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Pre-Membership Education Seminar


INTERNAL -Sourced within the cooperative and its members

1. Capital Build-Up
a) Share Capital - derived from monthly contribution
Contribution of 2% of monthly income
b) Retention - 1% of every loan granted
2% of the interest on capital and
patronage refund
2. Donation - Cash or material services given by the
members of the cooperative

3. Membership Fee - P 100.00

- 10% of net surplus mandated by RA 9520;
4. General Reserve Fund for the stability of the cooperative
- to be used for the capital if services/
operations will be expanded and/or to
absorb any loss that may occur
- Reserves are set-up, but no cash
5. Depreciation Reserves transaction transpires yearly
(for fixed asset)
- To build-up fund to cover the cost of
replacing the fixed asset concerned
(e.g., building, furniture and fixtures,
office equipment, etc.)
6. Deposits - part of these are used as capital for
operation and/or loaning

a. Savings - a deposit withdrawable any time during

deposit the duration of membership to the
b. Time deposit - deposits for a fixed period of time and for
a fixed rate of interest may be accepted by
the Cooperative.
The time deposit certificate in the form prescribed by the duly constituted
authorities on cooperatives evidencing deposit shall be issued to depositors.
7. Revolving - Part or whole of net surplus are
Fund/Capital retained to be used in the operation
of the cooperative such as non-cash
declaration of interest on capital
and patronage refund, i.e.
converted to share capital
8. Fund Raising - Raffles, bingo, dance benefit,
Campaign beauty contest, etc.

EXTERNAL - Sourced outside the cooperative/ membership

1. Borrowed Capital - derived from banks and other financial institutions

2. Donation - cash or material services received by the
cooperative from the community or other

Grants - local or international agencies

Subsidies - in the form of internal or counterpart capital, services

3. Commission - As an agent or exclusive distributor of products
or services (e.g., insurance, appliances, etc.)
4. Advances/ Deposits - Advances may be in the form of services/supplier,
from customer or equipment to be amortized/paid at later date
special depositors
- Raffles, bingo, etc. involving the public
5. Fund Raising (non-members)

Capital Structure and Related Computations

SHARE refers to a unit of capital, the par value of which is one hundred pesos (P100.00)

SHARE CERTIFICATE refers to a serially numbered certificate, which shall be issued by the
cooperative every time a member acquires fifty (50) shares amounting to five thousand pesos
(P5,000.00). It shall contain the shareholder’s name, the number of shares owned, the par value and
duly signed by the chairman and the secretary, and bearing the official seal of the cooperative. All
certificates issued and transferred shall be registered in the shares and transfer book of the
SHARE CAPITAL refers to the money paid or required to be paid by the members for the conduct of
the operation of the cooperative. The share capital of the cooperative may consist of common share
capital and preferred share capital both withdrawable upon termination of membership

SUBSCRIBED SHARE CAPITAL refers to the portion of the authorized share capital which the
members pledged or agreed to pay as their share capital to the cooperative and shall be paid within a
specified time as prescribed by the BOD

PAID-UP SHARE CAPITAL portion of the authorized capital of the cooperative which has actually
been paid by the members

Net surplus is the excess of payments made by the members for the loans borrowed, or the goods
and services bought by them from the cooperative. It is also defined as the BALANCE due the
members from the payments made to the cooperative.

Distribution of Net Surplus

Reserves Use/Purpose Allocation

General Reserve Stability and to meet losses 10% min


Cooperative 50% for Cooperative Education Programs 10% max

Education & Training coordinated and facilitated by the
Fund (CETF) Education and Training Committee (ETC)

50% to be remitted to Apex


Land and Building and other necessary

Optional Fund fund 7% max

Amount available for To be distributed to members Remaining balance from the

Patronage Refund Net Surplus after deducting the
and Interest on Statutory Reserves
Share Capital
Interest on Share Capital and Patronage Refund

Patronage Refund is the equitable distribution of benefits based from the member’s participation/
patronage. The allocation from the Net Surplus after deducting the statutory reserves shall not be
less than 30%.

Interest on Share Capital - the share capital shall earn interest and the rate of which shall be
computed as follows:

Rate = A x (Net Surplus after deducting SR)

Total Average Share Month


A is the remaining % of the Net Surplus less

Statutory Reserves (SR)
Less :
Patronage Refund allocation


The rate of patronage refund shall not be more than twice of the rate of the interest on share

NO allocation shall be made without the approval of the GA

30/70 minimum allocation with reference to

Patronage Refund


Net Surplus 1.0M

Less: Statutory Reserves

GRF (10%) 100T

CETF (10%) 100T

OF (7%) 70T

CDF (3%) 300T


Net Surplus (Less Statutory Reserves) 700T

Patronage Refund Allocation (30%) 210T

Interest on Share Capital Allocation (70%) 490T


Computations for Patronage Refund

Patronage Refund Allocation (30%) 210,000

Total Interest + Service Fee (Paid by members) 1,500,000

RATE of Patronage Refund 210,000/1,500,00

RATE 14%

Computations for Interest on Share Capital

Interest on Share Capital Allocation (70%) 490,000

Total Average Share Month 5,000,000

RATE of Interest on Share Capital 490,000/5,000,000

Average Share

January 2,000
February 2,200 2,000+200
March 2,400 2,200+200
April 2,600 2,400+200
May 2,800 2,600+200
June 3,000 2,800+200
July 3,200 3,000+200
August 3,400 3,200+200
September 3,600 3,400+200
October 3,800 3,600+200
November 4,000 3,800+200
December 4,200 4,000+200
Total 37,400
Average Share Month 37,400/12=3,117

Interest on Share Capital and Patronage Refund

Member A For P100,000.00
Interest Paid Loan (9.75%)
X Rate Patronage Refund P9,750.00


Ave. Share Month X Rate of 3,117

Interest on Share Capital x9%

TOTAL P1,645.53
Time Deposit Interest Rates



5,000-99,999 1.25% 1.5% 1.75%

100,000- 499,000 1.75% 2.00% 2.25%

500,000- above 2.25% 2.5% 2.75%