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4th Grade Conley English Language Arts Year Plan

Welcome Module One Module Two Module Three Module Four Wrap Up
Sept. 5-13 Sept. 16-Nov. 8 Nov. 11-Jan.24 Jan. 27-March 27 March 30-May 29 June 1-June

Read and write Reading Closely and Researching to Build Considering Perspectives Gathering Evidence and
to Learn others Writing to Learn Knowledge and Teach and Supporting Opinions Speaking to Others
stories and Others

share your own

Biographies Poetry, Poets, and Animal Defense The American Revolution Responding to Inequality:
and Becoming Writers Mechanisms Ratifying the 19th

autobiographies Amendment

Product: Product: Poetry Product: Choose-Your- Product: Text-Based Product: Taking Action
Biography & Presentation Own-Adventure: Animal Discussion: American Project Press Release
(Performance Task)
Final Project

Hopes and Format: public poetry Defense Mechanisms Revolution Format: scaffolded
Dreams reading and presentation Format: choose-your- Format: discussion informative press release
Format: with visuals own adventure
Website page scaffolded narrative

•Let It Shine •Love That Dog, Sharon • Venom, Marilyn Singer • Colonial Voices: Hear The Hope Chest, Karen

Stories of Black Creech • Can You Survive the Them Schwabach

Women Freedom • A River of Words: The Wilderness? Matt Doeden Speak, Kay Winters • “Ten Suffragists Arrested
Fighters, Story of William Carlos • Animal Behavior: Animal • Divided Loyalties: The while Picketing at the White
Stephen Alcorn Williams, Jennifer Bryant Defenses, Christina Barton House.” America’s Story
• “Expert Group Poet Wilsdon Family During the American from America’s
Biographies: Walter Dean • “Fight to Survive!” Written Revolution, Gare Thompson • “The Suffragists: From Tea-
Myers.” Written by EL by EL Education for • “Revolutionary War,” The Parties to Prison.” Online
Education for instructional instructional purposes New Archive of California
purposes Book of Knowledge, Grolier • “The Girl Who Acted before
• “Expert Group Poet Online Rosa Parks.” E. Blattman
Biographies: Robert Frost.” • “Loyalists,” The New Book of
Written by EL Education Knowledge, Grolier Online
for instructional purposes • “An Incomplete Revolution,”
• “Expert Group Poet Amy Miller
Biographies: Valerie Worth.” • “American Indians and the
Written by EL Education American Revolution,” Colin
for instructional purposes Galloway
4th Grade Conley English Language Arts Year Plan
Welcome Module One Module Two Module Three Module Four Wrap Up
Sept. 5-13 Sept. 16-Nov. 8 Nov. 11-Jan.24 Jan. 27-March 27 March 30-May 29 June 1-June 20

Students begin Students launch the year Students build proficiency How does one’s perspective This module uses literature

the school year by exploring what inspires in writing an informative influence his or her opinion? and informational text
In this module, students to introduce students to
by learning writers to write— piece, examining the gender and racial inequality
about people specifically what inspires defense mechanisms of consider the answer to this
issues in the United States in
who have made poets to write poetry. one specific animal about question through the lens of
the first half of the 20th century,
the American Revolution. and to recognize how the
an impact on They begin by reading and which they build expertise. They begin by building
American analyzing the novel Love They also build process of ratifying the 19th
background knowledge Amendment can
history and That Dog by Sharon proficiency in writing a about the Revolutionary War teach us about how people
how we tell Creech, and learn about choose-your-own and the different were responding to gender and
their stories. the characteristics of adventure narrative piece perspectives of colonists. racial inequality at that time.
They examine poetry by closely reading about this animal. They read informational Students read The Hope Chest by
character traits famous poems featured in Students read closely texts to determine the main Karen Schwabach and also
idea, analyze the overall informational firsthand and
and what the novel. They read bout to practice drawing secondhand accounts of real-
events shaped what inspired famous inferences as they begin structure of the text, and
life responses to inequality.
their lives. poets and look for their research and use a summarize the texts. They identify themes in each
Students then evidence of this in their research notebook to Students then read the chapter and summarize events
historical fiction play Divided that show evidence of a theme.
look at their poems, before writing make observations and Loyalties to deepen their At the end of the module,
own stories and their own original poems. synthesize information. In understanding of the Patriot students connect their learning
what has For the performance task, their writing they describe and Loyalist perspectives. about the process of ratifying
impacted who students present their their animal’s physical They focus on character the 19th Amendment to their
there are. poem and explain what characteristics, habitat, thoughts, feelings, and own lives as they focus on how
Students will inspired them to write the predators, and defense actions in response to the students can make a difference
and contribute to a better
write their own poem in a presentation mechanisms. different perspectives on the
world. They research how
story ad design with visuals to an American Revolution. At the students around the world have
the first page of audience. end of the module, students made a difference, before
their digital synthesize their research on taking action as a class on an
portfolios. the Revolutionary War and issue in their community. They
perspectives to write an then write PSAs encouraging
opinion piece from the other students to make a
Patriot perspective outlining difference, and a press release
reasons colonists should join sharing with the local media
the Patriot and Loyalist what the class did to take action
and the impact of their work.
cause in the form of a