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ALOO SHALOO is a locally owned fast food outlet that will be positioned as an
international franchise through our creative approach to the company's image and detail
presentation. ALOO SHALOO will provide a combination of excellent food at value pricing,
with fun packaging and atmosphere. ALOO SHALOO is the answer to an increasing demand
for snack-type fast food, to be consumed while window shopping and walking around the
places. In today's highly competitive environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to
differentiate one fast food outlet from another. LAHORE, a city of foodies, is now becoming
the model metropolis for Asia's new economic boom. Our main priority is to establish one
outlet in a crowded area, preferably in one of prominent area for youngster. Later, our effort
will be a further development of more retail outlets in the surrounding area.

We are aware of the trend in the snacks food production / fast food industry and we are not
only going to operate a system where our customers would have to come to our fast food
restaurant to make purchase or whatever they want, but we will also operate an online fast
food restaurant and our customers can place orders for our foods, snack and drinks online and
they will get it delivered to their houses or any location they want us to deliver the goods to
within LAHORE.

Although the business is launching out with just one outlet in MAIN MARKET – LAHORE,
but there is a plan to open other outlets via franchising all around LAHORE and in other key

Why Start a French Fries Business?

Since the arrival of fast food restaurants in Pakistan, a lot of entrepreneurs have become
millionaires. If one is considering becoming a millionaire in the food industry, one of the
coolest ways of making money is to open a French fries food production company.

Although this type is profitable, but at the same time one can run at a loss if the business is
not well positioned and managed. It is important to state that loads of food related business
cum fast food restaurants close shops simple because they failed to conduct detailed market
survey and feasibility studies before launching the business. One’s ability to re – strategize
and always ramp up his service deliveries will help him stay competitive.

It is important to point out that French Fries food business is one of the businesses that can’t
go out of fashion simply because people eat food daily. Depending on the scale a person
wants to start, the start-up capital for this type of business can be moderate. As a matter of
fact, one can start its own French fries’ food business and then grow it big within a short
period of time by re – investing your profits back to the business.


To establish a presence as a successful local fast food outlet and gain a market share in
Pakistan’s fast food industry.

To make Aloo Shaloo a destination spot for mall-goers.

To expand into a number of outlets by year three, and sell the franchise to neighbouring
metropolitan cities, such as Karachi, Islamabad & Faisalabad.


Our vision is to become the leading French fries & potato specialty food production company
– brand in LAHORE.


Our mission is to establish chains of fast food restaurants that will make available a wide
variety of French fries, snacks and soft drinks at affordable prices to the residence of Lahore
and then in whole country where we intend opening our chains of French fries food outlets.


ALOO SHALOO®, do not intend to start a fast food restaurant business just like the usual
mom and pop business around the street corner; our intention of starting a fast food restaurant
business is to build a standard business in LAHORE, PAKISTAN.

Although our French fries food outlet might not be as big as KFC, Mc’s, OPTP et al, but will
ensure that we put the right structure in place that will support the kind of growth that we
have in mind while setting up the business.

We will ensure that we hire people that are qualified, honest, customer centric and are ready
to work to help us build a prosperous business that will benefit all the stake holders (the
owners, workforce, and customers).

In view of that, we have decided to hire qualified and competent hands to occupy the
following positions;

• Chief Executive Officer (Owner)

• Restaurant Manager
• Chef
• Deliverers
• Cleaners


ALOO SHALOO locations will range in size from 20-20meter square in MAIN MARKET
Gulberg Lahore. Our first location will be on the larger end of this range. The location will
feature its own originality in merchandise display and other brand building attributes. We will
equip the outlet with modern furniture and aim for cleanliness and an open feeling. We are
currently looking at several possible sites in DHAs.

The space selection will be chosen based upon the following criteria:

Community size: minimum of 800,000 people within a radius of 8 kilometres.

Easy access.

Large percentage of teenagers in the community.

All of these qualities are consistent with Aloo Shaloo’s goal of providing a top-quality fast
food experience. We want "word-of-mouth" to be our best form of marketing, where our
customers value our brand as something exciting and cannot wait to tell their friends and

ALOO SHALOO will directly compete with several fast food/fries , including Belgian fries,
Twistix, Cone head & OPTP, KFC, MCDONALDS.


SWOT Analysis

We are quite aware that there are several fast foods and French fries food outlets all over
main market and even in the same location where we intend locating ours, which is why we
are following the due process of establishing a business.

This is the summary of the SWOT analysis that was conducted for ALOO SHALOO;

• Strength:

Our location, the business model we will be operating on (physical shop of fast food
restaurants with active online presence), varieties of payment options, wide varieties of
French fries, snacks and soft drinks and our excellent customer service culture will count as a

strong strength for AlOO SHALOO. So also, we have a management team that has what it
takes to grow start-up business from survival to profitability within the shortest time – frame.

• Weakness:

A major weakness that may count against us is the fact that we are a new French fries food –
business and we don’t have the financial capacity to compete with multi – million dollars
chains of fast food restaurants with strong bias for French fries like KFC, McDonald’s, Optp
et al.

• Opportunities:

The fact that we are going to be operating our fast food restaurant in one of the busiest streets
in Lahore, provides us with unlimited opportunities to sell our French fries / potato chips,
burgers, tacos, tortilla and corn chips, other chips, other snacks, water, juice, and sodas et al
to a large number of people.

We have been able to conduct thorough feasibility studies and market survey and we know
what our potential clients will be looking for when they visit our fast food restaurant; we are
well positioned to take on the opportunities that will come our way.

• Threat:

Just like any other business, one of the major threats that we are likely going to face is
economic downturn. It is a fact that economic downturn affects purchasing / spending power.
Another threat that may likely confront us is the arrival of a new French fries food production
business or fast food restaurant in same location where ours is located.

• Market Trends

In this era when the online community is growing rapidly, one would do his business a who if
he creates his own online presence. One of the easiest ways to get people to see you as an
expert in a line of business is to blog constantly about French fries and fast foods generally.

One may also want to leverage on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and
Twitter, and others to publicize his French fries food outlet. We can as well go ahead to open
an online portal where people can place order from French fries / potato chips, burgers, tacos,
tortilla and corn chips, other chips, other snacks, water, juice, and sodas et al. We must ensure
that we delivery system is efficient if we intend to do well with our online fast food business.

So also, keeping consumers’ appetites satisfied, fast food restaurants / franchises have created
new menu options that capitalize on the trend of increasing awareness of the health risks
associated with a high-fat diet. The industry has also thrived by developing products at price
points attractive enough to weather the slow recovery, resulting in strong revenue growth. As
a result of this, these trends are expected to continue and contribute to revenue growth going

• Our Target Market

One thing about French fries / potato chips, burgers, tacos, tortilla and corn chips, other chips,
other snacks, water, juice, and sodas et al is that you can hardly find someone who don’t
patronize them. As a matter of fact, most fast food restaurants now have menu designed
specifically for veg and others depending on their food preferences.

In view of that, we have positioned our fast food restaurant to service the residence of main
market -gulberg Lahore and every other location where our chains of fast food outlets will be
located in key cities all over the Lahore.

Our Competitive Advantage

A close study of the snacks food production / fast food industry reveals that the market has
become much more intensely competitive over the last decade. So, we have to be highly
creative, customer centric and proactive if you must survive in this industry. We are aware of
the stiffer competition and we are well prepared to compete favourably with other chains of
fast food restaurants in main market Lahore.

ALOO SHALOO®, is launching a standard French fries food production business that will
indeed become the preferred choice of residence of Main market-Gulberg and other cities
where we intend opening our chains of fast food outlets.

Our fast food outlet is located in a corner piece property on a busy road. We have enough
parking spaces that can accommodate well over 10 cars per time.

One thing is certain, we will ensure that we have a wide variety of French fries / potato chips,
burgers, tacos, tortilla and corn chips, other chips, other snacks, water, juice, and sodas et al
available in our shop at all times. It will be difficult for customers to visit our fast food outlets
and not make a purchase of French fries / potato chips, burgers, tacos, tortilla and corn chips,
other chips, other snacks, water, juice, and sodas et al.

One of our business goals is to make ALOO SHALOO®, a one stop fast food restaurant. Our
excellent customer service culture, online options, various payment options and highly
secured facility will serve as a competitive advantage for us.

Lastly, our employees will be well taken care of, and their welfare package will be among the
best within our category (start-ups French fries food production / fast food restaurants) in the
snacks food production / fast food industry, meaning that they will be more than willing to
build the business with us and help deliver our set goals and achieve all our aims and


Our main focus in marketing will be to increase customer awareness in the surrounding
community. We will direct all of our tactics and programs toward the goal of explaining who
we are and what we are all about. We will price our products fairly, keep our standards high,
and execute the concept so that “word-of-mouth” will be our main marketing force.


Lahore is becoming a hub for fast food restaurants. Recently there are restaurants like Fat
Burger, Johnny Rockets, and Burger Hub etc. Apart from the new ones, the most visited
restaurants in Lahore are McDonalds, KFC, Nando’s, Hardees and Subway.

Fast food industry in Pakistan is the second largest market in Pakistan as it accounts for 27
percent of its value‐added production and 16 percent of the total employment in
manufacturing sector. Pakistan holds the world’s eighth largest market when it comes to fast
food and food related business.

Market leader is McDonald’s: It is one of most popular fast food restaurants in the country
with existence in almost all the major cities. It is well known for its great taste, excellent
quality of service and economical prices. It is also the biggest fast food chain in the world.
Market challenger is KFC: Among the leading and oldest fast food restaurants in Pakistan,
KFC is symbol of quality and taste. It has country-wide existence and great menu. It is also
the second biggest fast food chain in the world.

Pizza hut, Hardee’s, howdy, fat burger, johnny&jugnu, OPTP, Rizwan burger are other fast
food famous in Lahore



Country Pakistan

city Lahore

density urban


age All age groups-anyone who loves fast food

gender all

income Anyone who can afford

occupation Any


Social class Middle, upper class

Life style Achievers, strivers

personality Compulsive, Gregarious, Authoritarian, Ambitious


occasions Regular, Special occasions

User status Nonuser, Ex-User, Potential User, Regular User

Loyalty status None, Medium

Attitude Positive


Particulars Cost

1 Rental cost 200,000

2 Machinery plus technologies 300,000

3 Furniture & fixture 100,000

4 Pre-operating expenses 21,000

5 Contingencies 27,945

6 Total project fixed cost 648,945

7 Initial working capital 600,000

8 Total project cost 1,248,945