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Science, communicaton, physics - A series of numbers developed by 13th century,

- there is something deep
you start with the numbers 1 and 1 and you will
MATHEMATICS continue to add up all the last two numbers. 1+1=2
- the language of the universe This day, it is fascinating since it helps to explain even
- civilization's greatest achievement the face of humans, even the stock market

- helps greatly in explaining things on the universe (Some of those are not yet proven but evolution
favored these numbers)
Is mathematics human?
This sequence often appears in nature
Is it the way through the cosmos?
- show up in petal counts, usually daisies
- the only language to the cosmos
Christophe Gole'
Humans looked in nature and search for patterns
Statistically, fibonaccie apperas a lot in botany
For ex. the bottom of a pine cone
- look at the sky and saw patterns
Sunflower seeds (count the other way around still a
might even ontrol destiny fibonacci number)

Symmetrical patterns, for arts cities, anatomy and Do plants know math?
What do patters tell us?
Pi- the ratio between the circle and diameter
When Science seeks to understand nature, and the
pattrns of the world. it uses Mathematics - infinite without no repeating pattern

- Quantify their observations (2013) 12.1 x 10^12)

- math techniques to understand - shws in phenomena

Math guided the way in probability theory

Why does it work? Is it inherent? or just i our heads? Ex needle (Sometimes cut a line, or be a line)

Mario Livio When it cuts a line it is exactly 2/pi or about 64%

-astrophysicist In principle, no matter how much you drop the

needle. you can calculate pi
-fascinated with the connetion of math and world
Pi can also be seen in rivers
Nature always has numbers
- (the length from source to mouth) compared to the
For ex. the petals of a flower direct distance length/distance= pi

- Not just numbers but a part of the - occurs in wave

fibonacci Sequence - it happens and appears everyew

- vast interconnected math theories which is often PLATO
- geometry exists in their own ideal world
max tegmark
Platonic solids
- similaritiees in real world and computer games
- ideal version of the world aroound us
all mathematical principles the programmer made
existed in their own realm
(entire universe of games are MATH equations)

math is all that it is and nothing else.

designed them into one element which formed the
ohysical reality is like a digital photograph world as he saw it

- a world of pixels if we look at a pic closely which is CUBE- earth

represented by 3 numbers specified by red green and
blue tetrahedron -fire

*The universe as 32 numbers* Octadehdron- air

- all fits on a wall Icosahedron- water

does not just explain reality but also its essence Dodecahedron- the universe

Phythagoras They are uncovering something that is alreay out

math and music
Maria Chudnovsky
jazz music parallel with math (Ezperanca Spalding)
Something there before you see it
3 rel with notes
Math is discovered rather than invented
1. Octave
Is it just a part of the human brain?
2. Fifth
Sham (wizard)
3. Fourth
used FMRI
6th century B.C.E
Kids who perform math well has 5-6 times more
Beautiful music-math by measureing the length of neuro activation than normal kids
thee strings
Comparing animals to human mahematical
Octave (2:1) up:down capabilities

Fifth (3:2) Lemurs- related to humans 65 million years ago

Fourth (4:3) - can compare quantities

Ratio creates harmonious shit equates to a hidden - tpuch screen computer game for terry
natura; order
- they are attending to number vary shapes, colors etc
Water: simple ratios moon orbits eath
- lemars can learn number
merury 3 times orbit (3:2)
- respond to abstract numbers
All other animals respond to quantities 1 unit of distance= 1 unit of time

the humans's resullts are similar to monkey In 2 units of time, it fell on 4 units of distance

Humans have primitive number sense In 3 units of time, it fell on 9 units

important foundation Mathematical rel of time adnd distance

to understand math The dstance the ball traveled is directly proportional

to the square of the time (time^2)
basic tool kits
the universe is written in the language of math
reconize shape, know time
Galileo (math equation to laws of science
Greatest invetion: Math
ISAAC Newton
but mystery remain, why is it effective?
worked in trinity college
- transformed the planet and explain what;s beyond
not to bother or disturb him unless they found great
NASA answers to mathematical problems
2012) car size rover on Mars PINCIPIA
Success was highly based on the Renaissance -newton gathered observations and explain in math
discovery which created a huge impact on the way
we see math and the world, that is Accumulate numbers to construct eme to explain the
The force of cannon ball which was brought up to the
Aristotle, heavier objects fall faster than lighter one Earth
The ratio which things wil fall was proportional to Gali's law
thei weight
Planets and Orbits
But it was challenged on the late 15 hunderds by
Galileo Gallilei GRAVITY

Legend, two diff weight cannong balls from the - how does mass attract each other
Leaning tower of Pisa
Law of gravity still applies
Ex. Bowling ball and bouncing ball
held by same mathematical laws
(15 times faster)
other scien
But on the higher ground, lighter eme
The unreasonable effectiveness of math
Fact demonstrated on the moon (Apollo 12)
the fact that math can describe universe well is a gift
Everything falls on the same rate we do not deserve

galileo built an inclined plane to slow the falling 200 years ago uranus was moving away beause of
down to measure it neptune (the new discovered planet) using math
(gravitational formula
1 galileo= 1 distance
TV radio etc

use waves of energy to communicate Deals with the domain of the absolute

JamesMaxwell (prediction) Fundamentally on the reality

- electricity and magnetism are related Engineering - math shortcutd

- produce wavs of enrgy -approximate is close enough

Marconi We get paid because it is right enough

ELECTRO MAGNETIC WAVES Math as inherent part of nature

- scope is extrordinary Eng- disregad accuracy

- magnetic field, electric, magnetic which creted these Which is math

A discovered or human invention?
- signal was detected (farthest transmission behind
the hill Maybe it's both

-intricate combination of discovery and invention

Atoms were discovered using math - two became an inventive concept

The Collider Have intricate rel

- search for subatomic the great ath history

The Higgs Particle

proof of the higgs field - cosmic mollases that give

world mass

Without mass, everything will go in a speed of light

The god particle

How can math be so poweful?


- Ilusion for Wolfram

- help in weather

daily weather is so unredictable

Or the stock market

Interaaction of humans and neurons

Reasonably ineffective

elegance of math is the messes of reality, practicality

rules the day