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Chapter I


This chapter provides a brief overview of the study presented

in this thesis. This chapter introduces the reader to the

background of the study, significance of the study, problem

statement, research question, and the scope and delimitation.

Background of the study

Media plays a vital role in the national development,

especially the economic development of our country. In the modern

society, media channels connect people throughout the world, with

the oval of the internet; it has been a tool to, better improvement

through communication, not only socially but also economically?

How do media, Facebook in specific help us, in our daily

undertaking, in our growth, in our business?

Facebook is the collective of online community channels

dedicated to community- based input, interaction, content sharing

and collaboration, Facebook aids us not only for the promotion of

our social relationship with others but also in improving the

advertisement of our goods or products, Facebook opened the offered

opportunities to people in promoting products and services, but is

Facebook really effective for the marketing of certain business?

People brave basic needs: food, drinks, shelter, and clothing.

These things inducing the user of Facebook is rampant, that is why

entrepreneurs use this advantage to sale the products to the

consumers and uses it as a pavement in promoting products, clothing


According to Evans (2008), “when the internet really started to

take – off, consumers started to lure out those carefully, crafted

messages and. Take more control over how they voiced, their

experience with product and services, from websites to blogs, to

forums and message boards, conversation started to spring up around

product, brand and companies, these conversations have had more

influence. On what others buy, subscribe, to and believe is

valuable than marketing message could manage.”

Nowadays, our modern society, especially our Facebook marketing

and more particularly social networks are becoming increasingly

important in consumers’ purchasing decisions mainly because

amplify word of mouth, they may even become more important than

advertising as a trusted source of information.

In addition, Facebook is one of the marketing tools that

businessmen can apply to market their product and to inform their

customers of their brand offering.

Statement of the Problem

This study will discuss the impact of Facebook in marketing

goods, clothing in particular.

Specifically, it seeks to answer the following:

1. What are the benefits of Facebook in marketing their

clothing business?

2. What are the top 3 positive impacts of Facebook in

Marketing Clothing Business to owners?

3. What are the top 3 positive impacts of Facebook in

Marketing Clothing Business to customer?

Significance of the Study

The significance of Facebook in Marketing Small Business is

to first, benefit the buyers, by instilling information on how the

quality of Facebook works, and will help them to cope with the

trends and the buyers will easily bought their wanted items.

Second, to influence the knowledge of the people especially those

who are business minded like the future business entrepreneur and

through this they can be able to adopt and make some innovative or

innovation thus they can create more design and be forecast through

Facebook. Third, it refers whether a designer can sustain or

continually product new appealing designs. One component is

constant innovation in design process, distribution and expansion

into other products for the consumer involvement. It employs

research into consumers’ needs and buying habits. Fourth, owners-

they can be a lot stronger in the end which they can connect to

people around the world through Facebook. Also, the owners can

constantly figure out what's best for everybody especially on

figuring out the trends through Facebook. Lastly, it helps the

future researchers to develop their way of thinking in their chosen

field which it helps them also to focus in their capacity for

independent research, critical thinking or project management


Scope and Limitation

The study determines the impact of Facebook in marketing

clothing business. The goal is to gain insight on how the clothing

business uses Facebook attracts costumers. The study limits its

coverage on the 30 selected consumers and owners engaging on online

shopping within the locality of Tuguegarao. The checklist

questionnaire will be used as the main tool for gathering data.

The structure of the questionnaire is all about the impact of

Facebook in marketing clothing business. The study contemplates

every aspect of consumers on how Facebook affects them greatly

when it comes to buying of clothes considering their lifestyle and

also the owners’ income and time management. Data gathering is

limited to the information that will be collected from the

checklist questionnaire of the respondents’ answers.

Chapter 2

Review Related Literature

The purpose of this chapter is to critically review literature

related to the theoretical concept of the topic of social media in

marketing small business particularly in clothes. The literature

is to develop a theoretical framework for the study.

Viral advertising has become a way in which retailers are

marketing and providing more informations on their brands or

products. “A viral approach to marketing as a major advantage

because communication is more targeted to a brand's intended

consumer“(Bambi et Al., 2008).

Followers need to feel that every piece of content is being

shared specifically with them in mind. “ Asking consultants and

customers to submit questions, images, or stories, and then

addressing them in post, is a great way to build that sense of

connection”(Shama Hyper, 2016).

Promoting your direct sales business today is so much

different from when it first started back in the day. “Even as few

5 years ago, selling via door to door and by home parties was

considered normal practice for most direct sellers“(Jilleysue,


“Today with the popularity of social media and the changes

in marketing practices, combining your marketing efforts between

online and offline promotions is the best way to run a business“

(Jilleysue, 2016). If you want to set yourself apart customers,

then blogging or finding a platform where you have a voice is the

way to do it. There are many reasons to start a blog but the main

one is it is a fantastic way to reach out to current customers

with product information, find new customers and even work with

and recruit team members.

According to Jilleysue (2016), “marketing gives the business

owners the freedom to advertise and promote their products or

services and receive immediate response”. Business owners can

reap the benefits is this method of marketing as it is inexpensive

and easy to start. "A large part of the companies potential

customers are there. Therefore, in my opinion, all companies should

have a Facebook page where they can interact with their customers.

No advertising channel, at least where you can communicate, can

compete with those numbers".

According to Freddie Jameson (2012), “when we talk two clients

about social media they usually dismiss Facebook has not being

appropriate for their business”. However, if you are working with

or targeting young professionals then you should certain be

considering Facebook as part of our marketing and communication

mix. And many companies now recognise that Facebook is a good

platform for engaging with the over 50s as they are the fastest

growing group of users.

Implementing Facebook advertising into your Facebook

marketing strategy is one possible technique for increasing likes

or driving website clicks. “With a few clicks, you run ads across

facebook. By making a single campaign, you can reach people” (Carol

Arthur, 2011). It is because facebook offers more than other

networks in terms of alternative ways to reach the customers

(Jacobson, 2018).

“While Associated Press and CNBC (2012) reported that over

eight out of the Facebook users never or seldom viewed Facebook

advertisements or their sponsored content” (Megan Mares, 2017).

Marketing is a key functional area in most customer-driven

organizations. “It is an umbrella for a process that includes

product research and development, advertising and other

promotions, and product sales and service. In some companies,

marketing professionals have to work hard to get company leaders

to allocate ample budgets to their departments“. This often comes

down to persuading them that marketing poses several key benefits

to the organization (Kokemuller, 2013).

In your business, you need customers, and the people online

are your potential customers. “It is a hassle-free way of handing

them about your business. You are just some clicks away from

reaching millions of people” (Suthar, 2016).

Without marketing, you may have the best product ever invented

or the greatest service solution imaginable, yet no one knows.

“You might as well lock your great product in a closet to collect

dust. The promotional component of marketing is key in getting the

word out to target customers that you have something beneficial to

offer them at a great value. You need to let customers know you

exist, first, and them promote your brand benefits in a competitive

marketplace to induce buying“ (Kokemuller, 2013).

Low cost advertising strategy

Allow you to stretch your marketing budget no matter how small

it is. The key is to find effective marketing strategies for your

business. “Even inexpensive marketing is a waste of money if it

doesn't bring in a new client. Consider your specific industry and

the methods of marketing available to get the best balance between

cost and effectiveness”(Skoller, 2016).

Increase brand awareness

Through social media, “it is possible to increase brand awareness

among customers as businesses can create awareness by building

company image”(Santiago, 2014).

Builds seller-buyer connection

Sellers who maintain relationships with their buyers may

develop a competitive advantage in their market due to positive

word-of-mouth and other social interactions by the buyers.

...“Cordiality is important in buyer-seller relationships because

it lessens conflict and leads to a better understanding between

both parties”.(Ethyn, 2011).

Time efficient

When a business is running on a fixed marketing budget, social

media is the most cost-efficient way to market and promote the

business. “Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc., allow

any business to share their content for no cost at all. Hence

facebook is an affordable advertising platform” (Reyes, 2010).

Improved Customer Insights

Businesses get a better understanding of their customers by

allow them to share their insights, knowing that the brand is

listening. “Social media allows them to see what potential

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customer’s opinions are and network with them as well”

(Kokemuller, 2013).

Brand Visibility

Brand Visibility is the single, most powerful message that a

consumer can receive. And the message says that, this product is

good and you can trust this product. This product visibility,

encourages and motivates the consumer to look at the product along

with the brand attributes. “Brand managers hire different media

agencies with focus on out of home media, television and broadcast,

online marketing and others to increase the visibility of the

brand”(Reyes, 2014).

Because we are in an era of constant advancements technology,

brand awareness is especially important for every business. “This

is because people always have some type of computer in their hand,

wether it’s smartphone, tablet, or an actual laptop/desktop, which

means they are able to quickly communicate with other in a matter

of seconds”(Debra Murphy, 2011).

This could either work in favor of, or against your business.

It all comes down to how you go about using it and adapting to

these many technological advances. Being proactive in brand

building through social media will lead to a better brand

experience for existing customer while turning prospective

11 | P a g e
customers into loyal brand follower (Drew Rhodes, Baer Performance

Marketing Intern).

“Publishing consistent blog posts that are engaging and

effective can help you bring more traffic to your site over time.

In fact,according to HubSpot, companies that published more than

16 blog posts per month got almost 3.5 times more traffic than

those that only published 4 or less posts. If you want to improve

site traffic, publish quality blog content more often on a more

consistent schedule“ (Sherman Standberry, 2017).

“Quality traffic means real people have viewed the content of

your company web”. Therefore, it will open the possibilities to

having new colleagues, chances to expand the business, and deals

that are good for company’s growth. “High traffic means high

exposure, which will lead to popularity. And once company is

popular in the market, profits will come with hard efforts“

(Pascua, 2013).

Although web-traffic is very good for the company’s

marketing, the data conversion and processing can be tricky to

handle. You cannot obtain the data of your site’s traffic directly.

“Even if you force it, the data will be in its rawest form, which

is hardly meaningful“(Manzano, 2014).

12 | P a g e
But you need to focus on increasing the quality of your

website traffic, as not all traffic is good traffic. And in fact,

bad traffic can bog your business down at some level. “When you

can increase your traffic along with the quality of the visitors,

the better you will be able to increase your website conversion

and get that traffic to become paying customer”(Manzano, 2014).

Conceptual Framework

Nowadays, Facebook is very common to use especially to the

millennials. Facebook today serves not just to build social

relationship to others but it also serves as a new branding

platform to those businessmen, they use facebook to be in touch to

many, since facebook is very popular they can easily get the

attention of prospect customers. Viral advertising has become a

way in which retailers are marketing and providing more information

on their brands or products. A viral approach to online advertising

has a major advantage because communication is more targeted to a

brand intended customer. Since there are many social net working

sites today, which is more effective of product advertising?

We can’t deny the fact that there are numerous users of facebook

and this led businessmen to take advantage of it. And many

companies now recognize that facebook is a good platform for

engaging with the over 50s as they are the fastest growing group

13 | P a g e
of users. From a branding perspective, facebook is an unparalleled

platform in the history of marketing. Able to boost of more than

1.6B active monthly users, and international reach, free page

creation, and advertising platform that offers option for any

budget, it’s no wonder facebook become a leader in online


Implementing Facebook advertising into your facebook marketing

strategy is one possible technique for increasing likes and driving

website clicks. This only proves that Facebook is very effective

in advertising products.




Definition of Terms

Impact- measure of the tangible or positive effects of Facebook in

marketing clothing business. Best three will be chosen.

14 | P a g e
Facebook- the independent variable that is used in the research


Clothing Business- usually maintained by an entrepreneur that

designs and sells garments. And considered as the dependent


Entrepreneur- someone who exercises initiative by organizing a

venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision

maker, decides what, how, and how much of a good or service will

be produced. An entrepreneur supplies risk capital taker and

monitor and controls the business activities. It is usually a

sole proprietor, a partner, or the one who owns the majority of

shares in an incorporated venture.

Consumer- those who buy clothes through the use of Facebook

Marketing- way on how to attract buyers.

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Chapter III


The research aims to answer the question of how one small

business recognised for using Facebook to grow the business, uses

Facebook to engage customers. The research used a qualitative

approach and justifies the reason as to why certain methods were

chosen over the others. An in-depth discussion of research design,

locale, instruments, design, sample or respondents, and data

collection and analysis procedure will be outlined in this section.

Research Design

The descriptive design was used in the study. It is an

approach in which information is collected without changing any

gathered data and it is used to describe all the gathered data,

interpretation and tabulation followed. In this study the

researchers describe the reactions of the respondents in using

online shops on Facebook for advertising, and buying products.

Research Locale

This study will be conducted in the locality of Tuguegarao

City, Cagayan since there are lots of online shops or marketing

their business through Facebook in the city. Most of them are the

owners and the customers for us to gather relevant and lots of


16 | P a g e
Sample or Respondents

Consumers or buyers and business owners are considered as

respondents to small business for they are the end users of

commodities. They will answer queries and questions that are being

raised by the researchers. And by all means, the distribution of

the respondents will base by their status if they are consumers or

owner or manager. We will use Homogenous Sampling to get 30

respondents which consists of 15 consumers and 15 seller or store

owner or manager.

Research Instruments

This research requires for the effects of Facebook in clothing

business businesses. A series of questions designed to elicit

information filled in by the respondents. Therefore, this research

will utilize checklist questionnaires containing questions asking

how effective the use of Facebook and what are the benefits we get

from it in terms of marketing clothing business.

Data Collection Procedure

The researchers construct checklist questionnaires that

answer the Impact of Facebook in marketing Clothing Business. The

questions will be checked by the research teacher if it is already

acceptable and will be given to the respondents. During the data

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collection, the researchers first handed out checklist


Date Analysis Procedure

To determine the Impact of Facebook in marketing Clothing

Business we first will first analyse the answered questionnaires

by tabulating the gathered data using tables, bar graph and

percentage rates using weighted mean and frequency distribution.

The gathered data is interpreted, organised, and cleaned for

precise and accurate results.

For the evaluation of the impact of Facebook in Marketing

Clothing Business frequency distribution was used:

𝑋𝑤 =


Xw = weighted mean

W = weighted in the point scale

X = frequency

F = sum of frequency

18 | P a g e
To interpret the weighted mean, the criterion scale was used by

The researchers. Numerical Scale Mean Range Descriptive Scale is

Indicated below.

5 4.20-5.00 Mostly Effective

4 3.20-4.19 Often Effective

3 2.60-3.39 Somewhat Effective

2 1.80-2.59 Rarely Effective

1 1.00-1.70 Not effective

The researchers used frequency distribution to evaluate the

respondents’ answer in the benefits of Facebook in Marketing
Clothing Business. For the frequency, the researchers counted the
responses per item out of the total number or respondents
multiplied by 100.

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Chapter 4

This chapter presents the results and discussions whose main

objective is to found out the Impact of Facebook in Marketing
Clothing Business.

Table 1

Frequency and Percentage Distribution of the Benefits of Marketing

Clothing Business through Facebook

Benefits Frequency Percentage

1. Time efficient 11 27.5%

2. Low cost advertising strategy 5 12.5%

3. Increase Brand Awareness 3 7.5%

4. Improve customer insight 2 5%

5. Improve brand visibility 1 2.5%

6. Builds Seller-Buyer connection 1 2.5%

7. Share content faster and easier 9 22.5%

8. Increase rates 2 2.5%

9. Easy transaction 7 17.5%

10. others 0 0

Total 40 100%

20 | P a g e
Table 1 reveal that item “Time Efficient” was rated the highest
mean of 4.8 with the percentage of 27.5%. It means that when a
business is running on a fixed marketing budget, Facebook is the
most cost-efficient way to promote, the business that ensure
indirect sales for your business. And Facebook marketing can
influence customers who were actually targeted by you, that is why
the respondent’s choice “time efficient” which is one of the most
Facebook benefits for the clothing marketer. Second highest is
“share content faster and easier” with a percentage of 22.5% with
the help of Facebook specifically when it comes to sharing content
about your clothes or for content duration, all you need to do is
share it on your brand’s social accounts. Third is the “easy
transaction” with 17.5% because it is hassle free, and do not need
to shop or sell personally. Fourth is the “low cost advertising
strategy” with a percentage of 12.5% followed by “increase brand
awareness” with 7.5%,next, “improve customer insight”. And lastly,
“improve brand visibility”, ”builds seller-buyer connection” and
“increase rate” they got the same percentage of 2.5 due to the
usage of our respondents.

Table 2

Item Item mean Descriptive scale

The clothes I order online 3.7 Often effective

arrive at the expected date

It builds relationship 3.23 Often effective

within the seller

I can share my thoughts and 3.35 Often effective

insights properly to the
seller after receiving the
I can order easily 4.13 Often effective

There are many options in 4.28 Mostly effective

buying clothes

I can return the clothes I 2.55 Rarely effective

bought if there are damage

21 | P a g e
It is cheaper buying through 3.78 Often effective

I can deliver the clothes I 2.48 Rarely effective

bought if there are damage

The clothes I ordered are 3.35 Often effective

the same with the picture

I can bargain to the seller 2.95 Often effective

Category Mean 3.38 Often effective

As reflected in the table, item “there are many options in buying

clothes” rated highest with rating of 4.28 and a descriptive scale
of mostly effective. It indicates that consumer can find the
clothes they need and find something that is trending. Second,
item “I can order easily” as the second highest rated impact of
Facebook marketing to the consumers because they can order whenever
and whatever they want in any particular time. Third is item “is
cheaper buying through Facebook” rated as the third highest impact
to consumers. They believe that buying through Facebook is way
cheaper rather than to a traditional boutique. Fourth is item "
Fifth is item “The clothes I order online arrive at the expected
date”, Facebook Marketing is easier and faster, once your order
has been verified, transaction started. I addition, due to the
active sellers. Fifth are item “I can share my thoughts and
insights properly to the seller after receiving the clothes” and
“The clothes I ordered are the same with the picture” with a same
weighted mean of 3.35 and a descriptive scale often effective.
Sixth is item “It builds relationship within the seller” followed
by “I can bargain to the seller”. And lasly, item “I can return
the clothes I bought if there are damage” got the lowest weighted
mean, since it is not somewhat applicable to the consumers.

22 | P a g e
Table 3

Item Item mean Descriptive Mean

No need to rent store 4.50 Mostly effective

Easy transaction 4.20 Mostly effective

I can post anytime 4.33 Mostly effective

It builds relationship 3.43 Often effective

within the consumer

It makes my brand popular 3.83 Often effective

It allows you to stretch 3.95 Often effective

your marketing budget no
matter how small it is
It is the most coefficient 4.18 Often effective
to market the business

It serves as the sideline 4.55 Mostly effective

or extra income

I can sell it to everyone 4.63 Mostly effective

It is inexpensive when 4.00 Often effective

advertising the business

Category Mean 4.16 Often effective

The table shows that item “I can sell it to everyone” got the
highest weighted mean with a descriptive scale of mostly
effective it explains that every seller cans ell it to
everyone and in any particular place. Second highest impact to
sellers is item “It serves as the sideline or extra income”,
selling through Facebook can be their backup to satisfy their
needs and wants. The third highest impact is item “No need to

23 | P a g e
rent store”, they do not to rent or buy their own boutique
rather they will just post online and consumers will just
visit their timeline or page that can be considered as less
cost. Fourth item is “I can post anytime”. With or without
load I can post anytime; also, in any particular place.
Followed by item “Easy transaction”, they can sell easily or
hassle-free, next, is item “It is the most coefficient to
market the business”, continued by items “It allows you to
stretch your marketing budget no matter how small it is, “It
builds relationship within the consumer”. And the last item is
“It makes my brand popular”.


This chapter presents the summary or the research work

undertaken, the conclusions drawn and the recommendations made
as an outgrowth of this study. This study is on the Impact of
Social Media Clothing Business.

Summary of Findings

The salient findings of the study are the follows:

1. What are the benefits of Facebook in marketing their clothing


Based on the findings, time efficient got the highest

frequency. Second is the share content faster and easier with

a percentage of 22.5. And lastly, easy transaction indicates

to be the third highest.

24 | P a g e
2. What are the top 3 positive impacts of Facebook in Marketing

Clothing Business to owners?

Based on the findings, “I can sell it to everyone” is the

first in the ranking list with a weighted mean of 4. 63
with a descriptive sale of mostly effective. Second rank is
item “It serves as the sideline or extra income”. The 3rd
rank is item “No need to rent store”.

3. What are the top 3 positive impacts of Facebook in Marketing

Clothing Business to customer?

Based on the findings, item “there are many options in

buying clothes” rated highest with rating of 4.28 and a

descriptive scale of mostly effective. Followed by item

“I can order easily” as the second highest rated impact

of Facebook marketing to the consumers. And the third is

item “is cheaper buying through Facebook”.


Based on the result of this research, the following conclusion

can be taken:

1. From the findings, it can be generalized that there are a

lot of benefits of marketing clothing business using
Facebook but the most common among is that selling clothes
in facebook is time-efficient.
2. It can also be conducted that there are many ways in
advertising clothing business in Facebook but assessing the

25 | P a g e
assets of an owner or a seller is important. That means it
is the best way to reach success.
3. It can be conducted that even though there are certain
things that makes the Facebook having disadvantages in
marketing, still, it really helps a lot to everyone.

Recommendations based on the summary and findings of the

study,the researchers therefore recommend the following for the
enhancement of this research:

1. Given that the research is limited only to thirty (40)

respondents, a heterogenous sampling with large sample or
numbers of respondents should be used to gather more
information and to have more accurate basis,
2. The research is future needed to be continuously revised
and improved.

2016/12/29/social-media-marketing -for-direct-selling-companies-

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