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ihEa. "Election is the *Ea "I will promote ed-
time to create a ucation for higher
better government. consciousness and per-
"The best govern- fect health through
ment is Nature's prevention, and create a
government—Natural flourishing economy.
Law—which governs aife- "Come with me and
our universe with per- "17 we will create a per-
ect order and without a feat: government and a
problem. problem-free nation.
"Natural Law gov- at,. "I will abolish GST,
'7 erns all life from lr create new jobs, and
the galaxies to our solar wipe out the deficit. I will
system to our planet create a government that
Earth; and certainly our \lip satisfy everyone.
individual lives are also „IL "Our dear Canada
governed by Natural was founded on
Law. `principles that recognize
at, "I have the know- the supremacy of God
Dr. Neil. Paterson
ledge to bring the Party Leader
and the rule of law.'
support of Natural Natural Law Party of Canada at, "The Natural Law
Law to my dear Ca- Party is the only
nadians and my clear Canada. party that has proven scientifically its ability
A, "Our national life will be in har- to fulfil this supreme aspiration and create a
mony with Natural Law, and every government that functions in accord with
illanadian will enjoy peace, happiness, and Natural Law, which is the Will of God.
prosperity. "With the full support of Natural

A, "I have the scientific knowledge to Law, we will create a perfect govern-
create a government as efficient as ment that can satisfy everyone."
the Government of Nature. —Dr. Neil Paterson


All111,fi:eti by the Nana al Law Part). fund • Chief Agent of the Natural La% Party ttf Canada

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Table of Contents
Our Special Offer to the Nation will be a Government as Perfect as the Government of the Univers
intelligence and life according to Natural Law for every student
Message from Dr. Neil Paterson, Leader of the
• Education that delivers the fruit of all knowledge—a stress-free, mis-
Natural Law Party page 4
take-free life, and the ability to achieve anything

Hierarchy of Government: Law and Justice page 20

Supreme theme of governing—nourishing and satisfying all levels of • A crime-free society through elimination of the root cause of crime—
life page 6 the inability to think and act in accord with Natural Law

Dr. Doug Henning Family and Social Policy page 22

Dr. Neil Paterson A Group for A Government page 8
• Strengthening the family and safeguarding the nation's future by en-
Leader of the Natural Law Party Senior Vice-President of the
• Establishment of a group of Yogic Flyers—experts in Natural Law— suring the health and happiness of mothers and children
Natural Law Party
Candidate for Ottawa-Centre to create an integrated national consciousness and gain the support of
Candidate for Rosedale Natural Law for the nation Senior Citizens page 22
• Elimination of stress from collective consciousness, the solution to • Restoring the role of senior citizens as the guides of society through

D it. NEIL PATERSON, 40, a native of Edmonton, Alberta, attended

Notre Dame College in Wilcox, Saskatchewan, and then went on to D R. DOUG HENNING, 46, was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Before high
school he moved to Oakville, Ontario. Later, he studied at McMaster
crime, violence, economic failure, and all problems of our nation programs to maintain health, happiness, and vitality throughout life

receive his doctorate from Maharishi European Research University in University in nearby Hamilton, where he graduated with an Honours B.Sc. in physio- Administration through Natural Law— Cultural Integrity and National Unity page 23
logical psychology. Dr. Henning received his doctoral degree in the Science of Crea-
Switzerland. Dr. Paterson is a teacher and researcher in the field of
tive Intelligence from Maharishi European Research University, Switzerland. Automation in Administration page 8 • Realizing the supreme ideal of unity in diversity by enlivening
consciousness. His doctoral degree is in the Science of Creative In- Natural Law in national consciousness—enriching every culture and
During his youth, Dr. Henning's hobby was magic, and upon graduation from • Administration as efficient as the Government of Nature
region while strengthening the unity of the nation as a whole
telligence--the systematic study of the origin, range, and development of • Creation of supreme quality of life—Heaven on Earth—in the nation
McMaster he decided to make the art of illusion his career. Today Dr. Doug Henning
creative intelligence in man and nature which includes practical tech- is acclaimed as one of the greatest magicians of modem times. In his 20 years of per- • Prevention-oriented administration—elimination of problems before The Constitution of Canada and
nologies for the development of the full creative potential of human con- forming, Dr. Henning has created and starred in eight prime-time NBC/CBC teld• they arise the Constitution of the Universe pake 24
sciousness. Dr. Paterson believes that the most precious and under- vision specials that have been seen worldwide. He has also emoted and starred NI'
utilized natural resource of Canada is the creative potential of its 27 three Broadway shows, raising the art of illusion to new heights of popularity. Some
All-Party Government with the Ability to Upholding the Rights of Native People page 25
million people.
of Dr. Henning's spectacular illusions include making a giant elephant disappear, Satisfy Everyone page 10
changing himself into a shark, making a car and a horse vanish in mid-air, and re-
Dr. Paterson is Governor-General of the Age of Enlightenment for North creating Houdini's amazing underwater escape. Dr. Henning has created illusions for • Eliminating the destructive rivalry between parties, Agriculture and Forest Management page 25

• Forming a truly national government for the benefit of all Canadians • Profitable, sustainable, and environmentally-sound farming and for-
America, the leader of Maharishi's movement of consciousness for the movies, stage, and television, and has acted as television commercial spokesman for
Chrysler, Minolta, and TWA. • Government by the best experts in every field est management
North American continent. He also sits on the board of directors of
Maharishi Heaven on Earth Development Corporation, an international
In the course of his career, Dr. Henning has become an expert in magical entertain- Economy page 11
Energy and Environment page 26
ment technologies. He was a consultant to Disney, inspiring them to put more magic
organization dedicated to creating an ideal quality of life throughout the • Growth and abundance in economy through increased creativity
into their rides, exhibits, and movies. Dr. Heming also became an experienced ad- • A pollution-free environment through pollution-free industry, ag-
world, which is active in the fields of education, health care, crime ministrator and businessman, overseeing a multi-million dollar corporation. Recently, • Savings for Canadians of up to $121 billion each year riculture, energy and transportation
prevention and rehabilitation, and resource development. Dr. Paterson has Dr. Henning has put all his magical expertise into Maharishi Veda Land, the world • Elimination of the federal deficit within three years
helped to develop and implement projects in these fields in over 40 elass theme park with the themes of enlightenment, knowledge, and entertainment, Defence page 28

countries. which forms part of a S1.5 billion project that Dr. Henning and his team are de- Lower Taxation page 13
• Invincible defence on the basis of invincible national consciousness,
veloping in Ontario. • Immediate abolition of the GST created through the Maharishi Effect coherence and integration in
r. Paterson is a world expert on programs to create harmony and pos- Dr. Doug Henning is married to Debby Henning, one of the original creators of • Create more wealth and feel free to enjoy it—low taxes for all national consciousness generated by A Group for A Government
• itivity in society through the group practice of Yogic Flying and has Maharishi Veda Land.
extensive experience of implementing this technology to improve quality
• Reduced taxes will be possible by simplifying national administration Creating a Truly National Government page 29
and making it more effective
of life and eliminate problems in many countries around the world. D r. Henning has always recognized that the greatest magic of all is the magic of
Natural Law, which govems the infinitely diverse wonders of the universe with
effortless precision and without mistakes. Dr. Henning's magical career has been in- Employment page 14
Seven Reasons to Vote for the
Dr. Paterson is determined to create a perfect government in Canada as
spired by his many years of practical experience of the technologies to enliven Nat- • Eliminating unemployment: creating more jobs at home and abroad
Natural Law Party page 29
efficient as the Government of the Universe, which administers the uni- ural Law in individual and collective life. Dr. Henning's knowledge in this field has through programs for the reconstruction of Canada and increased pro-
Appendices page 30
verse through Natural Law with perfect order and without a problem. made him an internationally respected authority on the application of Natural Law to duction and export
1. Discovery of the Constitution of the Universe page 30
eliminate problems and bring fulfilment to all areas of human concern. • Training for 100,000 young unemployed Canadians in new pro-
fessions to bring fulfilment to the fields of health, education, business, 2. The Constitution of the Universe page 32
After travelling mound the world for many years as Canada's ambassador of magic,
447 ou are needed—every one of us is needed. We are all needed for Dr. Henning is now returning to Canada when great transformation is urgently need- politics, and crime prevention. (See page 41.) 3. Total Knowledge Contained in One Verse of Rik Ved page 34
ourselves and for our dear nation. Working together, we can raise ed. He is completely committed to making all Canada's problems magically vanish by • Decentralized administration: increased power and authority to the lo- page 36
4. Administration through Natural Law
Canada to perfection. bringing the support of Natural Law to the nation. Dr. Henning's goal and the goal of cal level to facilitate job creation in each locality and eliminate an-

"We are all aware of the deplorable state of government. We don't want
the Natural Law Party is to create a crime-free, disease-free, prosperous nation, where d , employment at its source Candidates of the Natural Law Party page 38
every Canadian enjoys life in the new awakening of enlightenment, knowledge, an.
to remain a witness to a sinking ship. We are a sovereign nation. We entertainment. rirgalth page 17 Courses on Supreme Knowledge of Natural Law page 41
don't deserve to continue being the slaves of situations and circum- • 50 percent reduction of disease within three years through prevention- page 41
Scientific Review of the Natural Law Party Platform
stances. The time has come to put an end to the tradition of failure in gov- oriented health care and natural medicine
New Principles to Guide the Life of the Nation page 42
ernment. We don't want to waste a day. We now possess a scientific ap- “1" have a deep desire to create an enlightened Canada. At this • Training for the whole population in a simple procedure of self-pulse
proach to gain the support of the infinite organizing power of Natural Law. ical time in Canada's history, 1 urge all Canadians to read this reading to detect physiological imbalances, and in simple dietary rec- Savings to the Nation from
platform carefully and vote for their Natural Law Party candidate. The ommendations to correct imbalances before disease arises Natural Law Party Programs page 43
"Natural Law is as much for us as individuals as it is for us as a nation.
Natural Law Party is the only party that can solve all the nation's prob-
By gaining the support of Natural Law in national life, the Natural Law Natural Law Party National and ProvinCial Offices page 43
lems and prevent any future difficulties from arising. 1 am completely Education page 19
Party can create not only a perfect government, but also a perfect in- Winning Points of the Natural Law Party page 44
committed to bringing this knowledge of Natural Law to every Canadian • Development of higher consciousness—increased creative
dividual and a perfect society. We will create an enlightened government
and to creating a perfect government for an ideal problem free Canada."
and an enlightened nation."
—Dr. Doug Henning
"If you favour Natural Law, Natural Law will favour you"
—Dr. Neil Paterson
A MESSAGE TO EVERY VOTER- Dr. Neil Paterson (continued)

party of the followers of every religion.
Out pany Invites and welcomes people from
all walks of life, all ages and professions, and all
Natural Law Party Offers k ulfilment to the Constitution
of Canada Through the Constitution of the Universe—
From Dr. Neil Paterson, Natural Law Party Leader
lection is the time to create a better government The best government is Nature's C.-
• A Party Based on Knowledge
is very necessary that no vote be wasted dur-
this election. I urge everyone to vote foe the
Natural Law Party. It is the only party based on
cultural and religious traditions to support Nat-
i.] Law in the forthcoming election.
If you favour Natural Law, Natural Law will
Scientific Validation
The Constitution of the Universe, the field of the cherished ideals of the Constitution of
pure intelligence at the basis of creation, gov- Canada can be fully realized. As an illustra.

E errtntenr—Natural Law—which governs our universe with perfect order and without a
do without the uteri for talking to anyone.
Only the Natural Law Party can prevent the dis-
Natural Law—the self-referral state of conscious-
ness, which quietly and spontaneously engages
sound scientific principles and programs to create
a perfect government.
favour you. With-dm full support of Natural Law,
together we will create a perfect government that
can satisfy everyone.
ems the universe with perfect orderliness, up- tion, an excerpt from the Canadian Charter
holding the progress and evolution of every. of Rights and Freedoms is presented below,
problem. aster of separation. the infinite organizing power of the Unified Field one and everything. Hundreds of scientific together with selected scientific findings con-
of Natural Law and makes the whole administra- The scientific knowledge at the basis of the research studies verify that when this field is firming the practical fulfilment of the ideals
Natural Law governs all life, from the galaxies to the solar system to oar planet earth; and The Natural Law Party's government will not The Natural Law Party Can
tion automatic This automation in administration Natural Law Party is so complete, based on the enlivened in national consciousness through expressed in this fundamental document of
certainly our own lives are also governed by Natural Law. seek alliances with or favours from any group in
the country. It will not hold conferences of per- is our specialty. This automation in administra- latest dim:tarsiea of modern science, and the need Create a Perfect Government the programs of the Natural Law Party, all our nation.
I have the knowledge to bring the support of Natural Law to all Canadians and the whole of tion is the offer of my Natural law Party for a for the Natural Law Party to establish the govern-
suasion. It will maintain a natural authority of I am giving you this message from the level of
Canada, Our national life will be in harmony with Natural Law, and every Canadian will perfect government in Canada. ment is so vitally urgent, that every voter should
positivity and harmony in national consciousness the supreme intelligence of the government of the morrow', of Goth Greater Satisfaction
enjoy peace, happiness, and prosperity. I have the scientific knowledge to create a govern- have an understanding of this knowledge and
universe, which has been eternally governing the
mem as efficient as the Governmental Nature. so strong that anything not supportive to the life The only consideration in the mind of the voter support the creation of a perfect govemment. / with One's Relationship with God and
of the nation as a whole will simply fall off and should be Which party can create a perfect gov- universe with perfect orderliness. Part I—Canadian Charter Religion (395).
will not arise again in the future. ernment? In this election, with the rise of the Nat- For this reason, I haw organized that this beau- of FtIghts and Freedoms
The discovery of the Constitution of the Uni-
The Choice For Every Canadian Success belongs to Natural law. Vote for the tiful knowledge of Natural Law be made avail- rule of law: Increased Orderliness —
The federal government of the Natural Law ural Law Party, no voter should accept anything verse within the structure of the Unified Field of Whereas Canada is founded upon principles
Natural Law Party. I cannot emphasise enough able in every constituency. Improved Quality of Nalennal life in
Every Canadian wants to make a choice for the less than perfection. Any party that gels the Natural Law in the mlfceferral rote of human
the immediate need for such a perfect govem- Party will be. truly sovereign government. No that recognize the thoremacv of God and th Canada as Measured by Improvements on a
most competent party_ He has to choose from one will be able to undermine its supreme, nat- knowledge of automation in administiation Prosperity on the Ground of consciousness, and easy access to this level of su-
ment in Canada. tole tilasvi Monthly Index Including Redeced Hom-
some new parties and some well known old par- through Natural Law can create a perfect govern- preme intelligence of Natural Law through the
Why Governments Have
ural authority, because it will be cornplualy and
ment. That party is the Natural Law Party.
Creativity and Happiness 1. Guarantee of Rights arul Freedoms The
icide, Suicide, Motor Vehicle Fatalities, and
ties. But every voter knows that the well known naturally nourishing to everyone. Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi pro- other variables (408)•
old parties have had full opportunity to serve the Failed in the Past The primary target of the Natural Law Party gram, together with extensive scientific salida. Canadian Charier of Rights and Freedoms
*Haden endowed with foresight and We have been presenting this knowledge to the
nation with the best of their abilities. But what-
ever they did, it was beyond their ability to pre-
Government is just the innocent mirror of the
nation. On the basis of this principle one could ex-
A insight into the dynamics of adminisna-
lion—with knowledge about how infinite osier is
govemment of Canada since the lime of Tmdeau.
Since then, every generation of Canadians has
government is happiness for every Canadian. We
do not emphasize dollars and cents. We recognize
that the pursuit of wealth without inner happiness
ion of this program give me the confidence to
say that I can create a perfect gownsment. I an
guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it
subject only to such reasonable limits pre-
sented by law as can be demonstrably jus-
freedom of conscience and relinioth Great-
er Respect for Traditional Religious Val-
vent problems from arising—governments con- been presented with beautiful knowledge. Had create a healthy, happy, invincible Canada. I can ues (71, 138•
cuse the performance of governments that have maintained in the whole universe—and with the
timed to perform, problems continued to arise. and stability exhausts the life of the nation. Pros- generate a strong influence of positivity, which tified in a free and &limeade Society.
been failing in the past. They couldn't have done ability to provide automation in administration this program of Natural Law been undenaken by freedom of thought, belief, :pinion and ex-
perity will naturally flourish on the ground of will neutralize all negativity throughout Canada,
I appreciate that every party is genuinely want- better beaux they were functioning under the in- through Natural Law, I sec the future of Canada Mr. Trudeau or Mr. Mulroney, Canada would be 2. Fundamental Freedoms. Everyone has pression: Greater Respect for the Views
creativity born of happiness. With Maharishi's and radiate a positive and harmonious influence
ing ro serve the nation with the knowledge that fluence of national consciousness. Whatever was to be safe only In the hands of the Natural Law the guiding light of all nations today. the following fundamental freedoms: j of Others (164)•
Group For A Government the Natural law Party throughout the world.
they have. But because no party has the knowl- the quality of the national consciousness, that was Party. 1 see a bright future for my country only But my friends, don't worry about the past. To- (a) freedom of conscience and —/
will bring inner happiness--bubbling bliss—into • freedom of meant assembly Ineremed
edge of administration that can create a perfect the quality of national government. through the government of the Natural law day we are at the dawn of a new possibility for I am giving this message for everyone in Can- mligjom
the life of every Canadian. / Ability 10 Co-operate with Others (73,
government, every party is rightfully finding Governments did not know that it is necessary Party. our nation. Times have changed. The Natural ada in simple words, and in no uncertain terms. I (1)) freedom of Nought. - 161, 164).
weaknesses in all the other parties. 'This program-7,000 Yogic Flyers—will feel happy to ay that under my eaters], nour- /
to maintain collective consciousness on the su- Law Party registered for this election only when °trillion and exeression, including
The Natural Law Party want every voter to preme level of positivity, harmony, and creativity
Only the Natural Law Party we learned that over 60 percent of the population
bring untold benefits for Canada. It will restore ishing care, the new groernment of Canada will freedom of the press and other freedom of associatioa Increased Toler-
Can Meet the Urgent dignity to government and attract Canada's best be an exemplary government in the world. Our 'once (62, 65. 77, 150, 153. 266, 268, 308,
consider seriously this fact: the Natural Law Par- so that positivity and harmony would guide the welcomes our program-60 percent of the Ca- media of communication;
to Ottawa to work hernmniously together and end
ty is the only party that has access to the infinite performance of the national government. Requirement of the Nation nadian people want this program of the Natural
our problems.
Canada will be the guiding light in the family of (c) freedom of neaceful assembly —/ 316): Greater Self-Control (65, 77, 153,
organizing power of Natural Law that govems Law Party. nations. Canadian national consciousness will be and 290,308)'
In the past there was no concept of collective I invite all the wise members of the Canadian
the universe with perfect order. Fulfilling the Highest Aspirations free from stress and strain. All Canadians will be (d) freedom of association
oonsciousness There was no concept of govern- media to ring the bell of danger for Canada. I in- Demonstration of Maharishi's r rat to vile ... and to he eualified for mem-
able to fulfil their desires while naturally and
The Natural Law Party Will ment being governed by the collective conscious- cite them to alert every voter that only the wis-
Group for A Government in of All Canadians spontaneously promoting the interests of the 3. Democratic Rights. Every citizen of hr=L i,tin House of Commons]: Greater
ness of the nation. That is why the collective con- dom of the Natural Law Party and our Canada has the right to von. in an election of Sense of Social Responsibility (138, 261):
Prevent Problems from Arising Washington, D.C. Our dear Canada was founded on "principles whole society. Our government will be the first
sciousness's. not attended to by the govemment entifically validated program of A Group for A members of the House of Commons or of a Greater Leadership Ability, Persuasive.
dint recognize the supremacy of God and the rule government in the world on a pat with the Gov-
The ability to prevent problems from arising is That is why govemmcets continued to perform Government will adequately cater for the present The power of this knowledge to create legislative assembly and to be Qualified for riess, Forcefulness, and Influence (73, 153).
ernment of Nature—vested with the power to
ost vital for any government worth its name. with lack of efficiency and effectiveness. Now we and urgent requirement of the nation fm a perfect foci government was recently demonstrainka membership therein.
Natural Law Party is the only patty that bring satisfaction to everyone and permanent
Each party fully knows its capacities and its lim- know why governmenrs have notsuccseded in ful- government. Washington, D.C., which Is appropriately known
can fulfil this sublime aspiration. We can create a peace to the world.
itations It will be decent etiquette for a party not filling theirresponsibilities to the nation. as the .
erime capital of America."
Seventeen parties have come forward to contest government that functions in full accord with The number in parenthesis after each research
to take the responsibility for goveming the nation On a sound scientific ground I am asking you
The reality of collective consciousness in- this election. No party other than the Natural Law Four thousand experts in Yogic Flying as- Excerpts from: Natural Law Party finding is the number of the iewarch study Iron
if it does not know how to prevent pmblems from Natural Law. to believe me and come with me. Let us all create
fluencing the government has been brought to Party has any knowledge that can prevent pion sembled in Washington this past summer. for Offers Fulfilment to the Constitution which the finding is taken. as reprinted in Sch.
— arising. What scientists call Natural Law is understood a perfect government. Together we will bring ful-
light by the recent discovery of the Unified Field lems. No other party hoe the ability to create a two months they created en Influence of co-
filment to those cherished words of our national
of Canada Through the Constitution of enhfic Research on Maharishi's Transcendental
It is remarkable that the well known old par- from the platform of religion as the Will of God.
of all the Laws of Nature and the discovery of the problem-free administration. No other party mu herence and positivity in the American capital. the Universe—Scientific Validation, 1993 .M1fedantion and Program: Collected
1110 Natural Law Party is equally the party of the anthem, "God keep our land glorious and free.
ties, which have demonstrated failure tarn after Constitution of the Universe within the strucnne fulfil the requirement of bringing safisfacton to which was strong enough to reduce violent crime Papers, Volumes 1-5 (3700 pages).
term, come hack to ask the population to vote for scientists of every discipline of science and the Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee."
of the Unified Field of Natural Law. every person in the country. No other party has by 25 percent from predicted sends and reverse
them again and bear with their incompetence for that critical administrative skill which can stop the the declining fortunes of President Clinton and
Once we knew the dynamics of the administra- sciousness through their group practice. This administering the whole universe through Na
several more years. Such irresponsible behaviour firing wave of crime sweeping over the nation. Congress. After the demonstration, crime rose
tion of the universe through Natural LAW, only
on the part of national leadership alerts every vot-
er to make his choice carefully, after gaining very
then dad we know that the formula for successful
administration in first to handle the collective
Throughout our history we have been great
friends with our neighbour, but today, when we
again, and conflict and dissension again overtook
the American government.
NATURAL LAW— brings the sapped of the Government of Nature
to national life, neutralizing the stress born of the
lure's Principle. of Least Action, with maximum
efficiency and without excnion, problems, or
thorough and deep knowledge about the different violation of Natural Law by the whole population
In previous elections, all parties have per-
conmiousness of the nation—generating an in-
danitable influence of positivity and harmony in
see crime increasing there, we must be alert. We
must realize that crime-dominated atmosphere
This demonstration replicated the results of 40
previous studies, including one in the 1980's in The Government of Nature and putting the trends of life naturally in the ev-
olutionary direction.
• Natural Law displays Automation In Ad.
nrinistration--administering the universe with
national consciousness by creating a poop of can completely blind one to the interests of oth- Washington, D.C. Despite the overwhelming sci-
formed within the same narrow band of success
in administration. During this erection, the Nat-
ural Law Party has come with a new element of
Yogic Flyers—and thereby bring automation to
administration—the supreme level of efficiency
in administration.
ers—even the interests of an old friend.
The only way to save the nation from ca-
entific evidence, both the local Washington gov-
ernment and the U.S. federal government have ig-
nored this technology. As a consequence, they
F71r been exploring
universe, hese univorersal lyiPi''th'' rw"
principles are the awsof7a
r r
the laws of physics, chemistry, biology; the laws governing the behaviour of the amateur and
Even in the elementary sum of Yogic Flying,
when the body lifts up and moves foroard in a se-
ries of short hops, it creates bubbling bliss and
no effort, no stress, no possibility of failure.
• Natural Law is Stable—mainlining the ex-
panding universe for billions of years.
tastrophe is for everyone to vote for the Natural r practising in
flawless administration--the ability to govern as continue to struggle with a rising crime rate and the galaxies, our heartbeat and our breath. Natural Law governs every impulse of thought exhilaration in the Yogic Flynn: • Natural Law is Rebable--the earth always re-
It Is this knowledge and practical moan. of A Law Party, which will create indomitable positiv- large groups, they radiate an influence of peace
efficiently and perfectly an the government of the weak, incoherent government I can only con- and action, it is intimate to everyone. Taken together, all the Laws of Nature are forever volves around the sun; an apple tree always
Group for A Grivemment--7,000 Yogic Ryan-- ity and harmony throughout the nation through a and harmony into the environment—the
universe. dude that the intensely negative influence of guiding life to higher and higher levels of evolution and perfectioo In the whole infinity of coma from an apple seed
that is the strength of the-Natural Law Party, and group of Yogic Flyers, and form an All-Parry Gov- Maharishi Effect
Good government should mean that the system which is going to create a perfect government- ernment Washington's crime-ridden atmosphere prevents space and time, the one friend of all is Natural LOW. • Natural law is Nourishing—sustaining every
of administration maintains a strung, coherent na- The ffist requirement for all voters to vole for the Amerim's lawmakers from implementing this
Solution: Bringing National Scientifically Validated Benefits grain of creation. while maintaining the integrity
tional consciousness. Then negative trends will Natural Law Party and give the Natural law Par- Only the Natural Law Party Can program of the Natural Law Party that is so clear- The Unified Field of Natural of the whole.
Consciousness Into Harmony Scientific research itidieat. that Yogic Flying
not arise, just as darkness has no chance to show ty the opportunity to form a perfect government. Neutralize All Negative Trends ly In the nation's interest Law—the Constitution creates maximum coherence in brain feu, • Natural Law is Renewing—etemally evolving
its features in the presence of light. Then Canada will havb a government as efficient Fortunately, Canada is in a much better post of the Universe with Natural Law tinning at the moment the body Lifts up from from within itself, bringing satisfaction to all.
urge you to vote for the candidates of the Nat-
The Natural Law Party has the competence to as the government of Nature with the ability to ural Law Party. The Natural Law Party must lion. Crime has not yet completely overtaken our The meat fundamental level of Natural Law is Since all problems in society are funds. the ground. The Vedic literature expresses the • Natural Law is Fide—vanishing and sup-
maintain a very strong influence of peace, pos- eliminate existing problems and prevent prob- dace as it has in American cities. Today there is mentally due to violation of Natural Law, there is result of this practice as: "In the vicinity of porting everything in creation equally, giving jus-
form Canada's federal government. the Unified Field of Natural Law, the Constitu-
itivity, and harmony in Canada. The Natural Law lems from arising in the future. -still time for Canadians to make a wise decision only one fundamental solution to all of society's coherence. hostile tendencies diminish." tice to all.
I promise the 27 million people of my country tion of the Universe. Both modem science and
Party will create a government that tmly will be a in this election and create the Natural Law Party problems: restore balance to life by bringing na- • Natural Law is Invincible—never failing to
Two Disturbing Trends that it will not be difficult—it will be easy—for ancient Vedic Science locale the source of Na- Extensive scientific research validates the ex-
sovereign authority, in whose domain problems government, which will generale an Indomitable tionol consciousness into harmony with Natural fulfil its role in the universe, never defeated or
me to cream a strong, indomitable influence of ture's perfect order In a single. self-Interacting traordinary effectiveness of this technology for
arc easily resolved and future problems simply do Today, two disturbing trends are clearly ev- influence of positivity and harmony In national Law. The Natant Law Party has the practical, thwarted in its operation.
peace and harmony in Canada. (The mechanics of Unified Field of pure Intelligence. This field se- reducing negative trends in society such as crime,
not arise. ident: growing stress and crime in our neighbour consciousness, neutralizing the stress within Can- scientifically proven programs to achieve this. • Natural Law is Meet Bountifid—d creams the
achieving this am A Group for A Government- quentially mates, from within itself, all the di- accidents, and disease; and improving social and
to the rough, and the alarming rise of separatism ada and positively influencing the crime-ridden rich abundance of C.1pS, wildlife. and beautiful
verse Laws of Nature governing life at every lest National consciousness is brought into harmony economic trends.
The Main Issue in this Election is in the east No ow wand it to happen, but if the 7,000 Yogic Flyers), This influence will neutral- atmosphere of our dear neighbour. We must not
with Natural Law by creating and maintaining an treasures of Nature.
ize the ever-growing crime to the south. It will el of the manifest universe. Enlivening the Beautiful
Which Party is Competent to Canadian federal government ea not competent to low the opportunity provided by this election.
indomitable Influence of positivity, orderliness, • Natural Law is Absolutely Law-Abidlag—
Create a Perfect Government prevent these disruptive tendencies, it is com-
pletely possible that Canada will be wallowed
create a natural situation of positivity and har-
mony throughout out continent.
Every voter should know that his vote can
or unmake the future of Canada.
di Problems Caused by and coherence in the whole COIIC011Y0 conscious- Attributes of the Government of
Nature In National Consciousness
functioning accosling to is own unvarying Laws.
Various issues art being considered by all the
up in the rising waves of negativity. w Violation of Natural Law was of the ROOM This Influence is created by
All these qualities have been shown through
parties during this election. The same issues In It Is Time for a Perfect Only a New Seed Will large groups of experts in Natural Law enlivening To create the Maharishi Effect for Canada, the
Only the Natural Law Party can create an in- Stress and problems build up In rociety be- scientific research to be strengthened through
new guises repeatedly come up along the corridor Government In Canada Yield a New Crop cause people lack knowledge of how to live spon-
the Unified Field of Natural Law—the total in- Natural Law Party will establish a permanent practice of the Transcendental Meditation and
of time. However, the main issue of this and eve- vincible armour of positivity and harmony in na- telligence of Natural Law—in the collective con-
There is another point I want to bring to the at- Who can believe that the same old parties that taneously In harmony with Natural Law. When group of 7,000 Yogic Flyers—A Group for A Thl-Sidhl program—Vol* Flying.
ry election iv Which party can make an effective tional consciousness, which will prevent dis- sciousness of society. Government—which will permanently enlrsen
tendon of every voter. Section provides a time have together created mounting prohlems for people's thoughts and actions am not supportive
government? Which patty will not be tossed ruptive influences from entering the country. in national consciousnessthe beautiful attributes By enlivening Natural Law in national con-
for us to smote a government better than previous Canada could suddenly have solutions fur the to life, are not In accord with the nourishing and Group Practice of Yogic Flying
about by problems and adversities? of Nature'. Government, creating the grourid for sciousness through A Group for A Government-
The Only Solution to Separatism governments, but merely changing the raider of a problem they have created? Only a new seed can evolutionary direction of Natural Law, they are to Enliven Natural Law In 7,000 Yogic Flyers—the Natural Law Party can
We know that the Government of Nature— particular party or Stifling government from ow yleld a new crop. Only new knowledge, now prin- the most efficient administration and solutions to
Natural law—manages all the innumerable situa
I would like to say one further word about the
rising sentiment for the separation of Quebec
failed party to another cannot achieve a perfect ciples, new programs—an entirely new approach
violating Natural Law. National Consciousness all anelay's problems. create a govemment with all the beautiful, evolu.
bonny qualities of Nature's Government Only
dons and cinrommences in the universe without al- government to national administratiori—can rescue Canadians Everyone is familiar with human behaviour that The technology to enliven the Unified Field of Some of the many atinleites of Nature's govern-
from the test of Canada. The intellectual argu- creates Meknes, In the body or pollution in the the Natural Law Party, through in complete
lowing disorder anywhere. The government of the Administration is a highly specialized and from the dimmer dales around a. Natural Law is the group practice of Maharishi's ment can be described In the following way:
ments for and against romssion offer no perma- environment. Million. of such actions performed knowledge of Natural Lew, can math such a
Natural Law Parry will be of such a quality— skilled job. Perfect administration, absolute ad- I invite you to read this platfomi. You will find Tronsrondental Meditation and TM-Sidhi pro-
nent solution; they will always be syringing be- • Natural Law is most IntellIgent—its infinite government; only such a government, supported
stable, perfectly balanced, always positive, har- ministration, is a phenomenon of least action. every day by the population build up stress In In- gram, including Yogle Flying. Groups of Yogic
tween the two sides. The only way to resolve the that the Natural Low Party is the rainy With sci- creative intelligence and organizing power main- by the cosmic intelligence of Nature's Govern-
monious, and nourishing to all. Physics tells us that Natural Law performs dividual end national consciousness, bringing life Flyers enlivening the Unified Field of Natural
problem Is to create a strong, unifying In- entifically verified, cost-effective solutions to all tains the entire universe in perfect orderliness. ment, is competent to govern the nation with per-
through Nature's principle of least action. So out of balance and creating the enormous prob- Law In their awn awareness simultaneously en-
If you favour Natural Law, Natural Law will fluence in the whole of Canadian national roe- of Canada's problem., and Is endowed with the • Natural Law is most Econondrol-- fection.
skill in administration lies in the Unified Field of lems that our government faces every day. liven Natural Law In the whole of national eon-
fool, your. Don't wane your vote on failure. sciousness, and this the Natural Law Party can ability to serve the Interests of all groups.
• Hierarchy of Alliance of National A Group
Hierarchy of Government Hierarchy • for A Government
of Government Government Law with Natural Law
Infinite organizing power of Cos- to enrich the Governing Power
1 If the system of administration by of Man-Made Governments
mic Intelligence—Unified Field of
The structure of the perfect Government All levels of hierarchy of the
Government of the Natural Law—governs the Natural Law Is honoured by na- with the Support of the Hierarchy
universe with perfect order. of Nature has three levels of hierarchy. Government of Nature should tional law, provincial law, and mu- of the Perfect Government of Nature
UNIVERSE always be available to support
The authority and potter of the top level nicipal law then there will be no dis-
of hierarchy is available to each level. any government in the world. crepancy between the two systems of
Each level of hierarchy enjoys all authority administration:
2 Infinite organizing power of the Gov-
ernment of the Universe (fiat lead of hier- and power of all other hierarchical levels.
Government Administration is% Administration
archy) governs the solar system (PART of This is how perfect co-ordination and Universal Government I by Natural Law h by National lam
of the the Universe) through the life-giving, all eternal order is maintained through-
SOLAR SYSTEM nourishing sun (a specific expression of the out the ever-expanding universe by olar System Governmen
Unified Field of Natural Law) the supreme level of hierarchy of Na.
tare's Government (Unified Field) and
by diversified fields of Natural Law. lanetar ne
!JIHAD organizing power of the Government of
3. the Universe Or, kir/ Inernmey) through The hierarchical structures of man- Creating a perfect government, which
of Natural Law on our
the government of the solar system (second lee-
r N hierarchy) administers the on earth (pAgE
of the solar system) through diverse laws of na-
made governments in each country de-
rive their theme of administration from
ip . National Government has the support of all levels of hier-
archy of Nature's Government, and
ture which sustain all life on earth and give
this eternal hierarchical structure of une Y which has the ability to nourish and
PLANET EARTH rive to different geographic and climatic condi-
Eons, which in turn give rise to different aces, Nature's Government. satisfy everyone and create a problem-
languages, mdtures and religions.
411111. iunicipal free nation, is possible today with the
GOVERNMENT GOVERNMENT Natural Law—the infinite organizing
VEAL Our dear Canada to enjoy the power of
both Natural Law and National Law
power of cosmic intelligence—is avail-
able to everyone in their own self-
Meat d adminioraueo fa. lbc nounahlor. P..°. no,, Ille.erlis
NATION Natural Law Party has the knowledge referral consciousness—Transcenden-
Government of Government ,yam and practical programs to bring the
Na La. 111 in. done InNda a1,1 rrrrrny
the Universe of a Nation kn full support of the hierarchy of tal Consciousness.
As long as the total potential of Natural Law of all Nature's Government to every level Through the practice of Maharishi's
Government of Provincial
levels of hierarchy of the Government of Nature is of hierarchy of national government
lively in all levels of hierarchy of man-made so that man-made law is always Transcendental Meditation and TM-
the Solar System Government dlillgurninents, then those governments enjoy the
supported and nourished by the Sidhi program, which includes the
Wort of the infinite organizing power of Natural
CONCLUSION Law in the administration of human society. . evolutionary power of Natural Law. technique of Yogic Flying, the self-
All these levels of hierarchy of the Government of Nature must be lively M the administration of every government of Municipal The formula is: referral state of consciousness is easily
of Natural Law The conclusion is that Maharishi's Group for A Government
the world in order that the government is supported by Natural Law and is as efficient as the perfect Government of
on Earth Government Natural Law governs all life. gained.
Nature— free from problems and failures. 5
3 4
If this total hierarchy is inaccessible on the human level then chaos will prevail rather than natural order.

Yogic Flying Enlivens National Consciousness FULFILMENT OF THE With this knowledge of
Scientific Research Validates Scientific Research Validates
the Total Creative Potential A Group for A Government A Group for A Government Governs the Government CONSTITUTION OF CANADA Natural Law available
of Body and Mind THROUGH there is no need for
Scientific research has shown that DiSo‘Tegrjed .,„
*-*aso." governmental
maximum coherence in brain func- ingiateNt
tioning occurs during Yogic Flying. 40;
474 organizations to remain

SoGi ffY C ON
with problems or
M hk ills,
aria weakness of any kind.
A PN/N/NY'Y..z
X r through It is for
M ng changes into the voters
U As tee have seen in the previous panels, the in-
finite diversity of our ever-expanding universe to realize whether they
M is being kepi perfectly integrated and unified
by cosmic intelligence from the Unified Field of want to vote for the same
O INTEGRATED Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe.
Yogic Flying demonstrates the
C COHERENT i-r\ 1." see panel 1: Sects I-3 of Hierarchy of Governmen( old parties that have
ability of the individual to act
from the Unified Field and en- HARMONIOUS L Now with a group of Yogic Flyers II is possible proved to be failures or
liven the total potential of Nat- H SOCIETY National consciousness, national mind—
for any government, through a scientific ap-

ural Law in all its expressions— E of all the people—

proach, to harness this enormously unifying
power of Natural Law. vote for the
the government in the same way s
mind, body, behaviour, and en- R Scientific resthrch has further shown that when 1.
mon, individual ' d governs the individual
This will create a unified and harmonious na-
tional consciousness, which will in turn give rise Natural Law Party
vironment. E It Hying is practised In grnomi this staying hint,
and the Cosmic Mind governs the universe. ton perfect government free of problems and
Yogic Flying demonstrates the N of coherence gets generated in the collective eon.
scinumew of society.
The quality of government depends upon
failures, and will ensure positive and evoim
tionary trends throughout soeiety, thus bringing
and create a
principle of the flight of gal- C This results in a decrease in negative trends
throughout melety (n(ch is crime, acc(dents, sick-
the quality of the national consciousness. fulfilment to the constitution of Canada. new government with
axies in empty space— E g A disintegrided national consciousness
performance of self-referral in-
ness, unemployment and economic hardship, and on
Moreau, In positive social, economic, anti political creates a disintegrated and Ineffective gov-
Extensive scientific research has demonstrated
that every article of the constitution of Can-
new knowledge and
telligence, the lively field of all Maximum coherence during Yogic Flying, As government kJ./ n reflection of the quality of the
ernment. ada can he fulffilcd through the Natural Lax
Party's program, which creates coherence to
new programs for
possibilities, the Unified Field as recorded by EEG, indicates the per- enllerl Fe coneciousness of lie people, when notional An integrated national consciousness will the individual consciousness and enlivens co. new levels of success of
of Natural Law, lively Constitu- formance of the mind from Transcendental conselmeinest becomes integrated (milted) through create an integrated and succussful gov- aceence In national consciousness.
tion of the Universe at the un- Consciousness—self-referral consciousness
—the Unified Field of Natural Law where
group of Yogle Flyers then nutomallcully the goy.
ernment Incomes Integrated and Imply, the support ernment. ILIrr rp eitele,vion No 102 (Idle Nunienline how.. Con..
Wm r,L Canada Forlied TItne((e(he Comminute, ( far lkowne
the nation.
manifest basis of creation. ' of the Infinite orgrinhing power of Natural I .aw of all FIR` Group For A Government will achieve this.
infinite organizing power is lively. levels of hierarchy of the Curerinuent of Suture 10 11
6 7 8
A GROUP FOR A GOVERNMENT Harmony and Positivity in National Consciousness Generated by A Group for A Government-7,000 Yogic Flyers—
Will Enable the Government of the Natural Law Party to Actualize All the Beautiful Goals and Highest Ideals of Our Nation

Gaining the Support of Natural Law for the Nation IP •

A Group For A Government Demonstrated Politically in The Natural Law Party will
maintain a group of Yogic
Mozambique and Scientifically in Washington Flyers who will create an Ina
Establishing an All-Party Government of Experts in Every Field of National Life The positive effects of A Group for A Gov- lc Improvement in mood in Washington: drultable Influence of har-
ony and positivity through-
etoment have recently hens demonstrated po- • 'The atmosphere is a lot better ... the mood
m t the country by enlivening

T he Natural Law Party offers to Canada a simpktomtula to create a petfecs

government capable of satisfying all Canadians. The formula is--establish A
Group for A Government. The first act of the Natural Lan, Party when it takes of-
The Unified Field of Natural Law is Accessible to Everyone
in Their OWn Self-Referral Consciousness
This is now possible because of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation it is possible to ac_
litically by President Chissano of Mo- . has improved dramatically." CNN, June 11
zambique. When he created A Group for A
Government in his nation, political peace • "Bill Clinton's Brightening Sky ... What a
Difference a Week Makes." New York
NAOMI Lee In national con-
sciousness. As coherence ris-
es in national consciousness,
came to the land after nearly 30 years of war
fice will be to establish o group of 7,000 Yogic Flyers in Ottawa, who will create a discovery that the Constitution of the Uni- ones the Unified Field of Natural Law, and and a devastating two-year drought broke. Times, June 18 all problems of the tuition
highly coherent national consciousness, bring the support of the evolutionary pow- will be spontaneously re-
verse—the Unified Field of Natural Law—is through the TM-Sidrn program the individual A Group for A Govemment has also recent- • "... [At the G7 summit in Tokyo] he ap- solved, Just as duaoress din-
er of Natural Law to national life, and will create an atmosphere in which every- accessible to everyone in their own self- Is able to enliven this most fundamental and ly been scientifically proven in a 55.7 million ed the confident center of attention, the
thing will be right positive and harmonious in our government. referral consciousness, Transcendental Con- powerful field of the universe. Yogic Flyers, 2-month demonstration project in Washington, pBad
leader with whom everyone wanted a face- appears with the onset of
light. The group will main-
sciousness. bubbling in bliss, demonstrate this ability to D.C. In June-July 1993, 4,000 Yogic Flyers to-face mersing.. Washington Post, July 10
Min integrated (unified/ na-
Creating a Harmonious Atmosphere Transcendental Consciousness, self-referral perform from the level of the Unified Field of from 80 mufties gathered in Washington to • -The bash-Clinton campaign collapsed last -istt
done! consciousness as the
Where Government Does Not Make Mistakes consciousness, is easily gained through the Natural Law, and enliven its unifying and
Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi pro- nourishing influence for the whole society.
redo. eel= in the world's most powerful week." New York Times, July I I - -:„„cearwms basis of Integrated and Me-
city, which suffers from an extremely high rate cessful gosernment.
By immediately establishing groups of Yog- for A Govemment we will have a clear sky gram, which includes Yogic Flying. Through • "Dm Clinton administration appears to
of violent crime.
ic Flyers the Natural law Party government and a new sunshine to make successful poi- have revived ... Washington has relaxed.
Preliminary police data showed a 25 percent
will create a positive
. and
. harmonious
. at- ivies and programs for all good to the nation. Yogic Flying Enriches Every Level of Life reduction in total violent crime in the District
But such a swift reversal of political for-
mospnere in the nation in whichIt will ertsY A good government should maintain a Scientific research has shown that maxi- results in a decrease of negative trends
of Columbia during June and July, compared
tune is not easy to account for. [One] may
logically wonder whether Clinton really
Natural Law Party to Train
for our government to not make mistakes. The strong, coherent national consciousness so that mum brain coherence occurs during the prac- throughout society, such as crime, accidents,
nation as it looks now is clouded with prob- knife problems will be prevented and existing lice of Yogic Flying. Maximum coherence sickness, unemployment, and economic hard-
to predicted crime levels—based on crime turned things around or if something else is 100,000 Young Canadians to Form
trends during the previous five years.
kms. But with the establishment of A Group p.m.., will easily gel ,,,,,,,l„d
. during Yogic_ Flying indicates performance ship, and an increase in positive social, ec- going on.' Sally Quinn, The Washington Groups for All Levels of Government
from Transcendental Conmiousness—self- onomic and political trends. The most dramal- Before the Group for A Government global Post, July 18.
not cost anything more to the Canadian gov-
AU-Party Government of the Best Experts in the Nation referral consciousness—the Unified Field of ic of the more than 40 scientific studies on this demonstration project began in Washington, Immediately after the demonstration, as pre-
The Natural Law Party is now offering to
train 100,000 unemployed Canadians in new ernment to support those large groups for all
D.C., the government of the United States was dicted, positive trends began to reverse. The
We will invite the greatest experts in the Government which transcends the bitterness Natural Law where infinite organizing power phenomenon has demonstrated that a group of careers offering enlightenment and perfection governments at the national, provincial and lo-
suffering from repeated mistakes, em- atmosphere of harmony and co-operation in
nation to lead this new government of har- and conflict of party politico, creating a truly is lively. Research has further shown that at least 7,000 Yogic Flyers—the square root of to the individual and maximum benefit to the cal levels.
barrassing failures and a disastrous fall in pub- Washington decreased; partisan rivalry in
mony and positivity, bringing the geniuses of national government that . the ,..rests groups of individuals practising yogic Flying, 1% of the world's population—can produce
lic confidence "... Twenty weeks old, the Congress rose; and support for the Clinton Ad- nation. During the training periods, these We will give to the unemployed the knowl-
Canada into our nation's leadership foe the of all groups and all parties, and brings sots- all enjoying this very high burin wave co- this coberence-crmting effect on a global 100,000 young Canadians will become Yogic edge of how to enliven the support al the Con-
Clinton Presidency is setting records as the ministration's foreign policy declined.
first time. These talented individuals from faction to every Canadian. herence, create coherence in collective con- scale, reducing violent and negative trends Flyers and form the group for all levels of gov-
most mistake-prone in modern history,. re- stitution of the Universe in national life
every field of life will form an All-Party scionsness, generating a unifying and in- world-wide. -American policy is flailing," stated a ernment --national, provincial, and local.
ported the New York Times on June 5,1993. through group practice of Yogic Flying. They
tegrating effect in the life of society. This Washington Past editoral on August 6. When
Following the arrival of the first group of Mr. Clinton's budget plan barely passed, the Since they are unemployed and already re- will bring new life, new levels of vitality, and
Bringing Support of Natural Law to the Nation The Maharishi Effect—the Field Effect of Consciousness Yogic Flyers on June 7, them was a marked August 16 Newsweek reported week's ceiving benefits from the government, it will new levels of progress to our beloved Canada.
With the establishment of A Group for A nation will disappear, as darkness disappears This extraordinary effect has been named Flying, who enliven the Unified Field of Nat- upsurge in the success and effectiveness of the 'victory,' ... left the sour residue of weakness
Government, Canadian national consciousness with the onset of light. The Canadian govern- the Maharishi Effect by the scientists who dis- ural Law in themselves and in society. Be S. Government, including; and presidential desperation."
will become aligned with the Government of ment will quickly rise to become a perfect gov- covered it, in honour of Maharishi who first government in Canada—national, prow n increasingly bipartisan, co-operative, Many assemblies of Yogic Flyers such as
Scientific Research Demonstrating Increased Positivity and
Nature, and will therefore enjoy the support of ernment, as efficient and effective as the Gov- predicted it more than 30 years ago. The Ma- and local—must now have such a group harmonious atmosphere in Congress, sup- be Washington, D.C. scientific demonstration Harmony in Society through Group Practice of Yogic Flying
the infinite creative intelligence and organizing ernment of the Universe, which perfectly harishi Effect is a field effect of consciousness Yogic Flyers in their capital city— porting President Clinton's key legislative project have been held throughout the world
power of Natural Law. With support of Natural administers everything in creation without created by the groups of practitioners of Yogic Maharishi's Group for A Govemment. • Improved quality of city, provincial, • Decreased war intensity and war
initiatives during the past 15 years with similar success.
Law rising in national life, the problems of the problems or mistakes. Scientific studies on these assemblies have national, and international life 1,0,6deaths 1, 3.9
Government Reflects Collective Consciousness • dramatically increased popular support in
the polls for President Clinton overwhelmingly demonstrated the power of *Decreased crime, turbulence and *More positive evolutionary statements
How A Group for A Government Works: The Canadian government is just a re- mind governs the universe. The quality of gov- these coherenecereating groups to improve violence in society I. it 4, 1,7'. and actions of heads of stale 6
flestion of the quality of the collective con- ernment depends on the quality of the national • the U.S. being welcomed with increasing the quality of life on the city, national, and • Improved international relations 6,6
Enlivening the Unified Field of Natural Law— miousness of the Canadian people. National consciousness. A disintegrated Canadian na- cordiality in economic and diplomatic re- global levels. Here, A Group for A Covent- • Improved Canadian and U.S. economy
as measured by monthly index of • Increased progress towaols peaceful
The Constitution of the Universe consciousness, national mind, the collective timid consciousness creeles a disintegrated lations in many nations based on President meat is the basis for successful government
inflation and unemployment no." resolution of conflict 9.5
con.sciousness of all the people, governs the and ineffective government. An integrated na- Clinton's renewed strength and leadership. and a peaceful, happy world, free from vi-
Creating a perfect govemment through A pendia:a 1-4 on the Constitution of the Uni- government in the same way as the individual tional consciousness will create an integrated
Group for A Government is based upon the The press commented on the sudden dramat- olence and crime. 1.-1818881 otC881181 8838188. 32 (10881:770-812. 8. Di.r8o-lonon Abstracts 40 (1988F
verse.) mind governs the individual and the cosmic and successful government.
discovery by both modern science and ancient 2Journal of Mi t end Bellavior 8 0087): 67-104. 23818.
Just as nations are governed by their an
Vedic Science of the Unified Field of Natural
constitution, so the universe is governed
A Group for A Government Creates Integrated National A Department of the Government to Handle 3-1018881 of Retolution 34 (199.1:736-768, 0. Proceedings of ihe American Mattineet Assoc's-
am, Social 81.81818, Sc6888 (10901.. 207-502
Law—the Constitution of the Universe.
by the Constitution of the Universe. All levels Consciousness Resulting in Perfect Government the Well-Being of the Nation as a Whole 4. Sorsal Indicators Remarch 22 (0000): 309416
10. Prom-dings of the Aanc ,con Stafirtiral Associa..
Both understandings, modern and ancient, of the hierarchy of the universe, from the gal- Now with A Group for A Government, it is hierarchy of the Government of Nature. A 5. Journal of Mindand 88.88888 9 (1988): 457-486. arm. Basin., end Emmanies Mo.,a, Seam.
locate the soince of Nature's perfect toiler in a antes, to the solar system to our planet earth, possible for the Canadian govemment through Group for A Government will create a unified Governments have been administering so- but does not know how to administer the na- 6.Social Seim, Perspeciires Journal 2 (41, rime): Nagel: 565-570
single self-interarsing field at the foundation are governed by the infinite organizing power a scientific approach, to harness the enormous- and harmonious national consciousness which ciety through different channels of authority tion as a whole, he will never be able to save 8044. 11. Proceedings of the 8481888 Afunagement Saw,
of all the Laws of Nature. This field se- of the Constitution of the Universe. represented by different ministries. What is the ministries from weakness caused by dis- 7.188.8814 Craw and J8888 4 (19811: 23-41 (!5'841:183-190
ly unifying power of Natural Law which per. will in turn give rise to a perfect government
quentially creates from within itself all the di- missing is a department of government to han- order in national consciousness.
Because there is this absolute system of per- fectly integrates the ever-expanding universe. free of problems and failures. This is
verse laws of nature governing life at every When Canadian national consciousness be- Maharishi's Supreme Political Science, which dle the well-being of the nation as a whole. The future Prime Minister of the Natural
feet administration at all levels of the hire-
level of the manifest universe. This infinitely A government without a means to unify the Law Party govennuent, Dr. Neil Paterson is
archy of the universe, our government can comes integrated (unified) through a group of offers now to being fulfilment to the supreme
dynamic level of Nature's intelligence, which aspirations an expert in creating a coherent, positive and
now achieve perfection in its administration Yogic Flyers, then automatically the Canadian of every soverdgn government national consciousness is like a chariot with no
is pram' everywhere in every grain of crea- one holding the reins. The horse will pull the harmonious national consciousness through A
simply by aligning itself with the Constitution government will become unified and hannoni- (S99 Publictition NLP 104—M8/889.thi.x
tion, is the Constitution of the Universe—the
Government of Nature. (Please refer to ap-
of the Universe, and gaining the support of its otte, and will enjoy the support of the infinite Absolute Theory Gomm....) chariot in all directions and the chariot will not
go forward. If the Prime Minister gives his en-
Group for A Government, so that problems will
be prevented and no negative trends will arise.
infinite organizing power. organizing power of all the levels in the
ergy and attention to the different ministries

Maximum Coherence in Brain Functioning during Yogic Flying Need for a Greater Intelligence than Human Intelligence to
Manage the Infinite Complexity of National Life
One great challenge to every government is tional life. Natural Law, which administers the
the management of the practically Infinite infinite complexity of the universe, is just that
supreme Intelligence which can handle all the
During the TM-Sidhi complexity of life In the nation, with millions
of people possessing diverging tendencies, complexities of national life.
Yogic Flying technique, needs and desires. Administering this in- The Natural Law Party will bring support of
finitely complex structure of human societies the supreme intelligence of the universe—
the body lifts up at a point proven over centuries to be far beyond the Natural Law—to the whole radon, and then all
ability of human Intelligence in any gov- the divergent inierears of the citizens will be
of maximum coherence in meat. Therefore, it Is necessary to bring a fulfilled and satisfaction will be enjoyed by all.
brain wave activity. greater Intelligence to the administration of na-
Time in successive 40 sm. epoch,
High EEG coherence and heart rate
Automation in Administration—
Coherence Spectral Array during experience of Yogic Flying Administration through Natural Law
With A Group for A Government, wo will The prime feature of such a perfect govem-
Yogic Dying is a phenomenon of a thought projected from Transcendental Consciousness, the Netural Law governs the entire universe. From here, the Individtud ten command all channels o administration— mast will be to quietly nourish all life and
Unified Field of Naloral Law, the field of all pussibifities. This is the simplest state of human con- have automation In
nature's in finite creativity and the Invincible organicing pincer of Natural low. An order from th accomplishing everything effortImsly with the spontaneously set and maintain all life in the
sciousness, self-referral rowselotimew, which is easily reached through Transcendentul Medita- Prime Minister commands the total authority and resources of the nation for Ili implementation
tion end enlivened through the Thl-Sidhl program, which Includes Yogic Flying. greatest efficiency and economy, without fa- evolutionary direction of Natural Law. Every
Similarly, any Intention projected from the 118111.1 Field of Nalaeal Low commands the infinit
organizing power of Nature, Law for Its Immediate NI Monist. tigue, and without ptoblerna or mistakes. Die action of our government will be promoted by
Yogic Flying demonstreles perfect mind-body en-ordination and Is correlated with maximum
EEG coherence, indicating maximum orderliness and Integration of brain functioning. Even In Canadian government will administer the flea- the infinite organizing power of Natural Law,
the firs stage of Yogic Flying , where the body fills up Ina smith of short hops, this practice pro- The practice of Yogic Flying provides a prattlers demonstration of the ability to project Moult' lion In Just the same way that Nature silently and our nation will enjoy the same perfection
from the Unified Field of Netural Law, end develop the °Willy lo act spontaneously In accord with edministers the whole universe through rho of administration through Natural Law seen In National Demonstration Project for A Group for A Government—when 4000 Yogic
duces bubbling bliss for the individual and generates coherence, positivity, and harmony for the
Natural low for the fulfilment of any desire. Ile phenomenon of Yogic Flying proves 11841 throng!) Flyers gathered In Washington, D.C. during June-July 1993, violent crime decreased
environment- principle of leant action, with maximum cf. the management of the whole universe,
the Tr...nautili Meditation and 'IM-Sidhl program anyone can gain the m14011,14) lb uct I4M from by 25 percent below predicted levels and US. governmental achievements improved.
YogJe Flying places the Individual in control of nature's central switchboard, from where the simplest form of their ownaaa remiss sad ern develop mastery over Natural Law. fickney end economy.
8 9
NATURAL LAW PARTY—ForA Perfect Government Harmony and Positivity in National Consciousness Generated by A Group for A Government-7,000 Yogic Flyers—
Will Enable the Government of the Natural Law Party to Actualize All the Beautiful Goals and Highest Ideals of Our Nation


New Approach Needed
If the new government is to be successful
it must be on the basis of doing something
something fundamental will have 10 lee done
to break the vicious circle of monetary debt

With the Ability to Satisfy Evetyone new in every field of its responsibility. Only
a now seed will yield a new crop.
and political disillusionment Such a remedy
will require fur more drastic measures than
Our realization that a new approach is nec- the eventual recovery from the current ec-
essary has become common knowledge: onomic trough, or a renewal of political
A Government Formed by the Best Experts in the Nation Party Politics Is a Failure "What the deadliest recession since the party leaderships."—
The current system of political Fairly dissatisfied Dirty Thirties has made clear is that our
The Natural Law Parry will form an All-Parry Government—a gov- politics is a clear failure, as we can see by • The losing parties feel obliged to oppose economic system doesn't work anytnor,.. Macleans 28 December 1991, p.
the problems faced by the nation. There
ernment which unifies the best ideas and talents of all political parties the government at every step, and do
in a truly national government which will bring satisfaction to all are many fundamental flaws in our Patty everything possible to make it fail The Natural Law Party's Seven-Point Plan
Canadians. - • Though eve proudly claim to be a
• Since the winning party only enjoys the to Revitalize the Economy
support of 50% or less of the population, consciousness to maintain posit iv, .ind
multi-party democracy, only one The Natural Law Pany offers a seven-
Over many decades, parry government with all its conflict and bitter by itself it never enjoys the popularity to healthy trends in every area of national
party wins each election and rules point plan which will revitalize the economy
rivalry has proven to be poison to the nation. The Natural Law Parry the country for the following five
create a basis for the unity and the suc-
cess of the government and the nation. and prevent all future economic problems. In this way, we will engage the most ex-
Government will therefore choose the best talents from the whole so- years as a nee-party state; in this We will set the economic goals, but will es- pert administrator, the Cosmic Ad-
ciety irrespective of party affiliation to form a unified All-Party Gov- sense our one party rule is as much • Party politics divides not only the gov- lahlish committees of the best experts in the ministrator—Natutal Law—which eternally
a disaster as one-man rule ernment into warring camps, but in-
ernment in order to create a perfect government which will serve the creases divisiveness and bitterness be-
nation to formulate and implement the actual administers the universe with perfect order-
• The one party that rules is always
interests of all the parties and all the groups in the nation. procedures to attain oar goals in these areas: liness, quietly prow idiot nourishment and
working to get elected again in the tween regional and other groups within Dr. Ron Parker Michael Wilson evolution to all. free of charge.
the population. Banker Enlivening the Infinite Creativ-
next election, taking away a lot of Physicist 1
60 Percent of Canadians Favour All-Party Government their focus from doing the current • The result is highly ineffective govern- Spokesman for Economy Spokesman for Economy ity of Natural Law In National Nihon a group of 7,000 Yogic flyers is es-
Recently, a nationwide survey by a All-Party Government as proposed by the business of government effectively tablished in Canada, all negative trends and
ment. This is a critical lime for Canada Consciousness—the Founda-
respected polling organization showed that Natural Law Party. tendencies will disappear, just as darkness
60 percent of Canadians arc in favour of
• The party in power necessarily thinks
first of the interests of its awn support-
when the nation faces both severe ec-
onomic challenges and challenges to its
Creating a Flourishing Economy tion for Sustained Economic disappears with the onset of light. National
Growth creativity will flourish, investor and con-
ers on whom it relies for support, rath- very future as a nation. At this lime the he Natural Law Party feels that the purpose of administration should not
Natural Law Party All-Party Government Is Based on It is a universal principle of administration sumer optimism will increase, and the econ-
er than on the interests of the nation as current party system of politics needs to T only be in terms of dollars and cents. It should be mainly in terms of the that supreme in- omy will shift from its
Integrated National Consciousness a whole; the supporters of other be reconsidered, and then replaced by health and happiness in the life of the country. Prosperity is the natural out-
parties feel perpetually fiustrated and an All-Party Government. telligence should be en- existing uncertainties
Created by A Group for A Government s of creativity, which is born of inner peace and happiness. The Natural gaged, so that govern- Natural Law is to a royal and steady
The current divided structure of politics When national consciousness becomes in-
MP Party government will achieve the laudable goal of an affluent society— ment will have an at the basis of all growth path of sustained
full of party conflict and opposites is a re- tegrated (unified) through the group of 7,000 Procedures Have Taken Precedence Over Quick Decisions happiness—life without problems and suffering, and without the scarcity of atmosphere of positiv- growth. We offer this
anything. The Natural Law Party government will be the first government in and progress in life. one solution to all the
flection of the stressed and disintegrated Yogic flyers, then automatically the govem- Our system of increasingly complex laws establish A Group for A Govemment, and ity and harmony in the
state of the talkative consciousness. There- ment will become integrated and will enjoy has complicated administration, delayed de- employ the unemployed to rebuild Canada. the world to compete with other nations in the field of happiness. nation to disallow the Only by bringing the problems of the econ-
fore the Natural Law Party's first step to- the support of the infinite organizing power cisions and obstructed achievements of na- In addition, the Natural Law Party
emergence of negativ- support of Natural Law omy.
wards the All-Party Government will be to of Natural Law of all the levels of hierarchy The Natural Law Parry will create a flourishing national economy in which ity and pmblcms.
reduce stress and increase integration in col- of the Government of Nature. Such a gov-
tional objectives. government will immediately pass a law everyone enjoys greater prosperity and a higher standard of living; in which to the nation can we This coherence creat-
requiring our administration to present a The government, be- ing program has been
lective consciousness through A Group for emment will certainly be capable of bring- The Natural Law Party government will no citizen suffers from unemployment, recession, inflation, or any other ec- ensure sustained politically
A Government. simplify national administration and make balanced budget to the nation within three ing the sovereign pow- verified
ing satisfaction to all Canadians. years. After that further deficits will be onomic hardship; in which Canada's businesses are highly competitive in the er in the nation, is ex- economic growth and through its recent ap-
quick decisions. For example, on Day One
of our administration we will abolish GST, forbidden by law. international marketplace; in which the crippling national debt is reduced pected to have control prosperity for all plication by President
Ministers Will Be Canada's Most Successful Citizens and eventually eliminated; and in which the tax burden is significantly de- over situations and cir- Chissano of Mo-
The ministers chosen for the All-Party The Natural Law Party believes the nation
The Natural Law Party's creased throughout society. cumstances. But any zambique to create po-
Government will be the most successful cit- should enjoy the leadership of its greatest Improved Parliamentary Procedures government that does eel have the support litical peace in his country.
izens of Canada in their respective fields— geniuses, individuals who have proven by The Natural Law Party government willferment). As MP's are very intelligent, Enlivening Creativity in National Consciousness of Natural Law, even when it is supported The effectiveness of this program has
irrespective of their party affiliation and the achievements and successes of their lives introduce new parliamentary procedures, in- they will be able to examine proposals in ad- by the majority of the nation, will always re- been scientifically verified by over 40 sci-
All problems of the economy are due to programs for enlivening the infinite creativ- main a football of situations and circum- entific studies during the last 15 years. In a
whether they are Members of Parliament or that they enjoy the support of Natural Law. chiding electronic voting, that speed de- vanne and avoid unnecessary discussion and lack of creativity. Natural Law sustains as ity of Natural Law in notional consciousness stances. This is the case with Canada's cur- recent demonstration project in Washington,
not. The ministers will be the most revered The Natural Law Party will form a success- cision-making, eliminate the time wasted in argumentation along strictly party lines, growth and prosperity in the universe on the and developing the full creative potential of
discussion and improve the efficiency of which wastes the time of the entire nation. met government. D.C., a group of 4,000 experts in Natural
and respected citizens of the nation, who ful government of such successful people, basis of infinite creativity, because every- every citizen and of the nation as a whole.
have proven their competence and ability in who will administer national life in a spirit government. This will enable parliament to Such a fast system of electronic voting is es- Other parties deal with problems only on law—Yogic Flyers—created an influence of
consider a greater number of important no- regally needed now when problems facing thing in the universe has easy access to this The Natural Law Party will lead the na- the level of the problems themselves, with- positivity and harmony that reduced violent
their field, and who are characterized by of selfless service to the whole Canadian nourishing source Everything in the uni- lion in the direction of natural growth
nation, looking ifier the interests of all par- tonal issues each day, and cut short its In- the nation are so many and the government out eliminating the stress and incoherence in crime to a level 25% lower than predicted—
their honesty, purity and dedication to the verse is an expression of Natuml Law and is through nature's irresistible theme of evoke
ties and all groups in the nation. tunal waste of energy. (Each minute of par- must consider and resolve them very quickly. national consciousness which underlies all on the basis of trends over the past 5 years—
nation. liament is 27 million minutes of the nation.) administered and nourished by it. t ion, which will nourish everyone and every-
It is very unfortunate that the nation cur- problems. Unless the field is ploughed, the and dramatically improved the effectiveness
Even 50 or IDO bills could be considered To maintain a strong, growing economy all thing. We will bring about the natural weeds remain and donl,1 allow proper growth of tbe U.S. government. Other studies have
Executive Boards of Top Experts to Manage and decided upon in a single day, and there
rently has to witness negative and fruitless
that is necessary is to utilize the infinite crea- progress of the nation without allowing the
patty parliamentary debates on television. of a new crop. Unless the national con- shown that economic trends from the
Day-to-Day Operations of the Ministries will no longer be delays of months or years Seeing our leaders quarreling and attacking tinily and organizing power of Nature. The accumulation of stress in the pursuit of sciousness becomes coherent and stress-free, pervious five years became mom favourable
in deciding issues of immediate importance Natural Law Party will implement proven progress.
The Natural Law Party All-Party Govern- experts, and not by the civil service. The ono another is a deep disappointment to our problems will always exist and the progress when a group of Yogic Flyers created
to our citizens. Functioning with light speed coherence in national consciousness.
ment will appoint executive boards of the board will use the expertise of the civil elders, and damages the delicate emotions of the nationwill be obstructed.
the government of the Natural Law Party aims children. Eliminating Stress and Problems
nation's top experts in each field—chosen service without allowing it to obstruct The Natural Law Party, by enlivening the
from outside the civil service—to handle the progress. They will promote research and will quickly resolve all problems.
Under the Natural Law Party government Due to increasing problems of health, government will be as efficient and =Geom. positive, harmonious,
day-to-day administration of the ministry. development of all new ideas and new tech- For example, with electronic voting, pro- the parliament will be transformed from a
Those experts will be in charge of the opera- nologies that offer promising, life- posals will appear on a video screen and the crime, and inefficiency in public and private ical as the Government of Nature. The goy. and nourishing power DECREASED INFLATION AND UNEMPLOYMENT
battlefield into a very peaceful think tank, administration, the total economy suffers. emment of the Natural Law Party will have of Natural Law in na-
tion of the ministries. Decision-making will supporting solutions to the broad range of MP's will simply press a button to indicate where decision is simple and decisions are
be dominated by the executive board of problems facing the nation. yes (green), no (red), or reconsider (send it th iho government and private industry this skill of performance—do less and ac- tional consciousness, elT1,10.1pn.0.3
made fast, in favour of all parties a. bogged down by attending to problems complish more. Under the Natural Law Par- ...onMI
back to the committee for further re- will gain command
groups in our nation.' ens
il00-1300 IS00.1100era. WOO 110.1003 16011-080 Yon IVA
sed cease to fulfil their total purpose to ty government everyone will be educated over situations and cir-
All-Party Government— Do the Leaders of Canada Care More maintain the progress of the nation. By elim- and trained to utilize this skill of nature to
inuring stress in individual and national life, function with maximum efficiency an
cumstances and pre-
vent the eruption of
if °
Representing the Nation Rather than the Party for the Party or More for the Nation? the Natural Law Party will eliminate prob- economy, and will gain the ability In easil negativity and prob-
Under All-Party Government no one party one party or on its effect on their political The question now to ask to the leaders of and integration in national consciousness lems such as sickness and crime that drag achieve prosperity and abundance in life. lems in the nation. We
would dominate parliament and ride over Mute. Canada is do you care more for the party or that automatically all the parties now di- down the progress of society and the ef- will establish a co-
the Dal. parties. All ministers and members for the nation/ If party politics continues in
vided in bitter opposition will be drawn to- fectiveness of government in maintaining No one will be required to work bard, herence-creating
Such a truly national government—
of parliament would consider themselves its present form nothing will change in Can• gether in an All-Party Government. This tru- the vitality of the economy. gel tired, get stressed, get taxed, lose Group -fm A Govern-
uniting the most successful people of all
not representatives of a party but repte-
parties and enlivening the support of the ev- ada after the coming election—nothing. The ly national government will utilize all the heart, give up, and remain In chaos. ment-7,000 Yogte Time series analysis found a sign fican reduction in the economic 'misery
sentatives of the nation and the people of nation will continue to drown in conflict and II is common knowledge from modern
olutionary power of Natural Law for the best and most proven solutions to the no- Flyers, experts in Nat- 'ndef—defined as the sum o the inflation rare and unemployment
Canada. Their decisions would be based on emmmic failure. physics that Wine performs through the Your one moment of wise decision can ural Law—who will Me—when the number of participanrs In the group practice of the
whole population--will be able to bring sat- lion's problems and quickly bring satisfac-
a policy's scientifically proven benefits for principle of least action. II stands to reason save the whole nation front the failures lu- TM-Sidhl program exceeded the square root of one percent of the North
isfaction to all Canadians, fulfilling the By creating A Group For A Government tion to the supporters of every party and ful- enliven the
the nation as a whole—not on its benefits for that modem government should also work of the past, Net- American population. Proceedings of the Business and Economks
highest ideal of the democratic system. the Natural Law Party will create ouch unity filment to the Canadian people as a whole liana war of. Stathiles Section American Statistical Association, (1987): 799-804;
through the principle of least action. Then
e" tinh I '
let (1988): 49l-49 (1989): 565-570.
10 11
NATURAL LAW PARTY—ForA Perfect Government Harmony and Positivity in National Consciousness Generated by A Group for A Government-7,000 Yogic Flyers—
Will Enable the Government of the Natural Law Party to Actualize All the Beautiful Goals and Highest Ideals of Our Nation

This, re conjunction with decreased ex- large companies. We need to stimulate ex

Economy continued...
penditures and increased revenues described
above, will enable us to very quickly pay off
pons by small businesses, who provide most
of the new job growth.
Economy continued...
the national debt. Through this plan Can- During the campaign, all Natural Law Par- The purpose of administration should not only be in terms of dollars and
ada's excessive dependence on foreign fi- ty candidates will approach businesses in cents. It should be mainly in terms of the health and happiness M the life
2 Developing the Full Creative tion courses in business and industry, which nancial institutions will finally be eliminat- their constituencies to discuss our economic of the country. Prosperity is the natural outcome of creativity, which is
• Potential of Every Canadian have been scientifically proven to improve ed. theme: "Produce more and export more". born of inner peace and happiness. As a side-benefit, the economic plan
Canada's most precious and under-
the health and vitality of workers, resulting
in less absenteeism and increased pro-
6 Expanding Canada's Export They will present our plans for global ec-
•nomic revitalization and ask entrepreneurs SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH of the Natural Law Party government will save the federal and provincial
utilized natural resource is the unlimited • Market governments over $100 billion annually (within the first term of office)
ductivity (please refer to Health section). what they need in order to produce and ex-
creative potential of its 27 million citizens. through proven solutions to probldms in all areas of national concern:
These programs also eliminate the stress The Natural Law Party recognizes that to port mom. • Increased Creativity: Individuals who teamed the Transcendental Meditation
The Natural Law Party will introduce study
caused by routine work, improving enjoy- maintain growth of our own economy we technique showed a significant increase in creativity over a five-month period on ANNUAL SAVINGS ($ BILLION)
and research in the field of consciousness When the Natural Law Party forms the
ment of life, have to create a permanent ever-expanding three measures of creativity in comparison to controls (Journal of Creative Behaviour
into schools and businesses, which will de-
market for our goods and services abroad. government, we will give entrepreneurs Federal Provincial Private
velop the full creative potential of every in- The prevention-oriented health education 13 (1979): 169) Other studies have demonstrated increased intelligence, academic
We will increase exports of Canadian equip- what they need to accomplish their expan-
Health care:* 15 17 2
dividual. courses offered by the Natural Law Party sion goals, in the forms of performance, and orderliness of brain functioning (please refer to section on Eduo-
will train the population how to read their
ment and expertise to developing countries
lion) Unemployment and welfare: 13 8
We believe that the only way to ensure the to rebuild their.towns, homes, and infra- • elimination of cumbersome red tape 2 2 3
own pulse to detect growing imbalances in Crime:
competitiveness of Canadian businesses in
their physiology, and how to correct these
structure. which hampers in establishing and run- • Increased Profit and Productivity: Productivity and profit in a chemical man- Increased government efficiency
international markets is to increase the crea- ning a business ufacturing company increased progressively over a six-year period after the Tran-
imbalances through dietary adjustments and The Natural Law Party government will and simplicity: 7 4
tivity of the Canadian managers and work • lower taxes based on eliminating Can- scendental Meditation program was introduced to employees. (Enlightened Man-
herbal preparations before disease arises. support the production and export only of Increased government revenues": 20 20
life-supporting goods. We agree with the ada's underlying problems and re- agement Building High Performance People, 1989)
These measures are Absenteeism: 8
predicted to reduce current policy of avoiding the arms trade vitalizing our economy (please refer to • Enhanced Performance: Applications of the Transcendental Meditation program
disease by SO percent . and will extend this policy to prohibit the section on Taxation) in business settings have been shown to result in increased productivity, improved Total: 57 51 13
within 3 years, saving export of parts for military equipment. • creation of growing export markets job performance and job satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, and improved relations
the nation S35 billion through our international economic re- TOTAL SAVINGS TO THE NATION: $121 billion.
with co-workers and supervisors (Academy of Management Journal 17 (1974): 362)
annually in health care
costs and preventing
7 Revitalizing Canada's Small vitalization plan (please refer to point 6
in this section) • Reduced Unemployment A recent study of economic indicators in the U.S. and
" Reducing health expenditures eliminates the requirement of federal transfer
• Business Sector payments to the provinces for health
untold suffering. • one-stop information service on venture Canada found a sizeable reduction in Okun's Misery Index—defined as the sum of
•• With Natural Law Party policies In increase production, GNP will rise dra-
The Natural Law Party government will the inflation rate and the unemployment rate—from implementation of the coherence-
Canadian workers capital programs matically and government revenues will increase despite lower tax rates.
implement reforms to stimulate the small creating program proposed by the Natural Law Party (American StatEctical Associa-
average 9.4 absentee • one-stop information services on tax con-
business sector. On taking office, we will tion, Business and Economics Statistics Section (1987): 799; (1988); 491; (1989):
days per year. With sultation, export markets, and new tech-
widespread application
immediately establish an advisory board of
the best talents in small business in our na-
nology di 565) Natural Law Party
of the programs pro-
Subjects practising Maharishrs Transcendental Meditation programme posed by the Natural
tion and quickly implement their rec- • networking with researchers across ik IR Improved Health of Industrial Employees: Scientists from the Japanese Min-
government will save Canadians up to
ommendations. ada istry of Labour at the Institute of Industrial Health from studying nearly 700 em-
showed signith®m improvements at work compared with members of a LAW Party, this figure
control group.Aeademy of Managemeru Journal, 17 0970362-368. can be reduced by 50 The small business sector traditionally
• training in managerial and international ployees of a major Japanese manufacturing company found that those who learned $121 billion each year
provides about 75% of the new jobs in Can- networking skills Transcendental Meditation showed improved mental and physical health, decreased
percent, saving Ca-
force. These educational programs will de- nadian businesses nearly SS billion annually. ada, but in a recent survey of small busi- • worker training and retraining programs insomnia, and reduced cigarette smoking. (Japanese Journal of Industrial Health 32
velop in everyone that skill in action ac- In addition, the government will receive bil- nesses, more than two-thirds of respondents • programs to awaken the inner creative (1990): 656; Japanese Journal of Public Health 37 (1990): 729)
cording to the principle of least action, lions of dollars in as revenue from the in- said that they won't be hiring new markers genius of every Canadian student, work-
and 20% will even be cutting staff. Our most • 'Decreased Need for Medical Care: A five-year study of health insurance sta-
which promotes maximum accomplishment creased profits generated by less absentee-
with minimum effort on the basis of infinite rim. creative entrepreneurs currently feel frustrat-
er, and manager (please refer to section
on Education)
tistics on over 2,000 persons practising the Transcendental Meditation program—one LOWER TAXATION
ed and stifled in a morass of regulation and • consultation with the small business sec- of the prevention programs endorsed by the Natural lavi Party—found that their doc-
creativity. These programs will awaken the
inner creative genius of every individual in 4.
Providing Immediate Full Em- ineffective policies that tor's visits and hospitalization were less than half that of other groups of comparable Lower Taxes for All: Create More Wealth
order that everyone can achieve fulfilment ployment for all Unemployed do not give them what
they need. Only 5% of
age, gender, and profession. Improvements were observed in every major disease cat-
egory, including en 87% drop in hospital admissions for cardiovascular disease (Pry- .
and Feel Free to Enjoy It
and perfection in their personal and pro- in Canada
fessional lives. respondents said that a Percentage Increased Increased Seems. chosomatic Medicine 49 (1987): 493)
The Natural Law Party government will come.t y_ M m
a Mannar Productivity Sick guys
government program The Natural Law Party is not in favour of taxation
The Natural Law Party government will immediately employ all the unemployed to
helped them start their
Practising Tm
• Reduced Health Care Costs: In a study from Quebec, medical expenses of 599
establish Canadian universities overseas to reconstruct and beautify Canada, rebuilding
provide students with the opportunity to our homes, towns, and cities in accord with
business, only 14%
said that government
a'.° Thp k
people fell by 36 percent over three years after starting Transcendental Meditation,
compared to non-meditating control subjects. Subjects who had the highest medical
e believe that government should be nourishing to its citizens, like a
VV mother is nourishing to her children. A government that administers
travel and study abroad. This will expand Natural Law to promote health and vitality
programs helped them ir,111 a costs before learning Transcendental Meditation showed an even greater reduction in
through taxes will never be able to satisfy the citizens, since its capability to
their horizons and will help make Canada of individuals and harmony in every home. expenses, which fell by 54 percent over three years after beginning the technique
to expand into new ten
more effective in the international economy. (Please refer to Employment section.) (Dissertation Abstracts International .53 (1993): 124) act depends on how much money it can receive from the governed. Such a
markets, only 15% said
Poverty has its basis in lack of creativity, that a current program government is not an independent sovereign government.
• Decreased Absenteeism: When the Transcendental Meditation program was intro-
for which only the government can be held
responsible. The Natural Law Parry govern-
5.Eliminating the Federal Deficit helped them spend
more on research and When the
New war
duced to the employees of a chemical manufacturing company, the number of days
Natural Law Party: Governing
and Paying off the National Transcendents Meditation program was introduced to the lost through illness tell by approximately 50 percent over a six-year period. (En-
ment will train the people to function from
the highest level of creativity to completely
Debt While Lowering Taxes for development, and employees of a chemical manufacturing company, the company increased lightened Management: Building High Performance People, 1989) Through the Power of Nourishing
All only a quarter made in productivity and profit. Enlightened Managemem: Building High-
eradicate poverty. Government should not use of some govern- Pvtfammme People, (1989). The Natuml Law Party brings to light the ening Natural Law in national life through
lack the capability to bring fulfilment to eve- The Natural Law Party govemment will supreme principle of governing through the A Group for A Government, the Natural
most program within
ryone. implement a three-phase plan to eliminate tor to decide what further initiatives are power of nourishing. The infinite organizing Law Party government will maintain order-
the last yen (and many of these were not
The supreme achievement of the Natural the deficit and quickly pay off the public satisfied with the result). needed 10 revitalize this crucial com- DECREASED HEALTH PROBLEMS power of the Unified Field of Natural law ly, positive, and evolutionary trends, and
debt by: nourishes everything and quietly governs the thereby spontaneously prevent disorder and
Law Party will be that through the knowl- On the other side, 46% said that govern- ponent of our economy.
infinite diversity of the ever-expanding problems in society.
edge of Natural Law introduced in the ed- • Reducing expenditures without cutting ment policies—such as increasing taxes— universe with perfect orderliness. By enliv-
ucational system, each Individual will han- services by solving problems at their basis have resulted in decisions to cut back their
dle himself spontaneously in accord with *Increasing production by enlivening operations, many said that red tape makes Physical Impulsiveness Emotional Tendency toward. Amdebe Elimination of Problems and
Natural Law. No one will violate Natural creativity In national consciousness starting a business unattractive, and 33% Complaints Instability Neurosis Simplified Administration Means Lower Taxation
Law or impinge on the rights of others. This • Using the profits from engaging the un- said financing has been harder to get in the Eliminating problems and making the en- of administration will be very low. In this
will be the supreme fulfilment of the dem- employed In pa-ejects of general use to so- past year. 75% of the respondents rated high INF NI Firs\ • N
tire administration simpler and more ef- way, the government of the Natural Law
ocratic system in Canada. ciety. schools as inadequate at producing gradu- ficient will naturally lead to reductions in Party will be able to function without the ter-
By eliminating stress in individual and na- Implementation of this plan would elim-
ates suited to tfie work form. We will develop our nation's lea.
TM TM government spending. As a result, the cost eible burden of taxes.
tional life, the Natural Law Party will elim-
inate the basis of ill health and all problems
inate the federal deficit (currently $35 bil- Entrepreneurs recognize that government most precious and -rtA Natural Law Party Says:
lion annually) within our first term of ad- has a role to play, but feel there is a large
that restrict economic growth. ministration and allow us to substantially gap between the effectiveness of govern- under-utilized resource— 133 Control. '
"Create More Wealth and Feel Free to Enjoy It"
ment policies and what wall businessea say
reduce taxes which would further stimulate the unlimited creativity of os OS

3. Creating a Healthy Nation economic growth. (Please refer to Deficit they need. Our goal is to provide effective
help to the small business sector. our 27 million citizens A study conducted at Sumitomo Heavy Industrios by the Japanese National Institute of
We believe that it is wrong to unduly tax and creative people of the nation of their
those who see most precious for the growth wealth. We advocate low taxes for all—a
The Natural Law Party government will and Taxation sections.) As the economy
ndustrial Health 'found. significant improvements in physical and mental health in workers of the economy: the tax policy of the Natural free market economy should . mean "create
flourishes, the ratio of debt to GDP (Gross One in six .Canadian jobs depends on 32
introduce prevention-oriented health educa- who practised Transcendental Meditation. Japanese Journal of Industrial Health, Law Party will not deprive- the successful
Domestic Product) will decrease rapidly. trade, yet most exporting is done by a few 1990): 656.
NATURAL LAW PARTY—ForA Perfect Government Harmony and Positivity in National Consciousness Generated by A Group for A Government-7,000 Yogic Flyers—
Will Enable the Government of the Natural Law Party to Actualize All the Beautiful Goals and Highest Ideals of Our Nation
t• he scope of this program is so vast, grand, and dignified that it may even go
Decentralizing Administration for
Economy continued..
More Efficient Spending of Tax Revenues Economy continued..
T beyond the imagination of many people, but only by planning on such a grand
scale can we eliminate huge debts and economic recessions in our own country and
The efficiency of administration will be what is needed in their community and can throughout the world, and ensure that these problems do not happen again. The Nat-
further improved, by delegating more power best decide how the money should be spent. ural Law Party has only to gain the support of the people, and all the great economic
Lower Taxation continued... and money to local authorities, who know Employment continued...
goals of Canada will be fulfilled through this program.
The Natural Law Party will implement the following policies By enlivening the infinite creativity of Natural Law in national consciousness
more wealth and feel free to enjoy it". When Reducing taxes will favour everyone in Can- Simplification and Increased Efficiency of the in order to prevent unemployment in the future: through A Group for A Govemment, bringing support of nature to every individual,
creativity is fully rewarded by the ad- ada, allowing people of all income levels to Social Assistance System and training everyone to function in accord with the principle of least action, the
Natural Law Party will ensure that every citizen will be successful in finding a re-
ministration, more wealth will be generated. retain mare of the fruits of their life's work.
The brilliance of the social assistance The Extended Family: Sustained Economic Growth warding and lucrative career without great effort, frustration and delay.
policy of the Natural Law Party govern- Fulfilment for Every Generation e will sustain high employment by sustaining economic growth on the basis
Natural Law Party Will Immediately Eliminate GST
We will gradually reduce taxes in stages times the heart shrinks, a curse goes to the
meet will be to:
1. Increase the certainty of Income sup-
The extended family—four generations
living together—will naturally become
W of increased creativity and reduced taxation.
We will provide immediate employment for Canada's
as problems throughout society are re- government, and the joy of buying is over- port for those who need it Professional Training Program
duced. However, we plan to immediately shadowed. Eliminating the GST will by it- common. The wisdom and experience of unemployed by creating more jobs at home and abroad
2. greatly reduce the wastage of national the elders will be naturally available to the
eliminate the GST, which has created a sit- self create an immediate stimulus to the energy in collecting and disbursing taxes
Our ideal of education is: enlightenment first, then training in professions later.
youngsters so that every generation derives But for those already close to graduation from high school and university, we will
nation, especially in the lower income back- economy, leading to greater employment 3. shift the responsibility of caring for maximum fmm the previous generation. In provide one-year professional training programs while training them in techniques
ere of society, such that every time one par- (and therefore lower expenditures for un- something the heart shrinks at the employment payments) and higher revenues
those in need to the local level. (This this way, the desire of the elderly to nour- to gradually develop higher states of consciousness. This will keep them in school DECENTRALIZING ADMINISTRATION:
will be organized in light of the one ish their children will be fulfilled, and at
word lax" added on to the price. If some- from greater national wealth creation. single tax policy of the Natural Law the same lime, the elderly will be taken
longer and delay their entry into the work force until our economic revitalization Devolving Responsibility
one has to hay ten items in a day, then ten program has had time to create many new job opportunities. It will also mean that
Party government) care of by those in their middle years. For Solving Problems to Municipalities
graduates are more mature and bener prepared when they enter their profession.
Simplifying the Tax System: As stress in national consciousness is Implementing these plans will require a
Eliminating the Waste of Collecting the People's Money The Natural Law Party government will also establish schools abroad for students ness leaders, engineers, and other pro-

and Disbursing It Back to Them

dissolved through the upsurge of co-
herence created by A Group for A Gov-
ernment, everyone will be enjoying great-
sufficient degree of transformation in the
social order. The Natural Law Party gov-
ernment will be careful to achieve this
to travel and study in different countries. T he Natural Law Party government
will give more power and re-
sponsibility for the solution of pressing
fessionals to recommend programs that
will creole and sustain high employ-
The Natural Law Party will simplify the tem of collection, which makes administra- er affluence and better health. Everyone ideal in a natural way without imposition Strengthening Future Generations national problems to the Mayors and local ment.
complicated tax system. It is a waste of the bon complicated. The government then has will have better fortune and increase in of law. These concepts will be proposed Councils of all municipalities throughout • the Mayors and City Councils Will
The Natural Law Party will create an economic climate where it is unnecessary
nation's resources for the administration to 10 lax people even more to pay the expenses self-sufficiency. The integrity and har- and when there is consent of the popula- the nation. work with their local Member of Par-
collect money from the citizens and re- of collecting and disbursing the money. High for mothers to work outside the borne. We believe that future generations will suffer
mony of the family and community will tion then laws will be passed to implement Any problem, whether unemployment, liament to administer programs to em-
distribute it back to them. taxes create resentment, leading to a dis- if children are raised by day-care centres rather than by their mothers. This policy
rise, so that anyone in need will be lov-

these plans and raise government per- crime or pollution, has its origin al the ploy the unemployed in rebuilding the
proportionate degree of our national energy will ensure the strength of the coming generation and the future success of the ne-
Currently there are so many different being wasted tax gagiaggcc whic ingly cared for by their family, friends, or formance to this high level. level of the municipality. It is there, local- infrastructure of the area—inelading
kinds of taxes—federal sales tax (GST), pm-

porate tax, property tax, fuel tax, capital

, h in tram
creates unnecessary pressure on the justice
vincial sales tax, personal income tax, cor- system.
fellow workers.
e Since 63% of mothers with pre-school children work outside their home, this one
ly, that the problem is known best and can
be solved most quickly. Therefore our pol-
roads, bridges, railways, and schools
and other public buildings. They will
create advanced telecommunications
step alone would eliminate unemployment in Canada entirely. icy will be to help the local government
gains tax, etc. Each requires a separate sys- Stimulating the Economy by Lowering Taxes salve national problems locally, at their networks, and generally make the en-
Solving the Dropout Problem origin. When all local problems are pre• vironment more attractive for new
Natural Law Party's One-Tax System The most powerful fiscal action a govern- reduce expenditures and thereby re- vented, national problems will never arise. businesses to be drawn to the area and
Unemployment is particularly high among the youth who have not completed
ment can take to stimulate the economy and sponsibly cut taxes. operate Mere profitably. In addition the
In contrast, the programs of the Natural eliminating the current system of dealing their education. They feel frustration in their lives, and cannot find serenity, stabil-' The Natural Law Party will, for ex-
provide the basis for long-term economic unemployed will be employed in the
Law Party will be in accord with the pain- with so many levels of government for so Lowering taxes will provide the financial ity, and dignity. The high number of student dropouts indicates that the current sys- ample, solve the problem of un-
growth is to lower tares. High taxes in-
dine of least action through which nature's many different kinds of taxes. basis for sustained economic growth and employment at the local level. The plan- creation of lakes, fountains, public gar-
dicate inefficiency of administration. The tem of education is inadequate—incapable of leading students to higher levels of
government quietly administers the uni- prosperity. This economic growth will mate ning and programs developed by the All- dens and woods, with a focus on creat-
We will make the tax laws so simple Natural Law Party is the only political new fulfilment and success in their personal and professional lives. ing an environment that will be beauti-
verse. The Natural Law Party government jobs and eliminate unemployment. Party Government of experts on the na-
will Introduce a one-tax system. All taxes that party that offers programs to significantly The Natural Law Party government will offer special educational programs and
ph any citizen can understand them tional level will be implemented on the lo-
ful and also healthy and nourishing fur
will be paid to a single government agency, .rfor fromm lawyer °r create special colleges for dropouts to provide enlightenment and perfection in their children and adults alike. The capital
.;:l cal level. Mayors will be given the re-
rh t. lives, raising their creativity to the level where they can accomplish anything. These needed for these projects will be creat-
sponsibility, the financial resources, and
Our Goal: A Maximum of 15% Taxation programs are highly attractive and interesting to young people because they have ed through local bond issues which will
EMPLOYMENT been proi,en to unfold the creative genius of every student, develop inner happiness,
the authority tot
• educate and take .re of the youth of
be repaid through the revenues gener-
Our goal is zero taxation for annual attract and keep more Investment and ated by charging tolls or user fees
and provide the professional skills necessary for high levels of achievement. These their municipality so as not to let them
income up to a certain level (to be decided businesses in Canada where relevant, and through the greater
programs offer the experience of bliss in the experience of pure consciousness, remain unskilled and unprepared for
after detailed study by a committee of ex- revenues coming to the city from ex-
• a low tax rate and simple tax system will which will make the learning process very appealing to everyone. the work force pansion of business activity.
perts) and 15% tax on income above that,
reduce tax avoidance, which some The Natural Law Party's policy is to provide opportunity for all youth to complete • ensure sustained growth in the local
with no further deductions for anyone.
sources estimate to currently reduce gov- economy to create jobs for newcomers The Natural Law Party government's
higher levels of education. Ideally, every student should complete a Ph.D. Instead of
This is our target. Because of the current ernment tax revenues by as much as $30
the youth being unemployed, they will become the leaders of Canada's future and to the job market. This will be achieved policy of decentralization will also apply
overload of debt and widespread problems, billion a year
lead the nation to function in accord with the principle of least action—maximum through maintaining a local Group for to all other government services, such as
it may not be feasible to reduce all taxes im-
• Paying of the national debt (please re- accomplishment with minimum effort on the. basis of infinite creativity on the A Government to enliven the evolu- programs to care for the needy, which can
mediately. However, we envision a time
fer to Deficit section) will save.the feder- tionary power of Natural Law in the he more efficiently and inexpensively de-
when a 15% tax will be enough to finance ground of total knowledge.
al government $40 billion annually just in municipality, and by establishing a livered at the local level.
an efficient government.
interest payments Increasing the Efficiency of the Work Force local commission comprised of busi-
We will achieve that goal by the following
• We will Introduce a new policy of tax- Chris Campbell Through our proven programs, the Natural Law Party government will increase
payer participation. The Nalliftli Law the efficiency of the work force and the productivity of the entire nation. On the ba-
• expenditures on Ilbhealth, crime, and Past President, Union of Teachers
unemployment will be reduced through
Party government will promote a low tax-
sis of this, we will propose that companies offer shorter working hours so that work- Creating an Ideal Quality of Life for
ation policy along with inspiration for ers will have less fatigue and more time to enjoy personal, family, and social life.
solving these problems at their basis by Spokesman for Employment
eliminating stress in individual and na-
charitable contribution, donation, and in-
vestment for national service and social Providing Work Opportunities Abroad BUSINESS AND LABOUR
tional consciousness well-being. This will restore vitality to Prosperity, Creativity, and Happiness for
The Natural Law Party government will provide employment opportunities for
• government will become simpler and the natural impulse to "Love thy neigh-
bour" and "Help thy neighbour. Cur- Providing Immediate Full Employment employed Canadian workers abroad. We will train the unemployed as consultants Canada's Work Force
more efficient Not only will the govern- the reconstruction of developing countries, and will export Canadian equipment
ment itself be less expensive to ad- rently one earns money and has no per-
he Natural Law Party will provide immediate full employment by en- and expertise to developing countries to rebuild their towns, homes, and infra-
minister, but businesses will no longer
have to waste a disproportionate fraction
of their resources dealing with complex
sonal participation in government
spending—the tax money goes to a
stranger who spends it.
T gaging the unemployed in the reconstruction of Canada, rebuilding our
cities and national infrastructure in accord with Natural Law based prin.
structure. This will beautify the world and assist developing countries in raising
their standard of living and self-sufficiency, creating a lasting basis for mutually en- P
rameray naturally flourishes on the ground of creath,ity, which is born of happiness.
Natural Law Party government will achieve the laudable goal of an affluent society:
happiness—life without problems and suffering, and without the scarcity of anything.
riching trade. More than a hundred countries in the world need this support. '
regulations and paperwork, which causes Our system will give to those who have
frustration and reduces their profits
ciples to promote health and vitality. They will build new gardens, parks, The reconstruction of the developing world will be undertaken simultaneously
A Group for A Government will enliven the evolutionary power of Natural Law in col-
rowed the money the joy of participating in
the spending fee the good of others in their
fountains, and lakes to beautify the country. They will also be engaged in with the reconstruction of Canada. This will rebuild both economies simultane-
lective consciousness to maintain positive and healthy trends in every area of commercial
• as creativity increases in national con- and individual life. This will eliminate the need for hard work for prosperity and progress
sciousness through our programs to enliv- own community and constituency or for construction of new roads, reforestation, other public works, and social ser- ously. Because Canada enjoys a high degree of goodwill throughout the world, it because Natural Law always works through the principle of least action, which promotes
en the evolutionary power of Natural great national projects al home and abroad, vices such as assistance in hospitals and schools. will be easy to increase our exports of machinery, equipment, and other items to the maximum accomplishment with minimum effort on the basis of infinite creativity. The field
Law, personal and corporate Incomes I lealthy and naturally refined emotions will developing world in order to start a global program for rural development and urban
will Increase, creating higher revenues once again thrive in national life through Their work will create a beautiful, healthy nation whose citizens feel that of orderliness generated by the self-referral performance of this group will bring the support
renewal. of Natural Law to Canadian workers and businesses with the result that their luck—a sig-
even with a lower tan rate this beautiful tax policy of the Natural Law they are living in Heaven on Earth, while simultaneously eliminating the so-
To help implement this policy, embassies at home and abroad will be revitalized nificant factor in business success—will improve.
Party government. cial distress caused by acute unemployment. continued...
• low taxes and a flourishing economy will continued... to create better trade relations.
1:14 . 15
NATURAL LAW PARTY—ForA Perfect Government Harmony and Positivity in National Consciousness Generated by A Group forA Government-7,000 Yogic Flyers—
Will Enable the Government of the Natural Law Party to Actualize All the Beautiful Goals and Highest Ideals of Our Nation

Borrowing from Other Nations In a recent nationwide survey, 60 percent of Canadians agreed that
Economy Compromises Canadian Sovereignty courses in Transcendental Meditation should be covered by their pro-

Business and Labour continued..

continued.. The Natural Law Party believes that bor-
rowing from other nations makes Canada de-
Party will forma government that will prove to
be self-sufficient in every way, because it will
HEALTH vincial health plan, based on scientific evidence that this simple tech-
nique markedly reduces sickness and offers potential savings of bil-
pendent on their continued support, and there- be an administration based on the supremely lions of dollars for the nation each year through reduced health costs.
fore compromises national sovereignty. A self-sufficient, invincible authority of Natural
Stimulating the Economy through sovereign govemment should never have to Law.
Solving Problems at their Basis say that it -lacks anything. The Natural Law
Preventing Disease through Self-Pulse Reading and Diet
The Natural Law Party's cost-effective solo- es significantly. This will propel the Canadian The Natural Law Party government will • Natural herbal preparations to strengthen
lions to the nation's problems has the potential economy into a strong growth phase, create Natural Law Party's Three-Phase Plan to Open Health Education Centres in each rid- resistance to disease and restore bal.,
to save the nation over $120 billion per year millions of new jobs, and thus put an end to Eliminate the Deficit and Pay Off the National Debt to the physiology
ing and train one prevention-oriented health
within our first term of office, allowing the unemployment and the declining standard of
government to balance the budget and cut tax- living. The Natural Law Party government will im- cam professional for every three thousand • purification ti procedures to climinti:
These predictions are not idle conjectut..
plement a three-phase plan to eliminate the citizens. Through its health education and deep-routed impurities and imbalanc,
Every program of the Natural Law Party is
Developing the Full Creative Potential of deficit and quickly pay off the public debt: based on established scientific principles, and
natural medicine programs, the Natural law (Toni the physiology in order to cure &-
Canadian Managers and Workers is supported by extensive scientific research: Party will bring self-sufficiency in health ease and prevent future illness.
1. Reducing expenditures without cutting care to every individual, freeing the popula-
The Natural Law Party government will also productivity, increased creativity, increased these programs have been verified by over The Natural Law Party will encourage the
services by solving problems at their tion from dependence on doctors and tablets
develop our most precious and under-utilized job satisfaction, and improved relations with 500 studies performed at more than 200 re-
basis: with poisonous side-effects. Programs to be production of natural, healthy, nutritious
national resource—the unlimited creative po- co-workers. These programs also eliminate the search instffittions in 27 countries world- Ginette Robert offered through Maharishi Ayur-Ved Health food, which is ftet from toxic substances,
Mmial of our 27 million citizens. We will in- stiess caused by routine work, improving The Natural Law Party will eliminate the wide. Over the past 15 years, these programs Registered Nurse and will gradually ed-
reduce study and research of consciousness health and enjoyment of life. The increased federal deficit (currently $35 billion annually) Education Centres will
have been field-tested and found to he success- Spokeswoman for Health scale and inform the
into schools and businesses to awaken the in- productivity shown to occur from Natural Law within 3 years by reducing expenditures include
ncr creative genius of every individual and ed- Party programs will reward employers with through proven, cost-effective sohnions en
ful in reversing negative trends in society and
• Courses in self-pulse
A disease-free society can public about the ben-
promoting growth and progress in the life of efits of vegetarian diet
scale and train everyone how to achieve per- higher profits, strengthen the domestic .econ- eliminate the underlying problems, rather than
fection in their profession. the nation. Creating a Disease-Free Society through Prevention reading to train the never be created through a for health and the
omy, and make Canada mom competitive and through arbitrary spending cuts or raising taxes
Every manager and worker will enjoy high successful in international markets. which can only cause further suffering. Our
2 Increasing production by enlivening The goal of the Natural Law Party is to create a disease free society, in
whole population to system of medicine that economy.

prevention-oriented administration will dis-

• creativity in national consciousness: which every Canadian can enjoy a long life in perfect health. To achieve this
detect imbalance at
its earliest stages, be- creates poisonous The Natural Law
Improving Benefits for Workers, the Unemployed, Party's health pro-
and the Retired
allow the emergence of problems by providing As creativity increases in national con-
sciousness through oar programs to enliven the
goal the Natural Law Party government will introduce a comprehensive pro- fore disease occurs side-effects and grams promote activ-
complete knowledge of Nalund Law so that gram of prevention-oriented health care and natural medicine which has
We will supplement the monetary benefits Increases in pensions will be supplemented Canadians will be able to administer their own evolutionary power of Natural Law, pro-
• Courses on balanced more diseases ity in accord with Na.
proven its effectiveness in hundreds of scientific research studies. diet, exercise, and turn s pnnelple of
of social programs for the retired, the un- by programs to ensure the continued good lives spontaneously in the right direction, pre- duction of goods and services will be greatly
daily routine to ed-
employed, the sick, the disabled, and the poor mental and physical health, well-being, and venting problems before they misc. enhanced and personal and corporate Incomes Based on the extensive scientific validation of its health programs, the Nat- ucate the people in simple m.sures to least action, which does not allow sUess,
with programs to enliven the individual's full happiness of the retired. These programs will will Increase, creating higher revenncs even Law Party government will eliminate 50 percent of disease within 3 they progress swain, or disorder to accumulate in the M1Y.-
creative potential. Unemployment benefits will bring fulfilment to the role of the elderly in so- Foe example, the Transcendental Meditation .rrect imbalanc. be non
with lower tax rates . iology.
s, thereby saving the nation billions of dollars each year and eliminating
also be supplemeMed by programs to imbue ciely.
nTunilunY unn .1f-uufficlunuS. The un-
employed will be given the opportunity to give nhatnuinn
Natural Law Party government will
program has been shown to reduce the need for
doctor visits and hospital care by over 50%. -{ Using the profits from engaging the
'""• employed In projects of general use to
JP untold sickness and suffering.
to actual disease

Scientific Validation
heads for improv i ng the quality This alone will reduce health care expenditures
semi= society:
m unity . in areas of general good for the aim- d
m in Canadian society. by over $35 billion annually, saving the federal A Solution to the Health Care Crisis Over the past 25 years, more than 5110 sci- and enriches life in a holistic way. These
entific research studies conducted at 215 duties have appeared in leading sctenti tic
government $15 billion in transfer payments. Some of the projects in which the un-
The deepening crisis in health care today is able in Maharishi Ayur-Ved, the world's universities and research institutions in 27 and medical journals throughout the world
Our proven programs to reduce crime rate, re- employed will be engaged will generate profits
Improving the Quality of Life by cidivism, absenteeism, unemployment, and all mined by the failure of the existing medical most ancient and complete system of natural countries have shown that the Natural Law and have demonstrated the benefits of this
that will be used to pay off the national debt.
Creating Ideal Working Conditions other social problems will similarly reduce ex- We will be very careful to choose projects that system to prevent the majority of diseases, by health care. Party's natural health care program prevents program for people of all ages and all walks
• Shorter work hours. The Ideal is that eve- tired and stressed and the children are penditures in those areas, saving the federal do not compete with existing businesses M or- its continuously escalating costs, and by the Maharishi Ayur-Ved has its origin in the disease, decreases the need for medical treat- of life, including students, working people,
ry company should have a six-hour work- weakened. This leads to ill health, dropouts, government $57 billion after 3 years (Annual der not to .use dislocations in the private sec- serious side-effects of modem drugs. total knowledge of Natural Law contained in moot, alleviates individual and collective housewives, and retired people (please refer
day. Our economic system should promote drug use, and crime. Savings under the Economy section). tor. To resolve this crisis, the Natural Law the Constitution of the Universe. It meets the stress, improves mental and physical health, to summary of research findings below).
greater happiness, wealth, and wisdom for urgent need for a new approach to health
The Natural Law Party will cream an ec- Party government will introduce an effective
"."'"" i"""idY "d l
population tired and stressed """ "'el"
every evening, onomic climate where it is unnecessary for We Will Eliminate the Federal Deficit program of preventive medicine based on which is prevention-oriented, highly cost- Creating Collective Health for the Nation
mothers to work outside the home. This one the complete knowledge of prevention avail- effective, and free from harmful side-effects.
without time to really enjoy life. in Our First Term of Office The concept of national health has until by the population of the country.
• Worldng closer to home: Our work force step alone would greatly relieve the un- The Natural Law Party government will
now been missing from the nation's health
gets exhausted just from commuting, even
employment problem. (Please refer to Em-
Implementation of this plan would eliminate of debt to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) will Eliminating the Root Cause of All Disease policy. The Natural Law Party government create a strong, integrated, and harmonious
the federal deficit (currently 535 billion an- decrease rapidly. This, in conjunction with de-
before they get to work. We will support all The basic cause of ill-health In the in- developing higher states of consciousneat will implement scientificallyprovenPm' nation by establishing A Group for A Gov-
nually) within our first term of administration creased expenditures and increased revenues
means to allow Canadians to work closer to • Improved Industrial relations; Harmoni- dividual and disorder on the national level is through Maharishi's Transcendental Medita- grams for improving the collective health of urninn, permanent group experts in
. ous industrial relations require an ability and allow us to substantially reduce taxes described above, will enable us to very quickly tion and TM-Sidhi the nation by disallowing stress in collective yogic Flying. More than 40 scientific re-
violation of Natural
• Lower taxes, and a greatly simplified tax from loth employers and employees to ap- which would further stimulate economic pay off the national debt. Through this plan program, the first of
Law. The health pro- consciousness. vi0lencc, turbulence, search studies have demonstrated the ef-
reciate and accommodate each others' growth (Pease refer to Deficit and Taxation
system The Natural Law Party govern-
ment will lower taxes and introduce a onc- p
needs. As lung as stress prevails in the sections) As the economy flourishes, the ratio
Canada's vulnerability to foreign investors will
finally be eliminated. grams of the Natural
Law Party will enable
50% reduction of disease Maharishi Ayur-Ved's
twenty complementary
economic failure, and other negative trends fectiveness of this program in reducing neg-
ate disorders of national health and have alive tendencies
and promoting punitive
e. system. We will make the tax laws so workplace, awareness will he restricted to
every individual to
within three years through approaches to perfect their origin in violation of the laws of Nature trends in all areas of national life.
simple that any citizen can understand them immediate and shoe-term issues with self- Inviting the Conservative and Liberal Ministers
without assistance from a lawyer or ac- interest dominating.
to Join a Debt Creators Commission
think and act spontane- prevention-oriented Cost Savings
countant. (Please refer to Taxation section) ously in accord with itrtc'e consciousness
• Life-supporting, healthy, dignified jobs:
The Natural Law Party government will
eliminate stress in individual and national
to Find Means to Repay the National Debt They Created Natural Law, thereby health care is the most basic ele-
The national health budget is projected to 35 billion dollars in health costs annually.
ment of life, the Nat-
All work should produce something that is consciousness through highly effective, mi. The Natural Law Party will make all efforts Past leaders of the Liberals and Can-
eliminating the root and natural medicine ural Law.Party will in-
total over 70 billion dollars in 1993. Re- Through the Natural Law Party's health
beautiful or useful. The Natural Law Party entifically proven stress-reduction pro- cause of sickness and
to discharge the national debt created by past servativea will have their creativity put to the search findings indicate that Natural Law prognsms, Canadians will enjoy the world's
government would enurage productive, grams. This will promote health, harmony, troduce the science
administrations. But at the same lime, we will list to discharge this $500 billion debt, which
suffering. Party health programs can reduce health care premier heed, care system and become the
dignified employment .ni life-supporting, and umperation in the workplace, bringing This most fundamental and effective and technology of consciousness into all as-
establish a Debt Creators Commission has placed all future governments and the Ca- needs by at least 50 percent, saving the nation healthiest and happiest nation on earth.
nourishing industries. an end to the friction andsuspicion between pects of health cam.
(DCC), comprised of Prime Ministers and nadian people in such an unfortunate situation. approach to prevention is achieved by
• labour and management that have long
Mothers at homer It is a strain on both
hampered economic growth. Cabinet ministers of past Liberal and Con- By volunteering their time to find the means to
mothers and their children for mothers to
work outside the home. The mothers get
sedative governments who will be invited to repay the debt, they will atone at least In pan DECREASED HOSPITALIZATION

find means to repay the debt that they it' fur the breach of the confidence that Canadians DECREASED INCIDENCE OF DISEASE
responsibly cr.ted through their mi. innocently put in their leadership. We will train the whole
Eliminating the management. ni
ria owe.. population in a simple
FEDERAL DEFICIT Preventing Future Deficits procedure of self-pulse attest.
fl:01 ammo • z7,1 reading to detect
Government Deficits Caused by Inefficiency of The Natural Law Party government will The Natural LAW Party is absolutely op- .11•1
Introduce legislation to disallow any Mare
Administration and Violation of Natural Law posed to the legalization of gambling aa a
1 physiological imbalances,
C anadians ore burdened with high deficits due to inefficiency of administration and vi-
government from Indebfing the nation. Be-
very election, the incumbent government
would have to present its books to the public,
means of raising money for the government.
We would introduce legislation which would
:i , 1
.417 ,2fl 2F51 maw eiw
1110•1Whon OD•110.• 00•1,
and in simple dietary

Malien of Natural Law in the nation, which results In ill health, absemeeisn; in- disallow any Canadian government from using 11..• I.••••
efficiency, lethargy, lack of creativity, and criminal behaviour. The government then tries to and the books would have lo be balanced. immoral means to false money. recommendations to correct
solve these problem; but when expenditures an problems exceed government tax revenues, Significant reductions in hospitalization were found in subjects who
a deficit results and the government must then go into debt to cover thin deficit. The federal A study of health insurance statistics on over 2000 people practising imbalances before practise the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program. Further
government's accumulated debt is currently approaching $500 billion dollars—mach of The Natural Law Party government will eliminate Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhl programme
disease arises 'reductions in hospitalization were produced by Maharishi Ayur-Ved.
which is owed to foreign investors—and is growing by $1 million every 15 minutes. overa5-year period found that participants required much less medical Psychosomatic Medicine, 49 (1987): 493-507; Journal of lowa Academy
the federal deficit within three years treatment In all 16 major disease calegorimt Psychosomatic Medicine, of Science. 95 (1988): A56.
49 (1987): 493-507.
16 17
NATURAL LAW PARTY—For A Perfect Government Harmony and Positivity in National Consciousness Generated by A Group for A Government-7,000 Yogic Flyers—
Will Enable the Government of the Natural Law Party to Actualize All the Beautiful Goals and Highest Ideals of Our Nation

291-316; Psychosomatic Medicine 48 (1986): 242-248; Journal of the Israel Medical As- ,
sociation 95 (1978): 1-2; Journal of Human Stress 5 (1979): 24-27; Erfahrungsheillcunde —
Programs for High School and University Graduates—
Health continued...
Acta Medico Empirica — Zeitschrift fiur die aratliche Praxis 2 (1988): 720-729; Pita,
rnacology, Biochemistry and Behaviour 43 (1992): 1175-1182; Biochemical Archives 8
(1992): 267-272; International Journal of the Addictions 26(3), (7991): 293-325; Japanese
EDUCATION Bringing Perfection to Professional and Personal life
We will offer courses to high school and phenomenon of pining support from the
Journal of Public Health 37 (1990): 729; Journal of Counseling and Development 64 university graduates, to prepare them for whole environment for one's desires so that
(1985): 212-215; Journal of Clinical Psychology 45 (1989): 957-974. their occupations by de- whatever one wants can
Scientific Research Demonstrating Effective veloping the qualities be achieved without

Prevention and Development of Perfect Health Benefits for Chronic Disorders needed for success in pro- Development of higher train.
fessional and personal consciousness— The educational pro-
three-month study conducted in Holland, Maharishi Ayur-Ved herbal prepararce.,
through Natural Law Party Health Programs life: alertness, creativity, grams of the Natural Law
and dietary advice were given M 126 patients with ten common chronic disorders (t lit ,i-
energy, flexibility, con- increased creative Party promote efficient
matoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, hypertension, chronic sioasitis, eczema, psoriasis, chton
bronchitis, chronic constipation, headaches, and diabetes mellitus). The average duration of
fidence, self-sufficiency, intelligence and life and powerful thought and
Decreased Need for Health Care disorder before the study was 18 years. After three months of treatment, 79 percent of pa-
ability to communicate
according to
action with no wasted en-
effectively, resistance to ergy—in accord with na-
A five-year study of 2000 people practising Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation pro- tients showed clear improvements. Maharishi Ayur-Ved treatment was well tolerated and
grant in the United Stales found that their needs for medical and surgical care were more no toxic effects were observed.
stress, orientation towards Natural Law ture's principle of least
positive values, and sup- action.
than 50 percent less than the norm. Hospitalizations were markedly reduced in all 17 dis- Reference: Nederland; Tlidschrift root Integrate Ceneeskunde 5(35), 1989: 586-594. port of Natural Law, for every student
ease categories studied, including 87 percent less for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, which is the very real
55 percent less far Wm..., 75 percent less for respiratory problems, and 86 percent loos for
nervous system disorders. Ina second study, individuals using other Maharishi Ayur-Ved
Other published studies on the programs of Maharishi Ayur- Dr. Ashley Deans Training for New Professions to Create a Problem-Free Canada
prevention programs in addition to the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program Ved have demonstrated: Physicist The Natural Law Party will offer training result they begin to speak and act in a way
had 79 percent fewer hospitalizations than the norm. Total inpatient and outpatient costs Spokesman for Education programs for new careers for all unemployed that always maintains progress and cools-
were 75 percent less for the Maharishi Ayur-Ved group. Improved Mental Health Canadians, including young people who lion. Life ceases to be a struggle and be-
Reference: Psychosomatic Medicine 49, 1987, 493-507; Jotonal of Iowa Academy of Sci- Decreased anxiety, depression, and aggression; increased self-esteem and self- Introducing Study and Research have dropped out of school. These training comes a joy, with increasingly expanded len-
rove 95(1), (1988): A56. actualization; decreased insomnia; and decreased use of non-prescribed drugs and prescribed
tranquilizers. Ina statistical meta-analysis (1146 independent studies, Transcendental Med-
in Consciousness into Education programs invite 100,000 young Canadians to els of achievement and fulfilment.
learn new professions in the arms of health, When the Natural Law Party forms the
Reduced Health Care Costs itation was found to be twice as effective in reducing anxiety as other meditation and re- The goal of the Natural Law Party's policy for education is to give complete
business, politics, rehabilitation, and educe- government, these students will be employed
knowledge to everyone. As consciousness is the most basic element in nature,
Medical expenses of 599 people in Quebec fell by an average of 36 percent over three laxation procedures. Another meta-analysis found that Transcendental Meditation was three Lion. (Please refer to A Call to the Youth of by the government to maintain an integrated
the study of consciousness and research in consciousness will be introduced into
years after starting Transcendental Meditation, compared to non-meditating control subjects. to four times more effective than other procedures in developing self-actualization, a mms- Canada). national consciousness through group prac-
Subjects who had the highest medical costs before learning Transcendental Meditation are of positive nenial health' all levels of education. This training, which has been missing from education, students will be trained to offer rice of Ow technology of consciousness. In
References: Journal of Clinical Psychology 45 (1989): 957-974; Journal of Social Be- will unfold the full creative potential of all students, bringing them out of prob- uniquely effective and rewarding knowledge this way, while the students are training in
showed an even greater re-
duction in expenses__ havior and Personality 6(5), (1991): 189-247; Journal of Clinical Psychology 33 (1977: lems and mistakes into harmony with Natural Law. With this training, students to solve the problems in each of these areas new GUCCI'S and rapidly developing higher
11111 naturally think, speak and act in a way that is always life-supporting for of society. Problems arise when people vi- states of consciousness in themselves, they
reaching 54 percent three 1076-1078; British Journal of Psychology 73 (1982): 57-69; Journal of Counseling
lirmselves and others. state Natural law; each of these professions will be bringing national life into accord
years after beginning the tech- . 19Potelit 64 (1985): 212-215; Lokartidningen 74 (1977): 42124214; Journal of Pay
will teach the population how to live sport- with Natural Law. Supported by this group,
pique. For individuals over ogy 124 (1990): 177-197; Japanese Journal of Industrial Health 32 (1990): 656; Journal of Extensive scientific research and 35 years of educational experience in
50 years, who usually show Social Behavior and Personality 5(3), (1990): 1-27; Japanese Journal of Public Health 37 tancously in harmony with Natural Law and the C.anadian government will become a
schools and universities throughout the world validate the benefits of this knowl- thereby bring their lives out of problems, model government, with the ability. to satisfy
increasing health care needs, (1990): 729; International Journal of the Addictions 26(3), (1991): 293-325. edge in education. Scientific [Wings relevant to education include increased everyone. (Please refer to Fulfilling
strain, and suffering.
expenses had fallen by 57 per- intelligence, increased creativity, improved academic achievement, improved
cent mereyears after be- Development of Perfect Health As part of their preparation, students will Canada's Highest Ideals by Connecting
scores on nationally standardized tests; increased self-confidence and self- study and directly experience in their own Canada's Constitution to the Constitution of
ginning Transcendental Med- Younger biological age and increased longevity; increased creativity and intelligence; im-
actualization; broader comprehension and greater ability to focus; higher levels awareness the Constitution of the Universe, the Universe: A Scientific Perspective.)
proved memory and academic performance; improved perception and mind-body co- of moral judgement; greater intellectual and scientific orientation; decreased the fundamental level
Subjects with high cholesterol levels showed a significant reduction Reference: Di;seranion ordination; increased job satisfaction and performance; increased happiness and harmony in alcohol and drug use; and decreased dropout rate and increased self-
in cholesterol after learning Transcendental Meditation as compared Abstracts International 53 of Nature's intelli-
to control& Journal of Haman Stress, 5 (1979), motTioge. actualization among economically deprived adolescents. (Please see scientific gence, from where all
(1993) 12A. References: International Journal of Neuroscience 16 (1982): 53-58; Journal of Per- research references below.) the laws of nature
sonality and Social Psychology 57(6), (1989): 950-964; Journal of Personality and In- emerge to govern the
Effective Prevention dIvidual Differences 12(10), Delivering the Fruit of All Knowledge to Every Student— orderly evolution of
laboratory studies on Maharishi Ayur-Ved herbal preparations have demonstrated pow- (1991): 1105-1116; Memory DAPROVEDHEALTFITHROUGH the universe. Through
MAHARISHIATUR.VED a mistake-free, stress-free life, with thought and action spontaneously simple, effortless tech-
erful preventive effects against pathological processes that contribute to major, such and Cognition 10(3), (1982):
In accord with Natural Law, and the ability to achieve anything niques, students iden-
as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Findings include pro- 207-215; British Journal of
Motion against the toxic effects of free radicals, which are closely linked to ageing and as Educational Psychology 55 tify their awareness
For students, the knowledge of conscious- and achieve anything in a way that always
much as 80 percent of all major diseases. Maharishi Ayur-Ved herbal compounds have also (1985): 164-166; Journal of with this invincible
ness can be easily added as the first period nourishes life.
been shown to improve immune responses and inhibit cancer growth in the laboratory. level of Natural Law.
Social Behavior and Per- of every school day. When this program is With the unfolding of their inner genius
Their mind becomes
References: Pharmacology, Biochemistry & Behavior 35 (1990), 767-773; European .°44.7 5(3), (1990): 1-27) added to the standard curriculum, the stu- and increasing mastery over Natural Law,
imbued with the order
Journal of Pharmacology 183(2), (1990): 193; Biochemical Archives 6 (1990): 267-274; ErPerhnental Neurology 79 dents will be able to make fullest use of all students will no longer be frustrated with
and infinite creativity
Chnica & Terapia Cardiomscolare 8(3), (1989): 227-230; Journal of Research and Edam- (1983): 77-86; IsleMagaaal other knowledge they gain. With increasing of the Constitution of Students who practise the Transcendental Meditation technique showed
their inability to achieve, but will be mo-
tion in Indian Medicine 10(3) (1991): 1-8; Pharmacology Biochemistry et Behavior 39 )truant of B'Yeh°8°992lles 37 receptivity, alertness, creative intelligence, the Universe; as o longitudinal Increases in intelligence when compared tonon-meditati g
tivated for higher education and higher ac-
(1991): 649-652; Indian Journal of Clinical Practice 1(8), (1991): 23-27; Anticancer Re- (im)' 25-29; Journal of So- Subjects who participated in Maharishi Ayur-Ved health programs and energy, they will enjoy continuously ex- complishments on she basis of increasing -controls. DOSertatian Abstracts International, 35 7-B (1976)s 3572-3373;
mowed significant PerSonality and Individual Differences, 12 (1991), 1105-1116.
search 11 (19911: 209-216; Nutritional Research 12 (1992): 51.61; Indian Journal of Cher- dal Behavior and Personality cvo„
'"„e0",",.31 ".„„"`17,7„c1,,,trviiahrti; pending achievements. success. This knowledge of the science and
loot Practice 2(7), (1991): 15-26; Neuropharmacology 31 (1992): 599-607; Prostaglandins, 6(5), (1991):. 189-247; Acad. Personallty,5 (1990)1-27. This approach to education, which in- technology of consciousness will bring ful- Short and Long Courses for Adults—
Lettkotrienes, and Essential Fully Acids 46 (1992): 145-150. envy of Management Journal tegrates objectively gained knowledge with filment to the misting system of education
17 (1974): 362-368; Psychological Report.; 51(1982): 887-899 subjective technologies for developing the without disrupting the present structure in Knowledge for Fulfilment
Reduced Risk Factors for Disease full creative potential of consciousness, de- any way. Courses of varying length will beavailable states of consciousness, and for perfect
Maharishi Ayur-Ved approaches, including herbal preparations, Transcendental Marlith- Improved Collective Health of the Nation livers to every student the fruit of all knowl- These programs are critically needed in
for the adult population. The goal of these health; and to prepare those who are chang-
non, and physiological purification procedures have been found to reduce major risk factors Decreased crime, accidents, suicides, and unemployment; improved economic prosperity, edge- a mistake-free, stress-free life, with Canada, where 32 percent of students drop courses will be to give knowledge fur fulfil- ing careers to be effective and fulfilled in
for disease (including heart disease and cancer). Results include reduction of high blood social integration, and international harmony; reduced civil and international conflict. the ability to know anything, do anything, out of high school; meet in life, for the development of higher their new occupation.
pressure; decreased blood where many high
References: Journal of CA'
cholesterol levels; reduced
Correlates of EEG Coherence
school graduates are
ill-equipped, even in
Special Colleges for Students Who Dislike
lipid peroxidation (which DECREASED FATALITIES 776-812; Journal of Conflict basic skills, to meet
or Have Dropped Out of School
helps prevent heart disease); Cowls
reduced use of cigarettes, al-
TIV=11.• Resolution 34(4), (1990): 756- the demands of the The Natural Law Party government will consciousness, whose nature is bliss. Learn-
868; Journal of Mind and Be- work force; where too establish colleges for those who perform ing will be effortless, and its benefits im-
cohol, and non-prescribed
havior 8 (1987): 67.104; So- many students turn to poorly and are frustrated in school, or for mediately noticed as increasing happiness,
drugs; normalization of
dal Indicators Research 22 substance abuse in hose who have dropped out. They will be interest in knowledge, organizing ability,
weight; effective stress re-
(1990); 39941; Journal of their frustration from given programs to awaken their latent crea- and support of nature.
duction and improved re- lack of progress and tive potential through the experience of pure continued
Mind and Behavior 9(4),
sistance to stress. success; and where the
(1988): 457-486; Journal of
References: Personality, Crone and Justice 4 (1981): poorly educated high Scientifically proven programs designed
Elevated Blood Pressure, Men and women in all age groups who practise Transcendental Per. school gradual. aro for all levels of education, easily added to the
and Essential Hypertension, Meditation show significantly lower systolic blood pessum trisijeU=Vitgit latiti;ttert=scril
normative "th- Psychosomatic Medici", 45 (19031: made of
17,:t: 2
f5,;45.; Social
High invert of E80 coherence measured during the practice of Tome.
the most likely In be
standard curriculum will unfold the
D.C., Helm- 41"2,Prd ''t" e'if.
t tt D'Piuring <VOWrinitunaVel riretrrerralte'iltr, (1988
t ch )7580.941 .'""4 2
sphere Publishing (1992):
abegorics or fatahllo woe
man..Amm itemmtmat t Social Indicaton Pato., 22 (IWO) 3,1.1111,
er so
denial Meditation ere significantly correlated with improvements in physio- unemployed.
logical and psychological functioning. International Journal a Neu
roscience, 13 (1981)1211-217. Experimental Neurology, 79 (1983):77-86.
full creative potential of every student
1$ 19
Harmony and Positivity in National Consciousness Generated by A Group for A Government-7,000 Yogic Flyers-
NATURAL LAW PARTY-For A Perfect Government Will Enable the Government of the Natural Law Party to Actualize All the Beautiful Goals and Highest Ideals of Our Nation

e• complicated legal and judicial system that

currently exists. Laws are made based on the
Through the programs of the Natural
Law Party, Canada win enloy a natural

Education continued...
Scientific Research Validating the
Natural Law Party's Education Programs Law and Justice continued...
behaviour of the citizens, and when the
whole population begins to behave more in
harmony with Natural Law, everyone will
state of lure and order, based on the har-
mony, happiness, and productivity of all
its citizens-a shining example far every
• Development of Intelligence-Inereased 10. • Increased Integration of Self with the Si he increasingly law-abiding. The influence other nation.
Journal of Personality and Individual Dif dal Environment. Journal of Social Be-
Bliss at Every Level of Education havior and Personality 6 (1991): 189-147. rent group of 7,000 professionals-TM- of intense positivity in national conscious-
ferences 11961): 1105-1116; /71ercrienal life and society.
and Motor Skills 62 (1986): 731-738. • Increased Self-Actualization and Self- Sidhi experts-Yogic Flyers-to create an ness created by A Group for A Government
All of the consciousness-based courses profound, powerful, and blissful level of our The Natural Law Poesy government will will progressively eliminate stress and crime Crime can never be
sponsored and supported by the Natural Law own existence. The Natural Law Party • Optimization of Brain Functioning. Inter- Confidence. Journal of Social Behar.- influence of coherence and relieve stress in
add to all levels of education the practice of n the nation. As a moult, the need for law
and Personality 6 (1991): 189-247. eliminated by punishing
Party are simple, relaxing, and fulfilling, be- brings bliss to the educational process, mak-
cause consciousness is intimate to every- ing education enjoyable for every student.
national Journal of Neuroscience 13
(19811:211-217 and Vol. 15 (1981): 151- • Orientation Towards Positive Values Per- Transcendental Meditation so that students
will develop unbounded awareness and in-
the nation and the world as a whole. A new
trend of reduction of crime will be seen in enforcement and judicial processes will be
less and less. On this basis, the Natural Law criminals. We must have a
157. ceptind and Motor Skills 64 (1987): 1003-- the days and weeks following the establish-
one-it is knowledge of the simplest, most
• Enhanced Creativity. Journal of Creative 1012. ner happiness. They will grow in higher ment of this group-at least a 20 percent Pany will explore the possibility of reducing prevention-oriented
Behavior 13 (1979): 169-180. • Decreased Diop-out Rate and Imre.. states of consciousness and the ability spon- the expense and complexity of the legal sys-
Cost Savings Self-Actualisation Among Economically taneously to think and act fully in accord
drop immediately, with a continuation of
tem by turning over the judicial function to
• Improved Academic Performance. Educe- this declining trend as long as the group is
According to official estimates, illiteracy human potential and money can be re- don 10711986k 49-54. Deprived Adolescents. Dissertation Ab- with Natural Law. This will be reflected in the revered elders of every community.
stracts listernational38 (1977): 335I0. maintained.
costs the national economy approximately $4 claimed by the educational programs of the • Improved Academic Grades in Under- behaviour that is effective and nourishing to
billion annually in lost earnings, and a fur- Natural Law Party.
titer $1.1 billion in welfare payments, job in-
graduate and Graduate Students. Brilish
Journal of Educational Psychology 55
• Reduced Use of Drugs, Alcohol, and Cigar-
- ettes. International Journal of the Addic-
everyone in the environment. 3. Effective Rehabilitation
Scientific research has shown that the The Natural Law Party will renew the Ca-
Through its educational programs, the
competence, crime, vandalism, lost taxes, Natural Law Party can truly fulfil the high-
(1985):164-166. tions 26(3), (1991): 293-325.
educational programs of the Natural Law
Scientific Research Demonstrating the
• Reduced Anxiety. Journal of Clinical Psy- nadian correctional system by implementing
and remedial instruction programs. Fur- rut
goal of education create
• Im proved Memory and Efficiency of Per-
chology 45 (1989): 956-974. Party develop higher levels of intelligence, programs that have proven successful in re- Effectiveness of the Natural Law Party's Programs
ception. Memory and Cognition 10 (1982):
thermore, those who lack basic learning fogy developed citizens, capable of fulfilling
207-215. • Healthier Response to Suers. Psycho- creativity, and moral judgement. Research habilitating offenders. The most successful, for Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation
skills forfeit earnings of an additional $23.7 their highest aspirations while contributing SOMWiC Medicine 35 (1973): 341-349. has also shown that among disadvantaged cost-effective, and scientifically validated
billion annually, according to Canadian maximum • Higher Levels of Moral Maturity. Dis- itre nee of coherence in the nation and the
m the progress of society as a • Improved Employment Status. Journal of youth-who are more likely to become in- program for rehabilitating inmates O the • Prevention of Crime through Edoca-
Library Association estimates. This waste of whole. serration Abstracts international 36 (1975): lion v. id
4361A-4362A. Counseling and Development 64 (1986)1 volved in crime or drug abuse-those who Transcendental Meditation program. Re-
212-215. Of the more than 500 scientific research Sample References: Journal of Conflict Res.
• Accelerated Cognitive Development in lean Transcendental Meditation become search on this program in maximum-security rdidioo 72 (1988): 776-812:Journal of Crime
studies on the benefits of Mabanshrs Tran-
Other Educational Policies Children. Perceptual and Motor Skills 65 • Improved U.S. and Canadian Economy as more emotionally self-sufficient and less prisons has shown that it reduces hostility, scendental Meditation program, malty studios and Jusiice 1 (1981) 25-15; The
Journal of
(1987):613-614. Measured by a Monthly Index of Inflation
Supported by the Natural Law Party and Unemployment. Proceedings of the
likely to drop out of school. improves behaviour, improves mental and document the effectiveness of this program in Mind and Behaviour 8 (1987): 67-104; The
• More time for on-the-job training and re-
full creative genius and unique strengths
• Increased Field Independence-Increased
- Resistance 10 Distinction and Social Pres-
American Statistical Association: Business 2 Immediate Crime Reduction physical health, and reduces recidivism by at increasing intelligence, creativity, siteacad.', Journal of Mind and Behaviour 9 119851:
ie performance. In addition, studies show the 457-486; Social Indicators Research 22
training, with consciousness-based pro- of each group rem Perceptual and Motor Skills 39 and Economic Smith. Section (1989): by Creating Coherence in least 40%. (Please refer to the summary of Di,erretion Abstracts Inter-
grams that prepare individuals for com- 565-570. National Consciousness scientific research below.) frillowing effecre of this program: growth of (1990):300-415;
(19741: 1031-1034.
plete success in their occupations • Improved Quality of City, Provincial, Na. This is achieved by alleviating strew in higher levels of moral judgement; reduction of notional 50 119891: 22030; Social Science
• Management training programs based on • Greater Interest in Academic Activities. To reduce crime in the nation quickly and dropout rate among disadvantaged youth; and PerspectivesJaurnal2(4)(19881:
Western Psychologist 4 (1974): 104-111. lineal, and International Life. Journal of the mind and body of the inmates, and train-
knowledge of Natural Law for all levels Conflict Resolution 32 (1988). 776-812. riramatically, the Natural Law Party offers a reductinn of drug abuse. These findings dem-
• A National Apprenticeship Program, de- ing them to naturally think and act in-
of educational administration, to ensure coven program to reduce stress and create onstrate that implementing
veloped by business, labour, and educa- the mast effective and efficient use of creasingly in harmony with Natural Law-to
tional leaders, to fully prepare young peo- harmony and coherence in national con- this technology re a pan of REDUCED DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE
human resources fulfil their desires in a way that supports education will lead to greater
sciousness. This program is Mahariahi's
ple in the latest technologies and skills of rather than damages the interests of others.
their chosen occupations

• Financial support for every student who

• Opening Canadian universal. in other
countries, so that Canadian university stu-
dents can attend branches of their own
LAW AND JUSTICE Group for A Government.
The rehabilitation of the inmates can be as-
Extensive scientific research has shown sessed through scientific measurement of
that group practice of the Transcendental their physiological, psychological, and be-
educational achievement and
prevent the problems of
youth that are associated with
the tendency toward crime.
x uww

wishes to pursue higher education universities in several countries for two Meditation and TM-Sidhi program by a havioural stability, verifying that they are Sample References: Ed. g
• More years in higher education to three years. As well as broadening the large group is sufficient to immediately re- able to lead productive and happy lives after ucalion 107 (1950): 49-54;
awareness of the Canadian students, thek duce crime at the city, provincial, and na- Weir release. Education 109 (1989): 302-
• Inclusion in the elementary and high school influence will enrich other cultures with tional levels. (Please refer to the summary of 304; Journal of Personality
Without this truly effective and individual Difference s 12
curriculum of regular periods of enjoyable the special qualities of the Canadian char- means of rehabilitation, Can-
acter. (1991): 0is-
physical activity and recreational sports MAIIARISHI EFFECII DECREASED CRIME ada will continue to face ris- b:iagrE
.5:7 ation Istr a:ts ; LT cln;:
d swignIfiT uiiT
i 'f dth nn:s7 in ad11:ca:tel
without strain r.aaaar ing crime and high rates of re- naaona1 36 (1975): 43.6IA- co p n ,sro . Th,, r
• Establishing community centres of
cidivism which will lead to 4 62A; DA,,, ‘i ,b tsica da ial . i, n on 7 26 (1991): 293-325.
he need to build new prisons. International 38 (1977):
knowledge, where parents can receive This policy is a national trag- 33510 and 3372B; British
practical guidance in prevention-oriented edy for Canada. Enormous Journal of Educational Psychology 55 (c985) , • Effective Rehabilitation of Maxi-
health care for their families The Natural Law Party 164-166; The Journal of Creative Behavior,133 mum Security Inmates
amounts of money are wasted
(1979): 169-180; international Journal of the The Transcendental Meditation program has
• Councils composed of leading experts in will promote education because prisons have proven
Addictions 26 (Nal): 203-325.
ineffective in rehabilitating proven its success as a rehabilitation program
education, business, and technology to that delivers the fruit Don Jackson Inmates-in feel, they scree • Reduction of Crime at the City, Pro-
in maximum security prirens throughout the
propose educational policies to the cities Lawyer world. These studies demonstrate that through
Twenty-four cities, in which one percent of the population had as centres of intense stress in vincial, and National Levels through
and provinces of all knowledge- Spokesman for Law and Justice A Group for A Government
this program inmates show reduced hostility
been instructed In the Transcendental Meditation F. F.m society that lead to greater and aggression, reduced stress and anxiety, im-
• A council composed of professional a stress-free, displayed significant decreases In crime rate during the next yes crime. By implementing its Extensive scientific research demonstrates proved behaviour, improved health, and Im-
and decreased crime rate trends during the subsequent five yearn effective rehabilitation pro- that a large group of participants In the Tran-
women and mothers at home to develop mistake-free life, Creating a Crime-Free Canada Journal of Crime and Justice, 4 (1981): 25.45. scendental Meditation and TM.Sidhi program
proved mental 1.Ith. Most important, in com-
courses for unfolding the unique creative gram, the Natural Law Party parison to other rehabilitation programs,
The Natural Law Party will create a crime-free Canada by reducing stress offers to quickly rehabilitate prisoners, so reduces crime by reducing stress and creating recidivism is reduced by 40% among inmates
and nourishing qualities of women and the ability in the individual and society as a whole, and by developing in the whole pop- research below.) When such a group enliv- that many prisons can be closed within a an influence of coherence and harmony in the who ream Transcendental Meditation.
ens the field of pure consciousness and radi- colledive conroicasness of society. The re-
• Separate education for boys and girls to achieve anything ulation the ability to think and act spontaneously in accord with Natural Law. short period of time. duction of mime is immediate when the group In the African nation of Senegal, 11,000
through the college level, to develop the ates en influence of orderliness and co- prisoner and over 900 prison officers were in-
is assembled, and crime reverts to its former
Solution to the Problem of Crime herence throughout the whole environment, Cost Savings stnicred in Transcendental Meditation in 19811/-
levels when the group leaves. These findings
stress in society is dissolved and the whole Through this three-fold approach of prop- 1988 and as a result, recidivism dropped from
The problem of rising crime in society has members of society. indicate that for lasting redumion and elimina-
population begins to think and act more in er education, creating coherence in national tion of crime, it is neoessary to establish a per-
90% to less than 8%, reducing the prison pop-
INCREASED ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE not been solved by any of the traditional
methods applied in the past-imposing 1
Crime Prevention through harmony with Natural Law. consciousness, and effective rehabilitation, manent group of professionals to generate this ulation by half and allowing a number of mis-
ons lo be dosed.
TM harsher penalties, expanding the police • Proper Education This approach-A Group for A Govern- we can dramatically reduce the cost of the
ment-la the only scientifically verified criminal justice system In Canada. Based on Sample References: Crim-
force, upgrading crime detection procedures, Education is responsible for training inal Justice and Behavior 5
appointing more judges, or building more the youth lo be able to fulfil their aspirations method to Consistently, Immediately, and the results of research, fully implementing
N (1978), 3-20; Journal of
prisons. substantially reduce crime in the whole so- the Natural Law Party programs would
j qo in a way that supports the wall-being of the Criminal Justice 15 (1987):
ciety. In contrast to current approaches, quickly reduce incarceration costs by half, 211-230; Dissertation Ab-
The only way in eliminate the problem of whole society. For this, students must de-
which have proven to be costly and in- saving $1 billion per year. In addition, the stracts International 34
crime in society is to train the population to velop broad comprehension, so that while
effective, the approach of the Natural Law $8 billion per year costs of the judicial and (1973): 47321; Dissertation
think and act spontaneously in accord with focusing on their goals they naturally lake
Party makes usc of nature's principle of law enforcement systems can be reduced Abstracts International 43
eel **a
Natural Law. The Natural Law Party has sci- into account the needs of others. In the past,
bhg sme least action to enliven the orderliness of na- substantially by reduction of crime and by (1982): 5398; International
entifically validated programs to achieve education has not incorporated a scientific
MATFI READING LANGUAGE ture in national life. This Is achieved by simplifirotion of the legal and judicial sys- Journal of Comparative and
this goal through a three-fold approach: 1) procedure lo develop this quality of broad
Iowa Tests of Basic Skills crating an influence whereby the whole tem. Applied Criminal Justice 11
crime prevention through proper education comprehension. As a result, students con-
• of the youth; 2) immediate and dramatic re- tinue in violate the Laws of Nature, making population will naturally behave in a nour- Felon parolees who learned the Transcendental Meditation (1987): 111-132.
ishing, harmonious, and life-supporting Simplifying the Legal technique while in pdson had fewer new prison terms and mom
duction of crime throughout the nation by mistakes and causing stress and suffering for and Judicial System
Within one year, students who practised Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation trohniro manner. favorable parole outcomes each yens over a five-year period aver
creating coherence In national conscious. themselves and others. Growing crime is the
showed significant gains on a nationally standardized test of basic skills. Education, 107 ness; and 3) effective rehabilitation, so that result of the growth of siren In individual When the approach. described above are release than carefully matched controls. Journal of Criminal
The Natural Law Party, apart forming the Justice, 15 (1987): 211-230.
(1956): 49-54. government, will quickly establish a perma- implemented, there will be less need for the
offenders can become productive and happy
continued 21
NATURAL LAW PARTY—For A Perfect Government Harmony and Positivity in National Consciousness Generated by A Group for A Government-7,000 Yogic Flyers—
Will Enable the Government of the Natural Law Party to Actualize All the Beautiful Goals and Highest Ideals of Our Nation
• 1111/
Strengthening the Family
FAMILY AND The Natural Law Pady supports several • prevention-oriented health education and
additional measures to strengthen the fami- natural medicine, to reduce illness; and
Senior Citizens contznued CULTURAL INTEGRITY
lye • A Group for A Government, to neutralize
SOCIAL POLICY • a little shorter working day, to provide
more time for family enjoyment and for
demoralizing and destructive trends that
threaten family life, such as gambling and
senior citizens will gain greater self- society. In addition, we will provide
sufficiency (less dependence on others) them with new opportunities to bless and
personal and social life; alcohol abuse. and an increased ability to contribute to enrich the community by their presence.
the well-being and progress of the entire
Unity in Diversity—Upholding the Specific Cultural,
Ensuring Human Rights Religious, and Social Traditions of
Violation of human rights is violation of The Natural Law Party recognizes the nat- Restoring the Senior Citizens to their Proper Place of Every Community While Maintaining the
Natural Law. The most free and complete ural birthright of every individual to realize Honour as the Guiding Lights of the Community Integrity of the Nation as a Whole
expression of human rights is thought and his or her full potential and enjoy the full
The influence of intense positivity in With their experience and wisdom,
action spontaneously in accord with Natural support of Natural Law. Our educational
national consciousness created by A senior citizens are the ideal counsellors
Law. programs will provide this most basic hu-
Group for A Government will pro- for the younger members of society
Rights for every individual, and social jus- man right.
gressively eliminate stress and crime in The Natural Law Party government
tice for every group—including the rights of We also recognize that human rights can
the nation. On this basis, the Natural would restore them to their rightful
women, native people, and all ethnic and never be ensured unless social tension is re-
Law Party will explore the possibility of place of honour as the guides of society.
cultural groups--can only be ensured by en- lieved by eliminating stress from collective
Jane Morrison livening Natural Law on the individual and consciocencts. When this is achieved
reducing the expense and complexity of When the legal system is simpler and we
Homemaker the legal system by turning over the ju- arc judged by the wisdom of our elders,
collective levels and bringing all behaviour through the Natural Law Party's coherence-
Spokeswoman for Family and dicial function to the elders of every justice will be quick, fair, and in-
spontaneously in accord with Natural Law. creating program, justice, equity and toler-
Social Policy This can be achieved through the programs community. expensive.
ance will be spontaneously guaranteed for
of the Natural Law Party. everyone. In addition, we will ex-
Fr lie Natural Law Party is the only political party that offers a practical and pand the opportunity of our
scientifically proven approach to our pressing social problems. Our programs Scientifically Validated Programs
DECREASED AGING senior citizens to contribute Lisette Proulx
town. TM 111 coo.. to the education of our Teacher
will remove the stress and tension that generate so many social ills and damage the Extensive scientific research on the educa- (please refer to the sections on Health and Spokeswoman for Cultural Integrity
youth. This will relieve the
harmony and integrity of family life. We will strengthen traditional family values by tion and health programs of the Natural Law Education). Other research has validated the
pressure on teachers, while
enlivening the nourishing and evolutionary qualities of Natural Law in the Party has shown increased intelligence, crea- effectiveness of our programs for reducing allowing our children to en-
consciousness .of the individual and the collective consciousness of the whole tivity, and job performance and satisfaction, crime, violence-, and turbulence in society joy the benefit of the wis-
society. We will offer to all Canadians lotowledge for life spontaneously In accord as well as improved health, greater happi- (please refer to section on A Group for Aga atural Law has two values: its holistic value, through which the entire
with Natural Law—life in higher states of consciousness, which are characterized
by the ability to satisfy individual needs while promoting the Interests of the whole
ness and well-being, and reduced stress Government).
dom of our elder citizens.
Similar opportunities will
be made available in other
N universe is administered, according to the principle of least action; and
its specific variations, which are lively in localized regions of space and
society. Mothers will not be compelled to work, thereby ensuring Long-tem practitioners of Transcendental Meditation showed a bi areas of socie ty foe senior time. These local values of Natural Low are the basis of all the diverse cli-
°logical age MCIve years younger than their ehronoluidcal age citizens to share the benefit matic and geographic conditions of our planet, which in turn give rise to the
Improving Social Services and the health and happiness of our children and significtunly different from short-term meditators and non-
rich cultural diversity of a nation. The holistic value of Natural Law main-
meditating controls. Imernational Journal of Neuroscience, Is of then wisdom.
Reducing the Need for Social Assistance safeguarding the nation's future (1982):53-58. tains unity and integration among all the diverse specific values of Natural
Natural Law Party government will sup- ing more authority old responsibility to the Law.
plement the monetary benefits of social as- local level, where problems originate, so that By enlivening in national consciousness the Unified Field of Natural Law,
sistance with educational programs that de- those who know best what is needed can Mutual Support of All Generations the Constitution of the Universe, which is the source of both the holistic and
velop creative intelligence, improve health,
and bring greater support of Natural Law.
more ably care for those who require help.
In addition, the Natural law Party's pro-
SENIOR CITIZENS The Natural Law Party policies will while accelerating their own growth to the local laws of nature, the programs we offer nourish cultural diversity
while simultaneously strengthening national unity. When each culture is
As a result of these proven programs, in- reduce the generation gap. As social higher states of consciousness. Along
gram to create an integrated national con- strong within itself then it does not feel threatened and can live in harmony
dividuals will achieve more, gain greater and family values strengthen through the with the whole community, they will en-
sciousness, through the group practice of
self-sufficiency, and naturally become less enlivenment of Natural Law, mutual joy the improved quality of life in so- with its neighbours, forming a strong and integrated nation.
Yogic Flying, will eliminate stress and gen-
dependent on government assistance. erate a powerful atmosphere of positivity support will spontaneously develop ciety and the reduction of all social
The Natural Law Party will also enable and harmony in society. In such a nourishing among all age groups in society. The problems. A Group for A Government is the Only Solution
authorities to better meet the needs of all atmosphere, better community spirit, more desire of senior citizens to nourish the
therm who testy require social assistance by
Under a Natural Law Party govern- to Unnatural Cultural Tensions
mutual support among members of the com- younger generation will be balanced by ment, our beloved elders will enjoy
reducing public expenditure through sim- munity, and stronger family bonds will the natural desire of the younger people blessing the whole community with their
The issues related to cultural integrity and 7.000 Yogic Flyers—who are coped in
plified government administration, elimina- thrive. to take care of and support every need of wisdom and experience, while enjoying national unity cannot be solved solely by creating a unifying influence in the col-
tion of problems, and increased national
Under these circumstances, it will be nat- senior citizens. the bliss of fully developed conscious- means of conferencm, negotiations, or leg- lective consciousness of the entire nation
ural for both individuals and organizations islation. We believe that the only solution to (please refer to section on A Group for A
The Natural Law Party recognizes that ness.
The Natural Law Party's social assistance to spontaneously and lovingly help others Carina Shelly the unnatural cultural tensions of the country Government). This approach alone will
every group makes a vital contribution create the underlying basis of coherence nec-
program will be further strengthened by giv- who require assistance. is to enliven the Unified Field of Natural
Teacher to society, with the vitality
Law in national consciousness. This will be essary to heal Canada's divisions and uphold
Spokeswoman For of the youth ideally com- harmony among the different culturm and
achieved through the establishment of A
Strengthening Futore Generations Senior Citizens plemented by the en- Group for A Government—a group of races represented in Canada.
The happiness and health of our mothers the love and warmth of mother at home. lightenment of the senior
Education to Develop Higher States of
are the basis of the happiness and health of
the whole nation. It is vital that the mothers
Then throughout life they will be stronger
and have a more settled psychology.
T he Natural Law Party offers the means to restore to senior citizens the
dignity and respect traditionally accorded to them as the pillars of so-
members of society. By
enlivening the all- Consciousness in Every Canadian
of Canada's children are never under stress. ciety. We offer proven programs to increase their strength and vitality no nourishing power of Nat- At the same time, the Natural Law Party all other cultures in the country, while them-
Working mothers lose the royal freedom
that they enjoy long healthy lives and everyone can derive maximum benefit:Ai goal Law throughout so- government will introduce into education selves growing in their own cultural tradi-
Stress on the mother jeopardizes the prop- that they enjoy at home, and instead ex-
er development of the child. Weakness in perience the stress and fatigue caused by the from the wisdom and guidance of these experienced leaders of our com-fli, W ety, our senior citizens the study and research of consciousness.
This will develop in every individual higher
Our dear Canada, which Is a world in it-
the child leads to weakness in the nation, in- demands and restrictions of the workplace. munity. can enhance their nour-
cluding the problems of dropouts, un- 'therefore, Natural Law Party government ishing influence on the states of consciousness, in which will blos- self, will live that ideal of lift expressed in
pree- som all the beautiful, evolutionary qualities the phrase—"The world is my family"—and
employment, drugs, and crime. 'The Natural will make it possible for mothers to avoid Improving the Health, Vitality, and community and the nation, Ina wvil v°888Ilv4, ta^48. Mttnutecr snail'. elderly .th.leels
lining the Transcendental Me Ration technique hoed longer th n of Natural Law that uphold unity in di- will create a model of the happiest, healthi-
Law Party believes that what children need
is not other children at a day-care centre, but
the hardship of working outside the home. Self-Sufficiency of Senior Citizens bringing all behaviour in non-meduat ins controls. Journal of Personality, and Social Psycho,- versity. In this way all the dear citizens of est, mast peaceful and harmonious nation in
The health, well-being, and mental clarity of accord with Natural Law, say, ( lurin): 950.964, our nation—whether native, French, English, the world.
comprehensive prevention-
oriented health care program that we of- senior citizens, and to increase their lon- or other—will lovingly uphold and suppod
fer to senior citizens and to the whole gevity, so that they can fully enjoy lite
The Natural Law Party will strengthen the community has been shown to reduce while offering the benefit of their ex- The Natural Law Party will restore the role of senior citizens as With increased coherence in national consciousness, Canada
the need for medical care by over 50 perience to the community, (Please re-
family by increasing harmony and eliminating stress percent, with a 68 percent reduction for fer to section on Health.)
the guides and counsellors of society through programs to will be a beautiful mosaic of different cultures and races all
in individual and collective consciousness individuals over 40 years of age. These By improving health, retarding aging,
maintain health, happiness, and vitality throughout life, and living in peace and harmony with one another
programs are proven to improve the and unfolding mental potential, our promote harmony in national consciousness
22 continued... 23
NATURAL LAW PARTY—For A Perfect Government Harmony and Positivity in National Consciousness Generated by A Group for A Government-7,000 Yogic Flyers—
Will Enable the Government of the Natural Law Party to Actualize All the Beautiful Goals and Highest Ideals of Our Nation

The Naturni Law Party offers programs
with the leaders of the different native pro-
plc to formulate ideal systems of governance
which will be supported by, and satisfying

National Unity continued.. T he constitution of Canada must satis-

fy all the people of our country, not
the world them are governments that are
highly centralized, governments that art OF NATIVE PEOPLE
that will prevent the build-up of individual
and societal stress, which inevitably man-
ifests as violence and crime. These programs
to, all the members of their communities
and bring fulfilment to their aspirations to
maintain their languages and cultural tradi-
fort a majority. The constitutional con- highly decentralized, and governments that have been shown in repeated studies tions.
Language and Cultural Differences troversy highlights the failure of the ex- are in between, but none of these hake throughout the world to significantly reduce
These discussions will take place in the
isting constitution to fulfil this role. Our proven competent to satisfy everyone. The crime (please refer to section on -Law and
Are No Barrier to Harmony and Unity politicians and lawyers cannot resolve the inescapable conclusion is: Whatever the
context of the Natural Law Party's policy of
The Natural Law Party believes that lan- Yogic Flyers, then every community will issue, nor do the constitutions of other na- constitution, ti it is man-made it will not decentralizing administration and giving
guage and cultural differences are no barrier blossom in the fulfilment of its own cultural tions offer any hope of a solution. Around satisfy everyone for long. Alcohol and Drug Abuse ntorc authority to the local level.

to harmony and unity. Members of the same traditions without jeopardizing the rights of
Failure of Man-Made Constitutions The Natural Law Pany offers programs Sacred Sites And
family can co-exist happily while pursuing others. that restore balance in mind and body. By
different goals, maintaining different roles in Recently, our nation voted on proposed denci. in our nation. The human mind eliminating stress, increasing self-esteem,
Burial Grounds
The Natural Law Party govemment sup-
society, and even preferring different lan- ports the current policies regarding the amendments to the constitution. After cannot possibly comprehend and organize and generating happiness and bliss from The Natural Law Party will safeguard re-
guages. When the sense of family is absent schooling of some time, there will again be people who the billions of tendencies of the people. within, these programs will dramatically re- ligious and spirit.' freedom for all native
children in their own language. will find the constitution unsatisfactory Any man-made constitution will always be Canadians; it will prohibit the desecration of
however, duce drug and alcohol use.
any small difference can become a It is the joy of Canada's multicultural her- and will propose new amendments. All full of limitations and weaknesses. There-
pretext for division and strife. The Natural itage to have two official languages and a native Canadian sacred sites and will, when-
Law Party offers programs to reduce the wide variety of ethnic and cultural groups.
such changes in the constitution, genera- fore, the constitutional crisis is ultimately a Jobs and Economy ever possible, place them under the man-
tion after generation, prove that no man- crisis of the limitations of man-made laws agement of native Canadians from the ap-
stress and tension in society that contribute Each individual and each cabana is a pre-
made constitution is competent to rec- and man-made constitutions. Cynthia S. Marchand The Natural Law Party will help to estab-
to individual and collective conflicts, and to cious unit of national life. The Natural Law lish viable, life-supporting, environmentally propriate trtbes.
(incite all the diverse inter.ts and ten- Homemaker
enliven the Unified Field of Natural Law to Party honours all the languag. and cultural responsible businesses and industries on re- Cultural Integrity
strengthen collective coherence and promote traditions of the nation, which all emerge Spokeswoman for
national harmony.
' National Law Supported by Natural Law Rights of Native People
serves across the nation. To help ensure their
A commission with native Canadian rep-
from the Unified Field and are the diverse succeks, the Natural Law Party will promote
Canada's Constitution Act recognizes of the Universe to the constitution of resentation will be established to review
Unless an influence of harmony is main- expressions of Natural Law. job, technical, and management training
"the supremacy of God and the rule of Canada. Just as the constitution of the na- textbooks used in the public school system,
tained in national consciousness, any in-
It is the pride of Canada to appreciate eve-
dividual community will always feel the ry cultural group; we will uphold the dignity
need to fight to protect its rights and the in-
law". This wise statement reminds us that tion is the most basic level of national law,
the Fathers of Confederation under- the Constitution of the Universe is the
stood that God's law—Natund Law—is the most basic level of Natural Law.
T he Natural Law Party recognizes the vital role that native people have in
Canada and appreciates their tradition of living in harmony with Neutral
Law. We recognize that there is a deep desire among both native and non-native
along with programs that have been shown
to increase creativity, productivity, job per-
formance, and job satisfaction.
to ensure that the native people's perspective
is included.
of that national emotion. The Natural Law The programs of the Natural Lou Party
tegrity of its culture. When the atmosphere Party alone is capable of making Canada a supreme authority in creation and ruler of Canadians for the establishment of a new relationship based on dignity and reaped.
of our country has become harmonious and beautiful mosaic of mutually enriching cul-
No amendments me necessary in the
the entire universe. The man-made laws Constitution of the Universe, Nature's con- Treaties will alleviate the major problems facing the
As Natural Law is that basic element in creation which promotes diversity and up- native Canadian people and uphold the full
positive through the unifying, nourishing, in- tures for all to enjoy. that rule the nation have their origin and ul- stitution, which governs the entire creation The Natural Law Party advocates recogni-
tegrating influence radiated by the group of holds unity at the same time, we will bring support of Natural Law to the nation dignity and vitality of their culture.
timate authority in Natural Law. In order to with perfect order and without a probleggh tion of treaty rights for all tribes represented
rough the establishment of A Group far A Government-7,000 Yogic Flyers, ex- Moreover, by offering all the people of
be effective, man-made constitutions and While man-made constitutions are mere!,
laws must be supported by the invincible, recorded on paper and can be challenged at
perts in Natural Law. This will create an atmosphere of peace, cordiality, and har-
by descendants of original signers. A com-
mission with native Canadian representation Canada a technology to live in harmony
Constitution of Canada Supported by evolutionary power of Natural Law. any time, the Constitution of the Universe mony that will revitalize the native peoples' cadences and all cultures of Canada will be established to review treaties, and to with Natural Law, the Natural Law Party
the Constitution of the Universe The Natural law Party offers a perma- is indelibly inscribed in every grain of while awakening mutual appreciation and tolerance. facilitate their settlement. will provide an opportunity for all
nent answer to the constitutional ques- creation, remaining eternally the same and Canadians to appreciate the uniqueness and
It is essential that native people participate in determining the destiny of Can-
The Natural Law Party believes that no Law. Total harmony is only available in the tion--bring the support of the Constitution never becoming outdated. ada. The Natural Law Party will continue to work with native leaders to resolve
Governance integrity of their own cultures and their con-
amendments are necessary in the constitu- field of Natural Law—the whole diversity of nection with nature as a whole.
fundamental issues, including governance, fair and timely settlement of land claims, The Natural Law Party will work closely
tion to achieve this goal. Our current Con- the ever-expanding universe is upheld by the Discovery of the Constitution of the Universe
stitution Act, which recognizes the "su- Unified Field of Natural Law. Only the Nat- the improvement of health care and educational, economic and social conditions on
The discovery of the Constitution of the ilarly, the ancient Vedic wisdom, elucidat-
premacy of God and rule of law," is ural Law Party, which has been established
Universe brings together mankind's most
reserves, the definition of the relationship between native people and governments, The Natural Law Party offers the native people of
completely competent to administer the na- in over 60 countries in the world, offers the ed in this scientific age by Maharishi, iden- and the place of native people in contemporary Canadian life.
tion perfectly. Only it must have the support total knowledge of Natural Law and the
ancient and most modem scientific tradi- tifies the ultimate source of Nature's in- Canada a scientifically proven method to restore life
tions. Modern science has recently located telligence and organizing power in Rik
of the Constitution of the Universe. technologies to enliven the evolutionary in perfect accord with Natural Law, and to eliminate
This same principle applies to the con- power of Natural Law in national and world
a single, universal source of order in nature Ved—the Constitution of the Universe. -Solutions to Problems Facing Native People the stress and problems resulting from the erosion
in the Unified Field of Natural Law. Sim-
stitutions of all other countries of the world. consciousness. This will bring the support The Natural Law Party offers the native people of Canada the Transcendental
Every country, big or small, is its own uni- of the Constitution of the Universe to every of their cultural traditions
nation, and raise the world to truly become
The Constitution of the Universe Is Readily Accessible Meditation and TM-Sidbi program, a lime-honoured, scientifically proven method
verse of variety and diversity, and needs the for preserving their relationship with the laws of nature that support their traditional
support of the unifying influence of Natural Heaven on Earth. Maharishi's Vedic Science provides not ogy. Maharishi's insights have revealed an
cultures, and for relieving the deep-sealed stress resulting from the erosion of their
only a complete description of the Con- exact correspondence between the struc-
Canada's Multi-Cultural Heritage
Is a Cause for Celebration
stilution of the Universe, but also the prac- lure of genetic information in DNA and the
tied technology to harness its infinite or- structure of the Constitution of the Uni.
ganizing power in daily life. Man-made verse in Rik Ved.
cultural traditions. It also offers specific solutions to the diverse problems facing the
native people and their cultures: solutions in the areas of health, education, crime,
alcohol and drug abuse, economy, and other issues of concern to native Canadians.
The Natural Law Party holds that the ex- that the national government sponsor joyful
istence within Canada of many distinct ctrl- festivals of music and art throughout the na-
tures is not a problem, but a rota for eel. tion during election times and during the
laws and constitutions have become so Most importantly, the Constitution of the
complex and convoluted that they are all Universe is directly accessible to us at the
hut inaccessible to the vast majority of the most fundamental level of our own aware-
Health Education
The Natural Law Party offers new educa-
population without the aid of lawyers, By ness—pure consciousness. The Transcen- The Natural Law Party offers the com-
ebration: 'The bigger the orchestra, the holidays and festivals of the different eul- tional programs, which directly unfold in-
contrast, the Constitution of the Universe dental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program, plete knowledge of natural health care from
sweeter the melody." We therefore propose tures. telligence, creativity; inner happiness, moral
is completely intimate to everyone, and including Yogic Plying, provides a simple, the Constitution of the Universe, Maharishi
reasoning, and higher state of conscious-
can be found at the most fundamental lev- effortless technology to enliven the Con- Ayur-Ved, which will revitalize the in-
ness. The Natural Law Party will also pro-
els of both mind and body. digenous system of medicine of the native vide the opportunity for native Canadian stu-
Scientific Research has Shown that the Programs of stitution of the Universe in both individual
In the body, the Constitution of the Uni- awareness and national consciousness, people. dents to include the study of their own tribal
the Natural Law Party Bring the Following Benefits verse can be identified in the DNA thereby bringing the support of Natural This prevention-oriented natural health native traditions, languages,
Canadian and cultures, taught by
to the Individual and the Nation: molecule, located in the nucleus of every Law to all aspects of individual and col. care system has been shown to promote bet-
cell, which carries the intelligence that lective life. ter health and cut health care costs sig-
• Greater respect for traditional values to- • Improved health and more positive health The Natural Law Party would support the
structures and governs the whole physiol-
gethez with moreientific
scientificthinking its nificantly. establishment of a University of Natural
• Increased self-actualization
• Reduced stress
• Improved interpersonal relations
• Increased tolerance
Administration through Natural Law
A nation is a world of variety in itself. Whatever the outcome of the current
• Il Maharishi Ayur-Ved includes a simple 'Law to teach complete knowledge of Nat-
ystem of self-pulse reading to detect imbal- ural Law and the traditions and cultures of
ances in the physiology, and natural meas- the native people in their own tribal
Dale Doram
• Increased physiological flexibility and • Mom effective interaction with the en- Any government, large or small, must constitutional &hate, this one single meas. ures such as diet, daily routine, and herbal languages. Together, these two approaches Spokesman for Agriculture and
stability; more rapid recovery from stress vironment. therefore have the support of the Govern- um will raise the administration of our will dramatically reduce the dropout rate by Forest Management
meet of the Universe. If Canada's enor- country ban ideal level, on a par with the preparations to connect imbalances before making education directly relevant to the
mainly diverse affairs arc to be ad- flawless administration of the universe. they progress to disease (pleise refer to sec-
student's own life (please Wen to section on
ministered successfully, our government tion on Health).
National law will reflect the unfailing Education),
must lake direct recourse to the Constitu- success, justice, and nourishing power
of he Natural Law Party's agricul Ural policies will promote farming that
Increased coherence in national consciousness, tion of the Universe.
Natural Law, spontaneously upholding T is pollution free, sustainable, and profitable; they will bring organic ag-
generated by a group of Yogic Flyers, will uphold By establishing A Group for A Govern- both unity and diversity in the life of the
The Natural Law Party recognizes the vital role of the riculture to developing countries using Canadian equipment and expertise in
ment to create coherence in national con• nation and bringing satisfaction to every-
different social and cultural traditions in every locality, sciousness, the Natural Law Party will one. (Please refer to Fulfilling Canada's
native people in the life of Canada and appreciates their
a program that is estimated to bring $5 to 10 billion annually into the
bring the invincible support of the Con- Highest Ideals by Connecting Canada's Canadian economy; and they will bring to every farmer the full support of
while maintaining the integrity of the nation as a whole stitution of the Universe to the constitution Constitution to tire Consflaillan of the Oa. tradition of living in harmony with Natural Law. Natural Law—on the level of the soil, seed, crops, and seasons—in order to
of Canada. verse: A Scientific Perspective.)
ensure abundance of crops. continued...
NATURAL LAW PARTY—ForA Perfect Government Harmony and Positivity in National Consciousness Generated by A Group for A Government-7,000 Yogic Flyers—
Will Enable the Government of the Natural Law Party to Actualize All the Beautiful Goals and Highest Ideals of Our Nation

Benefits of the Agricultural Policies Energy Conservation and Renewable,
Agriculture and Forest of the Natural Law Party Energy and Non-Polluting Forms of Energy Production
Research has found that the Transcen- current methods; lower costs of production, To keep the fulfilment of our energy and • performance standards for energy-

Management continued.. dental Meditation technique and Yogic Fly- lower fiscal costs of maintaining farm in-
ing increase creativity, productivity, in- comes, lower environmental costs, better
telligence and energy; progressively develop long-term profitability, and reduced erosion
the Environment continued... environmental needs in balance, Canada
must proceed simultaneously on two parallel
consuming and/or pollution-emitting
paths: energy conservation and renewable, • energy-efficient and pollution-free mea_s-
higher states of consciousness; and bring (U.S. National Research Council, "Al- nothrlikaing forms of energy Pr.duclit, tn- arcs at home and at work
In past decades, agriculture has gained the ability to use isolated Laws of Nature, more suppon of Nature to the individual. ternative Agriculture," 1989; World Re- programs and by promoting energy conservation; conversion to renewable, clean forms The Natural Law Party will promote both by • businesses producing environmentally
including technologies that enhance the genetic quality of seeds, improve soil, and Additional published scientific research sources Institute, "Paying the Farm Bak of energy production; and pollution-free industries and transportation. We will also im- emphasizing: friendly products
bring marginal land under cultivation. However, the application of partial values of findings on this program of importance to (U.S. Agricultural Policy and the Transition prove the quality of life in our cities, towns, and countryside by promoting the most
energy efficiency; energy • the development and use by industry of
Natural Law has resulted in serious imbalances, such as soil erosion and environ- farmers include increased physiological and to Sustainable Agricultur" 1991; Amer- advanced knowledge of environmentally sound architecture and planning. • "'"'h
storage; altemative forms of energy; and non-polluting, renewable forms of energy -
mental damage. In addition, high inputs of agricultural chemicals have endangered psychological adaptability, improved car- ican Journal of Alternative Agriculture, 1 As a result of these measures, the Natural Law Party sees a bright future: a time when energy-efficient and altemative-energy production..
the health of the nation. The Natural Law Party regards Canadian farmers as the diovascular health, increased effectiveness, (1987): 153; Texas Department of Ag- the air in all our cities and the water in all our rivers and lakes are pure and clean; when vehicles
nourishing parents of our nation. No parents would like to put their children's health increased productivity and work satisfaction, riculture, "Teens Agriculture: Growing a Canadian towns are beautified by many more parks, gardens, and fountains; when
Regenerating the Environment of
at risk by giving them chemical additives with unknown long-term effects. reduced accidents and sickness, and im- Sustainable Economy, 1990). In addition, renewable, non-polluting, inexpensive energy is abundantly available; when our natural
proved quality of life in society. (For refer- lower chemical inputs mean fewer health resources and our waste are efficiently managed; when deforestation and the destruction Canada's Towns, Cities, and Countryside
ences, please see the relevant sections of this problems. of biodiversity have ceased; when many new jobs are available in environmentally The Natural Law Party also promotes highly community spirit
Bringing Greater Support of Nature to Canada's Farmers document.) friendly industries; and when them is effective global co-operation to resolve environ-
Taken together, these benefits translate developed procedures, based on both ancient • parks with beautiful lakes, fountains, and
Because all diverse expressions and ten- ness, these programs will bring greater sup- Research in the U.S. has toned that sustain- into significant cost savings: billions of dol- mental problems. and modem sciences of architecture and trees
dencies in creation have their common port of Nature to farmers. able farming techniques result in fresher and lars in the short-term and even larger say. planning, to establish life in full accord with
• ideal villages and towns around the out-
source in the field of pure intelligence, the
With this training, farmers will spontane- purer food; yields as great or greater than ings in the long-term. Balancing Our Energy and Environmental Needs Natural Law. These include: skirts of the cities to decongest the inner
Unified Field of Natural Law, the Natural
Law Party offers to train every Canadian
ously be able to work more advantageously Pollution has accumulated due to violation balance among our energy, material, and en- • design and orientation of buildings to cities
with Nature, making better decisions for Forest Management of Natural Law by past generations, and vironmental needs. However, Canada relies gain muimum support of Natural Law In addition. the Natural Law Pany 'a pol-
farmer how to harness this fountainhead of
With exports of $211 billion annually, Can- • improve the quality and survival of new
Natural Law and thereby employ the skilled maximum yields and continuous enhance- many of the habits of thought and methods heavily on fossil fuels and lacks an adequate for the occupants icies support the proper management of
ment of the land while reducing the ravages ada is the world's leading exporter of forest seedlings of action that created this pollution persist long-term plan for energy conservation and • building construction that provides ad- parks and reserves; waterways, lakes, and
hand of Nature to quietly organize the in-
of drought, floods, and pests. products. However, Canada faces a serious • reduce the hazards of forest fires today. conversion to renewable, clean forms of equate natural lighting and ventilation and seas; natural resources; manufacturing and
finitely complex network of factors in-
fluencing agricultural production. This development of consciousness and deforestation problem. Deforestation in- • promote recycling to reduce the need for Moreover, the design of most Canadian
energy production. that uses non-toxic building materials waste disposal; and farmland and forests
the benefits it will bring to agriculture will creases soil erosion, damages the diversity harvesting trees. towns and cities and the practices of our in- We also lack adequate long-range policies • town planning that ensures ample green (please refer to section on Agriculture and
This training course will include the Tran-
be significantly enhanced by the coherence of plant and animal life that depend on the Many of the policies outlined above for dustries and those of uur neighbour create to conserve our natural resources, and we space, low noise and air pollution, low Forest Management).
scendental Meditation technique and Yogic
Flying. By enlivening the Unified Field of created in Canadian national consciousness forests, and negatively affects the vital plan- agriculture apply equally to forest man- growing problems of pollution even as our lack educational programs capable of train- stress and crime, and the growth of
by the group of 7,000 Yogic Flyers in etary carbon cycle. The Natural Law Party ing Canadians to live spontaneously in ac-
need for energy, food, materials, and land
Natural Law in each individual's conscious- Ottawa_ holds that both concems—economic and en- agement. In particular, the enlivenment of cord with all the laws of nature. The policies
viroameittal--can be met. the total potential of Natural Law in theca. ofor housing is expanding. Creating Jobs While Safeguarding the Environment
of the Natural Law Party will remedy these
Improving the Farm Economy uiousness of the forest manager and in the
Among other measures, the Natural Law Canadian national consciousness as a whole
W Canada's standard of living and economic lacks. The Natural Law Party believes that pro- Natural Law Party government would pro-
vitality depend on maintaining proper tecting the environment and creating new mote a healthy economy by promoting new
The Natural Law Party will suppon pro- Party would expand programs and research to:
cessing businesses, which add value to • will increase creativity and bring greater jobs are not contrary principles. The govern- industries and new jobs that serve the evolv-
grams to stabilize and increase farm income promote reforestation support of Nature, resulting in forest man-
commodities closer to home and create
• conserve old growth forest as a precious agement programs that promote economic ment certainly should not promote jobs that ing needs of both our society and the en-
while lessening the dependence of farmers higher income for rural communities
part of Canada's heritage
The Natural Law Party government contribute to the widespread destruction of vironment.
on the government. Such programs include: growth without damaging the environment. our national resources and environment. The Natural Law Party recognizes that
• programs that favour locally grown and
• crop diversification, which helps create will create a pollution-free environment Such jobs are as dangerous for the economy over-regulation has driven much of Canada's
marketed food, such as the local farmers'
income stability and also facilitates crop market through pollution-free industry, as they are for the environment. However, mining industry out of the country. Mining
• measures to achieve more diversification
• revitalizing rural communities by de-
centralizing government and public ser-
ENERGY AND agriculture, energy and transportation
there is no reason to assume that the creation laws need revival so they will inspire the
of mom and better jobs need have such an mining industry to continue to develop our
effect. On the contrary, there are many new natural resources, and in a responsible way.
and flexibility in farm-management de- vices and by favouring building programs
• marketing skills for farmers, enabling
farmers to keep a higher pmponion of the
in small towns rather than the extension
of city suburbs (please refer to the sec,
tions on Economy and Energy and the
THE ENVIRONMENT Educational Programs to Develop Consciousness
jobs and new industries M renewable en- We also recognize that Canada has good
ergy, sustainable agriculture and forestry, laws and programs for forest preservation.
and other fields that will further the interests We will strengthen emphasis on reforest-
As consciousness is the most basic ele- of both the environment and the economy. ation and nn conservation of old growth for-
total food coal Environment) The biggest obstacle to a balanced energy/ and add the cultivation of medicinal
• local, family-owned agricultural pro_ • expanding the international market for environment policy is lack of complete ment in life, everything in creation is the m. As technology changes, and as Canada's est,
knowledge of the environment, its complex vironment of consciousness. Enlivening con- needs evolve, it is natural that business. in- plants.
Canadian organically grown produce. sciousness will improve the creativity of In short, the Natural Law Party wants to
inter-relationships, and the effect of human dustry, and employment also shift to reflect
activity on it. As a result, most initiatives to every grain of creation, and of every in- These changes. To subsidize and promote make Canada a world leader in environ-
safeguard or improve the environment arc, dividual and group in society. Improved outmoded jobs and industri simply ob- mentally friendly industries. From the im-
Through our programs, farmers will learn how to at best, unpredictable in their effects. creativity on all levels will eliminate from structs the evolving nature fesour economy plementation of this policy, we anticipate a
the environment the pollution created by less and ultimately constitutes a drag on it. A net increase in jobs.
harness the total potential of Natural Law to maximize It is impossible for human intelligence to
developed creativity in the put.
comprehend the complexities of the global Benefits of the Policies of the Natural Law Party
production and income with minimum effort, environment. Therefore, violation of Natural It is true that all individuals are re-
sponsible for the environment that they
while maintaining ecological balance Law has been inevitable, and the accumulat-
ed stress arising from violation of Natural create around themselves. But the environ-
Extensive research on the Transcendental sections of this document.)
Meditation program has shown many ben- Other research suggests that renewable cc
Law must create the imbalances which result ment of every individual is also influenced
efits of the practice relevant to a sound na- ergy sources will soon be economically
in environmental problems and natural by the collective creativity of all the people
Promoting Sustainable Agriculture tional energy/environment policy. Studies competitive with fossil fuels. Studies in the
disasters. in the city, country, and world.
have found higher levels of moral reasoning, US and Canada have shown that existing en-
The Natural Law Party will foster organic • production and marketing methods that Only cosmic intelligence can resolve this The Natural Law Party possesses the
greater ability for broader comprehension si- ergy efficiency technologies could sig-
farming that is sustainable and profitable aim at fresh and high-quality food dilemma. Fortunately, it is possible for hu- knowledge of Natural Law and supports ed- multaneous with the ability to focus sharply, nificantly reduce the use of fossil fuels and
through programs that teach and promote: • economic incentives for farmers to make Brad Cooke Marlene Charland man intelligence to gain access to cosmic in- ucational programs, such as the Transcen-
increased integration of self with the social also electricity, allowing fur the mom rapid
• conservation of soil and water the transition from nun-sustainable to Businessman Geologist telligence. Through the Transcendental dental Meditation technique and Yogic Fly-
environment, improved perception and development of renewable technologies at a
ing, that enliven the evolutionary, creative
• use of non-chemical herbicides, pes- sustainable farming practices Spokesman for Energy Spokeswomen for Environment issMeditation technique, individual awareness memory, and increased intelligence. In addi- net cost savings (Union of Concerned Sci-
VP opens to the total potential of Natural LOw in qualities of Natural Law on all levels of
ticides, and fertilizers to reduce chemical • educational programs informing con- tion, more than 40 studies on the Maharishi entists, "America's Energy Choices;" Elec-
the Unified Field of Natural Law in pure life—individual and national—and thereby
Effect—the influence of coherence in col- tric Power Research Institute, Roma; "Thu
inputs while maintaining and even in-
creasing crop yields
sumers of the benefits of organically
grown food. T tion-free
he Natural Law Party will create a pollution-free nation through pollu-
industries, energy, and transportation; energy conservation;
consciousness. This experience, combined
with Yogic Flying, enlivens the Unified
eliminate the pollution accumulated due to
the violation of Natural Low by past genera- Incline consciousness created by group prac- Economic Benefits of Combatting Global
lice of the Transcendental Meditation tech- Warming," 1992). We estimate that a com-
and educational programs to develop higher consciousness and prevent the Field of Natural Law—pure consciousness— tions.
An Agricultural Program to Add violation of Natural Law---the basic cause of pollution.
nique and Yogic Flying—have found prehensive energy conservation program
in Individual thought and action. improved quality of life throughout society. could save Canada several billion dollars an-
$5 to 10 Billion Annually to the Canadian Economy The Natural Law Party's educational programs provide complete knowledge of Nat- (For references, please see the relevant malty.
Whatever foods cannot be grown in Through this program, Canada will help ural Law and the ability to live spontaneously in accord with it. These programs enliven A Group for A Government
Canada can be grown organically abroad. the evolutionary, creative qualities of Natural Law on all levels--individual and na-
other countries develop their economies.
By enlivening Natural Law, group prac- environment policy, feeding to both a higher • Regarding nuclear energy: the dangers posed by long-lived radioactive nuclear wastes and potential
The Natural Law Party will implement a These countries in tam will become markets tional. Improved creativity will eliminate from the environment the pollution created by nuclear accidents argue against present-day nudist technology as a major component of Canada's
tice of Yogic Flying creates coherence in quality environment and unrestricted social
program in which expert Canadians, with for Canadian goods and services. We es- less developed creativity in the past. Improved creativity also lies at the heart of pro-
pmgress. For this and other mesons, the Nat- tong-term energy fume. Experimental nuclear technologies, such as advanced converters and breeder
Canadian tractors and other farm equipment, grams that both create jobs and protect the environment. collective consciousness. This dissolves so- reactors bane the severe disadvantage of producing weapons-grade nuclear materials as by-products
timate that this agricultural program could ural Law Party will establish A Group for A rendering the problems of nuclear weapons containment end non-proliferation Insuperable Pot these
will set up organic farming projects in less cial stress, enabling the spontaneous evolu-
bring $5 to 10 billion annually into the Working in close co-operation with business, Industry, and all Canadians, the Natural Government—a group of 7,000 Yogic Flyers reasons, the Natural Law Party does not suppart the use or development of nuclear energy.
developed countries that have large areas of tion of social attitudes, vetoes, and be-
Canadian economy. Law Party will pursue a balanced energy/environment policy through its educational In Ottawa.
haviour in support of n balanced energy/
unused, arable land.
NATURAL LAW PARTY—For A Perfect Government Harmony and Positivity in National Consciousness Generated by A Group for A Government-7,000 Yogic Flyers—
Will Enable the Government of the Natural Law Party to Actualize All the Beautiful Goals and Highest Ideals of Our Nation

Improving Readiness
DEFENCE It is an integral part of the Natural Law We will emphasize the development of hu-
Party's defence policy to improve and maintain man rathet than material resources, and our
the readiness of Canada's defence and security programs will improve the health, creativity,
f tees for all their different roles. and effectiveness of military personnel. anadians are deeply concerned that with today's party politics and our party with the best ideas of all parties.
A Perfect Defence Program
The Natural Law Party does nut oppose mil- perfectly healthy nation—a nation which cannot
C political rivalry, our law makers are not able to act effectively on issues We will ensure that every party and every area of society has a voice in the
vital to the national interest. A vote cast for parties that oppose each other is conduct of national affairs. We will support the expert contribution that each
hary power. Rather, we ask the question, "Can be distorted by anyone. A perfect defence pro- a vote for conflict. The Natural Law Party believes that the nation will group can make to the fulfilment of.ociety as a whole. We believe, on the ba-
perfect defence be brought about by current gram will maintain a perfectly healthy national prosper only if the laudable goals of all parties and groups are satisfied sis of extensive evidence from scientific research, that the programs pro-
military power?" In our defence policy we consciousness.
have designed complementary programs of
Therefore, we will establish a truly national government, an All-Party Gov- posed by the Natural Law Party can achieve the goals of our platform and
This will ensure the perfect collective health
Natural Law to raise the power of military de- of the nation, which is vitally Important to se- ernment that integrates the scientifically validated programs proposed by bring fulfilment to the ideals of all of Canada's political putties.
fence to invincibility and secure an indomitable cure the health of all individual Canadians. The free nation. We Canadians should decide whether to continue with the tradition of problems
influence of integrity in national life. Natural Law Party will establish such a perfect Support of Natural Law for All Good to the Nation arid ineffective government or to welcome a new star on the political horizon. This election
National defence has to be as strong as post- defence program.,
here is one solution to all problems—support of Natural Law. Therefore, the main gives us the opportunity to choose Natural Law, which has never failed. By supporting the
John Cowbig
Expert in Natural Law Programs
sible, because a strong, perfect defence means a
T theme of the Natural Law Party in this election is to being the support of Natural Law Natural Law Party, we can bring about a comple te turnaround in our national life.
for all good to everyone in Canada. In order to bring the total support of Natural Law to the
Scientifically Validated Benefits nation, the Natural Law Party will create A Group for A Government, a group of 7,000 Yog- Re-Evaluation of Voting Habits
Businessman ic Flynn., who will enjoy bubbling bliss and create harmony in national oonsciousness as the he question every C.anadian must ask is "Am I satisfied with the performance of
Spokesman for Defence Scientific research has found that group prac-
tice of Yogic Flying improves quality of life,
through our programs, including:
• Better health (Psychosomatic Medicine basis of a perfect government. T government under the Conservatives and the Liberals?" This is the time to reconsider
our voting habits. We should decide whether we want to waste the authority that the con-
T he programs of the Natural Law Party will achieve invincible national
defence—victory before war—by creating and maintaining an indomitable
influence of coherence and harmony in national consciousness—Invincible national
decreases turbulence and violence in society,
reduces regional conflict, increases positivity
of events in situations of international conflict,
49 (1987): 493; Japanese Journal of
ludas:riot Health 32 (1990): 656)
• Faster reaction time (Personality and In-
• The influence of harmony created by the group of Yogic Flyers will remove stress from
collective consciousness, and create coherence in national consciousness as the basis for an stitution of the nation has given us in our right to vote, or we would like to use this power in
integrated (unified) national government. With the full support of the infinite creativity and a responsible manner. It Is wise not to vote blindly for the same old parties that have re-
improves international relations, and increases dividual Differences 12 (1991): 1105) enriching power.of Natural Law, all of our programs described in this platform will be ful- peated the same empty promises over and over again, but have proved to be
consciousness—which prevents the birth of an enemy. towards peace Mourne! of Conflkt filled. Our national economy will flourish and bring prosperity for all. Happiness and perfect of fulfilling them.
Resolution, 32, 1988, 776, and 34, 1990, 756; • Increased creativity (The Journal of Crea-
Journal el Mind and Behavior 8 (1987): 67- tive Behavior 13 (1979): 169) health will be naturally enjoyed by every Canadian. Do not fed obligated to vote for your old friends who have created Canada's problems-
• Increased intelligence (Personality and In- Invite your friends to dinner, but do not invite them into the government. Favour the nation
Invincible Defence Strategy 104 and 9(4), (1988): 457-486; Journal of
dividual Differences 12 (1091): 105; Per- Government by the Top Experts and bring new intelligence and new creativity to the government. Don't underestimate the
Crime and Justice 4 (1981): 25-45; Social In-
There is no defence against a determined ag- c believe that politics should be a pious profession, and that Canadians deserve the value of your vote. If you favour those who have repeatedly failed, you arc favouring fail-
gressor. This Is especially true for Canada,
which has the world's longest coastline, second
space with infinite dynamism, that same in-
vincible power, if properly used, should be able
dkators Research, 22, 1990, 399; Dissertation
Abstracts International, 49, 1988, 2381,4, and
ceptual and Motor Skint 62 (1986): 731)
• Improvements In Post Traumatic Strew Dis-
order (Journal of Counseling and Develop-
W V best possible representation in government. We will bring the top experts in each ure. If you favour Natural Law, Natural Law will layout you. Come with Natural Law for
field from across Canada to run the government. The nation will once again honour and trust success. Even though the problems were created by previous governments, everyone must

to provide absolute defence to life on Earth and 50, 1989, 5; Social Science Perspectives Jour-
largest land surface, and a relatively small pop- to the life of any nation on Earth. nal 2(4), (1988): 80-94). ment 64 (1985): 212) their representatives. We invite all people who believe that they can make a contribution to participate in creating a solution. Vote for a government that brings new principles and new
ulation. Our security relies on remaining a
The Natural Law Party has across to knowl- Many benefits important for military training • Reduced drug abuse (International Journal the progress of society to run for political office on the platform of Natural Law. knowledge to produce new results. Only a new seed will yield a new crop.
friend to other nations.
edge and technologies that apply the invincible and readiness have been shown to develop of the Addictions 12 (1977): 729).
But how can we accomplish this? For history power of Natural Law to national defence. We • Election Should Be a National Celebration Don't Follow the British Example
provides a second lesson: political treaties and will make national defence invincible by main- he Natural Law Party will bring a new atmosphere of harmony, happiness, and praise ast year, the people of Great Britain had the opportunity to vote for the Natural Law
military alliances do not ensure lasting friend-
ship. Canada needs an invincible defence strat-
egy by which we can maintain friendliness with
taining liveliness of Natural Law in national
rcattsciousness through a group of 7,000 experts
A Scientific Formula to Make Our Nation Impenetrable to
into the political arena. We intend to change the lone of political campaigning in Can- L Party and create a perfect government, but chose to continue with the old style of party
aria. Deriding one's opponents degrades the dignity of the nation and creates disillusionment politics. They voted again for the same government which had created chaos in the nation
in Yogic Flying. and disrespect for our leaders among the youth. We believe that an election should be a time for three terms. The result has been dissension, turbulence, economic failure, and the eon-
- all nations. Harmful Influences and Preserve Canada's Freedom and Peace
The indomitable influence of positivity end of appreciation of leadership qualities; an election should be a national celebration. We will timing decline of the nation. A recent survey showed that over 50 percent of the British pop-
There is only one invincible element in na- harmony in society generated by this technology The Natural Law Party government will ins- Transcendental Meditation, the TM-Sidhl pro- hold concerts and other cultural events lo dissolve social stress and nourish the delicate feel- ulatiun would now like to leave the country.
ture: the evolutionary power of Natural Law. is known as the Maharishi Effect. By creating element an invincible defence strategy bawd gram, and Yogic Flying by a small proportion
That same nourishing power of Natural Law on Natural Law. A universal principle in nature of the population. ings of national unity that spontaneously arise during elections. Than'[ make the same mistake the British people made. Don't vote for the Coo.
this effect, Canada will radiate a peaceful in-
that maintains the security of the Earth, the servatives Just to keep out the Liberals. Don't vote for the Liberals just to remove the
moan, and all the planets moving in empty
fluence to all nations, naturally disallowing the is that interually rchem0t systems rcrt-,919 the Scientific studies have shown that the Uniqueness of the Natural Law Party
birth of en enemy. ability m Protect theenselvm against drtrtiPliv. Maharishi Effect can be circled by as little as Party is unique in the political world. It is the only party proposing Conservatives. Don't think of the nation in terms of the panics that have definitely proved
Win...,while irtrrth‘ff'll systems are easily the square root of one per cent of the population Fr he Natural
X proven Law based on the complete, scientific knowledge of Natural Law. We can to fail. Vote for the Natural Law Party. Vote for proven solutions to the nation's problems.
penetrated by disorder from outside.
of a nation, province, or large city practising
Upholding Canada's Stand against the Arms Trade This principle of invincibility is clearly it. Yogic Flying together in one place. One group bring the total support of Natural Law to national life. A Dignified Campaign
lustrated in physics as the Meissner Effect, of 7,000 Yogic Flyets (the square Toot of one Other parties have been unable to fulfil their promises and solve the nation's problem be-
History teaches that national defence through cause of lack of creativity. It is not a matter of how the different parties stand onLaw
different is-form
cr heand
candidates of the
factions by the five permanent members of the and in the functioning of a nation as the per mat of the world's population) has been ill The Natural Pat- 1. programs, andNatural
how weLaw Party
stand on will
thegracefully present
issues. The to voters
Natural the will
law Party Party's plat-
base its
military power is a mirage. World events in this U.N. Security Council. Maharishi Effect--the powerful influence of found to create the Maharishi Effect for the sues, but a matter of the competence Of the government to a on knowledge, and place its confidence in the intelligence of the Canadian electorate.
century prove that a bigger military ford only harmony, in society resulting from practice of whole world. campaign
"It does not make a whole lot of sense," Mr. nd w
ty will develop the full creative potential of every citizen and will briag the support of the
induces distrust and fear in other nations and infinite creativity of Natural Law to Canada to create a perfect government for a problem- We will leave the people in peace to decide quietly for themselves how they will vote.
attracts their aggression. The time has gone Mulroney said, "if, on the ate hand, they arc MEISSNER EFFECT
trying to prevent war, and on the other hand MAHARISHI EFFECT
when military power could be considered the
there is the propagation of war through these AEI Example of Invincibility In the Creating an Invincible Just remember that we all have to live with our choice for at least the next four years.
power to save. Today, military power means Quantum Physics of Superconductivity
catty the ability to destroy oneself. policies." Canada is opposed to the arms trade. Armour for the Nation
As Mr. Mulroney said, the arms trade is a high-
Once the destructive power of arms is pro-
moted, there is no guarantee it will be used in
the intended way.
ly lucrative business and Canada could also be a
big arms merchant, but "we've chosen not to be
because it's fundamentally inconsistent ... to de-
Seven Reasons to Vote for the Natural Law Party
Party platform has been thoroughly reviewed by an international team of leading scientists
Al a joint press conference with President velop it, to peddle it, to finance it, and then to 1. Protecting Canada from Internal and External Danger from Canada and around the world (see page 41).
George Bush in Ottawa in 1991, former Prime deplore its use." The future of Canada is safe only in the hands of a Natural law Party government. Only
of Canadian na-
Minister Brian Mulroney pointed out: "the iro- The Natural Law Party supports and will con- the Natural Law Party can create strong, unifying influence in the 5. Scientific Research
ny that most of the military hardware deployed tinue this noble policy, raising it as an example tional consciousness. No other party can maintain the supreme ideal of unity in diversity. The programs proposed by the Natural Law Party, including Maharishi's Transcendental
by the Middle East was sold to the various for the world. No other party can create an invincible armour of positivity and harmony in national Meditation, TM-Sidhi anagram, and Yogic Flying have been validated by more than 500
sciousness, which will prevent disruptive influences from entering the country. scientific research studies conducted at 215 independent universities and research in-
stitutions in 27 countries during the past 30 years. The programs have been proven as ef-
A New Threat to Canada's Security ORDINARY SUpERCONDUCIDR
Bringing Support of Nature to Every Individual and the Nation as
fective solutions to the nation's problems.
s' A new threat to Canadian security has arisen, against rising crime in America is indomitable CONDUCTOR In a rcler.nderner, the •••• a Whole
a threat which conventional means of defence In an ordinary electrical coherent collective non- Only the Natural Law Party has the knowledge and technology to enliven Natural Law in 6. Fulfilment to All Parties

coherence in Canadian national consciousnrcs conductor, Incoherent, tinning of the electrons Canadian national consciousness. With this knowledge, the Nadal Law Panty will dim. The Nankai Law Party believes that the nation will prosper only if the laudable goals so
are powedess to repel. Rising crime and social A group of 7,000 Yogic Flyers will prevent neg- disordered electrons al. sperasncously excludes
tension are threatening the safety of our carets inate violation of Natural Law and bring the full support of the infinite organizing power forth by all political parties are satisfied. To achieve this, the Natural Law Pally will es-
ative trends within our society, and will protect low penetration by an an external revise&
and causing widespread fear and suffering. In mama! magnetic firld. field. and maintains is Agif Natural Law to every Canadian and the nation as a whole. tablish en all-party government—a truly national government that integrates the programs
the nation against destructive influences coming
particular, crime south of our border is growing from beyond our borders. impenaratik nod proposed by the Natural Law Party with the best ideas and talents of all parties.
.., with alarming rapidity and could be extremely This example of invincibility Is not unique W3, Urgent Call of the Nation
influx of heat is conducted as an orderly wave 'The Natural Law Party was formed in response to the urgent call of the nation for some,
dangerous for Canada's future. The only shield in nature; parallel phenomena of Invincibility through and out of the superfluid without dis- thing new in the field of politics. h is clear that many Canadians arm discontented with 7, All Natural Law Party Candidates Have Expertise in Natural Law
All the candidates of the Natural Law Party have expertise in both the knowledge and ap-
can be found In many areas of the physical and turbing Its internal ralleleare. current politics, dissatisfied with current candidates, and concerned that today's party pol-
biological adencea. In each case the ability of plication of the most fundamental level of Natural Law. The problems Canada faces to-
Victory before War the system to resist disorder Is always based on Similarly, on the level of a nation, when the him has impeded the effective functioning of parliament. Moreover, many members of day—economic uncertainty, soaring health care costs, rising crime, declining education,
coherent collective functioning. Maharishi Effect Is generated through the group government are themselves deeply frustrated with the cuncnt political condition. environmental pollution—can only he solved by applying new knowledge of Natural Law
In recent years, the (Jolted Nations has played peacekeeping measures which maintain har-
practice of Yogic Flying, harmony, positivity The Natural Law Party government will utilize the complete, scientifically-validated
die role of global policeman with increasing fre- mony and coherence In world consciousnesa, Another physical example of Invincibility to make administration perfect.
quency. Doubts about the effectiveness of (IN and coherence grow In all levels of national knowledge and technologies of Natural Law to bring new principles, new programs, and a The candidates of the Natural Law Party have only the interests of the people at heart. On
thereby disallowing enmity to grow within m through internal coherence is seen In the phe-
peacekeeping forces, and the growing dangers between nations. life, If this Influence reaches a auffrcent In. new scientific basis to national administration. the basis of their knowledge of Newel Law, the Natural Law Party candidates will bring
nomenon of superfluidity. In an ordinary liq-
posed to the multi-national troops that compose tensity, an Integrated national conseiourcess Is the support of the evolutionary power of Natural Law to the nation and thereby promote
them, have caused many nations to question the
Our Natural law based defence strategy pro-
vides a new approach that will make not only
uid, in which atoms function In a disorderly,
incoherent way, an influx of heat from outside created. 4. Sound Scientific Principles
The progress of society is based upon scientific knowledge. The programs put forth by the crime-free, pollution-free, problem-free society for everyone. Our candidates am ready to
wisdom of such an approach to world peace. Canada invincible, but will also help other na- randomly disturb. the atoms within the liquid. The result le an invincible armour for the no. Natural Law Party are based upon the most complete and up-to-date scientific knowledge serve the nation.
Past governments have attempted peace-keeping
tions to gain invincibility. It will materialize for However, if the same liquid is in a superfluld lion, which autunnically prevents Incoherent of Natural Law—the discovery of the Constitution of the Universe. This discovery pro-
through armed military personnel. The Natural every nation the principle of victory before war. state, all its atoms function coherently with
You are Invited not to lose this opportunity to create
influences from disturbing the country's inter- vides for the first time a precise understanding of how governmental administration can be a perfect government
Law Party will implement real and effective each other. Under these circumatances, any nal peace and harmony. raised to be as efficient and as effective as the Onvernment of Nature. The Natural Law
23 29
Appendix to the Platform I
T he following four appendices summarize Maharishi's discovery of the Constitution of the Univers—th
complete structure of Natural Law. The political principles and practical policies of the Natural La e c demonstrate how Maharishi's discovery of the total intelligence of Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe—in Rik Ved is confirmed by the
of the Unified Field of Natural Law in modern quatum physics. Maharishi's Vedic Science provides not only the theoretical description of the
Party are based on this most advanced scientific discovery ofour age. These pages show how both ancient Vedi covery

op rra
Science and the latest theories of modern science provide closely parallel descriptions of nature.
nitrio n of th e Universe bidets the radical technology to utilize the complete knowledge of Natural Law in daily life. The riches (verses) of Rik Ved place
titu tio.oftheiverse in self-refe l Transcendental Consciousness, which is easily accessible to everyone through Transcendental Meditation.


Discovery of the Constitution

Self-Referral Consciousness o he Universe in Rik Ved, which is Found Structured in the
HISTORICAL DEV "Everyone—the Unified Field of All the Laws of Nature
Progress in High Energy Physics during the pastdecade opment of completely Unified Field Theories.
Unified Field at the basis of all diversity in unification of the FOUR FORCES OF NATUREwhich
has led to a progressively more unified understanding This unification began with Electro-WeakUnificati
His Holiness 4ectromagnetiC
of the Laws of Nature, culminating in the recent devel- followed by Grand Unification of the strong, weak,aaall
all the fundamental d an
forces, followed by'el based
Super Nature.
eson the referral
Unification ' were once considered fundamental.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi String. These theories locate a single, self-
The following chart displays the progressive stages of

'(1) Each of the fieldsV..' defines a particular perspective in abstract Hilbert space .e., their

1 he Super Unified level of reality, the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, is the infinite
Electronic and Electro-magnetism , reservoir of energy and intelligence at the basis rif creation. All the Laws of Nature displayed eigenvectors form a basis in Hilbert space which can he used to expand and interpret any other state.
Weak Interaction throughout the universe are generated by the self-referral dynamics of the Unified Field. All (2) Each of the fields sp" an operator (Elevate) which RCMes and destroys specific states in
Nuclear I'
I e Laws of Nature emerge from here and conduct all processes of creation and evolution from here. Hilbert space. (3) Each of the symbols also denotes a particular vibrational mode or state
Technologies 'The Unified Field, according to Quantum Field Theory, is self-referral, and as such is obviously (Chhandas) in Hilbert space, created or destroyed by its corresponding operator.
'With these three interpretations afforded by the quantum principle, oneobtaim the identical 3x8-24-
Electro-Weak Unification field of pure conuiousness. It is a field of pure wakefulness, which spontaneously carries the
otion of relationship of it with itself within its structure of pure singularity. It is the object of its fold structur«orresponding to the first Riches (verse) of the Rik Ved.
Al 'wri subjectivity. This notion of relationship (Sambandha) gives rise to (the notion of) the self- 'The next stage in the sequential elaboration of the sel f.i nteract ing dynamics of the Unified Field is
Grand Unification Aineracting dynamics and the consequent emergence of fluctuations(of theUnified Feld) characterized found in the free-fermionic formulation of the string in four dimensions(U4) In this more expressed

r— Maharishi
I y specific sound values or frequencies, which arc demonstrated in Vedic Literature as giving rise
) material creation, within the self-referral structure of pure consciousness, the Unified Field—
, um singularity.
formalism all bosonic degrees of freedom associated with the original, abstract space-drne arena arc
fermionized except for two right-moving and two left-moving coordinates needed to account for the
four-dimensional structure of classical space-time geometry. This yields precisely 64 fermionic
Technology of the Super Unification ..7omplete knowledge of this level of reality is available in the most ancient record of knowledge, degrees of freedom intrinsic to the suing itself [i.e., the 20 left movers (4,', X', y',0; i= I ...6)and 44
Unified Field UNIFIED FIELD —).-4 .ik Ved and Vedic Literature, which display the 'fluctuations' of the Unified Field in the form of
RIMORDIAL SOUNDS spontaneously generated from the self-referral move (Vrittis) of the
right movers (-yP, fu', i=1...6, j=1...5, m=1...8)1. When these 64 string
fields are interpreted with respect to Hilbert space, Operators, and States, this gives 3x64=1O2
DISCOVERY OF of all the Laws a Nature nelligence of the Unified Field within itself as it recognizes itself in terms of the three qualities fundamental expressions of Natural Law at this level of description of the Constitution of the
the Unified Field f the 'observer', 'process of observing', and the 'observed' within the Sarhhiti (unified) quality Universe—in precise correspondence with the first Sold of Rik Ved which according to Maharishi's
V' f its referral state. conune ntary on Rik Ved, Maharishi's Apaurusheyo ilhdshr,z, sequentially develops into the whole
I Unity of Hilbert space, Operators, and Sips
Super Unification of Rik ved:
1- -- Technology of Singularity (three-in-one structure] -,- The unified state of the observer, process of observation, and the observed—the field of pure
1 Self-referral
itself—is the knower, process of knowing, and known. In Vedic Language,
le Unified Field is called SAMHITA, the knower is called RISHI, process of knowing is called
This precise mathematical correspondence between the descriptions of the detailed structure of
Self-interacting dynamTes of the Unified Field to TA and the known is called CHHANDAS. Sathhita of Rishi, Devata, and Chhandas is called Natural Law provided by modem science and structured in Maharishi's Commentary on Rik Ved,the
Consciiusness brings to light the orderly, sequential unfoldment from the first Riche of Rik
_twhich is ik Ved. Therefore, the Unified Field, the field of consciousness, is expressed in 13.11c Ved, or Rik Apaarusheya Bbashya,
and from the first Said into the whole Ved and Vedic Literature, representing
Ted is the expression of the Unified Field in the self-referral language of the Unified Field itself. Val into the first Saul,
DISCOVERY OF the orderly, sequential unfoldment of pure knowledge and its infinite organizing power—the lively
Tess the Unified Field is the field of Sathhita of Rishi, Devine, Chhandas--the field of pure
*• — Dynamics of self-referral consciousness
nowledge—Rik Ved. (This same three-in-one structure is found in die Unified Field Theories of Constitution of the Universe.
Technology of the Unified Field 4.which hiantum Physics in tones of Hilbert space, Operators, and States—the three essential constituents Indeed we sec that precisely this same mathematical structure of sequential unfoldment of the self-

Transcendental as Consciousness Dynamics of three-in-one structure of I quantum mechanical knowledge. interacting dynamics of Natural Law is now available in the mathematical structure of the Unified
The Unified Field of Natural Law is described by the Unified Field Theories as having a 3-in-1 Field found in the Lagrangian of the Superstring, which represents the most complete mathematical
Samhita of Rishi, Devati, Chhandas tructure and according to Maharishi's Vedic Science, Rilr Ved also has a structure -Sambita expression of the detailed structure and dynamics of the Unified Field.
which is f Rishi, Devata, Chhandas. Therefore the correspondence between the descriptions of the detailed structure of Natural Law
As with the structure of the Ved, the Lagrangian of the Sum:luring can be seen in various stages of provided by modem science and by Maharishi's Vedic Science, both on the verbal level of Nature's
Shruti—Primordial Sound rifoldment. The most compact presentation of the string dynamics is provided by the ten- Language (Ved) and on the mathematical level of symbols (Lagrangian), gives great confidence that
DISCOVERY OF timensionalfonnulation of the Heterotic String(Lom),In additionto purely bosonic modes associated the knowledge of the most fundamental level of Natural Law, theConsiitution of theUniverse, is fully
-1. which is I with the abstract space-time arena in which thestring moves, the mathematics reveals precisely eight available to substantiate Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Government and raise every government
Vedic Technology Rik Ved RIK VED ndamental fermionic degrees of freedom intrinsic to the string itself—the unique solution allowed to perfection.
mathematical and quantum-mechanical consistency of the theory. Fortunately, Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technology provides not only detailed intellectual
in the Unified Field, —1_which is hese eight fundamental modes of the string correspond, in Vedic terminology, to the eight understanding of the Constitution of the Universe, but a highly practical, scientifically validated
the Field of Self-Referral Sarithitil of Rishi, Devatil, Chhandas
rakritis—the fundamental qualities of the unified field of consciousness. As in the structure dills programme (Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme) to apply this most fundamental
Technology of ed, these eight fundamental modes admit three interpretations corresponding to Rishi (observer and powerful level of Natural Law for the benefit of mankind.
Administration —— Consciousness v Devati(dynamism quality), andChhandas (observed quality),consistent with the quantum-
s ibies
resembles echanical structure of the theory:
The Technology of the Unified Field is demonstrated
throughout the Vedic Literature. For example: -tr- fd The 'three-in-one structure' John Hagelin, Ph.D., is a world authority in the Ararat Unified Quantum Field Theories. He is co- Maharishi's Vedic Science, has confirmed (from modern science) the discovery of the
tarna-vm fagmtfa 7: gr — PrakritiM swam of the Unified Field: evcloper of a highly successful theory that unites the fundamental forces and particles of Nature. Constitution of the Universe in Rik Ved.
awasthabhyavisniamipunahpunah—Selfreferraltert- r. Hagelin's mathematical formulation of the Unified Field of Natural Law, seen in the light of
Hilbert space, observer quality (Rishi),
dency of pure consciousness gives rise to the creative Operators, dynamism quality (Devata),
process—(Bhagavad-Glia, 9.8). *TIM, bra DISCOVERY OF
YogarthOkursrkarmzieri---Established in the Self, per- the Constitution
and States, observed quality (Chhandas). ADMINISTRATION THROUGH NATURAL LAW
form action.— (Bhagavad.Glio, 2.48). which is for every government now to introduce the study of the Constitution of the Universe—study of
The Unified Field of Natural Law constitutes the most basic level of Nature's dynamics. Just as the
Here is a procedure for engaging the total potential of
of the Universe The Constitution of the Univer. condition of a nation represents the most fundamental level of national law and the basis of all the
Supreme Political Science—in EDUCATION, HEALTH, ADMINISTRATION, and in all other

Natural Law to fulfil all our desires in the most natural

L — — in Rik Ved law W.,rerring the nation, the laws governing the self-Interacting dynamics of the Unified Field
areas of governmental concern.
This will enable everyone to spontaneously think and act according to Natural Law and thereby
way. — Unified State of Natural Law represent the most fundamental level of Natural Law and the basis of all known La. of Nature.
spontaneously live mistake-free life.This will enable the government to spontaneously maintain law `'
The discovery of the Constitution of the Universe offers national administration on the bastsuf this and order in the country; the government will enjoy automation in administration.
This is the supreme technology through which any Singularity "4 scientific discovery of the Unified Field. It thereby offers national admmistradon on a par with the With the support of Natural Law, under the nourishing influence of the Cosmic Constitution of the
individual can accomplish anything from within him- This is the self-referral field of consciousness, Transcendental Consciousness, in which the observer is observing himself. This pure Government of Stature, the Constitution of the Universe, which Is nourishing to everyone, and
wakefulness—Yogic Cherand—is Universe, every government will gain the ability to satisfy everyone.
self. described by Patanjali Yog SntrasasKANALYA (Singularity), the Slate of Yog in which the observer conducts the evolution of the entire universe in the most orderly and efficient manner. Only a
is established in himself. net re- sass[ It is time tO bring the light of science into politics. It is time tO use the knowledge of Natural Law
new-of—Todd drishndi swarOpe avastheinam and vitvm...M3mv--Viitti sarapyam link air— government based on complete knowledge of Natural Law, the scientific knowledge of the Unified
TA& war deg TrOftr. Tendencies (of the observer) emerge from here sell referral state) and remain here (within the self-referral state). These two Yog Field—SaMhltA of Ved—the demi Constitution of the Universe lively within the self-referral go create a government that will satisfy everyone.
Yatinaril Brahma bhavati sarathih Sutras together define the structure of SAMHITA of Rishi, Devata, and Chhandas—R1 V consciousness of everyone can bring satisfaction to everyone and organize the innumerable trends Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Government, based on the discovery of the Constitution of the
Ved 1.158.6)
smetilanty is not disturbed, and diversity appears as thc expression of singularlry—dynamiam lively within the ntructure of silent and tendencies of society in en orderly and evolutionary way. Universe, is the guiding light for all governments to raise their administration to perfection.
For those established in self-referral consciousness, With the discovery of the Constitution of the Universe in the consciousnessof everyone it is possible
the infinite organizing power of the Creator becomes
the charioteer of all action. Life According to Natural Law—a Practical Possibility, Individually for Everyone, and Collectively for Every Nation
30 3I
Appendix to the Platform II

Modern Science andincient Vedic Science Reveal

The Source of All Order and Harmony Displayed throughout the Universe
Maharishi invites all governments to bring their national constitution into alliance with the Constitution of the Universe,
and thereby raise governmental administration tobe as efficient and as effective as the Government of Nature.
66 W e are now in
possession of that
I n recent deaden, modern science has systematically revealed
deeper layers of order in nature, from the atomic to the nuclear and
subnuclear levels of nature's functioning. This mogressive exploration
has culminated in the recent discovery of the unified field of all the
laws of nature—the ultimate source °C order in the universe.
Similarly, the ancient Vedic wisdom, understood and re-
The self-interacting dynamics of this unified field cons*
the most basic level of nature's dynamics, and is governed by
In the unified quantum field theories of modem physics. the
se mathematical Form of these fundamental laws is found in
own set of fundamental laws. lust as the constituliOn Of a nat. Lagrengian of the superstring and the Nei Sepergravity
represents the most fundamental level Of national law and the has corks. In Maharishre Vedic Science, these mme fundamental
g the the laws Pv416 the dmvs—the Constitution Of the Universe—ate found in the eternal,
the lawndynamics of the unified field represent the
mcelfthefertal dyriami. of consciousnese knOwing itself. This eternal
edge, objective and subjective—modem and ancient—uphold one
another and together rejoice in providing for mankind the basic and
timely knowledge of Natural Law which alone is competent to
eliminate all problems and to raise the quality of life in sock
Inc level o Heaven on Earth.
First,the chart displays, from the standpoint of Maharishi's Vedic
contained in the sequential enfoldment of the Ved itself in its
VB1i0us stages of expression. Thc knowledge of the total Ved—the
oomplete dynamics of the unified field of consciousness and the
mechanics of symmetry breaking through which the unified field
mquentially creates the manifest universe—is conrsined in the first
subset the Rik Ved, which is presented below,
Science and Technology, identifies a single, universal so do of
formulated in this scientific age by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Science, the self-interacting dynamics of the unified field—the
supreme knowledge of Natural Yogi in his Vedic Both understandings, modem and ancient, locate the
fundamental level of Natural Law and the basis of all known laws cynamies is embodied in the very structure of the comets of the
nature. The laws governing the self-interacting dynamics of link Ved, the most fundamental aspect of the Vedie literature. Constitution of the Universe—in the structure of the Rib Ved Samhita,
procedure to apply this most fundamental and powerful keel of