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THBT important decisions about children’s health should be made by medical

professionals and not by their parents.
2).THBT the media should be prevented by law from intruding the lives of public
3). THW allow prisoners to choose death over life sentence
4). THW require all government schools to teach religious studies
5). THW require university students to work in their country of origin for a number of
years after graduation
6). THBT social movements in democratic countries should drive social change through
the courts rather than the legislature
7). THBT the government should pay remuneration to house wives and house husbands
for their work
8). TH would ban Salman Khan from making/starring/producing films.
9).TH as CBFC would ban the release of Kabir Singh on the allegations of spreading
10).THW allow single parents to raise their children behind bars
11). THBT the feminist movement should seek a ban on pornography
12). THBT governments should create schools which teach in indigenous languages
13). THW offer dictators immunity in return for leaving power
14). THW allow free distribution of music on the internet
15). THBT Primary Education upto standard 5th is a misallocation of resources for the
developing world
16). THW make voting in national elections mandatory
17). THW legalise the sale of human organs
18). Given the amount of expense space exploration costs, THW stop sending humans
into space
19). THW abandon nuclear energy and its related tests
20). TH supports free immigration policies to be adopted by all democracies.
21). THBT every region should have the right to independent statehood if a majority of
its members wish
22). THBT autocracy is doomed in the age of Facebook
23). THBT every child under the age of 12 should have a mobile phone
24). THBT assisted suicide should be legalized
25). THBT wild animals should not be kept in captivity
26). THBT CBFC should censor explicit content on digital platforms like Netflix,
Amazon Prime, etc.
27). THBT Criminal Justice should focus more on rehabilitation
28). THBT Marriage is an outdated institution
29). THW reintroduce Corporal Punishment in schools
30). This House would ban music containing lyrics that glorify violent and criminal

31). THBT believes that Condoms should be freely distributed in junior schools.

32). THBT downloading music/movies from the internet without legal permission is
morally equivalent to theft.

33). THW remove the right to religious freedom from the constitution of India

34). THW force all news organisations to operate as non-profits

35). This House would apply universal jurisdiction to crimes against the environment

36). THW prohibit private ownership of art deemed to be culturally or historically


37). THW prefer a world in which extremely wealthy people in Western liberal states
donate excess money to their governments rather than to charities

38). THBT classmates influence students success in school more than their parents do.
39). THBT room sharing is better than living alone.
40). THBT studying humanities is more important than studying natural sciences.
41). THBT immigrants should adopt the culture of the new country rather than
preserving their own.
42). THBT zoos should be abolished.
43). THW impose vegetarianism.
44).THBT we are too late on global climate change.
45). THW ban religious symbols in the public buildings.
46).THBT school uniforms should be abolished.
47).THBT professional athletes should be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs.
48). THBT Court proceedings should be broadcasted on TV.
49). THBT single sex education is better than co-education.
50). THBT information of sexual criminals should be disclosed.
51). THBT online search engines and technology firms should be compelled to share
personal data of their users with government agencies upon demand
52).THW stop the production of biofuels
53). THBT further research into the development of Artificial Intelligence would result
in more harm than good
54). TH would ban the usage of all Hookup apps.
55). TH regrets the dominant narrative of women as nonviolent and vulnerable in
conflicts and humanitarian crises
56). THBT minors should be prosecuted for exchanging sexually explicit electronic
57). THW establish a new state on a shared religious foundation rather than upon a
secular foundation.
58). THBT developing countries should legalise child labour
59). TH, as the feminist movement, supports sexualization of men in the media and pop
60). In countries with few female politicians, THBT it is good to have a politically active
First Lady.
61). TH regrets art that glorifies gaining material wealth
62). THW rather see one innocent man go to jail than see 100 guilty men walk free.
63).THBT Politicians should abandon identity politics as a central tenant of their
campaigning strategy
64). This House would require all voters to attend civic education classes
65). THW have elected representatives take an oath to pursue policies only if those
policies are supported by a significant majority of their constituents.

66). THBT The right to bear arms is a necessary constitutional amendment.

67). THBT All parents should be required to attend parenting classes before having a
68). THBT State Governments should levy an operation tax from religious institutions
like Churches, Mosque, Temples, etc.

69). THBT in a country like India, Corruption, the abuse of public power for private
gain, cannot be eradicated.

70). THBT parents should not purchase war or destruction type toys for their children

71). THBT that University and School Examinations only measure a student’s memory
and not their learning.

72). This House believes that parents should be held responsible for their school-going
children's discipline problems.
73). THW ban the development of genetically modified organisms.
74). THBT extra-curricular activities in schools should be formally recognized.
75). THW hold students legally responsible for bullying if the same results in any
physical injury to the victim.