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Position Paper

Name : Evan Permana Sunjaya

Country : Uzbekistan
Topic : Exploitation Child in War-Torn Areas

Child Exploitation: Uzbekistan View

for completing Nanyang Technological University Model United Nation

The child is our generation in the future to continue something that we have built
on the world. The child will be adult people and She/he will substitute us in the work or
our profession. The child is the best time for growth and development to learn new things
and knowledge for peoples but today still war in some areas and child be a victim because
of that. A non-state armed group in Syria send children into the battle. By June 2014, the
Violations Documenting Center, a Syrian monitoring group, had documented 194 deaths
of “non-civilian” male children in Syria since September 2011 1. Another case Human
Rights Watch estimates that more than 11,000 children fight in Colombia’s armed, one
of the highest totals in the world2.
In the case of child exploitation in war-torn areas in Uzbekistan, the government
does not involve in the war but in Uzbekistan, a child forced to work in the cotton
industry. Uzbekistan has many rules which are set his peoples do not involve war.
Uzbekistan view child cannot go to the war because they are under protection by parents
and the right of children to give education, health, and affection. Uzbekistan believe that
solving this issue of international cooperation between member states, and in order to
achieve that goal, there are several actions proposed by Uzbekistan:
1. War free area for a review of women and children. When war is happened as
usual the victim is women and children, so they need one of place free from
weapons, against, and not involved war.
2. Open volunteers to help children forget an education. War makes bad
condition and decreases peoples to teach children.

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