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Shadow Hack
SH • 我的影子会挂机

By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity’s

age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would
never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could
they be eaten?

I have neither aptitude nor innate skill, but my shadow can level up
using hacks. Experience, Ability points, battle prowess… all of them
could be hacked. Even while he is asleep or tired, he could still
increase his skills.

[Ding, your shadow has killed an ant, you have gained experience
points and ability points.] [Ding, your shadow has successfully killed
a dragonfly, it dropped a dimensionality box.] Crap, even killing
insects can also increase his experience and get him rewards. What
Author(s): Great Lord Of Cloudland, 云梦大领主
Year: 2017
Country: China
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance,
Sci-fi, Xuanhuan
Tags: Archery, Artifacts, Artificial Intelligence, Average-looking
Protagonist, Beast Companions, Bloodlines, Body Tempering, Calm
Protagonist, Cheats, Clever Protagonist, Cultivation, Evolution,
Futuristic Setting, Game Elements, Game Ranking System, Hard-
Working Protagonist, Hidden Abilities, Magical Space, Male
Protagonist, Money Grubber, Monsters, Multiple Realms, Poor to Rich,
Skill Assimilation, Special Abilities, Strength-based Social Hierarchy,
Sudden Strength Gain, Sword Wielder, System Administrator, Weak
to Strong
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Chapter 201
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When Demon fought together with his sea beast, even Blade
Overlord Lin Jian, who was ranked ninth position among the Halted
Fluxers, wouldn't have a hundred percent certainty to win.

Demon wasn't an Armored Soldier but a Warrior. The weapons he

used were two fifth dimensional devil beheading blades. His position
was similar to Barbarian Niu's, at the front of the squad.

The second line was formed of Li Yunmu and Flowing Cloud, while
the third had Li Qinghong and Lin Jian. As for Devil Monkey who was
a hunter, he wandered all around the squad.

The three dimensional space eyes were all been sent out under
the system's precise control. One of them was probing the area in
front of the group, while other two monitored its flanks.

It had to be said that even without Li Yunmu, this would be an

extremely formidable battle squad covering all the positions to make
it so. But even when such a formidable battle squad moved through
the valley in the King's True Territory, they still felt an enormous

Devil Monkey was quite experienced with secret regions. He'd said
previously that King's True Territory was extremely large, and once
the eight of them started walking forward, they learned of the truth
in his words.

When they left the valley, they discovered on the black plain in
front of them a group of fifth dimensional monsters roaming about.

Their number roughly crossed one hundred and thirty. As for their
strength, the beast with the lowest strength was a rainbow crystal
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dimensional beast.

Devil Monkey's fearful warning came from the front. "Ape gods,
and a large group of them. We're a little out of luck. They are
extremely terrifying, so be extremely careful and cautious.
Halt, don't move forward."

Ape gods were considered as massacring fiends even in the true

Fifth Dimension, and now there were more than a hundred and thirty
of them in front of the group.

The strength of these beasts was far more formidable compared

to that of ordinary rainbow crystal dimensional beasts. If Devil
Monkey wasn't certain that they were truly in the King's True
Territory, he would've certainly mistaken this place for the Sixth

What the f*ck? Why did the first dimensional beasts they
encountered had to be the extremely formidable ape gods, and this
group they met even contained more than a hundred and thirty of
them. Didn't they exceed the level of this King's True Territory?

For a short while, the battle squad which could be ranked as the
most powerful battle squad within the Fifth Dimension in terms of
strength held back their breaths from fear.

All of them lost their previous lofty ambitions. The situation had
changed greatly, to the extent of making them lose all hope of

Fortunately, Devil Monkey was an extremely outstanding hunter

and had discovered the danger early and promptly warned them. If
the battle squad had entered this region in a rush, then even if they
wouldn't have been exterminated due to their formidable strength,
the majority of them would still have fallen here.

"We should take a detour, we cannot provoke them," Li
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Qinghong decisively suggested the most optimal plan. If it had been
a group of ordinary rainbow crystal dimensional beasts before them,
then they would have had the courage to battle them, using the
terrain to their advantage, but this was impossible now.

It would never work again the ape gods

It was embarrassing to admit it, but if they were discovered, they

would have little chance to escape the resulting chase by those
extremely powerful beasts.

However, at this moment the shadow behind Li Yunmu's body

suddenly shook once and divided into four. The four shadows then
charged forward to kill the ape gods.

"No need to take a detour. Leave this group of monsters to

my shadow clan," Li Yunmu said with a trembling voice, which was
shaking not because of fear but excitement.

ly he'd had no knowledge of the enormous benefits offered by the

King's True Territory. Now, however, not to mention one king
dimensional beast, he had found a whole group of them. It alone
would be sufficient to make him instantly wealthy. If the whole body
of a silver crystal rooster dragon was a treasure and each part could
be sold for large amount of money, then this group of ape gods in
front of him, which were many times larger, were multiple times
more valuable.

Rainbow crystal layer ape gods were extremely intelligent and

possessed terrifying strength. Due to the former, they could be
trained to become servants.

Since they were quite durable and could also fight, they were
usually sold as a labor force. The most important thing was that they
could use human weapons and even practice flux skills. This resulted
in them becoming the first choice of large clans and sects when they
needed guards to defend their mountains. The prices of these
5 Report
beasts far surpassed those of ordinary rainbow crystal fluxers who
were sold as slaves.

In addition to that, ape gods were extremely dedicated. Once they

accept someone as their master, they would see that person as their
master to the day they died.

Due to ape gods' intelligence, their souls were extremely close to

those of humans. This made them one of the few types of
dimensional beasts who could undergo Soul Refining in a heavenly

In short, within the Fifth Dimension, ape god was one of the top
three races based on its rarity and value. Although it has to be
mentioned that the value only existed if the beasts were caught

The value of a live ape god within the black market was one billion!
The value of rooster dragons which Li Yunmu had sold before couldn't
even be mentioned in the same sentence.

Their group, including Li Qinghong, however, didn't dare to harbor

the idea of fighting them even if they had found them. Yet, to their
surprise, their master attacked without any hesitation.

"You all hide yourselves properly. Don't let them discover

you or otherwise no one will be able to save you. As for those
beasts, let my shadow clan deal with them."

Li Yunmu was full of excitement.

He not only wanted to fight against these ape gods but to also
capture them alive. Each of them was worth one billion, but Li Yunmu
didn't intend to sell them to others.

This group of formidable ape gods was perfect for his heavenly
world. He would then also be able to use them, these subdued
formidable beasts, as simple thugs.
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"Master, your four shadow clansmen, are they qualified? It
would be a great loss if even one of them died."

Barbarian Niu might usually be thickheaded, but he understood the

stakes here.

Ape gods were valuable, but the four shadow clansmen—which

was how Li Yunmu had introduced his shadows to others—summoned
by him using secondary flux energy were even more valuable.

All of his followers truly believed that he was a formidable

summoner and the shadows were life-forms from the Sixth
Dimension. And since they were alive, then it meant that they could
also be killed.

If Li Yunmu hadn't used any excuses, he wouldn't have been able

to explain them to Li Qinghong and the other Halted Fluxers.
Regardless of how experienced they were, they could never wrap
their heads around the fact that Li Yunmu's four shadows might be
products of the system instead of life-forms summoned using
secondary flux energy.

"These four clansmen I summoned aren't ordinary shadow

clansmen and neither are they elite shadow clansmen, but
king shadows!" Li Yunmu didn't provide much explanation just
spouted some nonsense.

But once he closed his mouth, his followers were scared out of
their wits, unable to believe their ears.

The four shadow clansmen were all king shadows?

How was this possible? What enormous fortune and profound

strength would one have to possess to summon four king shadows?

Yet once everyone thought about all the things which Li Yunmu
had shown them, they immediately became numb to this new
discovery. This master of theirs certainly couldn't be measured by
7 Report
ordinary standards.

"According to legends, ordinary shadow clansmen can

reveal 50% of master's strength, elite shadow clansmen can
reveal 70% of master's strength. As for king shadows, they
can reveal 100% of master's strength…"

Flowing Cloud's mouth opened but didn't close.

If the four were truly all king shadows, then wouldn't they…?

Instantly, all seven fluxers looked at each other, to make sure the
others were as shocked as they were.

If these were really four king shadows, then wouldn't all four of
them possess the same terrifying defense as Li Yunmu?

This was the first thought that simultaneously entered everyone's

mind but which they couldn't believe.

Reality, however, was even more unbelievable than their

imagination. Li Yunmu's four shadows soon used their actions to
assure everyone that when all was said and done, they were king

The four of them were like tigers who'd entered a pack of wolves.
They took out their blood fiend thunder cold blades and mayhem
descended on the group of enraged ape gods.

The four burst forth with Violent Blade which had reached the fifth
level and erupted with golden crystal flux energy in addition to blood
fiend, thunder, and cold energies, and the terrifying sungod flame
energy which Li Yunmu had recently cultivated.

When the final layer of extremely pure sungod flame energy, which
resembled the great sun true flame, appeared around the blade, it
looked as if god himself was assisting the shadows.
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First strike, second strike, third strike, fourth strike, fifth strike,
sixth strike…

Li Feng, Li Yun, Li Tian, and Li De—these four shadows seemed to

be completely in sync with each other. They first launched Charged
Assault, then unleashed Violent Blade on separate ape gods at the
same time, launching six continuous strikes against them.

When these continuous strikes laced with sungod flame energy

descended on the formidable bodies of the ape gods, it was like a
high temperature rod had encountered snow. The formidable bodies
of ape gods couldn't resist against the stacked strikes.

The huge arms and sturdy legs of the beast were chopped off, and
the four ape gods who possessed formidable combat strength
instantly turned into vegetables.


When the seven fluxers on the sidelines saw this scene, a thought
suddenly formed in their minds—Li Yunmu wasn't simply hunting
the beasts; he actually wanted them alive.
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Chapter 202
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As the fight went on, the other ape gods joined in, but the four
shadows were able to completely ignore their presence and continue
with their attacks.

Unbreakable, unbreakable, unbreakable, unbreakable, the defense

remained unbreakable!

This was terrifying!

When Underworld Hand, Demon, Flowing Cloud, and others saw

the the combat strength displayed by Li Yunmu's four shadows
identical to his own, their hair immediately stood up from being faced
with such an abnormal situation.

Li Yunmu was monstrous enough by himself, so if four king

shadows were able to display 100% of his strength, then that would
make it five monsters in one.

At this moment, Underworld Hand finally understood why when

they had exchanged blows previously he felt as if he'd been attacked
by five layers of enormous strength. No wonder that even a Halted
Fluxer like him who had cultivated a rare cultivation method was still
blown away by one fist.

It apparently hadn't been a fist launched by Li Yunmu alone but

one launched in sync by five of him and thus contained five layers of

Li Qinghong and the others kept watching everything from a


Their minds were blank as they followed with their eyes Li Yun, Li
10 Report
Feng, and the other two shadows as they cut down the limbs of god
apes. The shadows kept on using their continuous strike while being
attacked by the whole group of the formidable beasts.

This time, Li Yunmu's four shadows didn't simply display his

absolute defense but also his offensive strength which had increased
substantially in the recent days.

With the extremely pure sungod flame energy surrounding the

blood fiend cold thunder blade, the deadly power of the skills
unleashed by the four shadows reached the pinnacle of strength at
this level.

The spectators made some rough estimations inwardly. When

confronted with the sungod flame energy laced blood fiend cold
thunder blade, even if they had rainbow layer armor with the
protective cover, they could only rely on it for five to seven strikes.

Once the seven strikes were taken, the sungod flame energy would
melt their rainbow energy protective cover, and with just the crystal
armor without the protective energy cover, they probably wouldn't
be able to stand against the successively increasing might of the
blood fiend cold thunder blade.

The group instantly became aware that Li Yunmu's strength had

increased by leaps and bounds compared to the when he was at
Setting Sun Mountain Range.

In time, more than a hundred thirty ape gods were defeated by Li


Regardless of how crazily the beasts had attacked, they were

unable to injure the enemy in the slightest, which brought forth the
sensation of fear and powerlessness within them. Instantly, an
unusually strong ape god howled out while facing toward the sky.

It began to guide the remaining thirty or so of his kind to flee.
11 Report
A group of ape gods were escaping…

If other fluxers were to see this scene, then their mouths would
certainly fall open from shock. After all, a group of ape gods couldn't
be threatened by anything within the Fifth Dimension.

"Stop them, your mission is just to stall them. Stop as

many as you can!" Li Yunmu commanded, and his seven followers
immediately came out of hiding, rushing to obstruct the fleeing

If Li Qinghong and the group had been facing a group of more than
one hundred thirty ape gods, they could only hope to escape. But
when the seven of them were facing only thirty or so the beasts who
had already lost their morale, the Halted Fluxeres could even put up
a fight against them, not to mention that Li Yunmu only wanted them
to stall the beasts.

In the end, in their first battle after entering the King's True
Territory, Li Yunmu's four shadows had chopped off the limbs of one
hundred thirty two ape gods while being surrounded by that same
group of savage rainbow crystal dimensional beasts.

Only three of those beasts were able to escape the encirclement.

Li Yunmu wasn't afraid of mutilating the ape gods by chopping off

their six limbs because their bloodline was extremely strong. If they
only ate some supplements, their six limbs would grow back in no

It wouldn't be the slightest exaggeration to say that as long as the

brain of an ape god was intact, they couldn't be regarded as truly
dead. This was the reason why ape gods were so fearless.

As for why the captured ape gods were sold for a terrifying price of
one billion, that was due to their bloodline genes which possessed
the formidable regeneration ability.
12 Report
If the ape gods' genes were infused into human soldiers, then
although it would still be impossible for them to regrow lost limbs,
the strength of their bodies and their healing ability would increase
by more than ten times.

The Central Continent had a squad of thirty thousand men which

was formed the Ape God Gene Corps. These corps were actually
made up of those who had undergone successful genetic
modifications with the use of ape god genes.

Once ape gods' genetic armor and advanced technological

weapons were added to the mix, this Ape God Gene Corps could
threaten even Flux Disciples if the numbers of the two forces was

In fact, they could even kill a Flux Master if they managed to

surround him or her.

From this, it was clear that advanced dimensional technology

coupled with genetic modification using the genes of formidable
dimensional beasts, could allow even a squad of ordinary people to
display a terrifying combat strength.

Li Yunmu made the seven people put all the ape gods with
damaged bodies into his heavenly world.

This time's harvest was enormous, far surpassing everyone's


"Master, by relying on the strength of this group of ape

gods, almost no one in the Fifth Dimension will be capable of
stopping us. We would even possess the necessary capital to
ascend to the Sixth Dimension if we decided to do so in the

A bloodthirsty glint passed through the eyes of Underworld Hand.

Ascending dimensions!
13 Report
It was the sore point in every Halted Fluxer's heart, and also their
deepest desire.

It wasn't that they didn't possess the qualifications to ascend but

that they didn't dare to do so. If they actually ascended to the Sixth
Dimension, they would not only have to fight Transcending Flux
Masters, but also confront the formidable Temporal Flux Masters. Or
maybe even Nirvana layer ones who were just one step from entering
the sage layer. That's why even if Halted Fluxers had great talent and
were the peak cultivators in the Fifth Dimension, they still didn't have
any certainty to survive in the Sixth Dimension.

However, they could now see a hint of hope in Li Yunmu, because

he was the only one among all of them who possessed a heavenly
world. As long as he had it, there was hope. And now he had also
gathered a group of formidable people by his side.

"I heard it's a known fact within the fluxer world that Xiye
Hanbei has a heavenly world, is that right?" Li Yunmu suddenly

"Yes, reportedly half a year ago his heavenly world

condensed the second sun. According to my estimations,
after remaining within the Fifth Dimension for another half a
year, he will certainly ascend to the Sixth Dimension," Li
Qinghong answered after thinking about it for a moment.

"Second sun, a Flux Disciple has already condensed a two

sun heavenly world."

Li Yunmu hadn't even dared to think about accomplishing it, yet

Xiye Hanbei had already done it. This man was certainly a formidable

"Master needn't show false modesty. With everyone's

effort, we should be able to advance master's heavenly world
to two suns within a year. At that time we'll only need for
14 Report
master to congeal those suns, and we'll no longer need to
stay within the Fifth Dimension for the rest of our lives."

Underworld Hand and the others filled with excitement at this


Who would want to suppress their cultivation and waste their

resources, talent, and life? And Li Yunmu was their only hope to
ascend at this point in time.

Li Yunmu suddenly said, "Your current strength is still far

from sufficient. I have a great idea, let's see if you have the
courage to accomplish it or not."
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Chapter 203
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"Master, you only need to say it. Since our soul imprints are
binded to your heavenly world, we will accomplish whatever
you command," Barbarian Niu, who was an impetuous person, said
with excitement.

Li Yunmu surveyed the expressions of all his followers, and then

threw out a one word. "Re-cultivate."

"Re-cultivate? Master means we should follow in Devil's

footsteps and abolish our cultivation to condense a king
crystal armor?"

Once everyone heard Li Yunmus's suggestion, their expressions

instantly changed.

"That's right, apart from Li Qinghong, all of you are

extremely weak. Although you can follow in my footsteps for
a time, you'll lose your usefulness at the most important

After saying this, Li Yunmu stopped and didn't continue.

Although all his followers were among the most powerful twenty
Halted Fluxers and sounded quite formidable as well as were famous,
but besides Li Qinghong, all of them had a weak foundation.

With this weak foundation, they certainly wouldn't be able to follow

Li Yunmu in the future.

Because of that, he decided that if he wanted to form a team of

these seven people, he had to make them follow the path to the true
peak of the world.
16 Report
Li Yunmu was quite ambitious, but if he hadn't discovered the
King's True Territory, he certainly wouldn't have thought of this
unconventional method. But since something like this did happen,
then why should he not use this opportunity.

He naturally wanted for all the members of his team to build a

better foundation. These people had to at least possess the potential
to enter the sage layer. Otherwise, when he had to accomplish
something, he wouldn't have any reliable subordinates to assign to
the ask and would have to do everything personally. If that came to
be, then when would he find the time to tread the path to the

"However, this would require many king grade dimensional


Even Flowing Cloud thought that Li Yunmu's great plan was quite

Very few of those who had condensed the king crystal armor and
began to cultivate with such a foundation had been successful within
the whole Fifth Dimension

This was, of course, when speaking about those who had been
successful in the path of cultivation and not everyone who had
congealed the king crystal armor. The armor itself required only a
single king crystal, but the trouble came when the person needed
more of them yet there were only a limited amount of king level
beasts within the Fifth Dimension.

Those who could accomplish were only those who were from the
Central City itself and had a profound background.

Yet Li Yunmu had suddenly decided that all of his people must
build a foundation with king crystal armor?

Even if they had discovered the King's True Territory, it didn't
17 Report
necessarily mean that they had the sufficient resources to achieve
what he suggested. The resources required by seven people would
be truly enormous.

"If all of you aim for twelve light rainbow king crystal
armor, that naturally would be impossible, but if I reduced
the requirement to say eight rainbow light king crystal
armor, it would change the matter. I only ask whether you
have the courage or not?" Li Yunmu said with the intention to
make them decide quickly and not refuse.

"Eight rainbow lights!"

Everyone simultaneously sucked in a deep breath.

Even if he reduced the requirement to only the

eight rainbow lights, the group still felt that would be extremely
difficult. However, since they had discovered the King's True Territory

Underworld Hand clenched his teeth and took the initiative to stake
it all on Li Yunmu's choice. "We will rely on master's decision."

A Halted Fluxer who stood at the peak of the Fifth Dimension

couldn't just make the decision to abolish his cultivation and tumble
to the lowest rung on a whim. He certainly need to deliberate

The reason why Devil had the guts to re-cultivate was because he
had Azure Dragon Leg Guard and was one of the top three most
powerful Halted Fluxers, which meant he had accumulated a
sufficient amount of resources.

Underworld Hand and the others, however, didn't have such

resources. Yet since their master Li Yunmu had already said so much,
they understood within their hearts that if they didn't discard their
cultivations and re-cultivate from the start, then his words would turn
18 Report
out to be true.

In the future, it would be foreordained that they wouldn't be able to

keep up with Li Yunmu. Then, once they lost their usefulness, they
would lose their value as followers whose soul imprint was bound to
the heavenly world, and their future prospects would diminish.

"I agree, but I want the highest amount of resources,

second only to yours, master."

Li Qinghong remained as proud as before. Even if she was Li

Yunmu's follower, within her heart, she still hadn't accepted this

"Alright," Li Yunmu easily agreed.

Even if she hadn't said anything, he would have nurtured her

properly. She harbored the undying sage blood, which was the
supreme treasure of Chaotian Sect and was also highly compatible
with her body. In the future, as long as she didn't perish, she was
bound to reach the pinnacle.

Following this, everyone made their decisions. The aim of this

exploration also began to change, it was no longer to harvest
earnings like before. Everyone, including Li Yunmu, began to treat
this King's True Territory as their foundation and the place where
they would improve and advance their cultivation.

However, everyone couldn't just abolish their cultivations right

away, because Li Yunmu alone couldn't ensure the safety of so many
people. Furthermore, without the assistance of his seven formidable
assistants, Li Yunmu didn't dare to claim that he would be able to
keep killing king dimensional beasts infinitely.

Thus, all of them formulated a rational plan to increase their

cultivation in batches. The only person in the first batch was Li
19 Report
Second batch included Li Qinghong and Lin Jian, who would be
followed by Underworld Hand and his group of four, while the last one
was Flowing Cloud.

The rate of passage of time in King's True Territory was twelve

times faster compared to the outside world. In other words, twelve
days in King's True Territory would be equal to only one day in the
outside world.

This was the reason why the majority of fluxers and great powers
viewed King's True Territories with importance. Apart from a large
amount of resources, it also slowed down the time for those within
it. If someone cultivated inside it for a year, only a month would have
gone past in the outside world.

All the major clans and sects considered the King's True Territory
as the most suitable region to train their outstanding disciples.

Thus, Li Yunmu and his group weren't hasty. After putting the
group of ape gods within the heavenly world, they continued on their
journey to explore the King's True Territory.

After probing with the dimensional space eyes, the area showed up
to be only as large as one province of the Central Continent before
the dark ages.

If Li Yunmu used his Wings of the Wind, he could easily circle the
whole region a few times within a day. But since this was the King's
True Territory, he naturally didn't dare to do so.

This region was filled with great dangers and hazards at every
corner. If he was reckless and flew into the sky, he would be instantly
removed from existence.

Even with his defense, he didn't dare to attempt it.

The group continued to cautiously push through the plains when

Devil Monkey suddenly stopped them again.
20 Report
"You all come quickly and take a look, this is a devil king.
What we were speaking about, it really appeared, how long
has it been? It's an eight rainbow light devil king. Apparently
this King's True Territory isn't just an ordinary high-level
territory, and I had greatly underestimated it."

The appearance of a devil king implied that they shouldn't be far

from a twelve light rainbow king beast's territory.

Devil king dimensional beasts were classified as part of the king

class, but they were less formidable compared to twelve light
rainbow king dimensional beasts. The important factor, though, was
that the thing obtained after killing them was still a king dimensional

Li Yunmu had congealed a twelve light king grade crystal armor, so

this beast wasn't of any use to him. However, it was just perfect for Li
21 Report

Chapter 204
Source: Imported

The peak of the crystal armor congealed from the devil king's eight
rainbow light king dimensional crystal would only be an eight rainbow
light and not a twelve one.

But even then, it was still rare for someone to condense a devil
king crystal armor. The reason for this was simple, there were
extremely few devil king level monsters, and each of them were
extremely formidable.

Besides, as long as a devil king class monster appeared, then a

twelve rainbow light king's nest would certainly be in the vicinity.

Twelve rainbow light king dimensional beasts may not have any
devil king monsters for guards, but if a devil king monster was
discovered, then it was certain that a twelve rainbow light king would
be nearby. And it was a creature a lot more formidable compared to
ordinary king dimensional beasts.

Li Yunmu crouched down at the peak of a small mountain, guided

by Devil Monkey, and attentively watched the plains underneath.

Sure enough, below them there was a devil king monster who was
emitting an eight rainbow light. The pressure exerted by its presence
made everyone feel suffocated even though the group was quite far
away from the monster.

It was clear that this creature was extremely formidable.

It was only an eight rainbow light devil king monster, yet everyone
felt their hearts pounding vigorously. If their squad wasn't formed
from top tier formidable experts of the Fifth Dimension, then
attempting to attack the twelve rainbow light king class monster
22 Report
nearby would simply be courting death.

Currently, a formidable devil king monster emitting eight rainbow

lights could be seem roaming around, leading a group of rainbow
crystal dimensional beasts in the plains underneath. Based on its
actions, it seemed like it was patrolling the area.

This eight rainbow light devil king had two pointed horns on its
head, and its body was covered with dragon scales, while a pair of
black armored claws flickered coldly. This beast was around three
meters tall and had a pair of devilish wings on its back. Anyone could
tell with a single look that this beast shouldn't be trifled with.

Ordinary eight rainbow light devil kings could be taken care of by

Lin Jian and Li Qinghong if both of them acted together, but this
monster was clearly stronger than ordinary devil kings.

Maybe it was due to this region, but who could really know. When
Li Yunmu and his followers sensed this eight rainbow light devil king's
presence, they immediately sensed the thorny problem here. This
creature was extremely formidable, far surpassing the eight rainbow
light devil kings one could encounter in the Fifth Dimension.

But this wasn't the most important thing. What really mattered was
that by its side, apart from a group of rainbow crystal dimensional
beasts, there were eight four rainbow light phantom kings acting as
its subordinates.

Furthermore, all of them without exception appeared extremely

strong, far surpassing those of their kind encountered outside.

"Eight four rainbow light phantom kings, I'll be leaving

them to the seven of you. As for the eight rainbow light devil
king as well as the group of rainbow crystal monsters, I will
deal with them personally."

Li Yunmu and the others had already discovered that this place
23 Report
wasn't normal.

All dimensional beasts here were more formidable compared to

their counterparts on the outside. In fact, they could actually be
considered to be a level higher.

Li Yunmu didn't know whether his defense could protect him

against the eight rainbow light devil king. The enemy also had a pair
of devilish wings sprouting from its back, which made the whirlwind
effect of Wind God Tornado Kick i

"Wait a minute, I think we should leave someone behind. I

and Blade Overlord, the two of us can stall two four rainbow
light phantom kings each. Demon and Barbarian Niu can
handle another four as well, while Underworld Hand, Devil
Monkey, as well as Flowing Cloud, you three should remain
behind and be ready to deal with any unexpected events," Li
Qinghong said, not happy with Li Yunmu's plan.

Li Yunmu didn't instantly agree to her suggestions. "Are all of you

certain that you can handle two phantom kings? The
dimensional beasts here are more formidable."

"If it's just stalling them for a short while, we should be

able to accomplish it," Barbarian Niu and Demon asserted,

"Then let's attack."

Li Yunmu led his four shadows and swiftly rushed downwards,

toward the terrifying devil king.

This was the first time he had chosen to really fight with a
formidable devil king. Last time he had just captured the opportunity
and used Wind God Tornado Kick to kick the enemy to death.

Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike!
24 Report
The first strike he used was Violent Blade. This skill could be
considered as the most efficient blade technique when it came to
killing monsters. One person and four shadows hadn't yet reached
devil king's side, yet they already started to attack, slashing at the
rainbow crystal dimensional beasts jumping toward them.

One strike, two strikes, three strikes, seventeen strikes, twenty-

seven strikes…..

Li Yunmu continued with the stacking the strikes of Violent Blade

until the last and most formidable one. With each strike becoming
faster and heavier than the last, he waited till the final strike before
unleashing the sungod flame energy to cover the edge of the blade.

He jumped up, reaching a height of several tens of meters and

covering a distance close to a hundred meters, then struck heavily
toward the extremely fierce eight rainbow light devil king.

This was Li Yunmu's first time showing his full strength in front of
outsiders. It was a very long time since he had last been able to
make the Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike which had the strength of
all the strikes added together. His cultivation had also increased
since then, and so the height and distance covered by his leap had
also greatly improved.

His leap now spanned a hundred meters, and the heavy strike
contained the power of the previous twenty-seven strikes.


The strike rushed toward the head of the devil king, but right at the
moment the blade was about to land heavily, it was intercepted by
armored claws.

Li Yunmu immediately sensed that the fierce claw attack was filled
with enormous power, and he retreated with even more speed
compared to when he had attacked.
25 Report
At this time, Li Yun, Li Feng, Li Tian, and Li De launched their own
leap strikes.

Bang, bang, bang, bang.

The most formidable, last strikes of the four shadows slammed

heavily against the body of the devil king, which was covered with

This Critical Leap Strike was the most formidable attack used by Li
Yunmu in his life. From some aspects, it could even be said that this
skill, which was the pinnacle of continuous strikes, was even more
formidable compared to Aurora Killing Justice.

This was because it contained the power of twenty-seven strikes

added together with a final leap strike.

The result of this attack completely shocked everyone.

When Critical Leap Strike attacks by the four shadows, each of

which contained the power of stacked strikes added together, landed
on the body of the devil king, they could only extinguish half of the
rainbow light. The full strength attack of Li Yunmu together with his
four shadows could only extinguished half rainbow light of the total
the eight rainbow lights...

It must be known that Li Yunmu's combat strength had grown

countless times compared to when he fought against the king
dimensional beast earlier, and his blade's edge was also laced with
sungod flame energy, but the outcome was still that it could only
extinguish half rainbow light.


The devil king who had taken the four critical leap strikes revealed
his extremely fast speed and suddenly disappeared from its original
location, instantly catching up with Li Yunmu who was retreating.
Cold light then flickered.
26 Report
Clang, clang, clang.

The devil king unleashed continuous claw attacks, ruthlessly

attacking Li Yunmu's king crystal armor.

Li Yunmu was then smacked heavily and flew away like an artillery


He slammed heavily into a hill.


This time, not only Li Yunmu himself was shocked, even Li

Qinghong and the others hiding behind, waiting for the opportunity,
also felt that this outcome was unfathomable.

How could one eight rainbow light devil king be formidable to this
extent? It was simply impossible!


Li Yunmu used his strength and crawled back up the hill he had
heavily slammed into, but he still coughed up a mouthful of blood.

He was injured.

The enemy's attack had been like lightning and couldn't be

stopped by his Safeguard, Admiralty Cover, King Crystal Armor, Iron
Body, Tyrant Body, Devil Dragon Bone Armor, as well as the heavenly
world which absorbed some of the damage.

Even with seven layers of defense, Li Yunmu still got injured. This
meant that if it had been someone else in his place, even Li
Qinghong who was the most formidable one among the seven
followers, would've been instantly killed by this devil king.

27 Report
This was extremely terrifying!

"Don't come here, run, quickly!"

Li Yunmu wasn't a fool. He instantly understood that this wasn't an

ordinary eight rainbow light devil king monster.

Compared to the eight rainbow light devil kings in the outside

world, it wasn't a bit more formidable but so many times it was hard
to count them all. This enormous disparity meant that its strength
was different even in quality.

This devil king had injured Li Yunmu in their first clash, and even
without giving him any opportunity to retaliate. Even a true twelve
rainbow light king wouldn't be so terrifying.

This was a time when a question came to Li Yunmu's mind about

what sort of true territory this was. Motherf*cking King's True
Territory, who said that? This is no f*cking King's True Territory but
an unprecedentedly dangerous region.

They had all been mistaken.

Li Yunmu was wrong. Devil Monkey who was an expert about these
true territories was also wrong. Li Qinghong who had come from
Chaotian Sect and Lin Jian who had come from Bladewood were also
wrong. All of them were wrong.

All of them thought this was just a King's True Territory, but this
place was simple not what they thought it was.

All of them had made a mistake which ended with Li Yunmu getting
almost killed. This devil king's speed was extremely fast, like
lightning. There wasn't any opportunity to retaliate, and it flashed
again, arriving in front of Li Yunmu. It formed a fist by joining his
hands and heavily slammed against Li Yunmu's head.

28 Report
A muffled sound echoed. The life saving jade coin which was given
to Li Yunmu by Lin Yuerou formed a divine light protective cover
around his body, but a crack appeared in this protective cover under
the heavy attack.

Yet this protective cover could resist against an all out attack of a
Nirvana layer expert. Dear god...

But what made Li Yunmu's heart jump with fear and trepidation the
most was not the devil king's movement speed, which was like a bolt
of lightning, but his attack speed, which was even faster. It was like
this devil king was on steroids.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang

It attacked Li Yunmu nine times in an instant.


The life saving jade coin, given to him by Lin Yuerou, turned into

A jade coin which could resist an all out attack of a nirvana layer
expert was broken in an instant by this devil king, with just nine
29 Report

Chapter 205
Source: Imported

Although the jade coin given by Lin Yuerou had only assisted Li
Yunmu for an instant, it was still sufficient.

Facing this unprecedented crisis, Li Yunmu erupted with Danger

Critical Strike, which he hadn't used in a long time.

At one instant he was being beaten into a pulp by the eight

rainbow light devil king, unable to retaliate in the slightest, but the
next moment he erupted with an unprecedentedly glorious power.

Danger Critical Strike, which hadn't yet appeared after he had

reached golden crystal layer, contained thunder dark flux energy,
blood fiend dark flux energy, freezing dark flux energy, as well as the
purest sungod flame energy.

Golden flux energy, combined with the four types of dark flux
energy, burst forth!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

The four shadows moving about in the distance disappeared,

because they had been forcefully recalled to Li Yunmu's side.

This wasn't just one Danger Critical Strike that he was unleashing,
but five.

Instantly, five strikes containing every last bit of Li Yunmu's

strength struck down toward the terrifying devil king dimensional

An unprecedentedly deadly attack! This was Li Yunmu's most

formidable counter.
30 Report
This counterattack even brought out the soul of the blood fiend
cold thunder energy. An extremely muscular barbarian god from
ancient, more chaotic times raised his large blade and struck the
devil king.

First strike, second strike, third strike, fourth strike, fifth strike!

Five successive strikes filled with extremely deadly energy attack

landed on the eight rainbow light devil king.

They weren't flashy attacks, with only the edge of the blade
illuminating the plains nearby.

Li Qinghong and the others were terrified and full of trepidation

when faced with this disaster. Without caring for their lives, they
rushed forth to recover Li Yunmu from the frontline.

After all, since their souls were bound to his heavenly world, they
would live only as long as he did. If he lived, they lived, if he died,
they died.

The seven of them, at this instant, were ready to use all their
secret trump cards to save Li Yunmu from the deadly clutches of the
terrifying devil king monster.

However, before they could even reach their master, he burst forth
with an unprecedentedly powerful attack. This attack's strength even
surpassed the limits of the power allowed within the Fifth Dimension.

One after another black clouds began to congeal up in the sky.

Berserk thunder could be seen flashing up there, but the world
punishment didn't descend. This was because Li Yunmu still hadn't
surpassed this world's power limit, his strength was still within the
limits of the Fifth Dimension.

Once everyone saw that the world punishment didn't descend,

they breathed a sigh of relief.
31 Report
As for the terrifying devil king who was hit by the five successive
Danger Critical Strikes, seven and a half rainbow lights on his body
turned to nothingness. The muscular and sturdy beast's body was
cleaved into two by the tyrannical blade energy of the Danger Critical


Li Yunmu's body lost all strength, and he knelt down on the

ground. Li Yun, Li Feng, and the other two shadows were unable to
appear in material form due to having exhausted their energy. This
resulted in them returning to being only normals shadows.

"Leave, quickly, this place is extremely dangerous."

After killing the formidable devil king, Li Yunmu swept his hand
over the fighting ground to collect some things and immediately
ordered Li Qinghong who had reached the spot first to move out.


"Quickly, go, these monsters aren't something we can deal


Li Qinghong unleashed Chaotian Eight Steps. Her figure flashed a

few times, and she immediately appeared several kilometers away.

Other people didn't remain behind, either, and one after another
they escaped with their lives.

This event had sobered them up. Although this wasn't an ordinary
devil king level dimensional beast they had encountered, but what
really startled them was the might of Li Yunmu's Danger Critical
Strike, which had surprisingly cleaved the extremely terrifying devil
king at the most crucial time, killing it!

Another frightening part were the eight four rainbow light phantom
king monsters by the devil king's side. If they had been ordinary four
32 Report
rainbow light phantom kings, then each of the seven people, almost
all of whom were counted among the top twenty most powerful
Halted Fluxers, could deal with them one on one with some
confidence in coming out the victors.

But the eight four rainbow light phantom kings they'd faced were
too unusual.

Thus, for the time being, the squad could only escape crazily while
holding Li Yunmu in their arms. However, behind them, the eight
phantom kings were pursuing wildly while leading several tens of
rainbow crystal dimensional beasts.

Given the eight phantom king dimensional beasts' extremely fast

speed, it was clear that they weren't ordinary phantom kings. In half
an instant, they had actually managed to close in on the group.

But Blade Overlord and the rest didn't dare to fight them, because
in this place, apart from Li Yunmu, none among them could last for
more than half instant.

Fortunately, they hadn't run deep into the plains and so were able
to quickly exit and enter the valley. Apparently the valley, which was
the transfer point, was a great taboo for the phantom kings. They
stopped and stayed outside the entry point for a long while,
disappearing only after a long while.

"Master, are you alright?" everyone asked the question that's

been on their mind's through the whole escape.

"Still alright, although all my strength has been used up. I

need to restore my energy."

After learning that he wasn't in mortal danger, everyone breathed

a sigh of relief. When they thought about the fact that even a devil
king dimensional monster of this King's True Territory was sufficient
to exterminate them all, all of them paled.
33 Report
Heaven only knew how terrifying a twelve rainbow light king would
be. Given their current level of strength, it would probably be
impossible for even Li Qinghong and Lin Jian to fight against just
phantom kings.

"How is this possible, how can there be a place like this in

this world which holds so many formidable king class
dimensional beasts? "

Among the eight of them, Devil Monkey was the most

knowledgeable person about King's True Territory, but even he didn't
have the slightest clue regarding his own question.

All of them kept looking at each other in dismay. None of them had
ever heard about a secret region which had more terrifying
dimensional beasts compared to this King's True Territory.

"Just now, all those nine king class dimensional beasts

could be classified as king class monsters without a doubt.
After all, the rainbow light emitted from them wasn't false,
yet why are they all so powerful? Their strength surpasses
the strength of ordinary king class dimensional beasts by
several folds."

Li Qinghong was the calmest among the group. She was the first
person to regain her cool.

Apart from Li Yunmu, each of the remaining people were extremely

experienced and knowledgeable Halted Fluxers, yet none of them
had any clue about this place, and all of them felt as if they had seen
a ghost.

"Just now, when I killed that devil king using Danger

Critical Strike, I was able to obtain these things. You all
should take look and see whether you can think of a
34 Report
Li Yunmu, who had completely exhausted his energy, had taken
out some supplementing pills and recovered thirty percent of his
total strength.

He opened his hand, and on his palm, a drop of golden-colored

blood appeared.

Once this golden-colored drop appeared, it illuminated the entire

valley, covering all the objects in a layer of gold.

"Deity blood, surprisingly it is deity blood," Li Qinghong, who

was the first person who managed to react, yelled out. She was
extremely familiar with such a drop of golden-colored blood essence.

This was because sungod bird's undying sage blood within her
body emitted this kind of aura.
35 Report

Chapter 206
Source: Imported

"This drop of sage blood, did it come from that devil king?"

Everyone confirmed the blood's origin in succession, and among

them Barbarian Niu seemed to be the most excited.

"That's right, there is still one more thing."

Li Yunmu held out a king dimensional crystal in his hand. This

dimensional crystal was flickering with eight rainbow lights, proving
that it was just an ordinary devil king's dimensional crystal .

In fact, when Li Yunmu had killed that terrifying devil king class
monster, he had obtained three items in total.

First was the blood essence shrouded in golden color, which had
floated down from the body of the devil king and was completely

Second was the eight light king class dimensional crystal, which
was a completely authentic eight rainbow light king class
dimensional crystal.

The third item was a dimensional box, which was dropped by the
system, thus others couldn't see it.

When everyone looked at the eight rainbow light king crystal,

although excitement appeared on their faces, once each of them
examined it, they discovered that it was just an ordinary dimensional
crystal congealed by an eight rainbow light devil king.

It was completely ordinary. Although it was highly valuable, it

didn't reflect the unusual nature of that terrifying devil king.
36 Report
"The dimensional crystal is completely ordinary. Apparently
the reason why that devil king's power surpassed the
ordinary level was this drop of sage blood?"

Sage blood was otherwise known as divine blood.

It didn't refer to the blood essence of a sage layer life-form but was
instead a divine blood. It actually contained a hint of divine nature!

The founder of Chaotian Sect had refined a sungod bird and only
obtained one drop of sage blood essence from the whole sacred
beast which contained a hint of undying divine nature.

This hint of undying divine nature was related to the sungod bird,
because the it had turned into an undying divinity because of natural

Because of it, as long as Li Qinghong harbored the drop of undying

sage blood within her body, then regardless of the number of injuries
she sustained or how fatal they were, she would still come back to
life. This was the power of that drop of undying sage blood that came
from the sungod bird.

As long as her soul didn't disappear completely, her body couldn't

be considered as being destroyed. This was the divine characteristic
of the undying sage blood within her.

One drop of divine blood could be obtained from refining a sacred

beast. From this, the preciousness of sage blood was clear. Yet the
devil king class dimension beast which Li Yunmu had just killed
surprisingly also possessed a drop of sage blood.

"That's not right, this drop of sage blood doesn't have any
divine characteristics, how can it be? It has clearly attained
the grade of sage blood, but it doesn't have the slightest hint
of divine nature."

Li Qinghong held the most authority in this field. After careful
37 Report
inspection, she discovered a minute difference between the drop of
blood she owned and the one Li Yunmu had acquired from the devil

When the others heard her evaluation, they rushed to the drop of
sage blood and closed their eyes. They began to carefully sense the
energy fluctuations. The extreme purity of the energy contained in
the drop of sage blood terrified them. But it indeed didn't contain any
hint of divine characteristics.

It has to be known that this blood was called sage blood because of
the hint of divine within it. However, the one in front of them didn't
have any of it. In other words, it only appeared to be divine blood but
didn't have any divine characteristics.

The preciousness of a divine characteristic lay in that hint of

divinity. Blood without a divine characteristic, regardless of how pure
it was, was only a drop of extremely pure ordinary blood wh

But even so, a drop of divine blood was sufficient to make Lin Jian,
Underworld Hand, Barbarian Niu, Demon and the others go crazy.

A drop of sage blood, which had divine nature, had led to the
creation of Chaotian Sect!

Although this drop of sage blood didn't have any divine

characteristic, it was still an extremely precious treasure in the eyes
of Flux Disciples and Flux Masters because the extremely pure
energy which it contained was extremely pure.

If they possessed it, they would have a chance of nurturing their

bodies to enter sage layer, which was more than enough to interest
all of them.

If the soul imprint of this group of people hadn't been bound to Li

Yunmu's heavenly world, then this drop of sage blood would have
probably resulted in a fight from which only one would come out
38 Report

However, everyone naturally wouldn't act like that right now

because their fates were in Li Yunmu's hands.

Devil Monkey breathed a sigh of relief and tried to analyze the

unexpected situation, "We're now certain that the reason why
that eight rainbow light devil king could surpass
ordinary devil kings was because it had swallowed this drop
of sage blood. Apparently this secret region is really King's
True Territory, it was just our bad luck to run into a devil king
which had encountered a great opportunity previously and
nothing else…"

The others instantly shook their heads, as if having thought of

something that disagreed with his evaluation.

"That isn't right. If the reason behind that eight rainbow

light devil king's excessive strength was this drop of sage
blood, then how could those eight phantom kings by his side
also surpass ordinary phantom kings by so much? Could they
have also swallowed a drop of sage blood?"

Flowing Cloud raised the doubt which caused everyone's heart to

throb from fear.

"How could they have obtained so much sage blood?"

This was something Li Yunmu wondered about, and also what filled
the others' hearts with confusion. All of them could think of one
possibility, but they didn't dare to believe it, let alone voice it. They
were absolutely terrified of mentioning it, because this possibility
would likely shatter all they knew.

For a short while, all of them looked at each other in dismay.

Perhaps it was really a King's True Territory, since this secret region
was an existence which far surpassed outer world and had a surplus
39 Report
amount of king class dimensional beasts, but there was another
possibility and it was…

"A place where a deity once perished."

Lin Jian and Li Qinghong finally couldn't endure anymore and

voiced this possibility. It alone could explain perfectly why an eight
rainbow light devil king as well as eight four rainbow light phantom
kings could be more than ten times more formidable compared to
other dimensional beasts of their kind.

All of them had swallowed a drop of divine blood!

However, how could there be so much divine blood? A sacred beast

of dark ages which was refined using special methods would only
give one drop of divine blood.

It was evident that only a deity level life-form could have enough
divine blood for all of these king class dimensional beasts to devour a

Only this could explain the existence of such a large amount of

extremely pure sage blood without the slightest hint of divine nature.
This was because all the divinity within the divine blood had been
congealed into a divine crystal by the deities.

When a divine crystal exits, divine characteristics naturally don't

manifest themselves.

True deity, it's a true deity level life-form which perished here!

Right then, this thought rose in the hearts of all of them, including
Li Yunmu. Each one of them came to this conclusion, but none of
them dared to speak it out loud.

A deity had surprisingly entered a King's True Territory within the

Fifth Dimension, and even died there. How could there exist such a
huge coincidence.
40 Report
This was both a King's True Territory and a Deity's relic.

"Confirming whether there truly was a deity life-form which

perished here is quite simple. We only need to kill a phantom
king and it would verify our suspicions."

Li Qinghong seemed to have turned into a blazing cannon with her

eyes burning like fire.

The hearts of others were also burning passionately. This guess

was extremely terrifying. They wanted to try her suggested method
but were also afraid to be proved wrong.

"Let's go and confirm it."

A hint of excitement appeared within Li Yunmu's eyes. If this

experiment required him to fight another devil king, he probably
wouldn't have the courage, but if it was just one four rainbow light
phantom king, he was absolutely certain they would be victorious.

Each of their hearts boiled with the desire to verify the guess
without wasting any time. If this was really a King's True Territory
where a deity had perished, then this secret region they discovered
would be unprecedented in history.

There was no need to say anything. Regardless of what kind of

enormous price they had to pay, they had to occupy this place and
turn it into Li Yunmu's private secret region. No one should be
allowed to get a share of these resources.
41 Report

Chapter 207
Source: Imported

The group quietly returned back to the plains. The three

dimensional space eyes, which were flying at a high altitude, turned
on their stealth mode and began to secretly investigate.

Gradually, everyone began to develop a little sense of familiarity

towards this area.

"I've already confirmed that this area is the domain of the

king," Devil Monkey said.

"On the east of these plains, I discovered another eight

rainbow light devil king. On the west side, there is another
one," Li Qinghong added.

"If we count the one we just killed on the south, that would
make a total of three devil kings. There should be more than
that for certain."

Underworld Hand also spoke up. "I couldn't gather much

information over there. There is a mystical fog at the center
which is obstructing the dimensional space eyes. If my guess
is correct, then there should be an even more terrifying king
class life-form there."

A twelve rainbow light king, according to standard criteria, should

at least have eight devil kings and sixty phantom kings by its side for

This was the lowest number of king class protectors at the side of a
twelve rainbow light king. As for the number other monsters, it would
vary but there should be at least a hundred of them.
42 Report
This was just the lowest estimate.

Some extremely formidable twelve rainbow light kings had even

more devil and phantom kings, which also were also even more
formidable. The numbers of the former creature increased greatly,
surpassing the lowest estimate of eight, so there was no need to
even mention what happened to the other ones.

When Li Yunmu had killed the dwarf witch king at the valley of
dwarf witches, it didn't have any king class monsters by its side for
protection. And neither could it maintain its king class strength all the

After coming to this King's True Territory, Li Yunmu finally

understood something. Apparently that dwarf witch king he had killed
hadn't truly been a king class being.

However, it had certainly come from this King's True Territory

because of some serious reason. Otherwise, why would a king class
dimensional beast possess a godly treasure like an origin
dimensional stone? There were also the map fragments pointing to
this location.

It was absolutely certain that the dwarf witch king was a twelve
rainbow light king who had fled from this King's True Territory
because it had obtained a godly treasure from the deity's relic.
Others must have started hunting that kind down for the origin
dimensional stone, and thus forced it to enter the Fifth Dimension.

This would explain why it couldn't maintain the form of a twelve

rainbow light king all the time, and also why it didn't have any king
class dimensional beasts protecting it.

The domain of the twelve rainbow light king which they were
investigating now clearly followed all the standard patterns. There
were devil kings and phantom kings as guards, as well as countless
other dimensional monsters which hadn't entered king class.
43 Report
If all of them hadn't devoured sage blood, then Li Yunmu probably
would've already led everyone to kill them. However, it was clearly
impossible now.

It wasn't sensible for Li Yunmu to put himself in grave danger

every time to trigger Danger Critical Strike when confronting
monsters as terrifying as the devil king they had faced previously.

Not even speaking of Li Yunmu, even if Xiye Hanbei who was

publicly acknowledged as the most powerful person in the Fifth
Dimension came here, he would also have to bow his head.

"Target discovered, that group of phantom kings appeared

once more, but they're under the command of another devil

After hiding for half a day, a new devil king came out, leading
sixteen phantom kings by its side.

This time, no one dared to overestimate themselves and confront

the terrifying might of the devil king before them. They didn't need to
do so,

They had to just kill a phantom king and check whether a drop of
divine blood would appear after it died.

"Target has appeared."

"Lock on to that phantom king at the back."


"Ready to shoot."


This time, Li Yunmu, who had burned his hands previously, led
everyone to conceal themselves at a mountain peak more than ten
44 Report
kilometers away. At such a distance, even if he couldn't use the
underworld raven sage bow, all of them could still kill a single four
rainbow light phantom king.

There was one best way to do this, and it was by using the four
runic spear forbidden weapons which he had snatched from the
shadow squad.

Presently, they had been installed on top of the mountain.

Under the control of Underworld Hand's group, the four extremely

deadly weapons locked onto the same phantom king with the help of
coordinates provided by a dimensional space eye.

instant, the four forbidden weapons shook violently, and the

formidable recoil even removed an a layer of dirt of the mountain.
Four deadly runic spears rushed towards the target at eight times the
speed of sound, whistling through the air.

They rapidly covered the distance of several kilometers and shot

towards the phantom king at the rear of the group. It was instantly
blown away like a kite from the enormous force of the collision.

But the single spear did not kill lit. Life-forms who possessed sage
blood were excessively formidable, but after the first attack came the
second, then a third and a fourth.


There was a faint noise of something heavy dropping on the

ground, and the four successive runic spears finally took the life of an
extremely formidable phantom king.

A drop of golden blood came out of its body and hovered in the air.

"Second drop."

"It's really a second drop of sage blood!"
45 Report
This time they confirmed that there was certainly a deity level life-
form which had perished here, and all king class dimensional beasts
here had benefited from that.

It was thus no wonder then that the devil king could instantly break
Li Yunmu's absolute defense. Also it was no longer that surprising
that it had turned the jade coin given by Lin Yuerou, which could
resist an all out attack from a Nirvana Flux Master, into dust within an

After all, these king class dimensional beasts had already obtained
treasures from the deity's relic.

"Run, that devil king has sensed our location. It's rushing
over here and is running very quickly. Escape immediately!"

Devil king was yelling out loudly as it rushed over, but Li Yunmu's
group was already fleeing.

Li Yunmu waved his hand and instantly collected the four forbidden
weapons back into his heavenly world. He then opened his Wings of
the Wind and flew up, while others used their own methods to escape
as quickly as possible without paying anymore attention to the drop
of sage blood in the distance.

There was nothing they could do after all. If it was only a phantom
king who had devoured sage blood, they could still deal with it by
joining hands. But right now they were being chased by a devil king,
from whom they could only flee.

It was the first time that Li Yunmu had to flee. Until now, whenever
he had faced dimensional beasts, they wouldn't even be able to
break his defense, let alone force him to run away.

This devil king was exceptionally formidable, but everyone's heart

was boiling with excitement. They had obtained their confirmation
that this King's True Territory was indeed a deity's relic, which was
46 Report
more than sufficient.

As for the excessively formidable dimensional beasts, they could

be handled. Given enough time to strategize, there would certainly
be a day when they could deal with these abnormal creatures.

Everyone in the group was thinking the same thing. Fortunately,

the ten kilometers were a sufficient buffer, so even though the devil
king was chasing after them at an extremely fast speed, with
everyone trying to return to the transfer point in the small valley as
fast as they could, they were able to return safely.

"Now we must quickly return to Moro Mountain Tenebrous

Hidden Domain."

At this time, Li Yunmu made his decision and commanded

everyone in a firm tone.

"Yes, we don't have to rush to exploit this secret region. What we

must do for now is to destroy the flowers over the waterfall and
capture all the noronha wrasse within the water. We must keep our
hold on this secret region.

"This secret region is an enormous reserve, and I'm afraid that

someone might use the other pages to find another method to enter.

"If there really is a second way to enter, then we'll have to

kill one if one comes, and kill two if two come."

Everyone returned through the transfer point back to the valley.

When they met outside, they could still feel their loud heartbeats.
Regardless of what methods they had to use, they had to keep their
hold over this secret region.

With it, they could enter the Sixth Dimension, and it would be fairly
certain that all of them would become Flux Sages.
47 Report

Chapter 208
Source: Imported

Many days had passed since Chaotian Sect's six elite disciples had
tried to kill Li Yunmu, and the news that Chaotian Sect had lost
completely while Flowing Cloud had been captured had already
spread everywhere.

Everyone knew almost all the details.

This time, Chaotian Sect had suffered enormous losses. Together

with a great loss in face, the six elite disciples had also lost all their
cultivation of the sect's secret technique and even brought harm to
the sect's foundation.

However, there were those that guessed that with Chaotian Sect's
resources—it was one of the top ten majestic sects, after all—this
event would barely graze it, let alone damage its foundation.

It was soon reported that the six peaks of Chaotian Sect had
introduced six new elite disciples. In order to prove their strength,
these six new elite disciples rendered many accomplishments in the
past few days, creating a great commotion.

"Have you heard, apart from Ye Qing, who belongs to the

main peak, the other six new elite disciples are all female.
Rumor is that all of them are topnotch beauties, only one
step lower compared to Flowing Cloud."

"Pah, why has Chaotian Sect become so desperate. Even if

Northern Black Wind, Thousand Kill Mo, and them lost their
flame energy, the sect shouldn't promote six frail beauties to
take their place."

"Don't spread nonsense. You shouldn't underestimate this
48 Report
group of elite female disciples for they're extremely ruthless.
Each of them is extremely formidable, and I don't think that
they would lose to the previous six elites in terms of

"Yes, you're right. Yesterday they attacked and killed many Halted
Fluxers in succession. Reportedly those Halted Fluxers had friendly
relations with Underworld Hand and his group, and for this all of them
are being ambushed and killed. This alone confirms that the strength
of this group of elite female disciples is extremely terrifying.

"Besides, do you even know what kind of person is that Ye

Qing of Chaotian Sect? He publicly declared that after five
days he's going to challenge the Tower of Glory and certainly
reach the seventieth level. I think, given how domineering he
is, he should be the core successor of Chaotian Sect?"

Seventieth level!

This was certainly a frightening ambition. Even if Ye Qing had the

cultivation of rainbow crystal layer, among the fluxers of all six
continents, there were only a few people who were powerful enough
to clear the seventieth level.

Given that Ye Qing was representing Chaotian Sect's pride, no one

thought he was just shooting his mouth when he made the public
proclamation about clearing the seventieth level. If he wasn't
absolutely certain in being able to accomplish it, then Chaotian Sect
wouldn't have allowed him to behave so arrogantly.

Due to all of this, there was only one thought in everyone's mind:
This Ye Qing whom no one had heard about previously had been
certainly concealed at some secret location by Chaotian Sect.

Many people even deduced that if he cleared the seventieth level

and obtained a powerful treasure from the Tower of Glory, he will
certainly lead another attack on Li Yunmu.
49 Report
When all is said and done, this is what Chaotian Sect is.

As for who between Ye Qing, the domineering successor who had

appeared suddenly, and Li Yunmu, who had been fearlessly
confronting all the dangers in his path, was stronger, most of the
fluxers had no idea.

Because in the past several days, Ye Qing's accomplishments had

stunned the fluxer community of the six continents.

"Very formidable, really very formidable. Reportedly he has

left the mountain and has been challenging the top ten most
powerful Halted Fluxers to battle. Yesterday, even Gongzi
Nangong who is ranked third suffered defeat under his
hands. His strength far surpasses the strength of Li Qinghong
who had rebelled against Chaotian Sect."

"Yes, he is really too powe

"That's right, he is a genuine trump, worthy of being called

an upper tier sect's last line of defense. Who could tell
whether he or Xiye Hanbei is more powerful."

"There's no doubt that Xiye Hanbei is more powerful. There

isn't anyone who can surpass him, he is the true number one
of the Fifth Dimension."

In a short few days the news about Li Yunmu defeating Chaotian

Sect's six elite disciples became old news due to a typhoon named Ye
Qing, whom Chaotian Sect introduced publicly right after their defeat.

Many people who were unaware of the whole situation exclaimed

inwardly after seeing his formidable might.

"Seems like Chaotian Sect has been forced to show their

true colors."

At this time in the depths of Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden
50 Report
Domain, Li Yunmu was looking through the information about Ye Qing
on his stellarcomm. He faintly laughed and asked, "Given my
present level of strength, how much chance do I have against
this second great grandson of Chaotian Sect's founder?"

"In terms of just strength, since master's cultivation of the

secret technique has reached the great circle of major
threshold, then even if you stay still, he won't be able to beat

A hint of disdain passed through Li Qinghong's eyes. Apparently

she was a still disgusted by Ye Qing.

"But if Chaotian Sect has bestowed a transcending sage

treasure on him, then you will be in danger," Flowing Cloud

This was the main reason why Devil hadn't accepted Ye Qing's
challenge to duel after Gongzi Nangong had been defeated.

Those who understood the real situation were already aware of

what was going on, but those who weren't privy to the true facts still
believed that Devil was simply intimidated by the formidable future
successor of Chaotian Sect.

"However, since Ye Qing has left the mountain, Chaotian

Sect must have full confidence in obtaining the Refining
Pagoda. I believe they already have five transcending sage

Although Li Qinghong disdained Ye Qing, when she was speaking

right now, her expression was solemn.

"Can Chaotian Sect really resist transcending powers using

the Sungod Flame Killing Spell created by transcending sage
weapons?" Lin Jian asked, puzzled. Since he was from Bladewood,
he had first-hand knowledge of what strength transcending powers
51 Report

Transcending powers were the highest layer within the hierarchy of

the six continents. Logically, it shouldn't be possible for a sect to
surpass them just by relying on some transcending sage weapons,
otherwise all the supreme powers wouldn't even be worth being
called supreme.

"I don't know, either, but I've got a suspicion that this
Sungod Flame Killing Spell is just a diversion. Their true aim
should be to use their consummate spell to absorb even
purer flame energy so the strength of Chaotian Sect's Flux
Sages would increase to another level," Li Qinghong said with
some uncertainty.

Clearly this was just her guess. And because Flowing Cloud hadn't
had the standing in the sect to know these kinds of secrets, she knew
even less.

But Li Qinghong words alone were enough for Li Yunmu's eyes to


He suddenly felt that her guess was probably right. On that day,
his Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets had increased
rapidly with the assistance of Flame Energy Killing Spell used by the
six elite disciples.

If six fifth dimensional treasure weapons could allow him to rapidly

advance his Great Sun Secret Technique, then the enormous amount
of energy which could be drawn from the star using a flame energy
spell constructed by six Flux Sages using transcending sage weapons
would certainly reach terrifying levels.

In a split second, Li Yunmu realized that this matter was much

more serious than he had thought. If Chaotian Sect was able to
obtain six transcending sage weapons, this was certain to come true.
And given their status of an upper tier sect, they were certainly in
52 Report
possession of enormously deep reserves which made it impossible to
stop them from achieving their goal.

But delaying them is certainly possible.

Li Yunmu immediately made his decision. "You all protect this

place, and don't forget to catch all the noronha wrasse in the
waterfall pond. I will make another trip to the Tower of

"Master, Don't tell me you want to..."

A hint of savageness flashed in Demon's eyes. He seemed to have

thought of something.

"That's right, I want to take the opportunity to clear the

seventieth level of Tower of Glory before Ye Qing and obtain
the Refining Pagoda."

Li Yunmu's words astonished everyone.
53 Report

Chapter 209
Source: Imported

In the backyard of Good News Pavilion, which was in the Virtual

Dimension, a mysterious guest had arrived secretly.

"Little brother, what on earth is this?"

When Old Hou personally received Li Yunmu, his expression

revealed a hint of cautiousness. He rarely saw this boy displaying
such cautiousness, trying to keep his whereabouts hidden.

Could it be because Ye Qing, who had recently left Chaotian Sect,

had already put Li Yunmu's life in danger?

However, when old man remembered that Devil, who was ranked
second, also didn't dare to accept Ye Qing's challenge, he no longer
found it strange. If even Devil, who was an extremely savage person,
was afraid of Chaotian Sect's Ye Qing, then Li Yunmu being a little
careful about his whereabouts was completely normal.

"Old Hou, what's the progress regarding the purchase of

dimensional crystals?"

More than ten days had passed since Li Yunmu came last time. It
was clear then that he had now come for the flux crystals.

"Of the twenty billion, I have barely spent more than half. I
didn't dare to spend it wantonly outside, so as to avoid
attracting attention and thus keep your identity secret."

With a command from Old Hou, his people began to carry out
trunks filled with flux crystals, one after another.

Li Yunmu collected all the trunks filled with flux crystals into his
54 Report
heavenly world and instructed, "No need to be hasty, you
continue to purchase slowly and don't let anyone outside
learn about the deal between you and me."

"Little brother, is that Ye Qing of Chaotian Sect really so

formidable? Even you have to be careful about
whereabouts.?" Old Hou couldn't help but ask this before Li Yunmu

"Ye Qing?"

Li Yunmu was startled at first, and then started to laugh. Clearly

this old man had misunderstood. He wasn't being so careful because
of Ye Qing's threat but because he needed to secretly return to the
real world.

He wasn't afraid of some Flux Disciple, but of Flux Masters and

higher level experts. However, he didn't explain anything and quickly
departed from the Virtual Dimension.

After returning to the forest near the waterfall, Li Yunmu

immediately told everyone what their task was. "I'm leaving now.
You all must quickly break the Seven Star Scale Spell. I'm
afraid that Chaotian Sect won't be willing to let this matter
end. It is highly probable that they learned of the secret
behind our stay in Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden

Devil Monkey and the others were still striving hard to learn the
Seven Star Scale Spell. If they wanted to be the sole owners of the
King's True Territory, then they had to break the spell at its entrance.

Destroying it was relatively simple, if they chose to use force.

Deciphering it, on the other hand, required a specialized squad and
certain knowledge.

In fact, this Seven Star Scale Spell was the only key to entering
55 Report
their King's True Territory. As long as they removed this key, they
could occupy that land by themselves, without anyone else being
able to enter it.

All major powers and sects possessed something like this. Their
disciples and younger generations didn't need steel castles for
cultivation, just to enter the secret regions owned exclusively by the
powers whom they belonged to and cultivate their secret techniques
until they could make a name for themselves in the world.

If some power didn't have an a secret region of its own, then how
could it provide sufficient resources for the quick improvement of its
disciples and younger generations.

Li Yunmu and his group were actually in the middle of

accomplishing such a task. Although Li Yunmu didn't have a squad of
people specialized in spell formations, he had the system.

For several days now, he had been relying on the system to break
down the Seven Star Scale Spell. Every night during the wee hours,
when the spell would appear for three seconds, the system wou

After the analysis of several days, it had made some progress.

The current responsibility of Li Qinghong and the others was to

capture all the noronha wrasse in the large pond, because they were
the most crucial point of the spell.

These seemingly ordinary noronha wrasse which were found

everywhere had something extraordinary within themselves. Each of
the noronha wrasse had extremely fast speed underwater, and they
had also developed godly senses. If they felt a premonition of
danger, they would escape quickly and disappear without any trace,
thus it wasn't as easy to catch them as one might think.

Under the large pond, there was an underground river. When Devil
Monkey and the others dived in to chase them, the fish entered the
56 Report
underground river, making it difficult to track them.

The only moment to catch them was the instant when the red
flowers floated down at the wee hours.

The seven of them had been staying here for several nights. By
now, they had captured more than ten fish, but they still had a long
distance to go when it came to capturing all of them without leaving
any behind.

After assigning this task to them, Li Yunmu's figure flashed and

disappeared into his heavenly world.

The trunks containing eleven billion dimensional crystals stood in a

pile stood nearby. Without almost any hesitation, Li Yunmu poured
them all out on the ground.

Soon after, heavenly world's hundred meter diameter began to

increase at a speed which could be observed with a naked eye.

This time, although Li Yunmu felt his heart aching at the thought of
investing such an enormous sum of more than ten billion, he clearly
understood that heavenly world's area must be increased.

The reason why Xiye Hanbei was considered as the number one
person in the Fifth Dimension, apart from his innate talent and great
fortune which admittedly played a major role, was because he
possessed a heavenly world.

Furthermore, he had already congealed two suns in his heavenly


Otherwise, even if he had exceptional grade innate talent and

heaven defying battle prowess, he still wouldn't have become
unrivalled in the Fifth Dimension filled with numerous fluxers from all
the six continents.

Such a frightening character, even Li Yunmu couldn't help but
57 Report
admire him.

A lone Flux Disciple without any great background or any major

power supporting him would need great determination to advance
his heavenly world to two suns. And even with many powerful
organizations trying to hunt him down, he was still alive and well.

Xiye Hanbei was a genuinely formidable person and wasn't like the
proud sons of heavens. He was extremely determined and had
formidable perseverance.

All three of the factors mentioned earlier had brought him

enormous rewards, allowing him to advance quickly.

Man Tian and Hai Yue had cleared the twentieth level of the Tower
of Glory when they only had the cultivation of ordinary crystal layer,
attaining supreme glory.

According to Li Yunmu's deduction, it was highly possible for both

of them to possess an enormous reserve, like a heavenly world, apart
from possessing the formidable bloodline of evolved humans.

After all, Man Tian was the son of Desolate Continent's Barbarian
Godking, who had the authority to turn the entire Desolate Continent
upside down. Hai Yue didn't have a simple status, either. Her other
name was Holy Daughter of the Seagod.

Even if Li Yunmu was beaten to death, he would never believe that

these two people had cleared the twentieth level on their own,
without possessing their own heavenly world. This was because if he
hadn't had the assistance of the underworld raven sage bow and the
strength of the three shadows, the farthest he would've advanced
would've been the fifteenth or sixteenth levels.

This time, since he had decided to break Chaotian Sect's plans, he

must use all means to advance his combat strength as quickly as
possible. After all, now that his cultivation had reached the golden
58 Report
crystal layer, tower badges wouldn't drop that easily for him.

That's why he didn't hesitate to throw nearly eleven billion flux

crystals onto his heavenly world.

After half a quarter of an hour had passed, the land underneath his
feet finally stop extending and stabilized at a diameter of five
hundred meters. In terms of area, it had grown by more than ten
folds, while the diameter had roughly increase four times.
59 Report

Chapter 210
Source: Imported

When the large amount of dimensional crystals were poured into

the heavenly world, Li Yunmu only felt that the congealed sun
seemed to have eaten a large amount of supplements. Its size
suddenly increased.

From where Li Yunmu was standing, his sun appeared to be several

times larger than the great sun seen from the Earth. Even more star
power surged down, illuminating the entire heavenly world, and the
multitudes of small stars reflected this light, causing a major

One sun ranked world master, Li Yunmu finally attained this rank.
After congealing this one sun, a portion of will in the depths of his
consciousness sea alerted him that he would now need even more
space elements to nurture his heavenly world.

The amount of flux crystals required to congeal the next sun was
roughly ten times the amount required to congeal the first sun.

Only now did Li Yunmu gain a bit of understanding why a

legendary character like the flux ancestor was only able to congeal
seven suns.

Difficult, this is extremely difficult!

This was possible only if one encountered great fortune. If

someone believed that they could congeal the network of twelve
suns just by relying on themselves and become a deity of the present
world, it was simply a pipe dream.

Once the diameter of the land swelled to five hundred meters, the
area of the small springhead at the center increased from one square
60 Report
meter to five, and thus could now be considered a small pond.

Apart from this, there were also some new developments in the
grassy terrain. Some land suddenly rose up, by some four-five
meters, forming what could be classified as mini-hills.

The whole process was as if a land was developing here naturally.

The main question in Li Yunmu's mind was what amount of world

energy was now under his control, once he threw over ten billions of
dimensional crystal into his heavenly world.

"System, calculate the strength of world energy under my


Li Yunmu clenched his fist and concentrated all the world onto it.
He launched this punch into empty air, creating a small explosion.

This attack was comparable to the explosion of a mid-sized homing

missile used on earth. It would be enough to fascinate many people.

[Host, presently the amount of flux energy you can move is

close to the full strength attack of a Temporal Flux Master.
While speaking in the outside world, it is roughly equivalent
to an all out attack of four rainbow light phantom king.]

The system quickly calculated and presented the data.

In the heavenly world, the amount of world power Li Yunmu could

utilize was roughly ten times what he could bring out in the outside
world. Within his heavenly world, the formidable might of his punch
was equivalent to an all out attack of a Temporal Flux Master.

It was no wonder that people called Temporal Flux Masters were

seen as exceptionally powerful given that their one attack could
cause as much destruction as a homing missile.

But in the outside world, the amount of power Li Yunmu could use
61 Report
was equivalent to that of a four rainbow light phantom king.

This allowed him to surpass ordinary rainbow crystal fluxers by far,

because they were only equivalent to a single rainbow light
dimensional beast in terms of power.

In other words, even if he didn't use the power of his flesh or the
flux energy he had cultivated and only relied on world power, his
strength, which was comparable to four rainbow light phantom
king's, was sufficient to suppress rainbow crystal layer fluxers.

But this didn't include Halted Fluxers like Li Qinghong and Blade
Overlord, because these people weren't ordinary rainbow layer
fluxers. They possessed sufficient strength to fight against a four
rainbow light phantom king.

"This is still not sufficient, I need more strength."

Li Yunmu still wasn't satisfied. He took out the drop of golden-

colored blood

This was of course the drop of divine blood which he had obtained
after risking his life to kill that devil king with five Danger Critical
Strikes. Although this drop didn't have divine nature, it was still the
blood of a true deity.

This one drop of blood essence contained an enormous amount of

extremely pure energy, which far surpassed the sum of blood
essences in multitudes of life-forms which had been purified and
absorbed. Li Yunmu gulped down this treasure.

He didn't submerge it into his navel region to nurture his body's

constitution, and neither did he merge it with the blood vessels to
transform them and strengthen the foundation of his body.

He just gulped it down directly to his stomach and began to rotate

the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets.
62 Report
Great Sun, Tyrant Body, Muscle Marrow.

The drop of sage blood, after being swallowed by Li Yunmu, was

absorbed by the Sacred Purifying Pearl and entered his heart, thus
completing the circle.

The reason why divine blood was named so was because it was the
purest blood essence in the world, without the slightest hint of
impurities. Thus, after being processed by the Sacred Purifying Pearl,
its essence was still the same as before.

With the rotation of the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow
Secrets, this supreme body-refining technique, it was refined and
merged with every nook and cranny of Li Yunmu's body.

The eight rainbow light devil kings who naturally possessed

extremely formidable bodies would become even more ferocious
after being nurtured by the divine blood. However, they didn't have
any body-refining techniques, not to mention a supreme cultivation
one, and thus could only absorb this drop of divine blood on instinct.
Their harvests were then obviously not too large, which was the
reason why this drop of divine blood had appeared after its owner
was killed.

Li Yunmu wasn't a dimensional beast but a human who cultivated a

supreme body-refining technique. After he started rotating it, the
blood essence immediately transformed into endlessly surgining
energy which merged with every nook and cranny of Li Yunmu's
body, from muscles and bones on the outside to the internal organs

At this instant, Li Yunmu felt as if his heart had attained an

unprecedented amount of power. Every time it throbbed, it was as if
the whole world shook. When he took a breath, he felt like a large
whale swallowing whole rives, while every time he exhaled, he felt
like Nile which had erupted with flood.
63 Report
His skin became even fairer, and his hair began to grow rapidly. His
muscles began to broaden, and his bones transformed, becoming

Each and every transformation came from the refinement of the

drop of divine blood not based on instinct but technique.

As for the most profound transformations, Li Yunmu was notified

about it by the system.

[Ding, congratulations host, your Great Sun Tyrant Body

Muscle Marrow Secrets has been upgraded to the eleventh,
twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, twentieth, thirtieth

[Ding, because you have refined a drop of divine blood,

your Tyrant Body had attained the great circle realm. Your
flesh has been strengthened by a substantial margin, and its
strength has increased significantly.]

[Ding, because your Muscle Marrow Secrets received

assistance from the drop of divine blood, your innate talent
has been improved.]

[Ding, congratulations host, your Devil Dragon Bone

Refining Secrets has attained eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth,
fourteenth, fifteenth, twentieth level]

[Your Devil Dragon Bone Armor has been baptized by the

drop of divine blood, causing a bizarre transformation.]

[Ding, because you have been baptized by divine blood,

your flesh has been unusually strengthened. Because it has
become overly formidable, your Copper Body Secrets have
been overshadowed. The cultivation of Copper Body Secrets
has been completely discarded.]

At the moment when Li Yunmu refined the drop of divine blood,
64 Report
great changes happened to all the supreme flux cultivation methods
in his body. As long as the cultivation method was related his flesh in
any way, it would be influenced.

The one who was affected the most was the Great Sun Tyrant Body
Muscle Marrow Secrets. Although there were no change to the Great
Sun Secret Technique and it was still at the minor threshold, but the
Tyrant Body had achieved a minor threshold. Besides that, because
of the divine blood's assistance, Li Yunmu's innate talent had also
improved to an even higher level.

The most important thing was that his Great Sun, Tyrant Body, and
Muscle Marrow had all achieved a minor threshold. Because of this,
the cultivation method as a whole had been instantly upgraded to
the thirtieth level, making Li Yunmu's body monstrously powerful!
65 Report

Chapter 211
Source: Imported

Li Yunmu had never expected that refining the drop of divine blood
would result in such a great transformation which would greatly
increase his strength.

The Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, this purely
body-refining technique, had advanced from the tenth level directly
to the thirtieth level. As for the Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets, it
had risen to the twentieth level.

In an instant, Li Yunmu felt as if he had transformed into Pangu

and could split the heaven and earth apart just by relying on the
formidable strength of his physical body. Naturally, this was just an
illusion born from the sudden increase in his body's strength. It was
just too excessive.

After faintly inspecting his own insides, Li Yunmu discovered that

unknowingly he had started using the legendary inner vision. With it,
he saw that a qualitative change had happened to his Devil Dragon
Bone Armor because of that drop of blood essence.

If it was previously only a set of tough and durable bone armor

which firmly protected his inner organs, then presently it had
transformed entirely. It was no longer rigid, instead having become
somewhat flexible and stretchable. He could extend and pull it back
66 Report
as he wished . Its surface was also filled with tiny golden specks
which appeared as golden runes at first glance.

The transformation wasn't limited to the Devil Dragon Bone Armor

on the chest, but extended to all the bones in Li Yunmu's body.

He suddenly had a thought and stretched out his arm. After some
thinking, he moved his arm again and twisted it in a way which didn't
confirm with the conventional movement of the human body. And he
wasn't done yet, he continued to twist it until he had turned it by
three hundred sixty degrees, but he didn't feel any pressure and was
able to accomplish it rather easily.

With another thought, all the bones in his body returned to their
normal hardness, and he launched a punch in the air.


There was an explosion, one that sounded like a tire of a heavy

vehicle had suddenly burst. The terrifying force of Li Yunmu's bones
immediately rang in the air.

"Extremely formidable!"

Li Yunmu didn't dare to believe it. He stamped his feet heavily on
67 Report
the ground, which instantly caused an explosion as if he had stepped
on a landmine buried there.

But by this time, Li Yunmu had already moved from the location
where he had stamped his foot. His figure appeared near the end
point of his heavenly world's land.

Within an instant, he had covered more than three hundred meters

just by relying on the power of his flesh. He could now be certainly
considered as a human-shaped monster.

"One drop of divine blood, how can it be so formidable?"

Li Yunmu was extremely astonished.

It must be known that regardless of whether it was Li Qinghong or

any other person whom Li Yunmu had heard about who had
consumed divine blood, none of them could display such terrifyingly
explosive power with just their bodies.

It was truly a great achievement.

[Host does not need to find it strange. Divine Blood

contains innately formidable divine blood genes. Although
you haven't used it to refine your blood vessels, you possess
a supreme body refining technique and topnotch bone-
refining ability, thus the refining effects of this drop of blood
68 Report
have been used the extreme,] the system explained on time.

"Oh… so this was the case."

Li Yunmu was no longer able to calculate how much more

formidable his flesh had become compared to how it was previously.
He could sense that he no longer needed to use any external energy
to blow away the so called most formidable rainbow crystal fluxers.
The explosive power of his flesh alone would be enough for that.

This wasn't an illusion but his true power which had reached a
terrifying level after the two cultivation methods had advanced

There was also an even more domineering fact that he had yet to
address. His cultivation of a B grade skill Copper Body Secrets had
been completely abolished because of the great increase in the
strength of his flesh.

It didn't matter, though. Regardless of whether it was the Great

Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets or the refining of divine
blood, his flesh had already become extremely domineering. Once
Tyrant Body attained the minor threshold, it couldn't coexist with
other similar body refining techniques.

Frankly speaking, Copper Body Secrets was a metal transformation
69 Report
defensive cultivation method and not a genuine cultivation method
to strengthen one's flesh. That's why its cultivation had been
completely crushed by Tyrant Body.

However, Li Yunmu didn't feel the slightest bit of regret, because

the fierceness of his Tyrant Body certified the dominance of his Great
Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets.

He barely thought about it, and his body turned completely red,
resembling a red hot iron. This was the pinnacle form of Tyrant

The projection of a scorching sun appeared behind him, gently

rising up. Due t the light from the sun, the redness of his body began
to darken. The transformation of the essence of energy caused a red
protective cover to form around him.

At this moment, an extremely intense feeling rose from deep

within Li Yunmu. He sensed that as long as he stood under the Great
Sun, the layer of Tyrant Body protective cover would never dissipate
because of lack of energy.

As long as the Great Sun remained over his head, then even if this
layer of Tyrant Body protective cover was forcefully destroyed, it
would form again and again.
70 Report
But this transformation wasn't so simple. The most important
benefit of the Tyrant Body attaining minor threshold wasn't the
protective cover but the tyrannical attribute itself. It wouldn't be the
slightest exaggeration to say that once Li Yunmu entered the
pinnacle of Tyrant Body, his flesh would become incomparably

Presently, he could block an artillery shell just by relying on his

flesh, without needing any other defense, let alone some bullets.
Although he hadn't yet entered the Flux Master realm, his flesh had
already crossed the Flux Disciple Realm.

[System, calculate the comprehensive strength of my

physical body by doing an in-depth analysis.]

Li Yunmu's heart was burning passionately, and he immediately

ordered the system to calculate the increase in his combat strength.

[Analysis complete. Without including the power of shadows, host's

current combat strength is roughly equivalent to that of an eight
rainbow light devil king," the system quickly replied.

"What if the four shadows were also included in the

calculations?" Li Yunmu asked.

[Then you can easily crush a twelve rainbow light king and
71 Report
battle evenly against an average Flux Master.]


Li Yunmu was completely astonished, to the extent that he turned


If the synchronized strength of the four shadows was included in

the calculations, then his combat strength was sufficient to battle
against an ordinary Flux Master?

This wasn't as simple as battling those who were a few layer

highers than you, for this kind of strength genuinely surpassed a
whole realm. With the four shadows joining hands with him and the
strength of the world power as well as his flesh, he now possessed
the qualifications to battle opponents who were a whole realm

As for how large was the disparity between Flux Masters and Flux
Disciples, if someone asked this question on one of the fluxers' online
platforms, then probably 99.99% of the replies would be that is was

The two simply belonged to completely different realms. It was

common knowledge that even if the most formidable Flux Disciple
encountered a random Flux Master, they would be crushed with a
72 Report
flick of a finger.

However, Li Yunmu now stepped out of the boundaries of this

common knowledge. With the many advantages which were
exclusive to him, he became unlike anyone else.

"Then what is the difference of strength between me and

the most powerful Flux Disciples?" Li Yunmu asked, looking for
another comparison.

There weren't many names who could hold the title of one of the
world's most powerful Flux Disciples. Xiye Hanbei was certainly one
of such people, though, because he was publicly acknowledged as
the most powerful Halted Fluxer.In Chinese mythology, it is said that
he was the very first living being and the creator.
73 Report

Chapter 212
Source: Imported

Li Yunmu decided that he had to continue to gain strength until he

became the most powerful and attained enough power to blow away
all the pinnacle fluxers.

He then took out the special dimensional box.

This wasn't just an ordinary dimensional box, but a special one

which had dropped from the eight rainbow light devil king after it was
killed by Li Yunmi in the King's True Territory.

According to the system's previous criteria, this special

dimensional box should drop only from twelve rainbow light kings.

But it had still unexpectedly dropped back then. The system

explained that since it was Li Yunmy's first time killing a devil king
which had swallowed divine blood and his first time encountering an
extremely formidable monster, the probability of the special
dimensional box dropping had increased greatly.

Li Yunmu was full of expectations. When a special dimensional box

had dropped last time, he had obtained the Seventh Dimension's
Shadow Clan Female Ancestor's seeds. Then this time, what sort of
74 Report
unknown treasure would he obtain?

One thing was certain, though, the item would extremely high
grade, because it would come from the special dimensional box
which had even lower drop rate than an ordinary dimensional box.


Li Yunmu opened it while immersed in his daydreams. Given the

trouble he had gone through to obtain this box, if he could obtain
another little female ancestor, that would be awesome. Once that
happened, he would have another sage level powerhouse by his side
at all times.

Moments later, golden light spread out everywhere from the box.
Li Yunmu's heart began to pound fiercely, and he couldn't help but
take a peek inside.

There was a red egg with dark red patterns on it.

[Congratulations host, you have obtained an egg of an

eight rainbow light devil king who has swallowed divine
blood,] the system's voice promptly congratulated him.

"Sh*t, your mother, this time I obtained what I killed."
75 Report

Li Yunmu's mood sank. Eight rainbow light devil king's egg?

Devil king class dimensional beasts were naturally formidable.

Without a group of eight or ten rainbow crystal fluxers, it would be
impossible to kill it, let alone one that had swallowed divine blood.

But this was just one kind of a comparison. How could an eight
rainbow light devil king, even if it had swallowed divine blood,
compare to Shadow Female Ancestor from the Seventh Dimension?

There was basically no comparison to be made between them.

After all, the devil king was only a monster whose strength was at
Flux Disciple grade.

Li Yunmu felt disappointed. The greater the expectations, the

larger the disappointment.

[Host need not feel disappointed. In some aspects, this

divine blood possessing devil king's egg doesn't lack
potential in the slightest when compared to Shadow Female
Ancestor. And in terms of providing practical assistance, it
can even surpass her,] the system comforted him.

"You're saying that it can advance past Flux Disciple layer

and mature to enter the sage layer?" Li Yunmu asked
76 Report

[Yes, this devil king's egg possesses the bloodline of the

divine blood. This can be seen as it having infinite potential.
As long as host constantly upgrades its divine bloodline, it
will grow in strength,] the system explained.

Li Yunmu's mood became slightly better. After some thought, he

found that it was quite true, a special dimensional box wouldn't drop
just a Flux Disciple class monster's egg.

Since it had the qualifications to be placed within the special

dimensional box, then it naturally wouldn't be weak. Li Yunmu's
excitement then instantly reached the peak, and he asked, "What
do I need to do to hatch it?"

[Simple, host needs to drop blood essence on it and bind it with a

contract. You must make sure that when it comes out of the shell,
the first bei

ng it sees will be you, then it will consider you as his master.]


Li Yunmu breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it wasn't like

Shadow Female Ancestor which required a formidable medium to
display its strength. Otherwise Li Yunmu would've had a great
77 Report

Just on the basis of this one characteristic, this divine devil king
level monster's egg was indeed inferior to the elegant little female
ancestor. But it was just that the little female ancestor which had
appeared from the first special dimensional box was extremely high

Li Yunmu took out his knife and tried to cut his finger. Since he
didn't wanted to cut it off entirely, he only used 20% of his strength.
Yet he wasn't able to open even a small wound.

This stunned Li Yunmu.

The strength of his flesh had already reached this stage? This small
knife that he was using was a C grade weapon which was created
from a special type of alloy and not some kitchen knife used by
ordinary people.

[Host's Tyrant Body has already attained the minor

threshold. So even if you don't unleash it, ordinary blades
will still be unable to cut your skin,] the system explained.

Only now did Li Yunmu completely understand how formidable his

flesh had become after the Tyrant Body attained the minor threshold.
His current cultivation of Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow
78 Report
Secrets had reached the thirtieth level, and according to his
understanding, this skill had one hundred levels. If he could attain
the major threshold at the sixtieth level, then how terrifying would
his flesh become?

Li Yunmu's excitement towards gathering six transcending

weapons instantly increased. Perhaps the Sungod Flame Killing Spell
of Chaotian Sect could still assist in increasing the speed of his Great
Sun Tyrant Muscle Marrow Secrets' advancement.

Li Yunmu took out a B grade weapon and used roughly 70% of his
strength and was finally able to cut a shallow wound on his finger.

He then poured several drops of blood essence on the egg.

The next instant, the shell ruptured and an eight rainbow light devil
king whose skin was filled with red and black stripes intertwining with
each other immediately tore itself out of the egg with extremely
formidable might.

Sure enough, this monster was from the same race as the devil
king Li Yunmu had killed previously. The system assessed it to be a
devil king class monster who possessed divine blood.

It's race was called Mist Fiend.
79 Report
"Mist Fiend?"

Li Yunmu mulled for a moment, but couldn't recall seeing any

information about this race in the book of monsters. No wonder the
devil king had almost taken his life previously.

This devil king race wasn't a weak one to begin with, and after one
of its people had swallowed divine blood, it would become even more
formidable. And as it happened, Li Yunmu now possessed one such

"System, what are the requirements to increase its


Although the devil king in front of him was emitting eight rainbow
lights while the golden color of divine blood flashed across its skin,
and it possessed two devilish wings on its back as well as a terrifying
presence, it was extremely small. It was barely ten centimeters tall,
which made it clear that it had been born recently.
80 Report

Chapter 213
Source: Imported

[Mist Fiend devil race is extremely greedy by nature and

fond of eating. They love to eat the flesh of formidable
beings. The more formidable is the being they devour, the
faster they mature and the more powerful they become.
Among devil king class monsters, they are an extremely
rarely seen powerful race. According to legends, they
possess a hint of devil god class life-form's bloodline. But the
Mist Fiend race was found to have vanished during
humanity's explorations long ago and is considered to have
gone extinct,] the system poured out all the information within Li
Yunmu's mind.

It was an introduction to Mist Fiends. Li Yunmu understood that this

was certainly obtained from the little information available on the
forums online, since not even the book of monsters contained such
detailed information.

This race was actually included on the list of extinct races. When Li
Yunmu carefully rethought what he had heard, he decided that the
reason behind Mist Fiends being so formidable was really because
they harbored a hint of devil god's bloodline.

"How can I evolve its devil god bloodline to the next

stage?" Li Yunmu asked. The system had only explained how to
make it more formidable, but hadn't explained anything about the
evolution of its bloodline.

[With divine blood, supply it with a large amount of deity

descendant monsters' flesh to eat, which will increase the
purity of its deity blood's bloodline. After the purity attains a
certain stage, the pair of devilish wings on its back will
81 Report
evolve. If host will be able to offer even more divine blood, as
well as provide it with a darkness attribute body tempering
technique, then its bloodline will evolve at an even faster
speed. Once its bloodline matures, twelve devilish wings will
appear on its back. The extent of its potential will then be at
quasi deity stage.]

"What the f*ck."

There were great benefits. It only possessed a pair of devilish

wings now, but it was already quite formidable. If the pair of devilish
wings evolved into twelve devilish wings, then the little devil king
would ascend straight to the quasi deity stage.

All quasi-deity stage monsters were equivalent to Battle Sages,

these men who were considered flawless and seen as half deity. The
quasi deities were one step away from becoming a deity.

The only difference between Battle Sages and quasi deities was
that the former was a classification for humans while the latter for

Li Yunmu understood what he needed to do now. If he wasted his

Mist Fiend Devil King to evolve and mature, then he had to supply it
with the blood and flesh of formidable beings. The purer supplied
deity bloodline was, the faster the evolution.

In any case, the devil king only needed to do one thing: eat, eat
and eat.

It was no wonder then that it was described as greedy by nature.

After all, if any Mist Fiend wanted to grow in maturity, it only had to
eat to evolve.

Li Yunmu swiftly decided that possessing this kind of monster

wasn't so bad. It had great potential, and it was apparently the only
type of devil class monster which could fly through the skies.
82 Report
But it mattered little now, Li Yunmu was off to challenge the tower

Within half a day, his strength had greatly increased. His world
power had become even more formidable, his flesh had become even
more tyrannical, and his bones had become even more dense. His
Tyrant Body had also attained the minor threshold.

He was certain, to an extent, about being able to accomplish his

task. He instantly discarded all his hesitation and exited the heavenly
world, then bid farewell to Lin Jian and the others for the time being.
He then flew out of Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain by

In a short while, he was back in the outside world. This time, he

had transferred to Vega City, which was also a capital city like
Heavenly Cloud City. Both of them were classified as Secondary

But the distance between the two was around seven thousand

If Heavenly Cloud City was situated at the most northern corner of

Central Continent, then Vega City was situated at the most western

According to legends, this city was named after a female battle

sage. At the age of twenty years, she was a completely ordinary
person and didn't have any hope of awakening. There were no
fluxers within her family.

She had lived a completely ordinary life during those years,

weaving being her profession. When she was twenty-three years old,
while collecting some silkworms on a deserted mountain, she had a
fortuitous encounter.

Her life completely changed after it, and she quickly rose towards
the pinnacle. Due to her astonishing battle prowess, she became a
83 Report
battle sage before thirty years of age.

This sort of fortuitous encounter sounded like a legend which

everyone yearned for. Li Yunmu had also heard many stories about
this female battle sage.

Although she had started out late, her process of becoming a

Battle Sage wasn't the least bit slow. She had reportedly resided in
the Central City and was known as one of the supporting pillars of the
Central Continent.

After becoming a battle sage, she hadn't followed others and

cultivated in seclusion or adventured. She also didn't establish any
sect but instead threw herself into repaying the Central Continent,
becoming a defender battle goddess, which was a relatively high

Within the Central Continent, her combat strength was only inferior
to Battle God and Sword Sage, making her the third most formidable
battle sage of the Central Continent.

Once Li Yunmu set foot in Vega City, he saw a several hundred

meter tall bronze statue. The pressure in its pair of swift and gentle
eyes couldn't be concealed even if this was just a monument.

According to legends, the female battle sage had left a mental

imprint on this bronze statue. All the citizens living in the territory of
Vega City received her protection. Due to this, the city was
considered as a relatively safe region, which attracted countless

The reason why Li Yunmu had chosen to transfer to such a distant

part was clearly to avoid the attention of Heavenly Cloud City's fluxer
guild. Moreover, he had become more cunning by now and at the
transfer point used a fluxer badge snatched from some random
84 Report
Thus, he wasn't anxious that his whereabouts would be discovered.

Besides, after the four shadows had spent the past few days
hacking in the dimensional battlefield, he had earned sufficient space
elements to utilize the sage level power of little female ancestor.

But then something happened, and he couldn't tell if it was just an

illusion or real. When he just transferred to Vega City and looked
toward the enormous statue of the female battle sage, he suddenly
felt as if both of its eyes came to life and were now looking at him
from above.

In an instant, Li Yunmu became frightened. His whole person

seemed to have become dull, and he didn't dare to make any
movements. His sixth level reaction skill wasn't mistaken, he was
surprisingly being watched by the female battle goddess' statue.

"Oh my god, a miracle!"

"My god, who is this person, he has caught the attention of

the female battle sage!"

When the eyes of the enormous statue of the female battle

goddess seemingly came to life and turned to Li Yunmu, it instantly
startled all the people within Vega City's transfer plaza.

A golden crystal fluxer had surprisingly alarmed a quasi deity level

female battle sage. If this wasn't a miracle, then what was?

It must be known that this statue hadn't come alive for a long time.
The last time this happened was seven years ago when the city was
being attacked by monsters.

However, what happened next increased the astonishment of

people by multiple folds. The transfer point under the foot of the
female battle sage was suddenly illuminated, and within a split
second, a group of female warriors came towards Li Yunmu from the
transfer point.
85 Report
The official leading them sweetly said, "Azure Dragon, our
family's master wishes to meet you."
86 Report

Chapter 214
Source: Imported

"Your Lordship Azure Dragon, our master has requested to

meet you," the leading woman said with a sweet smile.

"Who is your master?"

"Exactly the one you're thinking about," the woman amicably

answered. She wasn't that old, around thirty-five.

As for her strength, it was deep and immeasurable. She had

probably already entered the Nirvana layer. A person possessing this
sort of strength would be considered as a formidable expert
regardless of wherever they went; however this woman had still
chosen to follow someone else.

As for the master she was talking about, there couldn't be many
people who deserve to be called such. In this world, those who were
capable of converting experts one step away from entering the sage
layer into their willing followers weren't numerous.

There wasn't any entity apart from a Battle Sage who could pull
this off.
87 Report
Li Yunmu didn't expect that even after he chose the transfer point
several thousand miles away, in Vega City, to avoid being detected
by that Lower Domain Sage of Heavenly Cloud City's fluxer guild, he
would still attract the gaze of a half deity on himself.

However, he breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the woman's

words. He was clear that if the person inviting him was the female
battle sage, then he wasn't in any danger. He certainly didn't have
anything which a majestic defender goddess of the Central Continent
would covet.

As for the pisces jade pendant, he was convinced that a battle

sage, especially one who was serving the Central Continent, would
have already found out that it wasn't in his possession. Besides,
given the enormous foundation which the female battle sage had
built for herself, the key to the deity's secret region might not even

worth her attention.

She stood at the pinnacle of the continent, and people who had
attained this level looked at objects with eyes which were greatly
different from those of ordinary sages.

Li Yunmu quickly weighed his options, and then nodded in

agreement. He quickly followed after the squad of female warriors
toward the transfer point.

"Her Ladyship Vega requested to meet with this person?

Who is he?"
88 Report

Many people were startled.

Fluxers were even more startled compared to ordinary people,

because a Flux Disciple who had forced a battle sage to pay attention
to him would really be extraordinary. However, Li Yunmu was
covered by his golden crystal flux armor from head to toe, so no one
was able to recognize him.

"Your Ladyship, I have brought Li Yunmu."

Before a lot of time passed, the woman led Li Yunmu into a hall
and respectfully reported to her master.

Li Yunmu's heart began to thump loudly. This was the first time he
was looking at a pinnacle existence in the hierarchy of the human
society. He slowly raised his head to take a look, and his heart filled
with shock.

He couldn't see the genuine appearance of the legendary person

before him, because she adorned a battle suit which covered her
entire body while emitting gentle but extremely bright flames.

"Li Yunmu pays his respect to Her Ladyship Vega."
89 Report
Facing a battle sage, Li Yunmu promptly kowtowed. She was a
supreme powerhouse, the defender goddess of the Central
Continent. She hadn't established an independent sect like other
battle sages, and neither had she taken the path to cultivate in
seclusion, only staying true to her principles.

This was true selflessness which commanded reverence. Li Yunmu

was filled with extreme admiration, and he wasn't the only one,

one, every person in the Central Continent was filled with

incomparable respect toward this goddess.

Without her protection, Central Continent probably wouldn't be so

peaceful and secure.

Li Yunmu hadn't expected that the day when he would lay his eyes
on the legendary defender goddess would come so quickly, and even
less that she would be the one who would personally invite him.

"En, you really don't possess battle sage blood, which is


Although Li Yunmu couldn't see the genuine appearance of this

cordial female battle sage, but he could hear her voice—and it was
very gentle. She seemed quite young from her voice, but Li Yunmu
was aware that from the time she had become a Battle Sage,
thirteen years had passed with her defending the Central Continent.
90 Report

In other words, Battle Sage Vega should be forty-one. However,

since she was a battle sage, her appearance and body would remain
the same as it was when she was twenty-eight years old.

"This junior was only an ordinary person, but because of a

fortuitous encounter he gained some success." Li Yunmu
paused for a moment, then asked with some hesitation, "I wonder
how did Your Ladyship discover my hidden identity?"

Although Battle Sages had all sorts of powers and abilities, that still
didn't explain how the other party had instantly discovered him just
by relying on an imprint left on a statue. Even Battle Sages shouldn't
possess this sort of terrifying ability.

"There is a protection of a sage level power on you. When

you entered Vega City, this kind of power alerted me."

Li Yunmu startled upon hearing this, and was left completely

speechless. It was the presence of the little female ancestor which
caught the attention of Her Ladyship Vega. Although the little female

little female ancestor moved in the void between two planes,

where even battle sages couldn't sense her existence, she would
usually stay by Li Yunmu's side, affecting him with her presence.

Flux Sages were considered to be extremely sensitive, let alone
91 Report
battle sages who were considered to be equal to quasi deities.

Battle Sage Vega laughed faintly.

"Fortunately, you, Azure Dragon came here yourself, for I

have some matters in which I need your assistance. I was
originally thinking of sending someone to the Fifth Dimension
to ask for your assistance, so encountering you here can be
considered some kind of karma."

"Your Ladyship, you only need to say once. However, I am

afraid that this Li Yunmu may not be qualified of your trust,
since my strength is currently quite trivial."

Li Yunmu was surprised on hearing the goddesses' words. What

kind of matter would require Battle Sage Vega to seek Li Yunmu's

"I have two tasks for you. The first one is to snatch the
Refining Pagoda from the hands of Chaotian Sect. Second
one is to obtain the qualifications for the Continental Battle."


The transfer point in the Vega City's plaza lit up gain, and Li Yunmu
92 Report
walked out of it. His mind was still in a daze. He hadn't expected that
the two tasks which Battle Sage Vega needed him to accomplish
would be same as one's he was aiming for himself.

The first task was to snatch the Refining Pagoda before it fell into
the hands of Chaotian Sect, yet the formidable Battle Sage Vega
hadn't expected that this had actually been the aim of his return. He
took the risk of coming back to Earth just to accomplish this. His
motive was to simply bring harm to Chaotian Sect, evenChaotian
Sect, even if he wouldn't achieve any great benefit for himself.

He hadn't hesitated to take any risk just to obtain the Refining

Pagoda before Ye Qing of Chaotian Sect.

This sort of exchange couldn't be considered by a normal Flux

Disciple, but being the stubborn person that he was, Li Yunmu didn't
want Chaotian Sect to obtain six transcending sage weapons. That
powerful enemy of his would then become the seventh transcending
power in the six continents, and he would face many problems in the

Battle Sage Vega had the same idea as him, but her aim was
completely different, she was more concerned about the general
situation of the Central Continent.

The Holy Spirit Continent already had one transcending power

Heavenly Divine Religion. If the ambitious Chaotian Sect attained the
status of a transcending power, then it would create difficulties for
93 Report
the whole Central Continent.

As for the second task, to participate in the Continental Battle, this

instantly caught Li Yunmu's attention. He had heard of the
Continental Battle previously, but he hadn't known what sort
of benefits, one would obtain from it. He also hadn't understood why
were there qualifications to enter arranged by the six continents.

But he would've accomplished this second task anyway. It was

mentioned in the letter of invitation from War God Temple that he
must obtain the minimum qualifications needed to participate in the
Continental Battle.

Because of all this, Li Yunmu was in a daze. Both tasks entrusted to

him by Battle Sage Vega were actually something he would have
needed to accomplish anyway. As for the reward, Battle Sage Vega
had right away handed him a treasure, one that even the system
wouldn't be able to decline, let alone Li Yunmu himself.
94 Report

Chapter 215
Source: Imported

The reason why neither Li Yunmu nor the system could refuse this
object was because it was the core component of Azure Dragon Deity
Suit - Azure Dragon Pearl.

Among the five components of the battle suit, it was the most
important one. If Azure Dragon Gauntlets formed the armor for the
arm, then Azure Dragon Pearl was the source of the killing energy
supplied by the Azure Dragon Battle Suit.

It was extremely important!

Battle Sage Vega's move was too ruthless.

Li Yunmu simply couldn't refuse and agreed without hesitation.

Who would've known that Azure Dragon Pearl was actually in the
hands of Battle Sage Vega.

Based on what she did with it, she clearly knew that Li Yunmu had
obtained the Azure Dragon Gauntlets.

Thus, he didn't say anything unnecessary and agreed right away.

Her two tasks went along with his current aims, and he would also
obtain a component of the supreme battle suit if he did as she told,
so why should he hesitate?

"System, why do you think Battle Sage Vega gave me the

Azure Dragon Pearl?" he asked once he returned to Vega City.

Even sage level powerhouses were trying to find this Azure Dragon
Pearl zealously, yet Battle Sage Vega had handed it to Li Yunmu
without much hesitation. Because of this, he now had two
components of Azure Dragon Deity Suit in his hands.
95 Report
[Two possibilities emerge in objective analysis. First, she
was afraid that you didn't possess enough strength and
would fail to accomplish the two tasks entrusted by her, so
she gifted you the Azure Dragon Pearl to allow you to
unleash the deadly power of Azure Dragon Gauntlets,] the
system said, after a moment of silence.

"There is this possibility, but that wouldn't explain how

could she gift a precious treasure like this to me so easily."

[That may be because of the second possibility. She wants to

nurture you, so when

From the system's second option, cold sweat broke out on Li

Yunmu's back. He felt that the system was just babbling nonsense.

[Given that we don't have all the information, there is still

a third unexpected possibility,] the system added.

"What unexpected possibility?"

[Given the importance of Continental Battle and disrupting

Chaotian Sect's plan to obtain six transcending sage tools, it
is highly possible that she decided that Central Continent is
more important that the Azure Dragon Pearl,] the system
indifferently voiced its third conjecture.

However, because it didn't have sufficient information, it couldn't

provide a certain answer. This was only a speculation.

Yet Li Yunmu's sixth sense told him that this third possibility was
perhaps the most realistic one as to why Battle Sage Vega would gift
the Azure Dragon Pearl to him.

He had no proof or assured information, though, this was just his


Battle Sage Vega was chasing after the Dual Star Supreme
96 Report
Battlesuit and Northern Continent's Frontline God was in possession
of two components of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, thus the Azure
Dragon Pearl could be said to be useless for her. That's why, if she
could get two important tasks, which would impact the situation of
the whole Central Continent, accomplished by gifting it to Li Yunmu,
that would be more meaningful.

After mulling for a bit, Li Yunmu understood that there were only
these three possibilities which might have been the reason behind
why Battle Sage Vega gifted him the Azure Dragon Pearl. Other than
them, there could be no other possibilities.

Li Yunmu simply didn't believe that the other party possessed this
sort of benevolence. Her intent could be simple or complex, but that
action simply couldn't be just for his benefit.

After having a meeting with Battle Sage Vega, Li Yunmu wasn't

afraid that he would be attacked within

He silently entered the Tower of Glory.

At this instant, on the Holy Spirit Continent, Chaotian Sect

announced to the world that its main peak's elite disciple Ye Qing will
challenge the tower tomorrow.

Within a short while, Ye Qing's fame had shot up because of

Chaotian Sect's boosting. All the fluxers in the six continents began
to guess how likely he was to actually clear the seventieth level.

After all, in the past two years, no fluxer had been able to clear the
seventieth level.

"Given how public Chaotian Sect is about it, I think Ye Qing

will certainly accomplish it. Since Chaotian Sect has nurtured
him secretly and entrusted all of its secret trump cards to
him, the seventieth level should be smashed by him."

The majority of fluxers mostly held this kind of opinion.
97 Report
"Ha ha, Chaotian Sect's plan is very good. At this stage,
they're doing their utmost to boost Ye Qing's fame, probably
they have their eyes on the qualifications for the Continental

In the depths of a vast ocean on the southern part, there was an

enormous city on the ocean floor. Man Tian and the others had
received Hai Yue's invitation and had come to take a tour of this
enormous city on the floor of the ocean.

Desolate Continent and Northern Continent were both filled with

evolved humans. They always had good relations between each
other, and the five people here represented the top young experts of
both continents.

At this moment, they had obtained the information regarding the

recent activities of Chaotian Sect on the Holy Spirit Continent. One
the gathered people, a youth whose entire body emitted cold and
who had a green wolf imprinted on his forehead, spoke up with a
sneer He was called Green Wolf, which was obviously

This group of people made up of the most powerful of the Flux

Disciples on both continents naturally were aware of Ye Qing's true
strength. Their thoughts ran in the same vein as Li Qinghong's, that
this person had average personal strength but was bestowed
enormous treasures by Chaotian Sect.

However, when the group saw the unusual activities of Chaotian

Sect, sparing no price in boosting his fame, Man Tian, Hai Yue, and
the others felt that something was off.

"According to rumors, Ye Qing is the second great

grandson of Chaotian Sect's ancestor. However, even if there
is a relation between them, the upper tiers couldn't be
blinded to this degree. You all tell me, do you think Ye Qing
still has some secret trump card which we don't know
about?" Hai Yue suddenly said.
98 Report
"Yes, this possibility cannot be eliminated. We can
underestimate Ye Qing, but we cannot underestimate an
upper tier sect. Ye Qing must have some kind of secret which
we don't know about. It's very like that it's why Chaotian Sect
is backing him so wholeheartedly in his attempts to obtain
the qualifications for the Continental Battle," a woman with
green eyes, which always seemed to be jumping around, said with a
gloomy expression.

"That's okay. Your words may be correct, Hai Yue and Qing
Yue. The number of competitors has increased by one. But
the Continental Battle is imminent. Wew, how many more of
these monsters will come out now, " said another person, which
had a stature of a mountain, Zhuang Han.

He was three meters tall, and his enormous stature was a rare
sight even in Desolate Continent.

"I have a premonition that there will be great movement from the
Holy Spirit Continent, so Central Continent will have no choice but to
defend. Given Xiye Hanbei's temper, he will certainly not represent
Central Continent, even if he would be

However, they didn't need to worry about this person. Without the
support of any power in any of the six continents, he wouldn't be able
to advance too far by relying on just his own strength.

"Then the opponent from Central Continent will be Zhan


A figure of a person suddenly flashed within Hai Yue's mind.

"Apart from Zhan Wuya, there is one more person who can
obtain the qualifications at the most crucial time."

"Are you talking about Li Yunmu?"

Others were astonished.
99 Report
"It's possible. His strength hasn't yet reached the level of
Continental Battle yet, but there is still a month left till it
starts," she replied.

"There isn't a high possibility that he'll be able to catch up.

The time since he started cultivating is too short."

Others didn't attach too much importance to this matter. All of

them felt that Hai Yue was being needlessly overcautious.

"I instead feel that there are two others from the Central
Continent whom we should pay close attention to."


"Ling Shuang and Xie Qianxue."

"These two women are also impossible. They also haven't

spent much time cultivating, just like Li Yunmu. It's
impossible for them to build their foundation so quickly."

"No, the two of them are different from Li Yunmu. Both of

them are disciples of Battle Sages."

"We mustn't forget about Devil, either. From the start, he

has always been hiding. I'm thinking he is making some great
plan. He didn't even hesitate to discard his own cultivation,
so he probably wants to display the deadly power of Azure
Dragon Leg Guards."

"Higher Dimensional Continent's Bladewood, Northern

Continent's Frontline Heaven, Divine Religion—probably all of
them will send someone. This time, the qualifications for the
Continental Battle have become of great importance.
Everyone wants to seize an entry, so it's possible that even
the transcending powers won't sit quietly and will show
100 Report

Chapter 216
Source: Imported

In the palace hall in Vega City, after all the female warriors had
dispersed, the leader of the squad asked, "Your Ladyship, this
time you personally took action and also gifted the Azure
Dragon Pearl to Li Yunmu. Can he really obtain an entry for
the Central Continent?"

"There have recently been some problems with War God

Temple's Zhan Wuya. I must create as many way outs for
Central Continent as I can. The more of them there are, the
better it will be for us."

Li Yunmu had started from the beginning once more. Last time, he
had removed up to the fiftieth level of seals on the underworld raven
sage bow and had relied on it as well as the three shadows who had
the same level of strength as him to go up.

On his path to the twenty-eighth level, he had obtained great

harvests and had not only obtained the Void Disk but also a small
batch of treasures by exhausting the tower badges he had earned.

Since then, his cultivation base and his strength had increased, so
he no longer needed to rely on the underworld ravens and could
overcome the obstacles on his own.

Seventieth level was very difficult to reach. But he was now a

Golden Crystal Flux Disciple, and his Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle
Marrow Secrets had also reached a minor threshold, which made his
flesh monstrously powerful. In addition to all these, he also had
another basis for his confidence—the world power of his heavenly
world had also risen greatly.
101 Report
On top of that, he now also had two parts of Azure Dragon Deity

At the twenty-ninth level, there was a large group of silver crystal

dimensional beasts, fifty golden crystal flux monsters, and five
rainbow crystal monsters.

But they were completely ineffective in front of Li Yunmu's

formidable power. One

The little Mist Fiend Devil King acted as if it had been invited to a
feast. It advanced forward and began to violently gobble down the
corpses of high level dimensional beasts.

One, two, three, ten, thirty, fifty—and it still continued to eat. Its
small body was like a bottomless pit which couldn't be filled.

The more it ate, the more its body increased. And it took only an
hour to gobbled down all the monster on that level.

Li Yunmu discovered that the little devil king's height had

increased to thirty centimeters from the original then. He grew three
times in size! This sort of growth was visible even to the naked eye.

"System, present what level of power it has reached," Li

Yunmu said.

[Grade thirty-two.]

"Dang, so fierce?"

Power grade was the classification of monsters based on the

compiled data. Every ten grades represented a layer. Attaining thirty-
second grade meant that the devil king's strength had increased by a
grade since it had come out of its egg. The little devil king had
matured to a silver crystal monster in the wink of an eye.

Furthermore, it was a Mist Fiend here who possessed the strength
102 Report
of silver crystal monsters. According to the system, it now had
sufficient strength to kill a rainbow crystal layer ordinary beast with
one claw attack.

Fierce, too fierce!

Li Yunmu advanced to the thirtieth level, which was another


As he had determined in his previous time here, this level couldn't

be cleared just by relying on a large number of underworld ravens,
because a four rainbow light phantom king appeared as the final
Boss of this threshold level.

Although it didn't possess divine blood, it was still a king class

dimensional beast. Yet even though it was extremely savage, Li
Yunmu whose strength had

One punch which contained the full strength of his flesh, then
another one, and one more, that was all. Li Yunmu glanced with
disdain at the phantom king he had killed with his physical strength

Thirtieth level, cleared easily!

But the drop rate of tower badges from this Boss was pathetically
low, because Li Yunmu had already stepped into the golden crystal

The Mist Fiend Devil King once again ate all the corpses, and its
body grew in size. The little devil king was digesting as fast as it was

After half an hour, its height had increased to half a meter. When it
finished eating the corpse of the phantom king, its height increased
again, reaching seventy centimeters.

The corpses of powerful monsters were really beneficial to it.
103 Report
Grade forty-six!

After feasting on the corpses of this level, the Devil King possessed
the strength of golden crystal monsters. Given its divine blood, it
could easily beat a rainbow crystal fluxer, turning them into its food.

At the thirty-first level, Li Yunmu didn't attack personally but

pointed for the Devil King to advanced. It charged forward with a loud

It had extremely fast attack and movement speed, a body which

possessed profound defenses, and a pair of devilish wings, with
which he could already fly at low altitude.

Using its extremely fast attack speed, the Devil King clawed all the
monsters of the thirty-first level to death, completely crushing them
one after another.

Li Yunmu was startled.

This was the strength of an eight rainbow light devil king who had
transformed because of divine blood?

It still hadn't matured to the level of eight rainbow light devil king,
but it could already go on a massacre in a group of rainbow crystal

Thirty-first level was finished quickly with only the Mist Fiend
attacking. However, it wasn't

But soon, as the Mist Fiend nibbled on a monster corpse, the

injuries on the Devil King's body quickly healed up.

Furthermore, the broken devilish wing on its back returned to


For the time first time, Li Yunmu witnessed the significance of

transformation caused by divine blood!
104 Report
The objects obtained from the special dimensional box certainly
couldn't be underestimated.

After the thirty-first level, Mist Fiend had attained grade fifty in
terms of strength. As it continued to gain more strength, the speed at
which it matured slowed down, since it needed more powerful
monsters to feast upon.

After attaining the strength of a rainbow crystal layer, Mist Fiend

became even more terrifying. It continued to lead the charge as far
as the thirty-ninth level.

Finally, after eating all the corpses on the nine levels, a single
rainbow light ignited on the Devil King's body. It had finally
accumulated sufficient power to congeal a single rainbow light. But it
was still far from reaching all eight rainbow lights.

Its strength finally fixed at grade fifty and didn't change. It was
making rapid progress at the moment, and the target of congealing
eight rainbow lights was already within its sight.

Just when Li Yunmu was advancing toward the forty-first level, an

earth shattering matter occured in the outside world, shaking all six
continents. Bestial Sage, who had already become a domain sage
and could summon formidable sage beasts, perished!

This information swept through Earth like a great tsunami.

A sage level power occupied a major position on any continent, so

what needed to be said about a domain sage one? How could people
not feel extremely astonished at the fall of someone like

Who was the culprit? Who could have killed Senior Domain Sage?

He could summon sage beasts, so he far surpassed ordinary

domain sages. Apart from battle sages, there was no one who could
alarm him!
105 Report
But no one knew how Bestial Sage had perished.

It was only possible if a battle sage had made a move, so everyone

entered a state of shock. Some battle sage had actually made a

This sort of quasi deity level existences usually didn't make any
moves, because if they took any action, that would mean some great
event which would affect all the six continents.

Everyone on the six continents was talking about this extremely

shocking event. Some said that Bestial Sage died at some historical
runes in the Seventh Dimension. Others claimed that he died at some
extremely terrifying mythical region. There were also those who said
he had been killed by some group of domain sages who had acted
together because he was running around without any fear.

If Li Yunmu would have received this information about the death

of Bestial Sage, he would have certainly been stunned. Because he
would've realized the origin of the Azure Dragon Pearl which was
gifted to him by Battle Sage Vega.

She had personally attacked and killed an unusually formidable

Senior Domain Sage in order to obtain the second component of
Azure Dragon Deity Suit and had silenced him so as to prevent him
from divulging the secret of Li Yunmu possessing two components of
his supreme battlesuit. She had done all this just so that he
accomplish the two tasks entrusted by her?

If someone knew the truth about this matter and had some brain,
they could instantly smell a hint of an extremely terrifying events to
come, because Battle Sage Vega hadn't attacked for Li Yunmu but for
the future of the entire Central Continent.
106 Report

Chapter 217
Source: Imported

Bestial Sage's death was only the beginning.

In less than half a day, another terrifying news spread—a loner

Flux Sage immersed in cultivating in seclusion had died mysteriously
at his residence deep within his mountain.

This news was discovered three days after he had died when a Flux
Sage who was his friend had paid him a visit. This Flux Sage's death
was a homicide, and the Heavenly Star Pearl which he had on him
was taken by someone.

Before long, a Nirvana Flux Master in the Sixth Dimension was also
killed. His corpse was discovered after six or seven hours, and by
that time only his skeleton remained, the flesh having been eaten by
dimensional beasts. His cape which was a transcending sage tool was
never found.

It was impossible for monsters to eat the transcending sage tool,

and it was also impossible for them to have been destroyed. This
Nirvana Flux Master was the seventh most powerful person in the
Sixth Dimension, a Nirvana layer Halted Fluxer.

Otherwise it would've been impossible for him to keep a

transcending sage tool, Tyrant Cape. But this time a violent death
had met him because of it.

Soon after, all the online platforms were flooded with news that not
only on Earth but even on the Fifth and Sixth Dimensions Flux
Disciples, Flux Masters, and Flux Sages were dying one after another.

In a short while, the number of deaths grew by leaps and bounds.

Even ordinary people sensed that there was something greatly
107 Report
unusual going on. They observed formidable experts from
everywhere appearing simultaneously, all of them searching for
precious treasures. These treasures were cultivation methods and
battle skills which could swiftly increase their combat strength.

The most noteworthy point was that the fluxers who were killed
were all lone wolves and didn't have any background.

Some major

"Continental Battle."

Many people were inwardly shaken. This time's Continental Battle

was going to be extremely different from the ones in the past, and
many people could sense the smell of great danger and enormous
opportunities. As long as a power had certain capability, they would
mobilize their full strength to fight for a qualification for their

And at this time, Chaotian Sect spread the news with great fanfare
that Ye Qing would formally challenge the Tower of Glory and would
certainly crush the seventieth level.

Chaotian Sect even sent two Flux Sages to secretly protect him
until he entered the tower. Swiftly, this event attracted the attention
of most fluxers and all sorts of powers.

And not long after, the news of a fluxer who was extremely sinister
and belonged to the path of the devil having entered the Tower of
Glory spread far and wide.

Among the well informed people, someone transmitted the news

that Fifth Dimension's second most powerful Halted Fluxer Devil had
also entered the tower through some capital city.

Instantly, a good number of fluxers started moving.

Apart from entering the tower, some famous Halted Fluxers and
108 Report
Flux Disciples suddenly entered some sect or joined some power
which officially granted them a backer. The continent's major powers
and sects also suddenly relaxed their conditions for entering and
invited some of the formidable Flux Disciples to join them.

Li Yunmu, Li Yun, Li Feng, and the rest also weren't forgotten.

Among them, the number of invitations sent out to Li Yunmu formed
the highest pile. However, at this moment, Li Yunmu couldn't be
distracted by the changes in the world outside.

After cruising through another ten levels, Mist Fiend had feasted on
the corpses

This had easily blown away the monsters of the fifty-first level.

The strength of each monster on the fifty-first level and above had
increased to four rainbow light phantom kings' level. Although Mist
Fiend also possessed the same level of strength, it belonged to the
race of devil king class monsters. It had also been transformed by
divine blood, which caused it to become even more terrifying and
savage. One human, one monster, and four shadows quickly swept
through the level and advanced forward.

After reaching the fifty-first level, the drop rate of tower badges
finally increased. This was because the levels above the fiftieth level
were considered as rainbow crystal fluxers' territory. Li Yunmu had
finally reached the level which was created for fluxers one layer
above his strength.

But the increase in the drop rate of tower badges wasn't the only
thing that changed, the earning rate of experience, ability as well as
blood fiend points had also doubled.

After more than half of the day passed, Li Yunmu finally killed his
way to the sixtieth level's major threshold. The Boss there was an
eight rainbow light devil king.
109 Report
Li Yunmu decided to test the strength of his own devil king who
been transformed by divine blood and sent Mist Fiend to attack

At this moment, after feasting on the corpses of dimensional

beasts of the past ten levels, the little devil king had already matured
to the peak, with eight rainbow lights being emitted from his body,
radiating around the whole level.

When Li Yunmu looked at Mist Fiend's attacks now, he was faintly

reminded of the terrifying devil king he had encountered in the King's
True Territory.

The present little devil king's strength had reached the same level
as that

Similar strength as that eight rainbow light devil king's, similar

transformation from divine blood.

The little devil king's current strength in fact already surpassed Li

Yunmu's own. Even if his tyrant body had attained the minor
threshold and his world power had also increased greatly, according
to the system's gathered data on combat strength, he wasn't an
opponent to his Mist Fiend Devil King. Only if his four shadows'
combat strength was also counted could he battle on even grounds.

Li Yunmu had to accept that devil kings transformed by divine

blood were too abnormal. Mist Fiend attacked repeatedly with
frightening speed and got rid of all the phantom kings.

It then challenged the last opponent which was an ordinary eight

rainbow light devil king, and the outcome of the battle gave Li Yunmu
a fright. The ordinary devil king couldn't last three minutes under the
fierce attack of Mist Fiend's fierce claws. The battle ended with Mist
Fiend tearing the ordinary eight rainbow light devil king into shreds.

This was the disparity between an ordinary devil king class
110 Report
monster and a devil king transformed by divine blood. When Li
Yunmu had unknowingly met such a devil king, if he hadn't used the
five Danger Critical Strikes at the crucial time, he would have really

Li Yunmu stepped into the sixty-first level. There were only ten
levels left till his target.

The sixth-first level was even larger and could easily match a small
town in size. It had ninety-nine phantom kings, nine devil kings, and
one twelve rainbow light king.

It was the first time Li Yunmu encountered a genuine twelve

rainbow light Boss within the tower.

Battle started!

This time, Mist Fiend finally couldn't hold against the siege of
ninety-nine phantom kings and was constantly injured. Although it

Mist Fiend was very formidable, but the monsters at sixty-first level
were even more formidable.

Here, all of the monster were king class ones, and none of them
were ordinary. Although they didn't possess divine blood, the fact
that they were king class creatures were enough to prove that they
were extraordinary.

After Li Yunmu and his four shadows entered the battle, this level
was cleared without any major mishap. The twelve rainbow light boss
monster was killed by the four shadows acting together in the end.

With Li Yunmu's full battle capability, he could easily crush twelve

rainbow light king dimensional beasts.

Furthermore, the system notified him that the experience points

accumulated by him had already crossed four hundred thousand. Just
111 Report
this level alone had yielded him one hundred ten thousand
experience points.

Instantly, Li Yunmu was pleased beyond words. He immediately

congealed the fifth shadow, and he named it Li Mei.

He also constructed her an avatar at the dimensional battlefield:

He set her height at one hundred seventy centimeters, then gave her
a beautiful face and slender figure.

Finally, after Li Yun, Li Feng, Li Tian, and Li De, his fifth shadow was
established as a female shadow.

The strength of each shadow was synchronized with Li Yunmu's

strength, so when a new one was added to his group, his combat
capability increased greatly. It had to be said that as his personal
strength grew, each newly congealed shadow was born with
increasingly more strength.

Sixty-second level was next.

Li Yunmu stormed to the seventieth level with his confidence

growing after clearing each level.
112 Report

Chapter 218
Source: Imported

The majority of fluxers were now paying attention to Halted Fluxer

Devil, Chaotian Sect's Li Qing, Extreme Devil Path sect's Yan Xing,
and several other people who had challenged the tower at the same
time and were now competing to see who reached the peak first.

Chaotian Sect had even made a public proclamation that Ye Qing

would certainly reach the seventieth level in order to boost his fame.

When Ye Qing challenged the tower, the proud sons and daughters
of heavens had decided to challenge the tower as well. From the
looks of it, the other great sects and powers weren't willing to fall
behind Chaotian Sect and, one after another, dispatched their
disciples to challenge the tower.

There were twelve challengers in total. Besides Devil, Gongzi

Nangong, Tyrant Jiang, Ren Sujun, who were all rogue fluxers without
any background, eight major powers had sent their disciples to
challenge the tower at the same time as Ye Qing.

The three largest betting companies opened their doors as fast as

they could, creating wagers such as who would be the quickest
among the twelve to ascend the Tower of Glory.

Swiftly, numerous people were tempted into making a bet. Veteran

gamblers even soon published some detailed information about the
twelve people who were about to climb the tower.

Among the twelve, the person who was considered to have the
greatest chance to win was surprisingly not Ye Qing but Extreme
Devil Path sect's Yan Xing. More than 30% of the bets favored him.

The person who followed behind him was Ye Qing, who had 20% of
113 Report
the betters on his side.

Behind him was independant fluxer Tyrant Jiang, who also had
around 20% of the bets on him.

As for the rest, all of them were favored to come

Those who were betting suddenly discovered that among the

eleven people challenging the tower at the same time as Ye Qing,
there wasn't anyone who could be considered weak. Not one of them
lacked strength, and in truth, all of them could be considered
extremely tyrannical.

The onlookers suddenly found out that among the Flux Disciples
who hadn't yet revealed themselves, there were many formidable

"Hey, whom did you bet on?"

"I betted on Extreme Devil Path's Yan Xing and Chaotian

Sect's Ye Qing. I calculated the odds and made my bets
accordingly. I think I'll be able to make a small profit, I don't
wish to lose all the money trying to make large money.

"You pig, these two people are hot commodities. But none
of the twelve can be considered weak. All of them stand at
the peak layer of Flux Disciples. And you still think you won't
suffer a loss? I hope you lose all the money."

"This elder brother, whom did you bet on?" someone asked in
the forums.

"I betted on the rogue fluxer Ren Sujun."

"Crap, tell me you didn't bet on her only because she is

beautiful. She's a rogue fluxer. The level she'll be able to
reach will not depend solely on her personal strength, but
114 Report
also on the trump cards she has. Do you understand the
meaning of this sentence?"

"I won't say anything, it would be better if you just read

through all the information available on her. She's an
exceptional talent from two years ago, it's just that she likes
to remain low-key."

"Dang, is no one among these twelve ordinary? This Ren Sujun has

"Haha, my bet is on Elder Sister Ling Shuang. Although she

is a newly registered fluxer from this year, she is the only
disciple of Sword Sage."

"Same, I betted on Xie Qianxue. Snow Temple's top

disciple, the personal disciple of Snow Temple's Battle Sage."

"So what if they're disciples of Battle Sages. How long has

it been since they had chosen to walk on this path. I won't
bet based on such shallow thinking. My bet is on Devil. He's
good at scheming, and I think he could be the dark horse."

"Are you people stupid? Why didn't you bet on the other
half of the two holy daughters of Seagod? Qing Yue is Hai
Yue's little sister. You all have seen Hai Yue's strength, so
you should know how many resources her sister would have."

"I betted on rogue fluxer from Desolate Continent, Tyrant

Jiang. I heard he recently emerged as a new force to be
reckoned with. I think he had some great fortuitous
encounter, like inheriting the bloodline of some innately
formidable beast."

"That cannot be. This Tyrant Jiang is so awesome? I will

also bet on him, Desolate Continent's evolved humans can
inherit bloodlines which make them naturally superior to
115 Report

"Northern Continent's Zhongshan Anling represents the

fifth generation of a powerful clan. Zhongshan Clan can cover
the heavens over the Northern Continent with just a hand.
Apart from him, all the others are just trash."

"Dang, why did only two newcomers from our Central

Continent come to challenge the tower? Moreover, both of
them are women, what about the men? Where did all the men

"Yes, Zhan Wuya, Luo Tian, Wang Ming, Li Yunmu, why didn't they
come to challenge the tower. You must know that these four of our
Central Continent are very

"That's right. Zhan Wuya is related to a transcending

power. Luo Tian is the top Flux Disciple of our Central City.
The two of them simply don't need to compete with Ye Qing.
As for Wang Ming and Li Yunmu, they're both newcomers
without many resources at their disposal so they hadn't had
the time to solidify their foundations."

"That's not true. I know that Li Yunmu has become

extremely formidable recently. Only a few days ago he
defeated the six elites of Chaotian Sect."

"To hell with the six elites. Ye Qing is the last boss of
Chaotian Sect. Although Flame Devil's strength was pretty
good, if you compare it with others from the six continents,
he couldn't be considered as anything special. Li Yunmu
defeating him with the other elites cannot be considered as

"Li Yunmu is already a has-been. Many powerful people in

the Flux Disciple Realm have recently shown themselves. I've
received secret information that all of this is because of the
116 Report
Continental Battle. Wang Ming and Li Yunmu's strength isn't
sufficient to compete at that level."

"Yes, the previous poster's words are correct. Let alone

Wang Ming and Li Yunmu, even Ling Shuang and Xue Qianxue
who are the personal disciples of battle sages don't have
enough power for that, in my opinion."

"You're wrong. I've betted all my saving on Xie Qianxue. I

heard that she possesses a heavenly world. Snow Temple is
doing their best to nurture her."

As the twelve challenged the tower, the people outside began to

gather more and more information about them, and with the advent
of online network, the information which was originally considered as
secret could no longer remain such.

In fact, the number of people who had decided to challenge the

Tower of Glory at the same time as Ye Qing wasn't

As everyone began to learn more about the challengers, they

couldn't help but keep getting more stunned at the fact that none of
these people seemed weak.

Many people thus invested heavily in an attempt to make a fortune

from their bets.

It had only been an hour since the wagers had first been offered,
but the amount of money betted already crossed a hundred billion.
To make everything clear, the progress of each of the twelve people
would be displayed publicly by the three largest betting companies.

Extreme Devil Path Sect's Yan Xing was the first person to clear the
fortieth level at ten o'clock in the morning. Ye Qing followed closely
behind him, while the third person was surprisingly not Tyrant Jiang
but Ren Sujun.

The fourth person who cleared the fortieth level gave everyone a
117 Report
fright. Surprisingly it was Xie Qianxue!

The reason why everyone was surprised was because she was this
year's rookie Flux Disciple. She had started building her foundation
quite recently, yet she was the fourth person to clear the fortieth

Apparently the information obtained by some people through

bribery was quite correct: Xie Qianxue possessed her own heavenly
world. It was clear that Snow Temple was nurturing her with great

The fifth person was Devil.

This person was considered a dark horse. He was the second most
powerful Halted Fluxer of Fifth Dimension, yet an independent fluxer
who didn't have many reserves at his disposal. Still, he surprisingly
was the fifth person.

As for Lin Shuang, she was at the eleventh position, the second-to-
last person.
118 Report

Chapter 219
Source: Imported

After the results of the first wave came, many people were forced
to revise their bets and poured in large sums of money once again.
Among them, the bets on Xie Qianxue rose quickly. As for Ling
Shuang, she gradually disappeared from the limelight.

At noon, the results of the fiftieth level began to trickle in. Among
the twelve people, the first person to clear the fiftieth level was still
Extreme Devil Path Sect's Yan Xing.

As for Ye Qing, who was previously at second spot, even his

shadow couldn't be seen. The second person was Tyrant Jiang.

He, who was previously at the ninth spot, had actually rushed to
the second spot. According to rumors, he once had a fortuitous
encounter and inherited a formidable bloodline. When rushing to the
fiftieth level, he must have finally put it to use.

In a short period of time, many people once again changed their

bets—this time to Tyrant Jiang. The odds offered on the twelve
challengers were constantly changing based on the news that came

One thing that remained was that Xie Qianxue was attracting more
and more attention. She rose to the fourth position while Ren Sujun
was demoted to the fifth.

Ye Qing, on the other hand, had dropped to the eighth position,

which instantly attracted the ridicule of fluxers who were aware of
the true facts. They naturally knew about his so called 'power'.

It was only the fiftieth level, but the constant increase in difficulty
already proved that his strength was insufficient. This time, Chaotian
119 Report
Sect had really suffered a great humiliation. They had publicized the
news that Ye Qing will challenge the tower with great fanfare yet the
outcome was that it had only helped to improve the reputation of

However, the upper echelons of Chaotian Sect were extremely

calm and composed.

"Hmph, among the eleven people, at least seven of them

have come to disrupt the plans of our Chaotian Sect. Seems
like other continents have already figured out our sect's
secret plan."

"So what if they know. They learned about it too late.

Whatever they do, it'll be insufficient to stop us. Man Tian,
Zhan Wuya, Hai Yue, Xiye Hanbei—all of them had challenged
the tower long ago and almost exhausted their tower badges
by now. Relying just on Xie Qianxue, Zhongshan Anling, or
Tyrant Jiang at the last moment won't be sufficient to stop
our plans."

"Ha ha, after this, as long as our Chaotian Sect obtains the
Refining Pagoda, we'll be able to greatly disrupt the waters
across all the six continents."

Chaotian Sect was very calm since it had been preparing for a long
time for this day. If it wasn't for an anomaly like Li Yunmu who had
retrieved the Void Disk, it would have gotten its hands on the sixth
transcending treasure long ago. The conditions required to exchange
for Void Disk were lower compared to ones for Refining Pagoda.

The three components only required one to clear the twenty-fifth

level to gain the qualifications to obtain them. Furthermore, with Ye
Qing's rainbow crystal layer strength, as long as he cleared the
fiftieth level, he would obtain several times the required amount of
tower badges.

However, who could have known that Li Yunmu, who was at the
120 Report
lowest level of cultivation, would clear the twenty-fifth level and
exchange for the Void Disk with the minimum number of tower
badges required, thus destroying Chaotian Sect's work of several

He then even went and accepted Li Qinghong as his follower,

obviously learning of Chaotian

That didn't concern Chaotian Sect anymore, though. It wasn't yet

too late, there was still some chance. These days, the entire Chaotian
Sect had been engaged in preparing Ye Qing. It had absolute
confidence that he would clear the seventieth level and obtain the
final component - Refining Pagoda.

And they were close to achieving that now.

Although the overlords of the other continents had uncovered

Chaotian Sect's secret, it was too late to it. Among the eleven people,
the only threats were Yan Xing of Extreme Devil Path and Zhongshan

"After this, our Chaotian Sect will become a transcending

power and we will gain a spot for the Continental Battle," a
Flux Sage of Chaotian Sect said arrogantly.

Chaotian Sect was certain of their success. It had used up all of its
resources and trump cards on Ye Qing.

Six hours later, in the evening, the first person to clear the sixtieth
level was published. This name at the first gave everyone a huge

Ye Qing!

Like a hurricane, he had advanced to the first position from the


121 Report
At this moment, many people realized that Chaotian Sect had
prepared for this long ago. Those who had sufficient brains
understood that Ye Qing had used the means at his disposal to the

Even Yan Xing, who had taken the first position twice in a row, was
surprisingly unable to suppress him and was overtaken. Xie Qianxue,
however, seemed to be becoming more and more formidable, for she
had achieved the third position.

The fourth position was also an upset. It wasn't Tyrant Jiang, and
neither was it Ren Sujun or Zhongshan Anling, but Devil. He had
remained low key the whole time, but had jumped to

The next wave was the last wave for betting, but Ye Qing coming
out first had made the results obvious. Even ordinary people could
see it.

This was Chaotian Sect's vicious and outstanding scheme for which
it had been preparing for a long time.

Without hesitating, many people heavily betted on Ye Qing;

however, it was too late now—the odds on him were too high. As it
became more and more clear that he was destined to win, the
winnings on him became frighteningly low.

However, not everyone followed the trend. The odds on Ye Qing

were the highest, thus Yan Xing, Sun Qingxue, and Devil had become
the second most popular choices.

Zhongshan Anling, who was from the fifth most powerful family on
Northern Continent, had completely disappeared from the limelight.
As for Ling Shuang, she had turned out to be pretty impressive. In
the last ten levels, which had been the hardest so far, she
surprisingly had risen from the eleventh position to grab the seventh
122 Report
It wasn't over yet since there were ten more levels!


"Those who have been keeping low key will certainly show
their strength in the last ten level. Xie Qianxue is certain to
have some secret trump card on her. But there is something
strange about this Devil. He's a lone fluxer, so how could he
grab the fourth spot?"

In Ocean City, Man Tian, Hai Yue, Green Wolf, and the rest of their
group had been paying close attention to the challengers. From their
side, there was Qing Yue, but she hadn't been able to catch any

Qing Yue was Hai Yue's blood sister. Both of them were considered
as the holy daughters of Seagod. Not only were they beautiful, their
personal strength as

However, Qing Yue was the youngest among this group and had
remained low key, escaping everyone's attention. Man Tian and the
others had just sent her to gain first-hand experience of Ye Qing's


At some barren region in the wilderness of the Fifth Dimension

where terrifying dimensional beasts roamed, Xiye Hanbei was sitting
on top of a rock.

Over his head, two dimensional space eyes were cruising around.

"Very good! Zhongshan Anling and Yan Xing also couldn't

help but reveal themselves. Apparently this time's
Continental Battle won't be so quiet," he muttered to himself.

"Zhan Wuya is troubled by something, so this year Central

Continent's representative will be be Luo Tian or that
123 Report
newcomer Xie Qianxue. Based on what I see, Snow Palace has
nurtured her with great care. Icy flesh and jade bones,

What was astonishing was that Xiye Hanbei, who had been a loner
in the Fifth Dimension for who knew how long, had a companion
standing by his side. And they were wearing a copper mask.

"Don't worry, Ge Ya, with the two of us joining hands this

time, we don't need to fear anyone. Although they have
enormous reserves, in front of absolute power, everything is
fleeting clouds."

"We must obtain two spots in this Continental War."

Ge Ya, who was emitting a terrifying presence, met eyes with Xiye
Hanbei and smiled faintly.

If the outer world's major powers learned that this person

nicknamed Ge Ya had joined hands with Xiye Hanbei, they would
become very worried. Xiye Hanbei was no longer a solitary lion but
had joined hands with another powerful lion. This was an
unimaginable change in the situation.
124 Report

Chapter 220
Source: Imported

After clearing the sixtieth level of the Tower of Glory, the real test
began. The stronger maintained their position while the weaker were
eliminated. Even the twelve proud children of heavens viewed as the
strongest by the three largest betting companies began to face more
difficulties after reaching this stage. They had to invest a great deal
of effort and sweat to clear the next levels. Each successive one was
a closely fought contest.

Time continued to pass, and afternoon descended into dusk.

The people who had betted heavily were keeping a close watch on
the latest rankings. At five in the morning the next day, the first
person who crossed the sixty-fifth level was announced!

Ye Qing!

It was still Ye Qing from Chaotian Sect who was having the last

Stepping into the seventieth level didn't only test a person's

combat strength. Their weapons and other tools, flux cultivation
battle skills, secret techniques, and even the resources at their
disposal were also tested.

If someone didn't have that, how could they dare to claim that they
would certainly clear the seventieth level?

In the Flux Disciple Realm, the main thing tested was whether they
had a firm and enormous foundation. Ye Qing was disdained by
many, but behind him stood the mammoth named Chaotian Sect
which had prepared for this event for a long time.
125 Report
Thus, everyone suddenly discovered that in the last ten levels, Ye
Qing seemed to be gradually distancing himself from the others.

The second person to step into the sixty-fifth level was late by a
full hour compared to Ye Qing, reaching the target at six in the
morning. But no

It wasn't Xie Qianxue or Yan Xing, it was Zhongshan Anling.

Dang, the latecomer stands above!

One stone creates a thousand ripples. All the spectators felt great
regret. Northern Continent's fifth largest family, Zhongshan Clan,
finally hammered the meaning of resources and power of a major
clan into the mind of all the spectators.

But what shocked all of the spectators was that barely a few
seconds later, Tower of Glory made another announcement. Xie
Qianxue came after Zhongshan Anling and obtained the third

Everyone exclaimed at this newcomer female fluxer's power. She

was really worthy of being called a disciple of a battle sage. She was
just too frightening.

However, it wasn't over yet. Not even a minute had passed since
Xie Qianxue reached the aim when the fourth person ascended past
the sixty-fifth level—and it was Ling Shuang!

It was actually Ling Shuang!

A person whom no one had expected. She was only half a minute
late compared to Xie Qianxue and only a minute later than
Zhongshan Anling.

These three people had surprisingly reached more or less at the

same time. The difference between them was minimal, and the
spectators were reminded the meaning of the words "Battle Sage's
126 Report

Xie Qianxue and Ling Shuang were both rookie fluxers, but they
were barely slower than Zhongshan Anling.

Extreme Devil Path sect's Yan Xing, one of the most popular
candidates for winning this competition, came fifth. His outstanding
name stood fourth among the most formidable Flux Disciples, but he
had surprisingly been pushed this low.

The sixth person was Ren Sujun.

The seventh person was Devil. No one had expected him to reach
this stage. It completely betrayed everyone's

The eighth person was Tyrant Jiang. Apparently even if he'd had a
fortuitous encounter, his foundation was inferior. He probably hadn't
yet had enough time to solidify it into something better than his
original one.

As for the ninth person, everyone kept waiting for them until nine
in the morning. At that time, news came that Gongzi Nangong had
retired at the sixty-fourth level, renouncing the competition.

After leaving the tower, he was almost caught by his enemies, but
he had been prepared and was able to escape to the Fifth Dimension.
Reportedly he had used a life-saving treasure. All Halted Fluxers had
many methods to save their lives, let alone Gongzi Nangong himself
who was a famous one.

The spectators were in a commotion. The third most powerful

Halted Fluxer had surprisingly been unable to reach the sixty-fifth
level. From this, it could be clearly seen that the difficulty increased
greatly with each successive level.

At ten in the morning, Qing Yue finally obtained the ninth rank.
This youngest competitor, the holy daughter of seagod, who had
been calmly competing without any eye-catching movements also
127 Report
ascended to the sixty-fifth level.

In a short while, many people looked into Qing Yue's origins and
learned to their surprise that she was one of the seagod's two moons
and Hai Yue's younger sister. Instantly, they understood that this
proud daughter of heavens' reason for being part of this contest
couldn't be simple.

Only nine of the twelve people reached the sixty-fifth level. The

Apparently all the formidable experts cherished their lives very

much and had a clear understanding of their abilities. They hadn't let
their fame get to their heads and lost their lives inside the tower.

The final ranking had already come out. Everyone in the six
continents found that the atmosphere had become quite repressive
because the moment of truth was just around the corner. And it was
dealing with the most difficult levels of the tower.

"Chaotian Sect's preparations are perfect. Ye Qing is

moving in the first place, leaving all the others behind in
dust. Who could stop him?"

"Yes, take a look at the odds on him. All the betting

companies have adjusted the odds of him winning to the
highest. Even if you bet on him now, there won't be much

Sure enough, all people knew that Ye Qing possessed formidable

resources and some trump card. Chaotian Sect had been preparing
for a long time, so he would certainly be the first one to clear the
seventieth level. No one could stop him.

The smile of victory on the faces of Chaotian Sect's members was

becoming brighter with each passing instant.

The situation was in their favor. After today, Ye Qing's name would
128 Report
rock the six continents, and at the same time, after clearing the
seventieth level, the final transcending sage treasure will also fall in
his hands.

Although the other continents could clearly see Chaotian Sect's

wild ambitions, they had discovered them a little too late. The hastily
arranged disciples without much preparation, how could they stop Ye

As time continued

As time continued to pass and it was close to three in the

afternoon, everyone calculated that Ye Qing was about to clear the
seventieth level anytime now. However, at this moment, Tower of
Glory suddenly announced three successive notifications to the six

"Congratulations to Central Continent's Li Yunmu for

clearing the seventieth level of Tower of Glory with a
cultivation of golden crystal layer. You are bestowed with
supreme glory in this world"

The notifications from the fluxer association's Tower of Glory

vibrated the communication device of every Flux Disciple, and many
people subconsciously thought that Ye Qing had finally won.

Those who had betted on him at the start began to shout with
excitement, what a fucking profit.

However, after a moment, a thought struck them. Why had fluxer

association sent them three notifications?

It was completely irrational. Each of the twelve people had a

cultivation of rainbow crystal layer. Even if they cleared the
seventieth level, at most there would be two notifications.

So why was the news repeated three times? Some people who had
managed to calm down looked at the notification carefully, and their
129 Report
expressions became very strange!

Li Yunmu, it was Li Yunmu. They looked again, and it was still Li


The name didn't change even after they checked the message for
the third time. It still remained Li Yunmu! And not Ye Qing.


Instantly, all the people who were paying close attention to the
contest felt as if a formidable dimensional beast had trampled across
their heart.

The first person to cross the seventieth level of Tower of Glory was
surprisingly not Ye Qing, nor anyone else from the eleven others, but
a complete outsider—Li Yunmu.
130 Report

Chapter 221
Source: Imported

Who was Li Yunmu?

The ruthless person who stepped upon the six elites of Chaotian
Sect a few days ago. No one had expected that no more than ten
days after that event, he would go out of his way to disrupt Chaotian
Sect's plans.

Extremely ruthless!

He had cleared the seventieth level before anyone else? And with a
cultivation of golden crystal layer? For a while, many people were
speechless, unable to comprehend what they had just heard.

The majority believed that he wasn't qualified to compete with the

twelve sons and daughters of heavens, but he actually rushed to the
top a step faster than them, achieving supreme glory.

However, it didn't matter, because Li Yunmu wasn't part of the

bets offered by the three largest companies. Although many people
were frightened when he suddenly appeared, they soon discovered
that it was a false alarm since Li Yunmu stepping foot on the
seventieth level didn't affect their bets.

Yet he was still an extremely ruthless person full of viciousness.

Before his fight with Ye Qing, he forcibly snatched the imminent

fame that was about to fall in the other party's hand.

Naturally, such thoughts were entertained only by ordinary fluxers

and normal people who didn't know what was happening behind the
scenes. The powerful people and great powers knew that Li Yunmu
had cleared the seventieth level at a crucial time. They all breathed a
131 Report
sigh of relief, which was soon followed by a swift intake of deep

Li Yunmu had stepped foot into the seventieth level? With a

cultivation of golden crystal layer which was

This was the thought of many influential and powerful people

at the first moments of receiving this information. Clearing Tower of
Glory's seventieth level was just too ruthless.

It must be known that in the last ten years, even the fiercest Flux
Disciple layer had only been able to step into the seventy-eighth
level and not farther. But this person had long ago ascended to the
Sixth Dimension and turned into a senior.

Moreover, Xiye Hanbei, who was considered as the most powerful

person in the Fifth Dimension, had only been able to reach the
seventy-fourth level. But it couldn't be viewed as simply a difference
of just a few levels. After the seventieth level, advancing past the
next level was like crossing a gargantuan abyss.

Therefore, Xiye Hanbei reaching the seventy-fourth level was

already quite terrifying.

The seventieth level of Tower of Glory had always been considered

as a threshold. It was also known as the "Control Line".

As long as any Flux Disciple crossed it, then they would be viewed
as an "Unhindered Fluxer", meaning he would have no rival in the
entire Fifth Dimension and could go anywhere.

There weren't many of those who had reached this level. Li Yunmu
knew only of Xiye Hanbei, Man Tian, Hai Yue, Zhan Wuyan, and a few
others who could be counted on two hands. However, he crossed this
line even though he was a newcomer. After being out of the spotlight
for ten days, he actually stupefied everyone by clearing the
seventieth level!
132 Report
After this, the majority of influential and powerful people had only

He was really a wolf and one that was extremely young. He

was rushing forward like torrential rain and howling winds.

If previously the majority of people believed that although Li

Yunmu was very formidable, he didn't have the qualifications to step
across the Control Line, then he had now beaten a different opinion
into their heads. Even if he was a rookie, he still possessed the
qualifications to join the very best of the Fluxer Disciples.

At this moment, Man Tian's group at Ocean City had also received
the news from the Tower of Glory. Many of them were left tongue-
tied. After a long while, Man Tian slowly raised his head.

"Seems like I underestimated this person."

"Yes, he's really a formidable dragon."

A bitter smile made its way to the face of Green Wolf.

At some barren region in the wilderness.

Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya, these two vagrant lions of the

wilderness, were also startled at this moment.

"Li Yunmu? He's really growing too quickly."

A hint of seriousness finally appeared on Xiye Hanbei's face. Like

everyone, he hadn't expected that Li Yunmu would be able to clear
the seventieth level of Tower of Glory so quickly.

Let alone Xiye Hanbei, none of the major powers of the six
continents had expected this.

"This young king, it seems like he also desires the

qualifications to enter the Continental Battle. Interesting,
133 Report
Ge Ya standing in the wind howled with laughter. His expression
became colder with each moment that passed.

The smiles on Chaotian Sect's people were frozen. But they still
had a ray of hope—that Li Yunmu won't act for the sole purpose of
harming them

"He won't, he certainly won't. We already possess two

parts of the Refining Pagoda. He certainly won't pay such a
large price to obtain something useless to him."

However, Chaotian Sect Sect's people soon felt as if they were

being suffocated to death by Li Yunmu's actions.

At the next instant, all the Flux Disciples of the six continents
received a notification from the fluxer association.

"Congratulations, Central Continent's Li Yunmu. You have

obtained the third part of the transcending sage tool in
exchange for eight hundred eighty-eight tower badges!"

This time, Li Yunmu hadn't concealed the information that he had

obtained a part of a transcending sage tool from the Tower of Glory.
Obtaining ordinary product naturally wouldn't be noticed, so there
wouldn't be any notification, but there were only three transcending
sage tools in the entire tower, and they naturally belonged to a
different class. Thus, this time, the information was broadcasted
to everyone.

Once this information came out, all the fluxers in the

world suddenly felt suppressed. Li Yunmu had surprisingly spent
eight hundred eighty-eight tower badges just to exchange for the
final part of Refining Pagoda?

Vicious, extremely vicious!

Many people knew that Chaotian Sect had already gotten their
hands on two parts of the Refining Pagoda long ago. Hence, Li Yunmu
134 Report
didn't gain anything by spending such a large amount of tower
badges and obtaining the final part.

This was true viciousness and great boldness.

"He, how does he dare? How does he dare to act like this?
He dares..." An elder of Chaotian Sect in the palace hall at the main
peak seemed to

No one had expected that Li Yunmu would dare to act like this,
dare to be so bold, to exchange for just a part of the transcending
treasure while sacrificing a lot of money.

But Li Yunmu had done so.

At this time, when Li Yunmu got his hands on the third component
of Refining Pagoda, another notification suddenly came from the
Tower of Glory.

In it, there was nothing unexpected. The fluxer association had

released two repeated notifications

"Congratulations, Holy Spirit Continent's Ye Qing for

successfully crossing the seventieth level and claiming the

These repeated notifications followed just after the notifications

about Li Yunmu, and a strange expression appeared on everyone's

"Hahaha… This Chaotian Sect's Ye Qing really has

miserable luck, huh?"

Yes, at this moment, Ye Qing was really pitiful. After exhausting

Chaotian Sect's resources and suffering countless tribulations, he had
managed to clear the seventieth level of the tower. After attaining
his goal, he didn't care for anything else and rushed straight to the
tower stele, wishing to quickly exchange for Refining Pagoda's third
135 Report

He searched and searched, but even after going through the list
twice, he still couldn't find it.

"It cannot be. I'm just too tense, need to take a deep

He naturally searched again to confirm, but he still couldn't find it.

Soon, he checked the recently exchanged items on the tower stele

and saw the information—Refining Pagoda's spirit, recipient Li

Time, barely a minute ago!


Ye Qing felt as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning. The

most important part, the spirit of Refining Pagoda had been
surprisingly retrieved by Li Yunmu just a minute ago?

What bullsh*t is this?
136 Report

Chapter 222
Source: Imported

Just after Li Yunmu came out of the tower, the two declarations
carrying the news that Ye Qing had cleared the seventieth level of
Tower of Glory was being transmitted.

"Wew, this was a close call. Fortunately I entered a day

earlier than he."

When Li Yunmu heard the information, the corner of his lips curled
upwards to reveal a hint of a glittering smile.

Fortunately, he'd had the assistance of two parts of the Azure

Dragon Deity Suit. If he hadn't used them, he wouldn't be standing
here now and would've been delayed for a long time.

He had to accept that after crossing the sixty-fifth level, the

difficulty of each successive level became much greater, and the
monsters also became more formidable, more difficult to kill. In fact,
Li Yunmu almost lost his life when fighting against the last boss at
the seventieth level .

If he hadn't gotten the Mist Fiend Devil King from the special
dimensional box and his combat strength hadn't increased to its
current level, then killing the last major boss would've been next to

He had to say it was a narrow, a very narrow escape. He had

almost gotten to the point of losing, but in the end still managed to
be a step quicker than Ye Qing and obtain the last part of Refining

Refining Pagoda was one of the major transcending sage tools

within the Tower of Glory. On the basis of the minimum conditions for
137 Report
each of the three transcending sage tools, it was clear that Flux
Ancestor had allocated them for ordinary crystal, silver crystal, and
golden crystal layers respectively.

Void Disk required an ordinary crystal fluxer to reach the twenty-

fifth level of the tower, only then could one exchange for its final
part. Each part also required eight hundred eighty-eight tower

If a black crystal fluxer tried to

The exchange price for the last part of Refining Pagoda was
perfectly equal to the amount of tower badges collected by rainbow
crystal fluxers after clearing the seventieth level.

Thus after Li Yunmu cleared it, he hadn't only picked his target, the
third part of the Refining Pagoda, but also chose an extremely deadly
weapon with the remaining tower badges.

With the extremely deadly weapon entering his arsenal, he finally

gained the confidence to deal with the divine blood king class beasts
in the King's True Territory. Because of it, he was now in an
extremely good mood.

"Congratulations, Lord Azure Dragon. I have come to safely

escort you on the order of Her Ladyship Vega."

Under the tower, the female commander of Battle Sage Vega, who
was extremely thorough, was waiting under the orders given to her.

"Fortunately I didn't betray your master's trust and got my

hands on this piece at just the perfect time. It was really an
extremely close call," Li Yunmu said with a laugh.

The female commander who had been waiting outside had, in

truth, been quite anxious for Li Yunmu. The piece of transcending
sage tool which was the key for Chaotian Sect's success had almost
been obtained by Ye Qing.
138 Report
When many people who looked down upon Ye Qing's personal
strength found out that the time they had estimated he would
require was wrong, they realized that with the assistance of Chaotian
sect, his strength had certainly increased greatly.

Although the people dispatched by all the continents to disrupt

"Lord Azure Dragon, let's move. Her Majesty Vega is

waiting for your return."

The female commander left together with him while beaming with

In a short while, Li Yunmu once again saw Battle Sage Vega.

"You're really good. I had arranged many other candidates,

but they all lost. You were the only one to succeeded. To be
honest, you weren't the one I was most optimistic about."

Battle Sage Vega's tone had became even gentler this time, and
her words even more frank. If not the brilliant flame being emitted at
all times by the Dual Star Supreme Suit's armor on her body, she
would resemble a kind senior.

It was no wonder then that all people of the Central Continent and
even the people of other continents admired her. She was the
gentlest and closest to ordinary people quasi deity.

Having such a defender goddess was really a great fortune for the
people of the Central Continent.

"Your Ladyship is overpraising, this junior was just a bit

luckier than his peers and nothing more." In front of a Battle
Sage, Li Yunmu didn't dare to be reckless and spoke with extreme

"Luck is also a part of one's ability. If I hadn't had that

fortuitous encounter, I wouldn't have been able to see this
139 Report
day and lived out my life as an ordinary woman."

Battle Sage Vega smiled without the slightest hint of dismay

regarding her origins.

At the moment, she was very interested in Li Yunmu and also

appeared to be quite fond of him. This was perhaps because his
background was quite similar to hers.

As for the rumor about the Li Sect standing behind Li Yunmu or the
mysterious Domain Sage had had invited before, they didn't

Not to mention that behind Battle Sage Vega stood the Imperial
Court of Central Continent. She had great influence and status in the
Imperial Court, so if she wanted to check Li Yunmu's personal
information, she could obtain definite and convincing answers right

Battle Sage Vega and Li Yunmu had a long conversation, during

which Li Yunmu learned about the events that had taken place after
he had entered the Tower of Glory. When he listened to the great
changes, he was completely dumbstruck.

In just two short days, so many major events had happened in the
outside world. Bestial Sage had died? Many Flux Sages had
encountered enemies, perishing one after another? And even Flux
Disciples and Flux Masters were being killed?

Li Yunmu, who possessed a sharp intuition, instantly became

aware that given the great upheaval, some great changes were
about to happen.

"Your Ladyship. I want to ask you about the Continental

Battle," Li Yunmu said with some hesitation. He had some
information about it, but it wasn't enough.

This was a grand contest organized by the six continents and took
place every three years. Flux Disciples and Flux Masters could both
140 Report
participate, and it was the great stage which gave rise to many
formidable names in the past.

However, since it was meant as a contest, then it was really just a

contest. Regardless of how majestic it was or how much attention it
attracted, it could only remain a show.

Yet after Bestial Sage's death, one after another many formidable
people met with accidents. Li Yunmu, with his sharp intuition, could
clearly sense that some earth shattering secret was certainly

Battle sages and domain sages from all walks of life were now
making their moves and secretly killing many sage level characters.
This was simply terrifying.

"Ehh… Normally, given your strength, you wouldn't possess

the qualifications to learn this secret." Battle Sage Vega paused
for an instant, then revealed a hint of information. "But this time's
Continental Battle is different, because Earth is going to
undergo a major transformation soon. You must obtain the
qualifications to enter the Continental Battle. This time, it
won't only affect the future situation of the Central
Continent, but can also prove to be a major opportunity for

When Li Yunmu left Vega Palace, great waves were surging in his
heart, which he couldn't pacify for a long time. Earth was going to
undergo a major transformation?

Battle Sage Vega hadn't revealed much, but her single sentence
allowed Li Yunmu to realize that something really major was going to
happen next.

It was no wonder then that sage level characters had made their
moves in such a short period of time. The secret concealed behind
the upcoming event was even more serious than Li Yunmu had
141 Report
Not only was it related to his personal growth, but would also
change the future power structure of the six continents and even
cause a great transformation in the current situation on Earth.

Earth… What kind of transformation was going to happen there?

Li Yunmu had a vague feeling that the aftereffect of this time's

transformation would not be inferior to the changes caused two
hundred years ago by the Dimensional Shooting Star falling to Earth.
142 Report

Chapter 223
Source: Imported

"System, gather all the information related to the secret

behind Continental Battle and the upcoming changes
to Earth."

The first thing Li Yunmu did after leaving Vega Palace was to order
the system to find out more about what was happening.

[Host, I have already started gathering the data pertaining

to this matter. However, I must remind host that you must
not have high expectations. There isn't much information
that can be gathered on the network.]

The system had already started to research and so already knew

that the results wouldn't be so great.

"Don't care about that. Even finding some hints will be

good, so set this matter as a priority."

Li Yunmu was prepared for anything, but this matter was just too
important to leave it to chance. The upcoming event pertained not
only to him but humanity as a whole. If he couldn't find
any information regarding it, then he'd be able to only watch
passively as the changes happened, unable to to affect them.

Li Yunmu, didn't want to be just a passive spectator. He wanted to

be the person causing the changes.

[All right,] the system replied.

After coming out of the Vega Palace, the female commander of

Vega Royal Guard brought a chariot. "Your Lordship Azure
Dragon, under the orders of Her Ladyship, I will escort you to
143 Report
the King City."

"What about transfer points?"

This female commander was called Zhang Wei. Her cultivation was
at Nirvana layer, and she was one of the most trusted followers of
Battle Sage Vega.

She was the commander of Vega Royal Guard, which had eight
female warriors besides her. The strength of each individual warrior
was at Temporal layer.

That's right, none of them was weaker than Lin Yuerou. Even in the
whole Central Continent, Temporal experts were as rare as a
desqilin's horn, but this was just the tip of a Battle Sage's profound
strength and nothing more.


"There is a little bit of a problem with Earth's spatial fields.

The transfer points can still be used for small distances, but
as for large distance transfer points, even Domain Sages
wouldn't dare to use them casually now," Zhang Wei said

Hearing this, Li Yunmu took a deep breath. Spatial fields had

become unstable? Even Domain Sages couldn't use the
points casually?

At this moment, Li Yunmu became certain that there was really

something wrong with Earth, now that he learned that its spatial
fields had become unstable.

Anyone who used a large scale transfer could get lost in a spatial
crack or maybe even be torn to shreds.

"Thank you."
144 Report
Li Yunmu forcefully kept his calm and bowed towards the female
commander. She had revealed a little information to him, which was
very important.

"It's nothing much, although I had a selfish motive in doing

so. Your Lordship Azure Dragon, if you find a female Flux
Disciple named Zhang Ting, then I request you to show
consideration to her."

The female commander took out a life saving jade seal and gifted it
to Li Yunmu.

"This jade seal can hold against five full strength attacks of
a Nirvana Flux Master, and before it breaks, it can teleport
you at a random location five kilometers away from your
original location. Please accept."

Li Yunmu was shocked inwardly. Abnormal, this jade seal is too

abnormal! It was several times more formidable than the jade coin
given by Lin Yuerou.

This was clearly a treasure which could only be refined by a Battle

Sage. Its final live saving ability of teleportation was simply
unimaginable. The treasure as a whole was extremely similar in its
use to the reincarnation tree in Li Yunmu possession.

When a reeincarnation tree was grown at some secret

The life-saving jade seal might not be as effective as the

reincarnation tree, but it was still an extremely formidable life-saving

Faced with such a life-saving treasure, Li Yunmu couldn't decline.

Since this item could save his life someday, he silently collected
it and asked, "Who is Zhang Ting?"

"This is her photograph. In the future, if your lordship sees

her in some difficulty, then I request you to show her some
145 Report
consideration. She is my little sister."


Li Yunmu didn't question the female commander about the gift.

She was a Nirvana layer expert, so it was surprising that her sister
might need any consideration from Li Yunmu, but who was he to
question her.

While the female commander was making her request, Li Yunmu

had gained some information, and he believed that the system
would've certainly gleamed some answers from it.

After Li Yunmu entered the chariot on the request of the female

commander, before long, he realized that the chariot had left the
ground and was moving through the air.

Clearly, this was an extremely strange runic chariot which was an

extremely precious treasure. Li Yunmu even had a feeling that this
was Battle Sage Vega's personal chariot being used to safely escort
him to Hanxia's King City.

His true protection wasn't the female warriors but the chariot itself.
Since it was Battle Sage Vega's personal vehicle, who would dare to
lay a hand on Li Yunmu?

The two mounts which were pulling the chariot also weren't
ordinary creatures. According to the system's identification, the two
mounts were sacred beasts - kamaitachis.

They were Seventh Dimension's extremely rare heavenly

beasts which could walk on air.

Even the beasts under the control of a Battle Sage weren't simple.

Li Yunmu suddenly felt that this world was indeed too large. He
was a Flux Disciple, one who could stand among the best of
them, but compared to the experts on Earth, he was still
146 Report

Li Yunmu closed his eyes to rest and muttered to himself, "It

doesn't matter, I just started walking on this path. There will
be a day when I will certainly reach the top of this world."

Given that he was the master of the system, he didn't need to

underestimate himself.

This time's destination was Hanxia King City, Azure Dragon

mansion. This place had been classified as Li Yunmu's official
residence, but he hadn't been there before.

Currently, he wanted to use Battle Sage Vega's power to see his

mother and father in the real world, and use the time before the
Continental Battle to regrow his father's limbs.

While Li Yunmu was moving towards Hanxia King City, the results
of the competition at the Tower of Glory were slowly spreading.

After Ye Qing had left everyone in the dust and became the first
one to cross the seventieth level, Zhongshan Anling came up second,
just minutes after him.

At the final moment, the fifth largest clan of Northern Continent

had fully displayed the enormous strength of their clan. If Chaotian
Sect hadn't been preparing for so long, then probably Ye Qing
wouldn't have been able to come out first.

The third person was Yan Xing, who belonged to the sect
of Extreme Devil Path.

At the fourth position, there was an upset! The person who took
this place was actually Devil!

This was a person who didn't have any backing. His result caused
many major powers to crease their brows. None of them had
expected that Devil would be able to clear the
147 Report
The fifth person was Qing Yue, Hai Yue's little sister. She was the
younger sibling of transcending power Seagod Temple's holy
daughter. Qing Yue herself might not be affiliated to a transcending
power, but the Seagod's people considered her as one of the two

Due to her coming out only fifth, Man Tian's group suddenly felt a
little pressure.

"The Earth is really on the verge of some major

transformation. All the major powers are making their move,
so this time's Continental Battle won't lack difficulty," Men
Shan said.

Even the most powerful characters in the six continents couldn't

think to achieve victory alone. Not only Man Tian's group but all the
other proud sons and daughters of heavens were feeling that the
situation now was extremely critical.

At this instant, no one dared to say that they would be able to

achieve victory.

The sixth person was Xie Qianxue, and the seventh was Ling

Despite having to confront members of many major power while

being rookie fluxers, these two disciples of battle sages had
overcome all obstacles. The other continents couldn't help but
exclaim in surprise. The Central Continent, which was considered as
the most powerful continent, still had such a profound foundation.

At this time, it was actually the Central Continent which had tried
to stop Chaotian Sect's plans most fiercely. Even the disciples of
battle sages were mobilized.

There was still one month left before the Continental Battle. No one
had any doubt that these two disciples of battle sages would make
148 Report
great progress, given that they had already displayed such
magnificent results.

Although one month's time wasn't considered a lot for ordinary

fluxers, but for disciples of battle sages, it was sufficient to allow
them to greatly improve their strength.

At this moment, almost every person coveting qualifications to

enter the Continental Battle was feeling great pressure.
149 Report

Chapter 224
Source: Imported

Ren Sujun came eight.

When many powers heard that Ren Sujun, a loner, had crossed the
seventieth level, they were left speechless. Just like Devil, another
loner fluxer without any background had crossed the seventieth
level? This was extremely baffling.

But soon, an anonymous poster revealed that ten days ago Ren
Sujun had been secretly taken in as a disciple by a young Battle Sage
from a Higher Dimensional Continent.

Instantly, this news raised a great uproar.

She was actually taken in as a disciple by a Battle Sage!

But why had the Battle Sage suddenly done that? The
requirements to become a disciple of a Battle Sage were high, very
high. Under normal circumstances, only those who had awakened
recently were accepted as disciples, not those who had already
established their foundation.

This was because a recently awakened disciple was like a blank

sheet of paper. A Battle Sage could then slowly lay
the proper foundation on this blank sheet. Yet Ren Sujun was not like
this. This was an extremely exceptional event.

Unusual, this was extremely unusual!

Before long, the ninth person also cleared the seventieth level—it
was Tyrant Jiang.

Ordinary people didn't pay much attention to him. Since he was
150 Report
the last person to clear the seventieth level, the limelight did not
shine on him even for a moment. But given that he had cleared the
seventieth level at all, his importance increased a lot in the eyes of
many formidable people.

This was not because of any other reason but that unlike Ye Qing
and Zhongshan Anling who had surpassed him Tyrant Jiang had
matured very quickly.

A year ago, he could only be said to have been a

However, just a year later, that was no longer the case.

He could already be considered as one of the Unhindered Flux

Disciples who could walk tall in the Fifth Dimension. This was
because he had accidentally inherited an innately formidable
bloodline at the Desolate Continent.

He was a rogue fluxer, but because he had obtained an innately

formidable bloodline and passed the seventieth level of the Tower of
Glory, he instantly became a person of high importance in the eyes
of many powers.

But no one had expected that just after he came out of the Tower
of Glory, he would be invited by a subordinate of Barbarian King.

As this news spread, all the people in the six continents were left

Tyrant Jiang was invited by Barbarian King? What did Barbarian

King see in him? What was going on here? Those who weren't aware
of the situation felt that all the recent events were extremely weird.

First, Devil who didn't have any background had astonishingly

outdone Xie Qianxue and Ling Shuang who were disciples of battle
sages and became the fourth person to cross the seventieth level in
this competition.
151 Report
After that, someone revealed that the female rogue fluxer Ren
Sujun had suddenly been accepted as a disciple by a young Battle
Sage against the usual tradition of accepting disciples.

And now, a subordinate of Barbarian King came to wait for Tyrant

Jiang to leave the Tower of Glory?

Desolate Continent's Barbarian Kings

However, at this moment, both Battle Sages and Barbarian King's

were recklessly taking in people as if it was a competition.
Immediately, the fluxers who didn't belong to any major powers
began to realize that something was afoot. The recent events were
just too unusual. It was as if the common conventions no longer
applied to the world around.

In fact, the events that took place in the next few days gave the
them even more reason for concern.

The next day after the competition, one after another, many
organizations and large clans sent their disciples and clan members
to clear the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory.

The number of fluxers challenging the tower had increased greatly,

rising to more than several tens of people. Among these, more than a
dozen challengers were already extremely famous.

None of these people were weak, but after being urged by the
organizations and clans behind them, all of them began to appear to
challenge the tower.

Every one of them had only one goal, and that was to clear the
seventieth level and become an Unhindered Fluxer.

On this day, among the several tens of tower challengers, the

people who finally cleared the seventieth level numbered a dozen.
Once this information came out, the entire
152 Report
When did the major checkpoint of the seventieth level become so
easy to clear?

Almost every person had this question in their heart. It must be

known that when the rankings were revised every year, if the
number of people who could clear the seventieth level reached ten,
that was considered pretty good.

However, the onlookers suddenly discovered that, one after

another, formidable fluxers continued to appear, like fish trying to
make the dragon's leap, staking their lives to clear the seventieth

On this day, many people cleared the seventieth level, but even
more nameless and obscure but extremely formidable people died
trying to do so and never came out.

It mattered not, though. On the day after, the situation became

even more crazy. Another group of core disciples from many
organizations and clans from the six continents appeared with the
seventieth level as the goal.

In a short while, even ordinary people began to feel that something

was odd—the major powers of all six continents seemed to have
gone crazy. In the background of all this, even the outside world
became more chaotic. Many experts were being killed one after
another by some mysterious attacker.

Even sage level powerhouses weren't an exception and were being

hunted down. Fifth Dimension, Sixth Dimension, Seventh
Dimension, and even on the plane of Earth, many formidable experts
kept perishing every day.

All the victims had one thing in common—they possessed some

unusual treasure which brought the disaster upon them.

Soon, many people noticed something. All the powers in the six
153 Report
continents were going crazy in their attempts to obtain extraordinary
treasures for their candidates

The goal of their actions was only one, to accumulate enough

reserves for their challenger to successfully clear the seventieth

This was crazy! The entire world seemed to have gone crazy!


At this time, Li Yunmu had already reached Hanxia King City and
arrived at the mansion assigned to him.

The Azure Dragon Mansion was quite large, its area crossing 3000
sq.m. Just the value of this mansion alone could allow an ordinary
family to live without any worries for more than ten generations.

Li Yunmu finally had the chance to meet face to face with his
parents and elder sister in the real world. Since he had also brought
Sacred Life Water and a Sacred Pill, his father's, Li Zhhongmin's, limb
regenerated, and he was once again back on his feet.

The entire family celebrated Li Yunmu's homecoming, and he

enjoyed the peaceful days with them. However, after only a couple
had passed, the female commander Zhang Wei reminded him that he
must return to the Fifth Dimension as soon as possible.

This was because Li Yunmu was being carefully monitored.

Even if he was being protected by Battle Sage Vega's personal

troops, the female commander still felt a hint of pressure. Although
her troops were extremely formidable, Li Yunmu's popularity was
more than their intimidation factor.

Zhang Wei was afraid that some power may act recklessly and
launch an attack, thus she reminded Li Yunmu to not dally.
154 Report
Li Yunmu quickly agreed to the suggestion, and under the
protection of the troops, he stepped into the transfer point to the
Fifth Dimension.
155 Report

Chapter 225
Source: Imported

It was completely normal for the female commander to feel

anxious. The six continents were in great chaos at the moment, and
even sage level powerhouses were at the risk of getting killed. In this
kind of predicament, what did one need to say about Li Yunmu's

However, as long as he returned to the Fifth Dimension, his safety

would be guaranteed. Yet Li Yunmu had underestimated the lunacy
of fluxers from all walks of life.

When he as an independent fluxer easily cleared the seventieth

level of the Tower of Glory, he naturally turned into the most coveted
target. The moment he stepped out of the small transfer point at
Setting Sun Garrison Camp, there were more than ten rainbow
crystal fluxers with formidable might waiting to ambush him

The powers behind the ambush had already gone crazy. They
surprisingly dared to attack within the garrison camp. The attackers
consisted of fifteen formidable rainbow crystal level fluxers who were
led by two Halted Fluxers.

Almost without giving Li Yunmu any time to respond, they attacked

with fierceness. From the enormously powerful crossbows hidden
secretly, one after another, volleys of bolts were shot, covering the

The attacks were being launched from two buildings facing each
other. The ambushers had installed the crossbows which shot
poisoned bolts on Li Yunmu.

However, they had greatly underestimated the power of a person

who had crossed the seventieth level just by relying on his own
156 Report
strength. They had also never expected that he had become a
human-shaped tyrannosaurus since they didn't know that his Great
Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets reached

In a split second, Li Yunmu's Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow

Secrets was unleashed in the face of great danger, and the projection
of a red sun appeared behind Li Yunmu's body.

The temperature of his surroundings instantly increased by several

hundred degrees as if the place was affected by hot magma. The
extremely toxic poison with which the bolts were laced immediately

And on the surface of Li Yunmu's crystal armor appeared Tyrant

Body Energy Cover.


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

One by one, the enormously powerful crossbow bolts ruthlessly

struck Li Yunmu's body.

"He will certainly die!"

Seeing this scene, the attackers couldn't help but get excited.

They had carefully planned against Li Yunmu's formidable defense.

They were certain that the terrifying penetrating power of the bolts
shot by the several enormous crossbows would pierce through his

However, the reality was completely opposite to their expectations.

When the bolts from the enormous crossbows struck Li Yunmu, he

didn't suffer the slightest bit of damage and remained standing on a
ground like a mountain.
157 Report
Safeguard, Admiralty Cover, King Crystal Armor, Tyrant Body
Energy Cover, as well as Tyrant Body itself!

The enormous crossbows with formidable penetrative power could

barely break the Tyrant Body Protective Cover, only touching the fifth
layer of Li Yunmu's defense. But Li Yunmu still hadn't used the
defense of Devil Dragon Bone Armor as well as heavenly world's
damage absorption, so how could he get injured?

However, since the ambushers had decided to deal with Li Yunmu,

they wouldn't stop at only one wave of attacks.

An enormous shadow which covered a large area appeared over Li



He stamped on the ground, creating a fissure, and like a human

artillery shell, he rushed forward.

Two deadly ambushes proved to be insufficient to kill Li Yunmu. He

didn't fly in the sky to dodge their attacks, either, but rather chose to
face them head-on. This would certainly provide him more time to
escape from the trapped zone before the large net fell on him.

Right now, Li Yunmu's flesh was extremely tyrannical.

So when he burst forth with speed, it took him less than a second
to reach the pinnacle. He was away from under the large net in a
heartbeat, and then launched a punch towards one of the Halted

"With such lousy methods, how dare you think that you can
kill me? All of you will die here!"

At this instant, the fluxers at the Setting Sun Garrison Camp were
shocked by Li Yunmu.
158 Report
They watched as his one punch filled with terrifying power and
incomparable might directly struck at the chest of one of the Halted


This Halted Fluxer who had been concealing his identity couldn't
even handle one punch from Li Yunmu. It broke through his crystal
armor and blew away his body protecting energy cover, crushing his

"Run!" The other Halted Fluxer turned deathly pale and shouted
loudly while fleeing.

They had been greatly mistaken regarding Li Yunmu's strength. He


"All of you ants, die."

The next instant, Li Yunmu kicked the ground and burst forth,
chasing behind the Halted Fluxer. Once he was close, he launched
another punch.

The second Halted Fluxer couldn't escape the disaster, either.

When Li Yunmu's punch struck his back, his flesh splattered

No one knew that the power contained in Li Yunmu's one punch

was so terrifying because it was actually the power of seven
punches. The onlookers simply couldn't tell the difference.

The fifteen rainbow fluxers who had thrown the net didn't dare to
confront Li Yunmu at this moment and dispersed in all four

But they were unable to run away. After killing the two Halted
Fluxers with two punches, Li Yunmu's shadow shook and divided into
six shadows that rushed out to chase down the fleeing ambushers.
159 Report
As for Li Yunmu himself, he made a grab in the air, and the
underworld raven sage bow appeared in his hands. He then closed
his eyes.

First arrow, second arrow, third, fourth, fifth, sixth… Regardless of

how quickly the rainbow fluxers were fleeing, all of them were killed
by the true sight arrows.

With his tyrannical flesh, the thunder arrows shot by the

underworld raven sage bow were like missiles.

They were extremely fast and filled with formidable might. Each
new arrow was more accurate than the previous one and killed its
target in one strike, regardless of whether they had flown into the
sky or entered the ground.

"Formidable Bow!"

"Formidable power!"

For a few seconds, Li Yunmu's

The person who had run the farthest had already crossed the area
of three miles, but he still couldn't save his life from the arrow. As for
the other six people, they were chased down and killed by the six
shadows in less than a minute.

After the rainbow fluxers were dealt with, next came those hiding
at the roofs of the two building. They also couldn't escape and were
killed by the six shadows.

One after another, heads of people flew into the sky, and in the
blink of an eye, more than fifty fluxers were slaughtered by Li

From the beginning of the ambush until the six shadows cleared
the battlefield, not even five minutes had passed. In such a short
time, Li Yunmu had killed all the attackers who had come to kill him.
160 Report
A minute after the terrifying group of attackers was cleared, the
people in the Setting Sun Garrison Camp finally calmed down.

"Hmph, Tower City's An family? A clan of some trifling

citadel dared to attack me. An Family, today's debt will be
paid in blood."

After collecting the spoils, Li Yunmu opened his wings and instantly
flew away.

Although the ambushers had done their utmost to threaten Li

Yunmu's life, but they were still far from being able to achieve their
goals. Li Yunmu's combat strength had already become monstrously
powerful. The power of his flesh had by now surpassed the everyone
from the Fifth Dimension.
161 Report

Chapter 226
Source: Imported

Using Wings of the Wind, Li Yunmu advanced toward the Moro

Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain with lightning speed.

By this time, the news about him being ambushed at the Setting
Sun Garrison had already been posted on all the online platforms of
the six continents.

"The An Family of Tower City has really low IQ, even

Chaotian Sect couldn't do anything to Li Yunmu, but An
Family still dared to create trouble for him."

"Good god, the current Li Yunmu is a human-shaped

monster. How can the power of his flesh be so terrifying?"

"Yes, given the tyrannical power of his flesh, when the time
comes for his body to enter the sage layer, I don't think he
will face any problems."

The video of Li Yunmu killing all the ambushers was quickly spread
around. When people saw how he swept through the ambushers sent
by the An Family with lightning speed, all of them were left
completely astonished.

"This Li Yunmu's strength is increasing very quickly."

Halfway throughout the video, people saw Li Yunmu's reflection

shaking once and six powerful shadows being summoned to kill the
fleeing enemies.

"Could these be the shadow clansmen from the true Sixth

Dimension? Surprisingly, he also possesses secondary flux
energy. This Li Yunmu has concealed his secrets too deeply,"
162 Report
some expert commented on the origins of Li Yunmu's shadow

Not only the veteran fluxer from the online platform, even Li
Qinghong, Lin Jian, and the rest of Li Yunmu's followers, thought that
his shadows belonged to the Shadow Clan of the true Sixth

However, how could outsiders know that these six shadows were
not related to the Shadow Clan?

"Reportedly, the troops dispatched by the An Family were

led by two Halted Fluxers who were ranked within the top
thirty, yet they were crushed by Li Yunmu with just one

"He didn't even use flux energy, simply relying on the

Many people mocked An Family for losing their brains and daring
to provoke this Lunatic Li. Yet when An Family heard about this
matter, they soon released an explanation that the people who had
attacked Li Yunmu weren't related to them.

When everyone heard this, a wave of shock passed through their


This was chaos! The entire fluxer community was in great chaos.

An Family hastily produced a lot of evidence to prove that those

people hadn't been sent by them. However, the wave of attacks
wasn't over yet. Suddenly, the disciple of Sword Sage Ling Shuang
also met with an accident.

She was returning to the Sword Sect when she was attacked by
three groups of masked attackers. This was on Earth, though, not the
Fifth Dimension.

Under the attack of the three groups, two of Ling Shuang's four
163 Report
junior sisters died. Ling Shuang also sustained injuries, but at the
most crucial time, she and the other two junior sisters used Sword
Sect's life saving seals to kill more than ten attackers and break
through the siege.

Reportedly, the highest level expert among the attackers was a

Temporal Flux Master. Furthermore, there were even two
Transcendent Flux Masters.

However, Sword Sect's disciples had many treasures to save their

lives. They relied on the formidable might of the Sword Sect's
treasures to kill more than ten rainbow crystal fluxers and one
Transcendent Flux Master before escaping.

Once this news came out, the whole world was left astonished.

One of those women were a direct disciple of a Battle Sage while

the rest were his sect's disciples, and someone had dared to attack

Although there was no video since the ambush happened in the

wilderness, Ling Shuang killing a Transcendent Flux Master still
caused many people to exclaim.

However, this was just the beginning. Before long, a news which
shook everyone spread

Those who attacked Ling Shuang hadn't expected that they would
infuriate a quasi deity level existence to this extent.

There was a secret organization located in the Higher Dimensional

Continent. In a single night, the whole organization which comprised
of more than 1600 people was flooded with corpses.

Lots of information kept being transmitted, but reportedly, this

secret organization's extermination was caused by Ling Shuang's
master Sword Sage.
164 Report
In half a day, he had crossed to another continent and
exterminated an enormous organization.

No one had thought that a Battle Sage's response would be so

fierce, but only a few people knew the real reason behind his fury.
Right then, whoever dared to attack Ling Shuang, would have to
suffer the rage of this terrifying existence.

However, even after Sword Sage's fury, the attacks didn't slow
down. While returning to the Snow Temple, Xie Qianxue was also

This attack would have even succeeded if Xie Qianxue hadn't

revealed her heavenly world. With the assistance of world power, she
was finally able to escape the calamity. Yet the two Temporal Flux
Masters and four Transcendent Flux Masters dispatched by the Snow
Temple to protect her were killed.

Xie Qianxue had her own heavenly world! This news shocked many

What happened next was according to expectations. When Xie

Qianxue returned to the Snow Temple after being injured, the whole
place was shocked. The Snow Temple then made a public
proclamation that they would certainly exterminate all the attackers
and offered an extremely precious treasure, which startled the
people to the extent that their mouths went agape, for anyone that
could offer information on the attackers.

The entire Snow Temple was now full of murderous intent.

In less than half a day, four Ordinary Flux Sages and one Domain
Sage were dispatched toward the Northern Continent. Furthermore,
Xie Qianxue's master Battle Sage

Sword Sage, Snow Sage—the fury of these two quasi deity level
existences kept burning the six continents for the whole day.
165 Report
But the attacks were still not over. On the third day, astonishing
news kept coming in one after another.

Xiye Hanbei was ambushed within the Fifth Dimension.

Reportedly, some secret organization had planted a large amount

of explosives on the route he had to take, which turned the perimeter
of several kilometers into a death zone. But Xiye Hanbei surprisingly
didn't die in the explosion. However, when he came out of the death
zone with serious injuries, he was attacked by four Halted Fluxers
and several rainbow crystal layer fluxers.

At the most crucial moment, an extremely formidable mysterious

person attacked and savagely killed the few Halted Fluxers, then
escaped from the scene carrying Xiye Hanbei.

Although this news wasn't as mind boggling as Sword Sage and

Snow Sage's fury, but within the Fifth Dimension, it wasn't one whit

The most powerful person of the Fifth Dimension had surprisingly

suffered serious injuries, and the enemy hadn't hesitated to use a
large amount of explosives.

But what caught the attention of people the most was the
mysterious person who had saved Xiye Hanbei. Who was he?

The attacks on Li Yunmu, Ling Shuang, Xie Qianxue, Xiye Hanbei

were just the beginning. After this, even Chaotian Sect's Ye Qing also
met with an accident.

He was ambushed by three secret organizations who'd joined

hands. The flux sage dispatched by Chaotian Sect to protect Ye Qing
suffered some serious injuries, then used some secret treasure of the
sect to flee from the scene with his charge. Their whereabouts were
currently unknown.

The provoked Chaotian Sect sent several flux sages and a large
166 Report
amount of Flux Masters to rescue them right away.

This was real chaos. The whole six continents were

For the several days after, the ambushes continued. When Tyrant
Jiang left the territory of Barbarian King, he was also ambushed, but
Barbarian King had been prepared for the attack and repelled the

There were, of course, some ambushes which succeeded. Extreme

Devil Path Sect's Yan Xing was ambushed by a formidable secret
organization, because of which this person who had recently become
an Unhindered Fluxer after clearing the seventieth level perished.

As for the proud sons and daughters of heavens who continued to

reach for the seventieth level in the past few days, some of them
also suffered ambushes. Many of these new stars who had just
become unhindered began to fall one after another.

Even then, many more powers still dispatched their disciples to

clear the seventieth level.

What is happening in this world? This question rose up in the

hearts of ordinary people and many fluxers who weren't privy to
secret information. As for Li Yunmu, the first person who was
attacked, he was completely forgotten as the news of astonishing
events kept flooding in every day.

Many people had already given up on the idea to attack him. Even
many behind the scenes actors realized that killing Li Yunmu was
even more difficult than killing Xiye Hanbei.

The reason for this was his absolute defense, the headache of
many would-be attackers. A large amount of explosives had been
able to harm Xiye Hanbei, but it wasn't certain that it would pose any
problem to Li Yunmu.

Yet even so, some people were unwilling to give up and entered
167 Report
the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain. There, they used all
sorts of underhanded methods to search for Li Yunmu's whereabouts.

However, they could only discover that Li Yunmu was nowhere to

be found. It was as if he and the six Halted Fluxers under his
command had vanished from the Fifth Dimension.
168 Report

Chapter 227
Source: Imported

"Xiye Hanbei and Ling Shuang were also ambushed!?"

At this time, Li Yunmu was leading his followers back into the
King's True Territory.

As he did so, the news from the online platforms continued to get
more and more explosive. Not only were numerous formidable
people who possessed some unusual treasures attacked, even
people who had cleared the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory
suffering attacks one after another.

It was obvious that the current situation on Earth was chaotic, and
Li Yunmu had received some information regarding it from Battle
Sage Vega.

He was thus certain that this was related to the spatial plane of
Earth becoming unsteady, even if he didn't know in what way.
Somehow the Continental Battle had to be the key to it all.

However, the information Li Yunmu had was still too little, to the
extent that it was difficult for the system to make even a rough
hypothesis regarding this situation. The system's ability to deduce
things was very formidable, but without sufficient information it was

Li Yunmu decided that he couldn't act passively now and had to

seize the initiative to act. After putting some thought into it, he
attempted to connect with Ling Shuang's stellarcomm.

The ring echoed for a long time, but no one picked up, and Li
Yunmu couldn't help but feel somewhat disappointed.
169 Report
However, before long, his pupils shrank, for he saw a small cyan-
colored sword suddenly cross over not far from him. This sword,
which was only the size of a finger, was emitting a cyan-colored light.

After crossing over, it flew towards Li Yunmu.

"Summoning Crystal Sword!" Lin Jian and the others cried out
at the same time.

After hearing the surprised cries, Li Yunmu became aware about

what this thing was. He seemed to have thought of something and
stretched out his hand to grab the small cyan sword with his hand.

Information flowed into his mind with Ling Shuang's voice echoing
in his mind. "Do your best in the Continental Battle and obtain
the descendant qualifications, be careful."

Continental Battle? Descendant qualifications? Be careful?

A thought

Descendant qualifications—these words carried the most

significance. They also contained a profound meaning. When he
heard them, it was as if the dense fog in front of Li Yunmu slightly
dispersed, revealing a huge door.

Although the fog in front of him was still quite dense, he had
obtained sufficient information to start moving.

"System, using descendant qualifications as the core point,

search for all information available."

Ling Shuang hadn't talked to him via stellarcomm, but used the
Summoning Sword Crystal exclusive to Sword Sect to relay him the
most crucial information. This raised Li Yunmu's spirits.

He was certain that this secret was one of the most guarded ones
in all six continents. If one used a stellarcomm to transmit it, this
170 Report
would open it up to leakage.

Everyone was using all sorts of secure communication methods,

and Li Yunmu had fortunately obtained one as well. It was his
Summoning Crane Crystal. He thought of something and then took it
out to input the information.

This time, the person he chose to make inquiries from was Lin

Before long, the red crystal crane returned back. However, Lin
Yuerou didn't have much information about this matter. In her
message, she repeatedly warned Li Yunmu that the upcoming
Continental Battle was much more important compared to all those
which happened before it. Moreover, the minimum qualification to
take part in the Continental Battle was to clear the seventieth level of
the Tower of Glory.

She reminded Li Yunmu to carefully conceal his tracks, because all

the powers on the six continents were fighting each other to obtain
the qualifications to enter the Continental Battle.

Although Lin Yuerou didn't know much about higher level secrets,
the information sent by her finally allowed Li Yunmu to realize
something. The reason why people were crazily ambushing each
other was surprisingly to obtain the minimum qualifications to enter
the Continental Battle, which was that a person must clear the
seventieth level of the Tower of Glory.


There was no doubt that without even knowing it, Li Yunmu had
already obtained the qualifications to participate in the Continental

When he combined this with the information sent by Ling Shuang,

he understood that obtaining the qualifications to participate in the
171 Report
Continental Battle was only the beginning. The descendant
qualifications which Ling Shuang had talked about probably meant
that only the victor would gain the right to fight for the descendant

Many questions arose from that line of thought.

What are those descendant qualifications? What the f*ck are they
actually? Is the cause of upheaval and instability in the Earth's space,
the appearance of a new dimension?

Is everyone fighting to qualify to enter this new dimension?

Gradually, an outline began to form in Li Yunmu's head, and he

couldn't keep his eyes closed any longer. He finally had an idea of
how to take the initiative.

"Wew, no wonder all the Unhindered Fluxers are being

ambushed. Or those people who have a powerful treasure or
two on themselves. It all makes sense now why all of them
are being killed in succession, including even sage level
powerhouses. The reason behind all of this is the seventieth
level of the Tower of Glory."

When Li Qinghong and the others heard this, they couldn't help but

Could the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory be cleared that


The answer to this question was no. Clearing the seventieth level
was like suffering nine deaths and still being alive. Among ten
thousand Flux Disciples, only one person could clear the seventieth

But right then, this threshold had been turned into a qualification,
so all powers in the six continents were crazily fighting over
resources. Due to this, everyone who possessed a powerful treasure
172 Report
which could increase one's chances of clearing the seventieth level of
Tower of Glory was being targeted by all sorts of organizations.

A single powerful treasure may not be enough to clear the

seventieth level, so everyone required a lot of external assistance to
influence the preparation of their young members.

This was one of the reasons which

Crazy, this is indeed extremely crazy.

However, given this craziness, the importance of the descendant

qualifications could be easily imagined. These people didn't hesitate
whatsoever, even attacking Battle Sage disciples to slightly increase
their chances.

In this kind of world, a person like Li Yunmu who had already

stepped over the threshold was naturally an even better target.

Overall, there could be said to be two reasons behind attacks on

people who had cleared the seventieth level. First,since they had
cleared the seventieth level, then they had to have some sort of
secret trump card. Thus, there was much gain to from killing them.
Second, killing each one of these people would reduce the number of
competitors by one. It was killing two birds with one stone.

When Li Yunmu and the others understood this crucial point, they
immediately realized that all Unhindered Fluxers were at great risk.

Probably every power of the six continent would want to get rid of
those Unhindered Fluxers who weren't related to them. This was the
reason why even though the female commander represented a battle
sage, she had still suggested for Li Yunmu to return to the Fifth
Dimension to ensure his safety Given the current upheaval, it
wouldn't be a surprise if a battle sage himself attacked someone.

Too terrifying!
173 Report
Only now did Li Yunmu understand the importance of obtaining the
qualifications for the Continental Battle by clearing the seventieth
level of the Tower of Glory. He suddenly surveyed his six disciples
with a strange gaze, which stopped at Li Qinghong and Lin Jian.

"Master, why are you looking at us like this?"

Lin Jian was somewhat intimidated by Li Yunmu's gaze.

"There is still a month and thirteen days left until the

Continental Battle. I was thinking that the two of you could
be trained to clear the seventieth level."

Once the six Halted Fluxers heard this, they were stunned.
Becoming strong enough to clear the seventieth level within a
month? What

Among the six people, even Li Qinghong, who was the most
formidable and had the most profound resources at her disposal, had
only been able to clear the fifty-fourth level and was unable to
advance any further. Lin Jian had reached the forty-ninth level, while
the remaining four were stuck at the forty-fourth level.

The difference between these and the seventieth level was just too
enormous. In their hearts, Li Yunmu clearing the seventieth level
without relying on any background support was already extremely

Yet surprisingly this wasn't enough for him and he wanted to train
them to clear the seventieth level? Master, you are too optimistic.

"Although all of you clearing the seventieth level with one month's
training isn't realistic, I have some certainty regarding the two of
you. Especially Li Qinghong who harbors the undying sage blood in
her body.

"We have the King's True Territory and the divine blood
king class dimensional beasts which are one of their kind
174 Report
supplements in this whole world. Who said you lot don't have
hope? Since those descendant qualifications can even cause
Domain and even Battle Sages to move, then this is an
opportunity which only comes once in a thousand years. If we
miss it, that would be a huge pity."

Li Yunmu roughly understood the whole situation. He took a deep

breath, and his expression grew even more firm. He decided that he
must now make an all out effort on this.

He had to nurture at least two of these six followers of his to

become strong enough. Otherwise, after the Continental Battle, the
strong would become even stronger and the weak would become
even weaker.

The people in the front would continue to move farther and farther,
while those who fell behind would see the gap in strength increasing.
He had to do his best, and not only put all his effort into it, but also
demand the same from his subordinates. Otherwise, in the future, he
would become really lonely once his strength greatly surpassed that
of others.
175 Report

Chapter 228
Source: Imported

"System, compare Xiye Hanbei and my strength. How great

is the difference?"

Li Yunmu firmly decided to compete with his full strength to obtain

the descendant qualifications.

But before he started his plan, he wanted to know, after the great
increase in strength a few days ago, how far he was from the most
powerful person of the Fifth Dimension?

There was detailed information about Xiye Hanbei's strength

online, so it was extremely easy for the system to gather a large
amount of data and provide a precise evaluation of Xiye Hanbei's

And Li Yunmu naturally wanted to use this as a benchmark to

determine the current level of his strength. Although he was quite
formidable, he knew that there was always someone better.

The six continents were extremely large and contained countless

Flux Disciples.

The descendant qualifications had now caused an upheaval in the

world, so maybe even more powerful people who had kept
themselves hidden would also appear. That's why if Li Yunmu
couldn't even reach Xiye Hanbei in terms of strength, then it was
meaningless for him to contend against the whole world.

According to Lin Jian, a person who belonged to Bladewood, if the

people from the six transcending powers also entered the
Continental Battle, then it would be really terrifying.
176 Report
Before this month ended, Li Yunmu had to increase his strength to
the level of Xiye Hanbei, otherwise contending for supremacy would
only be a disaster for him and nothing more.

The system paused for a moment and then replied, [According

"Three chips! This kind of difference means that I'm already

quite close, but there is still some distance left to cover."

Li Yunmu sucked in a deep breath.

One grade, one line, and one chip!

Difference of one grade meant that the difference between them

was of one whole class, which was extremely large. Difference of one
line meant that the opponent had clear superiority.

This superiority was evident, meaning it could be seen with a

naked eye.

The difference of one and a half chip was comparatively close. It

meant that both parties were so close that it was difficult to tell who
was stronger and who was weaker. A thorough confrontation was
required to see who would be the dominant one.

As for the difference of three chips, this meant that the difference
between the strength of two parties was quite thin, but it couldn't be
said that they were at the same level. Xiye Hanbei could still make Li
Yunmu eat dirt.

However, Li Yunmu wasn't depressed. How long had he spent

cultivating? The other party had already been doing so for several
years, while he himself was just a newcomer of this year. Li Yunmu
still had a month, so he was pretty confident that he would be able to
surpass Xiye Hanbei in that time.

He quickly entered his consciousness sea and opened the profile

177 Report
Experience points: 368,000 points.

Ability points:

Space elements: 17,630 points.

Blood fiend points: 370,543 points.

The accumulation of the four major resources was pretty good,

because the monsters in the Tower of Glory were extremely
formidable, and when he went into the higher levels, their numbers
also increased.

Thus, during the two days when he was challenging the tower, he
had reaped a large harvest. The experience points he had
accumulated allowed him to congeal the fifth and sixth female
shadows, which were named Li Mei and Li Lan.

By now, the requirement for congealing the next shadow had

reached one million experience points. The currently accumulated
points were less than half of that.

But Li Yunmu was convinced that if he continued with hacking in

the King's True Territory, it was like that he'll be able to congeal the
eighth shadow before the Continental Battle.

However, his main priority now was to use the large amount of
ability points and increase his strength by another notch. With 1.08
million ability points, he could upgrade any of his cultivation methods

According to the grade of his cultivation methods, the first to

advance should be the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow
Secrets. However, after experiencing the qualitative change because
of divine blood, it had already reached the thirtieth level.

If he wanted to advance it to the thirty-first level, he would have to

use 310,000 ability points. After he noticed that, Li Yunmu
178 Report
abandoned all thoughts of upgrading this skill for the time being.

It wasn't that he didn't want to,

On top of that, if he wanted to increase it to the thirty-first level, he

would also need to spend ten thousand space elements to purchase
the next ten levels.

This was clearly not the most optimal move!

The system had clearly explained it to him long ago that if he

cultivated the technique in reality, then he wouldn't need to purchase
the latter parts of the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets.
After all, the cultivation in reality was based on the principle that
where water flows a canal is formed, so he didn't need to spend the
space elements to purchase the latter parts.

This was the reason why even if he had only purchased the first
ten levels of Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, after
undergoing the qualitative change caused by divine blood, the
cultivation of the technique had advanced straight to the thirtieth

Thus, Li Yunmu decided that unless the number of shadows he had

reached a number allowing him to obtain a large amount of ability
points with ease, he wouldn't upgrade it with the system.

He could only accept the fact that given his current level of
strength, his supreme body refining technique was too high grade for
him. It was very difficult to advance it, and so Li Yunmu decided to
spend the 1.08 million ability points on Admiralty Cover.

At this time, his Admiralty Cover was at the

Li Yunmu's defense was certainly at the peak of the Fifth

Dimension, everyone in the whole world understood this. Among his
absolute defense, Admiralty Cover, this formidable damage reducing
cultivation method, was the cornerstone.
179 Report
Otherwise, even though Tyrant Body had reached a minor
threshold and was very formidable, without the damage reduction
from Admiralty Cover, its defense wouldn't be so domineering.

After making the decision, Li Yunmu didn't hesitate anymore and

threw all the points on Admiralty Cover.

Twenty-first level- 10,000 ability points, upgrade!

Twenty-second level- 20,000 ability points, upgrade!

Twenty-third level- 30,000 ability points, upgrade!

Thirtieth level- 100,000 ability points, upgrade!

In one breath, Li Yunmu used up 550,000 ability points, and

Admiralty Cover broke through the third major threshold. At this
moment, another new property was born. It was named Universe

[Universe Cover: Absorbs 30% of the enemy's attack and

reverses the natural laws of the Universe to turn it into one's

When Li Yunmu looked at the explanation of this new property, his

heart picked up speed. He had to say that this Admiralty Cover's
power was just too heaven defying.

Universe Cover could absorb the offensive power of the enemy's

attack, and not only did it absorb it, it even turned it into his power.
This would be a huge supplement when in a battle and make this an
extremely terrifying ability which would greatly increase his
180 Report

Chapter 229
Source: Imported

Damage Reflection, Safeguard, Universe Cover!

Li Yunmu thought for some time, then clenched his teeth. He still
decided to follow his route to the extreme and continuously upgrade
his absolute defense.

Because of this, he chose to retain Safeguard. After being

upgraded to the thirtieth level, it could already block 30% of the
incoming damage, which was then reduced further by 60% because
of Admiralty Cover.

The effectiveness of this damage reduction ability could cause

people's hairs to stand up.

If a hundred points of damage were inflicted upon him, then they

would first be reduced by 30%, leaving behind only seventy points of
damage, which would then be reduced by 60%. The final amount of
damage that that passed through Admiralty Cover would then be just
twenty-eight points. In other words, just by relying on Admiralty
Cover, he could weaken the enemy's attack by more than 70%. What
opponent wouldn't despair after learning of this?

Currently, the most formidable person in the Fifth Dimension was

certainly Xiye Hanbei, but the person with the greatest defense was
certainly Li Yunmu.

Perhaps his offense couldn't be compared to Xiye Hanbei's, but

when talking about defense, Xiye Hanbei couldn't claim any
superiority over Li Yunmu. This was why that number one Halted
Fluxer had been seriously injured by the large amount of explosives.

If it had been Li Yunmu, perhaps not a single damn point of
181 Report
damage would have been inflicted upon him!

In other words, his defense could only be broken by relying on

weapons with extraordinary attack power, like runic spears.
Otherwise, nothing could break through.

This was why the ambushers had relied upon a large number of
heavy crossbows to kill him. However, they hadn't expected that
after Li Yunmu's Tyrant Body attained the

"I still have 530,000 ability points, pour them all into
Admiralty Cover."

By now, Admiralty Cover had been upgraded to the thirtieth level,

and the damage reduction had already reached 60%. Since Li Yunmu
had decided to walk this path to the extreme, he then poured out all
of his remaining ability points into this unusual cultivation method.

Thirty-first level, 100,000 ability points, upgrade!

Thirty second level, 200, 000 ability points, upgrade!

After pouring three hundred thousand ability points, he could only

upgrade the cultivation method to the thirty-second level and attain
6%, raising his defense by a bit.

"System, what about now. What is the difference between

me and Xiye Hanbei?"

After advancing his Admiralty Cover to the thirty-second level in

one breath and Safeguard's damage reduction increasing after
reaching the threshold of the thirtieth level, Li Yunmu's defense had
increased explosively. At this time, he again asked about the
disparity between him and Xiye Hanbei.

[Only two chips. Moreover with host's current strength, an

opponent at the level of Xiye Hanbei couldn't threaten your
182 Report
The system paused for a moment, then added, [Naturally, this
hypothesis is based on the strength which he has revealed
publicly. If he has some additional strength which he has
concealed, then like before there will be a certain amount of
disparity between you and him.]

Li Yunmu nodded, implying that he already knew that. Everyone

had their trump cards, which definitely wouldn't be revealed to the
public. However, his aim for now was only to get close to the level of
strength which that man had publicly revealed. That alone would be

Because after this, he would still continue to increase his strength.

After coming out of his heavenly world, he

This time, Li Yunmu had prepared well. After continuously

increasing his strength, especially since his Tyrant Body had attained
the minor threshold and Admiralty Cover improved a lot, he wanted
to have another battle with the divine eight rainbow light devil king.

At the moment, they didn't have much time left. So he

immediately led everyone into the domain of the twelve rainbow light
king after passing through the plains where Ape Gods were roaming

This time, when everyone entered the plains, fifty or sixty Ape
Gods had gathered there. But because Li Yunmu was pressed by
time, he didn't command his followers to attack. He kicked the earth
and like a human-shaped monster rushed towards the group of
beasts by himself.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Li Yunmu shook six times and every time a shadow separated from
his body.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang
183 Report
With one person and six shadow as well as the Mist Fiend
attacking, Li Yunmu didn't even need to use flux energy and relied
solely on world power and the strength of his flesh.

Continuous punches of World Killing Fist ruthlessly killed more than

half of the Ape Gods. In a heartbeat, the rest of the Ape Gods who
were transformed by divine blood were left crippled and then were
brought into the heavenly world.

The number of Ape Gods in Li Yunmu's heavenly world attained

new heights, crossing more than one hundred fifty.

"Master's strength has increased again."


"You're simply a human-shaped killing machine. For some

reason, when I see master battling, I feel my heart
palpitating, like when I see Xiye Hanbei and Man Tian's

Li Qinghong and the others were greatly startled. In less than ten
days, Li Yunmu's strength had leaped up by a great margin once
again. Right then, even killing these formidable rainbow crystal
dimensional beasts which had been transformed by divine blood was
no different for him from slaughtering ordinary rainbow crystal
dimensional beasts.

Just by relying on the power of his flesh, he brutally suppressed

every Ape God, and soon, they returned to the domain of the divine
blood devil king.

If it had been an ordinary king's domain, then with Li Yunmu's

present strength, only the twelve rainbow light king would force him
to expand some effort.

However, this domain belonged to a king dimensional beast who

had been transformed by divine blood, and thus even someone as
184 Report
domineering as Li Yunmu could only survey the surroundings
cautiously from the distance.

"Master, wo aren't capable of handling phantom kings, let

alone divine blood devil kings. It's too dangerous."

When faced with the divine blood devil kings, Demon had already
become afraid.

As for Li Yunmu, he could now fight a divine blood devil king on his
own, and according to his estimations, each of his shadows could
also fight with a devil king. Mist Fiend could also be included in the
calculations now. With his current strength, he was also a devil king
transformed by divine blood.

However, underneath the mound on which they had established

their camp, there were three devils kings and twenty-six divine blood
phantom kings leading a terrifying amount of dimensional beasts.
They were all freely roaming about.

Everyone's intention of

Everyone's intention of attacking together was swiftly dispelled.

However, since Li Yunmu had dared to return, he naturally had

come prepared. He waved his hand and four runic spears weapons
appeared on the mound.

"Demon, Barbarian Niu, the two of you will be responsible

for these weapons."

Li Yunmu commanded without giving any leeway for hesitation. He

then made another grab at the air, and a small eight attribute yellow
banner appeared in his hand.

Once this small eight attribute yellow banner appeared, all his
followers instantly cried out in surprise, "Dark Flux Eight Spell
185 Report
"That's right, you're all pretty good. This is exactly that
Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner which cost me tower badges.
It's one of a kind item in this world."

Li Yunmu laughed mischievously.

This was another great harvest he had obtained from the Tower of
Glory. With his golden crystal fluxer cultivation, after the fiftieth level
the drop rate of tower badges in each level's small and big boss
rooms had increased significantly. When he reached the sixtieth level
and then the seventieth, the drop rate became even higher.

Thus, after rushing to the seventieth level to exchange for the soul
of Refining Pagoda, he still had another goal. It was to exchange for
the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner to conquer this King's True Territory.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have the confidence to be able to train his
followers in the short time they had to the point that they could clear
the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory.

After obtaining the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner, everything was
different. Regardless of whether it was the divine blood phantom
kings or divine blood devil kings or divine blood kings, all of them
would be killed one by one!
186 Report

Chapter 230
Source: Imported

Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner was similar to the Sungod Flame
Killing Spell of Chaotian Sect and could also be considered as an
existence worthy of entering a big sect's reserves.

Reportedly, many powers had their eyes on this Dark Flux Eight
Killing Banner, but since it required an unusually high amount of
tower badges and could only be obtained after clearing the
seventieth level, until now, no one had had the resolve to purchase

Because of this, Blade Overlord and the others hadn't expected

that their master would return with such an item. Determined people
were really fast and ruthless, without any hint of hesitation in their

Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner had eight types of dark flux flags, and
each of these represented a type of dark flux energy. They were
classified as Thunder, Wind, Heat, Ice, Earth, Demon, Flame, and

Each of the above mentioned dark flux energies represented a

destructive power, with thunder leading the pack. The only difference
between Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner and Chaotian Sect's Sungod
Flame Killing Spell was that it didn't need every person who operated
a killing flag to first cultivate the sungod flame energy.

It only required the eight fluxers operating it to possess different

types of dark flux energy. This was the reason why Li Yunmu had
chosen to exchange for it.

"I can control the flame flag."
187 Report
Li Qinghong who was clearly knowledgeable about this Dark Flux
Eight Spell Banner took the initiative to choose the flame flag.

"I cultivate the dark wind, I will take the wind flag," Devil
Monkey stated.

"I cultivate a demonic power, leave the demon flag to me,"

Demon took the

Flowing Cloud hesitated for a moment, then decided to reveal her

stand. "Although the cultivation of my sungod flame energy
has been abolished, I had secretly cultivated the freezing
dark flux energy. Leave the ice flag to me."

When other people heard this, they were left flabbergasted. No one
had expected that Flowing Cloud had not only cultivated flame
energy, but also the ice energy. Flame and ice were two completely
opposite attributes, yet she had been secretly practicing both. It was
clear that this woman's true abilities weren't that simple.

"My power is dark poison, so the poison flag is most

suitable for me." Underworld Hand moved to take the poison flag.

In a short while, five of the eight followers took the initiative to

choose one of the eight types of powers of Dark Flux Eight Spell
Banner. Yet there were still three remaining.

With a disappointed expression, Barbarian Niu gloomily said, "Ehh,

my Desolate Continent mainly cultivates the power of
bloodlines so I'm just here to buy soy sauce."

"I also haven't cultivated any sort of dark flux energy and
have wholeheartedly devoted myself to my sword. Seems like
I'm also here just to buy soy sauce, " Lin Jian said, smiling

"I will take up the position for thunder flag. Although the
Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner isn't complete as we can only fill
188 Report
six of the eight positions, but coupled with the runic spears,
we'll have enough offensive power."

Li Yunmu possessed thunder, flame, and demon types of dark flux

attributes, so he could occupy three positions by himself. Yet two
people had taken the initiative to fill two of those

Only six of the eight flags could be used at this moment. Although
this wasn't perfect and incomparable to the formidable might that
could be displayed by the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner at its peak, it
was aplenty right then. Li Yunmu and his followers didn't have high
requirements for the forbidden weapons. All they wanted was to be
able to f*ck their enemies.

Each of the six people became master of one flag and arranged the
killing spell stealthily under the ground. As for Blade Overlord and
Barbarian Niu, they were to control the four runic spears.

Everything was established perfectly!

Li Yunmu waved his hand slightly, and the six shadow appeared
behind him, holding six underworld raven sage bows and shot six
arrows in succession toward the several monsters roaming

The next instant, three divine blood devil kings leading the twenty-
six phantom kings rushed forward. Following behind them was a
large group of dimensional monsters, which varied in grade, ranging
from silver crystal to rainbow crystal.

These dimensional beasts who weren't king class might not have
had the chance to devour divine blood, but they were still no ordinary
monsters from the outside world. The different environment had
affected them, greatly raising their natural strength.

Looking at the several hundred monsters, the lowest of which

possessed the strength of a silver crystal layer, pouncing on them,
189 Report
everyone felt their backs turn wet from sweat. Apart from Li Yunmu
who had abnormal defense, if any one of them became careless, they
would lose their lives right here.

Since the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner lacked two flags

However, an item which required tower badges couldn't be simple.

Even though they could only operate the power of six flags, the next
scene still astonished everyone.

What was called a deadly spell?

It was power of higher level than what most formidable Flux

Disciples could possess. Ordinary Flux Disciples would never have the
opportunity to obtain dark flux energy, so there was no chance for
them to ever encounter such a spell.

If that wasn't so, then all the sects and major organizations
wouldn't view these deadly spell as part of their foundation.

The three devil kings were advancing at an abnormally fast speed.

The several kilometers between them was covered in less than ten
seconds, but at the moment they entered the Dark Flux Eight Spell
Banner's range, they went crazy, as if they were in a dream.

Although Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner had eight flags, each of
which was related to one attribute of dark flux energy, it actually had
another sort of core power. It was the power of illusion, which was
the core strength of this spell.

As long as one entered the effective range, the Dark Flux Eight
Spell Banner would produce a high level illusion.

Although the three devil kings were extraordinarily tyrannical, the

transformation they underwent because of divine blood didn't help
much in front of high level illusions.

When Li Yunmu and the others used the Dark Flux Eight Killing
190 Report
Spell and arranged the domain, the three devil kings entrapped were
faced an unprecedented crisis.

They felt like they had entered an

At this moment, when Li Yunmu saw the effects of the deadly spell
with his own eyes for the first time, he felt that he was extremely
fortunate. If he hadn't cultivated the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle
Marrow Secrets and Chaotian Sect's Great Sun Secret Technique,
which allowed him to become inherently compatible with the sungod
flame killing spell, he might not be here today. If back then he'd had
to rely on his strength alone to forcefully withstand the Sungod
Flame Killing Spell, he most likely would've knelt that day.


While the three divine blood devil kings kept running around the
illusionary valley in confusion, one of them took the initiative to
charge towards the ice flag corner which was controlled by Flowing

The next instant, enormous ice cones began to rain down from the
sky towards the devil king. After the first wave of attacks, everyone
outside could clearly see that half of the rainbow light on the devil
king's body had been extinguished.

Formidable power!

Once everyone saw this scene, they were all left astonished.

Just one attack had extinguished half of the rainbow light on the
body of a devil king. It has to be recalled that back then Li Yunmu
together with his four shadows had only been able to extinguish this
much of the rainbow light when he had attacked the devil king using
the twenty seven stacked strikes of Violent Blade.
191 Report

Chapter 231
Source: Imported

At this moment, Flowing Cloud had surpassed the power of the five
Violent Blades stacked together displayed by Li Yunmu and his four
shadows. She was capable of this because of the Dark Flux Eight
Spell Banner's ice flag.

However, it wasn't over yet. Once Flowing Cloud became more

accustomed to the ice flag's controls, she launched another round of

Suddenly, an array of ice arrows covered the sky. More than a

hundred missiles rushed toward the devil king.

Soon, it was no longer able to dodge, and out of more than a

hundred arrows, it was struck by nearly 90% of them. The formidable
might of this attack surpassed even the ice cones falling from the

This time, more than half of the rainbow light was extinguished
from the body of the divine blood devil king. The power of each ice
arrow was extraordinary, and although they couldn't be compared to
the enormous ice cones, their power was concentrated and thewere
much more of them.

"Ice Dragon Attack!" Flowing Cloud yelled out, and an ice dragon
took form. It was half a meter wide and ten meters long, and upon
appearing, it rushed straight for the devil king.

"Ice Dragon Attack!"

"Frozen Prison!"

"Frost Ray!"
192 Report
Flowing Cloud seemed to have gone out of control. She
commanded and incredibly large amount of deadly ice energy to
attack the devil king.

Since she cultivated the ice flux energy and flux skills related to it,
she had grasped two medium level killing techniques: Ice Arrow and
Frost Ray. However, with the assistance of Dark Flux Eight Spell
Banner's ice flag, she could unleash skills that she hadn't yet
comprehended nor had enough power for. At this moment, she didn't
even have to worry about exhausting her strength.

This was the deadly power of a killing spell!

Apart from Li Qinghong and Lin Jian who had experienced it before,
the others hadn't encountered such spells.

It was evident that this Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner which was
operated by Flux Disciples was only a small-scale deadly spell. It had
the perimeter of roughly three hundred meters. Yet even so, a devil
king like the one which had almost killed Li Yunmu before could only
howl fiercely when faced with the attacks from the deadly spell. The
craeture had no power to retaliate.

"System, gather data on Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner and

categorize it according to attributes and their killing power."

Li Yunmu became apprehensive and asked the system to analyze

the details of this deadly spell.

He could already see some of the outer threads. The crucial part of
this Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner wasn't the high level hallucinations
or illusionary sounds, but the shield that prevented monsters from
sensing anything.

With the terrifying movement speed of the divine blood devil king,
if it hadn't lost all sense of direction, then how could it have gotten
hit by the rain of ice arrows. While entrapped, the devil king simply
193 Report
didn't know where the attacks were coming from. Even its ability to
sense danger had been blocked, leaving it unable to retaliate.

Soon, the second divine blood devil king, which was also entrapped
within the valley, rushed toward Li Yunmu's thunder flag. Instantly, Li
Yunmu became extremely excited and began to attack crazily.

Once he began operating the thunder flag, he instantly understood

why Flowing Cloud had become so violent. At this moment, seven
deadly thunder skills appeared within his consciousness.

Heavenly Thunderbolt, Mad Thunder, Thunder Explosion, Thunder

Serpent, Thunder Hell, Heavenly Thunder Earthly Flame, and Thunder

Li Yunmu commanded with a thought, and instantly a Heavenly

Thunderbolt flashed toward the second devil king who had entered
the zone of thunder, but the attack wasn't too effective.

This was because there was

The next instant, Li Yunmu inputted even more thunder power, and
instantly, great changes occured in the surroundings covered by the
thunder domain. One after another, bolts of thunder flashed, falling
on the body of the divine blood devil king.

Because of this, one rainbow light was soon extinguished. Thunder

dark flux energy deserved its title of the most destructive energy. It
wasn't given to it without any basis. Before Li Yunmu tested the flag's
power, he did not think too much about it, but after trying it out
himself, he was left in shock.

He had roughly used up a percent of the thunder dark flux energy,

and the flag produced eleven Heavenly Thunderbolts. The power of
this killing spell was just too excessive, and its formidable might was
even being amplified by the amount of power Li Yunmu inputted.

"Thunder Serpent, kill it."
194 Report
Instantly, a bucket-sized thunder serpent, which was made up of
thunder energy compressed to its utmost, descended from the sky
and pounced toward the divine blood devil king.

"Thunder Hell."

This time, the scene became even more terrifying. The whole
thunder domain, including the sky, earth, and everything in-between,
was covered by a large amount of thunderbolts.

All of Li Yunmu's thunder energy was extracted within an instant

for this ranged type deadly technique. Once he unleashed it, the
phantom kings and other monsters which had followed the devil king
inside began to wail like ghosts.

By this time, the zones of other attributes were also activated by

Underworld Hand and the others. None of them had expected that
operating a deadly spell would allow them as Flux Disciples to display
this level of power.

The difference between the two realms of Flux Disciples and Flux
Masters was considered so enormous that even Xiye Hanbei wouldn't
dare to claim that he could bypass it and fight with a Flux

But right then, the deadly spell had accomplished just that.

An eight rainbow light devil king's strength almost reached the

pinnacle of Flux Disciple realm. However, at this moment they were
entrapped by the deadly spell and ruthlessly hammered by various

Still, the three divine blood devil kings were extremely terrifying.
When they only had two rainbow lights left, they went berserk.

These devil kings who had been transformed by divine blood

suddenly burst forth explosively. Both their movement and attack
speed reached a terrifying level. They exploited their berserk attacks
and attacked the maze within the valley, trying to get outside the
195 Report
deadly spell.

The formation regrettably lacked two spells. According to the

system's analysis, this resulted in some loopholes in the restrictions
on the five senses. And since they were there, in time, the divine
blood devil king's found the best locations.

They were the heat and the earth domains. These two positions
lacked someone controlling them, but they were covered by the four
runic spear forbidden weapons.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

Blade Overlord and Barbarian Niu used the deadly weapons in

unison, launching the four spears which finally crushed the devil king
that was trying to escape.

However, a second divine blood devil king was already there. It

broke out of the spell while the four deadly weapons were being



Bang! Bang! Bang!

With the attack speed of fifteen attacks per second, the berserk
devil king rushed to the edge of the deadly spell and began to attack
its protective cover.

Everyone's faces turned pale at this instant. None of them had

expected that after receiving the attacks of the deadly spell, these
devil kings would still remain alive and even come to threaten them.

The cover formed by the deadly spell began to shake under the
attacks of the berserk devil king. The see-through
196 Report
However, at this time, another eight rainbow light devil king came
from somewhere and attacked the first devil king, sending it flying.

Another divine blood devil king? And one with none of its rainbow
lights extinguished? Where did it come from?

The answer presented itself quickly. It was the Mist Fiend devil king
which Li Yunmu had obtained from the special dimensional box. This
creature belonged to Mist Fiend race like the others here, and it also
had been transformed by divine blood and had eight rainbow lights.

Instantly, the two devil kings forgot their surroundings and began
to battle fiercely. They had similar strength, but in the end, the
enemy devil king was torn to shreds after having extinguished four of
the rainbow lights of Li Yunmu's Mist Fiend.

A drop of divine blood floated into the air. No, there were three
drops, because all three of the devil kings had died.

One had died after being critically injured by the forbidden tools,
one had been killed by the Mist Fiend, and the final one had died in Li
Yunmu's thunder zone.

Thunder dark flux energy was indeed worthy of being called the
most powerful destructive power. Under Li Yunmu's control, it had
exterminated the third devil king.

Once the three devils kings died, there was no longer any
suspense toward the outcome of the battle. Even though there were
more than twenty phantom kings left, they simply couldn't break out
of the spell's field with their strength.

In an hour, the battle was finished. During this time, the Dark Flux
Eight Spell Banner had killed three divine blood devil kings, twenty-
seven divine blood phantom kings, and more than three hundred
sixty high level dimensional monsters.

The only thing left when the spell was deactivated was a large pile
197 Report
of flux crystals as well as thirty drops of divine blood!
198 Report

Chapter 232
Source: Imported

Thirty drops of divine blood!

Everyone collected back the deadly spell and looked at the thirty
drops of golden blood hovering over the ground!

At this time, Mist Fiend rushed forward with extreme speed. In

front of everyone's eyes, the thirty drops suddenly vanished,
disappearing into the divine blood devil king's stomach.

"What the f*ck!"

Barbarian Niu almost fainted. He was an evolved human from the

Desolate Continent and was innately compatible with formidable
bloodlines as well as possessed formidable flesh.

Divine blood was a treasure in the eyes of others, but not

extremely important for the group. However, Barbarian Niu did not
have the same feeling regarding it. Since he was was an evolved
human from the Desolate Continent, that blood was nothing less than
a heaven-bestowed treasure to him.

However, the devil king nurtured by his master had swallowed all
the divine blood in one breath.

"Uhmm, don't be anxious. There are still many king class

dimensional beasts left."

Li Yunmu also hadn't expected that Mist Fiend would act in such a
way. Before he could manage to order anything, the thirty drops of
divine blood were already devoured.

At this moment, if one didn't cut open Mist Fiend's stomach, there
199 Report
was no other way to get those blood drops out. It would be delusional
to think there was a way to make it spit them out.

"Yeah, right… Right..."

Barbarian Niu could only scowl miserably as he was forced to

accept the reality of the situation. However, Li Yunmu's words were
true. He didn't need to get anxious since there was still a lot of divine
blood to be obtained.

Everyone gazed at Mist Fiend with weird looks, expecting a

transformation after it had devoured more than thirty drops of divine
blood. However, nothing happened. No matter for how long they
observed it, there were no changes.

Even thirty drops of divine blood couldn't transform it to a

Apart from a divine crystal, they also harvested several hundred

high level flux crystals. Among them, there were more than two
hundred silver crystals, sixty golden crystals, and twenty-six rainbow
crystals, twenty-six phantom king crystals, and three devil king

After Li Yunmu collected the flux crystals, his gaze fell on Li


"Alright, I'll take the gamble."

She clearly knew that this was the time to make her decision.
Abandoning all hesitation once Li Yunmu looked at her, she firmly
decided to stick with her choice.

She instantly sat down, cross-legged.

The next instant, she reversed the circuits of seventy-two flux


A large amount of flux energy was emitted from her body. At the
200 Report
sight of it, the eyes of other followers went wide. Among the seven of
them, Li Qinghong was indeed the most formidable.

However, no one had expected that the master of Frightful Imperial

Spear would be so decisive. Once she decided to abolish her
cultivation, she immediately did it.

"Blade Overlord."

Li Yunmu's eyes fell on Lin Jian.

Blade Overlord took a deep breath and then, without saying

anything, followed in Li Qinghong's footsteps and abolished his

Li Yunmu also didn't say anything more. Under his command, the
six shadows entered the surrounding fields with the goal of hunting
down ordinary crystal dimensional beasts.

Within this King's True Territory, ordinary crystal layer monsters

were fewer in numbers compared silver crystal and above layer
monsters. But as long as the group was willing to search a bit, there
were enough of them.

Quickly, the three dimensional eyes who were on the lookout found
a not too large group of ordinary crystal monsters at a stone forest
on the west side. All of them were soon killed, which provided Li
Yunmu with seventy-nine

Li Qinghong had upper pinnacle grade innate talent, which was the
highest in the group. Her innate talent was two points, so when she
re-cultivated after abolishing her cultivation, she only needed twenty-
four ordinary crystals.

Blade Overlord Lin Jian had lower pinnacle grade innate talent,
which was three points. The total number of ordinary crystals he
needed reached thirty-six.
201 Report
Li Yunmu shifted his gaze and asked, "Barbarian Niu, what's
your innate talent?"

"I-I only have upper high grade innate talent, four

points,"Barbarian Niu said, feeling embarrassed.

Upper high grade innate talent could be considered as quite

amazing among normal Flux Disciples, but unfortunately for him,
within the group of Li Yunmu's Halted Fluxers, he would be ranked
among the least talented.

Apart from Barbarian Niu, all the others had pinnacle grade innate
talent. If that wasn't the case, they wouldn't have entered the top
twenty of the most powerful Halted Fluxers, none of whom were

"You're also counted as one of us, so don't speak nonsense

and immediately discard your cultivation," Li Yunmu said,
implying that refusal wasn't an option.

Originally, he wanted to slowly assist his followers in re-cultivating

in batches of two. The problem with that plan, however, was that
there wasn't much time left.

In only a month and ten days, they had to re-cultivate at a great


A light flashed in Demon's eyes. He hadn't expected that he would

be chosen by Li Yunmu to be among the first batch of people who
were to abolish their cultivation and re-cultivate. He immediately sat
down on the ground and crossed his legs, then discarded his
cultivation as Barbarian Niu had done moments ago.

The people who weren't chosen were Underworld Hand, Devil

Monkey, and Flowing Cloud. They were now looking at the four
people sitting on the ground and discarding their

None of them were stupid. They clearly understood Li Yunmu's
202 Report

Li Qinghong had a rarely seen compatibility with Chaotian sacred

beast's undying sage blood. She was also the most formidable
among them, as well as had the highest innate talent.

Li Yunmu placing the most emphasis on nurturing her was

absolutely normal.

As for Lin Jian, he was once affiliated with a transcending power.

Regardless of whether it was his experience, innate talent, or
perception—all of them were extraordinary. Moreover, he had left
Bladewood of his own volition and wasn't considered a traitor, so he
still had three flux cultivation battle skills from that transcending
power. He had also already congealed the framework of his blade
energy and had extraordinary battle prowess.

Thus, Lin Jian being Li Yunmu's second choice for nurturing was
also understable.

Barbarian Niu, however, only had upper high grade innate talent.
The reason why Li Yunmu had chosen him was because they were
currently in a King's True Territory which contained a surplus of
divine blood.

With this divine blood, he could not only discard his cultivation, but
also refine his flesh. It would be an opportunity for him to force out
his previous bloodline and gain something greater.

Although Barbarian Niu would have to pay a higher price when

discarding his cultivation than others, since he could refine his body
using the divine blood, he also stood to gain the most. As an evolved
human of the Desolate Continent, when he awakened, he could
choose a bloodline to strengthen his body.

This innate ability to refine a bloodline was unique to the Desolate

Continent. It didn't matter whether it was fair or not, since the
203 Report
transformation which created the change in the surroundings was the

Desolate Continent didn't have any Battle Sages, it only had

Barbarian Kings.

But the number of Barbarian Kings it had was much lower

It was difficult to say whether this bloodline refining innate ability

which provided them superiority in the early stages was a bane or a

For those with lower talent, it was probably a blessing. But for
people who had the potential to reach the top in the future, this was
a misfortune. The path of these evolved humans was even more
difficult than that of normal fluxers.

As for why Li Yunmu had chosen Demon, it was also because of the
divine blood. Demon's innate talent was slightly lower compared to
Underworld Hand's. If Li Yunmu had chosen purely on the basis of
innate talent, then he would've certainly chosen Underworld Hand

However, if seagod's people's innately awakened ability to

summon sea beasts was also included in the calculation, the choice
would become different.

Li Yunmu had already seen the sea beast which Demon could
summon. It was a powerful sea creature which could move both on
land and sea, which made it rare even among the seagod's people.
The reason why Li Yunmu had chosen Demon was naturally to
nurture his sea beast together with him.

As long as they had sufficient divine blood, Demon's sea beast

could definitely be nurtured into a creature transformed by divine
blood and wouldn't be much different from the king class dimensional
beasts of this King's True Territory.
204 Report
Underworld Hand, Devil Monkey, and Flowing Cloud naturally
understood Li Yunmu's thinking. None of them was a greenhorn, so
they found it completely fair that they hadn't been chosen. The
choices were made based on everyone's battle potential, so no one
had any complaints.
205 Report

Chapter 233
Source: Imported

In the blink of an eye, time passed and a month went by.

During this month, the upheaval in the six continents became even
more chaotic. More and more powers, clans, and secret organizations
did their utmost to enquire about the changes happening to Earth.

As more and more people obtained bits and pieces of information

about what was to come, all sorts of powers in the six continents
began to move. Even those which had concealed themselves in the
wilderness began to raise their heads.

One after another, formidable people revealed themselves, and

new clan chosen ones displayed their strength. Only at this time did
the normal people discover that there were numerous powers which
had concealed themselves on Earth.

Due to lots of powers acting behind the curtain and creating chaos,
Earth became akin to a person with their insides twisted. Every day,
someone would be killed, and every day, there would be ten or more
cases of revenge.

Even so, nobody stopped competing. Sometimes even the clans of

major cities would bet their everything in order to gain that indistinct
chance to be at the forefront of the upcoming changes.

Because of that, more and more people cleared the Control Line,
the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory. With varying methods and
external support, many managed to pass through this threshold.

In a month's time, starting from the time Li Yunmu's batch became

the first people to cross the seventieth level, probably close to three
hundred new stars with outstanding talents had obtained the
206 Report

Naturally, the number of Flux Disciples who had died for this cause
and would now remain for all eternity within

The majority of people who died were in possession of one or more

unusual treasures. They had come here full of hope, and each one of
them had something with which they expected to succeed. That
something was the reason why they had dared to gamble their lives
and various powers backed them.

"I'm really unlucky to have been born at the wrong time. If I

had known that such change was about to happen, I would
have suppressed my cultivation and grabbed this

This was the regret of a Flux Master who had recently ascended to
the Sixth Dimension.

And his regret mirrored the thoughts of many Flux Masters. Now,
however, the chaos happening on Earth was completely unrelated to

This time, it wasn't Flux Masters who took the leading role, and
neither was it Flux Sages, but Flux Disciples who were the lowest
level of power.

"This elder brother, could you reveal some information

about the secret behind the upcoming changes?"

"Yes, I heard that the major powers of all continents are

killing people in desperation. We ordinary fluxers do not seek
to compete with you, only to know what is happening."

On the online platforms of all of the six continents, ordinary and

mediocre fluxers were using all sorts of methods, even resorting to
begging, to find some information about the secret that everyone
was aware of but did not know what it was.
207 Report
But those who knew about the situation did not reveal anything. All
the people who had the

This was because they didn't want to attract more competition.

Even if it was extremely fierce now, it could always become worse.

Yet basically every person on Earth already knew that the struggle
was due to Earth being on the verge of some huge changes.

Every person knew that something was about to change, but they
didn't know what that change would be. They weren't explained in
what way would the future become different.

"Three hundred and twenty-six people. Not long ago,

another three crossed the Control Line!"

"Forget about it. By now, I've become thoroughly annoyed

by the notification of supreme glory announced by the fluxer
association. All these people who are crossing the Control
Line are nothing. Most of them were only able to do so while
relying on external support and aren't that domineering

Passing the Control Line originally meant that whoever did so could
go anywhere in the Fifth Dimension. But right then, with so many
people clearing the seventieth level, it had lost all of its meaning.

Thus, the fluxer community came up with a new and more

domineering title to describe people who stood at the peak of Fifth

That title was "Overlord".

Until now, those Flux Disciples who were considered to be

Overlords by the majority only numbered thirty in all the six

These thirty Overlords were publicly acknowledged as the most
208 Report
powerful Flux Disciples. To join them was even more difficult that
passing through the Control Line, which was being crossed by more
and more Flux Disciples lately. Those were considered to be
Overlords were seen as the

Included among them were people like Li Yunmu, Zhongshan

Anling, Ling Shuang, Devil, Ye Qing, and the group of people who had
cleared the Control Line on the first day.

As for Xiye Hanbei, Hai Yue, Man Tian, and people like them, there
wasn't any need to say anything, because they had cleared the
seventieth level long ago.

It could be said that this newly formed list of Overlords contained

the names of all the Flux Disciples who were seen as the most
powerful people at their level. Even those Flux Disciples who were
cultivating secretly were to be added to this list, the numbers
wouldn't change by much.

"Did you all notice that Xiye Hanbei, Man Tian, Li Yunmu,
Zhongshan Anling, Tyrant Jiang and the rest of them had all
not appeared publicly for a long time now."

"Oh yes. I noticed long ago that among the thirty

Overlords, apart from Ye Qing, Lu Bu, Ruyan Lanshi, and a
few more, the others seem to have vanished. Nobody can say
if they were assassinated or just are in hiding."

"That shouldn't be the case. It's more likely that all of them
are just secretly cultivating in the Fifth Dimension to prepare
for the final part of the race."

"Ha ha, I don't know about others, but in the past two days,
our organization has obtained information about three

"What the f*ck, is that true? In any case, is it related to the
209 Report
secret pertaining to the changes on Earth? This elder
brother, please keep on speaking, allow us to join in on the

"All right. Anyway, we only

"Dang, Devil still has the guts to appear in the real world?
Even sage level people are being killed now. He must have
enormous guts ."

"Then what about the second person?" someone asked


"The second Overlord is Ji Wuxin, someone saw her

entering the Higher Dimensional Continent's Bladewood," the
first person answered, continuing to flaunt his knowledge.

"Ji Wuxin? How is she related to that transcending power?"

In a short while, many people were left stunned. Ji Wuxin was

affiliated to War God Temple, but she had went to Bladewood at this
crucial time. This information shocked people. When someone
deliberately enquired about the matter of her leaving War God
Temple, the answer regarding it startled them.

"The third person is Li Yunmu. Yesterday, he had secretly

appeared in the Northern Continent with his followers."

When others heard this, they were instantly surprised. Li Yunmu

had also appeared? Wasn't he hiding in the Moro Mountain
Tenebrous Hidden Domain and cultivating secretly?

Many powers suspected that Li Yunmu's group had found some

secret region in the hidden domain. Many people had then entered
the hidden domain to investigate, bu apart from many corpses, they
didn't discover anything.

Today, though, many people learned that Li Yunmu had appeared
210 Report
in the real world. All of them found it extremely bizarre. Why was he
courting death?

It made no sense for him to return to Earth at such a dangerous

211 Report

Chapter 234
Source: Imported

It was known that Li Yunmu had appeared in the Northern


Naturally, the information about his whereabouts had been

deliberately revealed by his own self because he wanted to mislead

While people were discussing about the three Overlords who had
finally revealed themselves instead of remaining hidden like the
others, Li Yunmu had actually secretly led his followers back into the
Fifth Dimension.

"That's strange, when did this Devil enter Frontline

Heaven? He had been a rogue fluxer for so long, so when had
he formed such a relationship with the transcending power of
the Northern Continent?"

This was the reason why Li Yunmu had revealed himself in the
Northern Continent together with his followers and then quickly
returned back to the Fifth Dimension.

Together with his seven followers, he had been bitterly cultivating

day and night in the King's True Territory for the whole month,
besides showing outside today. The speed of their recultivation once
they discarded their previous cultivations was faster than he had

Most importantly, though, Li Yunmu's own strength had increased

greatly during this month. By relying on his own strength as well the
Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner and the runic spears, he had already
exterminated five divine blood kings' domains while also dealing with
a large number of divine blood phantoms and divine blood devil
212 Report
kings. Even the twelve rainbow light divine blood kings which could
give a fright to any Flux Disciple had been killed by him. Five of them

As a result, his cultivation had entered the pinnacle of the Fifth

Dimension, the rainbow crystal layer. Moreover, he had also obtained
five twelve rainbow light king dimensional crystals.

His twelve rainbow light king dimensional armor was finally

strengthened five times by the king dimensional crystals. It could
now truly display its superiority and extraordinariness.

Each time Li Yunmu strengthened the king crystal armor, he had

an option to improve one of five different areas. The first one he
chose was the brain region. Strengthening it meant that when he
adorned the king crystal armor, his brain would break through into
new grounds under the armor's effects.

Reflexes, eyesight, hearing, perception of other senses, intuition as

well as advanced judgment—all of these would be greatly upgraded
once his king crystal armor strengthened

In second place came his agility, which was mainly around the
crystal armor's leg positions. After strengthening them, his
movement speed as well as the power displayed by his legs would
undergo a terrifying transformation.

The third place that was strengthened was his power, which came
from the position of crystal armor over his chest. Heart was the
engine of the human body which transported blood through it. This
made heart the most important organ in one's body.

After strengthening this region, the crystal armor there would emit
radiation toward the body which would propel the heart to increase in
size, thus greatly increasing the output of flesh. Li Yunmu then could
also eter a state in which he would surpass the normal limitations of
his body. With his extremely formidable flesh, this kind of
213 Report
improvement would be displayed to the peak.

The fourth thing that was strengthened was defense, which was
around the torso region. Once the armor there was improved, its
defensive capability was greatly reinforced and became even more

The fifth thing improved was energy usage. All of the king crystal
armor was strengthened in general, so when it burst forth with flux
energy, its usage would be substantially reduced.

In the Flux Disciple layer, everyone had the opportunity at some

point in time to strengthen their armor in five ways. This didn't apply
to just king crystal armor but all of the crystal armor condensed by
Flux Disciples.

Depending on their strengths, different fluxers used different flux

crystals to do so. Li Yunmu had used only the twelve rainbow light
king dimensional crystals to strengthen his armor, wherein lay the
difference. Even if it was not explained in detail, anyone could tell
that the difference would be huge.

After the five strengthenings, the disparity between king crystal

armor and other flux crystal armor became even larger.

Thus, in just one month, Li Yunmu had not only advanced to

rainbow crystal layer, but also achieved his dream of strengthening
his king crystal armor. It really hadn't been that hard once he got
some twelve rainbow light king flux crystals.

He was fully aware that during the strengthening, rather than

choosing directions for comprehensive strengthening, it was better to
follow one path to the end. Thus, the

Since he had chosen to strengthen the heart region of his king

crystal armor, he could now surpass the limits five times. This was
because his body would be affected by the radiation from the armor
214 Report
over his chest.

After activating the first level, his power would increase by half.

Once he activated the second level, another half of his original

power would be added to his current strength.

If he activated the fifth level, which was the highest, his flesh
would become three times stronger than normally.

That's right, three times. It wasn't written wrongly before. When

the final state was activated, Li Yunmu's power would increase to
three times its original power.

The reason why he had chosen power was naturally to display the
dominance of his physical body to the peak. According to the
system's analysis, after he had completed strengthening his armor
five times, not only did his current strength overtake Xiye Hanbei's
strength from a month ago, it had even surpassed him by one chip.

If the power of the two shadows he had congealed after hacking

day and night in the King's True Territory was added to the count,
then Li Yunmu's current strength had surpassed Xiye Hanbei by a
whole line.

Although the disparity between them wasn't of a whole grade, it

was still a clear difference.

Even if Xiye Hanbei's strength had increased during this month and
his hidden trump cards were added in the calculation, Li Yunmu was
still certain he would have a chance to come out victorious in the
battle against the number one person in the Fifth Dimension.

It wouldn't be the slightest bit of exaggeration to say that he had

already surpassed people like Xiye Hanbei, Man Tian, Hai Yue, and
Zhan Wuya in a few short months.

This was the result of him persisting on following a path to the end
215 Report
and insisting on congealing a king crystal armor. The Flux Disciple
realm was known as a foundation laying realm. Every time he built
up his foundation, he would surpass others by a chip. When this
amount was added together, the difference didn't remain at just one
chip but increased to one line or even one or two grades.

That's why, from

At this crucial time, Li Yunmu didn't hesitate to reveal himself. He

was actually monitoring Devil at the moment. Although it would be
better to say that he was monitoring the Azure Dragon Leg Guards
that were in Devil's possession.

If Li Yunmu could kill Devil before the day of change and obtain the
Azure Dragon Leg Guards, he would then have three parts of the
supreme battlesuit and its power would be exceptionally terrifying.

The Azure Dragon Pearl given by Battle Sage Vega was the core
vessel to store the killing power of Azure Dragon. Because of this, it
was the strongest part.

Unfortunately, in the middle of his laborious chase, Li Yunmu

discovered that Devil had entered Frontline Heaven. Once he heard
that, he could only return back to the Fifth Dimension.

"Master, I just thought of something. I don't think that this

matter is a coincidence." A hint of seriousness appeared on Lin
Jian's face.

"Northern Continent's Frontline Heaven's Frontline God

also possesses two parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit." Li
Qinghong gave voice to Lin Jian's worries.

"You suspect that Devil had secretly gotten help from

Frontline Heaven?"

Li Yunmu was shocked inwardly. It wasn't only Lin Jian and the
others who had thought of this, but he had also come to suspect it.
216 Report
Why would Devil who had been a lone fluxer for ages now return to
the real world and secretly enter Frontline Heaven. Besides, given his
foundation, if he hadn't received favor from some powerful person, it
would've been very difficult for him to cross the seventieth level just
by relying on the Azure Dragon Leg Guards.

But now, everything made sense.

Gloominess settled over everyone. Northern Continent's Frontline

Heaven was a transcending power. It wasn't as formidable as
Bladewood or War God Temple, but it wasn't too much weaker than
them. After all, it was a transcending power of a whole continent, so
how could it be weak.

Given that Li Yunmu

Only if Li Yunmu willingly handed over the two parts of Azure

Dragon Deity Suit would the enmity between them be resolved.
However, not only Li Yunmu, even his followers would be against this.

In the current world, the five supreme battlesuits were extremely

important. There was almost no other treasure which could compare
to them, for even the five transcending sage tools weren't worth
mentioning in the same sentence.

For example, War God Temple's Battle God only had four parts of
the Barbarian Battle Deity Suit, but he was still publicly
acknowledged as the number one person in the six continents.

Although there weren't many people at the level of a Battle Sage,

when all of them were counted they still numbered to a decent
amount. The reason why Battle God was seen as the most
formidable, to the point of being acknowledged as the strongest
person in all of the sixt continents, was because he possessed four
parts of the Barbarian Battle Deity Suit.

Li Yunmu hadn't yet entered the sage layer, but he couldn't just
217 Report
hand over the opportunity to reach the pinnacle in the future. Even if
the other party was a transcending power's master, he still couldn't
do it.

A light flashed in Demon's eyes, and he fiercely said, "It's a big

trouble, but also a big opportunity. Maybe Devil will secretly
join Frontline God's group . If that happens, it'll be very likely
that he'll be in possession of three parts of the Azure Dragon
Deity Suit. Master, you shouldn't miss this sort of an
enormous opportunity."

Even War God Temple's Battle God hadn't yet managed to collect
all five parts of a supreme battle suit.

"Demon is right. What transcending power, master is

bound to rise to the peak in the future. We must capture this
opportunity, if Demon's words are right. If Devil has three
parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit with him, then we must
be ready to bet our lives for master."

Barbarian Niu's eyes turned red.

If master possessed five parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, his
followers would be like heavenly envoys at the side of god.
218 Report

Chapter 235
Source: Imported

"We should wait for him to return to the Fifth Dimension

before making our move."

A hint of fierceness appeared in Li Yunmu's eyes.

What Frontline Heaven, no obstacle could stand between him and

Azure Dragon Deity Suit. After all, in this whole world, only five such
suits were known to exist.

No one would miss this type of opportunity. Because of this, they

prepared to wait for the right time to ambush Devil. It was only
natural that Li Yunmu and his followers wanted to strike only when
they'd be sure of success.

After revealing his presence on the Northern Continent, Li Yunmu

quickly led his followers back into the Fifth Dimension without
allowing anyone else to find out about their whereabouts.

At this time, he had four followers by his side Li Qinghong, Lin Jian,
Barbarian Niu, and Demon. However, the presence emitted by the
four of them had changed completely. Although they had been
considered as extremely formidable existences before, they now
appeared to have become even more terrifying.

Their presence didn't lose to Li Yunmu himself!

That's right, if he didn't use the eight shadows, then Li Qinghong

and the others would definitely be even more terrifying than Li

During the last month, the four people of them had succeeded in
re-cultivating after discarding their cultivations. They had congealed
219 Report
their crystal armor again, and this time it was the eight rainbow light
devil king crystal armor which was only a step inferior to Li Yunmu's
twelve rainbow light king crystal armor.

Moreover, because the number of eight rainbow light devil kings

whom they had killed far exceeded the number of twelve rainbow
light kings,

Once those eight rainbow lights began to shine, there was no

longer any question who was more formidable. Li Yunmu, who hadn't
congealed even a single rainbow light, couldn't compare to them in
any of the fields like endurance, flux light cover protection, or flux
energy eruption.

This was the true benefit of breaking the cauldrons and sinking the
boats when they had discarded their cultivation and re-cultivated.

If a single line was used to describe them, then these four people
who had congealed devil king armor as well as eight rainbow lights
were actually equivalent to ordinary eight rainbow light devil king
bosses. But one had to keep in mind that hey also possessed
humanity's innate talent and wisdom as well as had grasped a lot of
high level battle skills and secret techniques which made even more
of devil kings than the genuine eight rainbow light devil kings.

If these four people could at most challenge an ordinary four

rainbow light phantom king before, then right now they were capable
of challenging a twelve rainbow light king. Of course, this was a
normal light king, not one transformed by divine blood.

This difference wasn't an ordinary one.

Li Yunmu had also provided each of them with a drop of divine

blood which they could merge with their body-refining techniques to
increase their strength by another notch. Although their body-
refining techniques were far inferior to Li Yunmu's Great Sun Tyrant
Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, after
220 Report
When Li Qinghong's devil king armor was successively
strengthened five times, she took the same path as Li Yunmu. She
strengthened the heart region, so when her explosive strength
merged with her body which had been nurtured by the undying sage
blood, the power of her offense reached an extremely frightening

She also improved her Frightful Imperial Spear's Killing Technique,

which joined with her explosive power made sure that she was the
most powerful among the group in terms of strength.

If Li Yunmu didn't use his shadows in battle, then even if he used

the World Killing Fist's world power, Li Qinghong's Frightful Imperial
Spear would still blow him away.

By then, Barbarian Niu had not only gained an even more

formidable eight rainbow light devil king armor, but had also
strengthened his armor in relation to defense. Because of it, his brute
force the greatest in the group, while in terms of defense, he was
only second to Li Yunmu.

Given that he was an evolved human from the Desolate Continent,

he had seen the greatest increase in his strength within this past
month. In just this one month, he had obtained a fire attribute dark
flux energy from a twelve rainbow light king whom they had killed.

He had also used the different body constitution and innate ability
of evolved humans to absorb nine drops of divine blood. On top of
that, using the blood essence of Mist Fiends, he had congealed a Mist
Fiend bloodline which had been substantially

Thus Barbarian Niu was currently even more powerful than Li

Qinghong. Based on the system's assessment, his strength was a full
grade higher than that of Li Qinghong.

Lin Jian had obtained demon dark flux energy from one of the five
kings they had killed. He had also refined his body using a drop of
221 Report
divine blood which had improved the toughness of his flesh by a
substantial margin.

The direction he had chosen for strengthening his armor was


After the five strengthenings, his Heavenly Blade Deadly Technique

had become filled with power and shocking agility. After he bitterly
cultivated using the blade intent whetstone Li Yunmu had given him,
Lin Jian's heavenly blade intent had become profound.

After successfully grasping a blade technique, he had become an

exceptional blade master who could kill enemies with a higher
cultivation than his. Not only was his blade fast, even the movement
speed with which his legs burst forth was terrifying.

The last person was Demon. The increase in his strength was the
smallest among the four of them. Because he had already been
cultivating a dark flux energy, he only received baptism by divine
blood which had substantially improved his body.

When he had to strengthen his devil king armor five times, he

didn't choose the brain region or the heart region, and neither was it
the chest region for defence or leg region for agility. He had instead
chosen to improve the energy reduction provided by the devil king

This greatly reduced the usage of his flux energy. Because of it, he
could now summon not just

All four beasts had been summoned by Demon and nurtured by

divine blood. Due to this, not only had Demon's personal strength
become even more formidable, he now also had four sea devil apes
whom he could summon. All of them had also been transformed by
divine blood and thus become much more powerful.

Although they couldn't compare to devil kings, each of these divine
222 Report
blood sea devil apes had the strength to kill people on the level
Chaotian's Sect previous six elites like Northern Black Wind.

When these four sea devil apes joined hands with Demon, they
formed a monstrously powerful team.

The four of followers had greatly transformed during the month.

Before they might have just come close to being considered as those
at the peak of the Fifth Dimension, but right now their names were
cemented among the ranks of Overlords.

In just one month, without any outsiders knowing about it, Li

Yunmu had nurtured his four Halted Fluxer followers into tyrannical
existences with the assistance of King's True Territory.

These four were his followers, but if they were to fight and Li
Yunmu did not use his eight shadows, the outcome wouldn't be a
pretty one. Although they wouldn't be able to break his defense, he
also wouldn't be capable of gaining victory over them. This was how
much they had improved in such a short amount of time.

"These two fifth dimensional armors are for you two. Merge
with them."

Li Yunmu took out two dimensional armors and gifted them to

Barbarian Niu and Demon.
223 Report

Chapter 236
Source: Imported

There were very few armors of this kind in existence, but Li Yunmu
had already gifted two of them to Li Qinghong and Lin Jian to merge
with their crystal armor.

Right then, since he had started focusing on nurturing Barbarian

Niu and Demon as well, he decided to gift them the armor, too.
Naturally, it wasn't that they couldn't do without it, but this was the
time for them to lay their foundation. The stronger would continue to
get stronger, getting farther and farther away from the weak—this
was an established rationale.

The dimensional armor he gifted to Barbarian Niu was the one he

had originally prepared for himself. It was called Hell Barbarian
Rhinoceros Armor and had been congealed from the corpse of a sixth
dimensional beast Hell Barbarian Rhinoceros which possessed
formidable brute force and defense.

Li Qinghong's Rainbow Bird Armor's focus was mainly on agility

with defense coming in second, while Lin Jian's Nine Phantom Fierce
Tiger Armor went solely for explosive power.

Unlike those, Hell Barbarian Rhinoceros Armor, which came from

the Sixth Dimension, focused on endless brute force and defense. If
the previous two armors were classified as fifth dimensional treasure
weapons, then this Hell Barbarian Rhinoceros Armor was considered
as temporal grade armor from the Sixth Dimension.

It was certainly more formidable compared to the previous two, so

it was clear how much Li Yunmu valued Barbarian Niu. The increase
in his strength recently was too abnormal. His power and defense
were equally terrifying, and if he merged with the Hell Barbarian
224 Report
Rhinoceros Armor, his strength would go up by another notch.

In the list of the thirty Overlords, Li Yunmu was certain that this
person would enter the top ten.

He then gave a fifth dimensional armor known as Abyss Tortoise

Spirit Armor to Demon. This armor focused on defense while its
secondary trait was its improvement in the wearer's five senses and
reaction power.

Once Demon merged it with his crystal armor, his ability to survive
would increase greatly.

"In the battle against Devil, I won't fight. Everything will be

up to you four. If the lot of you can't finish this assignment,
then feel no need to return to my side."

In the end, Li Yunmu gave his four followers the task of ambushing
and killing Devil and temporarily separated from them. He was
certain that his

Li Yunmu hadn't spent so much time and energy on nurturing his

group just to produce some ninnies; he wanted some capable
generals who could take responsibility.

Besides, the strength of these four people was more than great
enough for this task.

"Don't worry, master. We will certainly finish this task

before the start of the Continental Battle," the four sonorously
replied, their voices full of vigor.

Li Yunmu then went away by himself, leaving behind Li Qinghong

and the other three.

Once he was gone, a terrifying aura burst forth from the four
people. They had been considered as powers to be weary of in the
Fifth Dimension since a long time ago, but now they had become
225 Report
even more formidable.

In front of Li Yunmu, they couldn't act out as they were his

followers, but once he was out of their sight everything changed.

Among the four of them, Li Qinghong was still considered as the

most influential. This formidable woman looked at the other three
and said, "This is master's first test for us. There are only ten days till
the Continental Battle, so we must obtain the Azure Dragon Deity
Suit parts at any cost in that timeframe.

"We'll operate individually at first and use our private

resources to find the most probable location where Devil
might appear. After three days, we will gather here again."

The four of them left right away. They had been suppressing their
cultivation due to being halted in the Fifth Dimension for a long time,
so naturally all of them had their own methods to conceal their
strength, which they used at this moment.


While Li Yunmu and his group were secretly planning to ambush

and kill Devil, others were plotting to kill all Unhindered Fluxers one
by one.

Especially Devil, Ji Wuxin, and Li Yunmu, these three who had

recently revealed their whereabouts and appeared on Earth. Such
actions on their part caught many powers' attention.

All of the Unhindered Fluxers had become hunting targets, but

these three Overlord level characters had instantly attracted twice as
many berserk killers to come and attack them.

Temporal Flux Masters, Nirvana Flux Masters, and even some Flux
Sages had already began to hurry toward the territory of Bladewood
in the Higher Dimensional
226 Report
However, after several days of searching, the hunters had to leave
in disappointment. Regardless of whether it was Li Yunmu, Devil, or
even Ji Wuxin, none of them appeared again in the real world.

At this moment, Li Qinghong and the other three followers were

monitoring the movements of one particular person.

In the Profound Devil Valley, a male figure adorning black clothes

could be seen rapidly advancing through the huge valley. He was
using extremely nimble maneuvers to travel over the uneven terrain.

It was Nangong Gongzi, the person ranked third on the list of

Halted Fluxers. By then, he had lost his calmness from before and
was fleeing to save his life.

During the last couple days, he had felt someone's eyes on him. It
gave him a feeling of danger that he hadn't felt in a long time, and
his heart couldn't help trembling. He had never faced such a
situation in the Fifth Dimension.

After all, people who could scare him to this extent weren't high in
number here.

He had never put the new star flux disciples who had cleared the
seventieth recently or proud children of heavens in his eyes.
Although he wasn't able to reach the seventieth level, he was
extremely clear that it didn't mean that he was any weaker than
those Unhindered Fluxers who had crossed it.

Everyone knew that the majority of those people who had recently
cleared the seventieth level had done so not by relying on their own

"Who are you? Xiye Hanbei is recuperating from serious

injuries and truly formidable people like Man Tian or Zhan
Wuya are making their final preparations for the Continental
Battle, so who are you to make me feel threatened this
227 Report

Being a survivor as well as someone who had reached his position,

Nangong Gongzi's sense of danger was quite strong. In just several
days, he had already crossed several frontline camps.

But the feeling of fear within him hadn't diminished in the least. If
being truthful, it had actually grown strong.

He quickly hardened his heart and doubled his speed to rush

through the Profound Devil Valley even more quickly. All the high
level dimensional beasts which he encountered along the way,
including golden crystal layer beasts, couldn't make him pause for a

As this famed Gongzi Fan

Suddenly, it seemed to break through the critical point and attain

the peak. His body trembled suddenly, and he subconsciously
stopped, raising his head to look in front of himself.

On top of a rock, two kilometers ahead of him, the figure of a

female fluxer had appeared at some unknown time.

This female fluxer was wearing a multicolored battle armor and

adorned a multicolored battle helmet on her head. In one hand, she
held a five-clawed spear filled with dragon scales. At the back of her
skirt armor piece were five crystal feathers that hadn't yet been
pulled back, allowing her to hover in the air.

"It's you! And dimensional armor!"

Nangong Gongzi's pupils shrank. He recognized this female

wearing Rainbow Bird Armor and even more clearly recognized the
fifth dimensional armor faintly emitting the threatening sensation.

Not many people within the Fifth Dimension possessed some

higher dimension's armor, so how could he have expected it? It was
228 Report
out of his considerations that someone like her might chase after
him, then reappear right in front of him, suppressing him with ease.

"Nangong, long time no see."

Although the two of them were two kilometers apart, Li Qinghong's

voice still passed through the distance and entered his ears.

"Li Yunmu, good, good, Li Yunmu. He's already matured by

now, but how could a mere follower be able to suppress me
to this extent?" Nangong Gongzi lamented in a calm voice.

Even though Li Qinghong was originally ranked at the seventh

position among the Halted Fluxers, Nangong Gongzi had never
underestimated her. He was one of the few who knew that she
possessed sungod bird's undying sage blood, and she also had a
powerful heart. She had been very formidable from the start.

Many Halted Fluxers knew that she was bound to enter the sage
layer in the future—it was akin to common knowledge. Strangely
enough, though, Nangong Gongzi felt that the current Li Qinghong
had become even more formidable compared to her past self, even
though she was just standing still in her battle armor.

"You can't run so don't bother to struggle. I only want to

enquire about someone's whereabouts,"

"Haha. You chased me only to enquire about a person,

don't tell me you're also after Devil?" Nangong Gongzi faintly
laughed and suddenly battle intent burst forth from his body. "If you
want to know Devil's whereabouts, then catch me first."

He hadn't seen Li Qinghong for many days now. Although he felt

pressure from her, he was still the third most formidable fluxer. He
didn't believe that Li Qinghong could catch up to him.

However, right away, he felt a powerful presence on his right.
229 Report
Demon had been waiting around for a long time. His appearance
fitted perfectly with his nickname - a terrifying demon coming out
from the darkness while emitting a faint but savage demonic

"You won't be able to run, Nangong."

At this time, Lin Jian slowly walked toward him from the left side.
He was carrying the heavenly blade on his back within a wooden
sword box, but a profound blade intent was being emitted from his
body, faintly enveloping Nangong Gongzi.

The Halted Fluxer's heart leaped to his mouth. In the short time
these three had been gone from everyone's prying eyes, they had
become extremely formidable, especially this Blade Overlord. That
faint blade intent enveloping Nangong made him feel as if the
heavenly blade was poised to stab him.

Formidable blade intent, Blade Overlord already reached this

stage? Moreover, he and the others are just Li Yunmu's followers?

Such formidable followers!

"Haha, I'm also here. Senior Brother Nangong, I've been

thinking about you. Long time no see." At this time, Barbarian
Niu, who had become several times more powerful than before,
slowly walked out from the back.

"Barbarian Niu? You-you were the one chasing me from the

start with such a frightful presence! How could that have
been you?"

Nangong Gongzi felt as if the whole world had been turned upside

ly, he had been good friends with Barbarian Niu. They had
considered themselves to be friends destined to be always by each
other's side, so he knew well the other's strength. Barbarian Niu was
230 Report
only ranked at the seventeenth place among the Halted Fluxers, and
compared to that, he now seemed like a different person.

At this time, Blade Overlord who understood Nangong Gongzi the

best said with a sigh, "If you're still thinking of leaving with
your life and getting your revenge, then tell us Devil's
231 Report

Chapter 237
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At this time, Blade Overlord who understood Nangong Gongzi the

best said with a sigh, "If you're still thinking of leaving with
your life and getting your revenge, then tell us Devil's

He had the same goals as Nangong Gongzi; both of them were

living in order to get their revenge. The group's goal was to capture
Devil and not kill Nangong Gongzi, so there was nothing wrong with
giving him a way out.

"Good, good, good. If you want to learn about Devil's

whereabouts, then you must battle me."

Being the third most powerful Halted Fluxer, Nangong Gongzi

naturally had his pride. His rainbow energy erupted forth, and he
took the initiative to move toward Li Qinghong.

Lin Jian and the others didn't make any movements. They only
wanted to cut off Nangong Gongzi's path of retreat from all four

"Currently, you aren't my opponent, this is just a needless


A hint of battle intent appeared on Li Qinghong's cold face. The

next instant, her rainbow energy also erupted forth, and eight
rainbow lights appeared from her Rainbow Bird Armor.


The Frightful Imperial Spear which was filled with berserk flux
energy swiftly stabbed once. With just this one attack, the two fell
232 Report
apart. Li Qinghong didn't move even half step from her original
position, while Nangong Gongzi was forced to retreat eight steps in
succession because of her one frighteningly powerful strike. Even
when he managed to stop himself, he was still wrecked by a large
amount of energy shockwaves.


The rainbow armor on Nangong Gongzi's body cracked, and a

mouthful of blood

In the one month that he hadn't seen her, Li Qinghong had already
reached an unimaginable state.

Her sungod flame energy had become even purer and more
profound while her rainbow flux energy was now like a bottomless
abyss. With just one attack, she had injured yesterday's third most
powerful Halted Fluxer Nangong Gongzi.

"Dimensional armor, eight rainbow light king armor as well

as the terrifying strength of your flesh, I cannot believe…"

Nangong Gongzi felt like a wounded lone wolf.

He shouted out loudly, and the next instant he rushed with an even
faster speed toward Demon who was standing to his right. This man's
presence was the weakest in his group, and the disparity between
him and Nangong Gongzi had been the greatest previously.

When when Demon saw him turning toward his side to escape the
encirclement, he smiled coldly and continued watching like a
spectator. At this moment, the space in front of him twisted slightly
and two sea beasts stepped out.

Once these two savage beasts appeared on land, they immediately

opened their mouths and roared loudly. Then, under Demon's
control, they looked attentively at Nangong Gongzi who was
approaching them with their blue eyes.
233 Report

Nangong Gongzi saw the two ferocious sea apes pounce in front of
him, their eyes locked on his person. One of them howled loudly
while the other launched a punch at him. At this moment, the first
moved in and swiped at him with its armored claw.


After Nangong Gongzi received the two successive attacks, his


"Two beasts, impossible, and even if you could summon

two, how can they be so formidable."

Nangong Gongzi's face turned gloomy.

Li Qinghong had become even more powerful and so had Demon,

to the point that even he who was considered to be the third most
powerful Halted Fluxer had become completely powerless when
faced with him. It was as if no matter how much he struggled, he
couldn't catch up. He was definitely quite young, yet he suddenly had
a sense as if he was already past his prime.

Meaningless struggle, this was really just a meaningless struggle.

Once these four people surrounded him, regardless of who he

chose to fight, all of them would be more powerful than him by a
large margin.

"Ordinary sea devil apes can't be so powerful. These two

are divine blood sea devil apes," Demon explained, having finally
opened his mouth.

Barbarian Niu's then spoke up in a strong voice. "Nangong, you

and Devil are only collaborating because of mutual benefits. I
remember you showing me some consideration in the past,
so you should stop this meaningless struggle. We're not
234 Report
going to back off because we're handling a task from our
master whom no one can stop within the Fifth Dimension."

"What level has Li Yunmu reached?"

Nangong Gongzi lost all his strength at this moment, and his
shoulders drooped when he looked at the

The strength possessed by these four would allow each of them to

be classified as an overlord.

"Such enormous guts, you all sure are gutsy. Has your
master obtained a King's True Territory?"

"That's right, now walk. As long as you hand over Devil's

whereabouts to us, then as fellow Halted Fluxers, we won't
make things difficult for you," Lin Jian said.

No one knew about this scene that happened in the Profound Devil
Valley. And neither was anyone expecting that the Halted Fluxer
previously ranked as the third strongest would be easily captured
alive, without having any power to retaliate.

After several days passed, the chaos triggered by the heavenly

transformation began to gradually settle down.

The continuous flow of informations which appeared suddenly and

astonished everyone disappeared without a trace. There were no
more sudden news about some Nirvana Flux Master or Flux Sage
being killed by someone in the wilderness.

The heavenly sons and daughters who had crossed the seventieth
level of tower were also no longer being ambushed by other powers.
Everything returned to normal except for the Tower of Glory which
would still occasionally release the repeated notifications that some
person from some continent cleared the seventieth level.

But everyone had already become numb to this. Among the people
235 Report
who had cleared

There were three days left till the Continental Battle. Yes, only
three more days.

At this instant, in all the six continents, whether it were fluxers or

ordinary people, all of them had their attention focused on upcoming
Continental Battle.

Although the majority of people didn't know what kind of changes

would happen to Earth during the Heavenly Transformation, they
were clear on the reason behind all the chaos recently. It was for the
ticket to the Continental Battle that all the flux disciples and the
powers behind them had went crazy about clearing the seventieth
level of the Tower of Glory. All of them just wanted a spot and
nothing more.

On this day, nine people entered a death zone in the Fifth

Dimension which was usually avoided by all.

This death zone was called the Netherworld Death Zone!

In the Fifth Dimension, the areas labelled as death zones were

visited by few people. Even those whose strength surpassed the
rainbow crystal layer or who were Halted Fluxers avoided it.

The danger in a death zone far surpassed that of a hidden domain.

The most important thing was that these death zones were
enveloped by an air of death which didn't allow any living beings to

Those who entered a death zone had their strength suppressed,

and they would swiftly start feeling unwell. Besides, there was
nothing in those zones of benefit to fluxers, so those places were
automatically forbidden.
236 Report

Chapter 238
Source: Imported

"I really hadn't expected Devil's nest to be in such a place."

Li Qinghong surveyed the surroundings of the death zone while

walking forward. When she stepped on a dried bone, her multicolored
greaves crushed it to dust.

As the rumors had said, the aura of death in this region was thick,
and it made her uncomfortable.

"If Nangong wasn't leading the way, we probably would've

already gotten lost," Underworld Hand said with a sigh.

Death zones had attracted many powers at first. They would come
and probe, looking for something, but once they discovered that
apart from losing manpower, they learned no secrets or found no
remnants, they gradually forgot about them.

No one was willing to come to an extremely dangerous death zone

where they wouldn't gain anything.

"Are you certain that Devil is staying here now?" Lin Jian
asked solemnly.

There were only three days left until the Continental Battle. And
since the task to hunt Devil had been entrusted to them by Li Yunmu,
they had to treat it with utmost importance.

"I'm 90% certain. Once it became known that he had

entered Frontline Heaven, a target was painted on his back.
At this moment, he can only hole up here and wait for the
Continental Battle. Besides here, no other place could keep
him safe."
237 Report
Nangong Gongzi and Devil were neither friends nor enemies. Being
the second and third most powerful Halted Fluxers, they had formed
a strategic alliance and nothing more.

Devil naturally hadn't revealed this place to Nangong Gongzi. Yet

since the two of them had to meet up from time to time to exchange
information, Nangong Gongzi had come to believe that this was his
hiding place.

This was the reason why Li Qinghong and the others had chosen to
surround and capture Nangong Gongzi. Once they found him, it

"Then let's go. Let's move out early to avoid any accidents,"
Underworld Hand said cautiously. He had come together with Flowing
Cloud and Devil Monkey to join the ambush on Devil.

Because of lack of time as well as limited resources, they couldn't

discard their cultivation and re-cultivate for the time being. However,
their strength had still increased by a lot during this period.

This was because they had received a drop of divine blood to

nurture their bodies. Flowing Cloud had also produced sungod flame
energy after her cultivation of Great Sun Secret Technique had been
destroyed with the help of Li Yunmu's sun. Because of it, her strength
had reached its former state. In fact, after being refined by the sun,
her sungod flame energy had become even purer.

Among the seven followers of Li Yunmu, not one could be said to

be weak. If Nangong Gongzi was included, the person with the
weakest combat strength would be Devil Monkey.

Despite that, his strength could still be said to be much more

formidable compared to that of ordinary elite rainbow crystal fluxers.

The forbidden area may be an area of death for others, but for this
group, half of whose members had entered the Overlord class, it
could only be said to be a dangerous region. Their only fear right now
238 Report
was that after the information about Devil appearing in Frontline
Heaven might spread outside and many others would hatch plans
that were similar to theirs.

It was extremely probable that Devil had asked help from Frontline
God and received two Azure Dragon Deity Suit's parts for a time so
he could rise his chances when fighting in the Continental Battle.

In other words, it was highly probable that Devil was in possession

of three parts

At a piece of land not too far away from the group, ruined
skeletons began to push out of the ground after having sensed the
presence of the living.

At the beginning, they weren't worth much attention. But

gradually, as time passed, the group discovered that in the
boundless land around them, increasingly more and more skeletons
kept appearing. They formed a densely packed crowd which
surrounded the eight of them.

There were human skeletons as well as those of evolved beasts,

but even more were of all sorts of dimensional beasts, some human-
shaped and some extremely vicious looking. These nasty dead things
had all been nourished by the death aura of this forbidden region and
had gradually transformed into extremely vicious and dangerous

"Run, advance toward the depths of this region. These

zombies are extremely formidable. We cannot stay at the
same place for long, for if we get entangled with a large
number of them, we'll certainly die," Nangong Gongzi urged

After his words, the group quickly advanced forward, killing all the
obstacles in their path. Every person went on a killing spree in the
sea of zombies to create a path to enter the abyss.
239 Report
After a day and a night passed, under Nangong Gongzi's
instructions, the group finally arrived at a valley. The eight of them
raised their heads at the same time and saw a cave at the precipice
of the valley.

This cave was Devil's hiding place.

"He really made good use of the Azure Dragon Leg Guards.
If Devil didn't possess the suit's part which increased his
speed to an extraordinary level, then entering this death
zone would have ended in a disaster for him."

"Yes, that's true. No one would think that Devil might

Underworld Hand and the others frowned while surveying the

surroundings of the mountain.

"It is highly probable that he is in possession of three parts

of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit. How do you plan to deal with
him? If it's just by relying on your strength, then I'm afraid
that you won't be able to stop him. It's even quite likely that
three of you will die here," Nangong Gongzi said faintly.

Devil's strength was a line higher compared to Nangong Gongzi's,

while the most powerful person Xiye Hanbei was a grade higher than
Devil and Nangong Gongzi.

Although the disparity between the second and third powers wasn't
that high, a line's worth of difference still existed. And right now, if
Devil had obtained two extra parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit, he
would be even more powerful.

Nangong Gongzi really couldn't understand why Li Yunmu hadn't

come himself to deal with a matter of such importance but had the
confidence that Li Qinghong and the others could deal with it. Was he
still underestimating the might of Azure Dragon Deity Suit?

Soon, though, his thoughts changed. It was when Underworld Hand
240 Report
and the others took out a certain item.

"Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner!"

Nangong Gongzi sucked in a deep breath.

He was naturally aware of this extremely deadly spell in the

exchange list of seventieth level of the Tower of Glory. He just hadn't
expected that not only would Li Yunmu snatch the Refining Pagoda
from the hands of Chaotian Sect, but also have surplus tower badges
to exchange for this deadly spell.

Truly, what a monster!

At this moment, Nangong Gongzi had a growing sensation that Li

Yunmu couldn't be measured by normal standards. A month ago at
Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain, he had gotten an idea
about Li Yunmu's strength when

However, just after a month, Li Yunmu made him—formerly the

third most powerful Halted Fluxer—feel that he wouldn't be able to
fight back in the slightest when faced with him, let alone ambush and
kill him.

Devil, oh Devil. On that day, I suggested that you and I join hands
to kill this Li Yunmu there and then, but you missed the opportunity
because of your cautious nature. Now, you can only regret your past

Nangong Gongzi did not speak up.

With Underworld Hand and the others moving quickly, the Dark
Flux Eight Spell Banner was arranged in no time. Everyone took their
respective positions and began to wait for Devil to show himself.

At this moment, at the boundary of the death zone which no one

had been willing to enter for a long time, two people suddenly
241 Report
"This is the seventh forbidden zone. All ten of them in the
Fifth Dimension are shrouded by a strange power. Since
Divine Religion was unable to find Devil's location, apart from
the natural energy covering these forbidden zones, I couldn't
think of any other place in the Fifth Dimension which could
accomplish such a feat. "

Once these two males stepped into the death zone, they narrowed
their eyes and looked at each other. Both of them could see a hint of
astonishment in the eyes of the other.

"He's here, all right. My intuition is telling me that Devil is

hiding in this death zone," Xiye Hanbei said, smiling faintly.

"You're not mistaken. Since both of our intuitions are

telling us the same thing, then he is certainly here. Three
parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit... Ahh, as long as I Ge Ya
obtain them, I won't have to fear anyone."
242 Report

Chapter 239
Source: Imported

"Xiye Hanbei, and Ge Ya!"

On top of a mountain in the death zone, Li Yunmu was sitting at

the peak while the three dimensional eyes were monitoring the
border of the death zone's entrance. When Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya
took their first step into the death zone, the system's imagery scout
reflected the images in Li Yunmu's conscience sea.

At this moment, he was shocked by the fact that Xiye Hanbei had a
companion by his side. According to the data gathered by the
system, he knew that this person called Ge Ya was a divine knight of
Holy Spirit Continent's Divine Religion.

He had always remained low-key and wasn't famous, but he

actually possessed extraordinary strength. Reportedly, two years
ago, this Ge Ya had separated himself from Divine Religion for some
unknown reason. It was out of Li Yunmu's expectations that someone
like him would have joined Xiye Hanbei.

"Could the two of them have secretly formed an alliance?"

Li Yunmu pursed his brows.

Since the two of them had suddenly entered the death zone
together, Li Yunmu naturally wouldn't think of it as a simple
coincidence. Besides, even if he had entrusted the task of ambushing
Devil to his followers, it didn't mean that he didn't attach any
importance to it.

He had secretly entered the death zone and was hiding to monitor
the surroundings and prevent anything unexpected from happening.
Although, he hadn't actually expected
243 Report
Since Ge Ya had involved himself in this matter, it wasn't too
difficult to guess how they had found out about this place. Divine
Religion had an extremely vicious and dreadful ability.

Reportedly, their Scarlet Archbishops could use oracle-like powers

to search for people's tracks and predict their approximate position.
Since Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya had come right near the end, it was
clear that they had used this method.

Regardless of whether Devil had one part of Azure Dragon Deity

Battle Suit or three, Li Yunmu had to obtain them. He couldn't allow
anyone else to dip their fingers into this matter, even if it was Xiye
Hanbei who was considered as the most powerful person in the Fifth

"Go, block them."

Li Yunmu didn't move from his position on the mountain top.

Instead, after receiving his command, two devil kings behind him
flapped their devilish wings and rushed toward the two intruders.

That's right, during the month, Li Yunmu had killed a large number
of phantom and devil kings as well as twelve rainbow light kings,
thus obtaining another special dimensional box.

After opening it, he once again got a Mist Fiend egg which matured
with time. Thus, he now had two divine blood eight rainbow light
devil kings by his side.

This was one of the reasons for his confidence in dealing with the
people who had come here to mess up

Although the two devil kings had swallowed a large amount of

divine blood, they still hadn't transformed into four-winged Mist
Fiends. Even so, their strength right then was extremely formidable.
Unlike the devil king who had almost killed Li Yunmu the first time,
they were stronger by a chip because of devouring so much divine
244 Report

Soon, Ge Ya and Xiye Hanbei who had just entered the death zone
sensed incoming danger.

"Two eight rainbow light devil kings are watching us."

"Something is wrong here. Death zones don't have any live

monsters, their presence is due to some human."

Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya quickly noticed the enemies and felt

something queer.

Both of them were terrifying Overlords of the Fifth Dimension with

strength surpassing the majority of others of their rank, so how could
two devil kings stop them.

Everything happened swiftly.

The two of them separated. Each of them faced a devil king, and
the battle began!

However, the next instant, both of them suffered a loss.

Ge Ya's expression changed, and he loudly yelled to Xiye Hanbei,

"Be careful. They aren't ordinary eight rainbow light devil
kings, they belong to Mist Fiend Race, and it's extremely
likely that they've been transformed by divine blood."

This Ge Ya was worthy of being a person from Divine Religion. In

just one exchange, he figured out the devil king's, swiftly
remembering about Mist Fiends. Furthermore, once he saw the the
power displayed, he also

However, he was still a bit too slow.

It must be known that two upgrades ago, Li Yunmu had almost

died under the hands of that Mist Fiend. Although Xiye Hanbei and
245 Report
Ge Ya's strength was greater than his back then, they had been too
careless at the start and were now paying the price for it.

When the two of them exchanged blows with the divine blood eight
rainbow light devil kings, they immediately suffered losses because
of their opponents' savage attacks and terrifying attack speed.

Both of them instantly received a couple claw attacks which

cracked their crystal armor. The movement speed at which the devil
king's had rushed them made it seem as if they were teleporting. It
was astonishing, and so was their savageness.

"World Flux Fist."

In the end, Xiye Hanbei used the flux energy in his body and fused
it together with the world power of his two sun heavenly world and
punched heavily the devil king who was chasing him.

This one punch immediately caused Li Yunmu to stand up. The

most powerful Halted Fluxer, this Xiye Hanbei, had directly launched
a World Flux Fist which was surprisingly more powerful than his
World Killing Fist. If Li Yunmu's World Killing Fist was a technique
which emphasized fully bringing out the power of his heavenly world
and utilizing it to the extreme, then Xiye Hanbei's World Flux Fist

Still, it couldn't compare with World Killing Fist in fist intent to use
the world power to the extreme. In terms of fist intent and resolution,
World Flux Fist couldn't compare to Li Yunmu's World Killing Fist.

However, the explosive power of this fist put it at the top. As for
using power to compare them, as long as both fists were equally
formidable, than the victor could only be determined on the basis of
fist intent. However, whether it was world power or amount of flux
energy, the opponent was currently more formidable than Li Yunmu.

When Xiye Hanbei launched his attack, the surrounding space

seemed to cave inwards. The fist filled with pure power surprisingly
246 Report
almost crossed the limit of power allowed by the Fifth Dimension.

This one punch had almost attracted world punishment!

If Li Yunmu wanted to accomplish the same, he would've had to

unleash Danger Critical Strike along with all his shadows .


An explosion rang out at the edge of death zone as if a thousand

kilograms of explosives had been lit.

The two devil kings were ruthlessly blown away by the single

Of their eight rainbow lights, four were extinguished by that strike.


Xiye Hanbei coughed up a mouthful of blood. Then, with the

assistance of Ge Ya, he immediately turned around and ran away,
using the opportunity provided by his fist.
247 Report

Chapter 240
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Li Yunmu watched them leave with a complex expression, but in

the end still decided against chasing after them. In his mind, he
commanded the two divine blood devil kings to return to his side.

If it had been only Ge Ya or Xiye Hanbei alone, then he would've

used this opportunity to catch up to them. Li Yunmu was confident
that by relying on his two divine blood devil kings and eight shadows,
he could deal with one of them.

However, since the two of them were now together, Li Yunmu

couldn't make his move. He didn't have the ability to win when they
combined their strengths. Both the reality of the situation and his
guess were identical on this issue.

The strength displayed by Xiye Hanbei moments ago was thirty

percent higher than in the data gathered by the system from the
online network.

And Ge Ya's strength, which had astonished Li Yunmu, surprisingly

wasn't one whit inferior to that of Xiye Hanbei. Furthermore, both of
them still had many unknown trump cards in their sleeves, so Li
Yunmu didn't take the risk to attack them.

Currently, his main goal was to get his hands on Devil's part of the
Azure Dragon Deity Suit.

If he bgun a battle with Ge Ya and Xiye Hanbei without any reason,

it would untimely reveal his strength. Once he considered the
situation in this regard, it was clear that chasing after the two fluxers
would result in more losses than gains.

After ambushing the intruders, Li Yunmu made sure to calm down.
248 Report
He couldn't be careless now. In this large world, there had to be
many people like that duo before. Since Li Qinghong and


Ge Ya and Xiye Hanbei retreated quickly. After they were more

than ten miles away and were sure that the devil kings weren't
chasing after them, they finally stopped.

"Careless, I hadn't expected that we might be suddenly

attacked by two eight rainbow light devil kings. They weren't
simple Mist Fiends, either, but those who had devoured
divine blood."

Ge Ya's mood was pretty gloomy.

Since the two of them had been careless in their exchange with the
two divine blood Mist Fiends, those monsters had attacked with
terrifying speed and destroyed their armor, injuring their internal

Although the injuries weren't serious and only required a day and a
half to heal, the two of them no longer had the ability to return back
to the death zone.

"Who was it that intercepted us?"

At this moment, their hearts were full of astonishment.

If they hadn't been careless and considered that the two divine
blood devil kings might be controlled by someone, they definitely
wouldn't have lost.

However, now that they were injured, they were even more
anxious about being secretly monitored by someone.

"Forget it, seems like Azure Dragon Deity Suit and I aren't
destined together. Let's return back to heal our injuries and
249 Report
wait for our chance."

Both Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya abandoned the thought of intruding

back into the death zone. However, they hadn't renounced it
completely. They were fully aware that other powers would also be

And sure enough, after an hour, another power halted at the edge
of the forbidden zone. There was only one entrance into the death
zone, so everyone had to pass through the same place.

When Ge Ya and Xiye Hanbei discovered the newcomers, Li Yunmu

did so as well.

"This is the ninth forbidden zone. Apart from the ten forbidden
zones, I couldn't think of any other places which could hide him from
our oracles' knowledge.

"There are only three days left. If we don't sense Devil's

presence in this forbidden region, then we'll have to use our
best speed to rush toward the last one."

This time, many people had come, their number reaching sixteen.
They were wearing quite bizarre clothes, but the majority of
them—fifteen, to be exact—did not seem to be very formidable. This
was, of course, in contrast to Overlord class fluxers.

However, the leader-looking person, who was a youth with a

ponytail, appeared to be extremely formidable. His presence made it
certain that he was an Overlord class person.

"Higher Dimensional Continent's Bu clansmen…." A strange

light flickered in Ge Ya's eyes when he voiced the origins of this Bu
Clan. Currently, he was hiding with Xiye Hanbei in a distant forest
from which they could still see the edge of the death zone.

"Bu Clan! The appearance of Heavenly Transformation even

forced this mysterious clan which normally stays hidden in
the mountains to show their face."
250 Report
"According to hearsay, this Bu Clan has someone named Lu
Bu who shares the name with a famed battle general from
the time before the dark ages," Xiye Hanbei said with a hint of
seriousness on his face.

"That's right.

"That's right. The person who dares to inherit the name of

a great ancestor is either an ignorant child or a disciple with
formidable might. This Lu Bu isn't simple, but that's just
perfect. Let's see how that person who ambushed us will deal
with them."

A hint of happiness appeared on Ge Ya's face.


"Higher Dimensional Continent's Bu Clan? Lu Bu?"

At this time, Li Yunmu was being informed by the system about the
origins of the intruders .

Ordinary people couldn't survive in the dangerous environment of

the Higher Dimensional Continent. Those who could do so were all
fluxers, and only those those who had powerful combat strength and
formidable survival ability.

None of the fluxers who came from the Higher Dimensional

Continent could be considered weak.

Bu Clan was a clan which lived at one of the mountains among the
hundred thousand mountains of Higher Dimensional Continent, like
many other similar clans.

However, this Bu Clan was one of the largest clans there. It was
also one of the three wealthiest and most powerful ones, too.

Li Yunmu knew about this person called Lu Bu. Currently, he was
251 Report
on the list of the thirty Overlords and possessed a relatively
tyrannical strength. It was also said that he possessed a secret
technique passed on in Bu Clan.

"There's Devil's presence here, young master. I can confirm

that Devil is certainly in this forbidden region."

Once the sixteen people entered the death zone, one of them
immediately took note of Devil's presence, but Li Yunmu wasn't able
to discover what method these Bu clansmen had used to do so.

Quickly, the person from the Bu Clan made many reports in

succession, "Strange. There is also the presence of two

"There's also something abnormal on the side. I can sense

a faint but formidable presence concealed some distance
away from us. This person is also within the death zone."

Li Yunmu, who was monitoring their movements with the three

dimensional space eyes concealed in the sky, was forced to make a
new assessment of this Higher Dimensional Continent's mysterious

Just by relying on their secret technique, they had not only

discovered the presence of Ge Ya and Xiye Hanbei, but also his,
which was concealed far away from them, as well.

"Young master, it hasn't been long since Xiye Hanbei and

his partner's presences disappeared. I would guess that they
were forced to retreat before going in much farther."

The person from Bu Clan still continued to fumble about with his
ability and made a complete overview of the situation.

Once he reported it, the expressions on the faces of Bu clansmen

transformed, and even Li Bu's changed slightly. Xiye Hanbei and
another equally formidable companion of his had been forced to
252 Report
All of them were completely astonished by this information.

"Can you locate the person who is still within the death
zone?" Lu Bu coldly asked.

"I have already tracked him. He is roughly five miles away

from us, sitting on a mountain."

Suddenly this person seemed to have discovered something, for he

lifted his head. At the same, his eyes shrank.

"Enemy atta—"


Before he could finish his sentence, an object at an extremely fast

speed slammed into him, blowing him away.
253 Report

Chapter 241
Source: Imported

"Lao Bu!" Lu Bu loudly shouted out.

The secret technique user who had possessed extremely keen

senses wasn't going to provide any more information because he was
already dead. A black runic spear had penetrated his chest.

There was a big hole in his chest, revealing his already

disintegrated heart. He was clearly dead, without anyone being able
to do anything about it.

However, this hadn't been a single attack but a shower of them!

There were a couple more pointed shadows whistling through the

air at that moment.

Peng, Peng, Peng!

Three more people of the Bu Clan were blown away. Before Lu Bu

could look at his clansmen to see what was happening, he heard
another whistle, this one coming toward him at an extremely fast

"Runic Spears! They're forbidden killing weapons, everyone

quickly retreat from the death zone!"

Lu Bu suddenly moved, forcing all of the flux energy out of his

body. He raised high his huge axe and fiercely struck down in front of


It sounded as if explosives had just detonated.
254 Report
Lu Bu's figure was blown away, while three more of his clansmen

In a hurry, Lu Bu crawled back up and led the still alive but injured
clansmen in a retreat from the death zone. By then, seven people
from the troops he'd brought with him would never return home.

Outside the death zone, Ge Ya and Xiye Hanbei shouted out in

unison, "Runic Spears!" Once they voiced it, they instantly thought
of a certain person. Regardless of what was said online, they hadn't
expected that he might mature so quickly, to the point that he would
now be able to stand in opposition to them.

"This Lu Bu is also quite formidable, what a pity!"

Li Yunmu made the gesture to

At this time, the Ape Gods he had captured previously were

proving to be extremely effective. During the last month, a complete
year had passed in the King's True Territory, so Li Yunmu had already
tamed the three hundred Ape Gods within his heavenly world.

After binding their soul imprints, he had thoroughly turned them

into his heavenly world's guardian beasts. The result, the ones
responsible for launching the four runic spears were precisely eight
of these Ape Gods.

Lu Bu led his people out and retreated outside the edge of the
death zone.

He was strange, though. Due to the cultivation of some secret

technique, his flesh was quite tyrannical. He had surprisingly only
relied on his power and reflexes to forcefully stop the fatal attack of
the runic spear. Li Yunmu could only accomplish this after he had
cultivated his Tyrant Body to the minor threshold, from which it was
clear that this Lu Bu was a formidable opponent.
255 Report
Heavens only knew how many formidable people had revealed
themselves in this short period of time once everyone found out that
the Heavenly Transformation was looming over their heads. But Li
Yunmu had to capture Devil, so today, regardless of who came, he
had to stop them all.

Time kept passing during this deadlock.

Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya weren't leaving. They were unwilling to

accept defeat. If they hadn't been mistaken about the strength of the
devil kings earlier and gotten injured, they'd still be in their peak
combat state.

Higher Dimensional Continent's Bu Clan had nine people including

Lu Bu on the scene since Lu Bu was also unwilling to accept his loss.
However, seven

He led his people to hide in some place.

Before long, a third power for which everyone had been waiting for

The third party to come today was that of Li Yunmu's archenemy,

Chaotian Sect. Ye Qing led the newly elected five elites and slowly
advanced toward death zone. Besides them, there were two more
mysterious people with concealed presences following after them.

Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya didn't make any movement, and Lu Bu and

his clansmen acted the same. All of them sensed a hint of danger
from the two people following Ye Qing.

Even if they weren't sensing anything extremely dangerous, just

the hint of danger was sufficient. Since the Continental Battle was
about to start, these people didn't want to fight since it may lead to

Even the smallest wound wasn't acceptable to them. They wanted

to welcome the Continental Battle in their peak state.
256 Report
Ye Qing was about to enter the death zone when he took his foot
back and spoke up with his head raised toward the sky. "Haha,
interesting, the person who is acknowledged as the most
powerful person in the Fifth Dimension has been surprisingly
prevented today from entering the death zone."

Clearly, he had already discovered Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya. He also

suddenly looked at the hiding place of Bu Clan. While he kept fanning
himself, a smile yet not a smile appeared on his face.

"Seems like we have no need to hide."

Lu Bu came out of hiding with his clansmen and forward in a


It had been barely a few minutes since he had been injured by the
runic spear, yet surprisingly he had almost completely healed by
now, which clearly illustrated his body's constitution as well as the
marvelous effects of Bu Clan's healing medicines.

"Hmph, Chaotian Sect, what a coincidence seeing you


Ge Ya and Xiye Hanbei also walked out of the forest.

"Hehe, there are many clever people in the world. Seems

the lot of you and this young master were thinking the same
thing—it's highly likely that Devil has three parts of the Azure
Dragon Deity Suits in his possession. Why don't we three join
hands and divide the three parts among us?" one of the five
elites suggested while laughing.

Lu Bu glanced at the elite disciple who was standing behind Ye

Qing, then turned away while saying coldly, "Here… you don't
have the qualifications to speak!"

257 Report
The five elites of Chaotian Sect spoke up simultaneously, but in the
end, resisted the temptation to say anything.

"Chaotian Sect is going lower and lower. A majestic upper

tier sect appointed some women as elites just because they
are beautiful. Ye Qing, your ancestor has been truly
considerate of you."

Ge Ya mischievously laughed, while his gaze kept moving over the

bodies of the elite disciples without any restraint.

Ye Qing found it unsightly, but he didn't flare up and indifferently

said, "Ge Ya, I didn't expect a deserter of Divine Religion like
you to join hands with Xiye Hanbei."

"Since we've all come for Devil, then let's not create
internal strike and let another take advantage of us. Using
our tongues unnecessarily would only create
misunderstandings, allowing the person inside to grow even

"Ehh, don't tell me, you know who's the person inside that attacked

A baleful and threatening aura rose from Lu Bu, and a hint of

ruthlessness flashed through his eyes.

"If my guess isn't wrong, the man inside is Li Yunmu."

While Ye Qing heard that name, his breath became somewhat


Hate consumed him. He deeply hated this person.

However, Li Yunmu had already matured enough to make him and

Chaotian Sect feel pressure.

"That's right, our guess should be right. It can only be him.

After all, he is the only one who has runic spears," Xiye Hanbei
258 Report
said indifferently.

When the three sides heard the name of a forbidden weapon, their
hearts sank gloomily.

Li Yunmu was a trifling matter. If the three of them joined hands,

then he certainly wouldn't be able to stop them. However, one of the
ten forbidden weapons, the runic spear, gave them all a fright.

Moreover, the opponent had not one but four of them under his

Everyone was filled with resentment. That Lower Flux Sage of the
fluxer association must've been possessed to break such a big taboo
and use four forbidden weapons to try and capture Li Yunmu.

After all, his opponent had snatched all of them, turning them all
into a major assistant on his road to success.

"What can we do. The death zone is shrouded in death aura

all the time which greatly suppresses our senses. Even if join
hands and intrude, we still won't be able to easily deal with
the forbidden weapons."

Since one side had a superior location and had prepared in

advance, even if its attackers joined hands which would give them
superiority in numbers and power, none of them wanted to take the
risk. Since the Continental Battle was just around the corner, who
would dare to be reckless?
259 Report

Chapter 242
Source: Imported

No one was willing to take the risk. If the location had been
different, then although the forbidden weapons would still remain
terrifying, all these Overlords could evade them with their speed. The
weapons would simply be unable to lock upon them. If that was the
case, they'd have a good chance to win.

However, in the death zone, everyone's senses were suppressed.

They basically couldn't respond in advance and dodge, so they were
unwilling to take the risk.

In the end, the three parties chose to conceal themselves and

calmly wait for an opportunity.

The four Overlords were convinced that since they were able to
guess that Devil was in one of the ten forbidden zones, then there
would be other powers in the six continents who would have guessed
as well and thus come in search of him.

Their guess soon turned out to be right. A fourth power arrived

when the night began to fall on the land.

"Extreme Devil Path sect's Yan Xing!"

When the four recognized the fourth power, they were all faintly
startled inside. What a great strategy! Surprisingly Yan Xing was still

Rumors said that he had perished in an ambush. Because of that,

no one expected to suddenly see him roaming here a few days
before the Continental Battle. Or that he might have also thought
about catching Devil who was very likely to be in possession of three
Azure Dragon Deity Suit parts.
260 Report
The Extreme Devil Path sect had sent many people, and each of
them had two large swords crossed on their back. All the people also
seemed to be walking forward in a special pattern.

Clearly, the Extreme Devil Path's Yan Xing hadn't come alone but
had also prepared the Extreme Devil Killing Spell of their sect.

This time, none of the three sides in hiding nearby made any
movements. All of them felt that if they met up now, the battle
between them couldn't be avoided. And if they faced off against each
other, no one could tell what the outcome would be.

At this moment, few people outside knew that

Now that all these powers had come together, the scene could
detonate at any moment.

The people of Extreme Devil Path were left baffled by Yan Xing's
lead. After bursting in without any knowledge, he soon cautiously led
them back. This was because he had quickly discovered something
strange. At the entrance of the death zone, there were clear traces of
a recent battle.

There were remnants of formidable presences around as well. The

people of Extreme Devil Path weren't stupid. They quickly retreated
and chose a location to hide, deciding to calmly observe the situation
for the time being.

Since someone had already rushed in before them, then even if

they were careful, they might not be able to avoid danger. Hence,
Extreme Devil Path also decided to use someone else as cannon
fodder to see what the situation inside was?

Under these circumstances, a fifth power also arrived.

A group of extremely muscular barbarians dressed uniformly soon

came up to the entrance to the death zone. The leader's powerful
presence was through the heavens, and he had an enormous body
261 Report
stature that resembled a giant's, reaching a height of three meters.

Under his command, there were eight formidable barbarian people

who were holding wheel-shaped battle axes. Their presences were
threatening, and their copper skin was painted with all sorts of
different marks. Each of them was at least 2.5 meters tall.

This group of people stepped inside while emitting terrifying killing


"It's Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Wuhang."

Once this person appeared, not only did the first four groups
suddenly feel apprehensive, even Li Yunmu narrowed his eyes.

Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Wuhang was the grandson of one of the

four Barbarian Kings and also someone who had entered the list of
Overlords. In fact, he was considered among the forerunners on the

The enormous strength of his body could be considered as

peerlessly powerful. According to rumors, since the time Mammoth
Barbarian Clan's Wuhang was born, Barbarian King Huang had
focused on nurturing

He had been secretly cultivating in the depths of a mountain forest

in the Desolate Continent and had never revealed himself, until
recently. Due to the Heavenly Transformation, he was forced to
appear in front of the eyes of the masses and easily cleared the
seventy-second level of the Tower of Glory in one breath.

Although his combat strength hadn't been surveyed because of the

lack of first-hand authentic material, this Mammoth Barbarian Clan's
Wuhang was considered to be one of the three most dangerous

From this, the profoundness of his yet unknown strength could be

clearly seen. The majority of powerful people even claimed that
262 Report
Mammoth Barbarian Huang's strength had already attained the level
where he could threaten supreme Overlords like Man Tian, Xiye
Hanbei, Zhan Wuya, and the few others on that level.

No one present around this death zone had expected that this
person who had the most mysterious foundation would surprisingly
appear here.

Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya looked at each other in dismay. They

suddenly felt that the matter was getting more and more out of
control with each passing second.

Both of them had absolute confidence in the other's strength, but

the appearance of so many powers in succession gave rise to a hint
of a threat in their hearts. It wasn't that they feared these newly
appeared sons and grandsons, but that behind these people stood
powers with extremely profound foundations and reserves.

"Let's go. It has already gotten out of our control. Even if

the three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit will be
snatched from Devil's hand, with only our strength, we
probably won't manage to grab them. Let's leave Li Yunmu to
duke it out with the others. Regardless of who'll win, it'll be
beneficial to us," Xiye Hanbei said. He was also a firm person.
Since he decided to leave, he immediately did just that.

Once he sensed danger, he immediately chose to relinquish the

intention to fight. It was clear from this that he was worthy

Ge Ya still appeared to be unwilling, but he clearly understood his

partner's mindset. The two of them then left without informing Ye
Qing or Lu Bu.

The next scene proved Xiye Hanbei's guess. During the night,
several enormous powers appeared one after another.

Lu Bu also understood that the situation was out of his control now,
263 Report
so he decided to retreat with his clansmen as well. If he hadn't lost
any clansmen, he could still join the fight, but right now, he had
already lost the qualifications.

He was quite rational and silently withdrew from the scene.

As for Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Wuhang, he entered the death

zone while leading the eighteen barbarians. The three powers who
had arrived just after him almost simultaneously decided against
following after him.

They could sense that Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang's people fell

for a fierce ambush inside. At this time, the powers outside were
waiting for the small fries to fight it out and clear the path for them.


Another heaven-shaking explosion resounded.

Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Wuhang kept slashing down again and

again. Although he was forced to retreat back five steps because of
the aftershock from the attack, he had stopped another attack from
the forbidden weapon.

As for the eighteen people who had come together with him, each
group of four had raised a huge shield emitting coppery light and
were slowly crawling forward.

Another three runic spears slammed against these coppery shields

with terrifying momentum and power, but surprisingly, Li Yunmu's
forbidden weapons installed at the top of the mountain were still

They hadn't used any exceptional method to do so, relying solely

on brute force and thick defense of the copper shields to stop the

"Everyone keep moving. He doesn't have true runic battle
264 Report
spears," Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Wuhang shouted out using the
force of his entire body to encourage his men.

"Yes, he doesn't have true runic battle spears, otherwise

how could we resist against a forbidden weapon with just our
brute force and a thick shield."

At this time, Li Yunmu stood

While staying at the King's True Territory for a whole year, he had
killed a large amount of king class dimensional beasts and used up
all the genuine runic spears long ago.

The runic spears he was using now were actually battle spears
created using top-notch steel alloys. Their might reached an
extraordinary level, up to 60-70% of the original runic spears. Yet
after being shot from the four mighty forbidden weapons, the
disparity between the originals and these revealed how inferior the
latter were.

"Since the runic spears can't stop you, I have no other

choice but to settle it myself."

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Once Li Yunmu stood up, all the muscles and bones in his body
cracked with an explosive sound. While staying in the King's True
Territory, not only had Li Qinghong and the others greatly improved,
Li Yunmu's strength had also swelled. In fact, he currently had no
idea about the level of his combat strength.

Until now, he hadn't put it to the test. There was nothing he could
do about it, though, since he hadn't met any opponent who could
force him to go all out. Right now then, since this equally tyrannical
barbarian was insistent on intruding, he Li Yunmu was filled with
expectations regarding the fight.

His blood began to boil. Two red suns appeared in his eyes, and his
265 Report
body began to emit an extremely threatening aura which seemed to
be causing ripples in the surrounding space. His eyes gradually
locked onto Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Huang underneath. The other
also quickly raised his head and looked at Li Yunmu standing atop
the mountain in the distance.

Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Wuhang's expression turned grave.

This is Li Yunmu?!

He was far different from what the intel gathered about him had
suggested. He was even more terrifying and formidable than others
had come to believe.
266 Report

Chapter 243
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"Li Yunmu, you can't stop me, nor those that are still
outside," Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang said in a deep voice. His
profound voice reverberated throughout the entire surrounding

"Whether I can stop you or not, we will know after we


Li Yunmu remained unmoved. The energy in his body continued to

rumble around, and his threatening aura continued to rise higher and
higher, finally attaining its peak.

"Continental Battle is about to begin. I don't want to have a

tough battle with you and make things easier for others."

Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang was three meters talls, but that

didn't mean he also had a large brain.

When he had come here leading a group of eighteen barbarians,

he was filled with extreme confidence. But after he looked at Li
Yunmu standing atop the mountain peak, the idea of an all out battle
completely disappeared from his mind.

Frankly speaking, the threatening aura about Li Yunmu had caused

a hint of fear to take form in his heart. Usually, he would be
extremely excited to battle someone, but at this most crucial time,
he didn't want to have a fierce battle, especially when there were still
many people concealed nearby, just waiting for their opportunity.
Who would want a third person to obtain all the benefits from their

"Then retreat."
267 Report
Li Yunmu didn't yield in the slightest. Azure Dragon Deity Battle
Suit was something that he had to have. Unlike others, he already
possessed two parts of the battlesuit, so he needed to obtain the last
three even more than them. His resolve, thus, was much greater
than that of others.

Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang's eyes began to shine brilliantly and

he said in a deep muffled voice, "Retreat? Haha, in the vocabulary of
Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang, the word retreat doesn't exist. Very
good, since you're going to be stubborn about it, let me experience

His blood seemed to have began boiling at this moment. It

continued to raise in temperature as he grew more and more excited.
He then began to transform as a whole as if he was being filled with
air, and his height started to slowly increase.

He reached 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.5 meters, but he still continued

growing. He truly transformed into a giant. Mammoth Barbarian Clan
was just as their name suggested, a clan of mammoth-sized

However, at this time, a barbarian with herculean physique

stationed outside quickly rushed to Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang's
side and whispered something in his ears.

Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang then suddenly called back the

threatening aura which had been growing because of his
transformation and returned to his normal three meter size.

"Good, seems like today we don't need to fight. I only hope

that you can hold your own in the Continental Battle. I'd be
really interested in wiping away that arrogance of yours."

Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang was a straightforward person. He

waved his huge hand, and his subordinates retreated from the death
268 Report
The abrupt change in actions had slightly startled Li Yunmu. Yet he
put in out of his mind for the moment, and the peak state of
threatening aura erupting from him also started to go down.

Settling thing without battle was the best! Li Yunmu didn't

really want to have an actual battle at this time.

He breathed a sigh of relief. He was quite clear that the sudden

change in the opponent's attitude was due to some major change in
the outside world.

However, he was currently within one of the ten forbidden zones in

the Fifth Dimension. The area around him was filled with the aura of
death, and this aura blocked all types of signals, rendering Li Yunmu
unable to obtain any information about the outside world.

It didn't matter, though. He didn't need to

Li Yunmu sat down once again at the top of his mountain.

Currently, he needed time to preserve his peak state and prepare to
ambush even more intruders.

The four forbidden weapons which shot runic spears were again
loaded up by the Ape Gods, for not every person possessed the brute
strength and thick defense of Mammoth Barbarian Clan to disregard
them. Since the death zone naturally suppressed the senses of those
who entered it, the four forbidden weapons would continue to prove
to be extremely effective.


"Ehh? There is something odd about this situation. Given

Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang's nature, retreat is an
impossibility for him. Why is he then withdrawing with all his

Outside the death zone, seven powers were staying in wait. All of
them saw Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang walking away with a snort,
269 Report
and they it quite bizarre.

They immediately started investigate the reason. Soon, they

received some authentic news from the powers behind
them—Frontline Heaven's Frontline God was still in possession of his
two parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit.

This was made clear when not long ago, the masters of the six
transcending powers had an unprecedented meeting with the fluxer
association. Since the news came from such a place, the information
was certainly not wrong.

"In other words, Devil has only one part of the Azure
Dragon Deity Suit on him!"

Swiftly, many powers realized the reason behind Mammoth

Barbarian Wuhang's retreat.

If Devil only had one part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, then this
matter lost all of its attraction. Even though one part of the Azure
Dragon Deity Suit was a pretty good item,

Not only did this matter lose all its good points because of the
news, it also became a headache. After all, it was just verified that
two parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit were in the possession of
Frontline God, and no power wanted to stand opposite a master of a
transcending power just for a single part of the Azure Dragon Deity
Suit. Since the profit wouldn't outweigh the losses, none of the
powers wanted to take needless risk.

When they left, one person's name was etched in their hearts - Li
Yunmu. This newcomer powerhouse had forced Mammoth Barbarian
Wuhang, who was quite a powerful character himself, to retreat.

From this moment on, few people will dare to belittle Li Yunmu.
Even though he had taken advantage of time, location, and many
other things to create a deadlock with the different powers, it
270 Report
couldn't be denied that he did have some strength.

"Seems like this Li Yunmu will turn out to be a formidable

opponent. Do not belittle him just because he recently
started on his path."

Before long, most powers also left the area.

Only Chaotian Sect's Ye Qing stayed behind.

"Young Master, you said that it is quite improbable for Li

Yunmu to possess the other parts of the Azure Dragon Deity
Suit whose locations are unknown?" one of the elite female
disciples said with doubt in her voice.

"It's almost impossible. From the two missing part of the Azure
Dragon Deity Battle Suit, one is Azure Dragon Pearl, which is the
most powerful and the hardest to obtain part. Until now, there have
been no news about it. As for Azure Dragon Gauntlets, they had
appeared in the hands of some Flux Sage twenty years ago. Their
real whereabouts, though, are unknown to this day. This Li Yunmu is
really overestimating

"Let's go inside and meet him."

Ye Qing didn't seem to have any intention to fight, yet once the
others had left, he was still standing around.

He called out to Lu Bu who had also hidden at the same time as

him, then to Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya, but received no response.
Quickly, he guessed that they had left some time ago.

This firmed his decision even more. Leading the group of people
from Chaotian Sect, he entered the death zone.

"Li Yunmu, our Chaotian Sect wants to cooperate with you,"

Ye Qing shouted out from far away.
271 Report
"Cooperate? Does your Chaotian Sect still have some
credibility left?"

Li Yunmu smiled. Currently, Chaotian Sect didn't have any face to

be called an upper tier sect in the outside world. This was especially
so because they had elected five enchanting and pretty females as
their five elite disciples. For such a decision, they were ridiculed by
the whole world.

A majestic upper tier sect was acting in complete disorder, without

any sense of dignity.

"Haha, as for whether we have credibility or not, that isn't

important. The important thing is that this cooperation will
be extremely beneficial to you," Ye Qing said with a fake smile.

In his heart, he hated Li Yunmu to death. If the opponent wasn't

sitting atop a mountain peak far away and was in possession of four
forbidden weapons, he might have already attacked. Maybe then
he'd have gotten rid of this bastard who had messed up Chaotian
Sect's plans.

Li Yunmu paused for a moment before replying. "Then let me

hear it. I'm an honest person, as long as there are sufficient
benefits, I'll still consider cooperating with you." He wanted to
know what kind of nasty scheme this second great grandson of
Chaotian Sect's flux ancestor wanted to spring on him.
272 Report

Chapter 244
Source: Imported

"Our Chaotian Sect had an internal meeting over this

matter. As long as you hand over the Refining Pagoda to us,
we will definitely leave you be. In fact, we are even willing to
make an exception and allow you and your followers to enter
Chaotian Sect and become sixth peak's elite. Furthermore, Li
Yunmu, my family's ancestor has decided to make an
exception and accept you as his successor disciple. This
position would be second only to my own."

Ye Qing put forth all the conditions with a smile. In his opinion,
since Chaotian Sect was giving in like this, it was the greatest proof
of their sincerity.

Li Yunmu was just a trifling Flux Disciple. If word that a big sect like
Chaotian Sect had made great promises and assurances to someone
like him came out, it would certainly shake all six continents.

Even Ye Qing himself was a little bit envious of such consideration

shown to an outsider.

But there was nothing he could do. Chaotian Sect lacked a

transcending sage treasure now, and there wasn't much time until
the Heavenly Transformation arrived.

Li Yunmu had rushed to obtain the Refining Pagoda's pagoda spirit,

which was something Chaotian Sect needed desperately. Otherwise,
how could the group of sage level characters within the sect be
willing to compromise with a mere flux disciple?

When Li Yunmu heard the benefits offered by the other party, he

was left astonished. What the f*ck are these sufficiently large
273 Report
It was true that for other fluxers stepping into a huge boat called
Chaotian Sect and becoming the successor disciple of their ancestor
would be a dream they could never reach, but for Li Yunmu it was
completely worthless. He had the system, so the kind of benefits
Chaotian Sect offered were the ones he least cared

With such an offer, how could he be willing to kneel down and

become a lackey of Chaotian Sect?

"How about it? As long as you agree to it, our Chaotian Sect
will make the proclamation to the whole world that this time
I, Ye Qing, had personally come to show sincerity and make a
friend of an enemy. From now on, you would be Chaotian
Sect's core member and could move freely in the whole
world," Ye Qing said, continuing to try and tempt him.

"There's nothing to it. I refuse, but you can fulfill a

different request," Li Yunmu said indifferently. He had taken his
personal strength and calculated how likely he was to kill this group
from Chaotian Sect here, and he didn't like his chances.

The presence of the two mysterious people by Ye Qing's side

forced him to dispel any thoughts of attacking.

Difficult, too difficult.

Ye Qing was the second great grandson of the sect ancestor who
cared about him the most. He would certainly have many life-saving
tricks up his sleeve, and based on the power Li Yunmu could sense
from the two people by his side, he definitely had no certainty in
being able to kill Ye Qing.

"Another request?"

Ye Qing was startled. He hadn't expected that this person would

refuse Chaotian Sect's kind intentions.

"That's right, for example, your Chaotian Sect could hand
274 Report
over its two parts of Refining Pagoda to me," Li Yunmu said
with a faint smile.

"Don't even dream of it. Li Yunmu, you're refusing to raise

a toasto only to drink in forfeit."

Ye qing was sure enough the third generation descending from a

sage. Once his request wasn't accepted, he couldn't tolerate it and
immediately threatened the other party.

"Ohh! So, does that attitude of yours mean that you don't
fancy my Void Disk?" Li Yunmu

"Void Disk? You mean you want to use Void Disk to

exchange for two parts of Refining Pagoda?"

Instantly, Ye Qing's breath became unsteady, and excitement

appeared in his eyes.

Chaotian Sect lacked a transcending sage tool, whether it was

Refining Pagoda or Void Disk didn't matter at all. All they cared about
was obtaining one more transcending sage tool before the day of
Heavenly Transformation.

"That's right. I have some interest in Refining Pagoda. If

your Chaotian Sect wants to show your sincerity, then you
can make a trade with me. But you'll have to add something
extra since my Void Disk is a complete transcending sage

"Good. I will first return to the sect to report this matter. In

two days, you will have an answer."

Ye Qing hesitated for a long time, but finally agreed. He

immediately left with the people of Chaotian Sect and rushed back to
the sect.

Ye Qing and his group hurriedly rushed out of the death zone. After
275 Report
they came out, one of the five female elites who wasn't willing to
accept such a trade said, "Young Master, this person thinks our
Chaotian Sect is foolish. Although Void Disk is also a
transcending sage tool like Refining Pagoda, Refining
Pagoda's effect in battle is far more valuable than that of
Void Disk."

"Shut up. I will report this matter to the sect. As for

whether they decide to trade or not, it's not something you'll
have a say in."

At this moment, Ye Qing couldn't care less about what the female
elites were thinking. At this moment, he only wished he could fly
back to the sect and report this matter.

Refining Pagoda could only be obtained after crossing the

seventieth level of the Tower of Glory and far surpassed Void Disk,

Li Yunmu apparently didn't wish to be Chaotian Sect's enemy.

Given his actions, it was clear that he wanted to ease the tensions
between the two of them.


When Li Yunmu heard that the powers outside had retreated, he

relaxed. He had prepared all sorts of methods to ambush the other
powers, but it didn't seem like there was going to be any need for it

Naturally, a hint of regret also rose in his heart. Since all the
powers had withdrawn, that meant that Devil only had one part of
the Azure Dragon Deity Suit.

If Li Yunmu wanted to gather the entire suit, he would still have to

confront Frontline God, this mountain which couldn't be climbed.

However, Li Yunmu only needed to move step by step. Even if it

was only one item, he had to get his hands on it. As long as he had
276 Report
three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, on the eve of the
Heavenly Transformation, he would have sufficient capital to protect

"System, what do you think, will Chaotian Sect be fooled

and really take out the two parts of Refining Pagoda to trade
with us?"

[If it had been normal times, then the probability of the

group of crafty old men at Chaotian Sect being fooled would
be extremely low. However, the times are chaotic now, which
makes it difficult to say. There is a fifty-fifty chance.]

The system also found it hard to predict anything.

The heart of a person

The arrival of the Heavenly Transformation was imminent, so there

wasn't much time left for Chaotian Sect to consider this issue. When
pressed on time, its chances of making a mistake would increase.

After the system's comprehensive assessment, it had surprisingly

given Li Yunmu's plan a 50% chance of success, which made him
extremely excited. In fact, the utility of Refining Pagoda for him was
far higher than that of Void Disk.

If he could obtain the two parts of Refining Pagoda from Chaotian

Sect, then that would naturally serve as an enormous foundation for

As for using Void Disk for the trade? There wasn't any need to even
think about it. How could Li Yunmu give away something which would
help his enemy become even more powerful?

"Could manufacturing a phony Void Disk help us in fooling


The answer to this question was not known to Li Yunmu because
277 Report
he hadn't asked it yet.

When the system had been upgraded to the fourth level, three new
abilities had appeared. Among them, one was for duplication of
dimensional items. As long as he had the right amount of space
elements, he could duplicate any dimensional item, but the
requirements were extremely harsh.

Even with the space elements accumulated by Li Yunmu during

these days, a duplicated transcending sage tool could only be
effective for a single day. However, as long as Chaotian Sect was
fooled, even if only for one day, the complete Refining Pagoda would
end up in his hands.
278 Report

Chapter 245
Source: Imported

After being upgraded to the third level, the system had gained
three new abilities.

First ability was the replication of dimensional items. However, it

could only replicate dimensional items since the intrinsic nature of
dimensional products lay somewhere between material and energy
form. This is also the reason why all such items could be taken into
the Virtual Dimension.

After testing the ability, Li Yunmu discovered that if he replicated a

transcending sage weapon like Void Disk, he would need at least nine
thousand space elements, and the copy would exist only for a day.

During that day, if he used the replicated item, its effects would be
like the original Void Disk's—it would break all shackles and
restrictions. But it could only used one time, if it was used more than
once, it would immediately disappear.

Thus, if Li Yunmu wanted to successfully cheat Chaotian Sect, he

would need at least twenty thousand space elements. It was
important that the replicated product would last for at least two days
and could be used twice so that if the enemy tested it once, its secret
wouldn't be exposed.

Fortunately, after hacking for the past couple days, Li Yunmu had
accumulated a large number of space elements. It actually reached
an unprecedented amount.

The second ability gained by the system allowed shadows to

appear as humans.

He only needed to throw in some space elements, and the eight
279 Report
shadows would take human form, which would allow them to walk
openly on earth.

This kind of thing satisfied Li Yunmu quite a lot. It would remove a

major headache for him and Li Yun, Li Feng, Li De, Li Tian, Li Mei, Li
Lan, Li Zhu, Li Ju, since they could now easily transform into their
avatars established in the dimensional battlefield.

The final ability was the previously mentioned ability to create

cultivation relaying globes. After reaching the fourth level, the
cultivation relaying globes created by the system became even more

After the people of Chaotian Sect retreated, Li Yunmu concealed

his presence once again and continued

Until he got his hands on a part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, he
couldn't lower his guard.

In the depths of the death zone, Li Qinghong, Underworld Hand,

Devil Monkey, and the others had used half a day to lay down
numerous layers of traps, creating a dragnet in the surroundings of
the cliff.

This was Devil's main nest, so they had to make all sorts of traps
and warning systems to make sure that there were no flaws in their
plans. Since the other party possessed the Azure Dragon Leg Guards,
his speed could be considered as the highest in the Fifth Dimension.
They couldn't be the least bit careless in their mission to ambush

Lin Jian and the others created an inescapable net along the route
which had to be taken to reach this place. Now they only needed to
wait for the main character to show up.

This wait lasted for a whole day. Morning slowly passed by,
280 Report
followed by noon, and even the zombies in this area didn't stir during
this time.

But Devil still didn't appear. Finally, very late at night, a black
human figure, appeared in front of Li Qinghong and the others who
were ready with all sorts of methods to hunt down their target.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Instantly, the seven followers activated the Dark Flux Eight Spell

The human figure became greatly alarmed after accidentally

entering the spell. Soon though, Devil displayed his astonishing
speed. One instant he was still underneath the cliff, but the next, he
had already covered a distance of three hundred meters, reaching
the edge of the deadly spell.

He launched a heavy kick which ruthlessly struck the spell's cover.

Under the attack of his explosive kick, the cover rippled, instantly
showing signs of breaking.

"Not good, he is using the power of the Azure Dragon Leg

Guards, that kick sure was powerful."

However, Devil was forced to pull back his next kick because the
killing spell had completely activated by then. In an instant, he lost

"Flame Devil, attack."

Barbarian Niu had obtained the earth fire dark flux energy from the
King's True Territory, so he was in control of the heat flag. Swiftly, he
activated it, and one, two, five, eight fire devils took shape. Each of
them was five meter tall, and they immediately attacked Devil, who
had been caught up by the heat region.

"Fire Ropes, coil around him."
281 Report
"Fire Dragon descend from heaven."

"Fire Eruption."

"Fire Prison."

Because of the amplification provided by the Dark Flux Eight Spell

Banner, the earth fire energy released by Barbarian Niu was
absolutely terrifying. He could now use all types of deadly earth fire
spells with ease.

In simple words, he was equivalent to a half step Flux Master at

this moment. Given the large amount of earth fire energy under his
control, he wasn't inferior to a half step Flux Master, apart from the
fact that his strength hadn't surpassed the limit of the Fifth

"Heaven Blade Spell, Heavenly Blade, Heavenly Demon


At this time, Blade Overlord Lin Jian unleashed his blade intent
fiend energy and congealed numerous powerful blade intent fiends
which attacked Devil in the killing spell.

Regardless of which direction he went in, there were powerful

attacks waiting for him once he approached that area.

When Nangong Gongzi saw this from outside, he was extremely

startled. This was Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner. Although the eight
flag killing spell was incomplete, the majestic second-most-powerful
Halted Fluxer Devil didn't seem to be able to hold on for much longer
within it. Even his Azure Dragons Leg Guards weren't helping him in
his predicament.

Regardless of where he went, endless attacks met him there.

Devil is finished, Nangong Gongzi thought. For the first time, he

had seen the terror of the Dark Flux Eight Spell Banner.
282 Report

Li Qinghong and the others had unleashed the killing spell once
Devil had entered its area. However, at that moment, Li Yunmu

He looked downwards and said to himself, "Impressive Ghostly

Image Substitution Evasion Technique. I knew Nangong
Gongzi wasn't being completely honest."

At this moment, the two devil kings were guarding the only
entrance to the death zone.

"Ha ha, Li Yunmu, that time at the Moro Mountain

Tenebrous Hidden Domain, I hadn't provoked you, but you
still came to ambush me. Good, good!"

This extremely sinister sounding voice which could scare anyone

came from the pitch black ground underneath. Its owner really
deserved to be called Devil by the common folk. His voice clearly
resembled that of a devil and was unlike that of people or ghosts.

"There isn't any right or wrong, neither that time nor

today. Everything is only based on strength." Li Yunmu
sneered, "If I didn't have enough strength to frighten you that
time, then you would've attacked me long ago. Now hand
over your part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit."

Li Yunmu didn't talk anymore nonsense. His expression became

ruthless, as if he could see through the space and was looking
directly into Devil's eyes.

"Hmph, just you alone? Even Li Qinghong and her group

couldn't capture me, so you won't stand a chance, either,"
Devil answered, his voice still coming from somewhere far off.

Soon though, a dark line suddenly appeared on the pitch black

ground underneath. This dark line was moving extremely fast,
resembling a ray of light. When it started moving, it covered half a
283 Report
kilometer in an instant, and soon passed the two devil kings
defending the death zone's entrance.

Devil had spoken correctly. Since he possessed the Azure Dragon

Leg Guards, as long as he wasn't caught in a spell formation, Li
Qinghong and the others couldn't catch up to him, and neither could
Li Yunmu.

Although he hadn't expected that Li Yunmu would have concealed

his strength so deeply that he could surprise everyone and defend
the only entrance to the death zone, it didn't matter much. Since
Devil hadn't been caught by the killing spell, the outcome of

Although Nangong Gongzi had indeed betrayed Devil's nest, he

had also used some unknown method to secretly reveal Li Yunmu's
followers' plans.

Devil had drawn support from the darkness and unleashed Ghostly
Image Substitution Evasion Technique and escaped this calamity.
Right then, Li Yunmu alone wouldn't be able to stop him.

However, he was mistaken about this. Although he was the fastest

person in the Fifth Dimension, and had even already passed the two
devil kings guarding the entrance, he couldn't leave the restraints of
a treasure.

At the entrance of the death zone, an enormous heavenly disk

suddenly tore through the black ground and rose into the air.

"Void Disk?"


Void Disk which had just risen from the ground made a rotation in
the air, and Devil felt as if a pressure came crashing down upon him
from all sides. He cried out in pain

He then turned back into the dark line using the Ghost Evasion
284 Report
Technique, but it was forcibly blocked from moving ahead by the
restriction in the air. Still, Devil persevered with the technique,
though alarm appeared on his face.

"You idiots don't understand what a transcending sage tool

represents. Since Void Disk can break through all
restrictions, naturally it is also capable of restricting

Li Yunmu's voice seemed to be coming closer as it echoed in

Devil's ears. However, he only felt the restrictions placed on his body.
Suddenly, a destructive power landed on his body, destroying it and
his consciousness sea.

This power was quite formidable. It contained numerous crazily

destructive dark flux energies as well as an extremely pure and
enormous flux energy. It also had a terrifying world power and an
irresistible power of the flesh.

"Very powerful, this punch, no, these nine punches

combined into one. This one punch surpasses the limits of
the Fifth Dimension. Can this attack still be called an attack
by a human? It's even more terrifying than what Xiye Hanbei
can do, how could that be…"

These were the last thoughts in Devil's mind.
285 Report

Chapter 246
Source: Imported


In the fluxer badge library, another fluxer badge suddenly broke

and shattered.

Regarding this matter, the manager and members responsible for

the badges weren't too surprised. These type of matters happened
every day.

There was a team of people which was specially created to take

record of it.

In the six continents, there were countless fluxers. Around ten

thousand of them died every day like it's nobody's business.

The person who went to make a record suddenly cried out in

surprise, "Devil, it's Devil's badge that broke!"

The manager wrinkled his brows. "Are you a child or what?

Even sage level fluxers perish every day. Why are you
creating such a ruckus about one person's death?"

"I'm not. It's just that, sir, Devil, it's Devil who died!"
someone from the recording personal exclaimed.

This time, the manager also reacted, crying out in surprise,

"What? Devil? Fifth Dimension's second most powerful Halted
Fluxer, that Devil?"


"This is not good. It's very important news, I must quickly
286 Report
report it to the superiors."

Devil had died!

From some angles, Devil's death was of even more importance

than that of an Ordinary Sage.

It had to do with Devil's place in the world. He was the second

most powerful person in the Fifth Dimension. He had also recently
crossed the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory which gave him
the qualifications to enter the Continental Battle, and he was also
one of the Overlords.

The above mentioned titles might have made him an extraordinary

character, but they would still fall short in meaning compared to the
death of even an Ordinary Sage.

However, he possessed the Azure Dragon Leg Guards.

On Earth, there were five supreme battle suits known to man.

Every part of these suits attracted attention from many enormously
formidable people.

The manager of the fluxer library felt that this matter was
extremely important.

Could Frontline Heaven's Frontline God have succeeded in

obtaining the battlesuit's part?

If Frontline Heaven's Frontline God had indeed obtained it, then

this transcending power's master would now be in possession of
three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, which would greatly
change Earth's power equilibrium.

Within a split second, the master of the fluxer badge library issued
a strict order to conceal the news of Devil's death, and then rushed
287 Report
Since the fluxer association had lost the flux ancestor, this
enormous dragon was no longer the same. Even though it was
considered to be the most powerful organisation in the history of
Earth, it had already rotted to its core.

The fluxer badge library could know the moment any fluxer died,
and other powers weren't blind to how important that kind of
information was.

The manager wanted to conceal the information about Devil's

death, but little did he know that his department had been infiltrated
by all sorts of powers from the six continents since a long time ago.


Soon, on the online network, a big news suddenly spread—Devil

had died!

This information flew across the six continents like a typhoon.

For ordinary fluxers and normal people, Devil's death wasn't of

much importance. Especially now, in this chaotic period when
formidable Flux Disciples were rising one after another. The so called
second most powerful Halted Fluxer Devil dying did not surprise
them in the least.

However, for those who understood the situation well, this news
was equal to an earthquake.

Not long ago, Devil had appeared in the vicinity of a transcending

power Frontline Heaven, so

And now, Devil had died?

This was a major shake. This kind of matter happening at such a

crucial time was certainly a major earthquake. Devil himself wasn't
important, though. All everyone cared about was whether he'd had
three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit or one.
288 Report
And who was it that had finally killed Devil?

It had to be known that Frontline Heaven's Frontline God had been

trying to ambush Devil for the past two years to obtain the third part
of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, but hadn't succeeded. So who could
have succeeded in killing Devil?

"Frontline God's head butler's trick to use other people to

draw out their target was really quite vicious. However, even
he mustn't have expected that Devil would really be killed by

When the masters of one of the transcending powers obtained the

news that Devil had died, they couldn't refrain from sighing. After all,
Frontline God's head butler had used this kind of trick with such
suddenness that none of them had managed to react.

Apparently, Devil had never appeared in the vicinity of Frontline

Heaven. In fact, he hadn't even appeared in the real world. The news
of him doing so that had spread before was actually the scheme of
Frontline God. He had rushed to release this false information just
before the Continental Battle to create the suspicion that Devil might
have come to rely upon him and would now participate in the
Continental Battle with three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity

All of this resulted in Devil's death, once he was ambushed by all

sorts of people seeking Azure Dragon Deity Suit parts.

However, when the great characters received the news of Devil

having been killed in an ambush, they couldn't believe their
ears. Devil was the fastest person in the Fifth Dimension! Not one of
such, but actually the fastest.

Also, what most didn't know was that not only was he the fastest,
he had also cultivated several ghostly evasion life-saving
techniques. With his speed and ghost evasion techniques, as well as
his extremely cautious personality, even when being hunted by
289 Report
Frontline Heaven, he had still remained alive.

The person who killed Devil, who was he?

Quickly, the transcending powers obtained some more authentic

information—the killer was Li Yunmu! The reason this became a
known fact was because the great powers could figure out what
happened from the accounts of Chaotian Sect and Lu Bu.

Devil had been killed by Li Yunmu. This was news which far
surpassed everyone's expectations, and Li Yunmu, who had been
forgotten for many days, finally returned to the limelight.

"My god, this is a major matter."

"In other words, the Azure Dragon Leg Guards have fallen
into Li Yunmu's hands?"

"It's possible, but whether it was really Li Yunmu who killed

Devil is still unknown. None of those who had been there saw
him in the act."

"I heard Li Yunmu had entered the death zone long before
others. After fighting with a couple Overlord level characters,
he was the last person to remain inside."

"What a pity. This time Li Yunmu had courted unnecessary trouble.

Haha, I think he initially went to get the three parts of the Azure
Dragon Deity Suit and had racked his brains trying to kill Devil only

"What would he worry about? Can't he take the initiative to

gift the Azure Dragon Leg Guards to Frontline God and earn
the friendship of a transcending power's master?"

"This younger sister doesn't understand. The minds of the

formidable people are unfathomable, and you greatly
underestimate the lure of the five supreme battlesuits."
290 Report
At this moment, many people were heatedly discussing Devil's
death, but from beginning to end, none of them said that Li Yunmu
had reaped great harvest this time. All of them believed that he had
just courted disaster.

However, no one even considered that Li Yunmu might possess not

only the Azure Dragon Leg Guards he had obtained from Devil but
also two additional parts of the Azure Dragon Supreme Battlesuit.

This was too preposterous to even consider, and even the head
butler of Frontline God couldn't gain this information anywhere. The
only person who knew was Battle Sage Vega.

"This Li Yunmu is a little bit surprising. I didn't believe he

had a chance at first, but now I'm starting to get more and
more interested in his future."

When Battle Sage Vega heard about this matter in her temple, she
was also slightly startled.

The reason why she had tried to find Li Yunmu was simply because
Zhan Wuya couldn't be sent out so she had to prepare many other
substitutes to represent the Central Continent. However, the rate at
which Li Yunmu was maturing and gained accomplishments had
surpassed her expectations. "Yes, His Lordship Azure Dragon
resembles Her Ladyship in terms of good fortune." The female
commander Zhang Wei who stood at the sage's side laughed faintly.
291 Report

Chapter 247
Source: Imported


In Northern Continent's Frontline Heaven, a middle-aged man

lightly slammed his fist on the armrest. His expression was ashen
and his mood wasn't good.

After verifying Devil's situation three to four times and confirming

that he had really died, this head butler of Frontline God and his most
trusted subordinate suddenly felt that the situation had gone out of
his control.

The false information that it was highly probable that Devil had
three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit on him was his creation.
He had been the one to leak the false news that Devil's tracks had
been seen around Frontline Heaven.

His only one aim for doing so was to put Devil in a precarious
position where he would be greatly injured and lose the qualifications
to participate in the Continental Battle.

Otherwise, if because of the opportunity created by the chaos of

Heavenly Transformation he suddenly went to Earth and disappeared
from their map, it would become extremely difficult for Master to get
his hands on the part of Azure Dragon Deity Battle Suit.

The best outcome in the mind of the head butler was that Devil
would be seriously injured, losing the chance to enter the Continental
Battle. If that happened, in the future, the head butler would think of
some method to ambush Devil and get his hands on the Azure
Dragon Leg Guards.

Initially, all his plans had been moving forward without a hitch!
292 Report
However, the most undesirable event which was completely out of
his expectations had happened at the most crucial time. One of
Frontline God's rivals understood what was

Once this information spread out, all Overlords who had went to kill
Devil lost their motivation and gradually left… This, however, allowed
Li Yunmu to wholeheartedly focus on killing Devil.

Otherwise, given Devil's fast speed and evasion techniques he had

grasped, the worst situation for Devil would have been getting
seriously injured and not dying. It simply would have been impossible
with everyone competing against each other to catch him.

The head butler's plan had considered all factors, but because
some rival had leaked the all-important information, his plan was
ruined. Moreover, he hadn't expected that Li Yunmu, who had just
recently joined the scene, would possess the ability to kill Devil.

"I underestimated his rivals as well as that youngster who

appeared this year."

The head butler sighed regretfully.

Now that the Azure Dragon Leg Guards had fallen into Li Yunmu's
hands, the head butler could sense a headache coming. Obtaining
the parts had now become even harder compared to when Devil was
in possession of them. The head butler had truly overestimated
himself this time.

"Sir, order us. The Continental Battle hasn't started yet, so

we could still dispatch people to negotiate with Li Yunmu.
Maybe he would discreetly hand over the Azure Dragon Leg
Guards under the threat of Frontline God. If that doesn't
work, we could make an attempt to force him to give them

The troops of the head butler were the core troops of Frontline
293 Report
Heaven. They included the most powerful people of Frontline

However, after pondering for a bit, the head butler shook his head.
He said with a bitter smile, "This youngster Li Yunmu isn't
someone whom you could deal with."

The head butler who represented the master of a transcending

power had gathered detailed information about Li Yunmu, this newly
appeared Overlord.

When Devil was in possession of the Azure Dragon Leg Guards,

Frontline God still had the chance to dispatch people to ambush him
and be successful in obtaining the Azure Dragon Leg Guards after
killing him. But now, when the Azure Dragon Leg Guards had fallen
into Li Yunmu's hands, the head butler knew that there was no longer
much hope in retrieving them.

He well understood the defensive capabilities of that youngster. He

might not be the most powerful Flux Disciple, but he was certainly
the most difficult to kill.


At this time, at a cliff in the deepest parts of the death zone,

Underworld Hand and the others were wearing gloomy expressions.
Devil couldn't hold for long under the Dark Flux Eight Killing Spell,
and within less than a minute, he had been turned to ashes.

However, his ashes quickly changed into a little bit of black-colored

energy and disappeared. As for a part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit,
let alone three of them, nothing could be found.

"Could the Azure Dragon Leg Guards have also been melted
by my earthly fire?"

Barbarian Niu felt that the turn of events was far from encouraging.
294 Report
Although his strength had increased greatly, his brain was still that of
a purely

"Something's wrong here. This couldn't have been Devil

himself, he must've used a substitution technique. All of us
were fooled by him."

"Clever plan."

Devil Monkey suddenly turned toward Nangong Gongzi.

All the people present on the scene clearly understood what had
happened. Devil wasn't ambushed, so he must've known about their
plan. Otherwise, he definitely couldn't have been so prepared.

At this time, Nangong Gongzi said with indifference, "That's right,

I indeed secretly informed Devil."

Nangong Gongzi had a mortal enmity with someone. In fact, he

was living solely for his vengeance, but if he was forced to betray
Devil, then this matter would eternally gnaw at his heart. He also had
his pride.

"I knew you weren't being honest. The grand third most
powerful Halted Fluxer wouldn't be willing suffer humiliation
voluntarily. Fortunately, master had planned for this, so Devil
won't be able to escape," Li Qinghong said without any hint of
astonishment at his betrayal.

Everyone in the group had clearly experienced Devil's strength

today. They also realized why Frontline God hadn't been able to get
rid of him for so long.

"What, Li Yunmu also came?"

Nangong Gongzi's expression changed. If it had happened

previously, he wouldn't have cared much about Li Yunmu who had
just started training this year, but now that had already changed.
295 Report
After seeing with his own eyes that Li Qinghong and the other three
followers had successfully obtained strength which rivaled the
Overlord class characters,

As a matter of fact, the time in which Li Yunmu killed Devil was

even shorter compared to what Nangong Gongzi had imagined.
Before long, Li Yunmu descended from the sky in front of his

"Master, Devil… he?"

Lin Jian stepped forward with an ashamed expression.

"He's already dead."

Li Yunmu was pretty delighted, he had finally succeeded in his aim.

Although it hadn't happened as he had hoped and Frontline God

hadn't given his two parts of Azure Dragon Deity Suit to Devil, but Li
Yunmu had still obtained a third part for himself.

Now he had Azure Dragon Gauntlets, Azure Dragon Leg Guards,

and Azure Dragon Pearl!

One part represented the deadly power of arms, while anoone the
explosive power of legs. Both parts which increased offensive power
had fallen into his hands. This would greatly make up for the lack of
balance between his defense and offense.

Furthermore, the Azure Dragon Pearl, this core part would

constantly supply him with the Azure Dragon's power. With these
three parts of the supreme battlesuit as well as his personal strength,
he was like a tiger who had grown wings.

"Did you really kill Devil?"

Nangong Gongzi looked at Li Yunmu. As Li Qinghong had said, he

had promptly appeared which made worry raise in his heart. But he
296 Report
still hadn't lost all hope, because he was quite familiar with Devil. He
knew that Devil wasn't so easy to kill.

Perhaps this Li Yunmu's current strength had already surpassed his

imagination, but even if Devil wasn't great at combat, fleeing
shouldn't be a problem for him.
297 Report

Chapter 248
Source: Imported

"You tell me."

Li Yunmu didn't reply to Nangong Gongzi directly, but a

transformation began on his king crystal armor. Golden black
dimensional armor covered his whole body and completely merged
with the king's crystal armor.

His presence became out of ordinary.

"Golden Black Ghost King Armor," everyone simultaneously

cried out.

This was the Temporal layer dimensional armor which Devil had
relied upon to make his name. While other people found it difficult to
obtain even fifth dimensional armor, because Devil had stumbled
upon a secret region, he had obtained the Golden Black Ghost King

Although it wasn't a sage armor from the Seventh Dimension, a

Temporal layer armor from the Sixth Dimension was certainly not
inferior to ordinary sage level weapons.

After all, the dimensional armors produced naturally were much

rarer compared to weapons or other types of treasures.

Nangong Gongzi was finally convinced that the newcomer fluxer

had surprisingly disposed of Devil with ease. In a second, he lost all
his confidence.

"Haha, tell me your choice."

Li Yunmu didn't say anything directly to Nangong Gongzi, but his
298 Report
eyes were attentively watching him.   

Nangong Gongzi's expression kept changing endlessly. In the end,

though, he sighed deeply and without energy said, "All right, I've
betrayed you once, but if you still want me, then I will
become your follower willingly."

Before this, Lin Jian and Barbarian Niu, as well as all the others,
had urged him repeatedly to pay allegiance to Li Yunmu. They had
also roughly explained the situation to him.

Even if Li Yunmu gave a lot of freedom to his followers and

promised to let them leave once they become Flux Sages, Nangong
Gongzi remained unmoved. That was until now, when he personally
witnessed the mysterious methods used

What Blade Overlord had said was correct. If he followed this kind
of an exceptional character, he may have a chance at his revenge.
Thus, he finally relinquished his pride.

"Good choice."

Li Yunmu nodded and didn't say anymore. He had already

achieved his goal, so he naturally decided to quickly depart from this
region with his followers. They needed to leave to save themselves
from a fight with a transcending power Frontline Heaven.

Li Yunmu had now gained a third part of the supreme battlesuit,

the Azure Dragon Leg Guards. Until now, he hadn't used any of the
battlesuits components because they were his secret as well as a
trump card.

He was completely unaware of what he would have to face at the

Continental Battle, which would happen in the shadow of the
Heavenly Transformation. Moreover, once he refined a part of the
Azure Dragon Deity Suit, it would form a unique connection with the
other parts.
299 Report
This was the reason why he had never used the two parts which he
had obtained previously. Otherwise, Devil would have been alerted,
and Frontline God would have also not allowed him to freely use the
two parts.   

Right then, though, the situation had become better for him. The
whole world believed that he had no fear of standing up against
Frontline God on principle, while the truth was that he actually
possessed two parts of the suit already.

"Wait a minute, Master. Devil possessed many treasures.

These are far from it."

Devil had already died, and Nangong Gongzi had done what he
could. At the moment, since he had become Li Yunmu's follower,
naturally he wouldn't hold back

"Ehh? You mean…"

Li Yunmu began to think about it.  

When he had killed Devil, he had felt that it was quite strange that
a majestic Halted Fluxer, a person who had been concealing his
strength for so long, was so poor.  

Li Yunmu had used Void Disk's restriction powers in the fight, so

even Devil's badge was restricted, hence it didn't crumble entirely
after its owner's death.   

According to reason, Devil's fluxer badge shouldn't have been

lacking treasures.  

Yet Li Yunmu had only found the Azure Dragon Leg Guards as well
as the Golden Black Ghost King Armor which he was now wearing.
Apart from this, the storage space didn't have any item which
entered his eyes. All it contained were some trifling toys as well as
some life-saving herbs.
300 Report
"Master may be aware that Devil cultivated Ghostly Image
Substitution which can be considered as a supreme evasion
technique which allows its user to move through space. Long ago,
when Devil had unleashed this evasion technique, his storage space
had shattered, crushed by the tension created by the evasion
technique. Due to it, some of the items inside were lost in some
unknown space… 

"Because of it, Devil had then kept all of his treasures

accumulated after the event concealed in the Fifth
Dimension. Not once did he put them into his storage badge
again," Nangong Gongzi explained, surprising others.   

He had barely finished when Underworld Hand, Devil Monkey, and

the others looked towards the cave upon the cliff.

"That's right, this place had been his lair for a long time. If my
guess isn't wrong, than all his possessions should be

Li Yunmu instantly halted and said with shining eyes, "Devil

Monkey and others, go search."

Supreme evasion technique!  

That Devil wasn't a simple but a complicated character. In his fight

against Li Yunmu, he had turned into a black light and with
astonishing speed fled the scene without giving the two devil kings a
chance to react.   

If Li Yunmu hadn't had the little female shadow, the ancestor of the
Shadow Clan of the Seventh Dimension, who could be considered the
queen of those who walked in the void, he wouldn't have had any
hope to ambush Devil. Even discovering his position would've been
an impossible task, which was precisely the reason why Devil had
been successful in surviving for so long.

However, Li Yunmu had killed Devil with ease, because he had the
301 Report
little shadow ancestor who was more formidable than the supreme
evasion technique.   

As for Void Disk rotating in reverse and creating restrictions, that

was just decoration and nothing more. With Li Yunmu's current
cultivation, he couldn't display the might of this transcending sage
treasure and would have only been able to restrict Devil for a fleeting

Even without Void Disk, as long as the little shadow ancestor could
see through the enemy's concealment technique, Li Yunmu could
have killed Devil. It just would've been more troublesome.

Quickly, the party climbed up the cliff and entered the cave. After
searching it carefully, they became aware that this was a completely
different world. It was a naturally formed cave labyrinth.  

The most important part was that it was situated in one of the ten
death zones. The aura of death suppressed the group's senses, so
regardless of how formidable they were,

Not long after, both Nangong Gongzi, who was leading the way,
and Devil Monkey, who was an experienced explorer, had gotten lost.
No matter what methods they used, they still found themselves
walking in circles. All of the passages here looked identical.

"What should we do. We don't lack food or water, but the

Continental Battle is about to start. We cannot remain
trapped in here."

Even Nangong Gongzi hadn't expected that Devil would have

chosen such a deadly trap as his lair.

All of them had exhausted all the methods they could think of, but
with their senses suppressed, they couldn't find any way out of this
predicament. The only solution they had come up with was to
explode all the passages and blow a way out of this mountain.
302 Report
However, they were only Flux Disciples and nothing more. How
could they blow away a mountain?

Li Yunmu, though, wasn't the least bit anxious. What's so special

about a naturally formed maze? Even though he was in a death zone
where all his senses were suppressed, he had no fear.

"System, how much time would it take to break this maze?"

[Little, it would only require a few minutes.]

"Then quickly break it, and also deduce the probable

locations of Devil's treasures." 


After the system was upgraded to the fourth level, its deduction
power had increased to the next level. Only a few minutes later, an
extremely clear map of the cave appeared in Li Yunmu's head.  

The system had also gathered the data on places where Devil
frequently stayed. From them, it determined three locations with the
highest chance of being the treasure hoard.
303 Report

Chapter 249
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After walking through the maze for two or three hours, the group
finally turned a corner which opened into a wide cave hall.


This was the central part of the entire cave.

If Li Yunmu hadn't used the system's deduction ability and

received a map, they would have arrived here only in a fortnight.
Since all their senses were suppressed here, this was no

Nangong Gongzi was once more shocked by Li Yunmu's profound

abilities. He was certain that this was Li Yunmu's first time entering
here, but he acted as if he knew the cave like the back of his hand.

Li Qinghong and the others had long ago become accustomed to

their master having all sorts of abilities. If Li Yunmu hadn't come up
with a way, that instead would have been bizarre.

"Here, here, and in this corner. Start digging."

After finding the core of the maze, Li Yunmu commanded his

people to dug out the three locations which could hold the remainder
of the treasure.

Soon, there was some movement where Demon was digging.

He lifted an ancient copper box. It was roughly half a meter long,

and a hint of a runic luster occasionally flashed on top of it.
Surprisingly, this copper box had extraordinary origins.
304 Report
"These are the true fifth dimension's runes." Lin Jian looked it
over once and immediately started explaining its origins. "Usually,
to open these types of runic trunks, one must first break the
runic code established by its owner. Otherwise, if we try to
open it forcefully, a miniature torching spell inside would
unleash high temperature flames which will burn everything
inside to a ashes."

Once Li Yunmu heard this, he breathed out a sigh of relief. He

As long as he allowed the system to analyze Devil's habits and

deduce the runic code established by him based on that, this
shouldn't be too troublesome. Moments later, the system produced a
series of runic code combinations, and Li Yunmu walked towards the
box and inputted the sequence, but it failed.

It didn't matter, though, and he tried again.




After failing seven times in a row, he finally succeeded in opening

the box on the eighth try. Inside, several treasures were revealed,
and when Nangong Gongzi and the others saw this, all of them

"These are original manuscripts. My God, all of them are

original manuscripts. Where did Devil obtain so many of
them!" Underworld Hand and the others cried out in surprise. The
items were even in perfect condition and were certain to contain
everything, because they were the source material.

There wasn't any person who wouldn't be startled at the sight of

such precious treasures, regardless of how straightfaced they were.

Each of these manuscripts could become a basic foundation for a
305 Report
sect which would allow it to swiftly rise in power. It must be known
that even Li Yunmu and his followers only had one such manuscript,
and it was the Great Sun Secret Technique of Chaotian Sect which Li
Qinghong had possessed and nothing more. From this, the rarity of
such things could clearly be seen.

The original manuscripts were tightly guarded by the sects and

other major powers to prevent them from spreading through the

Li Yunmu's eyes began to shine at the sight of them. He

"These are the Seventh Dimension's runes. These original

manuscripts are actually from the Seventh Dimension," Devil
Monkey who had more experience in this field explained with a
serious expression on his face.

Sage level original manuscripts?

This thought allowed everyone to understand that this matter was

of great importance. Neither of them had expected that Devil would
have concealed this sort of exceptional sage level manuscripts
among his treasures, and they were even originals, not copies.

What had Devil experienced in his life? What sort of fortuitous

encounter had he gone through?

As they discovered more and more of the treasures that Devil had
concealed, they astonished grew sky high. Just one sage level
manuscript was enough to cause Flux Sages to fight to the death, so
was there any need to speak of Flux Disciples?

Everyone's breathing became heavy. Li Yunmu had to forcefully

calm himself down. Once he did so, he looked at the back of this
unknown manuscript and, to his surprise, discovered that it
contained the translation of the characters. Clearly, Devil had taken
the initiative to translate it for himself.
306 Report
"Ghostly Image Substitution?"

Li Yunmu took a careful look at the translation, then began to read

the fly-sized characters. Li Qinghong and the others didn't dare to
speak as he did so.

"This is the Ghostly Image Substitution technique Devil

cultivated. I had never expected it to be a sage level
technique." Nangong Gongzi's expressions kept changing

"Quite ferocious."

The hearts of other people began to beat loudly. Devil's reserves

were just too profound, too ferocious.

Li Yunmu didn't conceal anything from his followers. If it had been

any other master, he would've been anxious that his followers would
exceed him in strength after comprehending this sage level
technique and he would lose all superiority.

This was the reason why the more Lin Jian and others understood
Li Yunmu, the more sincerely they served him.

There was no explanation regarding the Ghostly Image Substitution

technique because to genuinely comprehend a technique, merely
learning a few characters wasn't enough. One had to understand its
true essence and practice it repeatedly.

The manuscript contained a detailed roadmap of flux energy

movements through particular flux points to properly cultivate
Ghostly Image Substitution. But when everyone saw the final
requirement, all of them were startled.

It was stated that the person who wished to cultivate this

technique had to possess the Ghost Vlan's bloodline.

307 Report
When everyone heard this, they couldn't help but laugh bitterly.
There was no way they could cultivate this Ghost Clan's secret
technique. Even if it was a sage level technique, it was useless to

Wait a minute, how did Devil cultivate it then?

In a split second, a suspicion flashed in everyone's heart.

"It's because Devil possessed the Golden Black Ghost King

Armor. As long as you have a ghost king armor of the Ghost
Clan, you can cultivate it," Li Yunmu said, clearing the suspicion in
everyone's heart.

They gazed then simultaneously fell on the golden black

dimensional armor merged with Li Yunmu's king crystal armor.

The Ghost Clan was a native clan of true Sixth Dimension. It was
said that they had been exterminated a few years ago, so it was
unknown if there were

But regardless of whether it was Golden Black Ghost King Armor or

the Ghostly Image Substitution technique, they were clearly the most
precious treasures of the Ghost Clan. However, all of them were now
part of the treasures concealed by Devil.

"Devil had definitely encountered the ruins of the Ghost

Clan in the past. However, I hadn't expected that the
entrance to the rumored lost territory of the Ghost Clan
would surprisingly be in the secondary Fifth Dimension."

Devil Monkey sighed.

Everyone continued to puzzle over the technique. They soon

discovered that it wasn't the least bit simple, but it wasn't
unexpected given that it was a supreme life-saving evasion
technique that had been lost in time.
308 Report
According to the explanation of this sage level skill, the Ghostly
Image Substitution had ninety-nine levels. With each new level of
cultivation, the user would congeal a ghost body. So once it was
cultivated to the ninety-ninth levels, the person would have ninety-
nine ghost bodies. In other words, he would possess ninety-nine lives.

F*cking awesome! This is a sage technique, the supreme sage skill

of the Ghost Clan.

Unfortunately for Devil, although he had an additional ghost body,

he was still a human. Even if he possessed the Ghost King Armor, his
cultivation of the Ghostly Image Substitution could only achieve the
first level.

Otherwise, if he had cultivated many levels of this skill, Li Yunmu

wouldn't have been able to kill him.

"Very good, with this supreme evasion technique, my

ability to survive would raise by a good margin."

Li Yunmu was very excited. Inside, he felt unexpectedly moved.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that this supreme evasion

technique surpassed everything he'd received by a thousand times.
309 Report

Chapter 250
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Soon, the group discovered several more original manuscripts in

the ancient copper box. Surprisingly, all of them were cultivation
methods of the Ghost Clan.


Instantly, all of them subconsciously realized that Devil had

stumbled upon and harvested the complete inheritance of the
exterminated Ghost Clan.

Ghostly Evasion was a temporal layer secret technique. Although it

wasn't a sage level skill, according to the system's evaluation, it still
surpassed the A grade cultivation methods.

Ghostly Evasion was different from the Ghostly Image Substitution

technique. The latter allowed the user to cheat death by moving
through the void and mainly focused on using a ghost image to
escape death by confusing the enemy as well as concealing one's
own whereabouts. Due to this, the enemy wouldn't be able to locate
the user.

Ghostly Evasion, however, focused on fleeing speed.

Devil was previously acknowledged as the person with the fastest

movement speed in the Fifth Dimension. Besides the Azure Dragon
Leg Guards, that title greatly depended on this secret technique as
well. After cultivating it, he could transform into a black line which
moved through the air like a ray of light. As his cultivation became
higher, the speed of the black ray would also increase.

In short, if he wanted to escape, then no one could stop him.
310 Report
However, the Ghostly Evasion had two fatal weak points. First, it
could only be cultivated by people who possessed the bloodline of
the Ghost Clan. Second, during daylight, the black line was eye-
catching and could easily be tracked. Due to all this, it lost all
meaning as an evasive move and just relied on its speed.

When the group heard about this

Again, only those who possessed the Ghost Clan's bloodline could
cultivate it. This requirement was really too annoying.

But their harvest wasn't just limited to those two

manuscripts. They found another one which was called Ghost King's
Body Refining Secrets!

This was a temporal grade body-refining method which had eighty-

five levels. Successfully cultivating it to the peak would allow its user
to reach the peak form of the Ghost Clan- "Ghost King".

With the body as tyrannical as that of a Ghost King, they could

move unhindered in the whole world.

This manuscript was better than the others because everyone

noticed that it surprisingly didn't have any cultivation requirements.
Every fluxer could cultivate it, though as its cultivation continued to
become more and more profound, the fluxer's temperament and
shape would come closer to that of a Ghost King.

"This, can I cultivate this? I don't care whether I remain

human or become a ghost, as long as I can become more
formidable, I am willing to pay the price," Underworld Hand and
Devil Monkey said almost in unison.

"You can, but first let me create a cultivation relaying globe

for the two of you of this Ghost King's Body Refining
Technique." After saying that, Li Yunmu wondered about their
eagerness. He hadn't expected that Underworld Hand and Devil
311 Report
Monkey would surprisingly be willing to go to such extremes to chase
after power.

However, once he carefully thought about it and gathered the

rumors and facts from all the major online platforms, he felt that it
was ordinary. After all, a powerful temporal layer body-refining
method was just too rare.

It wasn't just

Everyone knew that the first requirement for stepping into the
sage level was to break the limitations on one's own flesh. The
human body was like a natural prison. If you couldn't surpass the
limitations and break this prison, then how could you still talk about
entering the sage level.

This temporal layer body-refining method could allow not only

Underworld Hand and Devil Monkey, but even ordinary sage level
characters a chance to reach for the higher layers.

Secret techniques and battle skills were fundamentally on different

levels. Skills were only the means to display one's power. Even if
they were higher level, they would only determine one's combat

Secret techniques acting in a different manner. A temporal layer

body-refining secret technique was related to one's own cultivation
bottleneck. Even if it wasn't a sage level supreme secret technique, it
would still be valued by a lot of characters on the path to enter the
sage layer.

Even if one became a member of a transcending power, they still

wouldn't have the qualifications to cultivate a supreme secret
technique. Only those who were seen as successors of transcending
powers would qualify to cultivate the secrets which acted as the
foundation for a transcending power.
312 Report
Thus, finding a temporal layer body-refining technique among
Devil possessions implied one obvious thing, and everyone was clear
about it.

"I-, can I also?"

Nangong Gongzi also couldn't resist.

"That's okay, but first you must bind your soul imprint to
my heavenly world, then I won't discriminate."

At this time, Li Yunmu's mind wasn't

He possessed the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets,

so he naturally wouldn't cultivate this Ghost King's Body Refining
Secrets which was slightly inferior. However, he could certainly
create a major power with real foundation using this secret

Furthermore, since the system could manufacture cultivation

relaying globes, that prerequisite would also be satisfied.

Li Yunmu soon discovered the third manuscript passed on by the

Ghost Clan - Devil Soul Refinement.

A sage class cultivation method, this is surprisingly the rumored

sage class cultivation method!"

This time, even Li Yunmu couldn't help but be startled. As for Li

Qinghong and the others, they no longer even knew how to describe
their feelings.

What a fortuitous encounter had this Devil experienced, ahh?

No wonder he had always been patiently enduring and hadn't

hesitated to discard his cultivation and re-cultivate. It wasn't just so
he could use the Azure Dragon Leg Guards, but so that under the
pretense of them he could conceal having received the Ghost Clan's
313 Report

Devil Soul Refinement not only involved the Ghost Clan of the true
Sixth Dimension, but also the highest evolved life-forms of the Ghost
Clan - Devils.

Naturally, the Devil Clan had nothing to do with Devil's name. It

was a genuinely existing group of life-forms in the Seventh

Devil life-forms couldn't be classified as a race. All of them were

solitary creatures, each of which possessed sage layer strength.

They resided in the highest layer and were even more terrifying
than battle sages. The few life-forms which could threaten battle
sages in this world lived in the Seventh Dimension.


The little shadow whom Li Yunmu had found previously was

precisely one of such creatures. Devils were just like that as well

Li Yunmu shuddered a little while clasping the secret method

engraved on some unknown creature's leather. After careful
inspection, he discovered that this method pertained to the
cultivation of one's spirit and also touched upon the mind.

There were three layers in sage layer Ordinary Flux Sage, Domain
Sage, Battle Sage. Entering the sage level required one to break the
prison of one's body and achieve transcendence over it, but that was
just the first step

To take the next one, the person was required to congeal a sacred
domain, and the requirement for congealing a domain was to
cultivate the spirit.

Since cultivating spirit had to do with the mind, in layman terms, it

meant strengthening one's spirit.
314 Report
Thus, a soul-refining cultivation method was a necessary
requirement for entering the Domain Sage layer. And the Devil Soul
Refinement was precisely such a method. It could help an Ordinary
Sage to form their own domain.

At this instant, everyone turned completely silent. Now, even a pin

drop would have echoed like a scream.

Li Yunmu couldn't maintain his self-control, because although the

system had many cultivation methods, could create supreme body-
refining techniques, it didn't have any high level soul refining

Furthermore, even if the system could unlock this sort of soul

refining method as it upgraded, it would fall short of this original
manuscript. This was because the system's cultivation methods
couldn't be transferred outside. No cultivation relaying globes could
be created for them.

But for this technique in front of Li Yunmu, they could be!
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