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There are several issues that arose in the society with the lack of education.

It not only affects a

person, but it hampers disability of education to the whole family. As we all know that the
society is the mixture of two categories of people educated and uneducated and we separate
them on our observance and conclusions.
Without any doubt we come up with the reality face that the educated person is evaluated over
the number of certificates and his/her level of income along with his/her long-term plans,
whereas, uneducated person earns his/her wages on the daily routine, weekly or monthly
income. Likewise, uneducated don’t allow themselves to plan long term that is what they have is
for today, no savings or no bank balance. Despite of it, the people with education lead to a
better quality of life, sarcastically, the educated person is a broad-minded one while the
uneducated person is considered to be a narrow-minded one.

Education can lead to peace and harmony but on the other hand, when you are illiterate than
that, peace and harmony is materialistically changes into anger for hunger. Because when there
is no education or illiteracy, then the society will lead towards unemployment which will
eventually lead to poverty. And that person will choose to do unethical behavior which includes
devastation, anger and no harmony with any peace. Situations like teen pregnancy, gang
violence, theft, drug use, and other crimes happen more frequently in noneducated settings.
Lack of education is a serious matter to an individual and to the community. And if it will not be
prevented, it may lead to negative effects. Lack of education can result poverty, increase in
crime rate and increase the illiteracy rate.
Poverty is one of the most common effect of lack of education of an individual. One who
lacks real learning will be poor because when you lack education, there is a possibility that you
can’t apply for a job. If you don’t have any job, you don’t have the source of your income. If you
don’t have the income, you can provide your basic needs and also your family. And poverty
starts here and sometimes tend to minor effects like teenagers might experience early and
teenage pregnancy. Poverty is a major effect of lack of education.

Another effect of lack of education is the increase in crime rate in Philippines. This year, our
country was considered as one of the countries in the world where crime rate increases yearly.
As the status quo, teenagers are very exposed to different types of crime like stealing, drug
addiction and murder. In news report nowadays, teenagers are the main suspects of the crimes.
But there is one reason behind that subjected matter and of course that is the lack of education.
Teenagers are not taught of the lessons and learning in their everyday lives. If all teenagers will
not be taught of true lessons, crime rate will increase not only yearly but daily.