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(An Experimental Research at Grade XI of SMA Negeri 1 Kasokandel)

Hidayatul Hikmah
IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon

Ilman Nafi’a
IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon

Hendi Hidayat
IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon

Abstract: In the learning process, students’ motivation is one of the aspects that should be
enhanced. However, there is a fact that most of students are lack of motivation in learning
English. Therefore, it is needed to use the strategy in English learning material. One of the
strategies is local wisdom-based speaking instruction. The objective of research is to find
out the students’ motivation in control class and experiment class and to find out significant
result of students’ motivation between control and experiment class. This research uses
quantitative research. The population are all the students in second year grade of SMA
Negeri 1 Kasokandel Majalengka, the sample are students in XI MIPA-4 that consist of 34
students and XI MIPA-6 that consist of 33 students. The data were collected through two
techniques: questionnaire and observation. The research findings showed that students’
motivation in the use of local wisdom-based speaking instruction included in good criteria
with mean 79.1. Then, the Ancova test, shows sig score on faktor was 0,000 < 0,05, this
case indicated that there is significant effect of the use of local wisdom-based speaking
instruction. Moreover, based on Independent Samples Test showed gain test was 0,012 <
0,05. Thus, there is significant difference on quarrel of pre-test and post-test between
experiment class and control class. It means Ho rejected and Ha accepted there is a
significant result of students’ motivation from the use of local wisdom-based speaking
instruction. In addition, local wisdom-based speaking instruction helps the students to
enhance their motivation. It means that local wisdom-based speaking instruction can be
used as one of the alternatives to enhance students’ motivation.
Keywords: local wisdom, speaking instruction, and students’ motivation.