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A'idah Female Guest, the one who's returning. Add to Favorite List
A'ishah Female Wife of the Prophet (SAW). Add to Favorite List
A'shadieeyah Female Princess, cute, perfect. Add to Favorite List
Aa'idah Female Name of a narrator of hadith. Add to Favorite List
Aabidah Female Worshipper. Add to Favorite List
Aabirah Female Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral. Add to Favorite List
Aabish Female Daughter of Sa'd who was a queen of Iran (AN). Add to Favorite List
Aadila Female Just, Honest, Equal, Upright. Add to Favorite List
Aaeedah Female Visiting, Returning, Reward. Add to Favorite List
Aaeesha Female Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Add to Favorite Lis
Aafreeda Female Created, Produced. Add to Favorite List
Aafreen Female Brave, Acclaim. Add to Favorite List
Aakifah Female Devoted, Dedicated. Add to Favorite List
Aala Female Bounties. Add to Favorite List
Aaleyah Female Exalted, Highest social standing. Add to Favorite List
Aalia Female Exhalted, Noble. Add to Favorite List
Aalimah Female Scholar, Authority. Add to Favorite List
Aaliyah Female Tall, Towering. Add to Favorite List
Aamaal Female Hopes, Aspirations, Wishes. Add to Favorite List
Aamanee Female Good wish. Add to Favorite List
Aamilah Female Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous. Add to Favorite List
Aaminah Female Secured, Safe. Add to Favorite List
Aamira Female Imperial, Abundant, Inhabited. Add to Favorite List
Aani Fatimah Khatoon Female She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah. Add to Favorite List
Aanisah Female Young lady, Maiden. Add to Favorite List
Aaqilah Female Intelligent. Add to Favorite List
Aara Female Adoring Add to Favorite List
Aarifah Female Knowing, Women who recognises Islam. Add to Favorite List
Aasia Female Hope. Add to Favorite List
Aasimah Female Protector, defendant, central. Add to Favorite List
Aatifa Female Affection, Sympathy. Add to Favorite List
Aatikah Female Generous. Add to Favorite List
Aatiqah Female Shoulder (support) old. Add to Favorite List
Aatirah Female Fragrant. Add to Favorite List
Abal Female Wild rose Add to Favorite List
Abasah Female Daughter of al-Mahdi. Add to Favorite List
Abda Female Worshipper. Add to Favorite List
Abeedah Female Worshipper. Add to Favorite List
Abeer Female Fragrance. Add to Favorite List
Abeera Female The mixture of the smell of the petals of Rose and Sundal. Add to Favorite List
Abeerah Female Rose, Sandal Saffron mixed together in fragrance. Add to Favorite List
Abia Female Great Add to Favorite List
Abida Female Worshipper. Add to Favorite List
Abidah, Abida Female Worshipper Add to Favorite List
Abir Female Serious, beautiful. Add to Favorite List
Abir, Abeer Female Fragrance, perfume Add to Favorite List
Ablah Female Perfectly formed. Add to Favorite List
Ablah, Abla, Ablaa Female Perfectly formed Add to Favorite List
Abqurah Female Genius. Add to Favorite List
Abra Female Example, lesson Add to Favorite List
Abrar Female Devoted to God Add to Favorite List
Ad'ifaah Female Smart, talented. Add to Favorite List
Ada Female Grace, Expression. Add to Favorite List
Adab Female Hope, Need. Add to Favorite List
Adab, Aadab Female Hope and need Add to Favorite List
Adara Female Virgin Add to Favorite List
Adawiyah Female Summer plant Add to Favorite List
Adeeba Female Cultured, Polite Add to Favorite List
Adeela Female Equal Add to Favorite List
Adeelah Female Just. Add to Favorite List
Adeena Female Pious, good luck. Add to Favorite List
Adeeva Female Pleasant, Gentle Add to Favorite List
Adiba Female Well, mannered, cultured, polite; writer Add to Favorite List
Adila Female Justice. Add to Favorite List
Adilah, Adila, Adeela Female Equal, just, honest Add to Favorite List
Adn Female Paradise Add to Favorite List
Afaf Female Chaste, virtuous, decent, pure Add to Favorite List
Afeefa Female Chaste Add to Favorite List
Afeerah Female Covered with soil or dust. Add to Favorite List
Afia Female Away from all Problems. Add to Favorite List
Afifa Female Neat lady. Add to Favorite List
Afifah Female Chaste, modest Add to Favorite List
Afiyah Female 'Health', free from illness and grief. Add to Favorite List
Afizah Female A person who knows the recital of the qur'an. Add to Favorite List
Afnan Female Tree branches or twigs Add to Favorite List
Afra Female Dust-coloured. Add to Favorite List
Afra, Afraa Female White Add to Favorite List
Afrah Female Celebrations, festivals Add to Favorite List
Afreen Female Friendly. Add to Favorite List
Afroze Female Enlightening. Add to Favorite List
Afsa Female Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) wife. Add to Favorite List
Afsana Female Story. Add to Favorite List
Afshan Female Adornment aids. Add to Favorite List
Afsheen Female Shine like a star. Add to Favorite List
Afya Female Shadows Add to Favorite List
Ahd Female Pledge, commitment, delegation Add to Favorite List
Ahdia Female Unique, The One. Add to Favorite List
Ahlam Female Witty, imaginative; one who has pleasant dreams Add to Favorite List
Aidah Female Visiting, Returning, Reward, Present. Add to Favorite List
Aidah, Aida Female Visiting, returning; reward Add to Favorite List
Aighar Female She was a religious, righteous woman. Add to Favorite List
Aila Female Noble. Add to Favorite List
Aimal Female Hope. Add to Favorite List
Aimen Female Most Congratulated. Add to Favorite List
Ain Female Eye, thus "precious" Add to Favorite List
Ain alsaba Female Treasure of the eye. Add to Favorite List
Aini Female Spring, flower, source, choice Add to Favorite List
Aisha Female Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Add to Favorite List
Aishah, Aisha, Ayishah Female Living, prosperous; youngest wife of the Prophet Add to Favorite List
Aiza Female Noble. Add to Favorite List
(pbuh). Add to Favorite List
uh). Add to Favorite List
FEMALE Name Meaning FEMALE NameMeaning
A'idah Guest, the one who's returning.
Amira Princess.
A'ishah Wife of the Prophet (SAW).Amirah Royal lady, Princess.
A'shadieeyah Princess, cute, perfect. Amirah, Ameera
Princess, leader
Aa'idah Name of a narrator of hadith.
Amjad Magnificence, splendor
Aabidah Worshipper. AmmarahAn inhabitant.
Aabirah Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral.
Amna Peace.
Aabish Daughter of Sa'd who was Amra
a queenPrincess.
of Iran (AN).
Aadila Just, Honest, Equal, Upright.
Amrah Headgear.
Aaeedah Visiting, Returning, Reward.
Amreen Sky.
Aaeesha Life, Vivaciousness, Living
of good
of the Prophet Muhammad (pb
Aafreeda Created, Produced. AmtullahFemale servant of Allah
Aafreen Brave, Acclaim. Ana Prestige, self respect.
Aakifah Devoted, Dedicated. Anah Patience, perseverence.
Aala Bounties. Anam Present.
Aaleyah Exalted, Highest social standing.
Anan Clouds.
Aalia Exhalted, Noble. Anan, AnaanClouds
Aalimah Scholar, Authority. Anaum The blessing of Allah.
Aaliyah Tall, Towering. Anbar Perfume, ambergris
Aamaal Hopes, Aspirations, Wishes.
Anbarin of ambergris
Aamanee Good wish. Andalib Nightingale.
Aamilah Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous.
Aneeqa Beautiful.
Aaminah Secured, Safe. Aneesa Close, intimate, friendly.
Aamira Imperial, Abundant, Inhabited.
Aneezah She-Goat.
Aani Fatimah Khatoon She was a literary woman Angbin
and a poetess Qastaniniyah.
Aanisah Young lady, Maiden. Anida Obstinate.
Aaqilah Intelligent. Anika Very unique.
Aara Adoring Anisa Friendly.
Aarifah Knowing, Women who recognises
Anisah Islam.
Close, intimate, friendly.
Aasia Hope. Anisah, Aneesa
Close, intimate, good friend
Aasimah Protector, defendant, central.
Anjum Stars
Aatifa Affection, Sympathy. Anmar Leopard
Aatikah Generous. Annam God's Blessing.
Aatiqah Shoulder (support) old. Anniyah Concern, loving.
Aatirah Fragrant. Anum Blessing of god, gods gift.
Abal Wild rose Anwar, Anwaar
Rays of light, blossoms
Abasah Daughter of al-Mahdi. Anwara Ray of Light.
Abda Worshipper. Aqeelah Wise, Sensible.
Abeedah Worshipper. Aqilah Wife, spouse; the best, the pick
Abeer Fragrance. Aqsa Name of a mosque.
Abeera The mixture of the smellAraof the petals
of Rose and Sundal.
Abeerah Rose, Sandal Saffron mixedAram together
in fragrance.
Abia Great Areebah Witty, smart
Abida Worshipper. Areej
Abidah, Abida Worshipper Aresha Under an umbrella.
Abir Serious, beautiful. Arfa Greatness
Abir, Abeer Fragrance, perfume Aribah Wise.
Ablah Perfectly formed. Arij Sweet Smell.
Ablah, Abla, Ablaa Perfectly formed Arij, AreejFragrance, sweet smell
Abqurah Genius. Arisha Highness.
Abra Example, lesson Ajeebah A narrator of hadith.
Abrar Devoted to God Ajradah
Ad'ifaah Smart, talented. Ajwa Name of a date in SA
Ada Grace, Expression. Akia Sister.
Adab Hope, Need. Akifah Intent, busy.
Adab, Aadab Hope and need Akilah Intelligent, logical,
Adara Virgin Akleema Beautiful.
Adawiyah Summer plant Al-Adur al-Karimah
A pious,
Adeeba Cultured, Polite Alaia Virtuous.
Adeela Equal Aleemah Knowing, Knowledgeable.
Adeelah Just. Aleena Silk of heaven.
Adeena Pious, good luck. Aleeza Joy.
Adeeva Pleasant, Gentle Alhena A ring
Adiba Well, mannered, cultured, Alia
polite; writer
Adila Justice. Alika Love
Adilah, Adila, Adeela Equal, just, honest Alima Wise
Adn Paradise Alimah Skilled in music or dance
Afaf Chaste, virtuous, decent,Alina
pure Beautiful. Not verified
Afeefa Chaste Alishba Pretty.
Afeerah Covered with soil or dust. Aliyah Exalted, noble.
Afia Away from all Problems.Aliyah, Aliyyah,Exaulted,Alia,
Afifa Neat lady. Alleyah Leader.
Afifah Chaste, modest Alma Apple.
Afiyah 'Health', free from illnessAlmas
and grief.Diamond
Afizah A person who knows theAlraazrecital of Mystery.
the qur'an.
Afnan Tree branches or twigs Altaf Kindness, politeness
Afra Dust-coloured. Aludra Virgin
Afra, Afraa White Alya Loftiness
Afrah Celebrations, festivals Alzubra
Afreen Friendly. Amah
Afroze Enlightening. Amal Hope, aspiration.
Afsa Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) Amal,wife.
Afsana Story. Amala Hopes, Aspirations
Afshan Adornment aids. Aman Security, peace, safety
Afsheen Shine like a star. Amana Faithful, to believe.
Afya Shadows Amani Wishes, aspirations
Ahd Pledge, commitment, delegation
Amany A Wish.
Ahdia Unique, The One. Amara Eternal beauty, urgent news
Ahlam Witty, imaginative; one whoAmatullah
has pleasant
Female servant
dreams of Allah
Aidah Visiting, Returning, Reward,
Night Rain.
Aidah, Aida Visiting, returning; rewardAmbar Ambergris.
Aighar She was a religious, righteous
Amberwoman. Jewel
Aila Noble. Ambereen Fragarance, amber, sky.
Aimal Hope. AmbreenSky.
Aimen Most Congratulated. AmeenahTrustworthy.
Ain Eye, thus "precious" Ameera Noble lady, princess.
Ain alsaba Treasure of the eye. Amelia Trustworthy, beautiful.
Aini Spring, flower, source, choice
Amilah Hopeful.
Aisha Life, Vivaciousness, LivingAmina
Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pb
Aishah, Aisha, Ayishah Living, prosperous; youngest
Aminahwife Trustworthy,
of the Prophet faithful.
Aiza Noble. Aminah, Amineh,
Saadia Lucky. Saidah Happy, fortunate
Saadiya Flower. Saihah Good, useful
Saaleha Flower. Saila Sunshine.
Saaliha Pure pios and devoted. Saima Keeps fasts.
Saba Sheba, a town in YemenSaimah Fasting.
Sabaa a nice wind Saiqa Lightning.
Sabah Morning Saira Happy.
Sabburah Very patient, enduring. Sairah One who travels.
Sabeen Cool breeze of the morning.
Sairish Magic, flower.
Sabeeyah Baby girl. Saja to be calm and quiet
Sabiha Beautiful. Sajidah Prostrating to God
Sabihah Beautiful SakeenahCalm, quiet and tranquil.
Sabina Flower. Sakina She was a narrator of Hadith
Sabiqah Past. Sakinah Allah-inspired peace of mind.
Sabirah Patient, perseverant. Sakinah, God
inspired peace of mind, tranquility
Sabirah, Saabira Patient SaleemahHealthy, Sound.
Sabr Patience, self control Salifah Previous.
Sabrina White rose. Salihah Correct, agreeable
Sabriyah Patient Salikah Following; Mystic.
Sabuhi Morning Star Salimah Sound, safe, healthy.
Sadad Right thing to do, lucky hand
Salimah, Peaceful,
Saleemaflawless, faultless, safe, healthy
Sadaf Shell, Oyster, Pearl. Salma Peaceful, safe, healthy; a wife of the Prophet
Sadah Happiness Salmaa Peaceful.
Sadiah Good luck. Salsabil A fountain in Paradise.
Sadiqah Truthful, sincere. Salsabil, Spring
Salsabeelin Jannah
Sadiyah Fortunate Salwa Solace; quail
Sadoof Name of a poetess. Samaa Sky.
Saeedah Fortunate, Auspicious. Samah Generosity.
Safa Pure Samah, Samaah
Safaa Clarity, purity, serenity; name of a hill in Makkah
Safeerah Messenger; Ambassador.
Saffanah Pearl
Saffiya Best freind.
Safia Pure.
Safiyya Best friend.
Safiyyah Untroubled, serene, pure, best friend.
Safiyyah, Safiya Untroubled, serene, pure, best friend; wife of the Prophet
Safoorah Wife of Prophet Musa (A.S).
Safun Breezing
Safwah An Arab feminine name.
Safwana A Shining Star, Rock.
Sageda Sageda is ...
Sagheerah Short.
Sahar Dawn
Sahibah Colleague.
Sahirah Wakeful.
Sahlah Easy, convenient.
Sahlah, Sahla Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing
Sahrish Sunrise.
Saibah She was a narrator of hadith.
Saida Most Beautiful, unmatched, friendly.
mind, tranquility

tless, safe, healthy

; a wife of the Prophet