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Larsen & Toubro Limited – ECC Division

Prashanth Hospital - Kolathur



Your scope of work covered under this work order shall be RCC Works in all respect i.e.
Shuttering, concreting, steel cutting, bending, fixing reinforcement steel in the proposed
Hospital projects “Prashanth Hospital” located at Kolathur, Chennai and shall include
quantities, which may supplemented / added / deleted by the Project Manager / Engineer In

Detailed scope of work is specified below:

1. Concrete: Providing technical staff and labor for placing of concrete including access to
concreting pour, staging, walkway platform, vibrating and finishing, clearing the spill over
concrete, checking from PMC/Client, making curing bund for raft slab and floor slab
concreting, tieing of Hessain cloth for column and walls Curing, floor handing over,
cleaning, material shifting, grinding at joints, slurry cleaning, bulging, honey combing
treatment house-keeping. Tie rod hole packing & finishing the honey comb and handing
over excluding pumping which shall be done by L&T. Concrete Pump & Operator will
be provided by L&T.

2. Reinforcement: Providing technical staff and labour for cutting & bending of required
material, lifting, shifting of loading and unloading of finished reinforcement, fixing of
Reinforcement & Collecting and stacking of scrap rods at one place, checking from
PMC/Client. Hand rail on casted slab, tieing of safety net, cutout closing and open closing.
Consumables like Cover Blocks and Binding Wires shall be provided by L&T. Shifting,
lifting & tying of rebar including placing of required number of cover blocks. Tying will
be with 2 wires. Pick & Carry crane will be provided by L&T at rebar yard.

3. Formwork: Providing technical staff and labour for shifting of required material, erection
of Staging, making if required, shifting, making and remaking, fixing, removing, cleaning
and stacking at yard of form work material. Shuttering work involving levelling, applying
oil, fixing of masking tape at joints and required carpenter to be available during pouring
the concreting proper alignment and fixing of Formwork, checking from PMC/Client
including re-propping after de-shuttering of slab & beam cleaning, removing of nails from
the form work materials, housekeeping, etc. including Consumables like Nails, shuttering
oil shall be provided by vendor / sub-contractor, However hydraulic machine operator for
lifting shall be provided by L&T.

Supply of all workmen as required for above works are included in your scope of work unless
otherwise specifically mentioned elsewhere in this work order.


Time is the essence of the contract. The starting date of your work at site shall be date of LOI
as attached. The time of completion of work shall be as per the construction programme.
Contractor is required to consider round the clock working.

Sensitivity: LNT Construction Internal Use
Larsen & Toubro Limited – ECC Division
Prashanth Hospital - Kolathur

You shall arrange adequate resources workmen at each and every stage in time, to adhere to
the above time schedule as discussed in the Construction Programme and the same shall
reviewed periodically by the Project Manager/EIC.

3. PRICE :

The rates mentioned in the work order are firm and shall not be subjected to any kind of
escalation or variation for whatsoever is the reason, till the completion of the entire scope of
work covered by this work order.


The rate is exclusive of all applicable taxes. GST will be paid extra on submission
documentary evidence. You need to enroll in Tamil Nadu, for discharging the GST liability.

5. PF / ESI :

You shall cover all your workmen under PF/ESI and the necessary documentary proof for the
same shall be submitted to L&T’s site office. All records to be maintained under these laws
shall be maintained by you and produced to the concerned authorities as and when directed to
do so. No extra payment will be made on the ground of complying with these labour laws by
us. In case if you fails to provide any of the above facilities, appropriate liability amount
devolving on us will be deducted from your bills.


Contractor shall comply with all the labour laws of the State Government, Central
Government and Local authorities as applicable to the place of work. All records to be
maintained under these laws shall be maintained by you and produced to the concerned
authorities as and when directed to do so. No extra payment will be made by us to you to
comply with these labour laws. Any penalties levied to us on account of non-compliance of
the above laws by the contractor, shall be borne solely by the contractor only.

Necessary provident fund / profession tax registration of your workmen & staff shall be solely
your responsibility. All records to be maintained under this Act shall be maintained by you
and produced to the concerned authorities as and when directed to do so.

Insurance of workmen is not in your scope.

You shall comply with and bear full liability arising under all applicable labour legislation
including but not limited to Employees State Insurance Act and Provident Fund Act for your
workmen. You will make payment to your workmen under Minimum Wages Act.


You shall be required to co-operate and co-ordinate with the other contractors working
simultaneously at site at the same premises and maintain harmonious & cordial relations at all
Sensitivity: LNT Construction Internal Use
Larsen & Toubro Limited – ECC Division
Prashanth Hospital - Kolathur


The works shall be carried out as per the specifications laid down by the Architect/
Consultant. In the absence of specifications, relevant Indian standard code of practice together
with their latest revisions/amendments as applicable shall be followed. In the case of absence
of the relevant IS code of practice also, the instructions of the Engineer in charge shall be
adopted. In case of contradictions/ conflicts between the specifications, the interpretation of
Larsen & Toubro Engineer in charge (EIC) shall be final and binding on both the parties.


Water & Electricity required for the work shall be arranged by us free of cost and given to you
at one point near the building. No consumption charges will be levied on you. For further
distribution material will be provided by L&T free of cost. You will use water & electricity
economically ensuring safety at all times.


You will abide by all safety standards, specifications and practices in construction. You are
responsible for the safety of your staff and workmen. All safety appliances required like safety
helmets, safety belts for working in heights shall be vendor/sub-contractor scope.



Bill are to be submitted by you on Monthly basis, based on joint measurements between
your representative and our site in charge. Payment shall be made within fifteen days of
certification of bill.


5% of each RA bill shall be deducted and kept with us as retention amount. This retention
shall be released after the completion of the defect liability period (12 months) of the


2% (or as applicable) of the gross value of the bill shall be deducted towards Income Tax
as per the statutory requirements. Necessary tax deduction certificate will be issued to you
by our Accounts department.


If your progress is consistently found to be below the accepted programme and if the work
being executed by you falls below the expected standard laid down by us, in such cases, in the
interest of timely completion of the project and to maintain the high quality of work, we
reserve the right to delete any part of the scope of work or the entire balance to be taken away

Sensitivity: LNT Construction Internal Use
Larsen & Toubro Limited – ECC Division
Prashanth Hospital - Kolathur

from you and get such works executed by other agencies at your risk and cost. In such a case
no compensation or damages or any other extra payment shall be made by us to you.


a) Site conditions has been made clear to you & you have understood the scope of work,
hence, no claims of whatsoever nature shall be entertained by L&T on account of any
reason cited by contractor at later date. It also understood that the contractor has inspected
the site of work, has fully acquainted himself with site conditions & has obtained for
himself on his own responsibility & at his own expenses all information which may be
necessary for execution of work.
b) You will not sublet any part of your work or entire work to any other agency.
c) L&T shall provide labour accommodation with required facilities within the site premises.
You shall maintain good housekeeping in the area provided. No extra claim on this
account shall be entertained by us. Food for the workmen shall be arranged by you.
d) However you have to submit monthly reconciliation for all material on free issue basis along
with your running/final bills mentioned below.

i) Binding Wire-8.5Kg/Mt of rebar

ii) Nails-70 gm/Sqm
iii) Concrete-0.5%
iv) Cover Block-As required
v) Reinforcement-No wastage is allowed as per issued BBS.

All formwork material should be used carefully and need to achieve the repetitions norms, and
should be hand over after completion of the work, the consumption norms will be finalized after the
first months’s reconciliation.

e) You have to mobilize/demobilize resources in stages as per the job requirements without
any extra cost to us.
f) You have to dispose off all the waste materials from the (each floors) to the designated
location inside site.
g) The work will not be deemed as completed until you have obtained completion certificate
from CPM.
h) If a complaint regarding non-payment of wages is received by the company from any of the
workmen of the contractor, the contractor’s bill will be held up till inquiry is completed and
once the CM/RE is satisfied that the workmen’s wage dues have not be paid by the
contractor, such wages will be deducted from the contractor’s bill & paid direct to the
aggrieved workmen.
i) All necessary permits, licenses, registration and other clearances required for Civil works
are to be arranged by you at your cost. The Approval of pour from clients, is in your scope.
j) Problems related to local People, disputes, differences are to be tackled by you only. L&T
will not interfere in any situations occurring outside of site with you and will not be held
responsible also.
Apart from the above the following conditions will also be applicable as under:
a) Manpower required for safety not in vendor’s scope.
b) Manpower required for infrastructure work not in vendor’s scope.
c) Manpower required for Security work not in vendor’s scope.
d) Manpower required for Quality, batching plant, laboratory, cube testing, P&M work not in
vendor’s scope.
e) Manpower required for re-propping in vendor’s scope.
Sensitivity: LNT Construction Internal Use
Larsen & Toubro Limited – ECC Division
Prashanth Hospital - Kolathur

f) Rebar yard machineries will be in L&T scope and manpower for the work is in vendor’s
g) Manpower required for monsoon shade is not in vendor’s scope.
h) Manpower required for cantilever unloading platform and refuge floor ISMC/ISMB fixing
is not in vendor’s scope.
i) Tile rod hole fixing will be in the vendor’s scope.
j) Floor handover, cleaning, material shifting if any grinding at joints only, slurry cleaning
house keeping, required if any, bulging treatment will be in vendor’s scope.


Sensitivity: LNT Construction Internal Use