain of people who manage the functioning of CCD.
At the J P Nagar outlet of CCD itself people management is done top to bottom, with senior
Café In charge and service providers (permanent staff) to the temporary staff (contractual
labour) who focus on the upkeep of the store. Pay for the people may vary from Rs 5000 to
Rs 85000 (excluding the contractual labour) depending upon the person’s role in the outlet.
Usually people with some experience in competitive Café chains are given preference and
they work in shifts. Café Coffee Day employees sport a uniform designed for them and are
very gentle while talking to the customers whether it is taking the orders, serving or taking
the bill. Employees attending the bill desk greet the customers when they approach to place
their order with a warm smile. CCD gives a great importance to customer engagement. This
tell about people strategy in the marketing mix of Café Coffee Day.

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Motivation and personal skill are laid emphasize upon. Their employees are like friend to
the customer but at the same time they know about the international standards of hygiene
and cleanliness and personal grooming.

6.2.7 Physical Evidence

Café Coffee Day has used bright red and purple colours in its logo. RED stands for leadership,
vitality and passion for coffee. Café is noticeably larger in the logo to denote that Café Coffee
Day pioneered the café concept in India way back in 1996.
Architecture and Décor is Largely wood and granite-based interior with young colours of
today, like red, lime green, yellow, orange, and purple predominate. The literature provided
by Café Coffee Day is indicative of its youthful image. The menus, posters, pamphlets are all
designed to attract young and young at heart. The J P Nagar outlet is well designed, with
magazines and plush sofas for visitors to read and relax while they await their coffee. They
also have their magazine called as ‘Café Beat’, which is published monthly at their Bangalore
head office and distributed throughout the branches. Their interior design and decorations
offer a tangible and unique experience to the guests.

The Marketing Mix : Recommendations have been made for the Café Coffee Day Outlet as
well as the Brand in terms of Long Term and Short Term measures based on the feedback and
the prime core business of the coffee chains. These recommendations need to be developed
in to an Action Plan for Adoption along with set milestones so as to achieve the much needed
emergence of the components of the Marketing Mix : The 7Ps in Café Coffee Day JP Nagar

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