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Optional PreReq:

Windows Updates(just in case)

USB Driver updates(also just in case)
Dual Keyboard Functionality(do both keyboards work simultaneously normally?)

Pre Requirements:
Xbox360 controller driver (Included in Windows 8/8.1/10)
2 Keyboards (Yes, of course, the very purpose of this tutorial)

Steps after download:

1: Extract contents to a new folder (name it w/e you want but I recommend naming it
Keyboard Splitter or something similar for organizing purposes)
2: Open the KeyboardSplitter application
3: It will prompt you to install a driver specifically for the application, click
OK or Yes.
4: A new and possibly blank command prompt window will appear on screen for a few
seconds, please wait at this time.
5: A notification window will pop up confirming that the driver has been installed.
6: Restart Your PC
Congrats, your Keyboard splitter is now installed.

Configure KeyboardSplitter:
1: Open the Keyboard Splitter application
2: Set Slot count to 1 (Keep the 'Block choosen keyboards' checkbox checked)
3: On Choose keyboard, click the small box on the right (to the right of the
keyboard listings)
4: It will promt you to click on any key on the keyboard you want to have
virtualized, press any key on said keyboard now.
5: I recommend you uncheck the 'Bind Button A to Keyboard Enter' checkbox
6: If you downloaded my Touhou Default presets, select the name of the preset for
the game you wish to load.
7: If there are keys to the preset(s) you wish to make modifications you may do so
to your heart's content at this time.
8: You may now click the Start box on the upper part of the application window.
9: Your keyboard should now be locked into a virtualized 360 controller.
10: You may now open the game you wish to open.

Configuring in game:
All games notes:
1: Make sure you start the virtualization before you start your game. Your
virtualized keyboard should now be treated as if it were a 360 controller.
2: If you click on Stop in the Keyboard Splitter window while running a game, you
have to restart the game after starting the virtualizing again.
3: If you unplug your virtualized keyboard while running a game, you may plug it
back in(to the same port?) if you are still running the virtualization and continue
4: If you ever prefer to not use the default keys on the virtualized keyboard,
you�fre free to remap the virtual 360 controller buttons on the presets to whatever
keys you prefer.

Touhou 3:
1: The Keyboard Splitter preset I made is with default emulator mapping in mind
2: The normal keyboard has priority over pressing �eesc�f to pause since the
gamepad has no pause button for the game itself
3: Start game on desired emulator
4: In the main menu, select option. Set KeyConfig to either �eKey vs Joy�f or �eJoy
vs Key�f (either option is based on what side of the screen each player will play
5: Return to the main menu and select VS Start and the select �e1P vs 2P�f. Done o/

Touhou 7.5:
1: First open the config application for the game to map the Keys/Buttons for both
the normal keyboard and the virtualized keyboard and save it by clicking OK.
2: Start game select Duel Human, both players should be able to control their
respective sides of the screen. Done o/

Touhou 9:
1: Go to options on your normal keyboard and select Key
2: Switch to the player you wish to wish to have use the virtuallized keyboard.
(Make sure the normal keyboard player's control is set to FULL)
3: Set control to either PAD1 or PAD2 until the Virtualized Keyboard recognizes up
or down movement.
4: Set the keys to their respective buttons.
5: Select quit and both players should be set in Match Mode. Done o/

Touhou 12.3:
1: Go to Profile, select Key Config and select the profile you wish to use your
virtuallized keyboard with.
2: Start mapping the inputs. Done o/

Touhou 14.5:
1: No profile modification is needed if you use the default keys assuming you're
using the dedicated 14.5 preset.
2: If you made changes to your in game profile's gamepad keys, you may go to
options and key config to change the inputs with your virtualized keyboard
3: Done o/

Touhou 15.5 (trial 1):

1: I'd actually recommend changing the preset for this game before you start it to
whatever you want to, as this game (in it's current trial version) doesn't have a
profile system.
2: You can ignore #1 if you just want to jump straight into the game in it's
default keys with my provided preset. Done o/