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2016 SI02 Bundle B

1. The Special Installment may be availed through the Balance Transfer, Retail Conversion 1. The cardholder may only transfer balances from another primary, non-UnionBank credit
and Charge for Cash Program card that is under his name, to his primary UnionBank Credit Card. Balance Transfers from
a. The Balance Transfer (BT) Program allows cardholders to transfer their non- one UnionBank Credit Card to another are not allowed.
UnionBank Credit Card balances to their UnionBank Credit Card and convert it 2. Only posted transactions that form part of the cardholder’s Outstanding Balance on his
into installment. non-UnionBank credit card at the time of application may be subject to Balance Transfer.
b. The Retail Conversion (RC) Program allows cardholders to convert any kind 3. In case the non-UnionBank credit card has existing installment transactions, only the
of straightcharge purchase/transaction on their UnionBank Credit Card into monthly amortization posted will be included as part of the Balance Transfer Option.
installment, depending on their preferred term. 4. Applicants must submit by mail or fax the following requirements to the fax numbers
c. The Charge for Cash (CC) Program allows cardholders to avail of cash and indicated below.
charge it on their UnionBank Credit Card and then convert it into installment. a. Accomplished Application Form
2. This promo is open to select UnionBank Credit Cardholders in active status and with b. Copy of the latest Statement of Account of the other Credit Card
good credit standing. 5. Once the Balance Transfer Application is approved, UnionBank shall pay, in behalf of
3. Cardholders who avail of the UnionBank Special Installment Program from June 10, the cardholder, the non-UnionBank Credit Card with the approved Balance Transfer
2016 to August 31, 2016 will be entitled to promo rates detailed in the Installment amount. Processing time is ten (10) banking days, including processing of application and
Reference Table below. depositing of amount to pay the other Credit Card’s obligation.
4. A minimum amount of P3, 000 is required to avail of an Installment Program. 6. There is no maximum amount imposed on the Balance Transfer Program, as long as the
5. To compute for the monthly amortization, multiply Total Installment Amount by the gross availment amount (amount requested for installment plus interest) is within the
Factor Rate of the preferred monthly installment term in the Installment Reference Table. Cardholder’s Available Credit Limit. If the available credit line of the cardholder is not
Term MIR FACTOR RATE AEIR sufficient, UnionBank Credit Cards has the sole discretion to approve only a portion of the
3 1.75% 0.350832 31.23% amount applied for.
6 1.50% 0.181666 30.23% 7. UnionBank shall notify the Cardholder if application is disapproved. UnionBank shall
9 1.50% 0.126109 31.32% not be liable for any interest or penalty charge applied to the Cardholder’s non-UnionBank
12 0.60%(BT) 0.089333 13.03% credit card as a result of disapproval of his application.
0.99% (RC&CFC) 0.090333 16.42%
14 0.99% 0.081328 21.36%
18 0.75% 0.063056 16.42% 1. Purchases made during the promo period eligible for Retail Conversion are new
24 0.60% (BT) 0.047667 13.27% transactions in the Cardholder’s latest statement. Transactions carried over from the
0.99% (RC&CFC) 0.051567 21.37% previous statement cannot be converted through the UnionBank Retail Conversion
36 a total installment
2.18% Program.
For example of P10, 000 for 120.049580
months with 13.03% AEIR 42.50%will give form
you the following monthly amortization and total amount due with interest. 2. Totoapply
any of
numbers indicatedCardholders
Conversion, below. must fax the completed application
3. The gross availment amount must not exceed the Cardholder’s Available Credit Limit at
the time of approval.
To compute for the monthly
Principal Amount Factor Rate Monthly Amortization 1. A Cardholder may avail of up to 80% of his Available Credit Limit at the time of
P10,000 x 0.08933333 = P893.33 approval.
2. Applicants must submit the following requirements to UnionBank Customer Service
To approximate your total amount due with interest: through the fax numbers indicated below.
Principal Amount 1 + (MIR x Tenor) Amount due with Interest a. Accomplished Application Form
P10,000 x 1 + (0.0060*12) = P10,720 b. Copy of any valid identification of cardholder
c. Copies of official receipts for purchases done by cardholder
6. The monthly installment amount from the UnionBank Installment Program availed 3. Applicants must fill out application form completely and must indicate the preferred
shall be considered as a regular transaction on the UnionBank Credit Card and shall be Mode of Payment:
part of the Total Amount Due on the Statement of Account for the month. a. Credit amount to the cardholder’s UnionBank Current / Savings Account
7. If the Available Credit Limit (i.e. Cardholder’s Credit Limit less the outstanding balance (CA/SA)
at the time of approval) of the cardholder is not sufficient, UnionBank Credit Cards has the b. Deposit to cardholder’s non-UnionBank CA/SA. Non-UnionBank CA/SA must
sole discretion to approve only a portion of the amount applied for. be under cardholder’s name. Copy of bank statement will be required.
8. UnionBank reserves the right to approve or reject installment applications based on its c. Pick-up Manager’s Check (please note that Manager’s Check must be under
internal policies or for reasons it deems justifiable. cardholder's name. Manager’s check shall be released at the UnionBank
9. Cardholders may contact UnionBank Customer Service at (02) 841-8600 to check on branch preferred by the cardholder. Cardholder may visit
the status of their UnionBank Installment Program application. for the list of UnionBank branches.
10. In case of pre-termination or cancellation of the UnionBank Installment, the cardholder 4. For Cardholders who choose Manager’s Check pick-up as Mode of Payment, they will
shall be liable to pay in full the unpaid principal balance of the Total Amount Due plus receive an SMS once their Manager’s Checks are ready for pick-up at the preferred branch.
interest accrued from statement date to loan closure date and a Cancellation Processing 5 Requirements for pick-up are as follows:
Fee amounting to 5% of the remaining principal balance or P500 whichever is higher. In a. UnionBank Credit Card
case b. Valid ID with picture and signature of cardholder
of special promotions wherein UnionBank gives the Cardholder special premiums If Manager’s Check is for pick up by representative
(includes promotional items, rewards points, rebates, etc.), UnionBank has the discretion c. Authorization letter indicating the name of the representative and signed by
to charge the full monetary equivalent of the premium should the Cardholder cancel or both cardholder and representative.
pre-terminate the installment. The equivalent amount will be charged to the d. Valid ID with picture and signature of cardholder and representative.
Cardholder’s UnionBank Credit Card account on the next statement date following the e. Photocopy of UnionBank Credit Card
date of pre-termination or


 Pick up Manager’s Check at any UnionBank branch.
APPLYING FOR: (Please note that Manager’s Checkshould be under the name of the
Card Number
 Balance Transfer  Retail Conversion  Charge for Cash Cardholder.)
Cardholder’s Name GERMAN GENODIALA AGULTO  Deposit check to Cardholder’s UnionBank Current / Savings Account (CA/SA)
CONTACT INFORMATION:  Deposit check to Cardholder’s non- UnionBank CA/SA. Non-UnionBank
Daytime Phoe No. Mobile No. 0915-222-6080 account must be under Cardholder’s name. Copy of Bank Statement will be

Fax No. E-mail Address required.

Please check one: OTHER CREDIT CARD INFORMATION (For Balance Transfer Only)
Term MIR AEIR Card Company Card No.
 3 1.75% 31.23% Cardholder’s Name GERMAN GENODIALA AGULTO

 6 1.50% 30.23% Credit Limit Payment Due Date

 9 1.50% 31.32%
 12 0.99% (RT&CFC) 21.25%
 14 0.99% 21.36%
 18 0.75% 16.42%
 24 0.60%(BT) 13.27% AUTHORIZATION:
 24 0.99%(RT&CFC) 21.37% I agree to abide by the terms and conditions governing UnionBank Credit Cards Installment
36 Promo. I undertake to pay the full amount or monthly amortization due to my chosen
 2.18% 42.50% installment plan under this promo subject to the terms and conditions of the UnionBank
Credit Card Installment Plan. My signature below authorizes initiation of my obligation as
specified above.
Cardholder’s Signature / Date
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